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Gottlieb Atlantis - Targets On star rollover & P Relay issue

By ChipS

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

I traded for an Atlantis last week and am having one issue with it: Hitting the "Targets On" star rollover is supposed to light the yellow stand up targets. But it's not. Hitting the rollover will make one of the yellow targets light up for just a split second, but that's it.

My understanding is that the "Targets On" start rollover is supposed to energize the P Relay. Hitting the "Targets Off" star rollover then de-energizes the relay. When I lifted the playfield up and ran my fingers over the star rollovers, it worked flawlessly. "Targets On" energized the coil and the yellow stand target came on. (Photo below shows P relay activated.) And it stayed on until I activate the "Targets Off" rollover, which then de-energized the relay. But as soon as I put the playfield back down, and tried the same process again, it stopped working.

I looked through the open coin door and could see that when I ran my finger over the "Targets On" star, the P relay would energize for just a split second - I could see the stand up target light come on for that same split second. If I held my finger on the star rollover, the P relay would stay energized - but only as long as I held the star down and closed those switches.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?
Atlantis P Relay (resized).jpgAtlantis P Relay (resized).jpg

#2 2 years ago

Maybe there's not enough tension on the Targets Off switch to keep it closed with the playfield is down? You could test that theory by jumpering its solder lugs together and putting the playfield down. Once you turn the targets on they should never turn off (with the jumper in place). If they do, it could be that the lock in switch on the P relay doesn't have enough tension and is opening enough to break the lock in circuit.


#3 2 years ago

Thanks, Mark. I'll try jumpering the Targets Off switch and see if that works and will report back.

#4 2 years ago

If it isn't that - raise the pf, activate P relay and then start wiggling and tugging on all the wire bundles that move around when the playfield is raised/lowered. Might show up a bad solder joint or something like that.

#5 2 years ago

What Mark said.
99% probability it has to be either the hold switch on the P relay with the slate & white and green & white wires or the NC switch on the targets off rollover button.

#6 2 years ago

Yup - it was the NC switch on the Targets Off rollover button. I jumpered it, put the playfield down, and that did it. Adjusted that switch and now it works fine! THANKS!

New problem: It goes through the sequence fine, except that when I get to #8 and rollover or hit target to advance, it gives me both #8 and #9 and goes immediately into Special mode. Suggestions on why that is happening?

#7 2 years ago

Check out the #9 rollover switch, is it misadjusted? Use a piece of paper to block the #9 switch, does it still skip?

#8 2 years ago

DOH! The NO switch was misadjusted - it was closed. That was pretty stupid of me not to check. I assumed that if that switch was closed (and it was supposed to be open) that I'd know it because it would be trying to score points. Not thinking there were two switches.

One more problem that's surfaced: When the sequence is completed, the targets and left outlane light for special. And one of the yellow standup targets if the targets are ON. All of them score special when hit except for the left outlane. While that lane is lit for special, activating the switch does not score a special. In fact, it doesn't score anything. Although, before the sequence is completed, if it goes down that lane it does score 1,000 points. It's just when the sequence is completed that it is not scoring anything - no points, no special. Thoughts?

#9 2 years ago

Check out the marked switch on the sequence unit...

Special Rollover issue (resized).jpgSpecial Rollover issue (resized).jpg
#10 2 years ago

This is "Sequence" Unit, correct? I've advanced it to the 9th position. But I'm not sure exactly where that make/break switch is located.

Atlantis Sequence Unit (resized).jpgAtlantis Sequence Unit (resized).jpg
#11 2 years ago

There are switches on the other side of the unit - let's see a pic of the back (the gear side). In the pic, include the wire colors going to the switches.

#12 2 years ago

The first photo is the gear side - there aren't wires there. There are more on the bottom, but it's hard to take a photo of those switches/wires.

The second photo shows the Sequence Unit back at the reset position. The 1st Rollover is BL + Black.

The last photo is the Sequence Unit dismantled - which is the only way to really see the wires on the bottom. From the piece of schematic you highlighted, it looks like the "special" switch is Yellow + Green wire. It appears that switch is hit by one of the wipers when it is in the 9th position.

Atlantis_Sequence Unit Gear side (resized).jpgAtlantis_Sequence Unit Gear side (resized).jpgAtlantis_Sequence Unit First Position2 (resized).jpgAtlantis_Sequence Unit First Position2 (resized).jpgAtlantis_Sequence Unit Apart2 (resized).jpgAtlantis_Sequence Unit Apart2 (resized).jpg
#13 2 years ago

This switch, on the gear side... you can see the YEL+GR going to it

Atlantis sequence unit (resized).jpegAtlantis sequence unit (resized).jpeg
#14 2 years ago

You are CORRECT! And that was the issue. The switch was misadjusted - when it got to the #9 position, that switch was still open. I've adjusted it and now it's working.

Thank you so much, DaMoib! You are Da Man!

#15 2 years ago

Thanks to everyone else for your help! I'm marking this post "resolved."

5 months later
#16 1 year ago

Hello to all. I sort of have the same issue. When target #1 is lit, it works well, awards 3000pts, but when #2 is ready, it lights up, with the "red special" it doesn't award a replay or fires the knocker(weird) but it becomes even more annoying when all #1-#9 are all accomplished, it lights the "red special" but this time 2out the 3 stand up targets light up, one of them is the true special& awards the replay, the other is a dummy. Hard to keep track which one is the real deal .... Sequence unit looks alligned. I checked posting#13(@Damoib) gapped & functions correct. Stuck in this one.... Any ideas?

#17 1 year ago

IMG_20221210_182925 (resized).jpgIMG_20221210_182925 (resized).jpg

As you see, mystery "red special" goes on always after completing rollover #1 and switch over to rollover #2. But the "red special" doesn't do anything(no knocker, no replay, no Xtra points)

#18 1 year ago

Pix#3.... Top targets is lit incl special, awards replay+knocker &3000points Works good

Pix#2, once top targets are hit, I believe top targets should deactivate and awards move on to middle target. In this case middle functions correctly(knocker +replay+3000points Top target is still lit incl special doing nothing but awards standard 500points as it should..

Pix#1... When middle target gets hit, I believe awards move down to lower targets, it works fine(replay+knocker&3000points but top targets stay on for no reason but awards 500points as it should...

**** Seems like when all rollover from #1 to #9 are hit, the top stand up targets are always on. But function and awards replay when it's time comes....


IMG_20221210_183031 (resized).jpgIMG_20221210_183031 (resized).jpgIMG_20221210_183620 (resized).jpgIMG_20221210_183620 (resized).jpgIMG_20221210_183639 (resized).jpgIMG_20221210_183639 (resized).jpg
#19 1 year ago

For the Special and Target light issues after 1-9 rollovers have been triggered - inspect, clean and adjust the 4 M/B switches in the Motor 3E and 4E positions. Make sure they are operating correctly.

For the Special with #2 rollover lit, I'd suspect a short somewhere between those two lamps. Does the mystery red special move at all when the motor cycles? It goes out immediately when you trigger the #2 rollover?

#20 1 year ago

This soldiered lug was giving me all the trouble. Not sure why it was soldered on

IMG_20221211_010108 (resized).jpgIMG_20221211_010108 (resized).jpg
#21 1 year ago

I broke it off and everything works the way it should now

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