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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

5 years ago

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#1140 5 years ago

Played GoT (Pro) for the first time today on location near Boston. I only got about 10-12 games in. I realize that is nowhere near enough to appreciate the games, rules and strategy, but the game felt a bit thin. I did get Blackwater multiball a few times, which was a treat. I hit a few nice orbits and loops in a row, which was fun. The dragon kickback was fast, but not too nasty.

Are there any good user-made rule sheets or strategy guides? Which houses to start, and why? Then, which houses to battle against or with? This was a complete random mystery for me today.

I am planning to pick up a Premium next week. I am thinking now I may want to get more games under my belt before I lay out my cash. The Star Trek and Spidey machines today were much more familiar to me.

#1168 5 years ago
Quoted from nerbflong:

I can't stand the crows either. Bleh

Huh, I thought the crow sounds were a nice touch. Maybe wears thin after a while?

Hoping to pick up my Premier this week or next.

#1204 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Got my GOT! It's in the back of my vehicle right now. Thanks Steve at Pinball Refinery for a great transaction.

Get it home! Need lots of pics, as usual!

I had hoped to pick-up mine today, but delayed into my distributor.

#1225 5 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

My premium has over 350 plays...

Dude, step away from the machine

Happy to hear you are enjoying your machine. Can't wait to get my Premium, and will likely rack a similar number of plays the first weekend,

#1336 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Okay how many times have people reached under the front right corner to turn it off? Every time I swear to god!

Yep, that's gonna be a stretch for my wife with her short arms.

Anyone consider a quick mod to locate a switch to the typical location? Seems like it'd be straightforward, but I'm not crazy about the idea of poking a hole thru the cabinet.

#1345 5 years ago
Quoted from focusmediagroup:

Does anyone else have a lot of small dents/dimples on their GoT pro playfield? I know it doesn't look like much in the photo, I couldn't get them all to show, but I only have about 50 plays so I am worried about what will happen when I get to 5000. There are likely around 30 of these small things. I think it's happening when the dragon fire back and it jumps off the flippers but I am not sure.
Anything I should try to resolve this? Will wax help at all?


I played a Pro in location. It was a complete wall-to-wall dimple-fest. I actually thought at first it was just a really bad orange-peal type effect from the CC process. Seems like these dimples, compounded with many more layers of dimples could actually cause the CC to fail over time.

Maybe the CC was not fully cured before this copy was released to the location? My ~20yr old JP has a bazillion plays, but beyond the normal swirls and scratches, not a single dimple.

#1347 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Actually your JP has become one giant dimple. That's why you cannot see any. from my research, dimples on new games are unavoidable. Unless you go the playfield protector route like Cap mentioned.

chuck, You're probably right. Upon a closer look at my JP, I do see what could be dimples. Maybe the effect has been minimized/smoothed by years of play and the occasional Novus 2 rubdown. These did not register as dimples to my eyes like the GoT I saw on location. Those dimples, next to virgin CC, were quite prominent.

#1391 5 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Well, it is time for me to set this bad boy up and get to playing!!!

Is there a pinball machine in that photo

#1459 5 years ago

Curious, what are the conditions that get the ball onto the throne? I have not seen that since my very first game.

#1499 5 years ago

Wow, I really do suck too. Not enough plays yet (<<50) & travelling all this week, so no chance other than to read Pinside.

Good strategy notes above. I'd love to see a compiled guide to help give my game a boost!

#1533 5 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I don't get why this ships as the default setting.

Hmm. I don't recall needing to set this on on Premium, either initially or after the v1.22 update. Only thing I needed to set and then reset was FreePlay.

#1664 5 years ago

Can someone describe the intended play/objective of Castle Black on a Premium? I can see the the lit insert, but I am not clear what that indicates, or what is the objective. I am presuming the orbit rollover switches are involved, but those inserts are barely visible on the Prem, so not helping to provide many clues.


Lightbulbs are going off relative to house selection and objectives - things are clicking. Up next are how the multipliers work. Great machine. My wife has been out of town this week; we're clearly going to be wrestling over play time on this one when she returns!

#1677 5 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

I won this today (again), I'd like to thank my GOT pro play beforehand for helping lol 12744262_10153874328343529_5167641948710524285_n_(resized).jpg
here is last years video of the event, good watch. » YouTube video

Way to go James! Nice.

So, did Sarah get both the Pro and Premium?

#1735 5 years ago

I played a bit on my Premium with the glass off last night just to slow things down to learn more about the various house objectives and shots. Was very helpful.

One thing - I could never actually finish Targaryen. The Blue target inserts went out, as did "Choose Your Battle" insert, though the last House Insert continued to blink. Maybe that final house was interrupted by Hand of the King and Iron Throne modes - which also kicked in near the end of my session?

How do you beat Targaryen?

#1738 5 years ago
Quoted from vtec16:

Do you have the latest code? Before I put in the latest code I had the same issue with Targaryen. Since update no issues.

Yep, running v1.23.

#1740 5 years ago

I started with Baratheon and stepped thru them one at a time (not in combination). Greyjoy was 2nd to last. Targaryen was very last, but Iron Throne mode kicked-in before I completed. Would Iron Throne mode imply Targaryen was completed?

I may give it another go, attempting Targaryen earlier.

#1742 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You cannot play IT without completing all houses, so yes you completed Targaryen and just didn't know it.

OK. Though the Targaryen house light never did not stop blinking. Maybe a bug?

#1744 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I have never made it to IT, so not quite sure how it is supposed to behave when you get there.

It's easy! (with the glass off )

#1747 5 years ago
Quoted from balselly:

So I got my first plays on the premium last night. Thinking heavily about switching from TWD. Sorry if these questions have been answered before, but there's 1700 posts in this thread. I was wondering if some of you GoT premium owners would enlighten me?
1. That led light show, is the intensity/brightness adjustable?
2. How difficult is the upper playfield to service? Does it come off easily, or a pita?
3. What makes the dragons wings flap?

(1) Supposedly adjustable. I have not tried; not an issue for me, though I don't play in the dark.

(2) Unplug a couple connectors below the playfield, 6 screws (1 at each of the four corners, then a pair at the gate/ramp transition), back-off or remove the dragon attachment for clearance and its off. Pretty straight forward.

(3) There is a motor mechanism behind the backplate of the playfield, attached by 4 screws. Drives a cam that flaps the wings - very easy to get to and remove.

#1749 5 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

If you collect the Targaryen castle on the prem/ le then Targaryen 3 is not beatable. No new shots will light and the mode will just become stuck and you can kiss IT goodbye

Yes, this sounds exactly like where I was stuck! Though, in reality, I can never hope to actually approach this condition in real play, with the glass on! So, a non-issue for me.

This pin continually reminds me how much I suck at pinball! But, still I play!

#1755 5 years ago

Installed the spike shaker just now. I was a little concerned about some serious playfield rattle on and under the playfield whenever the shaker engaged. Shake seemed too strong, compared to my JP shaker, which I think is just awesome.

Poking around I noticed the left wire ramp was coming into contact with a screw head near the left sling - I bent it out of the way ever so slightly. I also tightened a good number of nuts underneath - several were not tight at all, though nothing was too loose (did not over tighten anything). Things seemed to improve a just bit, but there are still several rattly assemblies on GoT - The sword, flipper mechs, drop mechs, etc. all of them have some degree of intentional slop in them that clearly rattle when prompted. - so I'll never eliminate it.

I had set the shaker setting for "moderate use", but that only affects the frequency with which the shaker turns on, not the volume of the shake. That was not it.

I put on the glass to see what NEW rattles might be introduced. There were NONE. 99% of the prior rattles with the glass off were now gone - likely muffled by putting the glass on. This will work, so I set the shaker back to default settings.

Question: Is there a way to adjust the shaker to decrease the volume of the shake. I see the 2 counterweights on the shaker assy. They are currently parallel with one another (probably for max shake). Can I offset the position of these counterweights to tone-down the volume a bit? I'm looking for a more subtle effect.

#1758 5 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Question: Is there a way to adjust the shaker to decrease the volume of the shake. I see the 2 counterweights on the shaker assy. They are currently parallel with one another (probably for max shake). Can I offset the position of these counterweights to tone-down the volume a bit? I'm looking for a more subtle effect.

The answer is YES. Using the hex socket setscrew, I adjusted the position of the weight on one side to be 180deg opposite the other. ZERO shake as expected; they cancelled each other out.

I then proceeded to set the weight 90 deg opposite the other; still too heavy for my taste. Lastly I set the weight ~135 deg from the opposite weight = Nearly PERFECT.

I just love the feedback this provides!

#1769 5 years ago

I've decided, I officially suck at pinball! Ugh, I think I'm getting worse. I was complaining about my 250-350M scores. Tonite I could not get past 20-30M.

The outlanes are simply killing me - and posts are already at the mid-point! I recently increased from 6.0 to like 6.8 deg tilt. Could this alone be enough to see such drastic increase in suckage?

I actually had the thought tonite of dragging the machine up from the basement to permit me to throw it out the first floor window.

#1792 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Frikkin double drain

Careful - I've got a patent pending on the double drain. Ugh!

#1844 5 years ago

Thanks Delta, any thoughts about Castle Black? I see the insert light up, but no clue the objective (orbit rollovers, I presume), or the value.

#1849 5 years ago

Cross posting in honor of this thread


#1864 5 years ago

I noticed several short plunges in Keith's game. Was that intended to avoid tripping the right orbit switch (& timer?) to permit a quick legit right orbit shot?

#1906 5 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

All of my playing of GoT recently has had a side affect when playing other games.
Was out last night playing some pins, and whatever I played as the ball was draining, I slapped the lockdown bar to try and cash in my gold before I drained.
Looks kind of silly when most games don't have a button there...or gold to cash in.

Hah, I was wondering if this was a thing - cashing out just before draining (a bit like JP Smart Missile).

Does this actually have any effect? How tight is the window to cash out?

#1956 5 years ago

I am quite happy with my Premium

Quoted from Skypilot:

So do I get an LE or a Premium? There are a few LE's still out there. Not fond of the price but I like the artwork/colors better than the premium. Sitting on the fence sucks,someone help push me off.

I really do like my Premium. I got Scott's alternate translite, but did not hate the stock translite. LE & Premium are essentially the exact same game from a play perspective.

- I prefer the blue/winter theme of the Premium playfield over the yellow/desert theme of the LE. (winter is coming, you know

- I prefer the side art of the LE - those dragons are just awesome! But, the Premium's side art is not terrible. When properly tucked-in I never see the side art anyway

- I added lollipop armor for $60 (vs $279 from Stern), also not so visible when tucked in.

- I added a shaker motor, which is pretty awesome

I could not really justify the cost differential between the LE and Premium. I guess a matter of taste how important for you.

Good luck!


#1963 5 years ago

Right to left, no problem. Left to right, have not done it yet - but I suspect its ME and not the machine. For me, the ball is most frequently on the right flipper anyway with normal play.

#1986 5 years ago

I saw someone used shiny GOLD bats. Looks pretty nice.

Found it: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/got-kicks-ass?tq=gold&tu#post-2951223

#1989 5 years ago

Nice. Where did you grab power for the LED strip on the apron?

#1999 5 years ago

I've been having some stronger games lately. Got to 687M last night (very good for me ) - Finished 3 houses and hit like 5 super jackpots in a row on ball 1, then promptly drained balls 2, 3 - but hit a decent score anyway.

#2001 5 years ago

Nice! You're gonna have a BLAST this weekend!

#2005 5 years ago

I still have an unresolved major issue on my Premium:

I cannot seem to de-power the electromagnets in the outlanes. These things pull in balls from all the way across the playfield!

#2034 5 years ago

capgun, on your castle black light mod, how do you handle wiring when upper playfield is removed - attached to main field or to upper? Do you provide a connector in that location?

#2036 5 years ago

Thx, nice idea! I generally have NO CLUE what's happening up in those lanes, nor what is the strategy there.

#2041 5 years ago


Do Castle Black LEDs actually cycle color? I can't say I've ever seen anything but white/purple or off...

#2044 5 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

They are tri color LEDS for Castle Black, so maybe they will serve a color coded purpose in future code updates but it makes no difference as you can not splice/tap a regular LED into a tri color one with Castle Black as they multi change colors briefly and throughout special feature light shows

Yes, makes perfect sense. Thx

#2054 5 years ago

As noted by chuck, I added small mylar pieces to the right edge of the shooter lane and to the side rail wall. I was seeing a little abrasion in that area after just ~200-300 plays.

Lastly, I added a mylar pad where the ball drops off the backside of the upper playfield. There is raw sheet metal back there. There is no damage here I can detect so far; I am hoping this will reduce likelihood of metal shavings over time.

#2083 5 years ago

Has anyone upgrade GoT's speakers to Flipper Fidelity? I notice they have a couple options for Spike:

8": http://flipperfidelity.com/sound/stern-speaker-systems/stern-spike-complete-replacement-speaker-system.html
10": http://flipperfidelity.com/sound/stern-speaker-systems/stern-spike-complete-replacement-speaker-system-454.html

Any carpentry needed to accommodate the the big 10" in GoT's cabinet?

Any need for anti-rattle tape with either of these?

Note: I already have an external sub attached via the headphone jack. I'm happy enough with the bass response; midtones and high range sounds are very harsh/muddy to my ears. I am hoping to improve sound quality over all.

#2096 5 years ago

On my Premium:


1. Left orbit, added capguns's bracket
2. Replaced top lane with post sleeve/shrink tubing
3. Washers added under screw heads in left orbit & elevator
4. Repaired broken solder joint on 5V line on left LOL RGB lamp


1. Added shaker motor
2. Added external subwoofer, connected via headphone jack routed via cabinet bottom vent hole
3. White Titan sling/post rubbers, blue flipper rubbers
4. Mylar added to upper playfield backside exit ramp
5. Mylar added to right edge of shooter lane & side rail
6. Added Premium side blades
7. Added Lollipop side rails
8. Relocated power switch to cabinet front (via tournament button knockout)
9. Scott's GoT alternate translite artwork
10. Beta's sword plate sticker

#2115 5 years ago

I tried Light Blue and Dark Blue flipper rubbers. Went with Dark Blue like you. Looks great.

Also tried Translucent and White on the slings and posts. Went with White.

#2132 5 years ago

Nope, that ain't right. Did you try re-seating the connectors?

#2185 5 years ago

You guys describe game play that I can not even hope to achieve. I am just sooo frustrated by this machine - it really does kick my ass, regularly. Those friggin' outlanes are my nemesis!

I've been focusing on improving my shots. But, a recent change over to Titan flipper rubbers seems to have thrown all my muscle memory out the window. Argh!

Tonite it missed registering 2 extra ball orbits in a row - I was soo angry over that. I'll take the glass off later to see if a switch is malfunctioning.

Is it wrong to have thoughts of kicking your pinball machine in the nuts?! :O

#2187 5 years ago

Yes, I have the legs on carpet sliders, so very easy to nudge. I can save the slow moving, bouncing balls near the outlanes well enough. It's the bricked shots off the stand-ups that go STRAIGHT into the outlane in less than a blink.

I've had a couple glasses of wine just now. Down to the basement to see if this helps

#2188 5 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Yes, I have the legs on carpet sliders, so very easy to nudge. I can save the slow moving, bouncing balls near the outlanes well enough. It's the bricked shots off the stand-ups that go STRAIGHT into the outlane in less than a blink.
I've had a couple glasses of wine just now. Down to the basement to see if this helps

Nah, wine didn't help

With glass off, orbit switches seem to be registering just fine. Hmm.

#2191 5 years ago

OK, I'm back in. I just had a most excellent game (by my standards). Knocked off several houses (one-by-one vs stacking and delaying/passing like I had been trying lately), lots of multi balls, a few super jackpots and a couple free balls. Only 685M, but what a blast! - That's more like it!

This play reminded me that lights and sound are just so amazing in GoT Premium. Freeball lights really do look like flames, and the White lights of wall multiball are just awesome! Blackwater multiball jackpot lights and horn are too cool! Shaker motor and subwoofer just add to it all.

Just Wow!

#2216 5 years ago

Question: What is the significance of the AMBER shield that lights up in front of the various shots? ~Same color as Martell, but I see this when not in Martell mode. Guessing its a playfield multiplier (?), but I cannot seen any change when I hit those lit shots.


#2221 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That's because you picked Martel as your house on ball one an completed a WIC hurry up on that particular shot. Complete four of those to start Winter had come multiball

Nice explanation. Thanks!

#2290 5 years ago

I enjoy the premium. The upper playfield is very good, but I think could benefit from a little more strategy/complexity.

After a couple months with the Premium, it would be the lighting I'd say would be the big differentiator. It is quite amazing to have ALL the RGB lights playing in harmony. It is quite stunning and (for me) really does add to the game play, especially when the various special modes kick-in.

I only played about a dozen games on a Pro, before I received my Premium. At that time I knew ZERO about gameplay and strategies, so I found the game a bit thin. I am looking for a more local Pro to play, knowing what I know now to make a fair comparison. I do enjoy nice flowing games and would really like to see that in action in GoT.

#2308 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

OMG!!!!! I completed 6 houses on ball one...

Me too! Then I put the glass back on and score a whopping 20M on 3 balls!

#2342 5 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Here's my sign that Thrones is taking all of my time and I'm neglecting my other pins. I smack a bare lockdown bar every time the ball drains on my other games and I tried turning on Spider-man this morning by reaching under the right side of the backbox I'd love to kick whomever thought that change up right in the balls.
That said, I can't get enough of this game!

Move the switch here:


#2367 5 years ago

Yeesh, you guys must be playing a different game than me, or maybe I just suck at GoT?

#2386 5 years ago

Not sure the correct terminology here, but I am seeing a slightly different action on my left and right flippers when attempting to trap a slowly moving ball:

> The ball seems to consistently just ~barely~ roll off the tip of the left flipper, while a similar ball will always be trapped by the right flipper. This happens often enough to be a bit of pain.

I checked the flipper alignment. Both flippers appear to be symmetrically aligned with the registration marks on the playfield (red dots inserted by me) - maybe the left flipper is ever so slightly out of alignment (?) - Is it worth dinking with? My playfield measures as horizontally flat using my digital leveler.


#2434 5 years ago

I had a most excellent air-ball last night. Lower left flipper directly up onto the upper playfield. Yikes!

#2514 5 years ago

I added mylar to the bare sheet metal behind the upper playfield, where the ball hits, lands and then runs down the ramp. Hopefully this will help minimize metal shavings I was seeing early on.

#2603 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So who here thinks Martell add a ball should get nerfed? I'm thinking make it a once a game feature than once per ball.

I vote NO. First LOL and now Martell add a ball? Keep your paws off my crutches! You can always choose NOT to hit the blinking button.

#2637 5 years ago

I found the Spike shaker to be a bit over the top with the default position of the counterweights. I reoriented the weights to tone down the effect.

I absolutely LOVE the effect the shaker motor brings to the machine.

1 week later
#2695 5 years ago

Here's a few:

Home Leisure Direct posted some decent YouTube vids this week:
Playlist - 7 videos:

Keith Elwin:

Buffalo Pinball:

Have a blast!

#2699 5 years ago

I've not had any ramp issues - no update in that area for me.

Capgun's diverter mod, along with replacing top in-lane rubbers with coil sleeves and adding washers under the screw heads in the orbit lanes has effectively fixed the left orbit issues for me. I get fast & smooth left and right orbits.

#2710 5 years ago

My gate was actually too low for a bit. Ball got ~stuck in the divot, just barely.

#2716 5 years ago


Where did you grab 6.3V to light that up? Where did you attach it to?

#2735 5 years ago

Can you guys explain what is a "super stack"? I see that term kicked about, bot clear what's actually happening or what brings you there.


#2739 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Get 3 WICs completed. Then light BFW multiball. Then start your 4th WIC but do not collect - then start BFW mb - then collect your 4th WIC. It's a freakin awesome stack! But hard to pull off.

OK, this sounds like a glass-off type mode for me.


#2772 5 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

I up to season 2 and I already see they don't care about killing off characters.

Yep, your favorite characters STDM!

Still hugely enjoying my GoT Premium. Getting much better controlling the ball and consistently hitting the shots WHEN I need to hit them. I am quite happy when I manage a >1B score. I more enjoy the various multiballs, lightshow and shaker than the huge scores. It's a real blast when the machine is rocking, no matter what the points total!

This is what keeps me pressing START one more time, even after the all too common 30M drainfest. That next 1B game is just around the corner, I know it!

#2777 5 years ago

2 questions for the pros here:

1. Generally, I PASS on engaging battles until I have Blackwater Multiball ready. Is there any disadvantage to just engaging battles right away? Example: I can knock off Martell most easily - should I just take asap, or better to wait? I was thinking Lannister might also be a good one to attempt asap early as it does not seem to lose your progress if you fail to complete.

2. Is there any disadvantage to taking houses to battle one at a time, vs pairing them? Seems to make sense to pair houses with similar shots, essentially getting a 2-fer on some shots, correct?


#2782 5 years ago

Good stuff SKB & ERW. Thanks!

#2787 5 years ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

I really love the strategy of the game. The upper playfield feels like a chore and the ball sitting in the iron throne a couple of times a game doesn't seem like it justifies the expense.

Funny. After my difficulties registering the right orbit shots, now hitting Mystery & Extra Ball shots - via ball sitting in the throne - is quite a nice feature for me. A very satisfying extra.

#2805 5 years ago

Crows are not constant at all for me. Periodically in-game they will sound, and then always after losing the last ball.

I had an overactive switch up on the upper playfield (right sling) that clanged all the time. Even if you just hit the playfield with your palm. I adjusted that switch and all is good.

Not sure if crows are tied to any switches, but might be worth poking around to see if you can find something.

#2816 5 years ago

Premium also has one on the backbox


#2825 5 years ago

Ok, not quite 17B, this is my best so far, on Stark no less - I usually start on Martell!

Doing the happy dance, especially because:

Left Orbit = Smooth & FAST all the way around, over and over!
Right Orbit = Nailed Mystery & EB shot every single time!

Oh yeah!


#2830 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Second episode of the season was amazing bump!

I explained to my wife, "That is Theon Greyjoy - PURPLE shield!" She replied, "Ahh, got it."

#2844 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Code 1.29 just went live.

Stern finally fixed the left orbit issue!

Added Adjustment to disable orbiting from left to right. This will be ON by
default on the LE/PREMIUM. All left orbit balls will go to the pop
bumpers by design.

Will be OFF on my machine.

Disappointing. By design! /snicker

#2846 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I thought you fixed your issue? I would go into that setting and turn it back on. That way your gates will stay open like they did before.

Yep, exactly the plan - turning that "design feature" OFF. My left orbits are fantastic!

#2875 5 years ago

How/when do you initiate the easter egg sequence?

#2946 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Anyone notice the midnight madness attract mode? Pretty freakin cool!
My 3 yr old is like what's that noise dad. I'm like, it's the midnight madness champion. He's like, ooooooooo midnight madness champion.

GoT is almost always turned off when not being played, but was on the other night. Midnight Madness Attract rang out. Yes, very cool!

#2968 5 years ago
Quoted from raisindot:


I relocated my On/Off switch to the Tournament button hole. So much easier to use in that location.

Enjoy your new Pinball - see you in about 300 games!

#2991 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Yea, Rory McCann (the hound) has a voice for pinball. His call outs are so great IMO.

Interesting thought. I'm thinking of doing some pinball browser to replace some of the modes' background music, maybe I'll fiddle with these call outs too. Just don't expect anything soon though; what little free time I have these days I spend playing pinball, not modding - but we shall see

Callouts are a challenge - Example: You need to replace the Arya's original 1.081sec "House Stark" callout (0x4B9) with an equivalent length clip. The Hound's "House Stark" callout (0x2AF) is 1.795sec - would fit, but a longer phrase might not.

#3004 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Yes, once you hear The Hound's speech in the ROM that isn't used, you'll want it in there.

Yes, lots of excellent callouts! I've bookmarked a bunch with the intent of incorporating them somewhere!

0x278 - Smash the button!
0x29B - Pick one already!
0x2B3 - Make up your bloody mind!
0x2EE - I like chicken
0x382 - Now let's find some wine and some bitches
0x392 - The F you looking at?
0x3C2 - For Fs sake!
0x3C3 - F off!
0x3CC - What the F are you doing?
0x640 - Hodor!

Now, just need to find time to play around with this.

Note: I once ended a 3rd ball with a TILT - the Hound laughed at me quite cruelly! Just awesome!!

1 week later
#3057 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Friendly GOT Pro tournament this weekend gents?

High score divided by the number of plays to get you there?

#3063 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

High score divided by the number of plays to get you there?

Updated: ...then multiplied by the square root of the number of beers chugged!

#3091 4 years ago

After some serious scientific analysis, I can confidently conclude that margaritas do NOT help you score higher! Who'da thunk that?

I'm thinking of invoking the special "1-too-many-margaritas" exception to my play over the next 2-3 hours. I cannot seem to score more than 500M. Argh - And I was sooo close to killing it.

Back to the basement...

#3141 4 years ago

My wrists are totally complaining today. Though, I did not manage to cross 1B even once!

On another note - my wife (a double flipper) did manage to hit 250M in her first handful games of GoT ever. She may be hooked. Nice

1 week later
#3167 4 years ago

I'm holding out for a snow making machine mod.

#3176 4 years ago

On my Prem just now, I hit smooth 4 left orbits in a row during Martel mode from the right flipper. Left-Left-Left-Left! Yes, that last orbit should have been up the center ramp, but I was enjoying the rhythm and flow - on my Premium ! My 5th shot via the pops and right flipper did hit the center ramp to close Martell mode - nailed it.

I ultimately drained to the right outlane shooting for Greyjoy and hitting a f%$@ standup target and ended with a measly 600M score.

Still, it is fun when you can nail those orbits - on purpose! If only I could be so accurate/consistent hitting the right orbit and other shots!

#3187 4 years ago

Yes, I love the dragon fire effect on the inserts, right down thru the flippers. Very effective!

#3191 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Doesn't the premium use the same trick in the upper playfield to simulate the dragon breathing fire?

Yes, the Premium lights a path of RED LEDS from the the upper playfield, down thru the flippers. Really does look like dragon fire across the playfield. It is quite awesome.

#3194 4 years ago

Here's a GIF of the Targaryen dragon fire effect on a Premium. Coupled with the shaker motor = Yowzers!


I wish I knew how to embed a GIF directly!


#3196 4 years ago

Castle Black In-Lane Insert Rules (?)

I was poking around last night with the glass off to see if I could figure out the Castle Black upper in-lane rules.

I made a prototype mod to replicate the in-lane inserts to a more visible location (they are mostly obscured as-is on my Prem) - I can now clearly see what's happening.

This is what I observe (Premium):

1. CB inserts light-up when the ball passes thru an inlane
2. Flipper action will toggle the lit insert, left and right
3. When both CB inserts are lit, inserts flash blue, then a 1X multiplier is immediately added
4. The inserts & the mod are fully integrated in playfield RGB lighting choreography
5. There does not appear to be any relationship with the Castle Black insert in front on the Dragon Kickback lane (Prem) and these CB inlane inserts. I thought for sure they were linked; guess not.

I thought I had seen an Advance Wall Multiball happen when a ball passed thru the inlane during real gameplay, but I could not reproduce with glass off. Might have been related to the pop slot machine...

Is that it? I guess this is typical for in-lane inserts, right?

Here's my DIY RGB mod, in progress:


Still just a paper label, vs a printed Vinyl & Mylar label. Debating whether to keep the text or remove it.


#3199 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Very cool I'll have to look for it. Does it occur often or certain house/modes?

On my Premium it happens with each successful shot when fighting house Targaryen. Dragon also flap his wings and shaker motor responds.

#3211 4 years ago
Quoted from VMethos:

My GOT Pro has been shipped out and should be in my possession hopefully by Friday!

Is there anything else I should be considering prior to putting a load of game time in on this bad boy this weekend?

Nice, and congrats!

I would add a Mylar patch onto the shooter lane near where where the ball exits. I was seeing a small bit of abrasion there after only ~50-100 plays. 100% helped. I also added a Mylar patch to the shooter lane side rail - the ball was leaving an indent in the wood in this spot. Short of adding a genuine Cliffy there, I think this also helps.

As some have suggested, applying Mylar *after* a coat of wax has been applied will aid in later removal.

Edit: D'oh - or what Chuck said

#3228 4 years ago

We also need a Dany mod to add to the back of the dragon!



#3230 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

can you justify the 250$ price tag? i am considering these as my right flipper has ring dents in the cabinet, the same kid also chunked out a piece of the decal on an avengers, "oh that was me?".

Lollipop rails - $60 - much more reasonable solution. I have them and they fit perfectly.


1 week later
#3254 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Don't worry...they've been (pretty) cryptic about what they're saying. You've had nothing spoiled.

Lot's of plot movement last night and some new dialog opportunity - I wonder if we'll see any of this added in v1.30 and beyond?

The faceless girl - I want to play that mode!

#3259 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would stick to greyjoy or Martell for now if you're looking to get really high scores more frequently.

I usually play as Martell or Greyjoy, but my highest scores come from Stark (max of 2.5B is good for me, but pretty meager compared to the GoT sharks here! ). Not sure why Stark plays ~2X my Martell high scores. Maybe I am in a Martell rutt, but I do enjoy extending mutliballs just as I drain them

#3265 4 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I'll pay more attention playing it tonight, but I swear it adds more than one ball. I typically hit the button when I get down to one ball left in any multiball.

Yes, I get a multiball re-start by hitting the Action button (v1.29, Prem). Not complaining either I've hit the Action button BEFORE draining the last ball, which has netted a 5-ball multiball.

#3304 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

i haven't seen any of season 6 yet. i'm assuming the younger crippled stark kid begins to control the dragons with his mind powers and him and the mother of dragons either team up, or the starks rule the 5 kingdoms and the iron throne.
or they all team up against the White Walker king, and it becomes 'life vs death'. i wouldn't consider this a spoiler, as it is probably just my incorrect speculation.

Ummm, you should probably watch SE06.

#3306 4 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

I just started watching GOT. Alot more gore and nudity then i expected. Im really digging the show so far, about half through first season. Ive played both the Pro and LE and want a Pro but have no idea what any of the familys or reason for dragon are so i figured better watch the show so when i get a Pro i know whats going on better.

Viewing is not mandatory, but it is fun to see/hear the show references in both directions. My wife and I were watching a SE06 episode. Theon Greyjoy came on on screen. I noted, "He's from House Greyjoy - PURPLE inserts." She replied, "Ahh, got it."

#3310 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Where's the Tully house insert and the Frey house insert? Haha

Umm, I think those would be SDTM...

1 week later
#3364 4 years ago

Left orbit issue ONLY affect the Prem/LE. The Pro does not have an upper playfield diverter arm, which seems to be the root of the issue.

I have corrected the left orbit issue on my Premium with a couple simple adjustments. I get nice fast orbits in both directions.

1 month later
#3452 4 years ago
Quoted from pinwiz83:

Is it too easy to obtain the Iron Throne wizard mode? Curious to know how this effects the long term appeal of the game in the home environment.

Umm, nope. Not too easy at all, unless your initials are ERW or SKB!

#3514 4 years ago

Mike Daddona?

#3550 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

How did you wire the external sub on your GoT? Did you go from the line out of the cpu board or the main cabinet speaker? How did you route the wire outside of the cabinet?

On My GoT, I connected a 1/8" audio jack to the CPU board, down thru the backbox and exited thru the bottom of the cabinet via one of the mesh vent holes and connected to my sub. Nice and easy.

This approach would permit me to also connect headphones if I so desired.

#3558 4 years ago

On my machine, the tournament button slot is occupied by a relocated Power button. My cable/connector is routed out the bottom of the cabinet via one of the vent holes to the SUB beneath my machine.

I do note that connecting the 1/8" audio cable to the motherboard does NOT disable audio to the cabinet speakers. I suppose this would imply that headphones connected via the same connector would also NOT disable the normal speakers - unless I set speaker volume = 0 via settings, which is not terribly convenient.

I hate headphones, so not an issue for me anyway.


2 weeks later
#3637 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Titans on my game. Everything is back handable.

Titans here too, no problems with backhands, except poor shooting on my part.

Though - I am due to replace the lot of rubbers as the Titans on slings and posts have not worn well - too soft?

#3639 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would say posts yeah. Slings have been good for me except one has started to split and I just rotated it. Good now. Also the only ones I've seen wear are the clear ones.

On the slings, the diameters have narrowed noticeably around the corners of the slings. I've run out of rotation room The post rubbers just split. Time to replace.

#3640 4 years ago


#3642 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If you tell Titan what happened I bet you get free replacements. Amazing company.

I just figured this was normal wear & tear. Though, I did consider how these might be a terrible option on location or in a very-high-play collection. I have way less than 1000 plays on mine.

Maybe they are defective?

#3650 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That's what I'm thinking. I know multiple people that operate and only use Titan. Way better than reg rubber from what they tell me. Easier to clean, they keep the games clean, and last longer.
I haven't replaced anything in my games and they have thousands of plays on them.

Here's a couple views: Abrasion damage and reduced diameters. Is this not typical for several hundred plays? Flipper rubbers are perfect; look like new.

9-2-2016 11-02-57 AM (resized).png

9-2-2016 11-04-22 AM (resized).png

#3657 4 years ago
Quoted from Titan_Pinball:

Just shoot me an email at contact@titanpinball.com with what you need, your name and address and I'll get them out to you right away.

Wow, unexpected! Email Sent.

1 month later
#3750 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Well considering the left orbit issues with the prem/LE I'd say it was feeding the pops each time.

Not sure what you're talking about, Chuck? Left orbit issues, not here.

2 months later
#3937 4 years ago

On my Prem, I can very reliably backhand the left orbit but almost NEVER manage to intentionally backhand the right orbit. I flip the ball over to the left flipper and hit the right orbit that way. I wonder if its a timing issue for me, or a geometry issue on my copy of the pin.

#3943 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Not possible to backhand the right orbit from a trap. We were talking only of the right ramp.

OK, got it. Makes me feel a bit better!

#3971 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Hahaha, love this idea! A great challenge indeed! I just got SMVE and have to wrap santa presents. Hopefully i can give this a try tomorrow or sunday

Want. I expect your full report!

5 months later
#4561 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Thank you. I'm about to start a support group for people that suck at this game.


1 month later
#4664 3 years ago

Hey Dogg,
I had the same thought earlier this week. I'm guessing Mez and crew abandoned the idea. I recall seeing an unpainted prototype months ago I thought looked great, but then that was about the last of it.
Guessing they're applying more effort and resource to the newer releases, like GB and now SW. I cannot imagine they'd pay much attention to the old news GoT, sadly.

Added over 4 years ago: Edit - Wrong, see below.

#4666 3 years ago

Wow. Thanks Boob, I had given up hope!

I'm in; I think they look fantastic!

#4668 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Forgot to add that the website has old pictures. They DO come with the doors...they just have to update the pics.

Even better! ☺️

#4689 3 years ago

My textured GoT castle wall arrived today from Mezel Mods. I must say this is a crazy nice mod on this machine. The flat/shiny plastic castle wall was an early complaint for me. The texture and depth really add a nice visual, along with the handpainted detail. I watched intently as Mezel began work on this; and now so happy they have completed and made available to buy!

Install took about 15-20 minutes, with most of that time trying to recover a stupid flathead screw from the wire ramp that fell into the machine (per usual)

Simple Steps:

1. Remove the left wire ramp & plastic stack
2. Swap-in the Mezel-modified plastics (resized to accommodate the new wall thickness)
3. Remove the old wall
4. Install the new wall
5. Re-install the left side plastic stack & wire ramp
6. Gawk at the textured goodness!

I think these look great! Thanks Mezel; simple order, inexpensive delivery, speedy receipt.

Before and After:
Close up:


#4694 3 years ago

Thanks fur the alert Boob.

As for the instructions, Step 6 is the most important!

1 month later
#4826 3 years ago
Quoted from Tungs10:

I should be ordering one soon. It seems like there are a ton of mixed reactions for this one. I played it, love the theme, love the show, and can't wait to get my hands on it.


You'll probably note the left orbits will be disabled in settings by default, which was Stern's disappointing solution to the issue they were having. A very simple modification & enabling in settings has been shown by many to improve the consistency of that shot. It's a 10 minute fix and gave me good results.

Like you I am a fan of the show and theme. The depth of this game will not disappoint!


1 week later
#4857 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Stern is the problem here, not the programmers. And with that, im looking elsewhere for my next title(s).

True statements. Even Steve Ritchie had to bite his lip when discussing Stern's "solution" to the GoT left orbit issue at Pintastic last summer. He was obviously pissed about how it went down, "I can't and won't talk about it."

2 months later
#5098 3 years ago

Are there links to the prior episodes?

#5123 3 years ago
Quoted from rawbars:

Wasn’t there a fix for the left loop issue?

Yes! On my Premium, enlarging the mounting holes on the diverter arm bracket permited an ever-so-slight shift forward in position - made a nice difference for me. I regularly get left orbits to go all the way around fairly smoothly. I hit 2-3 successive left orbits pretty regularly.

Others have reported similar success using this simple modification. Just be sure to disable Stern's fix first via settings.

#5125 3 years ago
Quoted from rawbars:

Cool, when I find my premium I may reach out and get some exact directions on how you accomplished this.
Do you have issues with the ram being a brick wall or the stark ramp rejecting strong shots like chuckwurt mentioned above? Or any other quirks with the premium version?

Lubrication, plus I have added a stop below the playfield to shorten the throw of the ram (shorter distance needed to reach the switch) to help ensure that a solid hit to the ram will actually register. Its not quite 100%, but is improved and much less frustrating.

No issue with Stark ramp whatsoever, except for my general lack of accuracy to hit it.

#5128 3 years ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Well I must be lucky as I’ve had no issues with the left loop. Flies around no problem. I did have a stiff battering ram but some lube sorted it when I fitted the battering ram mod. Lube the spinner and it’s a cracker. Only thing I can’t seem to do on a regular basis is hit up the top playfield from the left flipper. I can backhand 5he spinner no worries but can’t get the same happening with the right. I keep watching chuckwurt vids and he makes it look easy but mine just doesn’t quite get there. Might have to check flipper strength?

Yes, chuckwurt makes lots of shots look easy! I can't backhand that shot from a trapped position either, only if the ball is in flight...and that's just a crapshoot.

1 week later
#5149 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Alright folks. Doing a temporary trade of my GOT ...

Don't let the coindoor hit you on the way out!

5 months later
#5430 2 years ago
Quoted from Tungs10:

Anyone have any idea how I can fix this? This one LED is out of sequence.
Plus spring busted on left flipper.... joys..

Check for broken or bridged solder joints at that LED. If they look good, then follow the wires up the chain looking for similar integrity issues.

To further narrow down, you can quickly swap this LED for another to narrow down the the LED board vs connections/wiring.

Good luck.

7 months later
#5646 2 years ago

Recently binged thru the last season. What a great series; cannot wait for it to resume.

4 months later
#5843 1 year ago
Quoted from cynric:

Look what just came in:

Didn't think it would really come, but if they make a stream about it, there might be some really big changes after all

Nice. I would have bet on a 0.00% chance Stern would have revisited GOT. Hopefully more than bug fixes /greedy

#5847 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Can’t wait to hear what people think. I’ve been helping test this for a few weeks.
It makes the game into an all time great imo.
If you liked the strategy of the game before, just fucking wait. It’s incredible now.

Chuck, you suck! You knew and did not even hint??

#5854 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

go reread some of his posts from the last few days; there were some subtle hints
This is an amazing update if you think about it. 1. I doubt it'll be a simple bug fix or two if they're doing a reveal stream with Jack and announcing it. 2. This is the FIRST time Dwight has gone back and revisited one of his games since coming back to stern. This is huge as it shows Sterns personnel dept has grown and that they are trusting their guys to revisit code during working hours...at least i hope Dwight did this during working hours lol

SKB, Yes, thinking back, you are right. Some very subtle hints.

I agree that they probably would not do any sort of reveal for a bug-fix release. "Hey, look at this, no more glitch."

Seem to recall Dwight was a serious GOT fan; maybe this was his motivation. I hope they catch us up in the story now that the series is complete.

I think a "Westeros BBQ Mode" might be cool:

pasted_image (resized).png
#5999 1 year ago
Quoted from Stuieb84:

Where did you get that translite? Is it a custom alternate or stock?

That translite was created by pinsider @T800 a few yrs ago. Love mine vs the Prem stock translite.

#6000 1 year ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Any new call outs from the Hound?

Dwight mentioned he added some new callouts, but these were probably selected from the already available set of assets from "up to Season 4" delivered with the game originally. Poking around w/Pinball Browser, I found LOTS of funny callouts that were not used in the game.


0x278 - Smash the button!
0x29B - Pick one already!
0x2B3 - Make up your bloody mind!
0x2EE - I like chicken
0x382 - Now let's find some wine and some bitches
0x392 - The F you looking at?
0x3C2 - For Fs sake!
0x3C3 - F off!
0x3CC - What the F are you doing?
0x640 - Hodor!

#6011 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

Any beta testers out there with a ColorDMD for GoT? Really wondering if there are significant changes to the assets that will require a major redo of the colorization
ColorDMD did such an amazing job on this title I can't imagine going back to monochrome.....

That's a great question. I wonder if those of us with a ColorDMD will need to wait for an update from them before we can update GoT. Seems like we'll be missing the newer elements - no new animations (per Dwight's reveal), but probably some textual info...

#6013 1 year ago

So, the new elements would simply be "un-colorized" vs "missing" from the ColorDMD? My impression was ColorDMD recreated/replaced all the DMD assets in their chip.

#6020 1 year ago

Awesome on the ColorDMD thing! Thx for clarifying.

1 week later
#6122 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Do a light test if it is able to shine white.
If not one of the colors (Rgb) is broken.

Early on in my Prem, the left inlane would not light up as expected. I thought I was failing to reach some prerequisite goal.

With a quick check under the playfield, I noticed one of the wires on that RGB assy had broken free of its solder joint, just hanging there. A touch with a soldering iron reattached the wire. Done. I also poked around several other RGB assys and touched-up a few more sketchy looking joints.

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