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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#554 4 years ago

Me personally, I like the game play, shots, and rules, but the light show is pretty harsh and hard on my eyes. During whatever mode the lights dim really low and hard to see the ball, then back to blinding light show.

#558 4 years ago

That's good to know. Some people may like it, but I would have to tone it down if I owned one.

1 week later
#654 4 years ago

Heck yeah that side armor looks killer! I'm sure the price will be pretty killer too.

1 month later
#1197 3 years ago

Who's doing the code on this game?

#1322 3 years ago

Maybe that switch in the right loop needs to be adjusted? The contacts are too close and the plunge registers a hit on that switch. Move the contacts further apart?

#1324 3 years ago

Gotcha, didn't know that. I'd contact Stern and ask.

#1328 3 years ago

Who's doing the code for GOT? Do you guys expect a lot more in the code department or is it pretty complete as is?

1 week later
#1703 3 years ago

Where do you order those swords?

#1734 3 years ago

I'm in! Placed order today for a pro. Excited to get it, what mods should I start thinking about?

#1762 3 years ago

Where's all the custom apron cards?

#1772 3 years ago

There's no shame in closing the outlanes all the way and adjusting as you get better at the game. Every pin has a learning curve on the shots, which ones you can hit safely and ones that require more precision. You miss those and it often results in drains. Practice practice practice. From the few games I've played on location and I try to hit the left orbit I have hit those stand ups and it brutally comes back SDTM or in the outlane. Once I get my machine I have to learn as well, rules, shots, everything.

#1781 3 years ago

Whatever pro players, I setup my games to be enjoyed by me. Take your shame shame and stick it up your ass ass!

#1796 3 years ago

My bad, I watch the shows and don't recall the quote. I apologize.

#1807 3 years ago

Can anyone post or attach some custom apron cards. I like the ones on pinballcards.com but can only download both images to a 8 X 11 and makes it hard to print to standard 4 X 6 photo paper.

#1810 3 years ago

Yep I like V3 but when you download it downloads to a 8 X 11, both images. I have 4 X 6 photo paper so how do I separate and print each or I suppose I could find a 8 X 11 glossy type paper, where? Thanks!

#1812 3 years ago

good idea thanks

#1867 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

It's like watching myself play hah just messing.
Few comments from watching:
-Very impressive Targaryan battle!
-Code idea: when HOTK ends, they should spit out the Ned Stark beheading animation sequence then show the HOTK score total
-IT: love the animations and rules. It's hard to appreciate the animations when you're playing,so it was great to watch! It appears that when I said I came close to beating IT earlier, that I actually did! Looks like there's no ending and it's just victory laps persay after that. It would make sense to eventually have a final shot go into the iron throne and give a sweet final animation w call out and show your score for the mode.
-camera setup: love the camera setup and angle! What did you use to get the camera so high? Mind sharing? I want one, it would inspire me to make more videos
Thanks for sharing!

Is there a video/tutorial for the pro like this one, current code?

#1877 3 years ago

Has anyone thought of making a different translight for the pro other then this one? Don't get me wrong, this picture is awesome but doesn't really follow the rest of the playfield and cabinet art. I think a photoshopped one similar to the premium which has more white walkers and maybe a few dragons would look really cool. The sides of the cabinet already have the Starks and the Lannisters so put some wicked on the translight. If I had the skills I would have to make my own


#1879 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Ebay has a few

Nice I haven't seen those before. I like the first one, but dont know if that would match the pro as much as the premium cabinet art.

#1915 3 years ago

My pro just shipped today, finally, should have it early next week. Shout out to Melissa and Cointaker, some of the best customer service ever. I already have mods just waiting so I'm so psyched!! Need to learn the rules and how those multipliers work. Can't wait!

#1919 3 years ago

Anybody have any pictures of the pro with the plastic protectors that Pinball Life or Mezel sells? I like the green fluorescent protectors on MET and was thinking about getting some for my GOT. The pictures shown on PL's website are zoomed to close to the protectors and want to see a further shot to see how it enhances the lower playfield like MET. Thanks.

#1943 3 years ago

Where's those pics of your plastic protectors?

#1946 3 years ago

Nice! Those are the ones I ordered too. First time that I have all these mods before I even have the game in my possession. Should be here by Tuesday!

#1975 3 years ago

My pro is being delivered tomorrow!!!

#1992 3 years ago

Got my pro NIB yesterday. Set it up and played most of the evening. Today I added my mods; shaker motor, dragon speaker grill inserts with the grills painted gold, speaker WIC sticker, sword over the sword ramp, sword lock sticker, slings and lane plastic protectors, and door magnet. Looks and plays awesome! Here's some photos.








#2058 3 years ago

I was able to break 1.3 billion today and had an awesome game! I think I defeated 5 of the seven houses, was in HOTK and didn't do to good, mainly because I had no idea was I was shooting for. Awesome time. This game is one of the fastest machines out there, even faster than ACDC pro, whew.

#2067 3 years ago

The ball lock IMO can be confusing and it shouldn't be. How many balls you see up there should be the number of balls locked. If playing 2 or more players the balls can be misrepresenting how many balls are locked for a particular player. They need to show how many balls each player has locked either on the display or do something with the sword lock to compensate.

#2073 3 years ago

With Dwight doing Ghostbusters do you think he's gonna have time to finish GOT? He's got a lot on his plate right now and I hope he gives each their due diligence.

#2077 3 years ago

Ive noticed a few right orbit shots not consistently registering and I think others have had this issue too. What is causing that? The lane switch is pretty high in the orbit, maybe it should have been positioned further down and not so close to the mechanism on top? In switch test the switch works fine but in game play you can notice missed shots...go figure.

#2100 3 years ago

Yeah I'm sick of all the BS people talk about the art and how they were totally off on this theme. Sure the art needs help but code and gameplay is where this game will shine. You don't play the art people!

#2111 3 years ago

I have a pair of the GOT Kingdom Sign mods from Cointaker that I decided not to install and would like to sell for a discounted price. I paid $44.95 shipped and would sell for $30.00 shipped. PM me if interested. Thanks!


#2131 3 years ago

Does anybody else have these "burned in" dots on their display? I noticed them more lately and doesn't seem right. image_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpegimage_(resized).jpeg I sent Melissa at CT a request from Stern that they replace this display.



#2134 3 years ago

No I have not tried to reseat the connectors. I will do that and see if it helps.

#2140 3 years ago

I don't think it is a loose connection. I re-seated both connectors and not any better. I called Stern and my distributor and they will be sending a replacement display. Hopefully your still under warranty too

#2141 3 years ago

Been having a lot of double balls being ejected into the shooter lane lately. I re-seated both opto connectors and still does it every once in a while. Also was in BW multiball and after I drained all of the extra balls with one still in play it thought I was still in multiball. WTF, looked for a stuck ball in the loops or bumpers and ended up being a ball in the shooter that never got plunged during multiball. Weird, I think there are still a lot of bugs that need to be addressed. Anybody else experiencing this?

#2145 3 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Could be cracked solder joints on your optos.

So I just heat up the solder joints so they re-flow solidly?

#2148 3 years ago

Yes I do. Hardest part will probably be just removing them to get access to the soldering points. I have yet to see how easy or hard that will be.

#2150 3 years ago

Anyone know what the lit blue arrow right under the battering ram is indicating? It flashes and says hit me but what does it do?

#2162 3 years ago

Yep, there is always strategy with every game you start and which house you pick. Also on the plus side, it's just going to get better with better code updates.

#2170 3 years ago

You complete all the WIC hurry ups to start WHC multiball. Once that is completed how do you get more hurry ups to do it again?

#2182 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I have a pair of the GOT Kingdom Sign mods from Cointaker that I decided not to install and would like to sell for a discounted price. I paid $44.95 shipped and would sell for $30.00 shipped. PM me if interested. Thanks!

This pair of Kingdom Signs is still available plus I have a brand new never installed Cointaker Red Tremor shaker for Spike systems if anyone is interested. $115 for both shipped. Thanks.

#2245 3 years ago

Has anybody experienced volume spikes during gameplay on the pro? The music volume increases for about a second then goes back to normal and I have noticed this several times.

#2255 3 years ago

I always try to take 2 houses to battle in BW multiball but actually find it harder to complete houses with balls flyin all over the place, it's hard to make accurate shots. I'll be lucky if I can complete a house but it does make progress towards it at least. I get better progress when I'm in single ball and can pick shots off one by one with good ball control. Never been to IT yet but HOTK probably every 5 games or so. Fun game!

#2263 3 years ago

Can you show where you added the oil to? Can you just lift the playfield and maybe use a Q-Tip to dab some on the underneath side of that mechanism? I thought I saw some pictures somewhere in this thread...Thanks!

#2325 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

5 multiballs + midnight madness isn't enough?

Exactly, let's see there is
1. BW
2. Battle for the Wall
3. Winter Has Come
4. Hand of the King
5. Iron Throne
+ Midnight Madness
Is there any I missed?

#2332 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

the orange on return lanes really bring out a sensation of fire, not 100 % sure on the slingshots but probably will order and try

I think these look awesome and really make the lower playfield pop, just like the green ones for MET. I would recommend them.

1 week later
#2424 3 years ago

How would one lube the spinner?

1 week later
#2573 3 years ago

How do you like my alternate translite? I think it looks great and breaks up the redundancy of the cabinet sides. image_(resized).jpeg

#2578 3 years ago

Yeah sorry, it looks even better lit up!image_(resized).jpeg
That image you see in the top left corner in the Stark symbol is just a reflection of my neon light.

#2584 3 years ago

Yes that hand drawn one, although nice, doesn't match the rest of the game. This one does. Originally found it on eBay and come to find out the guy who makes them is a local here in CO. Highly recommended, guy owns his own sign shop, I drove and bought it from him hot off the printer.

#2600 3 years ago

Nerfed? Are you meaning this to be removed or made harder?Defeating any house with Greyjoy should be harder since you get their power but definitely not removed.

#2604 3 years ago

I agree it should be made harder but not removed.

#2654 3 years ago

I'm at 6.8 degrees and plays awesome. That Dany figure is too big, try this, more proportionate to the dragon that's in the play field. image_(resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#2869 3 years ago

I'm not getting the Easter Egg update. What is being done or added and how do you access the feature?

#2872 3 years ago

What are the Easter Egg codes? They explain in the read me for example CCC, so is that a code?

#2876 3 years ago

CCC, 123 (gives you an extra ball?), SKB, ERW

#2888 3 years ago

So how is everyone liking the 1.29 update? Worth doing?

#2936 3 years ago

^^^Curious to see how they mount and look, keep us posted. I do agree they look better

#2938 3 years ago

Finally was able to do the BFW and WHC stack, really cool. Now that's one of my goals I try to accomplish every game. I really hope they add more animations and sounds to beef up the DMD and gameplay experience. Otherwise, pretty awesome rules.

#2940 3 years ago

When is Bowen going to do a tutorial on this game? and I hope he does it on the pro.

#2983 3 years ago

Isn't that Masie Williams (Arya) that does the other call outs as well? I hope they do more in this area as many people have mentioned the silence during BFtW, and WHC.

1 week later
#3118 3 years ago

What and how do you pull off a Stark super stack?

#3147 3 years ago

I had my machine at 6.7 degrees and leveled side to side. When my ball came out of the pops most of the time it would roll down to the right flipper deflect to the left flipper and nicely deflect up the side of the left sling where I could cradle the ball with the left flipper. I moved my machine over to make room for another, re-leveled it and now it is not replicating that. It rolls down to the right flipper, defects to the left flipper and now deflects to the bottom corner of the left sling that makes it deflect back to the right flipper where it still can be controlled but not as cleanly. Why did that change? What does everybody else's game do? I really liked that I knew I could get a left flipper cradle and controlled shot to the right ramp and right loop when the ball comes out of the pops.

#3149 3 years ago

I see your point. It only moved one machine over to the right. Any body have a machine that plays like mine did before the move as I would be curious to what your incline is set at. I'm going to mess with it some more today to see if I can get it back.

2 weeks later
#3227 3 years ago

Hell yeah, Stark kicked some ass! Looks good!

#3244 3 years ago

King in the North!

1 month later
#3407 3 years ago

The LoL inserts only light when you complete the drop targets and it's a save feature so not quite sure what your talkin about.

1 week later
#3466 3 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Thanks bro!
The 2nd dragon looks like it could be in the way but it really is not. However, it can always be moved to a less busy spot.
Next on the list is the blue eyed, LED White Walker mod and the LED 3 eyed raven.

Nice! May I ask how you made the LED White Walker figure? I saw the Legacy Collection 6" white walker figure and there is also another 4" figure both made by Funko I think. Which one did you use? Thanks.

1 month later
#3707 3 years ago

What new code?

1 week later
#3731 3 years ago

GOT does kick ass! I really like my alternate translight, makes the art on the playfield tolerable. Wait until they release a code update if ever and this game will be one of the best in the rule set and strategy department, not that it already isn't, but even better.

1 month later
#3864 3 years ago

I bought GOT as a filler for now type game too and it has become a favorite. I don't think it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Avatar would be the one to go, but only for Megadeth!!

1 month later
#3922 3 years ago

I forgot how you set up and accomplish the different stacks. Can someone please list the different stacks and how to do them or links. I have the pro. Thanks

#3930 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Outside of stacking modes with multiballs, the only stacks you can do are:
WHC multiball with Wall multiball. Done by getting the wall multiball ready at the dragon shot, starting your 4th WIC hurry up, shoot dragon to start wall multiball, then collect the 4th hurry up.
WHC multiball with Blackwater multiball. Done by getting your third lock lit for blackwater, starting your 4th WIC hurry up, shoot the lock shot to start blackwater multiball, then collect the WIC hurry up.

Thanks for clarifying!

2 weeks later
#4022 3 years ago

Thought I would share these cool decals I found. I think they look pretty good up there on the sides, subtle but adds to the theme. Also have several of the mini figures as you can see and really match the ratio/size of the dragon better than the full size figures I have seen. Play on!image (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpeg

image (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#4105 3 years ago

Yep, Dwight you just got done updating GB, so spend some more time on GOT please. You know this machine just needs some tweaking to be epic.

3 weeks later
#4164 2 years ago

So to get the spinner value up that high you just concentrate on hitting the LoL drop targets?

#4166 2 years ago

On a single ball or does it carry through?

#4170 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

As long as you're not in targaryean or Baratheon mode you can increase the spinner value.

On a single ball or does it reset when you drain and have to start over on next ball?

1 week later
#4198 2 years ago

Is there an email directly for Dwight? Someone post a link please. For those of you who have been able to reach out, THANK YOU! If more of us send requests then hopefully he can get these done but also don't want to be annoying at the same time.

1 week later
#4235 2 years ago

I thought bringing the right houses only pertains to HoTK and not the stack mentioned above? For the stack it would probably be good to be Martell though because you can do the add a ball right?

#4238 2 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

Nope....You need to play it as Greyjoy & bring in the following houses:

Are you taking about HOTK or the WHC/Wall stack?

1 month later
#4349 2 years ago

So there must be a switch on my right ramp that needs adjustment because every shot to that ramp has a delay. Stark mode, shots to the right ramp usually releases ball quickly, now it waits till the ball registers at that last switch before releasing it. I think there is an opto and three micro switches close to the sword lock, which one is bad or needs adjustment?

#4351 2 years ago

Yes your right, the center or left ramp. So 2 optos and 3 micros is what I'll check for. Not at home for a while.

#4356 2 years ago
Quoted from ZZZ_spy_hunter:

I thought I might have some buyer's remorse with buying GOT. The only remorse that I have is that I didn't do it sooner.
I have most of the default initials off of the machine. Still haven't gotten to Winter has Come or Iron Throne. I've tried hard to get to Winter has Come but it's so challenging. Have you gotten all of the default initials off of your machine? How long did it take you?
When I play GOT on location, after a launch, the ball will bounce around in the pops, it will then come down the right orbit. On location, if I don't flip, the ball will hit the right flipper and bounce over to the left flipper where I can then catch it on the left flipper. Do you have your machine setup like that? I like that action. On my machine, the ball will come down hit the right flipper, bounce over to the left flipper and then bounce back over to the right. I tried adjusting the angle of the playfield but that didn't really change that. Is that something where the bounciness will decrease over time? Or is that an adjustment that I can make?

When I first got my GOT it played like that as well. I loved it because I could count on controlling the ball with the left flipper after bouncing off the right. I moved the machine to put another game in its place and since then it does what yours is doing now. I have tried and tried with different steepnesses, slight left or right changes from level and I still can't get my game to play like it did. I suppose I could put it back on its original spot but I thought it was level and just tried to re-level it in its new location. Weird. If you find the sweet spot LMK.

#4357 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Sometimes all that's needed is reseating the opto connectors under the pf. As things shake, those sometimes get a fraction of a hair loose. But please update what you find.

I went into switch test and tested all the center ramp switches. Both optos registered when crossed and all micro switches near the sword lock also tested fine. I rolled a ball up the ramp and all switches registered. It plays fine now. Didn't do nothing. I will reseat the opto connectors just to do it and see if it continues to play right. Thanks for the advice.

#4360 2 years ago

Of course a live catch will work but takes lots of practice. I'd rather have a sure catch on the left flipper and then transfer it to the right if I need to, easier to control for me.

3 months later
#4720 2 years ago
Quoted from Metengo:

So, if you ask me, my opinion is, for having the same fun with SW like with GoT you need only one more arm for controlling and using the Action Butten while your two other arms play the game.
So maybe it is a Pin for mutants or maybe the best Pin for Headbangers.
Otherwise it is like:
Oh yeah now i am shooting the ball to... oh moment moment... no i must change the multiplier and.... no stop was the wrong one... but now yessss wow super shot (this is not my feeling of flow like in GoT).
But i am only a normal player no pro...

You have to know when the tie fighter hurry up is lit and after you hit it be able to cradle on one flipper while you rapidly hit the center button. I was able to do this several times and was in tie fighter multiball in no time.

1 week later
#4737 2 years ago

There's far too much material in the shows since the release of this machine. Stern HAS to do some sort of updated code to contain some of this epic stuff. Cmon Dwight, this game is begging to be finished!!!

4 months later
#5102 2 years ago

Chuck, thanks for doing your GOT walk throughs, excellent stuff! Finishing part one, and my first question is how do you get your spinner to spin so much? I thought there was a tread that people used some sort of oil or something. Is there another adjustment on the spinner assembly itself that loosens or makes it spin more? Otherwise, what's the best lubricant your using to rip that spinner?

#5130 2 years ago

Chuck when are parts 4 and 5 of the walk through being done?

1 week later
#5161 2 years ago

Chuck, have parts 4 and 5 of your walk thru been done already? Great stuff! Met is awesome too so enjoy.

1 month later
#5197 1 year ago

Has anybody used Mezel’s Stern target splints? My gold targets are getting a little crooked and was wondering how these splints work.

4 months later
#5376 1 year ago

Still like this game a lot, when is Dwight gonna put some polish on this game? Cmon already, Iron Throne needs work.

2 weeks later
#5422 1 year ago

I finally made it to Iron Throne the other day and how lame the call outs and sound were. Hardly anything telling you what to shoot for and just seemed blah for reaching such goal. Why don’t they revise the code to make the Wizard mode more exiting to play? Granted I didn’t get far in IT but I was so exited to get there and then game play was in a way boring. What is the objective of IT so I can be more prepared next time I get there?

#5425 1 year ago

What do you mean complete all houses? Once your in IT how do you complete a house? Or am I missing something....

#5427 1 year ago

Cool, that makes sense. Thanks for the info.

2 months later
#5482 1 year ago

I'm just hoping they do at least one more update to the code when the final season comes out in 2019. Incorporate some newer seasons and it would be icing on a already great pinball machine. DO IT STERN!

1 month later
#5554 1 year ago

Hopefully Stern is just waiting for the final season to come out so they can update and polish this game. Wink wink.

1 month later
#5587 1 year ago

Maybe they are waiting for the final season to be airing in April before they make some updates. I can only hope they use some newer material because this game needs some polish badly.

#5591 1 year ago

I sent a message just for shits and grins. Not getting my hopes up too high, but anything would be good.

1 month later
#5663 11 months ago
Quoted from zaki:

can somebody please update the code

It needs polishing for sure. I was in Winter Has Come which is a great mode and the whole time the machine was just flashing and no sounds. Could be much better with some call outs or better sound clips atleast.

1 month later
#5710 9 months ago

Man it sure would be nice if Stern could do some polish on this game and drop some code on the 14th. Wishful thinking I know, but it sure could use some love.

1 month later
#5819 8 months ago

Guess no love from Dwight huh. How frickin lame he can’t complete this game or atleast fix the known bugs.

1 month later
#5828 6 months ago

Is Stern really making a vault or new production run of this game? Needs code polish if they do so.

#5895 6 months ago

Damn, why couldn’t they have done this at the end of the season several months ago (when I had the game)! O well, enjoyed it while I had it. Could never do well on any location games so I doubt I’ll ever see the hopefully awesome changes they will make to HotK and IT wizards. The ending of the show totally sucked for me too so I’m kinda sour on the whole theme now.

1 week later
#6097 6 months ago

Has there been any changes to IT or HotK? More call outs or sounds, animations, etc.?

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