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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#1363 3 years ago

Can someone get me a link to a post on Pinside that has Prem/LE scoring and modes for the different houses, etc? I am sure it is buried in one of the GOT Prem/LE threads. I thought I saw a post that covers a lot of the game scoring and modes.

1 month later
#2156 3 years ago

Can anyone explain the Castle Black that seems to always be lit on the playfield? It points to the Dragon Kickback. When lit what is it scoring? It does seem to be lit constantly. I know the Dragon kickback light Targaryen and also advances Battle at the Wall multiball but anything else??? I have the Premium game.

#2173 3 years ago

Can someone explain Greyjoy to me? When I pick the house what do I do to beat it and what reward do I get? I know it's something about stealing other houses rewards but how does that work? And isn't there something about losing other houses rewards when you pick Greyjoy as well? Like a risk/reward thing? I am a bit confused and almost never battle with Greyjoy.

#2199 3 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks for answering my greyjoy question! Really in depth and detailed response from everyone. Now I do understand the strategy. I guess thats what I love about this game! Picking different houses totally changes gameplay. No other game is like this! I had a HS2 and basically it was light the traffic lights, lock the balls, get multiball, hit ramp for super jackpot, repeat for the most part. Now Game of Thrones is so unique. One game I want to fight the Targareyan Dragons, another I want to try to get to Wall Multiball so I pick Baratheon, another I am strictly going for Castle Multiball, etc, etc. Not even close to bored with this game at all, and don't think I ever will be! Thanks again for all these posts. Love reading comments from other fans and owners of GOT!

#2260 3 years ago

Damn! Closest I got was two dragon modes completed! Almost thinking of changing to 5 ball for a bit so I have a chance at the IT!!!

7 months later
#3811 3 years ago

Think we will get any more GOT code updates? Or this game done and it is what it is? I like what the code is now. Would like a bit more fine tuning though. Call-Outs, DMD animations and cut screens, and maybe a bit more interactivity with the castle. Maybe a cool storm the castle hurry up mode or something.

Anyone else have ideas on what they would like to see in a code update?

2 months later
#4064 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Naw I like a challenge
And I'm reeeeeeeealy lazy

I also thought I read something from Steve Ritchie in a pinside forum awhile back that the Ram is NOT supposed to register 100% of the time every time it is hit. He said it's a battering ram and it has to be hit hard and straight on to register the shot, like a real battering ram.

I would say mine registers when it should from being hit with some good force. I think if I oiled it up that it would register no matter how I hit it and to me that is not the way the ram was intended. IMO.

#4066 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Untrue. It will not register unless it has a solid shot to it after lube. Yeah you might get a lucky hit or two here and there, but much better than getting jobbed 50% of the time or more. If you hit your ram dead center from either flipper from a trap, or on the fly, and it just thuds and doesn't even move really, that is not operating properly.
Perfect example. The pro on location that I run tournaments at registers 100% of the time and has never been adjusted. That's when I went home and applied lube so that mine would work as intended and just like that one on location.

Its an easy fix so I guess I will give it a try. I can always wipe it off if I feel it changes the game negatively! I probably will end up liking it and wondering why I did not do it sooner!!!

#4107 3 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

To remove the upper Playfield, lift the Playfield and disconnect the 3(I think) plugs for it. Pull the playfield forward to remove the dragon; it's 4 screws from the back side. I just let it hang in the cabinet while I do the rest of the removal. Next is the ramp; 2 screws at the top, 2 more at the bottom to make it a bit easier. Then the upper Playfield is held on by 4 screws from the top down. Just pull it up and out.
It's not to tough. Use a magnetic Phillips screwdriver on the upper Playfield cuz the washers are a pain in the ass to reinstall without one.

When I took off my upper playfield, I had to take the sensors off the ramps in order to pull the ramp out. Did you have to do that? It just seemed like I was taking off alot more then needed. I also removed the wire ramp to iron throne.

I want to take it off again. Can you streamline what needs to come off for sure?

#4134 3 years ago

Has anyone else experienced this error in the code? So I got Extra Ball lit which is the right loop to the throne shot. I then got Battle at the Wall multi-ball activated. I hit the right loop and it went to the thrown. Battle at the Wall multi-ball started but it never did give me my Extra Ball! Is this an error in the code? Still hoping Dwight gives the game code some polish!!!

4 months later
#4500 2 years ago

Since the announcement of Star Wars this thread has gotten real quiet. My question is, since Stern announced that GOT will no longer be in production, should I stop holding my breath for one more code update?

#4503 2 years ago

It's too bad. Both games are so close to complete! One more code update would do the trick for GOT. Even just to fix some bugs like losing the extra ball when lit at the same time as Battle at the Wall Multiball. When both are lit and you hit the right loop, you get the multi-ball but the game forgets you also had an extra ball lit.

I am sure GB needs a few more code releases as well. It just seems these games are forgotten way too soon! GOT is less than 2 years old and GB of course is about a year only. Really makes me not want to drop big cash again on a NIB Stern. I will just wait and see how things play out first.

#4510 2 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Could you please show my the link or source from where you got this from?

Yep. It was on Facebook that no more produced for 2017, but to me that means unless this new GOT season in July increases an unlikely demand, this game is being put out to pasture. I don't see a spike in sales for it anymore especially if no more code updates. And if they are selling out the remaining stock means the demand is low which is sad since its such a great game.

They also are stopping production on Metallica but that makes sense since its been in production for many years now.

3 months later
#4845 2 years ago

So apparently there is no plans for any future code update for GOT to polish it off. Every current game was in the list on the latest "Stern of the Union" address on Facebook but GOT. Nice that they abandoned this game so quickly. It must not have been a good seller. Too bad, its a really good game that could be great with some polish. But it has been taken out back and shot along with Wrestlemania.

#4858 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I've been saying it's finished for the past year pretty much. Just how code works there. They have their acceptable level of code and I'm fine with it.
I just hope people are more informed going forward and buy games for what they are and not for what they hope the game will become.

I am happy with the game as it stands, but the code to me is incomplete. The upper playfield takes up alot of real estate and it is not implemented well in the game. It has a few things to play for, but for the most part I am letting the ball drain from the upper playfield. I was expecting so much more from it.

2 weeks later
#4911 2 years ago

First off, I do love my GOT Prem. BUT I am strongly considering putting mine up for sale to help with the purchase of an MMR. I guess those are done with production as well and my thoughts are that Medieval Madness is a timeless classic and arguably the best pin ever. So was thinking I may want to own one before that price sky rockets even more. What are your thoughts? Good move? Of course, in a perfect world, I would love to keep both!

#4915 2 years ago
Quoted from pinlawyer:

GoT is #1 in my 40-pin collection.

Really? That does say alot about the replay value of the game! I have had mine for two years and still enjoy it as much now as I did when I first got it. If I am to sell my GOT, I won't be giving it away. So, if I don't get the price I have in mind ($6200) then I will be happy just keeping it too.

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