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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#3305 3 years ago

I just started watching GOT. Alot more gore and nudity then i expected. Im really digging the show so far, about half through first season. Ive played both the Pro and LE and want a Pro but have no idea what any of the familys or reason for dragon are so i figured better watch the show so when i get a Pro i know whats going on better.

1 week later
#3363 3 years ago

Im looking to buy either a Pro or Premium next and keep hearing about the orbit issue, do both models have the issue and if its only on the Premium/LEs does it still effect the Pros code?

#3366 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Issue is only with Prem/LE. Small chance you won't have the issue, but pretty likely.
Not sure your question about affecting Pro's code, but they did add an adjustment in the settings about disabling the left orbit gate so that the game will always serve a left orbit shot into the pops. You can simply turn that off if you want he gate to open on combo shots and certain modes.
But yeah. Zero issues on the pro with orbit shots.

I assumed they changed the code and took any shot out that uses the orbit on the premium and would trickle down on the Pro code too since they wouldnt want the Pro to have more then there PremiumLEs. I really like the Premium, the winter look, light show, upper playfield and functional throne make it seem like the right choice for me but im worried about the orbit shot effecting the game.

Also ive played both games and the pro flowed better it seemed but once you know the Premium does it flow just as good as the Pro? Im thinking since i couldnt see the left ramp on the Premium it made it seem like it had less flow but im wondering if once you know the shots and where the ball exits after being shot under the castle playfield does the Premium feel similar to the Pros flow?

5 months later
#3990 3 years ago

i set my Pro to 6.9 pitch and its feels fast and furious there. Shoots great and the ramps are butter smooth. Dragon kickback is fastest thing ive seen in pinball yet. Only owned it 3 days, hit 2 billion once but many 300 million or so games. With all the standups between the shots they really made this game so you got to be a good accurate shooter and not just flailing around with flippers or it will kick your ass.

#3991 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

THANK YOU! I'm getting so frustrated reading all these posts. I've got an LE, and it's a good game for me if I defeat two houses and light 4 or 5. Every now and again I'll get castle multiball, but have no idea what I'm supposed to shoot for on that. It's rare for me to break a billion, and the way the ball comes off my slings is brutal...almost always drains.
So here's a big question: I know I don't suck THAT bad, so I'm wondering if changing the pitch will help. What angle are most of you playing your games at? I think I have to play with it a degree in either direction to see if it helps...I HATE narrowing the outlanes. It makes me feel so dirty.

From what ive played so far the modes arent the key to scoring. Getting the multiplier up to 5x then hitting jackpots and the really well done super jackpots is where the points are at from my limited experience. the modes seem to just be to get to the HOTK and IT.

#3994 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If you ignore the modes you're gonna have less than 100 million going into HOTK and like 300 million going into IT. Haha.
But seriously the real key to the game is consistently keeping your shots multiplied through the combo multipliers and pf multipliers. My biggest scores have come from having all shots in the game multiplied by 5-25x for most of the game. If you're doing that, you'll start to see the 700-800 million Martell modes or 800 million targaryean modes, or 500 million Baratheon modes, or billion stark modes.

that makes alot of sense. i bet i was in modes during BW mball with multipliers up when i was seeing biggest scores. so much to learn in this game. Im glad i watched the series because if not i wouldnt know anything about the dragons and Daenerys or the white walkers and the wall or and how all the houses want to rule the iron throne, id be lost and confused without the show on this theme.

#4012 3 years ago

Im looking for the hand drawn alt translite. If anybodies got one for sale let me know please!

#4027 3 years ago

Few mods i just added. Speaker light kit with dragon acrylics, pinblades, spinner and sword quote decal, and lock ball sword.

The dragon acrylics are alot nicer then the stenciled ones i had on GB. They look 3d more and have really good detail.

The pingraffix pinblades were my sons choice. i was going to go with mirror blades but he likes the dragon and Ghost is nicely done, they even got the eye color right.

The spinner and sword decal should be from factory and are a must add especially the sword quote that covers the metal bare plate.

The lock ball sword mod is a nice touch and looks great.

20170105_124805 (resized).jpg
20170105_124745 (resized).jpg

20170105_125158 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#4047 3 years ago

man i love this translight! picture washes out the colors alittle but its so much better then the original!

20170112_113208 (resized).jpg

#4063 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurium:

Where did you find one?? Let me know as I'd love to buy one..

I put up a wanted ad here and another pinsider had one he never used.

#4076 3 years ago

I played both the LE and Pro at Pinfest side by side, this was before i knew anything about the games and walked away telling everyone the Pro is the better games. I also played the same LE as Sevenrights(the pro he played was mine) and a Pro on location a few times. Every time i played them the Pro won hands down in fun and flow. The LE's upperplayfield, no real right ramp, the blocking of the left ramps view, the orbit not working right , and the drop target all hurt the games gameplay for me. I do like that the upper playfield adds alittle to the game but what it does to the overall gameplay takes away from the games fun and thats more important to me then alittle extra bling. I do like the LE and have fun playing it but overall the Pro is a better playing game in my opinion so thats the one i recently bought and i could have bought either model. All LE owners will say different as expected and can point out things on the Pro they dont like. I do see alot of LEs for sale recently at $2k loss and a few Pros at $500 loss from NIB prices which also sorta shows me what everyones opinion are of the 2 models.

With all that said If they didnt make a Pro i would definitely own a LE/premium!

#4111 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Everyone's opinion? Really? And you're seeing LEs for $5000-something? Okay.
Some prefer the LE. Some prefer the Pro. Same goes for every Stern. Who cares?
Why do so many people who own one model feel the need to knock the other models? I find this especially true for many Pro buyers who feel the need to verbally defend their base tier purchase. News flash! No one is knocking Pro buyers! Owning any version of any pin is awesome!
This guy's post wasn't too bad. I've seen much worse. It's just getting old.

Yes LEs are going for $6k and sitting at $6500 or above. I was just giving my opinion since guys were talking about it and i had just recently bought a Pro after trying to figure out which model was better in my opinion.

#4113 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

What does DLC mean? I must not be hip enough to know...
Anyway, it seems to be a known fact that Lyman codes on his "spare" time and that very commendable, but seems like maybe a bit more motivation for Dwight might get this done.
We're not talking huge money here...was just a thought..

Downloadable content= DLC

#4119 3 years ago
Quoted from phantasmo:

Where are you guys getting those awesome alternate translites from...?
I've never watched a single episode of got, but my pro is easily my favorite machine despite the crappy art

if you look on Ebay there is a few on there that are decent but the hand drawn one is hard to get since its not being made anymore. i got mine from posting a wanted ad here.

3 months later
#4400 2 years ago

Heres my scores in order of games played. I didnt have any warmup games can tell as my scores got better. I didnt hit IT at all or have any really really great games but the added challenge of knowing im listing scores added to the tension/fun.

Stark- 509,720,020
Barathon- 855,281,620
Tyrell- 936,624,810
Martel- 2,878,709,590
Lannister- 1,371,482,720
Greyjoy- 1,540,896,280

Total- 8,092,715,040

1 month later
#4532 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

Did stern change the artwork for the backboard on the pro's? It looks like Pinbally1968 has a pyramid in the back left? My pro just has images of the iron throne room and a window in the back if i recall....

The backboard on my Pro is Castle Black scene on right and window behind Iron throne on left

1 week later
#4575 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Even a good Wall MB rarely yields more than 100M.

Is that a weekend challenge?

2 weeks later
#4600 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Gentlemen......winter has come! Starts Sunday!

I was just going to post about the new season trailer. Looks bad ass! The production and scenes look like there taking the show to entirely new level.

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