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GOTG Big Shot (600M, 1.8B??)

By UltraPeepi

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

NOTE: if you have 10B points already, Quill 2 shot starts at 1B. But you have to get the 10B points first. That's a bit of a problem for setting up a single big shot. So my requirement for 1 big shot is, it must be done BEFORE Xandar.

I have recently started playing my GOTG to set up the one big shot. There are really only two shots that qualify: Quill’s Quest 2 (scoop), and Sibling 2 (right ramp).

Quill’s Quest doesn’t need to be completed in one go to make it valuable; but it's a hurry up. So it’s a matter of playing it after Immolation Initiative, during Groot multiball, with 2 balls locked (3x), and the shot multiplied (2x), and if you are really brave, you can try to start Rampage (2x). Max multipliers comes out to 12x. With 1.5B points, the Q2 shot comes out to a 1.8B shot. Since Rampage is so hard to hit, and set up along with Groot MB and locking balls, I would only attempt if I was just one shot away from Rampage - making the shot a mere 900M.

My best Q2 shot is 600M (shot multiplier, plus 1 ball locked during Groot MB, with 1.5B). BTW, this was after Immolation, but before Cherry Bomb.

That said, that’s a lot to set up: partially complete QQ, getting to Immolation Initiative, 2nd (or 3rd) Groot MB, then everything else listed above.

Sibling 2, on the other hand, can be done MUCH earlier in the game, the shot is NOT a hurry up, and can be worth 100s of millions. Here is how: work to lock 2 balls, hit the Guardians target to be within 2 hits of lighting mystery award, shot multiply at least the right ramp (preferably left ramp too). Once this is all set up, start Sibling Rivalry, lock ball 3 to start Groot, put a ball back into Groot (for 2x), work to complete Sibling, and finish Guardians target for mystery Add-a-ball. With 2 balls locked and right ramp shot multiplied, you could have a 70M shot at 6x (or 420M points). If you start Rampage, you could be at 12x for 840M points.

I’m not sure how many points can be scored in Sibling Rivalry. My best so far is 270M: 67.5M shot at 4x. I got the Add-a-ball, but drained so I was only able to lock 1 ball.

The nice thing about this Sibling 2 big shot is, you can continue on and combine it with a bigger Quill 2 shot.

How many points have you scored on Sibling Rivalry? Also, this has changed my overall strategy. I used to play Pod Chase in Groot MB. I don't do that any more. I do Sibling Rivalry during 1st Groot MB, and Quill's Quest during 2nd Groot MB. Thoughts?

#2 2 years ago

Sibling 2 can be worth a lot more. See Robert Gagno's video below.

Shot multiplier on Gamora (right) ramp, 3x Groot lock, 2x Rocket's Rampage + combo 2x = 24x shot

Check out his other GotG videos.

#3 2 years ago

Holy crap!! I forgot about the combo. I've been setting my target too low. His Sibling total was 127,450,000. Had he been able to achieve the 24x, it would have been 3.0B. He only had one ball locked in Groot. So it was 2x instead of 3x, for a total of 16x 127.45M.

But this completely supports my new strategy of playing Sibling Rivalry in the 1st Groot MB. And I certainly under estimated the value of the combos.

Robert is a BOSS. No doubt about it.

#4 2 years ago

I did manage a 900M Quill 2 ahot this morning.

#5 2 years ago

I gave your Sibling 2 shot strategy a try. It took a few attempts (ok, a few more than a few). But, I managed a 181 Million shot. I played Pod Chase first and I believe I had Pod Chase 2 super ramps still going at the time. I was in my first Groot. Not sure how many were locked at the time. Anyway, thanks for posting!

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