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Gottlieb Roller Disco Club!

By northvibe

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I somehow convinced a friend to buy a roller disco as his first pinball game! He isn't a member here, and I will be doing the work to get it up. I wanted to make this club to get any info, tips and talk about the game going!

I'll post pics of the game we picked up, but it is pretty clean! Little wear on the pf, some planking, a tad bit of flaking on the BG if you look close. Boards look ultra clean.

Here is the IPDB link

Looking for anyone with pics of there game with LED's or color rubbers to give/get an idea of what it looks like.

#2 6 years ago

Here’s the game

Pf shots

611B88B9-5451-486D-BE92-7DE142BA402E (resized).jpeg611B88B9-5451-486D-BE92-7DE142BA402E (resized).jpeg

6F6C6C8B-91DB-44DB-9C87-BACCAD83777D (resized).jpeg6F6C6C8B-91DB-44DB-9C87-BACCAD83777D (resized).jpeg

7317B4DE-AAD4-420E-BF05-C0D4015C6F54 (resized).jpeg7317B4DE-AAD4-420E-BF05-C0D4015C6F54 (resized).jpeg

A5D19F21-3818-4BD7-8E15-FD49F0CD570E (resized).jpegA5D19F21-3818-4BD7-8E15-FD49F0CD570E (resized).jpeg

#3 6 years ago

Here are cab pics

7A34DBE9-46B9-447E-8D99-8B1FA017CBA7 (resized).jpeg7A34DBE9-46B9-447E-8D99-8B1FA017CBA7 (resized).jpeg

4E37F314-42BE-4CA7-AD23-C94F09C03045 (resized).jpeg4E37F314-42BE-4CA7-AD23-C94F09C03045 (resized).jpeg

DE628E17-116E-4CFD-9794-16D92E068D86 (resized).jpegDE628E17-116E-4CFD-9794-16D92E068D86 (resized).jpeg

BE6274D5-DD2C-44D5-96E2-06AC8957AE0E (resized).jpegBE6274D5-DD2C-44D5-96E2-06AC8957AE0E (resized).jpeg

005DED33-0293-4125-AC02-8FABC979B07B (resized).jpeg005DED33-0293-4125-AC02-8FABC979B07B (resized).jpeg

#4 6 years ago

Board pics

They ran a remote battery pack and put a diode through....

79885852-BB46-4C52-ABFC-491AD15D10A3 (resized).jpeg79885852-BB46-4C52-ABFC-491AD15D10A3 (resized).jpeg

BC9CC896-B163-4443-8BC5-C986BDBE49EB (resized).jpegBC9CC896-B163-4443-8BC5-C986BDBE49EB (resized).jpeg

5E5A8716-1791-41B1-A566-FB69AD87DD67 (resized).jpeg5E5A8716-1791-41B1-A566-FB69AD87DD67 (resized).jpeg

FDB6C4EB-8D26-4429-82CB-50712FA2075F (resized).jpegFDB6C4EB-8D26-4429-82CB-50712FA2075F (resized).jpeg

#5 6 years ago

It looks like they ran the recommended grounding wires too: one on the power board, one on the main CPU board, and one on the controller board. That's good.

#6 6 years ago

Details on the game:

System 1
3 balls

Rubber rings:
7 x A-10217 - 5/16"
4 x A-10219 - 1"
2 x A-10220 - 1 1/2"
4 x A-10221 - 2"
1 x A-10222 - 2 1/2"
1 x A-10223 - 3"
4 x A-10224 - 3 1/2"
4 x A-13151 - Flipper - 3/8" wide x 1 1/2"
1 x A-17493 - 7/16"

Added 17 months ago:

9 x A-15705 - mini post rubbers

Added 17 months ago:

1 Ball game. Not sure why it says 3ball, maybe for a normal game.

#7 6 years ago
Quoted from UltraPeepi:

It looks like they ran the recommended grounding wires too: one on the power board, one on the main CPU board, and one on the controller board. That's good.

I haven’t look through tsb’s, but they did ground those two boards via solder points to the ground on the backbox!

The game doesn’t boot, found the big transistor on the controller board is locked on. Newb mistake, I touched it by accident checking for hot/locked on things and it burned my finger....

#8 6 years ago

Ok, so I actually have a problem with the game...Never posted that!

Bought the game with it "lights up but doesn't work"
Upon checking the game out, the J2 plug to the driver board on the PSU was not connected. Got it to location and plugged everything in, that transistor Q45 was hot as all heck.

Dug into the game:
Left drop target reset coil is burned and the sleeve must be melted, mech will not move.
Under PF transistor has wire not soldered to it
Not all lights on PF come up
Displays do not light up
coin up wouldn't work

Went today to test PSU
all fuses tested good
J1 on PS had correct V's
J2 was missing 12 or 14
J3 IIRC was good
(I should of wrote this stuff down)
Tested both bridge rectifiers in cabinet - tested good

I ordered the full PS rebuild kit from Big daddy
Will order coil/sleeve for left drop reset
Looking to source quality 2N3055's for the driver board and under PF remote

Anyone know what length the A17891 coil uses for the drop target reset?
Anything else I should test/look at? I am gone for 1 week so I will not be able to see the game again (good for waiting on parts!)

#9 6 years ago

Driver board transistor
Under pf transistor
Left drop target coil reset

5FEF2B97-AF4C-4A82-A59E-23F0B3167CD6 (resized).jpeg5FEF2B97-AF4C-4A82-A59E-23F0B3167CD6 (resized).jpeg

E70AFDE9-B59E-42ED-97B4-C9CCD2F3199C (resized).jpegE70AFDE9-B59E-42ED-97B4-C9CCD2F3199C (resized).jpeg

97F6B29A-C304-4806-949F-5889C56E72F7 (resized).jpeg97F6B29A-C304-4806-949F-5889C56E72F7 (resized).jpeg

1B899BE6-F1D7-45CA-9A96-1C4C7EDD3D2A (resized).jpeg1B899BE6-F1D7-45CA-9A96-1C4C7EDD3D2A (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#10 6 years ago

Ordered the PSU rebuild kit from BDE, but no schematics to help.. So I am waiting to hear back from PBR if they have that, otherwise force flow had a good link on the pinwiki that sort of helps.


Ordered all clear rubber (per owner)
Installed new transistor under PF and also found the knocker coil at the front right of the cab was seized and disconnected.

3 weeks later
#11 6 years ago

Has anyone ever seen a Roller Disco with the disco ball installed on the top? Be pretty cool if you could add one that turns. The one currently for sale on kijiji has a disco ball on top with lights. Trying to see if I can add a Google Home to automatically play disco music when the machine is turned on. Thanks.

Roller disco (resized).jpgRoller disco (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#12 6 years ago

I haven’t seen one I person, but I have on eBay or a vendor selling the game I think!

I’m checking dip switches etc and flipped a few and now forgot what the old settings are.

What is on vs off?

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg

#13 6 years ago

Not able to find a good method for removing these pins... I have not purchased the molex tool but I’m about to.

EE2CE5EB-91CA-47FD-8A22-F9A4D24417F6 (resized).jpegEE2CE5EB-91CA-47FD-8A22-F9A4D24417F6 (resized).jpeg

F50D7422-5155-48EE-829A-097C4D397C73 (resized).jpegF50D7422-5155-48EE-829A-097C4D397C73 (resized).jpeg

27D467CE-F84B-42FA-96AE-96FA7C1AB92A (resized).jpeg27D467CE-F84B-42FA-96AE-96FA7C1AB92A (resized).jpeg

FE418067-F0F7-487C-919F-493A06DB832B (resized).jpegFE418067-F0F7-487C-919F-493A06DB832B (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#14 6 years ago

I just use a very small jewelers flat blade for removal. You can see the little catch on the new pin. That is what you are aiming for. It takes a little practice to figure it out. Sometimes it is just easier to cut them off and replace them. Most sizes are still available.

#15 6 years ago

By the way, I'm a member of the club too.

20180327_132911 (resized).jpg20180327_132911 (resized).jpg

#16 6 years ago

So I have heard that there was several Roller Disco prototype pins made with blacklights. Does anyone have a photo of one they can share? I was kicking around the idea to make mine a blacklight version of the game. I can go old school or simply replace all the GI with blacklight LEDs. The playfield was specifically made for it.

#17 6 years ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I just use a very small jewelers flat blade for removal. You can see the little catch on the new pin. That is what you are aiming for. It takes a little practice to figure it out. Sometimes it is just easier to cut them off and replace them. Most sizes are still available.

I got it finally! Posted in the sys1/sys80 thread as well. Ended up having to dremel down some paper clips (my small jewelers tools were at home). Re-pinned and now the switches are working! still need to figure out the sound and game start. I think there are some hacks as it is in some weird freeplay.

Glad to see other owners/members! Ordo is the owner and my coworker, but I'm helping him get into this crazy hobby. He is excited to play.

10 months later
#18 5 years ago
F3E137F2-D708-4F32-9B75-B4097D1ACD97 (resized).jpegF3E137F2-D708-4F32-9B75-B4097D1ACD97 (resized).jpeg
#19 5 years ago

The game is in a book!?

#20 5 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

The game is in a book!?


4A9D436C-7BAE-4898-A2E6-F07E3A1B7FAA (resized).jpeg4A9D436C-7BAE-4898-A2E6-F07E3A1B7FAA (resized).jpeg
3 years later
#21 2 years ago

In the club , 2,400 made not to mamy out there so very glad to get this one . Did a custom topper from a disco ball had gotten for a gift but never know what in the world can i use this for. Funny how it fits perfect and cord was long enough to route threw back to plug into fuse panel outlet .

C9F69C5C-A9F5-46B7-A7C5-AD490B4E7BDB (resized).jpegC9F69C5C-A9F5-46B7-A7C5-AD490B4E7BDB (resized).jpeg
#22 2 years ago

Nice grab! It’s funny how we migrate back to things we remember when growing up. I must have played a hundred hours on a Roller Disco at the local bowling alley back in the mid 80’s. I wouldn’t mind adding one of these to my collection someday!

#23 2 years ago

Mr Pinball has one listed in St Paul for $3,400 which is over 4X’s what i paid . Never really played one much but love system ones so couldnt pass it up . Roller Disco has some great shots and lots of flow alone with its good looks so i would call her a sleeper title with good bang for your buck

3 weeks later
#24 2 years ago

Found this speaker so hooked it up . It does really help the sound quality and feel . Tones n bleeps as good as it can get

4E68F9F5-DF00-4587-A0B7-9E49344A975D (resized).jpeg4E68F9F5-DF00-4587-A0B7-9E49344A975D (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#25 2 years ago

I’m picking up a roller disco, getting it functioning and putting it on route!
I’ll prob get a flippp all in one to get it going and then try to build a lisy all in one as well.

However the backglass broke,
ISO: backglass
I did email Mayfair to see if they had anything and I’ll contact bgresto if a original cannot be found

#26 2 years ago

Just ordered the flippp x1 all in one board.
the game had an issue where the ball eject coil would fire/hold and after troubleshooting I think it was a mpu/cpu issue. We will see with the new board.


#27 2 years ago

I can’t wait till I get mine all put back together. It’s been forever.

1 week later
#28 2 years ago

backglass is ordered!
Can't wait to get this all back together.
i have rebuild kits for for the flippers and pops, and I'll resleave it all. Should be fun on route. May have to get those back legs up though to get some speed going.

#29 2 years ago

Where did you find a backglass?

#30 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballypalooza:

Where did you find a backglass?

mayfair nos. BGresto can make one, but they cannot do "mirror" so they turn that to gray.

2 weeks later
#31 1 year ago

flippp board is in. need to get to the game and start installing and testing. can't wait to put this game on route!

1 week later
#32 1 year ago

i put a whole bunch of spare part on ebay if anyone is interested, may get on Pinside at some pts... ebay.com link: king_ger

#33 1 year ago
Quoted from hisokajp:

i put a whole bunch of spare part on ebay if anyone is interested, may get on Pinside at some pts... ebay.com link: king_ger

Thanks Germaine, parts ordered.

#34 1 year ago
Quoted from BorgDog:

Thanks Germaine, parts ordered.

Thanks! dropped them off at UPS this morning-

3 months later
#35 1 year ago

ISO: plastic set
My roller disco on route just had a chunk come off a plastic :/ not sure if or how often pbr runs plastic sets

1 week later
#36 1 year ago

Parts - Wanted
Wanted! - “My roller disco is on route and one plastic has now broken. Looking for a new plastic set, they can be used, but looking for not broken. Let me know what you have!”
Archived after: 88 days
Viewed: 127 times
Status: Not sold

1 month later
#37 1 year ago

I will update on my issue of the game locking on the outhole (trough) coil.
Flipp board has the game working 100% but the sound was eh, not always playing. I decided to get the flipp sound board as well. Game is 100% now and went to 2d con in the cities and has been on route!

Brought the game home, cleaning it up and will be selling to make room at the location for a new game though.

4 months later
#38 1 year ago

Just picked up a Roller Disco from a shut down operator. Unfortunately it was scavenged for parts so I'm looking for parts anyone have a parts machine that they would be willing to sell some parts? Shoot me a PM I need a bunch of stuff and I'd rather buy from the community then deal with Pinball Resource the last few interactions I've had with them have been borderline rude. Let me know what you got!

1 month later
#39 11 months ago

I sold my RD but if someone wanted to help a fellow RD owner out!

1 week later
#40 11 months ago

I am officially part of the Roller Disco club! This was a game I played during my childhood and the owner was moving so they gave it to me, I am so lucky! I like to think it's because I had the high score on this machine

I have since purchased about $350 worth of parts. Glow in the dark rubbers, black light LEDs (for the playfield), color changing LEDs (for the back glass), red LEDs for the bonus targets, plus new Roller Disco drop targets, and fuses, and more...

I find the area near the flippers to be very dark and lacking on light. I might install a black light strip on the bottom facing up the playfield, or I might shine another black light in the room. The picture of the glowing rubbers is when I turn off the lights in the room and they continue to glow from their charge.

2 questions:

1. I understand only 2400 were made but I can't make sense of the number imprinted on the front of my machine as it looks like it starts with a "04" and seems like it could be five digits long. I have to assume this is some number in the 400s and I would wager on 0472. Anyone else have an idea?

2. I've also got issues with the bottom right 500 or 300 when lit not lighting, can someone explain the conditions to get that one to light? Should it be synced with the one on the right?

2023-06-11 21.22.09 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.09 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.21 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.21 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.26 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.26 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.49 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.22.49 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.23.36 (resized).jpg2023-06-11 21.23.36 (resized).jpg2023-06-12 10.06.01 (resized).jpg2023-06-12 10.06.01 (resized).jpg
10 months later
#41 24 days ago

I need the plastic over the "DISCO" target bank...Just not broken

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