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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#317 4 years ago

I can't wait to hear of LE gameplay. This pin sounds really fun and might be something I jump on after a while. Makes me think of a nice head-head-head comparison thread to start but need to wait until the LE is out.

3 months later
#1771 4 years ago

For you GOT owners...is it worth the extra cost for the LE/premium or not? I hear great things about the pro and it sounds like the LE/prems have some significant tweaks out of the box which isn't a deal killer but just a pain.

For those of you who have played both, your thoughts?

3 months later
#3071 3 years ago

Thinking about grabbing an LE. Any thoughts on the LE vs the pro? I've heard some people say pro is more fun but I've never seen either version so this purchased is based purely on reputation.

#3073 3 years ago

Playing both (or either for that matter) has zero chance of happening so just hoping I get something I'll like. I always figure I can just sell again if I don't like it but from what I've read this is pretty much along the lines of stuff I like.

3 months later
#3616 3 years ago
Quoted from twisty4678:

I finally decided to lube the ram and it has really made a difference.

Yes, lubing the ram always puts you in a better mood and ready to play some pinball. Even better if you can find someone to lube your ram for you.

#3658 3 years ago

Not GOT related but I, too, are increasingly liking regular rubbers on my games. I was lucky enough to score a close out on Pinball Life's regular green flipper rubber before it was discontinued and have that now on my GBLE. Hopefully I'll join your club at some point in the future. I'm dying to get a GOT even though I've never even seen one.

1 month later
#3755 3 years ago

Went to Game Galaxy yesterday and played a GOT pro for my first time. Loved it! Played maybe 10-15 games. Best I did was 300 million and obviously was hard to know exactly what I was doing. Did figure out how to get 2x PF going and finished house Martel once (I think). Spinner wasn't working so couldn't do anything with Baratheon if I remember right.

Seems to me without the cool coding of choosing the houses the game would be blah as there is not much to do except hit typical fan layout and I suppose that is why people rate it low. I can see how the game really shines in a home environment and I hope to get my hand on one soon. (Hopefully going to see an LE today if I can get it worked out)

2 months later
#3985 3 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

this should be made a key post in this thread, so that it's linked from the first page. Thanks for posting the rule breakdown.

Agreed. I don't even own the game I found this helpful!

5 months later
#4508 2 years ago

Joining the club! Have deposit down on GOT pro which I'm hopefully picking up this weekend at Southern Fried. I can honestly say following this thread since it's inception is the main reason I've wanted a GOT for a while. In my limited game time (maybe 10 games on Prem/LE and 10 on a pro) I think I liked the pro a little more so when RandomKG put his up for sale I jumped on it immediately.

1 week later
#4527 2 years ago

Ugh, life gets in the way on pinball!

Picked my GOT pro last weekend and still folded up in my foyer. Can't wait to get started posting some scores which are sure to be pathetic! Hopefully his weekend.

#4549 2 years ago

Finally have my pro in the house. Little lonely as no more room in my game loft but convinced my wife that I need another wall

IMG_1623 (resized).JPG

#4553 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

And now in English...

Yep. Stupid phone. Thought I edited before anyone saw that.

#4555 2 years ago

Well, loving the game thus far and have LOTS of room for improvement

Prior to getting this pin I had put maybe 5-10 games on GOT each on a pro and LE's. I thought it would be funny to post my first score for each house. Not quite in the billions yet

Stark: 262,224,760
Baratheon: 5,224,740
Greyjoy: 23,279,320
Lannister: 142,905,220
Martel: 161,285,740
Tyrell: 78,017,850

Dang those yellow standups can rocket a ball into the outline faster than you can see it! Really looking forward to getting some more time on this pin for sure.

#4560 2 years ago

Charter memberships still available?

#4567 2 years ago

Couple of questions...

I've gotten to wall multi ball once but not sure how I did it. Can someone explain how to get it and what (other than trying to hit blinking lights) you're supposed to do?

Is there a skill shot in the game?

Other than adding a ball with Baratheon, what does a lit action button do?

Thanks for the help.

I still haven't broken a billion yet on score but at least consistently getting a few hundred million which is better than a week ago when I got mine.

#4573 2 years ago

Nope. Pro here (and need to change my lineup list if I accidentally put the wrong version in) and oops on which house does add a ball. Thanks so much for the info.

Edit...yep, just checked and I accidentally moved the Prem/LE from my wishlist over to my collection. I've deleted that and correctly added the Pro to my collection.

#4576 2 years ago

Cool advice. Will give that a try too

So many cool ways to approach this game. I'm not currently choosing any specific order as regard to what house to play first. Just trying them all to get an idea of what each requires.

#4577 2 years ago

Oh yeah, my pro came from RandomKG who is a far better player than me. Very tempted to erase his scores as I will probably never beat any of them.

#4578 2 years ago

Sweet! Playing as stark got 1.338 billion and played HOTK for first time. Also got my best WIC at just shy of 85 million.

Awesome part was I had just decided to wipe KG's scores (sorry bud) so can now start to track my personal bests.

#4582 2 years ago

What is wildfire exactly?

#4589 2 years ago

Yep. Wasn't it also used to bring down the whole chapel and take out all the zealots? That was an amazing turn of events and the plot last season (I think it was the last one or the one before...heck, when does the next season start? Can't wait!)

#4591 2 years ago
Quoted from DougPiranha:

And here all along I thought it was "Santas feet burn"

#4593 2 years ago

Except for one lucky game, My limit it about 700 million so deal with it!

2 weeks later
#4623 2 years ago

Man, it sure does seem like my right ramp is hard to hit. Center ramp very reasonable. Any else having issues with this? It's me and not the pin for sure but some others shots seem tough (I'm loooking at you left orbit too!)

#4632 2 years ago

Yeah, I usually backhand left orbit. The right ramp I need to get ball under control and make a dedicated shot. Hitting the right ramp on the fly is more difficult for me. Funny thing is my original post was actually for AS. Forgot what thread I was in!

#4649 2 years ago

Arya Stark kicks ass. I'll say that for sure.

1 month later
#4783 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Right on! You still have tron to boot? Excellent combo if so
I still love this game, nearly 2 years in. Current strategy is playing as Tyrell > light LOL > qualify Targaryan > play Targaryan 1 > targaryan 2 + Greyjoy > bw multiball with targaryan 3 + Lannister > Tyrell > HOTK > ??? > profit
What are your guys' current strategies?

Try not to drain...

2 weeks later
#4831 2 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Lubing my ram is one of the best things I've ever done. It just feels so much better.
Did that come out right? Yes. Yes it did.

I've noticed my ram needs a very solid shot to make it register. Maybe I should lube it up. My ram seems to be a very dangerous shot. Is that pretty common and part of the game? Thoughts? (Own a pro)


#4834 2 years ago

Perfect. Should be dangerous if it is needed for multipliers just a bummer when you hit it and no register. I'll get on this soon.

9 months later
#5404 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

From what I understand there are no fuses as the boards shut themselves off if there is an issue detected.
Like when you have a bulb short. I’ve seen it with multiple spike games. The node board stops working. Fix the short, all is well. Problem is the game doesn’t tell you there’s a short. Takes some troubleshooting. It’s a pain for sure, but no components of the game were harmed.

Yeah, bought a new node board for an issue and no help! Made me troubleshoot more in depth and found a short. Wasted money on a new node board but at least I have one on hand just in case.

1 year later
#6145 8 months ago

Just getting around to playing GOT PRO again. I was never any good and my GOT has served me well on route. Very excited to delve into the new code but I do have a tech question:

Hard, clean shots to the Targaryen dragon will oftentimes come out flying right back down. It is intermittent and it seems shots with less speed seem to activate the post better.

This is a lazy question as I have not taken anything apart to investigate but is there a target back up in there that then activates the post? Are there other known causes of this kind of activity

Thanks for the input and setting me in the right direction as far as trouble shooting.


#6147 8 months ago

Great! Thanks for the update! For some reason I thought I remembered it always grabbing the ball but it’s been a year since I’ve really put any time on it.

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