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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#3907 3 years ago

Question for fellow owners:

On my Pro, the GI leds in the return lane area flicker/go on and off quite often. It must be caused by the sockets and bulbs being pressed up against the lane guard plastic and the bulbs not making good contact. Usually hitting the flipper button on whichever side is misbehaving will cause enough vibration to make the light kick back on, or off again lol.

The socket bases are underneath the flipper mounting plates. I've tried messing with them a bit (without screwing around with the plates), but can't keep them solid working. Anyone else have this problem and resolve?

#3909 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Call Stern and get your node 8 board replaced. The early versions were a little wonky...I had to replace mine. The most obvious symptom was problems with the lower GI, and sometimes power to the flippers cut out completely for a couple seconds.
EDIT...just saw yours is a pro. Mine is an LE...might be different.

Guess it couldn't hurt to call. *I think* its the bulbs not making good contact in the sockets and was hoping I didn't have to remove the flipper mounting plates to get at them to re-align them better to the holes. Curious if anyone else had this happening.

#3914 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I'll look to get some spare bulbs to try in those 4 sockets 1st, then proceed from there.

3 weeks later
#4036 3 years ago

How hard could it be to tie in some additional sound cues / callouts?
1st shot to each house has a respective callout (similar to how Martell is done)
We're not talking about custom recordings. Using existing material to make it play uniform across the board on all those initial shots.

HoTK and IT as well.
Come on.....

1 week later
#4108 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Is it possible to start some kind of crowd funding for Dwight to finish this on his spare time? Kinda what Bowen is doing now... I'll put a dub on it!
Dwight if you're reading this, have your people call my people!

I'm very torn on this.
Part of me is all for it, crowdfund away! Get Dwight back onto GoT code to put that final polish in. Callouts and queues primarily, a couple bug fixes / feature tweaks to make it a true modern day masterpiece.

The other part of me is against having to spend any additional funds to finish off code that should already get completed under the purchase price cost.

Dwight, what kind of beer do you like? I'll have a case heading your way

2 weeks later
#4145 2 years ago

I'll take a set for my Pro please.
Let me know when and how much. Thanks!

IMG_0753 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#4188 2 years ago

Someone asked in the comments yesterday, during the latest Stern FB video walk through, if more GoT code would be coming.
Jody acknowledged it and said to send in any code suggestions so that Dwight hears them and maybe they can get some time on it (design/code team) that is.

You guys have compiled some excellent suggestions and tweaks in this thread. Even finding some more bugs recently. If you haven't already, please send those in to Stern or Dwight direct. Maybe just maybe, some code time will get assigned to do the last needed polish pass on GoT.

Needs more callouts!!!!!!!

#4210 2 years ago

I enjoy reading these crazy scoring strategies you guys post.
I barely sniff wall mb here and there, but it's still fun to know whats possible!

1 month later
#4322 2 years ago
Quoted from ZZZ_spy_hunter:

I'm close to pulling the trigger on buying GoT pro. This will be my first NIB game. Any recommendations on additional accessories to buy for it? Cliffy? I remember when these first came out there was an issue with the ball not making it all around the orbit. Is that still an issue? Thoughts on how hard it will be to resell in a couple of years if I get bored with it. Thanks. Any other suggestions?

Orbit issue is a premium/LE problem. No issues on Pro. GoT Pro was my 1st NIB as well, and it's a great one for that honor. Cliffs for the shooter lane and drain areas.

I picked up the little wooden sign mod, alternate translite off eBay, realistic sword ball lock mod, and the stickers for ball lock plate and spinner.

Recently since this game is a total keeper, splurged picked up the art blades, topper, and side armor. It's just such a fast, badass game.

#4323 2 years ago

And the Winter is coming decal and speaker dragon inserts and gold speaker grills lol couldn't help myself. It's a Stern Pro, you won't lost your shirt down the road if you find you don't like it. I think it's slowly picking up steam as people realize the dynamic scoring and play it offers.

If Dwight can give it one more pass of polish it'll be masterpiece.

#4325 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Definitely get an alt translite. Shaker is awesome too. Recommend an external sub too. Thats all you need for starters. You can mod and upgrade other stuff over time as you see fit.

Yes shaker definitely!! Forgot that :p

2 weeks later
#4347 2 years ago

Welcome back!

1 month later
#4502 2 years ago

I want to know who decides the code schedule at Stern so I can start sending notarized letters once a week until they let him go back and polish his prior titles. Rushing him along to the next title is dumb. Good, polished code definitely sells more pins long after the initial rush. This release cadence they have going over there with the available code teams is not adequate.

Dwight, my man, if you see this please do another pass on this amazing pin.

2 months later
#4770 2 years ago

Has anyone here replaced the support "pegs" on their Pro with support rails?
Did you have to drill any new holes in the underside to install them? Its the only pin I have with the Pegs and I hate them.

1 week later
#4820 2 years ago

Dear Friends,

Here's to the continued hope that each House's 1st shot finally gets a callout added to the video cut (just like Tyrion's famous quote on Martell's 1st shot).

To the deeper modes, getting additional Fanfare and minor tweaks they need. To fixing a couple of draining and LoL related bugs.

That we all get to enjoy in a fully realized, polished version of this amazing pin. Please Dwight, somehow find some time to give us that last polish pass to make this epic.

3 weeks later
#4881 2 years ago

Could someone at expo ask Dwight how many cases of beer it'll take to get a last pass on the code for us?

#4906 2 years ago

Ya the hate is pretty crazy around here and I don't understand why. Out of all the pins I own or have owned, GoT still remains my all time favorite. I loved it before I ever watched a single episode of the show. Which after watching and loving as well, just brings it all together

The most frustrating aspect of owning this title is knowing its soo close --> <-- to being fully done. Handful of things we've hashed and rehashed are so minor and would wrap this amazing pin up. It would show current and future owners what a completed pin can be like. Soooooooooooo close............

1 month later
#4992 2 years ago

Now if we could just get TWD treatment and finish our masterful pin proprerly.
Continued faith in Dwight to do this up right.

#5000 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yep. I’ll definintly still have this game if it does happen so that would be sweet.

Mine is never leaving either so there's always that "down the road" hope it'll be completed properly.

I just installed new speakers last night and finally loaded 1.34 to wipe out all my high scores so I can work towards that again. I cringed when it did the Node board updates and thankfully made it through

The new speakers (FF coax setup) brings out some nice subtleties in the sound package and the voices clean up a bit too. What are those little capacitors(?) attached to the stock backbox speakers for? Preventing certain frequency?

1 week later
#5015 2 years ago

that's a good question on LCD vs LED. I've not installed a LCD in a metal speaker panel game. How does it look? Is this gap noticeable?

#5016 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

LCD DOTSXL, the gap is not that big of a deal

Perfect! Just what I wanted to hear thank you

#5019 2 years ago

I'm interested in the different power hookups / requirements for each display method, in a Spike pin as well, before making a decision.

#5034 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Ordered LCD with shield and standoff kit. Can't wait! I'm glad I held off on putting one in CV. Now I can get color for the game that really matters!

Same boat as you, deciding between CV and GoT. GoT is the winner!!!!!!!

#5057 2 years ago

Welcome to the club Monk! Excellent choice.
chuckwurt I'll try to catch the stream tonight. If only it was tomorrow you could've done it in color

#5063 2 years ago

That looks fantastic!
Can’t wait to install mine later today. Thanks for the video!

2 months later
#5209 1 year ago

Only a 2 year production run

#5214 1 year ago

What controller board version is your colordmd?

3 weeks later
#5236 1 year ago

I've been tempted to add a premium to the collection and keep the Pro as well
Favorite pin of all time, still.

2 weeks later
#5287 1 year ago

Backhanding the left orbit with left flipper, or left (center) ramp no problem. But how you consistently backhand right ramp with right flipper on Pro is beyond me ;P

Takes a miracle for me to hit that or by accident when I'm flailing about.

#5289 1 year ago

can line it up, but it usually doesn't have enough oomph to make it all the way to top.

#5295 1 year ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Are you using stock black rubber?

yes, stock black rubber. And in my example I'm referring to a cradled ball then attempting the shot. I've hit it often enough when in motion, but cradled forget it

Quoted from TheLaw:

Some what awkward at first, I made myself learn that ramp with the left flipper. Learned to love that shot

Agreed, very satisfying shot LF to RR.

7 months later
#5545 1 year ago

Really like the super skill shot idea. Would be great to open diverter, and have it come down for attempt at a few different shots. Having it whip around and then smashing the battering ram for an energy filled callout from the Hound would be bad ass.

Really, any sort of additional lines of spoken dialog added would be fantastic.

#5551 1 year ago

Geez Metallica gets another sizable code update and GoT still sits with zilch
The North Remembers Dwight!!!

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