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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#2297 3 years ago

GOT is definitely a great great game. Im not even a fan of the show but i would own this pin for sure!

4 months later
#3428 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Thanks for the tip. I'll mess with that switch a bit more.

Looks like a pretty serious issue to me. I'll give you $2,000 for it right now and come and get it out of your hair tomorrow, deal?

#3467 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Deal. Just gimmie your jackbot, TWD, and Firepower.

You must be on drugs!

1 month later
#3672 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Beatmasters had an extra goodie in my last order for GOT. Replacement pop cap for the upper right pop number. Looks amazing and is very well built. Since the other one is completely hidden and the third is only a 3/4 cap, I think it looks good with just the one. What say you GOT crazies?

Looks good I think! I really need a GOT bad!

1 week later
#3698 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Finally got my game back up and running after my Mod install debacle. Been playing like a brand new game to me for the past couple days. Anyone out there thinking about getting this game, go get it right now!!

Ok I went and got a GOT Pro just because you said to "go get it right now!"
Girlfriend is mad and ready to leave, and now im broke as a bad joke!

I sure hope you didn't steer me wrong

#3702 3 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

well at least the GOT will be less maintenance

With all that has been going on lately with NIB pins, I sure hope that you are right guntrooper! If it breaks though I'm going to make Chuckwurt fix it!

#3706 3 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

well at least you will get most your money back if you resell or trade up, not sure you could say the same with your girlfriend

If I could sell her for what she thinks she's worth that would be awesome! lol

#3708 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Be happy to. I've broken mine a bunch of ones already.
Congrats!! Good luck beating SKB's high score of like 30 billion on his Pro.

Thank you, I cant wait to get it set up! I now have to spend another 550 bucks though. I gotta have a shaker obviously, and holy crap....have you seen the topper? That topper is awesome dude!!!

#3711 3 years ago

Oh yeah, and I wont be beating SKB's high score or yours either. I am quite sure about that, because I suck lol.

#3712 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not better than the toppers my step daughter bought me. But yeah it's cool. Saw one in action on a friend's LE and it's sweet.

Send me a pic sometime, I'd like to see it.

#3716 3 years ago

Got my GOT Pro set up and playing, and it is amazing! This is a must have Pin in my opinion for your collection. It's easily one of Sterns best Pins.

#3718 3 years ago
Quoted from Zampinator:

Thank you! That did the trick! It plays like a different pin now, many different strategies.
This is a sleeper pin for sure! I love how fast this pin plays! I just put up my best score yet.

Nice score! I atill haven't even got 1 billion yet.Its a great game and im having a blast anyway!

#3722 3 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

i'm still wondering why this is sterns biggest current 'sleeper' pin amongst players. ghostbuster and kiss have nothing on this furious, fast, and strategic machine imo. happy flippin' friday!

I don't really think GOT is a sleeper because from what I understand they have sold a bunch of them. I think its far better than kiss but I'm not so sure about GB. I love GB!

#3725 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Well said!
I cringe anytime I see a GOT PRO on location or someone's collection with the factory translite. So hideous! It's worth the $150 or whatever to get an alt translite or even put the premium translite in. GOT PRO translite is easily a top 10 ugliest translite ever candidate. So thankful T-800 has talents to give us a sweet hand drawn one.

I think the Premiums translite is actually pretty nice. I wonder if it would look ok on the pro? I would think that it would.

#3729 3 years ago
Quoted from raisindot:

I agree. Of the three versions, I like the Premium's translite and color scheme the best, even more so than the LE. And I don't think the Premium's playfield artwork is bad at all. No, it's not GB hand-drawn stuff, but I think the colors, textures and toys integrate extremely well with the GI and flashers.

Can you purchase one of these translites from Stern? If so I wonder how much it would cost?

#3732 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

GOT does kick ass! I really like my alternate translight, makes the art on the playfield tolerable. Wait until they release a code update if ever and this game will be one of the best in the rule set and strategy department, not that it already isn't, but even better.

This game definitely kicks ass! I just got mine a few days ago so im still in the honeymoon phase, but I honestly believe that I like it every bit as good as my Walking Dead machine. I am super happy with it so far. I do have a June playfield though and that has me a little nervous, but I have 100 games on it so far and there's no ghosting or any other issues yet.

#3734 3 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

I hear ya, I have a KISS LE and GOT LE. I hope there are no issues when I get back from deployment.

Were your playfields made around the same time that they were having problems also? I kinda figured that I would get an older playfield when I bought my game so I wasn't too concerned about it. I was surprised when I seen June 2016 stamped on it. Im sure that there were alot of good playfields made during those months also, and it does seem like the majority of the problems are with GB and Spiderman VE. Im keeping my fingers crossed and not too worried about it either because I believe Stern will do the right thing and replace it if it is of bad quality.

1 week later
#3756 3 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Went to Game Galaxy yesterday and played a GOT pro for my first time. Loved it! Played maybe 10-15 games. Best I did was 300 million and obviously was hard to know exactly what I was doing. Did figure out how to get 2x PF going and finished house Martel once (I think). Spinner wasn't working so couldn't do anything with Baratheon if I remember right.
Seems to me without the cool coding of choosing the houses the game would be blah as there is not much to do except hit typical fan layout and I suppose that is why people rate it low. I can see how the game really shines in a home environment and I hope to get my hand on one soon. (Hopefully going to see an LE today if I can get it worked out)

Who said GOT is rated low? Also I would get the Pro if I were you, because the general consensus is the Pro is better. Better game for less money......can't beat that!

3 months later
#4074 2 years ago
Quoted from Willy39:

Its an easy fix so I guess I will give it a try. I can always wipe it off if I feel it changes the game negatively! I probably will end up liking it and wondering why I did not do it sooner!!!

It will not affect your game negatively believe me. It makes your game 100% more enjoyable to have the battering ram register when you hit it. I think the biggest reason mine wouldn't move freely was because the two screws in the bottom of the playfield were so damn tight that I had to use a socket to loosen them. After I took those out and oiled it up I put them back in with a screwdriver and just barely snugged them up, I didn't tighten them much at all. Chuckwurt knows his sh*t when it comes to GOT! I'm glad that I listened to him about the battering ram.

Also just for the record, I suck at GOT and yes I've got some better scores since oiling the battering ram up, but my scores are not off the charts better compared to what they used to be by any means so don't think that is going to happen. It doesn't make you go from being a scrub to a pro or anything like that at all. It's just nice that a shot actually registers when you hit it. I'm not a great player so I need every shot to count that I hit.

#4078 2 years ago
Quoted from Willy39:

Its an easy fix so I guess I will give it a try. I can always wipe it off if I feel it changes the game negatively! I probably will end up liking it and wondering why I did not do it sooner!!!

Hey Willy I was just over at Chuckwurts house and he has his battering ram so oiled up that all you gotta do is nudge the machine a little bit and it registers a hit. I guess that explains why his scores are so high!

#4081 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I love this f**king game...but I want to beat it to a pulp with a baseball bat.

lol I know EXACTLY how you feel! You will get better eventually and be able to reach HOK pretty easy and pretty often believe it or not. Now to really piss you off, they were doing speed runs on Twitch TV and I seen a guy reach HOK in 2 minutes and 27 seconds. It's all about practicing and being able to make precision shots, learning all the different ways to make shots...backhanding shots etc, and figuring out the easiest strategy to getting there. Once you start "getting it", that's when the game really starts to get fun. As Chuckwurt or someone said earlier, the people who say this game sucks don't understand the rules or how to play it.

3 weeks later
#4146 2 years ago

This is probably a dumb question but I'm gonna ask anyway. When playing house Baratheon and you hit one of the drop targets, are all three targets supposed to reset every time they are hit? This is the only mode that my machine does this in so I am assuming that it is suppose to be that way. I know you're supposed to hit so many yellow lit inserts and then you end the mode by hitting the drop targets right? Or......do you have to hit the drop targets after each time you make a shot when the yellow insert is lit? Anyway....my biggest question is are all the drop targets supposed to reset when hit while playing house Baratheon? I just wanna make sure my game is working correctly.

I would normally just ask Chuckwurt but he probably wouldn't appreciate a phone call at 4 am with me wanting an answer to such a silly question this time of the night.

#4147 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This is probably a dumb question but I'm gonna ask anyway. When playing house Baratheon and you hit one of the drop targets, are all three targets supposed to reset every time they are hit? This is the only mode that my machine does this in so I am assuming that it is suppose to be that way. I know you're supposed to hit so many yellow lit inserts and then you end the mode by hitting the drop targets right? Or......do you have to hit the drop targets after each time you make a shot when the yellow insert is lit? Anyway....my biggest question is are all the drop targets supposed to reset when hit while playing house Baratheon? I just wanna make sure my game is working correctly.
I would normally just ask Chuckwurt but he probably wouldn't appreciate a phone call at 4 am with me wanting an answer to such a silly question this time of the night.

I just watched some gameplay footage and the drops are supposed to reset like that. He also explained how to play the house. This game is F'ing awesome and will never ever leave my collection! GOT Pro is one of the best Pros that Stern has ever made!

#4153 2 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Yes, it should do that.
How to play the mode:
- shoot spinner to build value.
- after a couple spinner shots the dragon shot will light
- either keep building the score (spinner) or shoot the dragon shot to qualify completion of the mode
- after hitting the dragon shot the drop will light
- shoot drops to collect value and finish mode
Since the drops complete the mode they will reset as you play to keep them available.

Thank you for the info!

3 weeks later
#4228 2 years ago

Your guys scores just make me want to go sit in a corner and cry or something lol. As they said in Wayne's World....I'm not worthy......I'm not worthy!

#4245 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Whoop! That Lannister GC was short lived. Reek, I mean greyjoy has taken the top spot with the above mentioned stack

Ok Eskaybee, put the damn glass back on the machine!

#4274 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I love the discussion in this thread about getting to Iron Throne. I think my wiener shrinks an inch every time I hear it. And I've heard it twice, so now my wiener is gone and I'll be forced to use transgender bathrooms.
But I've also noticed that the people talking about it seem to all own pros. Is there anybody here who has gotten Iron Throne that has a premium or LE? Because I've only gotten HOTK twice since I got the damn thing in 2015. I didn't think I sucked THAT bad...

I hear ya, don't feel bad. I don't have much trouble getting to HOK really but I doubt that I'll ever see the iron throne. If I ever do though, mine is going to grow about 12 inches!

3 weeks later
#4326 2 years ago

Yes get a shaker because this game utilizes it very well. GOT is a great pinball machine for sure. I believe a Walking Dead Pro is better personally but both are great, that's why I have both. The new Aerosmith is really looking good as well. It just depends on what you are looking for truthfully. If you are a GOT junkie then I'd get the GOT, if you like GOT and TWD shows equally, I'd probably go with TWD. Ghostbusters isn't no slouch either.

It's good to have so many great choices, just makes it very difficult to decide what you should buy. These are awesome times right now for pinheads, and believe it or not there are still many pinheads right here on this forum that thinks things are just awful right now. SMH

#4338 2 years ago
Quoted from ZZZ_spy_hunter:

GOT has arrived and is set up. My first game, I put up 559 million which is a very good score for me. The game is so pristine that I'm cringing every time that I hit the ball.

Dang that's a good first score! You are going to love the game and if you go back through this thread you will get a lot of great tips from Chuckwurt and Eskabee, and others as well. I need to do exactly the same thing but I'm too lazy to do it and I'd forget or not understand a lot of what they were saying anyway.

A lot of great info in this thread though if you want it. Congrats on your new game!!

2 weeks later
#4359 2 years ago
Quoted from ZZZ_spy_hunter:

I thought I might have some buyer's remorse with buying GOT. The only remorse that I have is that I didn't do it sooner.
I have most of the default initials off of the machine. Still haven't gotten to Winter has Come or Iron Throne. I've tried hard to get to Winter has Come but it's so challenging. Have you gotten all of the default initials off of your machine? How long did it take you?
When I play GOT on location, after a launch, the ball will bounce around in the pops, it will then come down the right orbit. On location, if I don't flip, the ball will hit the right flipper and bounce over to the left flipper where I can then catch it on the left flipper. Do you have your machine setup like that? I like that action. On my machine, the ball will come down hit the right flipper, bounce over to the left flipper and then bounce back over to the right. I tried adjusting the angle of the playfield but that didn't really change that. Is that something where the bounciness will decrease over time? Or is that an adjustment that I can make?

You have to catch the ball with the right flipper when it comes down to the flipper, that's called a live catch (I think) as Chuckwurt said. Watch some YouTube videos of some guys playing and you will see what I'm talking about. You don't want the ball to go over to your left flipper because most of the shots are going to be with your right flipper anyway.

I also just set my angle up where the bubble on the playfield tells you to.

#4362 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Of course a live catch will work but takes lots of practice. I'd rather have a sure catch on the left flipper and then transfer it to the right if I need to, easier to control for me.

Not really, I'm a scrub and I learned to do it easily.

#4375 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

It's ok... I got revenge... with Lannister of all houses!? this also involved a 4.5B HOTK. Tyrell, Lannister, Stark Greyjoy are the four I started hotk with. No winter wall stack. Probably my second best game of pinball ever. Very satisfying! I missed some shots but the pingods were looking out for me.

Unbelievable score, congrats!

2 weeks later
#4452 2 years ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

New Stern topper. Will it take off??

I think maybe I could afford that one probably.

The GOT Topper is really awesome, I hope to get one someday.

1 week later
#4491 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Seriously get a C920 and a cheap ass stand and start recording some of these games. 16 billion HOTK? That's nuts.

I've never seen anyone stream pinball with the glass off, might be cool!

2 weeks later
#4525 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I would reduce the number of extra balls from 7 to 3.

Lmao....that was funny boob!

1 week later
#4564 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Don't feel bad. I've had the game since it came out and have yet to break 2 billion. Embarrassing.

I haven't broke 2 million yet either boob so im.in on being a part of that support group lol.

#4568 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

2 million? I think you need to plunge the ball or something....

Lol....2 billion I mean. Two million would definitely be sad!

3 weeks later
#4619 2 years ago
Quoted from Esoteric_rt:

Still holding out hope there is another code update coming, if only fixing the bugs, when you don't get awarded a lit Lord of Light ball save you feel ripped off

Not sure what you are talking about? Mine always lights as far as I know?

#4622 2 years ago
Quoted from Esoteric_rt:

If you have ball save lit on the outlanes, it doesn't always give it to you, plays the sound but no ball save, happens on right side for me, its not the switch

I could be wrong but I don't think I've ever had this happen to me. I did have a switch that was not working every once in awhile and it would happen occasionally but since I resoldered the wires to that switch it definitely has not happened since. I know you said your switch is ok, I'm just telling you what happened in my case. Chuckwurt or Eskaybee will definitely be able to tell you if this is a code issue or not. They know the code better than Dwight does for this game!

#4624 2 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Man, it sure does seem like my right ramp is hard to hit. Center ramp very reasonable. Any else having issues with this? It's me and not the pin for sure but some others shots seem tough (I'm loooking at you left orbit too!)

You can backhand the left orbit and the right ramp both, as well as hit them from the opposite flippers. They arent super hard to hit but GOT does require precision shots or you will get alot of bricks. Its just one of the many reasons it is such an awesome game.

#4640 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Thought. What flipper rubbers do you have on? Factory black? Different colors? Super bands? I don't like super bands or titan flipper rubber on any pins for the reasons of it affecting the geometry of the design.

I'm with you. I tried Titans for a short period of time and just couldn't get use to them. Maybe I'll give them another try someday.

#4642 2 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

So, I have a premium game, I've been slowly modding it into my version of a "House Stark LE" game. I've been thinking about adding a topper, although I don't have the ceiling height for the stern dragon topper. So I've been thinking about alternatives, originally I was thinking about adding a sword. Jon Snow's blade, Longclaw would be cool but it's 45" long. I think that might be to long for a topper, so I don't know.
It seems that this season in the tv show Dragonglass is going to become very important in the battle for the dawn, so I though about getting a obsidian knife, but I don't know, nothing has jumped out to me yet.
Maybe, Catspaw; that's the dagger that is used in season one to try and kill Bran Stark. We've seen Arya Stark with it in season 7 previews, so it might become important too, again I'm pretty undecided.
Does anyone have any cool ideas for a topper? Something other then the off the shelf generic stuff. I'm looking for something with a little wow factor.

I think the GOT topper from Stern is pretty amazing honestly. It's definitely on my want list.

#4645 2 years ago
Quoted from aingide:

This isn't a complaint, but have there been any recent rumors or rumblings about a GoT code update? There are still lots of awesome call-outs that are in the code, but not programmed. It also seems like the premium upper playfield could use another pass.
Again, not complaining, just wondering if there are any rumors.

No rumors but people are wanting one final update to polish things up a little. I would personally be surprised if it happens at this point.

1 week later
#4680 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Had you actually been killing it, your flipper woundnt have died. Haha. Make your shots in the time frame allowed and your flippers stay active. Ice king froze you for missing shots.

I think I ask you that not too long ago also?

Good thing for Chuck being on here. He probably saves Stern from getting alot of phone calls about the flipper freeze!

#4692 2 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

My textured GoT castle wall arrived today from Mezel Mods. I must say this is a crazy nice mod on this machine. The flat/shiny plastic castle wall was an early complaint for me. The texture and depth really add a nice visual, along with the handpainted detail. I watched intently as Mezel began work on this; and now so happy they have completed and made available to buy!
Install took about 15-20 minutes, with most of that time trying to recover a stupid flathead screw from the wire ramp
Simple Steps:
1. Remove the left wire ramp & plastic stack
2. Swap-in the Mezel-modified plastics (resized to accommodate the new wall thickness)
3. Remove the old wall
4. Install the new wall
5. Re-install the left side plastic stack & wire ramp
6. Gawk at the textured goodness!
I think these look great! Thanks Mezel; simple order, inexpensive delivery, speedy receipt.
Before and After:


Close up:

Wow...that looks fantastic!

#4695 2 years ago

Didn't they at one time make some kind of a wall like that for the pro model? I want one now!

#4721 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Crud. I may have a node issue. So I thought I had a mechanical flipper issue with my pawl and link but replaced those and this problem is still here.
So very sporadically the right flipper on my game has super gimpy power behind it. Nothing consistent at all. Happened a couple times within a dozen flips or so, then didn't happen for a game or two. Just has very little power behind it like it won't even go half way up the middle ramp on a square shot and the flipper isn't even strong enough to flip all the way up cause of the weight of the ball it seems like.
Any thoughts before I call stern?

I'll give you $1200.00 for it right now!

2 weeks later
#4757 2 years ago

Nice Job Chuck!! You crushed it!

1 month later
#4880 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

And I wouldnif I were you too. You just proved that OPs think differently than home owners and I think that's where sterns concentration still resides.

I think Stern better (and does) concentrate on both. My 6-8k is just as important to them as any operators 6-8k is. I still believe the home market as of right now at least is where their bread and butter is.

#4882 2 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

Could someone at expo ask Dwight how many cases of beer it'll take to get a last pass on the code for us?

It would probably take Stern giving him the time to work on it which is unlikely. I doubt seriously that he is going to do it on his own. I know I know, Lyman did it with TWD.......but I wouldn’t count on that happening with Dwight and GOT.

#4899 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I'm one of them. Haha. Still under 8 bills actually.


#4901 2 years ago

Am I the only one that thinks GOT artwork is not ugly? People in other threads really rag on the artwork and talk about how ugly this game is etc all the time but I don’t think it’s all that bad truthfully. I am not a fan of the cabinet art but I actually think the playfield looks pretty damn nice.

#4903 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It has to be completely 100% hand drawn and cartoony for pinside to not hate it.

I suppose you are right but when I look over the playfield I actually kind of like it and I think it is very well done. I think GOT is another one of those games that people haven’t given it a fair chance and they don’t know what they are missing. This game is really really a fantastic game. I honestly don’t know much else a person could ask for in a game. The only people that notice the flaws in the code are people like you and Eskaybee. The rest of us bottom feeders aren’t good enough to even see any of that stuff.

1 week later
#4938 2 years ago

Ok so I just noticed on my game that the outlane posts are set in the top hole (widest position). Every other game I have the posts are in the middle of the three holes from the factory. I was just curious if this was a mistake from the factory or is that how they are suppose to be?

#4940 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

First run pros were in the middle. Every other game after that first run are all the way open.

I guess I will leave them there then. Wonder why they switched positions for?

#4943 2 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I moved mine to the bottom hole. It makes the game more fun for shitty players like me.

Lol I feel ya believe me!

#4952 2 years ago

You are going to have some faded decals if you don’t get that game away from that sunlight coming through that window I’m afraid.

#4955 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Do the new decals fade?

The old games used to really bad. I don’t think these would be any different but I can’t guarantee it.

#4957 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Those were screen printed. Not the new guys.

So you don’t think the decals will fade then?

#4959 2 years ago

I would think the sun would fade them pretty fast and easy. That would suck if that happened!

#4973 2 years ago
Quoted from mannymasy:

I followed your advice and changed places

Looks good in that spot I think. Pretty awesome room you have there. That window gives a nice view looks like.

1 month later
#5011 1 year ago

Anyone who needs to learn the rules and all aspects of this game needs to watch Chuckwurt’s SDTM Game of Thrones 4 part tutorial. Only on episode 1 so far but he makes it easy to understand and you will be getting higher scores than you’ve ever had guaranteed. This is going to be the best GOT tutorial anywhere on the internet once he’s finished with it. I knew you would do a good job Chuckwurt but I have to say that your tutorial was so good that it blew me away. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

1 week later
#5070 1 year ago

Wow that color DMD looks incredible! I’m going to have to get one for sure.

#5097 1 year ago

Hope all of you guys are watching Chuckwurts GOT 5 part tutorial because it is awesome and a must see for GOT owners!

#5103 1 year ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Chuck, thanks for doing your GOT walk throughs, excellent stuff! Finishing part one, and my first question is how do you get your spinner to spin so much? I thought there was a tread that people used some sort of oil or something. Is there another adjustment on the spinner assembly itself that loosens or makes it spin more? Otherwise, what's the best lubricant your using to rip that spinner?

Do you really think Chuck is going to give that secret out to anyone? Heck with it, I’ll tell you what he uses....hopefully he won’t see this. You can buy it on Amazon for like $4.97. It’s good for the battering ram also.

625AF709-4A49-42B0-A92A-201358827896 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#5163 1 year ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Played for the first time in a while and noticed my spinner is sitting like this. Any advice on how to get it to sit vertical again? The ball barely hit it...

Sitting like what? We need a picture Captain!

Pics or it isnt sitting like that!

#5169 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Is it sticking? Will it spin free if you hold the switch arm down?

His definitely looks like it's bent upward on the left hand side.

1 month later
#5226 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Who says Wall multiball isn’t worth anything...? 34 bil Wall multiball In this one

It takes me 100 plus games to get 34 Billion.

3 weeks later
#5250 1 year ago
Quoted from guss:

In it's new home.

Nice lineup you have there. I like the wood on the walls in your gameroom also, looks cool!

1 week later
#5282 1 year ago
Quoted from Monk:

I have found an issue that really bothers me and was wondering if anyone else has the same issue. After watching chuckwurt's tutorial I soft plunge and try to hit down the drop targets on my first shot every time. I have no problem with this on a one person game or the first person in a two player game. I typically let my wife play first so I noticed while playing as second player I will hit the drop targets on my first shot and after hitting one or two of them they will reset. This eliminates the advantage you have of not validating the playfield with the soft plunge. It does not seem to do it with any of the 3 balls if I play as first player. Anyone else notice this?

Are you playing house Baratheon by any chance when this happens?

#5298 1 year ago
Quoted from Monk:

I don’t believe so as I rarely play Baratheon, but I guess it’s possible. I think I was playing Tyrel or possibly Greyjoy.

I known when playing Baratheon that the drop targets reset when you hit them. Keep that in mind and make sure that isnt what is happening.

#5300 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah I don’t think that’s happening to him as he’s trying to hit the drops right off the plunge (no modes running)

You're probably right. Very weird issue seems like though thats for sure.

1 week later
#5324 1 year ago
Quoted from Chisox:

Also a big shout out to chuckwurt for his awesome walkthrough/tutorial. It’s probably the most helpful and in depth tutorial on a pin that I’ve ever watched and I’m only through part 1. The game is making a lot more sense now. Thanks!

That tutorial is a must for owners of this game. I still suck at it but thats my fault not Chucks.

#5332 1 year ago
Quoted from Alamo_Pin:

I’m thinking about joining the LE/Prem club, but I wanted to ask those who have owned theirs for a year or more—does the game still kick ass?

I have a pro model but yes it still kicks ass after nearly two years of owning it. No plans of letting it go at all.

1 month later
#5362 1 year ago

I played my GOT Pro last night for the first time in awhile. Its a really good game, cant believe it doesnt get.more love than what it does.

1 month later
#5440 1 year ago
Quoted from Buckman:

Just picked up an LE a couple of weeks ago and totally agree with this. Three of the things I did were install the shaker, the topper and the colour DMD. All 3 are great additions to the game!

Does the dragon move on the topper or is it just lights that light up? Im guessing the dragon probably doesnt move right? I love that topper though.

#5445 1 year ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

Sold on the shaker and color dmd but where could i get a used topper? $500 is a lot, would love one for 2 or 3 hundred.

I think the GOT topper is $399.00.

1 month later
#5480 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I'm watching your tutorials part I & II now so I can look like I know something. At least one house, When I go pick up LE tomorrow. Thanks for all you do.

Getting a GOTLE huh? Nice!

#5492 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I'll be wanting to see premium features, thats for sure. This game had 473 game on it (newest code). But my son in law got player#2 high score at 479 mil. That tells me they never seen your tutorials. I seen you score that on 1 ball

Congratulations on your new game, it sounds like it was barely played. I dont play mine as much as some people but my games are definitely going to get some plays put on them, especially when i first get them. You scored a good one for sure!

#5494 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Thanks, The guy that sold it had a few more pin than me. So don't think it was played to death. I'm getting enough pins that sometimes a month may go by that one doesn't get played. Then you have a family function and most get played at once. Been watching Chuck's tutorials and ready to put my name in 1st place. I thought about resetting scores, but no need. Scores will fall like the house of Tyrell.

Chucks tutorial is the best one out there by far. He does a great job explaining the rules and your scores will be higher after watching guaranteed.

3 weeks later
#5498 1 year ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Here's an update: I sux at this game, but refuse to lower my sword. Can't seam to make it to HOTK no matter what house I start with. I don't use Tyrell or Marsell because I want my daughter to keep her name on for high score. Every time I have three houses and need just one shot to get my fourth house I'll miss the shot and hit the stand up target and drains. Got so pissed yesterday that I started watching the blu ray DVD's of The Game of Thrones that I received for my B-Day. Like that's going to help me. After two episodes I felt like I should be the hand of the King. No such luck, but I did get and new Grand Champion score. I've got to do it within the next four days. That's my goal for HOTK. If not I'm John Snow and we know what he is.

The game is much harder than you would think it would be thats for sure. You would think that it would be no problem to clear 4 houses to get to hand of the king wouldn't you?

4 weeks later
#5540 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

That's what I thought. Maybe it was Margarita Friday at the factory that day. Sucks because they drilled it wrong, now I will need to re-drill and align properly.

Pinmister your playfield is not drilled wrong so do not drill another hole in your playfield. Your lane guide needs to be on the opposite side of that post rubber. Here is a pic from the internet of another GOT Pro and the way that it should be. Your post is sitting in the right position and "I think" that your lane guide is drilled correctly also probably.
Screenshot_2018-11-13-16-46-42 (resized).png

#5541 1 year ago

Here is a better pic.

Screenshot_2018-11-13-17-54-14-1 (resized).png
#5543 12 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Yes it was drilled wrong, it was a 1/4" off. I had to re-align and re-drill, not a big deal because it is a small screw but I do have an extra hole now.
Now having interment issues with sword ball lock. It seems to release multiple balls at once instead of releasing only one as it should. I have not had time to call Chas.
Also do not care for the skill shot, if they do a code update I would like to see the option of holding left flipper to allow orbit diverter to open to allow more skill shot options.
GOT kicks ass!

Is this game new? I would be pissed and ask for a new playfield if it was me. That’s unacceptable. Glad you got it fixed and hopefully its not noticeable.

#5546 12 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Na-not a big deal. This to me is a non-issue, just a small hole that you can barely see behind the plastics. For how many things that need to be assembled in the Stern factory-things will happen. I am very happy with the overall quality and build of the game.

GOT is definitely a fun game and im sure that you will enjoy it. For some reason i dont play mine as much as i do my other games but every time i play it i always have fun and wonder why i dont play it more often.

2 months later
#5617 9 months ago

Why does this game not get more love? Its pure greatness in every way. I don't get it?

#5620 9 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The artwork is dog shit and there isn’t toys covering the playfield. Unfortunately people care more about that stuff than if the game is good or not.

I like toys and great art but for some reason i still think this game looks nice lol. Im not much on the cabinet artwork but i think the playfield looks nice. Not many toys but the game shoots fantastic and the modes are challenging. What a shame.

#5621 9 months ago
Quoted from libtech:

I think lots of people dont like having to 'think' when they play pinball lol
Finally ordered a color dmd for mine, should be here this week!

In my opinion which means nothing by the way, GOT color dmd is the best one that i have seen.

#5623 9 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

The pro is a Top 5 all time for me for sure. I’d like to give a prem/LE a few hundred plays sometime to see how it compares to the pro.

Its kind of weird. For whatever reason i am not enticed to play mine very often when im deciding which of my games that i want to play, but every time i decide to play it i always have fun and wonder to myself why i dont play it more often. I think tonight is going to be a GOT nite after i get off of work.

#5629 9 months ago

Any chance it could be related to the circuit that the game is plugged into? Is there anything else on that circuit at all that could be sucking lots of electricity?

1 month later
#5681 8 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Looking to rejoin the club with a Pro. My alien is up for trade in marketplace and GoT is one of the games I’m trying for. Wish I could have gotten 1 of the fully loaded ones that sold last week.
What are the best Mods? Shaker? Speaker lights? Bartering ram?

Shaker is a must for GOT in my opinion.

#5691 8 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I can not give this enough thumbs up. Great work done well. Well worth the investment if you’re interested in learning more that this game has to offer

Agree. There are things in his tutorial that the average person would never learn on their own.

1 month later
#5760 6 months ago

Holy crap, i looked and seen all of this activity in this thread and thought maybe we got a big code update or something!

#5764 6 months ago
Quoted from Dkjimbo:

Well truth is, stern COULD lay down some amazing update with new light shows, sound, modes and wizard mode based on the end of the series...would they though!?

No way, because they aren't still making and selling these games. Sure would be nice if they did though.

#5795 6 months ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Outstanding work with shipping and product design. I’ll post pics later of installation. What a great way to celebrate the last season of GOT with these mods and some good sudz.
Thank you PinWorlds.
[quoted image][quoted image]

That beer looks so delicious.

#5803 6 months ago

You guys got me wanting to play GOT tonight!

1 week later
#5811 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

All games have the possibility of breaking. I’ve had zero issues on mine.

Four spike games here and zero problems so far.

#5813 6 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Ok I'm convinced Just need to see about dialing down the shaker...

The shaker on GOT is really nice and not too strong at all so there should be nothing to worry about there. My shaker is from pinball life.

1 month later
#5844 4 months ago

Woo Hoo!!

IMG_20190712_125731 (resized).jpg
#5891 4 months ago
Quoted from zaki:

Argument time...I like premium better. I just think the upper playfield and better lighting ad a lot to the game. Pro is sweet too though

Quoted from Rum-Z:

I'm not arguing with that, LOL. I'm on your side.

The Pro is better!

#5892 4 months ago

This is very exciting news for people who own this game. Its kind of like getting a new game or Christmas in July or something! I never expected this game would ever be revisited, what a nice surprise!

Thank you Dwight!

#5911 4 months ago
Quoted from Morhaus:

So if nothing new added, how can new code be that massive? I’m happy, but I’ve gone from excited to cautiously optimistic.

Chuckwurt said that the code update made the game a lot better so it must be a pretty nice update. He knows GOT inside and out.

1 week later
#6115 3 months ago

I got to the Iron Throne for my first time last night and it was great. I picked Targaryian and chose the easiest path but who cares, i still felt like i accomplished a major milestone. ....yeah i know, I'm a scrub.

I also probably set a record for the lowest score ever for anyone that has reached the Iron Throne.

20190721_030545 (resized).jpg20190721_030609 (resized).jpg
#6117 3 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Your the man Terry. I've downloaded new code but have not installed it yet. Just got back from vacation and now at work. Working 16 hour day. I'll see if I can score lower and before "Winter Has Come". Because it my be a few more days before I have time to install it.

You are going to find a new love for this game once you start playing it. Its always been a great game but i feel like this code has just been a game changer. I cant wait to play the other houses now. I feel like i just got a new pinball machine. Those 16 hour shifts are a bitch, hang in there buddy!

1 month later
#6229 74 days ago
Quoted from hoopybox:

I'm having a problem with my new pro model. When mystery is lit and the ball traps under the dragon to spend gold - when it releases it just goes straight down center drain, with the only recourse a massive slide save. I feel like it shouldn't be doing that, at this point I'm just avoiding that shot when its lit. Any suggestions on adjustments to fix that?

Mine seems to do this if its a soft shot to the dragon. It barely spits it out and tries to go sdtm but usually with a nudge i am fine. There should be a eject power setting for that i would think, you could maybe turn that up and see what happens also. Maybe you could play with the leveling a little as well.

#6231 74 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Well in his case, it’s after a mystery shot meaning it’s held by a post while in mystery, then simply dropped down after mystery. The kickback doesn’t fire then.

Oh yeah duuuh. I wasn't even thinking about that. I have my bubble in the middle of the site glass where the factory recommends. This should be able to be dealt with by experimenting with leveling and slope i would think. .

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