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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

3 years ago

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#6183 67 days ago

My family is thrilled to join this club with our very first ever NiB game!!! We got a GoT Pro that came off the line in the small run Stern built to go along with the new code. Manufacture date July 31, 2019. Minty fresh!

#6186 67 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Congrats! First order of business - ColorDMD so you can make sense of those video clips. Many of them are a blobby, indecipherable mess in shades of orange. It's a HUGE improvement for the game.

Yeah this is one of many mods I'm already considering:
- As of this evening, we've put 81 games on it so far and we're already seeing some of the infamous Stern clear coat divots, so I'm considering halting all play and getting a playfield protector. (For anyone who's done this on the Pro, how complicated is the install?)
- We want to get a shaker motor for sure.
- Castle walls for the left/back side ... if I can find anyone still making them
- ColorDMD
- Misc playfield decorations, e.g., banners to hide the tall light posts

Any / all suggestions welcome!

Funny story -- we didn't know anything about midnight madness, then my wife discovered it completely by accident last night.
Funny addendum -- she made sure to be playing just before midnight tonight.

#6193 66 days ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

ColorDMD is AMAZING on GoT! I had GoT on the chopping block a couple years ago because I was sick of the stock muddy DMD graphics (one of the last DMD pins in my collection). ColorDMD release a day before I was going to sell and I pulled it off the block. It's that good where I don't plan on selling this any time soon now.

Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Play your game and have fun! And get a colorDMD before spending $ on anything else.

We looked at the ColorDMD preview (and I think the one we played in the wild recently had it also), and yes we agree it's amazing! However, $400 is a little steep at the moment, so I'll start saving... With the shaker motor being more affordable -- and my wife commenting how she REALLY liked that on the one we'd played -- I've got that on order now.

Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Dimples are normal. You will get used to them. Play your game and have fun! And get a colorDMD before spending $ on anything else.

Quoted from vireland:

I personally hate playfield protectors. They do affect the way the ball plays. I wouldn't worry about the divots. Just enjoy the game.

Got similar feedback from a local friend too. Plus it'd be a huge pain to install that, and we'd have to stop playing until I received it and got around to installing it ... seems like it's a fairly understood and not-unexpected issue, so we'll just go with it. I'm thinking I might at least put a semi-circlular mylar around the battering ram, since there's tons of ball-hopping going on there.

Thanks for all the info. We're loving the game ... got it Friday evening and between the four of us we've already put over 100 games on it!

#6195 64 days ago

Been enjoying the heck out of the game, and have been enjoying adding some mods. First, I had a friend 3D print the Dragonstone castle, which I painted up and installed. Next, I made a Ghost and perched him on the right ramp to balance out the toy distribution. He's watching over the game, and it's fun when the ball rolls underneath him.

20190813_200428 (resized).jpg20190813_200402 (resized).jpg20190813_200353 (resized).jpg20190813_200547 (resized).jpg20190813_200257 (resized).jpg20190813_200240 (resized).jpg
#6196 60 days ago

Is anyone working on new instructions cards for the latest code?

#6199 59 days ago
Quoted from cynric:

Funny you say that just now, I started updating the ones I use yesterday.

Haha, I assumed no one was going to do it, so I stayed up stupidly late last night and started working on my own rule cards. I just finished and came back here to post them. Note, this is for the Pro, as I don't know how the Prem/LE differs. (See notes below about editing.)

I have a lot of casual players come through here, so I tried to keep the explanations simple enough to understand.

I used a Stark desktop background I found on the interwebs for one, and combined a Targaryen one with the Stark one to make the other. These are for private use only even if you modify them, yadda yadda. Here's a link to the files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gAtOjZDYa6q504yL0zQrA7I1HiIGHfq6

- I've included the .psd files so if you have photoshop you can made edits/changes/corrections. YOU'LL WANT TO DO THIS IF YOU CUSTOMIZED YOUR GAME'S SETTINGS. For example, I didn't like that choosing Targaryen pre-completes that entire house (since you'd normally have to beat all three dragons separately), so I've scaled mine back to pre-complete only one or two of the dragons.
- I've also included .jpg files with a black border, which is sized so you can make a 4x6 print at your local print shop and then cut the cards out and they'll be the right size.
- I've also included just the straight up .jpg files for good measure.

Hope you like them, let me know if I screwed anything up -- I'm new to this game so I'm still learning.

GoT_Pro_v1-37_RuleCard1_noprint (resized).jpgGoT_Pro_v1-37_RuleCard2_noprint (resized).jpg
#6201 59 days ago
Quoted from cynric:

I must say I do like the expanded descriptions on skyking2301's cards

Thanks! Trying to make it so anyone who takes the time to read it will have a reasonable idea of what to do.

#6202 59 days ago

1.37 Code observation:

Initially, I didn't like that choosing Targaryen would fully beat the house -- that takes away a huge part of the challenge of having to defeat all three dragons.
So, I changed my settings to defeat just the first two.

Trouble is, with this setting, when you choose Targaryen it automatically awards you 60M right off the bat for "defeating" the first two dragons. Then, when you start the fight against Drogon, the values are very high. Within moments of starting my first ball I was already up over 300M. A few people who visited to play casually had trouble reaching 50M ... yet if I'm set up this way, all they have to do is choose Targaryen and they START at 60M.

When it's set to complete the house, you don't get any of these extra points -- it's just fully completed (and Swords activates). (I didn't try it set up for defeat 1 dragon, I presume it would work similarly to 2). I wonder if the next update could fix this -- NOT award the points for (not) "defeating" the dragons that I skipped, and/or scaling back the Drogon fight values?

#6204 59 days ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Good catch. I’d classify that as a bug.

Is there somewhere to formally submit/report this? (I'm new to this modern game thing ... up until now my newest games were 1991 & 1997, and most were 1960s-1980s, lol.)

#6208 59 days ago

Ok thanks, I sent it in. In the meantime, I switched my game back to defeat all 3 for Targaryen.

#6216 54 days ago

As already implied by my earlier posts, I concur that it should be zero points for any pre-defeated dragons. You shouldn't be awarded 60M points just for choosing a house and launching a ball. I put my settings back to beat-all-three until it's hopefully fixed.

#6217 52 days ago

FYI, made a few more updates to my 1.37 apron cards, here's the lo-res previews. Download the hi-res versions (including bordered/sized for 4x6 prints, and original PSD files so you can make your own edits) over in this other thread I started: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/apron-instruction-cards-for-new-got-code-137

JPG-Card1-GoT_Pro_v1-37 (resized).jpgJPG-Card2-GoT_Pro_v1-37 (resized).jpg
#6227 46 days ago
Quoted from Pinballer67:

Thanks for the cards, SkyKing! Have you (or anybody else) update these for Premium/LE? I'm not sure I know all the differences between Pro and Prem/LE and I'm not ashamed to admit that

You're welcome! I have to make one more correction on them, apparently the Lannister multipler purchase is 600 gold, not 500. No, I haven't updated them for the Premium/LE, as I have no idea how different the rules are. That's why I included the .PSD files on the drive folder, so someone else with a Premium can update them accordingly.

#6228 46 days ago

I also found an awesome Wight Viserion model at Target and put him in ... check it out over here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/got-pro-viserion-figure-mod

#6235 40 days ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

From one of the sites offering this game:
"Stern produced a limited 100 game run out of extra parts they had left in July of 2019. This is your chance to get a title that was previously sold out!"

Mine is one of these, manufactured July 31, 2019.

#6237 40 days ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

That's what I call new. Enjoy

Thanks, we are!!! The whole family loves it, and it's super weird to hear my kids talking about Game of Thrones. There is no way whatsoever we'd allow them to watch this show, yet they know so much about it now and talk about it. I'm sure we'll be shunned by their friends' parents who will jump to conclusions...

#6238 38 days ago

Hey GoT peeps, having a technical issue with the sword lock; please reference thread here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/got-sword-pins-ball-against-post

#6244 37 days ago
Quoted from RGAires:

I have targaryen setup to defeat only 2 dragons, i thinks it makes part of the strategy to defeat the dragons(or at least one).

I set mine up like this at first, because it seemed like too much of an advantage to have all three dragons already defeated. However, there is one flaw in this setup -- if you set it for one dragon defeated, it automatically awards you 30M points, and if you set it for two dragons, it automatically awards you 60M points. (If you set it for all three dragons defeated, it awards you no points, just beats the Targaryen house.)

I have a lot of casual players who visit and play -- many of whom would struggle to get to 60M on their own. Therefore, I didn't like handing out that many points for nothing more than just choosing a particular house. I notified Stern of this flaw, and I reset my game to defeat all three, in the hopes that they'll fix that someday.

#6246 36 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

- much like the "As Designed" bit that completely broke Steve's Martell mode design.

I'm not familiar enough with the old code. What's broken with Martell mode?

#6249 35 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Existing code is broken to still cover the hardware problem.
Basically, in Martell, you were supposed to do orbit shots to complete it, and if you fired them off, you could finish the mode quickly. Unfortunately, Stern screwed up and placed the diverter assembly for Prem/LE *just slightly* wrong ....

Fascinating, thanks for all the info. Mine is a Pro (and have only played on a Premium once), so this would explain why I haven't experienced this problem!

#6252 35 days ago

Reposting the 1.37 cards I made since I made some corrections/updates based on earlier feedback and continued gameplay.

All the full-res files (including photoshop file so you can edit text) can be found at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gAtOjZDYa6q504yL0zQrA7I1HiIGHfq6

JPG-Card1-GoT_Pro_v1-37 (resized).jpgJPG-Card2-GoT_Pro_v1-37 (resized).jpg
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