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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

3 years ago

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#2980 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Ok now I have a dumb question..On other GoT it always starts "Choose your House" to begin....I have latest code but mine just starts off with winter is coming and no house to choose...What am I missing ?

If you want to leave it in casual mode you can just hold the center button for 3 seconds, then when the screen changes, hit start to choose a house. That way guests won't be dumped into "advanced" mode - it'll be casual most unless you know the way to start advanced mode.

3 years later
#5830 3 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Really want to get this game but reading some of the negative spike comments of node boards on other recent sterns is a little discouraging. I guess it can happen to any spike but has GoT had similar issues to the later releases?

On location since day 1, and aside from the diverter gimping by Stern, no issues at all.

#5931 3 months ago
Quoted from zaki:

I wonder if walking dead is next vault

If it is, hopefully they fix the terrible Premium cabinet art.

#5952 3 months ago

Cool things going on with the code changes, but I hope he rethinks some of those scoring changes. Very Ghostbusters/Star Wars-y and not in a good way.

#5977 3 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Oh and GOT feels very quest like to me. Battle houses, become hand of the king; continue your journey to the iron throne and go on the tour of the seven kingdoms. Beware whitewalkers, winter, and other villainous battles on your endeavors.

Game of Thrones feels absolutely like a quest to me as well. It's one of my favorites for that reason. Pick Greyjoy and collect houses is my favorite way to play.

3 weeks later
#6185 64 days ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

My family is thrilled to join this club with our very first ever NiB game!!! We got a GoT Pro that came off the line in the small run Stern built to go along with the new code. Manufacture date July 31, 2019. Minty fresh!

Congrats! First order of business - ColorDMD so you can make sense of those video clips. Many of them are a blobby, indecipherable mess in shades of orange. It's a HUGE improvement for the game.

#6187 64 days ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Yeah this is one of many mods I'm already considering:
- As of this evening, we've put 81 games on it so far and we're already seeing some of the infamous Stern clear coat divots, so I'm considering halting all play and getting a playfield protector. (For anyone who's done this on the Pro, how complicated is the install?)
- We want to get a shaker motor for sure.
- Castle walls for the left/back side ... if I can find anyone still making them
- ColorDMD
- Misc playfield decorations, e.g., banners to hide the tall light posts
Any / all suggestions welcome!
Funny story -- we didn't know anything about midnight madness, then my wife discovered it completely by accident last night.
Funny addendum -- she made sure to be playing just before midnight tonight.

Yeah, Midnight Madness is great.

I personally hate playfield protectors. They do affect the way the ball plays. I wouldn't worry about the divots. Just enjoy the game.

Shaker motor is a for-sure need. Pinball life has them for $100.
Cliffy set would be a good idea also
I also like Beatmaster's little $10 parchment sticker for the metal plate at the sword that goes up and down at the ball lock
Also, if the whine of the fan is irritating there's a quiet replacement in my pinmonk store here

If you get a chance to pick up the topper for $250ish used, do that. It's one of the best interactive toppers Stern ever made. Not worth $400 or $500, but definitely worth $250 used.

1 week later
#6205 57 days ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Is there somewhere to formally submit/report this? (I'm new to this modern game thing ... up until now my newest games were 1991 & 1997, and most were 1960s-1980s, lol.)

bug.report@sternpinball.com or software@sternpinball.com

#6207 57 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

There’s a bug report email. It’s listed at the top of the readme file for the code.
They won’t respond, but they read everything.

They USUALLY don't respond, but if they need more information for a serious bug they will contact you. Happened to me. They still haven't fixed the actual bug in Iron Maiden present since release (which I believe is a memory leak), but they force a machine reboot every day (the "Microsoft fix") so it doesn't lock up.

#6210 56 days ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Think I found a bug here. I’m playing martell ball 1, on player 3, of a 4 player game. Player 2 has a ball Locked on the sword. I go to lock my first ball and it immediately started my martell mode, I didn’t have the option to pass.

Switch test mode to see if your center button switch is intermittent from vibration?

#6215 55 days ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

I vote none too.. you already get the benefit of not having to defeat them.
Getting a score per default could be seen as a substitute for the points you cannot earn but I would not do this either.
I just think the game now is programmed that 'if setting = 2 dragons, then jump into program routine of defeating dragon 2 which maybe already had a default base value of 60M.

Yeah, but with one more code check in that scoring routing, you could see if the setting was off 1 or 2 and just don't add that score if the setting is the way the dragons "died". It's not rocket science. Lazy coding if this is being passed off as the way it is intended.

3 weeks later
#6245 34 days ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

I set mine up like this at first, because it seemed like too much of an advantage to have all three dragons already defeated. However, there is one flaw in this setup -- if you set it for one dragon defeated, it automatically awards you 30M points, and if you set it for two dragons, it automatically awards you 60M points. (If you set it for all three dragons defeated, it awards you no points, just beats the Targaryen house.)
I have a lot of casual players who visit and play -- many of whom would struggle to get to 60M on their own. Therefore, I didn't like handing out that many points for nothing more than just choosing a particular house. I notified Stern of this flaw, and I reset my game to defeat all three, in the hopes that they'll fix that someday.

Someone posted a response where Dwight confirmed that he believes that's the way it should be. Like you, I totally disagree. Seems very wrong - much like the "As Designed" bit that completely broke Steve's Martell mode design.

#6248 33 days ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

I'm not familiar enough with the old code. What's broken with Martell mode?

Existing code is broken to still cover the hardware problem.

Basically, in Martell, you were supposed to do orbit shots to complete it, and if you fired them off, you could finish the mode quickly. Unfortunately, Stern screwed up and placed the diverter assembly for Prem/LE *just slightly* wrong, so left orbit shots often to usually rattled around and failed to complete, dropping into the pops or back down to the left. A fix was supposed to be coming for MONTHS. When Stern finally released "the fix" it was adding an option to just disable the feature in software and then saying the game worked "as designed" with the orbit feature of Martell disabled. It was 100% total and complete BS and a slap in the face to Steve Ritchie's design, but he had to eat it and keep his mouth shut in public about it. At the time there was a slo-mo video showing the ball not finishing the orbit right and rattling into the rollover lanes instead of going all the way around. I'll see if I can find the link.

EDIT: Found it.

You can see that the angle of the diverter is off just a small amount, and so the ball doesn't follow it around and transition to the ball guide on the other side, but instead hits the other side and that causes it to rocochet onto the lane guides on the other side.

#6251 33 days ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Just to keep this info close together in the thread.
The orbit fix is an easy one to do. Stern could have fixed it with a service notice. Like stated above the diverter is placed incorrectly on Pre/LE games. You need to move the diverter toward the front of the playfield by about 1/8”.
[quoted image]
The best way to do this is to enlarge the mounting holes on the diverter bracket to allow the space needed.
[quoted image]
When you reinstall the guide make sure to get it as Close to the front of the game as possible. It should look like this when finished.
[quoted image]

Doesn't always work, unfortunately. I did it on the one we have here on route, and it made it *better* but not consistent. Looking at the video I personally think it's less the placement and more the shape of the diverter arm. The ball doesn't even contact it going left to right on the last 1/2 of the arm, so there no guidance, it just slams into the ball guide on the other side.

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