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Gottlieb Lariat Score Motor Keeps Running

By HandsomeBWonder

11 days ago

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#1 11 days ago

Hi, I have a Gottlieb Lariat that when I power it on the score motor runs continuously, I have the schematic but I'm not sure where to start here. I'm pretty new to this, I have a fun park also that I was able to get working but all that needed was new fuses and some really minor contact adjustments. The Lariat is in much worse shape and has obviously been worked on before. The backbox doesn't seem to be getting power either but the playfield lights up, there's also some wiring that seems suspect on the inside of the coin door. I'll attach pictures of the wiring but I can easily add more of anything else if it helps.

PXL_20221107_012723957 (resized).jpgPXL_20221107_012715012 (resized).jpgPXL_20221107_012742760 (resized).jpg
#2 11 days ago

This isn't a Lariat schematic but this is the area where you should be looking. If any one of these switches are closed, the score motor will run. As far as the coin door goes your best bet is to unplug it and start the machine by manually triggering the start relay. This way you can eliminate it as a source of the problem. You can plug it back in later and see what issues it causes.

motoe sw (resized).jpg
#3 8 days ago

Hey, thanks a lot. I tried looking for those closed switches using my schematic last weekend and just now realized I was in the completely wrong place lol. The switches should be the ones interacting directly with the motor right? I had found my way to a different bank labelled with the same letters. Here's my schematic: PXL_20221121_023820581 (resized).jpg

Which corresponds to:

PXL_20221107_002027268 (resized).jpg

So this is where I should be at, I think?

PXL_20221107_002013532 (resized).jpg

Idk if it was left running for a long time or what happened to it, it's been sitting in my grandparents basement for like 50 years. Thanks for the help though, and sorry for the dumb questions. Great idea about the coin door, I did manage to find the start relay haha.

#4 8 days ago

The schematic for your Score Motor shows that there are 10 switches that could close and cause the Score Motor to run. Of those, only the one on the right, Motor 1C, is mounted to the Score Motor. Your Motor Switch Positions chart shows you how to identify which switch stack a switch is in. The number refers to the position looking down from the top. The letter refers to the level looking at the motor from the side.
Lariat Score Motor Positions chart (resized).jpg
The other 9 switches that could make your motor run (with labels AA, Q, X, O, etc.) are all mounted to relays that activate those switches. You'll need to refer to the relay table on the lower left side of your schematic to find the name of each relay and its coordinates on the schematic. When looking for the switches in the game notice that they all have an orange-white wire on one side and a red-white (maybe? not shown in your photo) wire on the other side. Resist the urge to just clean all of the switches on each relay if you're new to this.

The Lariat reference photos at http://pbresource.com/pfplayfEM.htm will help you find where the relays are in the game, like this for example:


#5 8 days ago

Also, I have a little suspicion that maybe the Control Bank's coil
isn't energizing after the end of reset.
The Control Bank on the top left of the bottom board with the
labels PB, ZB, DB, and SB. Does that large coil energize? If not, if
you manually energize that coil, the motor then stop's, right?

#6 8 days ago

In your pic the score motor isn’t in a home position. As MarkG talked about 1C, it’s the stack to the right of the blue circle. You can see that the inner switch should be connected and it’s not. Possibly a missing point on the blade.

#7 7 days ago

Awesome, thank you guys. So I was looking in the right spot for some of the switches, but I still could have missed something because I thought I was looking for a blue wire with orange stripes. And I didn't look at SB or 1C at all. Thank you Mark for the reference pictures that will help a lot.

So I'll look for the control bank this weekend, is this it? To energize the coil, you mean just trip the switch?

PXL_20220822_001637185~2 (resized).jpg

Dave are you talking about this?

PXL_20221107_002013532~2 (resized).jpg

Here's a video of it going, I took last time I was there: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ognuXSwH8cuqF7qK6

#8 7 days ago
Quoted from HandsomeBWonder:

So I'll look for the control bank this weekend, is this it? To energize the coil, you mean just trip the switch?

Yes, that's the Control Bank. You must have unloosened the wing nuts and folded the Bank
upward, right? You don't want to lower the playfield with the Control Bank in that position.
You'll want to lower it and snug up those outside wing nuts.
After locking the Control Bank back in position, at start up, does it's larger coil on the Bank's
top energize? If not, are all the Score Reels reset to 0?
You mentioned it's been sitting at you Grandparents house for many years. Lariat's not
only one you don't see extremely often, it's also a good playing game. It really should be
totally gone through. It's a machine well worth it. Can you send a few pics of the playfield
and backglass? Just interested in checking it out..

#9 7 days ago

I won't be able to do anything to it until the weekend, but no it was just like that (that was an older picture when I first opened it up. I pushed that bank back down but I'll have to tighten the nuts. So maybe someone was working on that bank at some point. The score reels are not at 0 and when I turn it on nothing happens in the back box at all. Yeah I have some pictures of the playfield and glass, it's in kinda rough shape and the lighting isn't great as it's in their basement.

PXL_20220822_002838075 (resized).jpgPXL_20220822_002930501 (resized).jpg
#10 7 days ago
Quoted from HandsomeBWonder:

. The score reels are not at 0 and when I turn it on nothing happens in the back box at all.

Yea, the back box needs to get juice. I'd first start with cleaning and inspecting the
back box plugins, but the entire machine should be gone through before playing.
I go through the entire machine, then plug in. Trouble shoot, then shop out the playfield
(clean, wax, new rubber rings (always remembering the plunger tip rubber) light
bulbs, ect..
Yes, I'd like to see pics. bgresto has Lariat glass already on file..

#11 7 days ago

That doesn't look all that bad. Once gone through and
cleaned up, I'm sure she'll play fine..

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