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Gottlieb Socer Player Unit

By Troyster42

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

I'm having issues with a Gottlieb Soccer EM. The main issue appears to be that the player unit coil isn't getting power and firing. The machine coin ups press the start and I might be missing some here. I know tilt relay engages the S relay engages then releases. the SB and SB2 engage and hold in. The score motor just continues to run. I can manually fire the player coil and the arm moves and it will reset the scores ones its in the correct position. If I manually move the reset bar the motor will stop and most of the playfield is live. I also checed 1A on the score motor cleaned it and is making connection as the moter turns. I have the schematics for this but there seems to be different paths to the player coil and at this point I'm not sure what one I should be looking for. At this point I feel I am going in circles. I looked at some of the startup gudies as well and still haven't had luck. If anyone has ideas or can help its greatly appreciated. I really think its just one switch that's the issue, but witch one?

Thanks in advance.

#2 1 year ago

Here's the start sequence for the 4 player version, Super Soccer. It might be similar.
Super Soccer reset (resized).jpg
Do you just need to manually advance the Player Unit once, or multiple times? If it's just once it would help to know what happens just before and just after the spot it gets stuck in. Each step of the Player Unit needs to accomplish something during rest and it will park there until that thing gets done (while the Score Motor keeps trying). Knowing which step it's stuck on might help sort out what the game is waiting for.


#3 1 year ago

Hi Mark thanks for the reply. For the player unit I have to advance it multiple time. Once it gets in the home position the reset rely kicks and just say kind of starts the game. I have to manually pulse the player unit through its entire sequence. When it gets to the score resets it will do that but then the unit doesn't move and the score motor keeps running. Should the S relay stay engaded though all of this or just at the beginning?


#4 1 year ago

Here's the relevant circuit from Super Soccer. It might be the same as yours.
Super Soccer Add Player (resized).jpg
The path in red is the main circuit used during reset to start a new game. One of the switches in that path may not be closing reliably.

I think the S relay is only active for the first Score Motor cycle during reset so the S relay switch on the right side is probably only closed for that first cycle. After that the P5A switch on the Player Unit should close for the rest of the reset cycle.

I'd start by checking the switch on the far right on the SB2 relay.

#5 1 year ago

Hi Troyster42, MarkG
I can help with the schematics "Soccer" - greetings Rolf

0Soccer-Work-01 (resized).jpg
#6 1 year ago

Thanks rolf_martin_062. The Soccer schematic as subtle differences but is essentially the same:
Soccer Player Unit (resized).jpg
The Z1 and Z1 switches are replaced by switches on the Player Unit and the wire colors are different.

#7 1 year ago

Thanks for the help, I didn't have time yesterday to look into this but I have some time today. I'm having some issues with the wire colors. The wire going to sb2 should be red and white, and from there be white and slate? that should be the switch on the far right on SB2. It looks like a make brake switch. when SB draws in the long leaf switch connects to the smaller switch behind it and it should have continuity. They are making contact or look like it but when take a reading I'm getting an open. I'll look into this more later.

OK I was touching the wrong switch, I have continuity. Now another question in the schematics I'm not finding out how to tell all of the parts, (rivets and switches) in the player unit. If this is broke down in the manual I don't have it, I just have the schematics. Slow process here on my end.

#8 1 year ago
Quoted from Troyster42:

I'm not finding out how to tell all of the parts, (rivets and switches) in the player unit

The last page of any multiplayer Gottleb manual from that era has this picture

pasted_image (resized).png
#9 1 year ago

Thanks HowardR, MarkG and ROLF_Martin_062. I have made a little headway with this. It probably wasn't the most orthodox approach buts what I came up with. It seemed all of the switch's on sb, sb2 and a1 where all connecting ant working properly but still no voltage. I ended up taking a jumper wire at the transformer and running it to the coil. I did the black first and still nothing. I then did the red wire and it fired. Great coil works. I then went back to A! on the motor (Motor not running) and with a jumper ran that up to the coil. So somewhere between the A! switch and the coil itself is either a switch (relay) that's not closing properly or a loose wire. I should have time to look at this later today. I did notice on the 1 switch stack that 1C is missing the nylon spacer and never closes. I'll have to look for a fix or replacement.

Thanks again it seems its slowing coming together.

1 week later
#10 1 year ago

I want to thank all that has responded here. I have to put this one on the back burner for a while. I think I'm going to have to get the manual to see the wiring coming up the the backbox. It looks like everything to the motor is fine in the cab and from the players unit to the coil is fine. So it seems somethings not right in between.

Thanks again

1 year later
#11 88 days ago

Its been a while but I got back on this about a a week ago and this thread helped a lot to get back into it. I did clean the clean the player unit and that did a lot of good. I then had it able to reset the score reals and then the motor kept running I traced it down and it was 2c on the motar that wasn't making contact to engage the U relay to power the reset coil. Its not doing all of that, still minor issues but most is just a clean of the relays. Thanks to everyone that helped an I'll mark this is closed.

Thanks again!

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