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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

5 years ago

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#75 5 years ago

We played 2 got pro's at our launch party Friday and also a got pro was part of a ten game line-up of another tourney on Saturday morning. The pro is a blast. My best score was around 750m.

We were running v.1.02 because we couldn't get the new code to load. Several of us tried and we are not new to this stuff. Pretty disappointing trying 5 different thumb drives and 2 different downloads of the code. Oh well, the game was still a blast to play!

Most everyone was starting with house Stark and trying to hit many center ramps in a row and then cash in at the left loop, but that is MUCH easier said than done! I found my best games were starting with Baratheon. Shoot the left orbit many times to build value, then shoot the dragon shot to begin Battle at the Wall. Don't bother with Lannister unless it is stacked with a MB because the shots are the stand-up targets. These are the MOST deadly stand-up targets I can remember. Hit one and pray you don't drain immediately.

The drops and green Wild Fire targets are fairly safe and important. The drops light your "Lord of Light" which is a ball saver on both outlanes. The two green Wild Fire targets light your locks at the center ramp and also build your jackpot values. I really like that most shots are back hand-able. I think the only shot you couldn't backhand was the Dragon shot, which is also the mystery shot.

One last point is the game does play long. We pulled the rubber off the out lane posts(total of 4 rubbers) and the game played a little long still, but nothing outrageous.

#113 5 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

You have to add an underscore in the file name to make it work. We had the same problem here. We did get it to work so we used 1.10 in our launch party, but we had a lot of random resets and eventually had to pull it from the finals.

Are you saying to just add an underscore to the entire file name and save it that way? I'm willing to try again.

We also had random resets on both GOT's with version 1.02. Not too many, just enough to be a pain. I thought v.1.10 was supposed to address the resetting issue?

#115 5 years ago

Thing is, there are two Kiss pro's at this same location that I have never seen reset, not even once. Not sure what the deal is.

#117 5 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

You just have to add the underscore by the date. Look at other code files for the naming convention and match it.


#154 5 years ago

We had another reset on GOT pro in league tonight.

#155 5 years ago

Also, lots of air balls on this game. We noticed a chunk out of the pyramid that the dragon sits on!

2 weeks later
#282 5 years ago

Sword lock is indeed still a physical lock. Dragon kickback/hold, I believe a similar thing was done with the Bird shot on BBH.

Last night I was playing after league and I had Stark in Alliance with Greyjoy, I couldn't find any way to complete it. Must have played that mode 4-5 times. Anyone know how to complete this, or could this be a bug?

#290 5 years ago

So why is it when you choose Greyjoy first, it seems as if the mode is already complete? Purple shield will be solidly lit and the Sword insert is already lit on the right ramp? I don't understand that one. Are all Greyjoy modes played in Alliance with all the other modes?

#297 5 years ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

I just tried the pro and cannot select the different houses at the beginning. I was stuck with Greyjoy and was told by the sales rep that the new code didn't allow it and you needed to access it through some sort of competition mode whatever that is. I hope they fix that.

Sales rep has no clue.....

#301 5 years ago

A guy in our league this week played a single mode that ended up being worth 1.5B alone. Sorry, I don't know which house it was.

#343 5 years ago

The Got pro on location where we play league has a big hole right in the front center of the pyramid also. Most airballs that I've seen come from a 1/2 ramp shot which comes fast back to the right flipper and then the player hits that on the fly. You quickly learn to handle those 1/2 ramp shots with a dead bounce or a live catch.

#353 5 years ago

Played one game on GOT LE this evening at FPF. Plays very different from the pro. Having all inserts color changing is pretty awesome. Reserving judgment until I get more time on it.

#444 5 years ago

FWIW, I talked to my distributor and GOT Premium might not be available until January. He did say possibly late December but didn't sound too convinced.

2 weeks later
#546 5 years ago

Had an epic game of GOT pro on location today. Saw Winter Has Come for the first time, as well as Iron Throne for the first time. That is one super cool wizard mode! Every time I was back down to one ball I would smash the ram for a super jackpot and another ball was added in. Seems like I did this a half dozen times or more. Final score was 6.6B and it was a blast!

#547 5 years ago

Also found a serious bug in the current code today. I was playing as Baratheon, had only one more set of lanes needed to qualify Battle For the Wall. I shoot the Dragon which was lit for Mystery. I chose the mystery award of "Advance Battle For the Wall". This advance should qualify BATW, which it did. BUT, the ball was held in the mystery lane FOREVER. The multiball didn't start and ZERO ball searches were initiated. We let it sit like this for several minutes. The only solution was to power off the game. As soon as the game was powered off the ball was released from the mystery lane.

1 week later
#629 5 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Is there a reason to shoot those outside of a MB?

Well, the most obvious answer is a missed shot!

However, I will shoot them during Lannister mode, even in single ball play. I just aim only for certain ones and try to nick them on the sides instead of hitting straight on.

#676 5 years ago

Either you have Net Zero dial-up, or about 1000 people are downloading the code at the same time!

#705 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What about this? Does anyone know how many names are on Arya's list in stark mode?

Never counted, but it feels like around 8 or 9.

#715 5 years ago

I think the highest cash out I've made on Stark was around 350M. I do recall playing as Tyrell and playing Stark mode. It felt like a strange cadence with the right flipper button. Shoot shot, which moves lit inlane to the wrong side, so hit right flipper button again, then make shot. Repeat. So right right, right right, right right. Just felt weird.

#727 5 years ago

I wonder what players who have never seen the show or read the books think Hand of the King means? "It's his hand, you know. The King has a hand on the end of his arm, right? What's so special about his hand?".

#856 5 years ago

Is it just me, or does anyone feel like when the horn blows at the beginning of BFTW it reminds you of the beginning of Two Towers MB on LOTR? "To War!"

1 week later
#951 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Basically you hit the button before you drain to cash it in for minimal points. No strategy what so ever.

Chuckwurt, we are both huge fans of the game, but I don't agree with this. There is strategy to when you cash in with the button. Cashing in on the drain is just for when you haven't strategically used it beforehand. Remember, the shot x's at the bottom of the DMD determine the value, so cash in when those are high, like during a frantic MB when the ball saver is still active. I've seen 40M+ numerous times from the Iron Bank cash out. I do agree that the button could and should be utilized more in future code updates!

#979 5 years ago

Played GOT pro in league last night. Put 2.2billion on it. Next closest score was 650M. Loving the game, but it does play long. Playing in a location with about 30 pins, almost every group(7 groups) wanted to play GOT last night and it put us running late. We are gonna have to do a few things to make the game harder. Namely, tightening up the tilt and possibly pulling the inlane post rubbers off. I was only one house away from Iron Throne and I estimate that my game alone was about 20-30 minutes.(3 ball, 1 extra ball).

#983 5 years ago

On that particular game I was playing as Tyrell.

#1066 4 years ago

Way back in v.1.03

- Each House completed before Hand starts will change or add to the rules
of the multiball.
- Targaryen will increase the base value of all shots
- Stark Will add a "Bonus Round" at the end of each set
- Baratheon will increase from 4 shots needed to all 7 shots.
- Lannister will increase the starting value of the SJP Hurry Up
- Greyjopy will subtract one set needed before SJP Hurry Up.
- Tyrell will increase the value of the Super Jackpot
- Martell - Each shot needs to be shot twice

1 week later
#1145 4 years ago
Quoted from frg:

After playing some games "on the fly" I was a bit dissapointed, but reading the rulesheet (http://tiltforums.com/t/game-of-thrones-pinball-rulesheet/936) and playing a bit more controlled, helped a lot to then finally enjoy this game.
LEDs are greatly integrated, giving sometimes a hard time to find the shots
Here we go with a first video... in terms of points a bit dissapointing, but still there is something to see. I didn't focus much on playing the mini playfield for progression to castle multiball... maybe next time.
» YouTube video

Nice to see a gameplay video from a player with skills. Nice work! So close to defeating Drogon which would've gotten you to Iron Throne. Even a death save in there. Congrats!

#1167 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Yea. That's a good point. A call out and/or cool sound effects are needed for that HOTK sjp.
On a side note, completing house stark can be quite beneficial during HOTK. After the SJP, there's a 20 second bonus round frenzy and just the other night I got the bonus round going and cradled a ball on the left flipper and was shooting center shots with the right. After a few shots, each shot was awarding 120 mil! It was fun fun stuff. Ended with a 1.7 bil HOTK. Hope to see HOTK and WHC champion table in a future patch
EDIT: but holy hell, is it me or is GOT pro a tough game to keep a multiball alive? Fast and fun!

Wow! That's one helluva HOTK score. I crushed the game in league again last night with 2.6B. I had my best ever HOTK round at a little over 900M.

#1305 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Now I'm thoroughly confused. Checked my switches and everything checked out perfectly. No switch errors and the upper lane switches work perfectly. Start a game and one of the rollovers is flashing....roll the ball through it and no skill shot awarded....but the lane does go solid lit after rolling through it???

Try a factory reset. You could also try reloading the code.

1 week later
#1476 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Ha right...you sort of get a blade noise at the very end. Speaking of which....
Probably covered in all these pages is the point of Martell to begin with; which eludes me. Revisionist history? Not complete? Wishful thinking? I hate to break it to Mr. Martell, but that isn't quite how that battle ended

No kidding. Where are the eyes popping out?

#1573 4 years ago

Friend of the show, Collin! Thanks man.

#1710 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

This has to be high in the running for worst game ever when completing 5 houses,2 EB, two BWMBs, WHC MB, HOTK, and BFTW MB. Haha. Wow. image_(resized).jpeg

Ha Ha! How'd you do that?

#1766 4 years ago

God I wish mine would hurry up and get dirty. It's so fast it's absolutely brutal!!!!!!!!!

#1782 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Whatever pro players, I setup my games to be enjoyed by me. Take your shame shame and stick it up your ass ass!

You do know that was a reference to the show, right?

#1783 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

There should have been a "ding", "ding", "ding" before and after each shame.

And also accompanied by a bush, bush....

#1800 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

On a related note, does the fellow from Bravos show up in the game anywhere? That guy is must-see and should be in the game. At the very least include that coin he gives to Arya to bail her out

I haven't seen Joechen (spelling?) on the dmd, but his catch phrase is prominent on the playfield right at the drain.

#1822 4 years ago

We use competition mode in league all the time. Doesn't affect extra balls or anything like that. It just de-randomizes any mystery type awards.

#1823 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

We use competition mode in league all the time. Doesn't affect extra balls or anything like that. It just de-randomizes any mystery type awards.

You just hold in left flipper for about 5 to 10 seconds, when the text changes on the screen then start your games.

#1825 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Is there a tournament mode? if that is turned on does it do both? Turn off EBs and de-randomize awards?

The way to do that(if it hasn't changed with Spike) is to go to installs menu. Install novelty, then install competition.

#1916 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Need to learn the rules and how those multipliers work. Can't wait!

Multipliers- Shoot combos and smash the battering ram! Of course there are other factors like Tyrell inlane multipliers and swords to allow higher playfield X, but that's the gist of it. Such an amazing game. Now, if I could just get my elevator working consistently. ....

#1935 4 years ago

I've heard 'em all like once or twice. I'm usually pounding super jackpots while listening to dub step on the ear buds!

#1938 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If you're serious about the dub step that's awesome.

Oh hell yeah. You'll see me in Louisville. I'll be the white haired guy with ear buds listening to Skrillex, Zomboy, Knife Party, etc. In league I refer to it as my "secret weapon".

#1962 4 years ago

I cannot post pass with the left flipper on my GOT premium. It simply doesn't bounce over. I've tried 2 different kinds of flipper rubber. I've tried lowering the flipper alignment, which made it just barely possible to post pass, but the alignment was so bad that I could no longer make the center ramp from the left flipper so I had to put the alignment back like it was. Weird thing is, where we play league there are two GOT pros and post passing is easy from either flipper on both games. Does anyone else have this issue on their GOT?

1 week later
#2040 4 years ago
Quoted from bhwolf:

On Prem/LE, as has been mentioned, the blocked top lanes are kind of a pain. I can sort-of see the left lane, but the colors change from white to blue, anyone know what that's about?
ToM handles the top lane visibility ingeniously with a mirror -- a mirror wouldn't work here, but I was thinking it would be nice if they incorporated lane status into the DMD or something.

OK, the top lanes are really not a problem. I thought they were as well, but once you play the Premium/LE enough you'll always know the status of the lanes. Here's how: You cannot see the right lane. The left lane is plainly visible. If the left lane is lit white, then you know that the right lane is not lit, otherwise they would both be out. If the left lane is lit blue, that is to let you know that the right lane is lit. Make sense?

#2046 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

OK, the top lanes are really not a problem. I thought they were as well, but once you play the Premium/LE enough you'll always know the status of the lanes. Here's how: You cannot see the right lane. The left lane is plainly visible. If the left lane is lit white, then you know that the right lane is not lit, otherwise they would both be out. If the left lane is lit blue, that is to let you know that the right lane is lit. Make sense?

OK, I was explaining that from memory and it's not really correct. How it actually works: You can only see the left. When you shoot the lanes see if the left light is lit, then you know the right light is not and visa versa. Since there are only two lanes it is easy to figure out. The left one will flash blue for a few seconds when you complete the pair.

#2094 4 years ago
Quoted from nicoga3000:

Premium/LE owners - how many "out of the box" fixes did you have to make?

I keep having to mess with my elevator but I think last night I got it working as good as it's gonna get. My orbits have been a non-issue. I can even backhand the left orbit during Martell and it goes around most of the time. I've had to tweak the wireform slightly to prevent bounce outs at the throne. I cannot post pass from left to right and this bugs me! I've played 2 other GOT pro's that do this with ease, but not on my GOT premium.

#2112 4 years ago

Last night I replaced the balls, installed mylar on the shooter lane, and swapped the red inlane guides for blue. Also put on some blue silicon flipper rubbers. Looks nice!


#2113 4 years ago

I noticed in that picture the flipper bats look yellow. They're definitely white. Here's another pic with a flash.


#2120 4 years ago

Did it have 3 eyes?

#2126 4 years ago

After playing all the houses many times, which house do you think is the hardest to score well on? For me it's Lannister. For the longest time my best Lannister score was around 900M, then last night I finally got around 1.4M. If they do any scoring balances with future code updates, Lannister needs to be beefed up.

Probably second hardest for me to score on is playing as Baratheon.

My go to house is going to be Greyjoy if in qualifying. If in matchplay it's gonna be Martell or Tyrell, but I think I would always choose Martell over Tyrell.

#2133 4 years ago

This was very common on ACDC, Metallica, etc. This is the first one I've seen on a GOT.

#2203 4 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

I think the pro must be an easier game. As the premium is kicking my ass. only 1 game over 1 bil in 2 weeks of ownership.
I assume wall multi ball is much easier to achieve on the pro as all you have to do is clear the top lanes to advance as opposed to hitting the kickback shot? I would think wall multi ball would come every game if that is the case. Top lane have no risk in hitting. The damn gold targets get in my way on the kickback shot. Then SDTM.

Same here. BUT, eventually I started cracking 2b, 3b, my best is 4.6B on the premium. The keys to scoring well on the premium/le are getting dialed in on the dragon shot, and getting good at completing the upper playfield. Also, always try to make good use of your upper playfield during modes to add time, especially on Stark mode.

#2217 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Question on HOTK. So I cleared all the jackpots, got a super, then all the jackpots lit again. When does that hurry up start? After the second set of jackpots? Or does it depend on who you bring into HOTK?

I don't know cause I've never made it that far. I did have my best ever HOTK just about 5 minutes ago. 1.25Billion!

#2223 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I have my game measuring perfectly level and 6.8 degrees....it's far easier to hit the center shot from the right flipper than from the left. I can hit from the left but it is a lot tighter. It's nearly impossible to hit the dragon shot from the left flipper (cradled)....has to be .001mm accuracy to hit it (Think I've done it twice ever and basically don't even try anymore). Should I set mine up so that it's not perfectly level? I remember that my ST could not be perfectly level or most center shots to the magnet would get released SDTM. I had to put a very slight right lean to it. If I got it just right I could hit the mode start shot on the left "on the fly" from a clean center release.....which was actually my favorite shot.

I would leave it level. The center ramp from the left flipper should be harder than from the right due to the angle of the shot. Like chuckwurt said, the dragon shot is not makeable from a trap on the left. You can post pass. Or my favorite, shoot the center ramp from the left flipper, then on the fly nail the dragon shot. Very satisfying!

Another shot tidbit of info. I will shoot the left orbit from the right flipper, but it's much safer to post pass and then back hand the left orbit. In Louisville playoffs I was on ball 3 and I checked my instant info and I was 2 away from Wall MB. So I backhanded the left orbit, live catch on the right, post pass to the left, backhand the left orbit. I did this successfully 4 times in a row and started Wall MB. Had I been shooting the left orbit from the right flipper, one miss to a stand-up target and I would've been toast!

#2247 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Has anybody experienced volume spikes during gameplay on the pro? The music volume increases for about a second then goes back to normal and I have noticed this several times.

Only on the older code. Haven't heard it with the latest.

#2281 4 years ago

I love the multipliers. I don't recall the specifics, but last night I had a single shot during Targaryen mode that was 80M!

#2293 4 years ago

I had a really cool moment playing GOT premium tonight. I may never have this happen again. I was in multiball with 3 balls in play. I got extra ball lit. The action was frantic and then everything stopped for an instant. I had one ball trapped on the upper left flipper, one ball trapped on the lower right flipper, and the third ball was kicked up to the throne while it played the EB animation. It was a cool moment! Then back to the action!

#2322 4 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Pro plays completely different and better IMO. Just wish there was a bit more MB modes.

There is another MB mode..... on the Premium/LE.

#2326 4 years ago

HOTK is four houses complete. Winter Has Come is four hurry-ups complete. WallMB is top lanes on pro, kick-back shot on pre/le, I believe 6 times for 1st one. Iron Throne is all houses complete. On the pre/le, complete the upper playfield four times for Castle MB.

#2352 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I also found out that the most expensive award available right now is 150 million points for around 5,400 gold.

Ha! Did that in qualifying at LAX. I remember thinking "hell yeah". Then thinking "Damn, wish I had some playfield multipliers going".

#2356 4 years ago

My life is complete! Scored a 750M Stark mode tonight!

#2358 4 years ago

Negative. The value shown on the choice screen already has the playfield multipliers factored in.

#2365 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nice! What route did you take to get it?

It was on a premium. Looped the center, then got up on the mini playfield and hit all three 5 second time extenders, then collected the castle. Then back down to main playfield for more center loops. When I reached the max 75M I noticed I still had like 18 seconds left, so bash the ram several times to get 2x playfiled, then shot the left orbit. It was 75M with a 10X multiplier!

#2372 4 years ago

On my premium last night I got 2.1B and didn't even get my name up. That got me wondering what my high score table actually looked like. GC just over 4B, next score just over 3B, then THREE SCORES all 2.8B.

#2379 4 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

When I hear "upper playfield" and "time extenders" from said playfield, it might as well be a different game from the Pro.

It is a totally different game.

Last night I had two balls trapped on the lower left flipper and one on the lower right. Also had a ball trapped on the upper left flipper. Then I proceeded to stage flip the upper ball, collecting jackpots that way. So many nuances with the upper playfield that make it so different, and GREAT!

#2437 4 years ago

I'm still a little fuzzy on the 3 bank LOL rule. I updated to the latest code and I left everything on factory settings. I still get multiple LOL awards during the game. Normal?

#2439 4 years ago

Could be from the pops. I need to take glass off and test.

#2451 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Could be from the pops. I need to take glass off and test.

OK, I confirmed last night with glass off. I'm only getting on LOL from drops, but I'm getting several others during the game from pop slot awards. It seems much more likely to award LOL from pop bumpers during a MB. In fact, it might ONLY be awarding that during MB, not sure on that.

#2468 4 years ago

This is akin to having tournament mode force everyone to start with the same song on AC/DC or KISS, or have everyone on Transformers start as Decepticon, for example. Just takes away so much of what the programmers have put into the game. I just couldn't get behind that idea for a legit IFPA tourney.

#2510 4 years ago

Yeah, Keith said on the broadcast that when you get to your 3rd round of Stark 20 second time, the shots are all multiplied by a factor of 10.

#2511 4 years ago

I found a bug for sure last night. I got the whc/wmb super stack. As i drained down to one ball i shot the right orbit and it was lit for mystery, so the ball went up to the throne. Then I was like oh snap, i haven't used my add a ball. So I hit the button and it then showed me both totals for whc and wmb. I'm thinking i was too late on my add a ball. Then it accepted the add a ball and started the stack all over again. I played the stack again for a long time and when i drained down to one ball, it showed me totals AGAIN for whc and wmb. Pretty cool but quite strange.

#2583 4 years ago

So much better than the cartoon one...

#2592 4 years ago

Bowen will probably not do a tutorial until the code is finished/more complete. Several years ago he did a tutorial on AC/DC, then had to do another one down the road when the code updates negated half of what was in the first tutorial.

#2644 4 years ago

I've never liked shaker motors either. I will never put one on any of my pins. I do understand why some people like them but they are not for me.

#2649 4 years ago

Maybe she can reach over there and hold the ball in the throne!

1 week later
#2673 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Only awkward shot I get from time to time is back handing left orbit with left flipper. Sometimes it does a weird rattle and will brick and come back down. It didn't used to do this and Doesn't happen too often and I haven't dug in to see what the problem is; anyone else have this?

That's called missing the shot!

#2687 4 years ago

I definitely shoot the Dragon shot more on the pre/le than on the pro. As far as the show, I've always been a fan. THIS SUNDAY starts the new season, something I've been waiting for about 9 months to get here!!!!!!!!


#2693 4 years ago

I'm using these....


#2719 4 years ago

Those reds look good, almost an exact match in color for the inlane guides. Maybe I should try blues to match the blue inlanes I swapped out on premium.

#2728 4 years ago

Great job! But if it's three tilt warnings, it ain't all factory!

#2737 4 years ago

Couple questions for you guys.

What's the most points you've collected from a single sword? I collected(Long Claw IIRC) with a massive multiplier the other night for 78M!

What's your best score playing as Lannister? Lannister seems to be the hardest to score well on. Last night I just kept playing Lannister over and over and finally got to Iron Throne and got 3.4billion.

I know this will sound strange, but on the premium/le my favorite thing about Iron Throne is the COLOR of the inserts. It is a beautiful turquoise blue that is not used at any other time in the game!

Following the Elwin strategy from his epic game in Circuit Finals, my new thing is to play as Martell but actively try to NOT start or complete the Martell mode. That way you get the add-a-ball feature, but don't get the Martell penalty if you make it to HOTK.

#2752 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

This might sound really dumb to other seasoned GOT owners but I just figured out that when advancing towards a WIC hurry up, you can advance to it with any completed house shot, then when you're down to the last shot, you can choose any other house shot to start the hurry up on. Then the counter resets back to 3.

I actually had no idea. I gotta go try it out.

#2808 4 years ago
Quoted from bhwolf:

Ok, I might be losing my mind here, but I played a couple of games of GoT tonight and the crow sound effects (like the ones during match at the end of the game) were constant except for a few moments like ball lock and throne. I felt like I was in a Hitchcock film. Has it always been so constant and I'm just realizing it? Was damn annoying, actually.

You have a switch out of adjustment.

#2815 4 years ago

There's a Direwolf on the premium totally obscured by the mini playfield. Why they would put it where it will never be seen makes no sense at all!

#2823 4 years ago

Hard to shut it off and get ready for bed! So I checked my audits. I had around 90 games on it before the last code update. Now at 650. So about 740 games in about 2.5 months. I just don't play this thing enough!

#2834 4 years ago

When Tyrion said "That's what I do. I drink and I know things" I about fell out of my chair laughing!

#2839 4 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Man, spoiler alert!! So Tyrion is not dead yet?

No spoilers here. I think you mean Tywin.

#2850 4 years ago

Small update but still good. I like how they made it where hold bonus that is earned on the third ball will actually award your bonus twice, just like GB does.

LE/PREMIUM V1.29 - April 22, 2016
- HAND OF THE KING CHAMPION was not being awarded correctly.

- Added Game credits Easter Egg ( 1 2 3 )

LE/PREMIUM V1.28 - April 12, 2016
- Updated to the new PIN NODE

LE/PREMIUM V1.27 - April 11, 2016
- Hand of the King - The Super Jackpot Hurry Up value was not being reset
correctly. The value of the Super Jackpot Hurry up should be equal to
the amount you have collected from all shots since the last Super
Jackpot Hurry up.
- Hand of the King - The Game now insures that the four houses you completed
are the four houses that will be used in the multiball.
- Hand of the King - The game will now use your first four completed houses
when displaying the bonuses from each house at the start.
- Hand of the King - Stark's Bonus Round values were being reset wrong after
the Super Jackpot Hurry state.
- Timers internally work smoother and therefore Hurry ups will now count down
- Multipliers would sometimes be displayed incorrectly or with random
- BONUS HELD will now give your bonus twice on the last ball if needed.
- The HOUSE COMPLETE EXTRA BALL adjustment is now being honored for settings
other than NONE and AUTO.
- Combined multiplier greater than 25X would display bad things.

- HAND OF THE KING Champion.
- Midnight Madness Champion. (Remember to set your clocks)
- Adjustment to turn off chiming in the attract mode for Midnight Madness
- Added some Easter Eggs. To do a basic Easter Egg you hold in both flippers
then you enter a sequence of numbers/letters. To enter one
number/letter you hit the left flipper button X times counting as you
go. When you reach the number/letter you need stop and hit the right
flipper button once. When you are all done you need to hit the right
button one more time. For example to enter code 3 3 3 (or C C C) you
would hold in both flippers then LLL R LLL R LLL R R.
- Added Adjustment to disable orbiting from left to right. This will be ON by
default on the LE/PREMIUM. All left orbit balls will go to the pop
bumpers by design.

#2878 4 years ago

I figured out one more. TTA

Hey Chuck, thanks for being a beta tester. That's quite an honor!

#2879 4 years ago

Anyone know Jack Danger's initials?

#2884 4 years ago

Who is ACS? Is that a reference to Ralphie in The Christmas Story?

#2891 4 years ago

John is like Tyrion. He drinks wine and he knows things!

#2896 4 years ago

Arya knows more than you. The cat, that is.....

#2900 4 years ago

Funny, in a round about way, it's something me and John have in common. We have a cat named Khaleesi.


1 week later
#2981 4 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

My son's got a good start on the flipper control skills --- now if only he could get that center ramp shot dialed in.
And he's been learning some bad rage tilt habits from playing in league. hehehehehe
» YouTube video
(apologies for the terrible microphone/sound)

What!?! Post passing, live catching, dead passing? Look out Escher.........

#2999 4 years ago

I remember listening to a podcast about her. She's a highly ranked player in the UK. Not a voice actor at all. I think she did an excellent job, except for a couple of those jackpot call outs.

#3015 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

You can hear them yourself. Load the ROM into PinballBrowser, start at 0x601 and enjoy.

What version do you have of pinball browser and where do you get it? The version I have doesn't seem to work with .spk files.

#3024 4 years ago

Chuck, if I could give you two thumbs up I would.

#3043 4 years ago

What about a dragon on one side and the flames on the other side. So when it spins you see a dragon with fire spewing from his mouth?

#3059 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Haha. Interesting, but I say just play as much as you want. But if you're playing a Prem, you have to chug a beer before each game if you want to play. Haha.
Jk. I think the scoring in both versions is close enough that we can do everybody.

Close maybe, but I think that would be apples to oranges. On a pro we play in league I have a 6.5B game and twice a 5B game. On my premium at home my best is 4B, but most of my really good scores are in the 2-3B range.

#3064 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Updated: ...then multiplied by the square root of the number of beers chugged!

So in my case that will be zero. Do Monster Drinks count?

#3110 4 years ago

OK, this took about 5-6 attempts in a row. Very difficult challenge chuckwurt has thrown down. You see, I am unwilling to reset my high scores right now, so I am trying to best my own high score table, WITHOUT EB's! Nice challenge!

This was on a premium. I did not make it to Castle MB, but I did get HOTK, BFTW, WHC, and 3 BWMB's.

The only houses left to get to Iron Throne were the 3rd level of Targaryan and Baratheon.

#3115 4 years ago

All right. Here's the best I could do tonight on Baratheon. Not that great but I'll take it.


#3116 4 years ago

Now this one hurt a little. Playing as Tyrell, drained 3rd ball the instant I got HOTK lit!


#3133 4 years ago

So, I may be done with the challenge. I just had a marathon and was unable to improve on any of my scores. Man, Lannister is a beast! I know we didn't set any parameters, but here is a pic of my tilt bob. One good shove gets you double danger but usually not tilt.


#3159 4 years ago

That looks awesome. Looking forward to getting mine! It's a long way from Canada to Alabama!

#3160 4 years ago

OMG! This game still has things that make me go WOW! So tonight I defeated the video mode for 300M points. How? I played a long BFTW and came out of it with 5x playfield going. Immediately I see mystery is lit and I shoot it, all the while thinking "give me something good to go with this 5x". I've got a decent amount of gold and my most expensive choice is 3x video mode. I beat his ass pronto for 20M x3 x5 = 300M!

#3178 4 years ago

Received my spinner stickers today. Thanks beatmaster!

2 weeks later
#3235 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Just got a personal best winter is coming hurry up. Just over 200 million.
I also had a game going where my spinner was giving me over 1.6 million a spin and I drained out before I could tons of points out of it.
I don't understand how anyone could get bored of this game for more than a week or so. Haha

How the heck did you get that hurry-up? Playing as house Stark?

#3245 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

King in the North!

Man, heads were rollin!

#3279 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Easy fellas. I haven't seen the episode yet. Also, Chris if I remember correctly you listen to dub step when playing in tournaments. My monster score at home last night was while I was bumping dub step in my basement. I think you may be onto something there. Haha

Works great for me on fast games, Sterns, etc. I have to switch to something slower when playing EM's or SS. Some of my favorites are Skrillex, Skream, Zomboy, Knife Party, Wolfgang Gartner, and many many more. Excision 2014 mix and 2015 mix are really good.

Back to the gameplay, I do prefer to start as Martell, but not play the Martell mode. I'm always looking to take Stark, Greyjoy, Tyrell, and Lannister into HOTK. But if I'm sucking the game up towards the end I won't hesitate to go ahead and play Martell or even Baratheon to get the EB or HOTK.

#3290 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I wish I could take ANY house into HOTK. I've only gotten there once and didn't know WTF I was doing.

OK, If you want some HOTK action you've got to stop playing as Greyjoy for a little while!

This actually got me thinking what could be the easiest path to HOTK, forgoing score, MB, etc.

I would say play as Baratheon. Start Baratheon. Shoot one spinner, one dragon shot, one drop target shot. Baratheon complete.
Shoot some right ramps to qualify Stark. Start Stark. Shoot 2 or 3 center ramps, then spinner. Stark complete.
Backhand the spinner a few times to qualify Greyjoy. Start Greyjoy. Shoot the five major shots. Greyjoy complete.
Shoot the right orbit a few times to qualify Martell. Start Martell. Shoot either orbit 3 times, followed by the center ramp. That last shot will not only complete Martell, but also start HOTK.

#3294 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

OK, If you want some HOTK action you've got to stop playing as Greyjoy for a little while!
This actually got me thinking what could be the easiest path to HOTK, forgoing score, MB, etc.
I would say play as Baratheon. Start Baratheon. Shoot one spinner, one dragon shot, one drop target shot. Baratheon complete.
Shoot some right ramps to qualify Stark. Start Stark. Shoot 2 or 3 center ramps, then spinner. Stark complete.
Backhand the spinner a few times to qualify Greyjoy. Start Greyjoy. Shoot the five major shots. Greyjoy complete.
Shoot the right orbit a few times to qualify Martell. Start Martell. Shoot either orbit 3 times, followed by the center ramp. That last shot will not only complete Martell, but also start HOTK.

OK, so I just tried this on two games in a row. I got one part wrong. Scratch the whole part about Martell. I forgot that with all the center ramps, Lannister is gonna qualify itself. Take Greyjoy and Lannister into whichever MB you happen to start. Both games I had HOTK started by 2nd ball. First game 1.1bil, 2nd game 1.6 bil. This could be a decent little alternate strategy for match play!

#3300 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I really need to put more time on my GoT LE. I can barely follow the playing tips here...
Some are saying the LE is harder than the pro, why is that?

I believe it is harder. I have the premium . The main reason is the top two lanes do not advance towards BFTW. Only the dragon shot does that and its a tight and dangerous shot. Also you don't get the same combo opportunities as the pro with the slower right ramp and orbits that dont work all the time.

#3311 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

i haven't seen any of season 6 yet. i'm assuming the younger crippled stark kid begins to control the dragons with his mind powers and him and the mother of dragons either team up, or the starks rule the 5 kingdoms and the iron throne.
or they all team up against the White Walker king, and it becomes 'life vs death'. i wouldn't consider this a spoiler, as it is probably just my incorrect speculation.

Keep watching. You're wrong on all counts!

#3318 4 years ago

I can give that a try too.

#3320 4 years ago

Just for a baseline, I checked my scores before trying this strategy. WIC champ - 127M. WHC champ - 470M.

#3322 4 years ago

Yeah, I'm afraid this just isn't going to work on the premium/LE. I just played about 15 games trying this and it is super frustrating. I never realized how many rejects I get on the right ramp when trying to hit it on a combo. Also just so difficult to finish modes playing as Greyjoy. So I switched to playing as Stark and I did up my WIC champ to 192M but never even got to WHC. I may try again tomorrow.

I'm afraid I'm just paprika!

#3333 4 years ago

Yeah, SKB. This is brutal. I did learn a completely new way to think about playing this game. Not that I would ever use this strategy in a competition, but I could always throw elements of this way into my normal strategy game. I also took this pic along the way trying this. All houses complete except for Targaryan playing as Greyjoy. That is probably a first for me. Took the pic mid-game because I knew I wouldn't be able to complete Targaryan.Sure enough, I drained about 20 seconds after taking the pic!


#3337 4 years ago

You say it works in test, but what specifically. Coil test? Switch test? If the coil fires in test mode but the opto doesn't register that could cause it. If both the switch and coil work in test mode but not in gameplay, then you have a weird problem.

#3343 4 years ago

It has to be a total. When I set my WIC champion score of 193m, my highest individual wic hurry up was around 157m.

#3359 4 years ago

No. The call out we need the most is....."Oysters, Clams, and Cockles"!

1 month later
#3468 4 years ago

For me, IT is not as hard to get as Portal, but it is still quite difficult to achieve. I think I've made it to IT about 6-7 times in about 500-600 games. I've only finished IT once.

Targaryan 3 is the Gem shot of GOT!

#3487 4 years ago

Not a whole lot to report here, but I did have my best ever Winter Has Come tonight - 803M.

1 week later
#3572 4 years ago

OK, reading your post made me realize just how little I know about Spike games, and that is bad since I am a GOT premium owner. I downloaded the manual and studied it a bit. You GI problem is related to node bd 10, which is in the bottom left hand corner with the playfield raised.

#3573 4 years ago

Same node bd as well for the left loop switch and the top rollovers.

#3577 4 years ago

I would try re-seating all the connectors on that bd. There is also a 7amp slo blo fuse on that bd.

#3578 4 years ago

Just read your other post. Bummer.

#3593 4 years ago

Boom! Did this tonight on my premium. Managed this score without even getting to Iron Throne. This game had some awesome moments like an 800M Martell mode, a WHC/Wall MB super stack, 2 Black Water MB's, and a very long Hand of the King. I also finally had what chuckwurt has talked about on the max spinner. I had it maxed and had 5x playfield. I made a weak backhand shot to the spinner that scored around 90M and was like Whoa! I then got a trap on the right flipper and nailed the spinner for over 300M. That was incredible!

I had every house completed except for Baratheon, the easiest one. I was wailing on the drops to try to get it lit when I drained. I knew I shouldn't have passed on it earlier in the game when I had the chance.

GOT GC (resized).jpg

#3606 4 years ago

If it's switch 45 your gonna hear crows! Most common is the mini-slings on the upper playfield. I believe they are 30 pt. switches.

Interesting about your flippers. Mine definitely activate lower 1st, then upper 2nd, on both sides. Sometimes I wish they were reversed so I could trap up top and then still flip at the bottom!

#3621 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Can this be saved? Back to school night so I cant watch live

You can always see past broadcasts on Twitch. Go to www.twitch.tv/buffalopinball . Click on the most recent video in the top right corner. Then you will see "chat replay" and "videos" at the top of the right pane. Click videos and there will be plenty to choose from with the most recent at the top.

#3622 4 years ago

I'm really digging this spinner strategy. Not as a stand alone strategy but in addition to my normal strat. Just being aware of the spinner value and capitalizing when it's there. I was hitting it for about 15m a shot last night on the way to a 5.4 billion game, AGAIN without making Iron Throne! I'm having a very tough time beating Targaryen lately.

#3627 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Couple of basic things can really improve someones score that's not focusing on them. These, to me, are the following. Of course theirs a lot of more complex ways to increase scoring but start with these:
- Focus on PF multipliers and keep with the flow. This game rewards those that can play with the flow. My scores started to sky rocket when I started to focus on PF X before I start a multiball and while in it (during ball save). Theirs a pretty big difference between nailing super jackpots at 1x or 4x and 5X. PF X can be really handy in modes too.
- Build your wildfire, especially when you have LOL lit as your wildfire increases your jackpot values. Added plus here is by building your wildfire you are also helping to build your PF X
- Shot multipliers. In modes you need to try and maximize them. Keep in mind you can multiple a shot up to 25X (5x shot and 5x PF). This is huge for modes like Stark, Martel and Baratheon.

All good tips. As for shot multipliers, try not to shoot a shot directly if you have that option. So you have a trap on the left flipper and need to make the left orbit. Sure you can just backhand the shot, but for more points shoot the center ramp and COMBO into the left orbit. And if you have the Tyrell ability, always use that inlane wisely. Other combos that work well: Right ramp to right orbit; Right orbit to center ramp; Dragon shot to bounce pass to right ramp!

#3628 4 years ago

Oh yeah I forgot to add something about the playfield multiplier. Try to keep an eye on the x insert that is flashing. When it flashes very quickly your playfield x is about to run out. Likewise, if the playfield x does expire, you have a couple seconds of grace period to smack the ram shot and bring back your playfield x. You can do some crazy stuff with playfield x. Like an 800M Martell mode; A 300M video mode; A Sword worth close to 100M, etc.

#3659 4 years ago

I still have all the original black rubbers on my GOT premium, but I love the look and play of Titan blue flipper rubbers. Comparing them to Superbands I don't think is fair. There are not hard as a rock like the Superbands.

20160321_184124 (resized).jpg

20160321_184159 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#3674 4 years ago
Quoted from Aeolus7:

I haven't played enough (or well enough at least) to get very far in GoT. What does everyone think of the wizard mode(s)? Do they differ much between pro & Premium/LE?

The only difference there is an additional MB(Castle MB) for completing the upper playfield 4 times. Hand of the King and Iron Throne play the same between the pro and Pre/LE.

#3675 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Beatmasters had an extra goodie in my last order for GOT. Replacement pop cap for the upper right pop number. Looks amazing and is very well built. Since the other one is completely hidden and the third is only a 3/4 cap, I think it looks good with just the one. What say you GOT crazies?

I think that pop cap looks awesome, but I would have to have all 3, even if you can't see them all.

#3678 4 years ago

Last night I was playing as Tyrell and had a 913M Lannister mode. Not sure how I did that but it was awesome!

2 weeks later
#3726 4 years ago

IMHO, GOT>KISS>GB. I liked GB a lot when it first came out. Put at least 200 games on it and I like it a lot less now.

1 week later
#3757 4 years ago

Pro is less game for less money. To each his own.

1 week later
#3768 4 years ago

With power off, put a meter across the switch and see if the state changes when you click it. If it does, I'd say you could have a bad node board. Also see which connector on the MPU connects to that node board and try re-seating that.

1 week later
#3806 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Same thing happens if you play a SPIKE based game for a while and the go to a SAM based game. The flipper "snap" or power is different so it will mess with your shots too.

YES! Post passes and live catches feel very different from SAM to Spike system.

#3841 4 years ago

Yeah, one of the best times to work the spinner is right after a MB. You've usually hit a bunch of drop targets without even trying and you probably have a playfield x going as well. Also when you have HOTK lit or maybe a 2nd Blackwater MB ready but you've already used your add-a-ball for that ball, then the spinner is the best option.

However, sometimes just after a MB the best thing to hit is the mystery award. Playfield x applies to those as well. I've managed a 300M video mode that way before! Or just 40m or 60m is good points.

#3843 4 years ago

The only thing is that can be a let down if your not sure how it works. The point value shown on the screen already has the playfield x factored in. So for instance if the value shown is 20M and you have 4x going, you're gonna get 20M, not 80M. Unless I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

#3850 4 years ago

Yeah, that score is nuts. I had an epic game on a pro on location the other day. Finally finished Iron Throne. Still just 6.4 billion.

1 month later
#3929 4 years ago

OK, on my premium I can backhand the right ramp and center ramp, no problem. But I have played numerous examples of both flavors and for some reason not all GOT's will let you shoot the center ramp from the left flipper. Not sure if it is a set-up issue, cleanliness issue, or if it is just the tolerances of the guides and stand-up targets, etc.

#3950 4 years ago

New code has dropped. Don't get too excited. No real substance to this one as far as game play.

#3952 4 years ago

You can set it for virtual locks now. Woo hoo! (sarcasm ).

#3957 4 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Not sure on reseting the combo timers - I believe they do. lotr_breath do you know?

I am almost 100% certain that the mini playfield has no bearing on the shot multipliers. One thing I like is that during a mode, after you shoot the three stand-ups for time and then collect the castle, the stand-ups re-light for actual progress in the mode. Some modes(but not all) you can actually finish the mode on the mini playfield.

#3959 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

But if you finish the mode up there the shots won't be multiplied by combo multipliers right? Just playfield?

Good question. I do not know. I know that playfield multipliers do apply since there is a 2x and 3x insert on the mini playfield, but shot multipliers I don't know. I've often wondered why there is only a 2x and 3x on the mini playfield but 2x,3x,4x,5x on the main playfield.

#3963 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Fun thread over on tilt call fun but stupid objectives.
Under 100 million with HOTK lit. Haha. I'm trying it right now.
EDIT. Challenge completed:
» YouTube video

you suck! I just can't do it. Hotk lit with 109m is the lowest I've been able to get.

20161223_212253 (resized).jpg

#3967 4 years ago

On one try I was extremely close and I flailed and collected a damn 3x sword worth 39M. I can NEVER get a sword worth 39M!

I found one of the hardest things about doing this is all the WIC hurry-ups that you accidentally get started. Then you can't just trap up and time them out because the timers stop just like on Star Trek. So you've gotta spam some worthless shot and then the ball gets into the slingshots, etc. Another thing that makes it so hard is during modes you've gotta trap up to let any combo multipliers run down, but all the while your mode timers are counting down as well.

Chuck, what house did you start as and what houses did you play? I've tried starting as Baratheon, then playing Stark, Baratheon, Greyjoy and Lannister. Also tried Baratheon, Stark, Lannister, Martell.

Never mind, a few minutes too late.

#3970 4 years ago

I will have to try this a few more times. I thought starting as Baratheon was a no brainer because you won't have to hit a bunch of drops(thereby increasing the spinner value) to start Baratheon. Then Baratheon can be completed with three easy shots and a pretty low score. My spinner is really dialed so I'm trying to hit that shot as little as possible. But, gotta hit it 3 times to light Greyjoy. Damn this is hard!

#3973 4 years ago

Hot damn. I did it!

20161224_133900 (resized).jpg

#3977 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

What route did you take? Did you have to play BWMB?

Started out as Martell. Played Martell, then Stark. I got Greyjoy stacked with Lannister and failed to finish either one. Had a BWMB where I accidentally cashed in one shot so I got like 12m for BWMB. Then got Greyjoy/Lannister stack going again and finished both at the same time with a single shot to the Dragon shot!

I did discover a great way to time out the WIC hurry ups. As long as the hurry up is somewhere else, you can just loop the center ramp while it times out.

#3981 4 years ago

Hand of the King Mini Wizard Mode:
Copied and pasted from Tiltforums. As you can see, Martell and Baratheon punish the most if brought into HOTK.

Completing four houses while not currently challenging a house will light HOTK.
The houses that you take into HOTK wizard mode can be important. Each house brings with it an attribute that will make it easier or more difficult to get through the mode. They are as follows:

Stark: Bonus round - 20 Seconds of free shooting after a completed set (lights up random shots for points; you may not want to go for these, it's a waste of time and it could end HOTK prematurely)
Baratheon: All 7 shots instead of 4 shots must be completed in order to finish a set.
Lannister: +125,000,000 added to hurry-up
Greyjoy: One less set needed to start super jackpot hurry up
Tyrell: +15,000,000 per super jackpot
Martell: All shots must be completed twice
Targaryen: +750,000 per shot award

HOTK is a mini wizard mode that is completed in "sets".

Each set starts with four shots to complete (or 7 if Baratheon is brought in).
The shots needed to complete the set are dictated by the houses you have carried into HOTK with you.
The value collected from shots also adds to the Super Jackpot value
After completing all the shots that are lit, the super jackpot will be lit at the battering ram. The Super is determined through the best four shots made in the set. Collecting the super will complete the set.
Completing 3 sets (2 if Greyjoy is brought in) will start a hurry up at the battering ram. Once this is collected or times out, everything starts over.

You'll also notice that the inlanes will be flashing yellow. A ball that travels through the inlane will increase the combo value of each of the main shots to the by 1x, and set all shots to the maximum current shot multiplier. For instance, if your multipliers are [1x 2x 2x 2x 1x], after a lit inlane, they will be [3x 3x 3x 3x 3x]. This is available at all times, regardless if you have Tyrell's powerup or not. This can also temporarily increase the combo multiplier to 6x.

Iron Throne Wizard Mode:

Completing all of the house modes lights the mode start shot for IT wizard mode. Like HOTK, this multiball is is based on completing sets of shots.

All of the central house lights that normally signify mode completion turn off at the beginning of the mode.
The mode starts out as a 2-ball multiball.
All house shots are lit to start a siege on their castle and light a set of shots.
Each "set" consists of hitting all 7 house shots. Shots turn off as you complete them.
The shot that corresponds to the current House's castle is lit in its House's color and is worth significantly more points.
Once all 7 shots have been completed, the battering ram lights for a Super Jackpot + Add-A-Ball.
Collecting a super jackpot will light that house to signify completion.
Start a new set by shooting one of the remaining unlit house's shots.
Iron Throne DOES NOT END when you drain down to a single ball.
Iron Throne DOES NOT END when your ball ends; you pick up where you left off on the following ball!
Martell's Add-A-Ball can be used at ANY time, including in single-ball play!
After completing the last main castle, you will receive one last added ball. You will then go through various other castles and cities and collect "victory lap" shots until you are down to one ball, at which point Iron Throne ends. (speculation: does this phase have an end?)

Casual mode settings

In recent updates, Casual Mode is set to off by default.

Players will not be able to choose a house at the start of the game. Players will start with House Stark.
STARK starts complete so they are one house closer to EXTRA BALL
GREYJOY starts lit.
No option to PASS on choose your battle
If only one house is lit the house will start without a prompt during CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE
Flashing effects will be set to the less intense setting.

Difficulty, HOME, and Directors Cut INSTALLS will change the setting.

Holding the ACTION button for 3 seconds before starting a game will
allow the game to start NOT in casual mode if desired.

Upper Playfield

The Premium and the LE both have an upper playfield, which consists of two flippers, a scoop where the ball may enter from, three touch targets surrounding two back lanes (where the ball will fall into the left loop), a left castle "mini-loop," and two rubber bits going up the upper playfield to serve as slingshots. In addition, since the switch used to validate the right ramp is hanging into the upper playfield, hitting the wire gate hard enough will spot you right ramp shots.

Castle Multiball

During regular play, the upper playfield is used to advance towards Castle Multiball. Completing a set of 3 targets and then shooting the ball out a back lane collects "Archers!", "Charge", "Breach" and "Castle Multiball" in that order. After collecting one bit of progress a drop target will rise in front of the Right Ramp. Shooting the drop target or starting a mode/multiball will drop the target.

Castle Multiball is...honestly something that not many players seek, so if anyone has any information on it fill me in here. :sweat_smile:

Upper Playfield During Modes

During modes, the upper playfield is used to collect Castles and advance in the modes. At any point, shooting the Castle loop awards certain things in a mode (see below). In addition, hitting one of the 3 lit targets lights the outer targets and awards 5 seconds on the current mode(s). Hitting one of the outer targets lights the center target and gives another 5 seconds. Hitting the center target awards 5 more seconds and lights the castle loop, and collecting the castle gives 15M up front, 7.5M in bonus (!), and lights extra shots on the upper playfield for the following awards:

Stark: 1 Advance value (just like a ramp shot). Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

Baratheon: Build Baratheon Jackpot. Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

Greyjoy: Does nothing before the castle is collected, but lights the back lanes to spot a currently-lit shot afterwards.

Lannister: 1 Advance value (just like a lit gold target shot). Allows value to go beyond the usual maximum. Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

Martell: Build Martell Hurry-Up. Collecting the castle also lights the targets. If the hurry-up is running, points are added on.

Tyrell: Does nothing before the castle is collected, but lights the back lanes to spot the current lit shot afterwards.

Targaryen 1/2: Build Targaryen Hurry-Up. Collecting the castle also lights the targets.

Targaryen 3: Build Targaryen Hurry-Up. Collecting the castle also lights the targets, which do damage to the dragon as well (just like 1 hurry-up collect).

#4000 4 years ago

OK, to take the heat off Chuck I'm posting my best ever score done last night past bedtime(wife was not happy). Game lasted 25 minutes. Chuck will love this. About 75% of this score came from the spinner strategy. I had a lousy HOTK of around 350M. I didn't even make it to Iron Throne, and I killed my previous high score of around 7.5B. On ball one I was ripping spinners at 3.1M/spin and lots of them at 3x,4x, and a few at 5x. Those 5x spins were worth 15.5m/spin and I was getting around 450-600M a spin. So much fun!

GOT 9.1B (resized).jpg

#4005 4 years ago

I'll tell you exactly how I went about it. Short plunge, then get the first set of drops down to light Lord of Light. Now I could go for drops somewhat safely, just had to guard against a center drain. Hit drops until I drained out the side and the ball was saved by LOL. Got Blackwater going and totally ignored the jackpots, just went for more drops. By the time the MB was over I think I was at around 1.1M/spin. Nailed a bunch of spinners like that and then decided to get greedy and risk more drops. Two or three completions later I was at 3M/spin. Somehow I managed to get a second BWMB going. This time I went for jackpots and playfield multipliers. I kinda bombed out but picked up 2 SJP at 4X worth around 112M each. Now it was spinner time for sure and I was ripping them at 4x and I would wait until the 4x was flashing rapidly(just about to time out) and I would hit the ram again to extend it. Eventually got to 5x and there is no time extension for that. I actually had just over 8B after ball one. I really really really thought I was on my way to over 10B, but the rest of the balls drained very quickly.

#4007 4 years ago

Hells yeah! I love that grace period!

#4010 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Thanks for sharing indeed! I love all the different scoring options this game has. In your opinion, as a competition player, is this a viable competitive strategy and/or an exploitable one?

The way most GOT's are set up for competition the short answer is no. Typically what I've seen in comp for GOT is zero ball saver time, outlane post rubbers and/or posts removed, and very tight tilts. To go all in on the spinner strategy would be quite risky since it absolutely depends on you having a very long ball, and preferably a very long ball one. That's just not very likely to happen on a difficult tourney game.

#4015 4 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Learned something new last night about the mini PF. It will also increase the timer on your BWMB Super Jackpots. Each target gave me an extra 5 seconds. Pretty sure it will stop adding time after 3 (like modes) but I was surprised to see that occur. I just happened to have a ball cradled on the upper right flipper and missed my JP shot bad enough to make it to the mini PF. With both balls up their I shot a target and saw the animation on the DMD that it added 5 seconds. Hit another target and it did it again, then I lost both balls down to the lower PF.

I didn't know that either. Might explain why last night I was in BWMB and it seemed like the super JP stayed lit forever. I must have hit 10-15 of them and came out with what I believe was my best ever score from BWMB, 1.6B.

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#4060 4 years ago

Here is my tip of the day. When you are trapped up and want to check instant info to see how much the spinner is worth, press the opposite flipper exactly 19 times to navigate to it. 20 times if HODOR is one of them.

Do it really fast and you'll look like a pro!

#4069 4 years ago

When I lubed up my ram I didn't have to take anything apart. I just slid it to one end and lubed the opposite side, then did that again in the other direction. Worked great. I also adjusted the leaf switch to have a slightly smaller gap.

Apples and oranges on the pro vs. Premium debate. BUT, Steve Ritchie went on record saying that he always designs the Premium/LE version first, then removes stuff to create the pro. So the premium may FEEL like it has extra crap just thrown on there to you, but I can assure you that is not the case.

I am certainly in the minority. I play the pro in league all the time and I still prefer the gameplay on my Premium at home.

#4077 4 years ago

Amen brother! IIRC you can finish Lannister and Tyrell on the upper playfield. There may be others. FYI, I finally found a great use for Castle MB. As you know, it's not worth a ton of points. I think a good round of Castle MB might net you around 100M. I use it to bash the crap out of the drop targets to increase the value of the spinner. And here lies a common misconception about GOT. Shot multipliers DO NOT affect the value of the spinner, but playfiled multipliers do. So let's say you've had a long ball with a couple MB's and your spinner is getting up around 3M/spin. It doesn't sound like much, does it? But 3m at 4x playfield becomes 12m/spin. A good rip on a juiced spinner is 30-40 spins, or 360M-480M per shot, which is way more than any jackpots in MB can get you. Only exception might be the second hurry-up during HOTK but I think most mere mortals rarely see that.

The most points I've seen on a single rip of the spinner is around 650M!

#4082 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Can't believe it. I keep GOT on all weekend and play a game at least once an hour. I've only been to HOTK once. Today I defeated 4 houses and had the arrow lit to start HOTK. The ball drained, Lazarus'ed back up to the tip of my right flipper, I flipped it to the left post and down the left outlane. F...M...L...
And btw...the guys that say the upper playfield adds nothing don't know what they're talking about. I spend a lot of time up there collecting castles, extending time, and working my way to castle multiball. I love this f**king game...but I want to beat it to a pulp with a baseball bat.

There are ways to get an easier path to HOTK. One would be to get Stark, then just hit 3 center ramps and cash in on the left orbit. Not much score, but there is a house down. Another is Baratheon. If you find hitting drops too dangerous, just select Baratheon at the beginning of the game. Start Baratheon and it can be completed in literally 3 shots. Left orbit, Dragon shot, drop target. Again, not much score, but another house down. The other houses that could be considered quick path would be Martell and Tyrell. Greyjoy is probably the next easiest. Lannister is not easy at all unless it is brought into BWMB.

Another thing is once you finish 3 houses, get that extra ball. Then go for your 4th house. One more thing that happens more by luck for me but if you finish Martell with a center ramp shot as you 4th house, you will both finish the mode AND start HOTK with a single shot!

#4094 3 years ago

Played a GOT pro in league on location last night. Had the spinner up to 513k per spin. Nailed the spinner several times for a whopping 4.5 million. Stupid location games!

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#4139 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Right. That's a bug for sure. Always have to tell myself don't get a warning with LOl lit. Hopefully Dwight fixes this too as sacrificing warnings is worth it to keep those outlanes lit.

I mean, are we sure that's a bug? It's happened to me as well and it sucks, but it seems like a punishment for dangering the machine with LOL lit cause you really didn't need to shake the game at all. Reminds me of the danger on the way out on BSD costing you your bonus, or even Black Knight laughing at you when you use your magna save too late and it drains anyway!

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#4162 3 years ago