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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

5 years ago

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#5476 2 years ago

Tomorrow is September 22, Fall Begains,
but Winter is Coming.
Stay tuned.

#5479 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Once winter comes I’ll have my GOT back. Can’t wait!!

I'm watching your tutorials part I & II now so I can look like I know something. At least one house, When I go pick up LE tomorrow. Thanks for all you do.

#5481 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Getting a GOTLE huh? Nice!

Yes, been wanting one for about two years. Was about to buy something, NIB most likely and then I found this. (money burning hole in pocket). Now trying to decide what the next pin. Wife said NIB vehicle. I said Pro or Premium. She said Limited Edition. Ouch, she's catching on.

#5483 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

I'm just hoping they do at least one more update to the code when the final season comes out in 2019. Incorporate some newer seasons and it would be icing on a already great pinball machine. DO IT STERN!

I have a feeling that Stern will do a update. They may address each game. Like the "Stern of the Union" said "Just because a game isn’t listed on here doesn’t mean there can’t be surprises from time to time."

#5484 2 years ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

I have a feeling that Stern will do a update. They may address each game. Like the "Stern of the Union" said "Just because a game isn’t listed on here doesn’t mean there can’t be surprises from time to time."

I've only played 20-30 games on a LE back in February. So for me the code is good. I have so much to learn when I pick game up in about 6 hours from now. I must get some sleep I need to leave in 3 hours.

#5487 2 years ago

Well picked up LE #497 after getting off work at 6am. Drove 5.5 hours round trip yo pick-up. Played maybe 10 games before coming back to work to do a 12 hours shift. Man the things we do for pinball. Can't wait to get off after I watch some more of Chuck's tutorials.

#5489 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would love to get a prem or LE eventually to do one more session that covers the added features of the prem/LE

I'll be wanting to see premium features, thats for sure. This game had 473 game on it (newest code). But my son in law got player#2 high score at 479 mil. That tells me they never seen your tutorials. I seen you score that on 1 ball

#5493 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Congratulations on your new game, it sounds like it was barely played. I dont play mine as much as some people but my games are definitely going to get some plays put on them, especially when i first get them. You scored a good one for sure!

Thanks, The guy that sold it had a few more pin than me. So don't think it was played to death. I'm getting enough pins that sometimes a month may go by that one doesn't get played. Then you have a family function and most get played at once. Been watching Chuck's tutorials and ready to put my name in 1st place. I thought about resetting scores, but no need. Scores will fall like the house of Tyrell.

#5496 2 years ago

Well after picking up GOT on Saturday.
Waxed playfield.
Replaced Balls.
Put custom apron cards on game.
Plastic protector on slings.
Installed B/W leg brackets.
Grass hasn't been cut.
Stopped working on 12x20 shed.
Haven't been online to pay bills.
Eat standing up. (Snacks)
Haven't made bed.
I did finally get high score, just not a billion, yet!......

3 weeks later
#5497 2 years ago

Here's an update: I sux at this game, but refuse to lower my sword. Can't seam to make it to HOTK no matter what house I start with. I don't use Tyrell or Marsell because I want my daughter to keep her name on for high score. Every time I have three houses and need just one shot to get my fourth house I'll miss the shot and hit the stand up target and drains. Got so pissed yesterday that I started watching the blu ray DVD's of The Game of Thrones that I received for my B-Day. Like that's going to help me. After two episodes I felt like I should be the hand of the King. No such luck, but I did get and new Grand Champion score. I've got to do it within the next four days. That's my goal for HOTK. If not I'm John Snow and we know what he is.

#5514 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Easiest modes to complete:
Stark - three ramps then an orbit.
Martell - three orbits within 10 secs of each other.
Greyjoy- hit every shot once
Baratheon - go orbit, dragon, drops.
Start playing as Baratheon. Do that for a couple days and try to beat all the above modes.
If you have Lannister available to start going into MB play that mode then. Other than MB, it’s a dangerous mode to play in single ball.

I've been starting with Baratheon most of the times. I'll do a short plunge, then shoot left ramp. Start battle and take Baratheon before I lock any balls. Work on Grayjoy, Stark and locking balls and drain 1st ball. Start 2nd ball and finish locking balls, having both Stark, Grayjoy and by this time Lannister is ready too. Start MB with Grayjoy and Lannister. Finishing at least Grayjoy and sometimes both houses before I drain. Start 3rd ball and F that up if I don't get the extra ball while battling Stark. I know sometimes it's the light show that gets the better of me. I'll take my PinStadium light off AS and see if that help. If it does I'll buy another set. Thanks to all who posted the last couple of days.

#5516 2 years ago

I will work on short plunge, shoot the Baratheon/Tyrell rinse and repeat. Plus what you've posted. Also need to rewatch chuckwurt play, pause and practice. Thanks

Quoted from WJxxxx:Short plunge, to then shoot ramp is a waste of ball save/playfield validation.
Why not, short plunge. Then with ball on right flipper either post transfer and shoot Tyrell targets to start working on lock (and potentially lighting Tyrell) or - my preferred option - shoot the Baratheon targets which then ricochet into the Tyrell targets every single time. This will light a lock without putting your ball at risk.
IF you ONLY hit 1 drop target (Baratheon) and 1 standup target (Tyrell), the playfield isn't yet valid and you can safely let the ball drain and rinse and repeat. That would mean you could start with a different House rather than Baratheon (which you would light as indicated above). I'd choose Stark (As you don't want to use Tyrell or Martell to preserve your daughters highscores) as it's a pain to hit the right ramp JUST to light Stark.
Remember: That the playfield validation rules apply ANY time a ball is served up to the shooter lane, whether that be after a lock or after a ballsave. You just have to beat the autoplunge (which can be done with a 'mini plunge' just to get the ball away from the switch, before you plunge with the right strength to allow a short plunge / trap.)
I also try and lock a ball the second it is lit, for two reasons. Firstly, If you go lock, ramp, lock, ramp, lock, ramp 3 ramps will ensure that Lannister is lit at precisely the same time that MB starts. If you hit a ramp when lock isn't lit you'll have Lannister lit before MB, and will either have to choose another house, or pass - which means you'll have to light another house before you can select anything.
Secondly, dependent on your lock settings you can't stack light locks, so you want to have the option that a ricochet in to the target lights the lock and isn't wasted.
Dependent on your feed from the pops, lighting Martell should be safe and easy, as would Greyjoy.
I'd only ever start 2 modes at once (unless playing as Greyjoy obviously) as it gives you more 'bang for your buck'.
If you are just looking at finishing a house and moving on, rather than maximising points, my preferences would be:
In single ball play: any 2 of Martell, Stark & Baratheon
In MB: any 2 of Tyrell, Greyjoy & Lannister

#5523 2 years ago

Well after taking my time and taking all that was posted. Plus chuckwurt videos. I was told you are the "Hand of the King" It only lasted about 1 minute before all balls drained, about the same time. But I made It. Came back after shopping at Lowe's and did it again. At this point I can say I'm getting better. I still have a lot more to learn. So this game will be around for sometime. Now to catch up on honey do list and give GoT a rest while I sharpen my sword before going into battle again. thanks all

#5525 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nice!! Well done.

I think taking time and not being in a rush did It. Getting BWMB twice on ball 1 and finishing two houses Baratheon and Grayjoy and Lannister and Tyrell started and half completed. It was watching your videos 10 months ago after I only playing 20 game that made me say one day I'll get it. At that time was thinking Pro until I seen this one. Then 11 days ago received the DVD's season 1-7 because I was eat, sleep and drinking " Winter is Coming"

1 week later
#5532 2 years ago

Welcome to the Iron Throne, @chuckwurt does indead do an amazing job. I've had mine about 6 weeks now. Just finished watching and every time I think I'm going to do great I get smacked down. But I keep trying. I do enjoy the game.

#5537 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

That's what I thought. Maybe it was Margarita Friday at the factory that day. Sucks because they drilled it wrong, now I will need to re-drill and align properly.

Is it an "LE" if so, ship it to chuckwurt so he can dial it in and do a tutorial. It's will be for the good of mankind.

2 weeks later
#5565 2 years ago
Quoted from callaway15:

Are you able to get GOT: Pro for new anymore, from STERN or other sources?

http://www.pinballs.com has Pro and premium

#5566 2 years ago

Check Stern's website and email distributor. http://www.sternpinball.com/find-a-retailer

2 weeks later
#5579 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Finally got my GOT pro back!!
Is there seriously anything better in pinball than ripping full value juiced spinners at 2-3x playfield? Man that is so fucking fun!
Haha. Missed this game.

Is there a brand and color that you like for slings and post. I'm not a fan of the black one on my GoTLE. Leave playfield dirty looking all the time. Thanks

1 month later
#5598 2 years ago

One of my plastic was broke. The one between left orbit and Castle Black. I taped it on the back side and scanned it, then printed it on thermal 4x6 shipping label. Traced broken plastic on a florescent green piece and installed it. May not be the best job but it works for now.

20190115_122832 (resized).jpg
#5599 2 years ago

I'll call this my Bird Box challenge.

15475878494355125979950189292127 (resized).jpg
#5611 2 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Crossing fingers so I can buy this pin.
[quoted image]

If you wait for update it may cause price to go up... Say $100 bucks.

Quoted from chuckwurt:

Why can’t you buy it now? It’s amazing.

Yes, Best time to buy is now, update may make anyone thinking of selling keep it for another 6 months or keep it altogether.

Quoted from LOTR_breath:

So is this a full game played blind folded?

Yes blindfold and someone giving instructions. Left, Left, Right and so forth.

2 weeks later
#5616 1 year ago

I'll have a cup of coffee before a game and need a cigarette and a breather (rest) after a battle (game). And I don't smoke!

1 month later
#5700 1 year ago
Quoted from Morhaus:

I’m the club!! Premium in the back of my Jeep coming home!!

That's cutting it close, because spring is this week!

1 month later
#5792 1 year ago

I had a feeling this was for the Show. If it wasn't I just scrolled through 50ish post.

2 months later
#5973 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So I’m a little confused on the Lannister power. Can you use their buy multipliers power as often as you want granted you have gold? Or just once a ball?

Must have your gold built up and buy as often as you want.

#5982 1 year ago
Quoted from calprog:

Just finished watching the got feed. Update looks great. Glad Stern updated this one with new code. A great game!!!! I have a modded pro and enjoy the hell out of it. A keeper!!!![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

You missed a Mod.

20181021_144512_HDR (resized).jpg
#6058 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

If I still had my pro, I know I would prefer this as a setting.

But you gave up your right to vote.

#6116 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I got to the Iron Throne for my first time last night and it was great. I picked Targaryian and chose the easiest path but who cares, i still felt like i accomplished a major milestone. ....yeah i know, I'm a scrub.
I also probably set a record for the lowest score ever for anyone that has reached the Iron Throne.[quoted image][quoted image]

Your the man Terry. I've downloaded new code but have not installed it yet. Just got back from vacation and now at work. Working 16 hour day. I'll see if I can score lower and before "Winter Has Come". Because it my be a few more days before I have time to install it.

#6133 1 year ago

When you start game does it award any point before ball is in play? Upper playfield acts as if you missed your chance for Arrows. Like playfield has been validated.
Do same thing again with ball removed. If you just get X2 playfield again then Hit your 3 upper playfield targets. Then when your 2 targets light trigger one of them to see if you get Arrows.

#6139 1 year ago
Quoted from Jireteg:

The switch is checked and is working in switch test, I will remove the upper playfield and see if there are any things that’s needs better connections, after that I will give up

I see you have a great collection. Play another game and come back to the this game that is part of your great collection. But don't give up the answer will come.

#6148 1 year ago
Quoted from Jireteg:

chuckwurt T7 Problem solved, from factory they mixed the right inlane switch and right leaf switch up, because of that I need to trigger the leaf switch that now the game has connected as the inlane, then it works. Stupid of me to only check that the switches worked and not that the correct one was triggered. It is the same fault on the left side. You never stop learning in this hobby.
Question - Is it enough to switch the white and white/violet cables between these 2 switches and leave the black on both?
And thanks to you all that helped with suggestions, wonderful to have this forum to turn to.

So with switches wired wrong playfield was getting validated.

#6151 1 year ago

Short plunging and then hitting drop targets will set valid playfield
and therefore stop people (chuckwurt) from just letting the ball drain. Dang

#6158 1 year ago
Quoted from wisefwumyogwave:

put the new code on, its saved all my settings and scores. sweet

I'm glad you told us that. I was going to play one game using 10 balls. . But not now.

#6169 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuxedomask23:

I noticed version 1.37 didnt reset any scores, was that the same for all of you guys? Thanks! I know I can reset them myself but I just wanted to check if I installed it correctly.

chuckwurt Post #6159
You installed it correctly

1 month later
#6236 1 year ago
Quoted from SkyKing2301:

Mine is one of these, manufactured July 31, 2019.

That's what I call new. Enjoy

#6247 1 year ago

I just found out with new code if you set-up to play tournament. After playing if game is turned off at any time you'll lose all scores saved for the tournament and need to set it up again. Because your tournament button will not be flashing.

15681164482585371600459246887657 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#6254 1 year ago

Pro should be here, need to scroll down to bottom and click on manual.

#6257 1 year ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Joining the club tomorrow with a mint LE. Stoked!

Congratulations!!! Now Update your wish list by removing GoT pro and moving GoT Premium/LE to your collection. Don't forget to watch 5 part series by chuckwurt. Although new code has changed alot ( for the better). PS DudeRegular I bought a WPT about two weeks ago. Remember I tried to steal your. Lol

7 months later
#6362 9 months ago
Quoted from Pauz21:

Quick question for Pro owners. I have the 1.37 code on my pro model and I thought it would be cool to do a tournament during quarantine for just my family. But every time the machine is turned off I’m losing the tournament because my Clock is resetting back to 2015. (HS and settings are saved still) I posted this on Facebook and someone commented that it was a known issue with this code. Can anyone confirm that tournament mode is basically useless with the new code? Why wouldn’t they fix this?

Does the same thing on my LE. I said it on day 1 after installing new code.

#6363 9 months ago

I'll check battery after I finish cleaning playfield and all switches. I feel it's the right think to do after getting to Iron Throne for the 1st time. Live by the Sword die by the battery?
Say what.

#6365 9 months ago

I just replaced my battery CR2032 and yes the tournament setting are staying now. My Bad. Wasn't the code. I apology to D.S. for thinking it was.

1 month later
#6392 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I won’t comment on how the game ended up. Haha

If anything like mine that start half as good, all drain just after ball save ends. Haha....Hahaha

1 month later
#6482 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Come on people. It’s literally covered in the first 5 minutes of my walkthrough! Haha

Ya, it's all about not validating the playfield.

#6517 6 months ago
Quoted from Antron77:

Alright, my 1st shop job ever.
[quoted image]

Job well done Grasshopper.
Winter is Coming

#6518 6 months ago
Quoted from ScottyC:

FYI for those of you that are wanting the pinworlds sling blades and pop cover. Sling blades are discontinued and they have been listed on thingiverse to print em yourself Also a version of the pop bumper was listed as well (non lighted version)
Dragon Castle for pop bumper
Winterfell and King's Landing Sling Blades

Thanks I'm just getting into 3D printing.

2 weeks later
#6541 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yep. I have ZERO clue why some many people hate on Dwight for the crazy multipliers in this game and SW. it’s so good and exciting.

Some just have a problem with mathematics. Arithmetic is a whole new problem. Just doesn't add up.

1 month later
#6605 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Try Baratheon and play wall multiball over and over.

That's my house of choice, been to Iron Throne twice with Baratheon in the two years of ownership. Have not completed IT yet, I seem to drop my sword in the middle of battle. Heart starts pounding and hands start to sweat. Must be from all the mud and blood on the battlefield. Haha

#6610 4 months ago
Quoted from jitneystand1:

Baratheon is cool if you can remember to hit the button on the side drains.

After playing GoT if I play any other pin when I side drain I'll hit the apron. Sometimes there's a button on apron and sometimes not. I've even done it playing my 1977 EM Jacks Open.

16008627384461432454895943524467 (resized).jpg
#6618 4 months ago

And what a rush it is. Congrats

1 month later
#6649 3 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Might I recommend some Blantons

It's limited stock where I live. One bottle per customer per day. I say what more do you need.

1 week later
#6676 83 days ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Played my first real game after all mods have been installed and got a decent newbie score of 1.6B. I did not do the short plunge as i need to fix my shooter rod since adding the lighted pad behind the plate it not hitting the ball. I even added a little washer in the rubber tip..
I had fun installing the Pinstadums and hooking up all 6 options..man o an when I ghtthe orin throne I thought I was in HELL....haha...a red light show like I was at a acdc concert...Incredible.
pinstadium thanks for the time you spent helping me, this noob is almost a pro now on your products.
chuckwurt that spinner points is insane ....I am on video 3 now of your 6 part...Brillaint brother.
Have a great night all.

Wow great score of 1.6B after installing mods. You did install the glass before playing, didn't you. Lol. Just kidding Happy Halloween and "Winter is Coming".

PS. You can't go wrong watching chuckwurt videos

1 week later
#6735 75 days ago
Quoted from tinyrodent:

I recently bought a home use Game of Thrones Pro, very nice shape, but it occasionally resets and I would love to fix it. Already adjusted the power supply voltage per this thread. Tried disabling the shaker motor. The only other powered mod is lighted flipper buttons.
However I'm starting to wonder if this might be a software problem, because the situation in which it resets is always the same. Running the latest code. I finish the 4th house and start Hand of the King. Then, shoot the Dragon to claim Extra Ball. It's a rather frustrating time to get a reset...
Anyone else seeing a similar problem?

Congrats on the game. I have the LE and no problem with reset as you described. Is the Fan running in the power supply. Don't set power above 48.5 volts. Hold on help is on the way. Let me surf and get link(s).

#6736 75 days ago
Quoted from tinyrodent:

I recently bought a home use Game of Thrones Pro, very nice shape, but it occasionally resets and I would love to fix it. Already adjusted the power supply voltage per this thread. Tried disabling the shaker motor. The only other powered mod is lighted flipper buttons.
However I'm starting to wonder if this might be a software problem, because the situation in which it resets is always the same. Running the latest code. I finish the 4th house and start Hand of the King. Then, shoot the Dragon to claim Extra Ball. It's a rather frustrating time to get a reset...
Anyone else seeing a similar problem?

You found the "this thread" in your post. so maybe it's the 300w power supply or the fan is causing the resets. A earlier code update was to take care of reset issues. Better help is on the way.

#6739 75 days ago
Quoted from tinyrodent:

The fan comes on with the power and runs all the time. It's somewhat noisy but not really noticeable while playing, only during attract. Voltage is set to 48.5. I will try disconnecting the flipper button lights tomorrow.

The fan isn't supposed to run continuously on a Stern. Only Spooky's pinball machines. Vireland is the one to contact, I'm sure he'll making his way here. Hang on

#6741 75 days ago

Vireland you could change you name to Savoir-Faire. Because your everywhere.
Thanks for the input I was merely trying to distract him until you showed up.

1 week later
#6759 66 days ago
Quoted from tinyrodent:

I was anxious to test this out and did not have the materials handy to make a proper set of mounting brackets right away. So I used cardboard from an old shoebox temporarily:
[quoted image]
Playing every day since then, there hasn't been a single reset. As a bonus, it is silent at idle. Finally today I made some permanent brackets out of aluminum flashing:
[quoted image]

Great news that your back up and fighting. Hand of the King for you.

#6783 63 days ago

That does seem strange. I'm at work and will be hours before I can check. But will if you haven't gotten answer by then.

#6784 63 days ago

His is what the manual has for the LE. Both sides Ground (-)

CN1 .156" 5-pin
1 Speaker Right
Ground (-)
4 Ohms -
2 Speaker Right (+) 4 Ohms 20W
3 n/c - -
4 Speaker Left
Ground (-)
4 Ohms -
5 Speaker Left (+) 4 Ohms 20W

Will still snap pic later.

#6797 63 days ago

Right speaker is the bottom one.

20201121_080811 (resized).jpg
#6798 63 days ago

Right speaker

20201121_080820 (resized).jpg
#6799 63 days ago

Left speaker

20201121_080823 (resized).jpg
#6820 57 days ago
Quoted from Liakos:

I was hoping someone can help me...
When my game boots up it says...
Node board 1 not found...
U can still play the game but the dragon on the stern topper doesn't stop flapping....lol
Now , it doesnt give me that message on start up but the dragon keeps moving...
Can someone give me some advice..
Thank you in advance....!!!

Check your connections on Node 1 inside cabinet. If you have a shaker motor (CN16) it may have come loose. Check (CN14) power input. Wished I had a topper.

#6822 57 days ago
Quoted from Zora:

I achieved getting to the final wizzard mode on the pro. However, I had no idea what to shoot at strategically. Could anybody summarize what to do in the final battle (except shooting the blinking lights which is pretty obvious)?

Yes, please wait for chuckwurt to do his Black Friday shopping and he'll inform you what to shoot. All I know is the "Blinking Lights" as fast as you can.

#6824 57 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s waves. Each house has a wave. You must shoot all shots, as well as the shot that represents that house. So that shot is needed twice.
Then the battering ram is lit for a super. Hit that to end the wave, add a ball, and start the next wave.
Rinse and repeat until all houses have been completed.
Then victory laps start where it’s just hit lit shots until you drain.
If you drain during Iron Throne, and have balls left to play, Iron Throne will continue. You can also play it with one ball, so don’t think it’s over if you drain down to one ball.

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