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GOTTLIEB Sys80B Free Play

By flip78

3 years ago

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#10 3 years ago

Hi Guys !

For clarification, I have updated the website and added a tab selector.
Now, the first tab contain the "English" versions, the "X" tab contain the "French release" and the "Y" tab contain the "German version". Indeed, this letter designator was used by Gotllieb to identify the language release of PROMs.

A special thank to Marco that send us some missing PROMs: we have already started to study how to add the patch, and you can expect an update for this evening ( here in France !). We will add: Excalibur and Monte Carlo v2 (in English), Genesis, Gold Wings, Spring Break and Diamond Lady (in German). Unfortunately, the German release of Bad Girls cannot be patched, for the same reason than French release: not enough free place in memory.

Enjoy !


#13 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

A system 80B can accept a 2764 EPROM. Shouldn't there be enough room for the ROM file on that EPROM?
Or is the memory restriction the result of something else?

It's a little bit more complex than that:
Basically, the SYS 80B system herits the SYS 80/80A architecture, and the address bus is only decoded on 14 bits (while 6502 has a 16 bits wide address bus).
The 2764 PROM1 is decoded at $2000-$3FFF (8 KB). The 2716 PROM2 is decoded at $1000-$17FF (2KB). So the maximum ROM space is initially limited to 10 KB (8 + 2).

On early SYS80B, only the 2764 was used, because the programs were quite simple, and display few messages.
Then, as programs evolves, it used more and more messages, and they needs to add the 2716 to store all the code.

But this was still not enough... on later SYS80B, they decided to use a 2732 in place of 2716, so extending the ROM area to 12 KB (8 + 4). But to achieve that, they connect an additional wire at A15 signal to the 2732. Thus, the first 2 KB of the 2732 is decoded at $1000-$17FF and the upper 2 KB at $9000-$97FF.
There is no way to easily add an extended memory, because of this (crazy) partial decoding on 14 bits (+ A15 but only for 2732).
So the maximum memory space is definitely limited to 12 KB and cannot be extended.

On latest SYS80B, the 12 KB space is fully used ! The "Bone Busters Inc." use all available memory (both 2764 + 2732 space) and there is no place where to store any additional code. On "Bad Girls", the English release has just enough free space to insert the patch. But, on French and German releases, as the messages are a little bit longer, they use more memory and let not enough free space for the patch !!! so the patch is only possible on English release.

Fortunately, we have always found enough free space in PROM1 for all SYS80B to install our FREEPLAY patch. Thus, you only need to program the 2764 and never the 2716/2732.
For "Bad Girls French/German" and "Bone Busters Inc.", we also study the possibility to store the patch somewhere in the 2732, but it's not possible (both 2764 and 2732 are fully filled).

Technically, the patch is possible and ready to install (it's very similar to others SYS80B), but there is no place to store it on those two models.

1 week later
#20 3 years ago

Hi Chris,
You are... not
The configuration for the FREEPLAY mode is describe in the "freeplay function" page (http://www.flipprojets.fr/Freeplay_EN.php) and is linked to the freeplay logo:
But may be, this was not enough clear. So, I have now, added a more explicit link to the page

About the credits reloaded: when REPLAY is pressed, if credits are 0, they are reloaded at the max_credit value (that can be 8, 10, 15 or 20 depending on the DIP 15/16 settings).
Starting a game and leaving the credit counter to 00 is not possible, because of the program algorithm. But, we can replace the max_credit value by the constant "01", so that when REPLAY is pressed, a new player is added and the counter will display "00".
You can notice that, currently, when the max_credits is set to "20", when you press REPLAY, a new player is added and the counter display only "19", because 1 credit is decreased for this player.
It's easy to change (for us ), only 4 bytes to modify.

There is always one case where the credits counter will show "01" (or "20"): when you try to add another player and you already have 4 players in game. The credit counter is reloaded, but as no more player can be added, the counter is not decreased and will remain to "01".
If the "20" value is very boring for you, contact us by PM and we will send you a special release with "01" instead.

2 years later
#40 1 year ago
Quoted from cfh:

Arena version /1 of the free play sys80 ROMs does not work. Gives a ROM checksum error and the game will continually reboot (assuming you have the reset board connected).
Does anybody have a working version /1 of the arena software?


Tested again this morning : got the archive from our site (to be sure the source is the same). Loaded into Vpinmame : result, checksum is fine and the game is working. The test mode say MEMORY OK and then return the checksum :
2018-02-08_07h21_38 (resized).png

Be sure your files are not corrupted, and program both EPROMs 2764 + 2716. If your programmer has a CRC feature, you can check/verify the content programmed. Should be :
2018-02-08_07h28_26 (resized).png

2 months later
#48 1 year ago

Both Gold Wings and Raven use a couple of 2764 + 2716 EPROM.
For the FREEPLAY, only the code in the 2764 is modified, so you only need to change the 2764 (and not the 2716).

But... be sure the 2764 is programmed with an appaired version of the 2716.

If you don't reprogram the 2716, you SHOULD program a 2764 that match the same release.
Ie : if you have a "french" release of Gold Wing, you should use the 707X release for the 2764. Using a 707 (US) 2764 with a 707X (FR) 2716 will not work.

Not only the language is important (cannot mix US/FR/DE), but also the level.
For Gold Wing, it's simple because there is only one version.
For Raven, take the right one, because there is two versions.

About the chip itself : any 2764, or 27C64, or even EEPROM 2864 (AT2864, X2864, ...) will work. It don't care about the 2716 model. You can use 27C64 in combination with a 2716, or a 2864 with a 27C16, it don't care.

3 weeks later
#50 1 year ago

We are still looking for some EPROMs (dumps) :

if you have them, please contact us, and we'll add freeplay for free.

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