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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#4824 2 years ago

Hi All, Glad I found this thread. New to Pinside (Lurked for about a month) and I've decided to make GoT Prem my first pin. I should be ordering one soon. It seems like there are a ton of mixed reactions for this one. I played it, love the theme, love the show, and can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm glad to people found long term enjoyment from it. I'll spend the next couple of days reading this thread and really just wanted to say hi!

#4829 2 years ago

I did read about the left orbit and the issues with it. I did not hear or read about the Ram shot. So I appreciate the heads up on these. Knowing what you know now, does any of that lead you to decide on a pro versus the premium or do you feel they're easy enough to overcome to make the game play right?

#4836 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Same with the battering ram. It's disabled by default
The ram can be finicky and not register correctly. Chuck has instructions in this thread to get it registering consistently. Follow them and get it registering well and the game is much better.

I'm not sure I fully understand what it means to have the ram disabled. I researched and only found debate about the difficulty of hitting the shot perfectly and mods/"ram lube" to help that. But does it actually ship disabled and to what capacity?

4 months later
#5211 1 year ago

I need to get my hands on a premium.... Or beg for one more run!!!!

1 week later
#5228 1 year ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Probably easier to find an LE then a Premium

This is definitely what I'm seeing out here.

4 weeks later
#5306 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

If you guys are having problems making the center ramp with left flipper, check out this adjustable screw on the top. Should be able to loosen, slightly adjust ramp, and retighten. My guess is the way the two ramps rest on each other effect left flipper shots, maybe something about the right ramp on the premium makes it more unreliable. May be worth a try to adjust and see what happens.

Ok sell me your machine already...


2 months later
#5370 1 year ago

Finally entering the club officially!! My GOT Prem arrives around 6/29. I ended up grabbing a NIB - hoping for the best and to not make the "FORKED" news reel. Thanks for all those I pinged in making this decision. I'll purchase a shaker and colorDMD as well. I can't wait to take back the throne!!

#5374 1 year ago

Thanks - it'll be great to discover this game at the same time as others. I was worried about that orbit too. I should receive mine on the 29th.

#5384 1 year ago

Ordered my LCD panel and shaker... Waiting until my prem shows up...

#5409 1 year ago

NIB GOT Prem is home and I'm about finish setting it up. Born on date is Dec 2, 2016. Anyone know where this sits in the life of the run? When was the approximate last run date?

#5414 1 year ago

So I'm dialing in my GOT Prem. I'll keep looking but if anyone can point me in the right direction to control the throne eject that would be great. The thing launches like a rockets launcher ... kinda funny but it'll break plastics if I leave it that way.

I put washers on elevator (which helped the rejects), added the color LCD, shaker is going in today hopefully. Bummed that the dragon light isn't working - hoping it's a loose cable otherwise I'll replace.

Left orbit doesn't seem to want work. I'm not skilled enough yet to make it consistently. I'll read up on that some more for the best fix.

HECK is there anyone in SoCal that can come by and help

#5418 1 year ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

I've never heard of the Throne kicking balls out too hard. Wrong coil maybe? Mine just bloops it out weakly, sometimes taking a couple tries to kick it out.

I thought I found a setting for it's strength and it didn't work. It launches it to the plastic right before the min playfield.

Shaker was put in and I'm sure I'm not telling anyone that doesn't already know but battling the dragons with a shaker is a rush!!! Love this Pin.

#5428 1 year ago

Chuck - now that I finally own the machine I'm watching your tutorial videos. I truly appreciate you for your time and energy you put into that production. Also thanks for the SDTM crew for making that happen as well.

#5429 1 year ago

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this? This one LED is out of sequence.


Plus spring busted on left flipper.... joys..

2 weeks later
#5439 1 year ago
Quoted from CreepyTom:

Does a shaker motor have a lot of use in this game? Also is the topper worth it? Have a premium and trying to figure out if buying one would be worth it.

When you battle a dragon.... the feeling/vibration you get is as if he's breathing on you even before a ball is released. It's amazing and I agree with other colorDMD. I tried both LED and LCD versions.. I prefer LCD.

2 weeks later
#5458 1 year ago

Hi All! I've enjoyed playing my GOT Prem when I have time - finally broke a billion!

The following issues have been resolved: replaced LED in dragon and re-soldered crossed playing field light wiring. The rocket launcher throne corrected itself over time with the auto-correct.

I now have a different issue. My right flipper feels weak. At time it seems stronger but other times it barely makes the ramps. I've inspect the EOS and flipper contact points. I've been working with Stern and they have me attempting to look for shorts in the lower playing field GI's by detaching them from node 8. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue and have some other options? If anyone reading this has playing experience in SoCal (San Marcos) I'd love a second opinion to the machines behavior.

Thanks - jim

#5467 1 year ago

Thanks guys - I"ll check out a few things soon. I was eyeballing the EOS thing not really testing it. I'll check the coil temp too. I love the game for speed but it seem to push the ball and barely make it where it needs to go. I wish I had another one to test it against. Is this in a newbie's hands to be able to fix or should I order and swap out parts?

1 month later
#5475 1 year ago

Update - After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to repair the Weak flipper experience I was having. It ended up being a node board 8 replacement. First replacement of the board was no good (as in smoking) but after the second board things are great again. Downside.... I've played with sloppy flippers for so long I need to relearn my shots Thank you to my Distributor and Stern for sticking with me on this one.

Rumor is eskaybee might make an appearance at my place this weekend.... there go my high scores....

4 months later
#5625 11 months ago

Hi All, I'm looking for some advice here. I own a TWD pro and GOT Prem. I've always had what I'll call reliability issues with the flippers on GOT. They seem "soft" at times with no real consistent feel to them. I've swapped out the node 8 board and I'm running current code. The board swap helped make it slightly stronger but I'm kind of at a loss. I compare it to my TWD which is extremely responsive and consistent. I notice there's a delay from lower to upper flippers as well. Is this a SAM vs Spike deal, is there something for me to check, or should I wholesale replace the flippers to pray for a different feel. I'll also note I bought this NIB last summer. Thanks in advance. - jim

#5627 11 months ago

Thanks Chuck. Most of the time it's inconsistent as in I'm not square to center of a ramp and miss even if by a half an inch. Other times it doesn't have the strength to make ramps when I feel it probably should. I used to chalk it up to skill but when I replay my other game I can see I improved over the year + and I'm now revisiting it's machine related. It's also bad during multiball as if it needs time to recharge and fire. I do very occasionally, under multiball, get that shot you described where it's almost like a dead flipper and is no where near the target. Before I replaced node 8 under warranty, I tried looking at EOS and cleaning leads with a dollar etc. I'm still new at servicing my machine so I hope I understand what I should be looking at.

#5631 11 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Does it have lots of plays? Rebuild the flippers may help too. Especially if the flippers seem her weaker as the game goes on.

Out of bix it was real bad. Couldn't make center shot from Right flipper. Two Node 8 module repairs later it got stronger. Does anyone's machine have strength enough to backhand the Stark shot from right?

#5632 11 months ago
Quoted from libtech:

I find there is a difference between spike and sam games, sams flippers feel way better.
However, I do find that after alot of plays, even with fresh sleeves/de-burred plungers the plunger stops and armatures get magnetized and make the flippers feel very sluggish. rebuild the fippers and they will feel much better (or you can take them appart, heat the crap out of them with a propane torch, and let them cool to lose the magnetization as well)

I think I'll order a rebuild kit. Can't hurt. Should I replace anything with the buttons?

#5635 11 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Definitely concentrate on the EOS switches then. It also seems your issue is only with the right flipper?
Should be able to backhand right ramp easily even at a steep pitch.

MAN - I can never get enough force to do that. I'll try and lookup an EOS fix for cleaning and spacing. I do believe it's mostly my right.

5 months later
#5903 6 months ago

This is great news. I’ve owned a premium for a year and love it. I still need to fix orbit so thanks for revisiting that Chuck. It’s also time for me to clean under upper play field. If anyone has a quick cheat sheet on that removal I’ll take it. Chuck are you going to stream your premium? Deadflip I’m looking forward to yours.

#5904 6 months ago

eskaybee .... time for you to come to San Marcos to visit!

What happens to colordmd after upgrade? Do I need to update it as well?

#5985 6 months ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Is there some way the game tells the player what the button power is?

Seems to be by solid color of that houses power (doesn't always have to be the house you're playing too). Looks like you can buy Martel's power or Greyjoy. The color will tell you the power I believe.

#5986 6 months ago

That was a great stream. I really enjoyed it end to end and can't wait to load it on my premium. The commentary, table abuse, it was all good...

Question about the new Stark power for those in the know. When you kill a house with the Dire Wolf power, do you get a flat 5 Mil or do you score all along until you decide to bail on it? Trying to decide if using that power is a thought going into the mode to use right away (I know it has to be first house listed) or if it's like a bailout if your timers are running out but you'd rather just finish the mode.

2 weeks later
#6152 5 months ago

I've finally put in a bunch of games on my premium with this new code. I loved the game before and now it's a complete rockstar!! I rush to get back to the upper playfield. Castle Multiball was a 5 ball MB for me and it's intense / the lighting and sounds are amazing. There are so many options and strategies now that my other game will not see action for awhile. Loading code 1.37 now.. It's interesting that new code can bypass the throne. I know the ball pops out every now and then but I always took that to be a self adjusting issue that eventually works itself out.

#6154 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s a nice option for TDs. I don’t want the players getting screwed out of some valuable mystery awards.

That makes sense. Lots for great option adds in this version.

Any thoughts on Full updates versus Quick? Any advantages to one versus the other?

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