GOTTLIEB Masquerade coin door issue

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By Dr_of_Style

2 months ago


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    #1 70 days ago

    Ok, all you metal heads. steel, that is...
    I just noticed my door is bent...
    lower right corner about 1/4 of the door has been bent in, causing a nice ripple to the closing edge.
    Question, is there an easy way to straighten this out?
    Ok, prob not an easy way...but can it be done without a press?
    or a BFH???

    #2 70 days ago

    Pictures of the damage please.

    #3 69 days ago

    oops, my bad, will post some plenty...

    #4 68 days ago

    Ok, here are some pics.
    this looks a lot like another Gottlieb door I have.
    Is this a common result of trauma to the door?
    and can it be straightened?

    016 (resized).JPG

    019 (resized).JPG

    #5 68 days ago

    sooo many questions...

    #6 68 days ago

    That's what a door looks like after it's been pried open with a big screwdriver. Either someone broke into this machine at some point, or some previous owner lost the front door key and didn't know how to drill out the lock.

    Bent metal - including GTB front doors - can often be straightened out by hammering, bending, or using a press of some kind. The catch is you need to have some skill when doing this or it's not going to come out straight, and/or the area you try to straighten isn't going to look very good.

    - TimMe

    #7 68 days ago

    ive got a cheap replacement door if you want

    #8 68 days ago

    You might need to take the door to an auto body shop to straighten it out. Won't be cheap so it may be a better idea to simply buy a brand new door from Pinball Resource.

    #9 65 days ago

    Ok guys...
    This is some of Kens work, "the splatter". and some of mine. "the color".
    wutcha think?
    Shud I put a nice door on this? or keep the one I got?
    no brainer, huh?

    #10 65 days ago

    my pics did not show up???

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