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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#5257 1 year ago

I apologise in advance, as I'm about to do something I absolutely hate: namely asking for something on a topic without reading through to see if the answer is already there- but at 106 pages I can't read through all of this topic.

I've just got an LE GoT (251). It already has a colour DMD, shaker motor, inlane cliffy's, and 'condoms' over the bulbs to limit the seizure inducing WHC effects fitted and wanted to know what are peoples other 'must-have mods?

#5262 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

there's a setting in feature adjustments to tone down lighting effects; I think its just for blackwater multiball but highly recommend. I can't play in the game otherwise.

Very first thing I checked and changed

2 months later
#5406 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I thought biggest points was 150 million. Maybe I’m mistaken.

Big - 1mil
Bigger - 5mil
Biggest - 25mil

Plus Playfield or Shot multipliers.

#5407 1 year ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

1) bonus X is worth it in this game. Throwing it into the pops after you’ve had a good ball esp if you’ve collected castles on Prem/LE is majorly worth it.

I'm more than happy to keep raising the bonus X on my LE. In fact when starting a mode I make a point of collecting the castle rather than trying to complete the mode. 7.5mil added to each bonus is not to be sniffed at, especially when it's so easy to get bonus x. I almost always take bonus x from a mystery award as well.

If you collect just a single castle on your first ball it is effectively worth 22.5mil, then add in a possible 20x bonus on each of your 3 balls and that will equate to 450mil over the course of a game!

I have also had a single bonus of over 1 BILLION a few times. (Bonus hold from mystery award on last ball effectively doubling your bonus)

I also don't mind some of the pop awards.
Advance Wall MB means one less shot needed at the Dragon kickback.
Increase WIC value is also worth having

3 months later
#5515 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I've been starting with Baratheon most of the times. I'll do a short plunge, then shoot left ramp. Start battle and take Baratheon before I lock any balls. Work on Grayjoy, Stark and locking balls and drain 1st ball. Start 2nd ball and finish locking balls, having both Stark, Grayjoy and by this time Lannister is ready too. Start MB with Grayjoy and Lannister. Finishing at least Grayjoy and sometimes both houses before I drain. Start 3rd ball and F that up if I don't get the extra ball while battling Stark. I know sometimes it's the light show that gets the better of me. I'll take my PinStadium light off AS and see if that help. If it does I'll buy another set. Thanks to all who posted the last couple of days.

Short plunge, to then shoot ramp is a waste of ball save/playfield validation.

Why not, short plunge. Then with ball on right flipper either post transfer and shoot Tyrell targets to start working on lock (and potentially lighting Tyrell) or - my preferred option - shoot the Baratheon targets which then ricochet into the Tyrell targets every single time. This will light a lock without putting your ball at risk.

IF you ONLY hit 1 drop target (Baratheon) and 1 standup target (Tyrell), the playfield isn't yet valid and you can safely let the ball drain and rinse and repeat. That would mean you could start with a different House rather than Baratheon (which you would light as indicated above). I'd choose Stark (As you don't want to use Tyrell or Martell to preserve your daughters highscores) as it's a pain to hit the right ramp JUST to light Stark.

Remember: That the playfield validation rules apply ANY time a ball is served up to the shooter lane, whether that be after a lock or after a ballsave. You just have to beat the autoplunge (which can be done with a 'mini plunge' just to get the ball away from the switch, before you plunge with the right strength to allow a short plunge / trap.)

I also try and lock a ball the second it is lit, for two reasons. Firstly, If you go lock, ramp, lock, ramp, lock, ramp 3 ramps will ensure that Lannister is lit at precisely the same time that MB starts. If you hit a ramp when lock isn't lit you'll have Lannister lit before MB, and will either have to choose another house, or pass - which means you'll have to light another house before you can select anything.
Secondly, dependent on your lock settings you can't stack light locks, so you want to have the option that a ricochet in to the target lights the lock and isn't wasted.

Dependent on your feed from the pops, lighting Martell should be safe and easy, as would Greyjoy.

I'd only ever start 2 modes at once (unless playing as Greyjoy obviously) as it gives you more 'bang for your buck'.
If you are just looking at finishing a house and moving on, rather than maximising points, my preferences would be:
In single ball play: any 2 of Martell, Stark & Baratheon
In MB: any 2 of Tyrell, Greyjoy & Lannister

1 month later
#5574 1 year ago

I'd like to see a more player vs player version of the rules (as I would with so many other games) - namely that if player 1 defeats a house, then player 2 can't defeat the same house.

You wouldn't start as any particular house, but would gain the house abilities for every house you defeated like Greyjoy now (obviously Greyjoy's ability of stealing powers would need changing).

Effectively, you'd be building an army of alliances. It would be a race to 4 defeated houses to get to HotK, once 1 player has played HotK, they'd lose those abilities and the houses would be available to the other player to try and defeat - giving them the opportunity to get to HotK.

2 months later
#5640 11 months ago
Quoted from genex:

Yeah i like GoT and mostly play on location, I feel like the backhand to Stark isn't a guarantee and depends on a lot of other small things aside from flipper strength and pitch since we've noticed variance in being able to do that on different GoTs

When I had my Got LE, the biggest deciding factor as to whether the Stark ramp could be backhanded was how clean the machine was - simple as. Give the playfield a quick polish and then I could easily backhand it, after about 100 plays it starts to get a little harder.

1 month later
#5714 9 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Yea there is a whole history and world to explore!

and more money to be made on the back of a great series, no doubt they'll try and bleed every last penny out of it until it bears no resemblance to the original - just like so many other great series.

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