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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#1793 4 years ago

Looking to purchase a Pro soon. Anyone know of a distributor who has these in stock? I've heard March from a couple of them.

1 week later
#1974 4 years ago

Joining the club. GOT Premium ordered today hoping to get is before the week-end. Was a tough decision on pro vs premium, as I do like speed and flow games, but also like the extra toys and light show the premium has to offer. Will be a long week waiting for this.

#1979 4 years ago

Can someone with the topper please measure and tell me how tall it is?

#1981 4 years ago

I have 9" to the ceiling. Damnit was hoping it would not fit so I'm tempted to spend $500. Thanks for the info.

#2000 4 years ago

Look what just showed up! Now to get it inside and tweak it.


#2004 4 years ago

Well 5 hours until I open the box, so I have a lot of time to think of what will need to be tweaked.

Here is my short list I know of.

1: Left Orbit
2: Throne Bounce outs
3: Elevator to upper playfield
4: Drop target air balls

Anything else I should be looking at?

#2009 4 years ago
Quoted from balselly:

Any Pinsiders that recently received your machine mind telling me when you placed your orders? Trying to gauge when I might be able to pick up mine.

This will depend on the Distributor and if they are in stock or not. I ordered my Premium Monday received it today. From JJ @ Game Exchange

#2012 4 years ago

Premium arrived and all set up and tweaked. I replaced all the rubber's with clear Titan's.

No problem with the drop target.
Throne works awesome.
Elevator will sometimes take 2 or 3 attempts I did add the washers.. (1 out of 10 times)
Left orbit did not work from out of box.

I notched out the bracket on the orbit divertor and was able to move it forward approx 1/8" or so. I also removed the rubber on the post closest to the right gate and replaced with the coil sleeve/heat shrink.

I was able to make 24 of the 25 test shots. 96% is something I can live with for now.

Now time to play and figure this thing out.

#2037 4 years ago

Does anyone feel the slings are under powered? Or is it my machine? I'm on 1.26 have never played any other code. Sling just feel week compared to my other 2 sterns Metallica and Mustang.

I see no adjustment on GOT for sling power.

#2082 4 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

I mentioned this exact same issue once before.
FYI: Did some testing with right orbit shots last night and have noticed that some were not making the right orbit and landing in pops. After taking some short video and reviewing I noticed that some times my if a really fast right orbit shot is completed that when the ball depresses the switch in order to open the interlock it will close the distance so fast from switch to interlock it hits the interlock before it opens Much like the scene from Hunt For The Red October below.
ยป YouTube video

I had this issue and adjusted the switch to be more sensitive and raised it a bit taller as well, autolaunch used to just bounce over the switch now it hits the switch and goes to upper playfield from autolaunch.

#2092 4 years ago

1 - Left Orbit, moved divertor braket, and replaced 1 top lane with post sleeve/shrink
2 - Elevator, had to bend a bracket a bit to make divertor arm work a bit better
3 - Right orbit switch, made more sensitive and raised it more above pf. Auto launch seemed to bounce over switch sometimes.

I also fixed the black rubber to cleat titan's while I had it all apart.

#2104 4 years ago

Fixed my issue with autolaunch, sometimes the ball would just jump like crazy. Found the issue to be the ramp in the shooter lane. It is not lined up the best on my machine and with auto launch the ball would ride the right side of the lane due to the power/angle of the launch.

I removed the ramp in the shooter lane and filed down the right side with the tall edge. It now has a nice smooth transition and seems to be working much better.


#2110 4 years ago

GOT ready for its first pinball Friday and ready to kick some ass.


#2194 4 years ago

I think the pro must be an easier game. As the premium is kicking my ass. only 1 game over 1 bil in 2 weeks of ownership.

I assume wall multi ball is much easier to achieve on the pro as all you have to do is clear the top lanes to advance as opposed to hitting the kickback shot? I would think wall multi ball would come every game if that is the case. Top lane have no risk in hitting. The damn gold targets get in my way on the kickback shot. Then SDTM.

#2201 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Disagree. Although wall MB is easier to get to, it is not lucrative at all. Unless I just don't know how to play it right.
Let me ask you this. Does your ram register consistently? If not, that could be why you're not getting better scores. I own a Pro and I would say that I play battle for the wall multiball once every 10 games and I score over a billion regularly.
The main thing that is easier on the prem is Martel mode. You cannot make full orbit shots consistently on a prem, so that makes this mode a joke to complete.
Also, I bet if you avoid completing castles so that the drop target never comes up on the right ramp, your average scores will go up too.
Oh and your extra ball collect is an easier shot too unless the games doesn't grab the ball when you make the shot haha.

My ram works as it should, my orbits work as they should, and so does my throne.

Castles have nothing to do with the drop target. It is the Castle Multi-Ball advance that bring back up the drop target. Sure I could turn that off but it is a nice feature to have you earn back to the castle.

It sucks all you people that think the Premium plays like a dog because of the out of box issues. Well anyone can fix the issues to make them work as they should. Or they can just keep complaining on pinside how Stern should fix it.

I must suck.. But I do still think the Pro is easier. Less to shoot at = easier game.

#2230 4 years ago

I'd expect some code polish, but it does feel for the most part pretty complete code. I would love to see the color change led on the premium castle black shot change color depending on how far along WMB you have progressed.

Some upper playfield tweaks would be nice. How about a hurry up involving upper playfield shots?

Compared to my past 2 NIB purchases this is way far along. Metallica took a year or so as did The Walking Dead. Lyman is either way to busy with Spike, or very slow, cause Dwight is doing a good job finishing code in a timely manner.

1 week later
#2389 4 years ago

On my premium the ball will come out of the right orbit to the right flipper every time. If you are having issues with it hitting the right sling try putting a small square piece of mylar on the end of the right orbit ball guide. This should bump the ball out enough and you will never see or notice anything.

1 week later
#2650 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Maybe she can reach over there and hold the ball in the throne!

If your ball does not stay in the throne fix it. I've never had a problem with it bouncing out in over 500 games, maybe I've see 3 bounce out. That's not a problem that's pinball. So if your is bouncing out more there has to be a reason why.

#2652 4 years ago

Mine is at 6.9 with no problems.

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