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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

5 years ago

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#32 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Sometimes you take a risk and it doesn't work. WWE's theme pretty much guaranteed I wasn't going to like it anyways.
I'm not saying Steve went crazy daring here, it's still a smooth shooting game. But I just get tired of people complaining about anything that will affect how fast the ball gets back to the flipper. I like pinball for lots of reasons, not just hitting ramps over and over.

This is exactly why I'm surprised Twd isn't more popular especially with Lyman's last update + Milgouse/Cleland sound package. The layout really has the best of both worlds, great flow mixed in with ball randomness mixed in with fun shots.

#37 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

When people get excited for a Steve Ritchie game, its for the fast smoothness of the ball returning to the flipper. On the le you lose that due to the ramp clunking around the upper playfield. As I indicated, a dedicated shot to enter the upper playfield that wasn't the ramp would have solved this problem for those of us that are considering pro due to the upper playfield. Add to that, the video on the pro showed the software and the modes catered to making ramp combo shots.
In the past, the le models were the full game and the pro were less than generally to save money. In this case it's not true. The pro is not just less than since the ramp adds a different dynamic to the game play. If both were the same price I would still be more interested in the pro here.

there wasnt much of any klunking going on at all with that mini pf that i saw. The returns were fast and smooth. Flow to me is how does the table react to missed shots? how about made shots? what about those half ass shots? The flow from ramp to mini pf to return lane was top notch if you didnt touch the ball. And if you did, flow was still present within the mini pf and made/missed shots with it. Ritchie is the king of flow and it shows. From pics, i also was with you in that a diverter should have been put in place on the ramp, but after seeing it in person i think he nailed it.

as for code; once the mini pf gets its well deserved attention im sure we'll see a different side of it.

The pros almost always get the better code out of the gate and the LE's typically always follow suit.

That all said i can only squeeze enough to go for a pro without selling TWD or STLE and simply put, thats not happening. I think both will play differently from each other but exceptional at the same. If i were deciding between premium, le, or pro - i'd wait and play it for myself no need to rush in that retrospect.

#41 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

This is interesting. Was it smooth as if it were just a ramp in this case like say the left ramp on Elvis? The mini pf on Elvis is pretty genius where if you don't flipper you can't even tell it's not a regular ramp.

I'm not familiar with elvis but how you describe it is exactly what I saw in the videos. Sometimes ppl didn't flip the upper pf and the ball returned fast like a regular ramp. Obviously not as fast as the pro but it looked buttery smooth to me.

#119 5 years ago
Quoted from smokedog:

My Kiss on location never has.

I was always curious about these kind of answers. Like how do you know? Not saying it is but rare resets may not always warrant the customer to notify someone to fix especially if they don't mind throwing in another buck and it doesn't reset again.

Prime example is I saw multiple people having lock ball trough issues on a TFLE just the other week on location. No one (not even myself) ever notified one of the floor persons. I just slapped the side of the game for the ppl playing it then it regiestered. Tons of ppl were playing that TFLE so with it bringing in so much money, it's doubtful the op is aware of any issues at all. No?

#147 5 years ago

Are you guys sure a little 3 yr old didn't stealth his way past everyone and hold down the start button? That's what I found was causing my reset issues

1 week later
#169 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Ok, I'm in! No idea when it will ship, but GOT is on its way!

Nice Dave. I don't know why I'm hesitating, but ready to pull the trigger on a pro too. Maybe I'm waiting to see and play a PREM.

#174 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

My GoT Pro arrived today. There are a few things in the design I have noticed that are different now. There is no coin door interlock switch on my game and Stern has gone back to the old style flipper coils (2 lug, KISS had 3 lug?). I don't find the lightshow anywhere near as bad as some are claiming, but before even 1 game was played we put 1.15 on it. The rules are going to take a long time to get the hang of so perhaps I will read the strategy guide that Dwight posted.
If there's no more coin door switch then coin door ball saver (still present) is a moot point.

grats on the purchase rob. Curious to hear your thoughts on the pin vs the others in your collection. Considering a GOT PRO myself.

#176 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

If you like combos and fast play then this game is for you. The sound and voice is absolutely wonderful and rich sounding. It makes a SAM game sound like AM radio. It seems you can fight 2 other houses at the same time which is kind of cool. There is A LOT to figure out on the game for sure! I think the software needs a bit of tweaking because I got a second extra ball and 5 seconds later lit another extra ball for my third. I have no idea how that happened!
It's amazing how far along the code, sound and dots are compared to KISS. It's a night and day difference.

Nice. Thanks for the quick response. Have you heard about orbit shots not always registering? Have you found that true on yours?

#196 5 years ago

Wow GOT pro has 6 balls? I did not know this. Is there a 5 or 6 ball mb implemented?

#214 5 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

I made GOT my b-yatch tonight.


Holy shit! Well done

#241 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

GoT is very different from ST and no, I would not say it is redundant.
A game that more resembles ST would be KISS. For example, Klingon multiball plays exactly the same as Demon multiball right down to the roving jackpot shot.

So after a weekend of play how do you like GOT vs the other pins in your collection? I know it's still early but how do you feel overall? Anything you really dislike about it so far?

#258 5 years ago

So for the current owners; I heard the outlanes were on medium or easy for the expo hence the long ball times and thought I heard Steve Ritchie decided to have the latest runs default the outlanes wide open. Is that true and/or are you guys experiencing long ball times with the outlanes open?

#259 5 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Nice. Agreed on the big scores not being long ball times. A welcome change from the usual Stern scoring mechanisms that were on the grind end of the spectrum.
I've gotten 6.5B here on location, EB turned off. Posts wide. It's a fun pin.

Is there a good balance of ball times to game progression that you can tell?

#261 5 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Not an owner... but played a number of games on location.
For your skill level, you'll want them wide open, tight tilt, and after you've gotten to Iron Throne, take the rubbers off of the outlane posts.
At Buffalo Billiards, we had wide open with rubbers, medium tilt, and the ball times could get pretty long.
You can also make the Lord of Light feature harder.
Stepping up to it cold, you'll brick enough shots off of the stand-ups of death to keep games relatively short. But particularly in a home collection, getting dialed in on the game, ball times will go through the roof.

Thanks man!

#263 5 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Not an owner... but played a number of games on location.
For your skill level, you'll want them wide open, tight tilt, and after you've gotten to Iron Throne, take the rubbers off of the outlane posts.
At Buffalo Billiards, we had wide open with rubbers, medium tilt, and the ball times could get pretty long.
You can also make the Lord of Light feature harder.
Stepping up to it cold, you'll brick enough shots off of the stand-ups of death to keep games relatively short. But particularly in a home collection, getting dialed in on the game, ball times will go through the roof.

This draws me away from picking up the pin (pro).

Quoted from Snailman:

I think so. The game isn't NEARLY as deep as the epic rulesets of LOTR, TSPP, and WOZ. ("Deep" being how far and skillful you must play modes/MB's to get to a wizard mode) I made it to Iron Throne in the first 10-12 plays on the settings listed above.
But GOT has a lot of great "in the moment" choices when it comes to what house to choose (and how to take advantage of that), when to battle certain houses, which house battles to stack, which ones to stack with which MB, etc.
And the risk/reward from the combo X and the PFx (battering ram) is fantastic. This risk/reward causes you to play faster and less controlled, helping to cut down on ball times.

This draws me closer lol

#266 5 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

There's also a decent variety to the length and skill required to complete modes (House Battles). One mode can be finished in two shots -- but if you want to milk it for max points, you'll need more than 10. It's your CHOICE.
The element of CHOICE is where GOT shines. I can choose to cash out my Stark battle for only a couple mil if I simply want to progress faster toward their house sword, Hand of the King, and Iron Throne. Or I can take it to max value, plus spend some extra shots (without accidentally hitting an orbit) to max out my multiplier before cashing in.

Nice! I imagine the scoring in those mini wizard modes is based on how well you did in each mode, could you tell off your limited play?

1 week later
#326 5 years ago

That sucks rob. Hope it gets ironed out smoothly for you. When talking to tech support, did they mention or elude to this being a known issue?

#336 5 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

.......I'm just saying the there's no twd kicks ass thread, or Metallica kicks ass thread, or ___ kicks ass thread.
This game has the potential to be one of the great ones.

They're called owner threads now
And metallica and TWD do kick ass! But I haven't played GOT yet sooooon I hope!

#386 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

ok, first of all. Lets remember this is just my opinion. No one has to agree with me. I went to go play the GoT Pro after work and shortly after my wife came to play as well. My wife is a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, she reads all the books and is glued to the tv when we watch.
Both my wife and my overall impression was "This is a piece of shit". My wife said, "who ever made this knows nothing about Game of Thrones". It feels cheap, sounds cheap and looks like something you would find at Toy's-R-Us next to a Zizzle. But hey, if you like it that's your opinion man!
Granted, I do think the LE has far more potential with it's upper playfield etc. But as for the Pro... no thanks. I had more fun playing the Swords of Fury that was next to GoT and it was beat to death.
edit: As for "my opinion" I just have different taste when it comes to pinball. A sort of check list and GoT failed that list. If you like the machine... that is your opinion. Let the rest of us have our own opinion as well.

Im curious what yours and your wife's interpretation of the show is vs the pin? Did you guys expect nudity, whores, and sex? cause despite popular belief, GOT is not about this. It's about money & the balance of power which from what ive read, the game does a good integration of. But i still have not seen or played one so take that as you will; just wondering what they missed as far as theme integration goes.

#390 5 years ago
Quoted from Cornelius:

Me personally, I expect this from ALL my pins. Bring on My Little Pony!!!!

#433 5 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

How that work out for you? What on earth could break on that already? Isn't it only a few hours old?

Have you ever opened an nib? Most need some sort of tweaking one way or other.

#448 5 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

hey! look what just showed up after diner.


After dinner? or did you get a diner too!?


#519 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Keith Elwin is putting up 20 billion scores now.
I dunno man, these games are getting ridiculous. I think I'm starting to not like the flow ho era as much now. Too smooth, and too easy for the good players to just keep it going. That's not gonna be me, to be clear! But I know that if I had to play Keith Elwin I'd rather it was on Flash Gordon than GOT. At least he's gonna have to take some of that game's lumps as much as I will.

Typically faster tables and more flow equates to shorter ball times as missed shots are typically designed to be more deadly (i.e. ACDC, ST, MET, etc...). The first thing i noticed on the initial pics on GOT's layout is missed shots did not look deadly. And im wondering if the outlane saver option is the cause for longer ball times too? Plus, i heard GOT's first shipped with the outlanes in middle position and are now shipping with them open. This is all speculative of course from what ive heard, and i havent played GOT yet.

I also wonder how the tournament settings are - is the outlane saver disabled or MUCH harder to light? It should be for tournament.

#528 5 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Twd is close to a masterpiece largely due to the borg/lyman combo. Kiss however with lonnie leading the code i think will fizzle out like st did. Got is already heads and tails better than kiss gameplay and shots.

Good thing Steve Ritchie and Dwight retook ownership and held the bull by the horns to get ST to a killer state. Fizzle no longer

Avengers, TF, kiss....that's what happens when you don't ruffle feathers as a designer to get your pin the attention it deserves.

#535 5 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Borg is definitely #1.
He's killing it.

Hmmm and I read that as ...
He's killing it.

2 weeks later
#553 5 years ago

So the guys that have had their pros now for awhile, is GOT still kick ass?

#563 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

It has... Arrived!
So, who has built a pyramid protector?

Grats! Pro or LE?
Initial thoughts and reviews please

#605 5 years ago
Quoted from denmark71:

Well the ball got stuck again. Here is a pic of it. I'm going to leave the ball there and add another to the game until I can figure out a better fix. image.jpeg

I wonder if your wireform ramp needs adjusting or a little realignment by loosening screws, adjust and tighten?

#648 5 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Immediate fix to make the game challenging for good players, with more reasonable times for ops:

More difficult = maybe GOT is a good candidate for lightning flippers?

I think you just nailed it with this comment Snailman! I had a BDK that everyone said you'll hate it cause of the long ball times. Opened the outlanes, added LIGHTNING FLIPPERS and wham! BDK is one of the most fun pins ive ever owned to this day because of that. I even had lightning flippers on my SM and was loving that game at the time when i had them. I sometimes hit myself for putting regular bats back on, then selling the game a week later cause i hated the long ball times again (should have put the lightning flippers back on, doh!).

#650 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Yeah, but how long did that BDK last after the ooh shiny wore off for you?

Fun factor top notch. Everything else was craptastic; and that stuff does irritate me for long term (sound, art, theme integration, etc...). So while I didn't want to sell my bdk at the time, an opportunity came up to trade it for a met premium and I jumped on it.

Now that I think about it, I think one other pin had a higher fun factor than bdk but also lacked in other areas as mentioned and that's BBH. That darn buck has got to be the funnest toy in pinball. Way better than the crane too cause of its randomness whereas the crane had fixed programming assignments.

#665 5 years ago

Not sure why everyone thinks the codes gonna get abandoned so quickly. You have Dwight and Steve Ritchie on the job! only time I'd be worried on lack of code progression is if Lyman, Dwight, or Steve are not involved.

I'm sure there's more to come and a few surprises as well. Right now, I presume Dwight is focused strictly on bugs and scoring balances. Now that games are shipping they'll probably wait for the next phase of rules til they get lots of feedback and find a good direction to move forward with.

Personally, I want them to add Purchasable champions that add different kinds of scoring bonuses for the remainder of the ball. I won't go into detail as I already have in another thread. But more risk/reward type features are needed from my understanding of the game. And I haven't even played yet lol. But soon, very very soon!

#675 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

haha WTF 3 days!

A True Xmas pack?

#758 5 years ago

So my GOT showed up at the local terminal today. I call to arrange shipping schedule and they said the pin wasn't on the truck when it got there! Not sure what to make of it, at first I laughed but now wondering what the hell happens if they never find it and how long I'll have to wait til it's rectified. Blah, this pretty much sums up my luck for 2015. Heres to Hoping 2016 is better. Lol.

#759 5 years ago

Sounds like they found the pin. Will find out for sure tomorrow hopefully. Lol

#765 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

LE or Pro?


#782 5 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

Have you played both? Why did you decide to go with pro. Just curious

Havent played either one; no fun in getting a pin after you played it

Few factors played in my role to get a pro:

1. Biggest factor: Funds! I would have had to sell STLE and dummy it down to a pro if i wanted GOT Prem/LE. Thats not happening especially since STLE is proven good. (ironically, im still considering doing this but going with a different pro to free up some funds for house modifications - trying to hold off doing that though lol) anyway....

2. I did use my pin funds to get IMVE. But i got bored of it quickly after the first few weeks and sold it before GOT's even hit the line.

3. Lots of differences in inserts and gameplay between these 2 versions (apparently anyway). Tons of great reviews on the pro from people i trust solidified by choice to go with it to replace my IMVE.

4. RobT is getting a premium so really no need to wait and see what version i'll like better. I'll play the pro and his premium a bunch and decide then if i need to upgrade or not and vice versa since he's not a big mini pf fan

...Now back to unboxing GOT!

#783 5 years ago

No more pre drilled shaker motor holes?

#785 5 years ago

So the artwork is clearly not as bad as everyone made it. Even the pro photoshopped characters looks decent. Definitely not better than the LE, but it works!

Now this has me laughing hysterically!!!! I'm still rolling. I propped up the headboard and here's the first thing I saw....

It's a freakin head of a penis! Mezel mods save me please

#786 5 years ago

So a couple other initial setup impressions:
- Even though the throne isn't used in the pro, it really does look awesome. Kudos to stern for adding it.
- the dragon looks incredible!
- pf art colors remind me a lot of potc.

#793 5 years ago

Oh thank god you guys are right! The shaker is on the right side of the cab now haha. I'm so spoiled with the pre drilled holes

#796 5 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I think that belongs to Theon.

Omg hahahahahahahaha!

#797 5 years ago

Looks like my pro shipped with the new pyramid protector. It looks great in person. The dragon overall is stellar!


#802 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I wish the design of GoT premium/le removed the target from the right ramp entrance and instead put a diverter on the ramp itself. So the ramp plays the same as the pro or it can feed the mini playfield.

I agree; im really interested to see how the Prem/LE plays - the right ramp on the pro is HELLA FUN to hit. Not sure how the sword insert plays a role into the rules as ive only seen values of around 5-7 mil tops for it.

#805 5 years ago

when you guys talk about pf multipliers, are you referring to the multipliers shown on the dmd or the 2x/3x/4x/5x pf insert multipliers?

I had the multipliers up to 10x on the dmd, not exactly sure how to increase them yet or how/when they reset back to 1x.

#807 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

PF multipliers (inserts) come from hitting the battering ram. The ones you see on the dmd are the combo multipliers. Each time to make a shot that has a flashing red arrow, it increases the multiplier of every other shot in the game and vice versa. Those can get to 5x on their own. Then if you're at 5x playfield, your max shot value can be 25x.

Think i got it. Then, you use the sword insert to increase the potential of your multipliers and the battering ram to collect so to speak?

#810 5 years ago

I think I'm getting the hang of it


Factory settings except 3 tilt warnings instead of 2. Medium tilt.

Though, I'm not sure how to light iron throne. I was fighting I believe the 3rd dragon so I believe iron throne lights after beating all 3 dragons?

In either case, something I'd like to see in a future update is more effects and sounds when you get WIC mb.

#814 5 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

They were on my pro. Did you look on both sides?

Yea. Read the rest. Someone mentioned spike system shaker is on the right. Super easy install. Say what you will about stern and spike but this has been the easiest, quickest setup of any pin I've ever had. Shaker was much easier to install than previous sterns with all the room given on the right side of the cab.

#815 5 years ago

Dam this game does kick some ass. I love how it's both casual fun and very strategic all at the same time. It doesn't feel like work to progress in the game like a lot of pins are.

Shaker and sub really enhance the play, highly recommend.

Also, I put speech attenuation up to +8 to get the sound effects and music more pronounced. The speech really drowns out the cool effects a lot of the time. In fact, I may go higher on the speech attenuation but will wait til tomorrow for when I can really crank the volume.

#817 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Wow. Great score! I've only been able to muster a 1.5 billion score so far. So much fun! Thanks for the heads up on the shaker and sub. Those were my go to mods I wanted to get right off the bat. Is the sub easy to install too? I don't have any DMD games. This will be my first.

Super easy! get the polk audio sub thats plastered all over pinside; probably best to wait til its on sale so you can get it for like $70 or something. You will need some speaker wire and either 2 alligator clips (what i used) or solder the connection. But basically run your speaker wire from the sub through the back of the bottom part of the pin through one of the opening and through the air vent shield over to the sub speaker in the cabinet. There's 2 terminals, positive and negative. When youre looking at the terminals, the furthest one is your NEG (-) and the closer terminal to the coin box is the POS (+). Hook up your alligator clips accordingly then hook up your NEG & POS to the INPUT of the polk sub. Flip the sub to auto and adjust the volume to your liking. Its super easy. And the shaker was extremely easy to install, moreso than previous pre-drilled sterns. I got my shaker from Pinballlife - had easy to follow instructions to go with it. Be sure you buy the spike system shaker

Enjoy; i got 1+ bil 4 times last night all with house of baratheon LOL. Gotta dig into some of the other houses today

#826 5 years ago

Just joined the 3 bil club as house of Tyrell!

man building up that multiplier and then rolling in some jackpots and mode shots can really pay off!

Happy new year and it's not even midnight yet!

Btw; how the heck do you beat house stark playing as greyjoy?

#829 5 years ago

Workin those multipliers, stacks, and cashing it all in is where it's at! I'm so in the honeymoon phase right now but loving every minute of it. Time to actually do good in one of the wizard modes and push the 4 bil barrier!


#832 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Dude. Stay with Tyrell and see how big you can cash out stark mode for. We you're mission is over 1 billion from stark alone, should you choose to accept it.

Wow good idea. Maybe try and build a 3, 4, or even 5X multiplier first?!

#835 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Sorry guys, Keith Elwin has spoiled me, your 3 billion scores just aren't impressive.

Hahaha. Top 10 players aren't allowed to play the brag game

What is Keith's HS? And is it factory with the outlanes open?

#837 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

You know Keith, he rubberbands the outlanes closed.
I don't know what his high score is, but he can crack 20 billion.

Good god. Thank goodness top 10 players are disqualified from bragging season

I just asked about the outlanes cause the first few runs of pros were shipped with outlanes in middle.

#849 5 years ago

Nice Dave! Yea getting to hand the first time is intense. I been there a few times now and have no idea what to do, but thanks to LOTR_breath posting this from the bugs thread, it'll be a little more helpful

You guys need to read the code read me files if you have not. There's some great info in there...
Back in v1.03
- Each House completed before Hand starts will change or add to the rules
of the multiball.
- Targaryen will increase the base value of all shots
- Stark Will add a "Bonus Round" at the end of each set
- Baratheon will increase from 4 shots needed to all 7 shots.
- Lannister will increase the starting value of the SJP Hurry Up
- Greyjopy will subtract one set needed before SJP Hurry Up.
- Tyrell will increase the value of the Super Jackpot
- Martell - Each shot needs to be shot twice
v.1.16 added this
- Added more interesting rules to WINTER HAS COME
- 3 phases: HORDE, BOSS, FROZEN
- 7 shots, shoot all to complete and start BOSS
- Each shot made starts or restarts a timer
- Each time the timer runs out one more shot is added back
- 3 Shots individually timed are timing out fast
- If they all time out the boss will attack and you will be FROZEN
- Each time one is shot it will start a new shot timing out.
- 4 shots collect the SJP == the total of the 4 Winter Is Coming values
- Shoot one shot within a small window to unfreeze and restart BOSS.
- If the time runs out go to HORDE
- Changed the number of Winter is coming needed from 7 to 4.
And in v.1.18
- Reduced the number of sets needed to "complete" Hand of the king from
4 to 3. Greyjoy still reduces it by 1 from 3 to 2.
- Changed the calculation that converts wildfire into jackpot value
for blackwater multiball. Jackpots are worth more with less wildfire.
This also increases the super jackpot values too.
- Tweaked how much gold you get from different areas of the game. If you
are not Lannister you will average less gold per ball.
- Increased how much gold is worth from bonus.
- Reduced how much Wall jackpots and super jackpots are worth
- Increased how much WINTER HAS COME Boss is worth.

#853 5 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Am I missing something here? Latest code on Stern's site is 1.02.

Should be 1.18 for he pro. Those are pro read me files but should be the same as far as rules are concerned.

#855 5 years ago

I was just 2 shots away from iron throne! One to finish the the final dragon shot, then one to the iron throne. Doh!

Got to play WHC though, what a cool mode. Trying to follow what I was doing in correlation to the rules above and even had 5 balls going, 3 trapped with left flipper and playing with 2 and totally whiffed hardcore lol.

There's a lot of good shit going on in this pin. Just afraid how I'll feel when the honeymoon phase is over; maybe buy a PREM/LE?

#859 5 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I don't know about that, but the music is just way too subdued, like half volume.

One of my biggest up front complaints on this pin is how loud the speech call outs were. I set speech attenuation to +18, music to -4, and added a sub. HUGE difference! Night and day.

Also, I noticed spike system has bass and treble settings in the utilities menu! That's pretty bad ass. I raised bass up to 100, and treble down to 75. Crank it up and shaken the house.

#860 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

One of my biggest up front complaints on this pin is how loud the speech call outs were. I set speech attenuation to +18, music to -4, and added a sub. HUGE difference! Night and day.
Also, I noticed spike system has bass and treble settings in the utilities menu! That's pretty bad ass. I raised bass up to 100, and treble down to 75. Crank it up and shaken the house.

So I've been playing with my sound settings. Right now I'm at...
Music attwnuation: +3
Speech attenuation: +21
Bass: 100
Treble: 75

What this does is level out the loud call outs but also raises the overall sound effects a few notches like the battering ram hits, jackpots, etc... Intensifying the overall feel of shots and progression.

Would like to hear other thoughts and sound levels. Mine is stock speakers with external sub.

#863 5 years ago

Nice scores guys! I haven't broke much past the 3 bil plane yet

#876 5 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Good to see others ideas on sound. I have upgraded internal and external sub. I put up bass to 100. Only diff is I've found not to plus speech attenuation too much 10 max, but that's just me

Yea I've backd down on my speech a lot yesterday. Think I'm at +15 or +16.
the call outs are really good and I like them a lot. But there's one call out that I can't stand and makes me shriek everytime I hear it, when the chick says "Get the super jackpot". Just something with the way she says it that rubs me the wrong way. All her other call outs are top notch.

#882 5 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

How long are the ball times? Is GOT just a high scoring game due to code, or do long ball times contribute to billion-plus scores?
I'm asking because I'm still considering options for my next game and I'm not interested in LOTR type gameplay. GOT seems like a ton of fun.

I'm pretty much factory settings with tilt warnings at 3 instead of 2. Tilt is medium. Outlanes wide.

Since I loaded new code Thursday, here's what my audits look like:

Total Plays: 105
Average score: 860 mil
GC: 6.4 bil
Game times are all over the place (which is really good). Highest was 16 games in the 6-8 minute range. I had 8 games at 15+ minutes. And 22 games in between those 2 audits.

Overall, the game times do not feel long or excessive, even the 15+ min games are a blast and continued progression through long games is a big plus on the rules and code.

Here's some other interesting audits:
- My left and right drains are near identical: big plus IMO
- Ball searches: 0; another huge plus but I did have a stuck ball on a plastic from an air ball
- Right flipper is heavily used 50% more than left.
- I'm nearly exactly at 10% extra balls awarded

#885 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

7.9 degrees of pitch.

Good lord no wonder you're launching balls into orbit!
Maybe I'll throw a couple war and peace books under my back legs and see if I can keep the ball in play for more than a minute

I'm at 6.9 pitch

#889 5 years ago
Quoted from rolandthoms:

slightly off topic. What is the tool you use to measure the pitch? available at amazon or home depot?

I use the clinometer app with my iPad mini. Seems more accurate than the digital torpedo level I have. The app doesn't work well with iPhone though. Digital torpedo level purchased at sears.

#893 5 years ago
Quoted from dfsays:

What are your strategies, which house do you like to play with?
I tend to lean toward playing Greyjoy. I'll shoot to start Martell right away for the add-a-ball and then light another house like Lannister to time with BW MB.
Martell racks up the points for me when I battle them and while raising the multiplier up.
The toughest shot for me is the dragon on the pro. Half the time I miss and get a bad bounce from one of the surrounding stand-ups.
I also aim for the ram at the beginning of MB to raise the multiplier early and the Lord of Light targets during the ball save time at the beginning of each ball. My average score is around 200M with the majority of drains coming down the middle.

If I play greyjoy, I definitely try to knock out Martell to get the add a ball. I also like finishing Stark to get the WIC bonuses, but I still don't exactly know how to fish stark while in Greyjoy so becomes tough.

My highest score is still with Martell (6.4B) and using that add a ball in HOTK and WHC modes. It's such a huge bonus cause I can practically build up my multipliers risk free knowing I have an add a ball. One time I forgot I was House Martell having a great game and on ball 3, lost both balls in multiball and slammed the iron bank in frustration and got 3 balls back, then proceeded to pull off an epic game.

#896 5 years ago

I've tried, and want to accomplish one day, going with Tyrell; then, complete Targaryan before HOTK as Targaryan increases all base value shots during HOTK. I wonder if the reward is worth the risk.

Speaking of Tyrell, I haven't quite followed, what exactly do the inlanes do? Do they just boost the starting combo to 3x? Or does it do more? (Hard to read dmd when the game is so fast lol).

#918 5 years ago

Game of thrones Pinball:
So good, it'll make people rape each other over it.

#929 5 years ago

So I got the sub hooked up and bass at +105 and volume cranking since wife and kids are outside. Wife comes into the room to grab a soda and says, "wow! That's really loud". All I could say was "thanks!" And think about this in the back of my mind....

#933 5 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

Been playing the sht out of my pro it's definitely a keeper for me I even noticed im hearing the music call outs and the lights flashing in my head and im not even playing lol true story

Dude! I did the same thing the other day lol. Got done playing, went into the kitchen where my niece was watching a show on her phone, and I'm like 'oh cool you're watching game of thrones" and she's like what? I'm like "ya that music is game of thrones." She's like what music. Lol

#955 5 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Pro vs. Premium/LE thoughts on game play etc. Strongly considering purchasing. Only played the pro and loved it.

I can't wait to play a PREM. I'd definitely hold out til you play the PREM though. The right ramp and overall flow on the pro is awesome. Lots of reported issues with the LE so far which seem to be getting hashed out, but the right ramp air balls on the LE are concern for me. It's a fun feel good shot to go from right orbit to right ramp on the pro. So At this point, I'd try to hold off on a PREM til some of these issues get resolved or go away.

#956 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Then get one! I'm sure you would like the Prem/LE just as much if not more so it comes down to whether you want to spend the extra money. You can always get a prem/LE later if you decide you would rather have one of those.

This is a good point. It's not hard to upgrade from a pro to a PREM later on. Just dont go too mod crazy, it's easier and quicker to move a stock game than a modded pro....depending where you live and such. I have a feeling I'm gonna end up with both a pro and PREM for a few months before I decide. But holding out til some friends get there prems

#960 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

Full orbit shots are a issue on the GOTLE.

I thought someone finally fixed that? and hopefully stern is reading and will modify in future premium runs?

#964 5 years ago

Nice. Bug fix update! Wtg Dwight!

#965 5 years ago

So question I've been meaning to ask. Battering Ram: do you guys have issues gettingit to register with the left flipper? Seems my right flipper works fine for the most part on it, but left flipper shots hardly register. Wonder if this is by design or not but doesn't seem so. Would be nice to get consistent hits on both flippers. I may have to dig into the mech and see what can be done, but kinda waiting on mezels ram mod before doing so.

#971 5 years ago
Quoted from tp:

Sorry guys but I'm about to make a choice and think the people in this thread have some knowledge. Got pro or star trek pro?

This is a GOT kicks ass thread. I wonder what people will tell you

That said, I have an STLE and it's been gathering cobwebs since I got GOT PRO 2 weeks ago. STLE is one of my favorites and I actually did play one game of it after GOT; and it just seemed to be lacking in the progression and build up dept that GOT has.

GOT PRO is looking to be a true champ. Rules aren't hard to follow and they are average as far as depth is concerned, but they are very wide in that it has a ton of breadth if that makes sense. All achievable wizard modes, fast gameplay, great flow, and tons of strategy.

I'd go GOT PRO over ST PRO and this is from an STLE fan and owner.

#974 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Wow. Pardon me, but wow. I don't think anyone knows more about ST rules than you do (except maybe Dwight). You are the entire reason that I plan to give ST another shot in the future because of your explanation of so much more depth than I knew about.
I also agree (well, look at the thread name). GOT seems to get its core concepts across better. Whenever I am battling a house, I'm pretty sure what I need to do. Whenever I combine battles, I know what to do. The logic to build multipliers is clear, though I do wish it communicated how long before multipliers timed out a bit better. Understanding what to do is never my issue, it is doing it. And just like the risk of adding double scoring before the Do or Die Hurryup on IM, there are paths to much higher scores on GOT. And every one of those comes with a risk along the way. I can massively increase the value of a shot, but it will take some extra shots to do it.
That is why I am addicted to GOT. I've been to HotK a few times now, but really I find that it matters HOW I get there. There are so many challenges to work at along the way. I find the code in this game to be exceptionally good and a bucket load of fun.

I think you nailed it spot on.

To add; GOT has faster gameplay and ball times for the most part. So by the time you see 1,2, or even 3 wizard modes in it, you could just be getting to Kobayashi Maru in ST which is 1/3 of total progression.

There's just a lot more to offer in GOT than ST. But I just got a red tremor for my ST for giggles, so once I knock this flu bug out of me, I plan to install it and give ST another roll. Mind you, i have had STLE for 2+ years now and it has lasted longer than many other great titles (ACDC and MET to name a few), even the TWD I just got couldn't pull me away from STLE. Could GOT PRO be the game that knocks it off its throne?

#978 5 years ago
Quoted from Rudy68:

I've played GoT pro once for just a couple of games. Recently I've played the LE for a bit longer. Love the game and the mini playfield makes the game more complete in my opinion, like the designer had it in mind. I was just wondering how much extra code is related to the mini playfield, and how it adds to the overall experience of the game. Can anyone comment on this?

If I judged GOT PRO on its first 10 plays, I'd Put it in the pass dept. RobT even text me an hour after I set it up asking my initial thoughts, and let me tell you - they were not pretty and I was about to shut the pin down and call it a day. But I updated the code (forgot what it shipped with), and the next 10 plays, it all came together. It was night and day and now I can't stop playing it, but I'll try just to see if it can be done

#981 5 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Played GOT pro in league last night. Put 2.2billion on it. Next closest score was 650M. Loving the game, but it does play long. Playing in a location with about 30 pins, almost every group(7 groups) wanted to play GOT last night and it put us running late. We are gonna have to do a few things to make the game harder. Namely, tightening up the tilt and possibly pulling the inlane post rubbers off. I was only one house away from Iron Throne and I estimate that my game alone was about 20-30 minutes.(3 ball, 1 extra ball).

There's fast games, then there's long games. Im curious which house you selected to have the long ball time?

According to my audits...

Quoted from Eskaybee:

I'm pretty much factory settings with tilt warnings at 3 instead of 2. Tilt is medium. Outlanes wide.
Since I loaded new code Thursday, here's what my audits look like:
Total Plays: 105
Average score: 860 mil
GC: 6.4 bil
Game times are all over the place (which is really good). Highest was 16 games in the 6-8 minute range. I had 8 games at 15+ minutes. And 22 games in between those 2 audits.
Overall, the game times do not feel long or excessive, even the 15+ min games are a blast and continued progression through long games is a big plus on the rules and code.
Here's some other interesting audits:
- My left and right drains are near identical: big plus IMO
- Ball searches: 0; another huge plus but I did have a stuck ball on a plastic from an air ball
- Right flipper is heavily used 50% more than left.
- I'm nearly exactly at 10% extra balls awarded

I had 8 games in 105 that were 15+ mins long. Thats a good average; this is factory with medium tilt - open outlanes. I agree, tightening the tilt may be needed on this machine. Its easy to play the outlanes (thats not a bad thing IMO).

#985 5 years ago

So I got an idea for 2 cool features, wondering what you guys think :

1. An option (similar to the casual mode), but when you're choosing your house, have a way to randomize it. Could be fun for league play or casual competition as I suspect league play (and maybe tournament play), players are more compelled to pick house Martell or Greyjoy?

2. After you get to and play the iron throne and the table resets, have all the shots that represent each house shuffle randomly except targaryan (that always remains as the kickback shot). Just something quirky for when you beat the game, so the center Lannister shot may now become Tyrell and vice versa. Some may remain the same . It would also make the game slightly harder at this point adapting to new shots.

Anyway, just a thought.

#988 5 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nice work. This is the house I think can really blow the game up if you're concentrating on making consecutive shots and ranking up multipliers.

I need to verify but I don't think the Tyrell inlane progressively increments the combo multipliers. Sometimes a sound is hears when it rolls over the lit inlane and sometimes it doesnt. I think the times it does it starts the multipliers at 3x. And the times it doesn't no effect is taken. Need to confirm this.

And to my post above. Forgot about tyrell, I'm sure that's a popular choice too for competition.

#989 5 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well if those 2 houses are seen as having an advantage, then randomly getting them in a league/tourney setting would not be cool. Unless it was selecting BOTH players as the same house, which is kind of cool. Or maybe that's what you meant anyway?

That's not what I meant but certainly does make 10X more sense to randomly select the house and all players play that house. That actually sounds pretty bitchin!

#1001 5 years ago

I've only back handed the dragon kicker a handful of times and I can't say any time was intentional. Too easy to go left flipper to center ramp to setup a dragon shot rather than try to backhand that.

Beauty about this game is I have never had the desire to post past from flipper to flipper. And not only is the right ramp a good setup shot for the left flipper, but that right ramp is hell of fun when gameplay is moving lightning fast. I couldn't imagine not having that shot on the LE. Definitely one of the first things I'll he dissecting when I play a premium.

And yes rare hero, the premium I plan on playing is from the ghost formerly known as RobT

#1004 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Are you and ghostman coming to Arcade Expo?

I got the flu so not looking very promising

#1017 5 years ago

I'm gonna wait it out a bit. Gotta survive tax season first then see lol.

#1022 5 years ago

Get a shaker and external sub for both. protectors are fairly over rated for home use. But there is a sparky plastic protector someone makes that covers above the sparky magnet to prevent air balls. I highly recommend it. You may want to ask in the Metallica thread, I forgot who made em.

#1026 5 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

Check top left side of ram and see if it is scraping, see pic for detail


So regarding ram registering hits. The pro appears to be different than the LE as it has spacers, so up and down movement isn't an issue.

That said, here's what I did to help with hits.

1. I adjusted the switch to make it a bit more sensitive. This helped a lot and step 2 is only optional if you want that extra little bit of consistency.

2. Under the playfield where the ram sits is a plastic piece for the Rams travel. I cut a piece of drop dead ball foam and stuck it inside where the ram is at the resting position. This positions the ram only a fraction of a butthair closer to the target. See pics

Pic 1: original resting position of ram.


Pic 2: new resting position of ram. You can see it's barely even changed. But seems just enough to give it enough 'umph' from left flipper hits.


Pic 3: under playfield with playfield in upright position resting on backboard. This is the ram up/down plastic piece. The little black foam in the pic is Drop dead ball foam that I cut to fit the space.


I'm not saying this the end all be fix. But it's improved hits by 90%! It's night and day now that I can actually incororate pf multipliers into gameplay. Definitely a risk/reward hit whereas it's easy to lose a ball from it but got a 4X going during HOTK that ended in a 1.7 bil HOTK multiball.

#1027 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

So regarding ram registering hits. The pro appears to be different than the LE as it has spacers, so up and down movement isn't an issue.
That said, here's what I did to help with hits.
1. I adjusted the switch to make it a bit more sensitive. This helped a lot and step 2 is only optional if you want that extra little bit of consistency.
2. Under the playfield where the ram sits is a plastic piece for the Rams travel. I cut a piece of drop dead ball foam and stuck it inside where the ram is at the resting position. This positions the ram only a fraction of a butthair closer to the target. See pics
Pic 1: original resting position of ram.
Pic 2: new resting position of ram. You can see it's barely even changed. But seems just enough to give it enough 'umph' from left flipper hits.
Pic 3: under playfield with playfield in upright position resting on backboard. This is the ram up/down plastic piece. The little black foam in the pic is Drop dead ball foam that I cut to fit the space.
I'm not saying this the end all be fix. But it's improved hits by 90%! It's night and day now that I can actually incororate pf multipliers into gameplay. Definitely a risk/reward hit whereas it's easy to lose a ball from it but got a 4X going during HOTK that ended in a 1.7 bil HOTK multiball.

So I got some more games in on this. And another adjustment will be needed may try to make the switch even more sensitive but bottom line that I notice is the black rubber piece in front of the ram doesn't always allow the ball to hit the ram into the target depending on the angle at which its hit from the flipper. Not sure if this is by design or not. But I'm happier I'm at least getting more successfully ram hits, even if it isn't 100%.

#1052 5 years ago

I can't.....stop.....playing....game of thrones!!!

#1057 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

One of the things that's bumping me on GOT - the rules don't seem intuitive. I'm pretty good at picking up rules and nuance...but when the game asks me if I want to battle one house, two houses, or pass...how am I supposed to know what the point of those choices are? I'm just like "whatever" and slap the button.

I felt the same way at first. It took about a dozen solid back to back plays in a home use environment before it started clicking.

There are times when you want to select only one, or 2, or even none. Perfect examples of passing is that you may be only one WIC hurry up away from starting winter has come. Or you have multipliers going and would rather use them on your WIC Hurryups as they affect your winter has come super jp.

Many reasons to only choose one house. Typically for me, it's when I know im only or 2 shots away from completing (targaryan or Greyjoy ). I usually always do Targaryan 1 by itself cause its 3 shots and you're finished. Another example may be that you have 3 houses complete, so with only 1 house to go to light hand of the king, you may just play one house in hopes to complete it fast and move on to the HOTK.

Another variable to factor in is where you're at on balls locked or wall mb. So if you're at 2 balls locked, you may want to do 2 houses that have longer timers then start a mb.

Another reason to pass is if you want to get more houses lit first so you can get better house stacks with multipliers. For example, Baratheon stacked with Martell is good. Or Lannister with Greyjoy.

The last variable to factor in is what houses do you want complete for HOTK. Each house gives you different bonuses. I'm just starting to just dig into and understand the perks of each. But if you light a house that you don't want it's HOTK bonus, then you'll typically pass on it.

So bottom line is balancing your wizard modes. Do you want to progress towards HOTK with specific houses? Or do you want to advance to winter has come quicker? Lastly, get a right combination of houses stacked with a multiball.

#1058 4 years ago

One other thing. The rules aren't really that difficult to understand. And while The rules may seem to lack depth (but they really dont for the quick pace nature of the game ); but they do have a ton of breadth. If that makes sense.

#1084 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I really have only tried to complete the mode during one sesh. That day I was playing it alone so I would know exactly what I was shooting for. The third stage is so long that I would recommend getting to the third mode and completing at least the first wave of shots. then once the dragon shot is lit, start MB. then during MB you will naturally pick off a lot more of the shots. I can see a long enough BW MB getting you through the last level of the house.
The multipliers on the display correspond to each major shot in the game (left loop, kickback, center ramp, right ramp, right loop). each time you make a shot, all other shots should be lit for 2x as long as the red arrows on the playfield are flashing (these are called combo multipliers). for each shot you hit with a flashing red arrow, the remaining shots' multipliers should increase by one. if at any point the red arrows go out without you hitting one, your multipliers go back to 1x.
Now, if you have any playfield multipliers running as well, all you shot multipliers on the DMD will be multiplied by that amount as well. So lets say you have 2x playfield multiplier running, and you have 2x from your combo multipliers going too. those DMD multipliers will all say 4x so if you hit any of the main shots, whatever that shot awards you, it will be multiplied by 4.

The other day I was playing and had a final targaryan shot with the pf 4X running. This was just after a multiball if I remember correctly, and when I looked up at the DMD with a cradled right flipper, it showed the dragon shot combo multiplier at 20X! So excited and pumped to think 20x combo + 4x pf multiplier on a final targaryan shot (think it was targaryan 2), and I choked the shot to the dragon!

But does this mean if I made the shot in would have gotten an 80x mixed to my final shot? That would have been insane!!!!! Why did I miss that shot!! Hahahaha.

#1093 4 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Based on my understanding, chuckwurt is right. 5X for shot multipliers. 5x for PF multipliers. Total max is 25x. Hence for you EKB, you likely had 4x PF with 5x dragon shot for 20x total. The multipliers on the DMD for each shot will show combined totals (PF x shot).

Ah that makes total sense. So The DMD doesn't just show the combo multiplier, but rather the entire shots' multiplier worth based on combos and pf. I'll keep that in mind next time I'm looking at the DMD multipliers. Learn something new everyday!

I guess I don't feel so bad for missing an 80x shot! Haha. But a 20x targaryan shot would have been nice!

#1099 4 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

No... 6X combo multiplier is available if you know how...

If I'm understanding the rules right, the max you can get the combo multiplier to is 5x and the max the pf multiplier can get to is 5x. But my original assessment of house Tyrell was wrong and that the HOTK inlane can bump the combo multiplier by 1x if available from collecting the swords. Additionally, HOTK mb gives the inlane boost to all houses so during that mode, you can build it to 6x with any house. Then add the pf multiplier and you can get shots as high as 30x!! That sound about right?

#1107 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

My head hurts trying to understand this game. It's clearly made for chess players and mathematicians. I just can't follow it at all. Then again, the show confuses me too and I need my girlfriend to explain who's who and what's what half the time.

Haha. I love chess and used to love math.... before I did drugs
But the rules are easier than it sounds. Sort of. I mean the basic construct is there and is easy to follow. I've had the game a little over 2 weeks, and just starting to wrap my head around the combo/mixed multipliers as well as HOTK bonuses. Not to mention learning the multiballs. But that's what brings games to the next level, just look at Lyman's rules for metallicas multiballs and CIU modes. Confusing as hell but the basic construct is easy to follow.

Edit: but in all honesty, it really is an easy to follow ruleset. I was confused as hell at first too for the first dozen or so games, but once you wrap your head around it, it's pretty straight forward and a fun ruleset to understand.

#1108 4 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Swords will up your combo multiplier

Pf multiplier too I believe? Think the max pf multiplier you can get without collecting one sword is 3x

#1139 4 years ago
Quoted from vtec16:

I've owned GOT pro for about 2 weeks (thanks to Gio at Pinball Refinery, what great service, I love dealing with him!)
Fell in love with this at the convention in Chicago and decided then to pick one up. To me GOT was the hit of the show. I have about 200 plays and am really loving this pin! It's hard to walk away from. I know it's the honeymoon, but I love the code and speed of the game.


Congrats! Yes, Gio is very good to work with and so responsive. Top notch guy.

#1142 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Played GoT (Pro) for the first time today on location near Boston. I only got about 10-12 games in. I realize that is nowhere near enough to appreciate the games, rules and strategy, but the game felt a bit thin. I did get Blackwater multiball a few times, which was a treat. I hit a few nice orbits and loops in a row, which was fun. The dragon kickback was fast, but not too nasty.
Are there any good user-made rule sheets or strategy guides? Which houses to start, and why? Then, which houses to battle against or with? This was a complete random mystery for me today.
I am planning to pick up a Premium next week. I am thinking now I may want to get more games under my belt before I lay out my cash. The Star Trek and Spidey machines today were much more familiar to me.

Dude I totally felt this way my first dozen games. It felt very thin as you said and I was shellshocked on what to think about the game. Then, the rules became more apparent and the design coupled with the rules all started clicking. Loving ever since.

#1150 4 years ago

One other thing that hasn't gotten much mention and I've been really loving a lot lately is Rory McCann (The Hound) call outs! They are amazing and fits so well for this game and pinball in general. He nailed it!

The girl (forgot her name sorry), did a really good job too! Although she does have one call out that sort of bugs me, her call outs compliment the hound very well. but holy helol the hound is top notch fun and exciting!

#1152 4 years ago
Quoted from Esoteric_rt:

Do you think the game needs another layer of call outs?
I've watched a fair amount of footage and its seems like there are periods when not much is said and no direction is given on what to shoot for?
Other than that, can't wait to get mine soon

I think it's a fair assessment to say it could use another layer and the game could use some more overall choreography; example - start of WHC mb and Transitions during WHC needs more.

I'm also not a big fan of some of the animation and show call outs used for modes; they seem a little empty at times. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's needed to make it better. So the game does need some beef around the edges to bring it all together.

#1158 4 years ago
Quoted from spandol:

I got the HOTK super jackpot and it didn't have a call out, so I'm sure it and others will be added at some point. I wouldn't have even know I got it if I didn't look at the screen.
Love this game by the way.

Yea. That's a good point. A call out and/or cool sound effects are needed for that HOTK sjp.

On a side note, completing house stark can be quite beneficial during HOTK. After the SJP, there's a 20 second bonus round frenzy and just the other night I got the bonus round going and cradled a ball on the left flipper and was shooting center shots with the right. After a few shots, each shot was awarding 120 mil! It was fun fun stuff. Ended with a 1.7 bil HOTK. Hope to see HOTK and WHC champion table in a future patch

EDIT: but holy hell, is it me or is GOT pro a tough game to keep a multiball alive? Fast and fun!

#1160 4 years ago

I'm right around 6.8 deg. I need to recheck it this weekend but that seems to be my happy spot with all my pins.

#1165 4 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Now if only the battering ram would register with any consistency, so we don't get screwed out of our HOTK Super Jackpots, frenzy modes (PFx, Blackwater SJP, etc)

So I did two things to help with this:
1. Used a leaf adjusting tool to make the switch contact slightly more sensitive. You have to give it a very small adjustment, too much and you'll get double ram hits.

2. Inside the goodie bag I found a stern sticker. So I put a piece of drop dead ball foam on the ram target which brings the target a few millimeters closer to the ram, then put the stern sticker on so I can literally bash stern hahaha

This pic isn't the greatest, I had to brighten it up so you can see it better but you get the point. I now get 99% hits with right flipper and 90-95% success with left flipper shots.



#1184 4 years ago

Add Iron throne to the list of modes that needs call outs and attention too. It was hard to watch the dmd and play iron throne but the animations looked awesome and so did the rules. But sound effects and call outs were lacking hard.

Oh, and WHC is missing a SJP sound/call out too.

So the game overall definitely needs some beefing up and hopefully it's coming. But the rules to all the modes, especially multiballs are awesome and well written!

#1185 4 years ago

Bottom line:


All need a lot of attention to sound effects and call outs. But the rules to these 3 modes are great and much different than what we've seen in past sterns. It's refreshing to see. Just hope we get some beef to them soon

#1190 4 years ago
Quoted from AaronJames:

» YouTube video
V1.21 Iron Throne (Played as Stark house).
-don't watch if you don't wanna know what happens in this mode.

Very Nicely done!! I just played iron throne tonight too. You did much better than I lol
Seems like a really sweet mode.

#1193 4 years ago
Quoted from AaronJames:

It looked like I was one house away from completing Iron Throne mode. I can only imagine how many points THAT would have been. I'm sure one of us will do it.

You were making some really sweet shots! I only completed 3 houses; and like you, I Got 2 (or 3?) tilt warnings and made a very weak ass effort to try and save my last ball knowing I had a tilt coming. I got a 200 mil bonus but probably would have been worth the nudge and possible tilt to keep the wizard mode alive.

What is your pitch at?

#1194 4 years ago
Quoted from AaronJames:

» YouTube video
V1.21 Iron Throne (Played as Stark house).
-don't watch if you don't wanna know what happens in this mode.

I just watched it again. There was a time when you were in the zone keeping 4 or 5 balls alive hitting shot after shot. Good stuff!

#1201 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

You're just never satisfied are you?

Hahaha never! But there are no sound indicators of any type when you get the SJP for HOTK or WHC.

Quoted from Rob_G:

I would like to see a combo champ in the game if there isn't one already.

Combo champ would be good. I'd also like to see a bonus champ, HotK champ, WHC champ, and IT champ

#1224 4 years ago
Quoted from Erik:

White walker kickback = Targaryan kickback?

I believe so. I'd like to see something a little more creative to advance wall on the pro. Maybe use the inlanes; light both inlanes solid then hit dragon kickback to advance wall or something. It's a little too easy to advance the wall (first time thru) which makes house Baratheon a fairly useless house power.

#1241 4 years ago

Guys, before you go tweaking flipper shafts and coils; I've heard there's a glitch in the current software that can cause the flippers to go weak for approx 1 sec and I believe this is going to get fixed in the next update.

#1253 4 years ago

So had a game today where I was rolling the 4x and 5x pf multiplier with blackwater SJP lit and nailing the ram left and right! Score from that bw mb alone was 1.3 bil! Good times.

#1259 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I'm old. My machine thinks it's midnight when it's only 8 o'clock.

Hah!!! It's midnight at 9pm in my game room

I forgot all about it and last night it happened and I was like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge my board just took a dump.

#1262 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I think I just came up with a new T-Shirt or bumper sticker - "GOT is Great"

How about "got GOT?"

#1287 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Updated......still no skill shot? Factory settings.....casual off. It's definitely registering when the ball rolls through the inlanes.

Somethings a miss, neve heard any issues with the skill shot. It should be the two rollovers at the pops. No other skill shot. Just shoot the ball in the blinking one, just like IM.

I wonder if you have a switch registering on vibration or something?

#1304 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Now I'm thoroughly confused. Checked my switches and everything checked out perfectly. No switch errors and the upper lane switches work perfectly. Start a game and one of the rollovers is flashing....roll the ball through it and no skill shot awarded....but the lane does go solid lit after rolling through it???

That is strange. Have you done glass off testing? I wonder if the switch entering the pops has to be made before it allows the skill shot? If so, have a look at that switch to make sure it's working properly. Do some off glass testing and see if you can find a pattern and/or get it to work.

#1309 4 years ago

I haven't downloaded 1.22 yet but running 1.21 and skillshots are flawless.

Iron bank doesn't work in house martell as you get an add a ball feature instead.

#1330 4 years ago

Yea the meats on the bone, just needs to be cooked to perfection. But it's sizzling and looks good!

#1331 4 years ago

Speaking of the GOT PRO; is the right orbit / left orbit return the fastest outter orbit ever created? Holy hell the ball goes screaming! And if you get multiple right orbits, forget about it...

#1337 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

I curse it out every time. lol
One of the worst things Stern has done.

I like the new location but only because I have a 3 year old

#1374 4 years ago

I vote for
Valar Morghulis: GOT Owner's Club

#1387 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

scored 2,3MM, 6 houses completed and no EB.
is it a setup?

Mine typically lights after completing 5 houses.

I think the setup defaults to auto meaning the more EBs you get in one game, the less you'll get in future games. Should be set to a certain average %. I wonder, do you have your game to give out EBs for points? If so, that may be what's locking you out of lighting the eb.

#1427 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Let's just say I was up about 3-4 hours later than I should've been. Haha

Congrats chuck! Good to hear you finally got yours!

#1537 4 years ago

Lubed my ram tonight, oh yea.....feels good. Night and day difference. With pf in upright position stick a q-tip with a little lube inside the plastic opening and just lube the area of both sides. Left flipper registers all the time and it's smooth!

#1540 4 years ago

So I got to Play a premium for the first time today. Overall, it was great! Definitely a different feel than the pro. Not as fast, but more technical and a little more strategic. Definitely felt like the code could get a little more meat. I really enjoyed the shots into the throne, and advancing the wall is integrated better, don't know why they couldn't do the same for the pro? Maybe cause the castle black insert inst there I suppose. The Left orbit was a big disappointment; in 6 games, I think I got one full orbit. I wonder if the premium/LE would feel near as fast as the pro with full fast orbits?

Played about 6 games with scores roughly under a bil, but did destroy it once as Tyrell nearly beating iron throne


#1553 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballpal:

What area are you referring to? Underneath the playfeild or on top. What type of lube did you use?

Underneath. You'll see a plastic bushing so to speak with 2 screws holding the ram in place. Just lube up a q-tip and stick it and around the white plastic part inside so that when the ram moves back and forth it'll move more freely with that area lubed. Hope that made sense. At work so can't take a pic.

As for lube, it was my buddies. I just got back from playing his premium and I told him how kick ass his ram was and he told me what he did so he lubed up a q-tip for me and stuck in a plastic bag. Don't know what kind it was. And if centerflank reads this post, this thread can go south real quick

#1555 4 years ago
Quoted from pninja005:

Reading all this I have a feeling pro is the way to go on this one?

Money is obviously a factor, so if you're on a budget pro is the way to go. However, if money is not a concern then getting both versions is the way to go - they play totally different!

If space is a concern, but Money is no object then; PREM/LE if you want more technical, pro if you want speed.

Right now, I still prefer the pro for its speed. The kickback is used a lot more on the pro, but I really like the rules for advancing the wall on the PREM. I'm still not entirely sold on the mini pf, I think code can change that and its definitely in contention for my personal favorite mini pf, but the ball is up there so much. Hopefully when the left orbit is fixed and possibly more beefed code will change that.

What it boils down to is this; do you like more technical pins with a few more toys and eye candy? If so go LE/PREM. Or do you rather enjoy fast speed and flow with little to no toys? If so go pro.

#1557 4 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

It's no 13 million but this was a sweet, mostly done on ball 3 game. Only a few shots left and I would have completed Iron Throne. The bonus was 254 million!- MY KIND OF BONUS!

Nice! Which house did you play as?

#1558 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Money is obviously a factor, so if you're on a budget pro is the way to go. However, if money is not a concern then getting both versions is the way to go - they play totally different!
If space is a concern, but Money is no object then; PREM/LE if you want more technical, pro if you want speed.
Right now, I still prefer the pro for its speed. The kickback is used a lot more on the pro, but I really like the rules for advancing the wall on the PREM. I'm still not entirely sold on the mini pf, I think code can change that and its definitely in contention for my personal favorite mini pf, but the ball is up there so much. Hopefully when the left orbit is fixed and possibly more beefed code will change that.
What it boils down to is this; do you like more technical pins with a few more toys and eye candy? If so go LE/PREM. Or do you rather enjoy fast speed and flow with little to no toys? If so go pro.

One other thing I should mention about the PREM, when the ball is trapped on the right flipper, there's no easy fast way to get it to the left if you need to make a right orbit shot. On the pro, you can backhand the right ramp and the ball is at the left flipper in a blink of an eye. On the PREM, you can backhand the right ramp but you're up on the mini pf yet again. So there's a loss of flow. Overall, I still prefer the pro for its speedy flow and it's low maintenance - easy to clean pf; but I'm still limited on the PREM having only played it for about an hour; hard to decide really.

#1572 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Post passing is pretty effective haha.

True. But it brings up another good point. While we were playing my friends prem, he asked if I have noticed how hard it is to post past on this machine and proceeded to show me how difficult it was. I replied with a why would you need to post past at all? Then I played the prem and found myself in this predicament .

So yea, you can post past but one, it seems more difficult on this table and two, post passing just isn't as fun as back handing a ramp and combo'ing it to the needed shot.

#1585 4 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

I don't know whether its the 9 billion that's more impressive, or the fact that your score wound up ending in a '2'.

The 2 is definitely more impressive, wtf is that! LOL.

I would take my score with a grain of salt; the outlanes were not exactly wide open. But, the fact is i did get to see a lot of the game and already knew the rules going in. So i got a real good feel of what i liked and didnt like about the prem.

What the pro lacks, the premium makes up for. What the premium lacks, the pro makes up for. Simple answer to the equation, own both!!!

#1588 4 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

What raises Winter is coming hurry ups starting value?

as far as i can tell, the only way to raise the WIC value is from a pops award and/or playing stark. But combos and pf multipliers also play a role.

Also, the WHC mb SJP is determined by the value of all your WIC hurry ups. So while its easy to get to WHC; its difficult to score well in it unless you built up those hurry ups.

#1593 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah and it's easy not to rush to get the WIC hurry ups, because they aren't worth many points. So you half ass them and then you have a half ass WHC.

I usually go for WIC hurryups when i come out of a multiball and my pf multiplier is 3x,4x,5x. My winter HS on my pro (with open outlanes ) is around 300 mil. I didnt get to collect that (with multipliers) during that game unfortunately...missed it by that much!

#1603 4 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

If you're not already a Coast 2 Coast Pinball podcast listener, I covered a little bit of the strategy for GOT in episode 216. It's toward the end of the episode. So if you don't have time to read this whole thread, listen to that segment.
Granted, with limited time, we couldn't get into a lot of the details. But I hope you guys enjoy.

I listened to the whole thing on my way home from work. What a great listen! I take it you're Colin snailman? The host did an excellent job too. I'm gonna push to listen to more on my commutes home.

As for the got strategy you talked about; I always forget about the hidden bonuses some houses have like Baratheon gets increased scoring during BFW. I think stark gets higher WHC Scoring, and Tyrell gets increased HOTK? I could be wrong.

For those interested : http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/episode-216-an-evening-with-colin-macalpine_69492

Go to the 42-43 min mark. But the whole podcast is a great listen.

Side note as part of the podcast mentioned; I've been trying to figure out a way (time and money) to drive out to TX with the family and compete in the TPF tourney.

Anyway, good podcast. Thanks for sharing.

#1604 4 years ago

Oh something else I wanted to mention about GOT strategy. Greyjoy seems to be the house of choice for tourny players cause the potential stacks are higher than other houses; but what if greyjoy powers you stole were limited to only the ball you got them and not the entire game? Not sure if that's too much of a nerf but could add an extra element for expert players.

#1606 4 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

Then nobody would ever pick it just like Lannister Absolute last house I would pick in a tourney would be Greyjoy.

Yea. Maybe a better option would be to beef some of the other houses and/or randomize the house that all players play in competition mode.

#1645 4 years ago

- Added more interesting rules to WINTER HAS COME
- 3 phases: HORDE, BOSS, FROZEN
- 7 shots, shoot all to complete and start BOSS
- Each shot made starts or restarts a timer
- Each time the timer runs out one more shot is added back
- 3 Shots individually timed are timing out fast
- If they all time out the boss will attack and you will be FROZEN
- Each time one is shot it will start a new shot timing out.
- 4 shots collect the SJP == the total of the 4 Winter Is Coming values
- Shoot one shot within a small window to unfreeze and restart BOSS.
- If the time runs out go to HORDE

#1656 4 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

I just had the most ridiculous HOTK round last night. I had basically 3x-4x playfield running from the start all the way to the huge hurryup. I then hit the battering ram twice quickly, and literally screamed at what happened. The first hit scored my SJP with 3x playfield for 675m. Then the next hit scored the entire hurryup, probably now with 4x running, for 4.6 BILLION! That one shot was worth more than my highest ever score up to that point (3.8B)
So... I'm theorizing that your *multiplied* super jackpots add their entire value to the hurryup, which *itself* can be multiplied as well. Yow.
I didn't even make Iron Throne this game, but here's the aftermath. Got over 6B on HOTK alone.


Bad ass!

#1658 4 years ago

Well I just hit a 25X mixed SJP in BFW mb for 847mil! Too bad I stenched up the rest of the game even with a targaryan HOTK mb.

#1665 4 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Can someone describe the intended play/objective of Castle Black on a Premium? I can see the the lit insert, but I am not clear what that indicates, or what is the objective. I am presuming the orbit rollover switches are involved, but those inserts are barely visible on the Prem, so not helping to provide many clues.
Lightbulbs are going off relative to house selection and objectives - things are clicking. Up next are how the multipliers work. Great machine. My wife has been out of town this week; we're clearly going to be wrestling over play time on this one when she returns!

I believe when you get the 2 rollovers at the pops, it lights castle black (purple?), hit it and it advances the wall. Much better rule than the pro IMO.

#1716 4 years ago

So here's why I love the pro. I had 4x(then 5x) pf going during HOTK, I got to the stark bonus round with two balls and with the right flipper I was hitting center ramp shots while my left flipper was hitting right ramp shots over and over. Must have hit 4 or 5 each. Ended with just over 3 bil in HOTK alone. It was a wicked feeling alternating those ramps during the bonus round!

#1832 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agreed. Here is my thing with Tyrell though. I find it hard to hit both targets in my game, so if I don't pick Tyrell as my house I rarely ever light that battle.

A good way to get Tyrell lit is getting LOL lit first. Then go for Tyrell.

I typically only play Tyrell in a multiball though since it's a risky mode.

One of the hardest parts to getting to IT is taking down house Targaryan. When you have your ball saver or LOL lit, try and light targaryan. Then, spank out Targaryan 1 solo or with Baratheon/Stark if available. get it out of the way then don't worry too much about Targaryan 2 and 3 til the time is right. Targaryan 2 I'll stack with another house if possible and sometimes a multiball if it's available. Targaryan 3 in a multiball for sure but it's such a long mode you'll have to either do the beginning or end solo.

If you're going for IT, then don't worry about which houses to complete in which order. And don't do em for points, i.e. House stark, just take down the 3 middle shots and hit an orbit. It's really easy to get the first multiball going so I typically pass on starting all modes til I'm ready to lock ball 3. That way I can usually stack Lannister with greyjoy or something.

Another thing to consider is when you're going to light greyjoy or Martel, try not to shoot their orbits until there's no combo arrow. That way you can progress towards BFW easier (applies to PRO, not sure for LE).

#1836 4 years ago
Quoted from pninja005:

How does Got compare to LOTR?
I believe LOTR has one of the best theme integrations; building up for destroy the ring always make your heart beat faster.
Honestly I play it only a couple of times per year anymore; just know the pin inside/out though it will most probably never leave my collection.

LOTR is one of my all time favorites. FOTR cannot be matched. But, HOTK and WHC come pretty close; but more sound effects is needed for those 2 multiball modes to even be mentioned in the same sentence as FOTR.

I owned LOTR for 6 years and picked up an LE not too long ago. It was great to revisit but it's such a masterpiece of a story theme integration that once you've been there and back, you don't necessarily need to go back again. Hence, LOTR is in the retired bin for me.

I don't think GOT comes close to LOTR as far as overall theme integration and package. But fun factor and speed completely trump LOTR

Layout: even
Flow: GOT
art: LOTR
theme: even
Theme integration: LOTR but GOTs rules integration is top notch!
Dots: LOTR but GOTs scoring and instructional display are top notch!
Fun: GOT
Sounds: LOTR but I put Rory McCann (The Hound) on par or even better than Gimili. LOTR sounds win for now, hopefully future GOT updates address the lack of sounds and call outs in certain situations
Music: LOTR by a fraction of a butthair.

The biggest factor with LOTR vs GOT is that LOTR doesn't have that one more play push start over and over appeal to it. GOT does.

#1839 4 years ago

Not to shit on Chucks mission parade of getting to the IT, but I just did this!


I should have beat IT too! Had I known the rules better I would have. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but let's just say I lost to the IT with a Martel add a ball in my back pocket.

And chuck, if you're reading; my strategy going in to get to the IT was to just kick the games ass!

EDIT: btw, I timed the game. 25 mins long! That's a wonderful thing to see so much action and game progression in that amount of time.

#1841 4 years ago

Well my parade was short lived. Thanks Keith!


#1842 4 years ago

Oh wait, hold the phones; that's on an LE doesn't count! hehe just messing, Keith is God

#1850 4 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

Competition mode as well so 1EB and nothing but garbage to buy from Mystery lol

Dang! Nice.
I hardly ever get more than 1 EB in a game anyway. Once in a blue moon I'll get one from the pops.

Quoted from colonel_caverne:

I always trade gold with video mode asap, it is a blast to play
Seriously, i hope the code will improve this sh...

There's a video mode?

#1853 4 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

Well.. I *did* just beat IT today, and still only got about 2 billion out of it. But honestly, I was focusing more on just beating it than necessarily getting a blowout score on it.
Now what I'd like to know is - does the second part of Iron Throne have an end at some point - as in, a total victory condition? Westeros has a lot of other smaller cities and castles, but there's got to be a point where you'll see all of them on the dots. It was cool from a "tour of Westeros" perspective, but kinda underwhelming from a gameplay perspective.

Nice! Did you beat it or just get all the houses complete? I completed all the houses but then went into some other phase of the mode which I thought would be the near end of IT? But sounds like it's unbeatable then and those are victory laps per say?

#1857 4 years ago
Quoted from smassa:

Scored a nice 300mil video mode once at 82.

Hmmmmm I don't know if that's worth the pain of playing it

#1861 4 years ago

I don't want to stray ppl away from their mindset of selling/trading pins, but here's my thoughts on the subject since I nearly did the same:

Rules are no doubt better in GOT. But I gave my STLE a tune up and re-dialed it in and nothing beats the sounds, show, and warp ramp. Had a couple offers for my STLE and a WOZ trade and even after 2+ years with STLE, I couldn't do it. The game is one of the best despite needed another solid update. So yea, GOT wins in the rules dept, but STLE wins in every other dept.

If GOT pro is a keeper, why sell ST pro to upgrade to GOT PREM? I mean this pin has to be most different playing pin from its LE counterpart. I think both are great and if you want to sacrafice that speed and flow for a more technical game, by all means go for it. The mini pf is one of the best created and maybe I'll have a more positive opinion of the flow of that pin once stern fixes the left orbit. Don't get me wrong, PREM is great; I really love the right orbit to throne shot, but I really don't like the right ramp to mini pf shot. Too much time on the upper pf for my liking; maybe code will make the mini pf more desirable to play it every 15 secs?

This is one of those pins where owning both versions is an actual possibility and I thought about that by selling STLE to do it. But in the end, I just didn't couldn't do it. Maybe later on. I wonder if the people wanting to sell their ST don't have the warp ramp dialed in? I know for sure I was fighting my warp ramp last month, only getting about 6 or 7 warps a game. Almost sold/traded it then. But gave the game a little tune up and dial process and I'm back to 20+ warps a game and just had one last night with 40 or so warps, enterprise amok, and 2 missions from 5 year mission. Say what you will about the rules, but the vengeance modes are great, most of the missions are a blast, and the gameplay is one, if not the best, 3 flipper layout around. IMO.

Bottom line: get some time in on a GOT PREM before deciding and make sure your ST warp is dialed in.

#1863 4 years ago

It's like watching myself play hah just messing.

Few comments from watching:
-Very impressive Targaryan battle!
-Code idea: when HOTK ends, they should spit out the Ned Stark beheading animation sequence then show the HOTK score total
-IT: love the animations and rules. It's hard to appreciate the animations when you're playing,so it was great to watch! It appears that when I said I came close to beating IT earlier, that I actually did! Looks like there's no ending and it's just victory laps persay after that. It would make sense to eventually have a final shot go into the iron throne and give a sweet final animation w call out and show your score for the mode.
-camera setup: love the camera setup and angle! What did you use to get the camera so high? Mind sharing? I want one, it would inspire me to make more videos

Thanks for sharing!

#1865 4 years ago
Quoted from modfather:

What is exactly are you talking about "dialing in your warp ramp"....."Tune up".....???

there's 2 things to dialing in the warp.

The most common is adjusting the warp ramp set screw so you get smooth returns from a warp shot. There's a screw at the exit of the warp that can be loosened to adjust left/right movement of the warp. A lot of location ST pins I've played have warp shots exiting the ramp bouncing all over the place and even going into the shooter lane. It should be a smooth return.

The other adjustment is being able to even hit the warp ramp from the flipper. Before I started having issues with mine, I did two things to my game; 1. Replaced rubbers (including the upper ramp flipper). 2. I was getting flipper jitter and accused the right flipper switch so adjusted the gap. Turns out my flipper jitter was the factory shaker wiring, replaced it and jitter went away. However, since then I was having a hard time even hitting the warp. So, I re-replaced the new flipper rubber and readjusted the flipper switch to give more action. This solved my issue. So ultimately, if you're having issues even hitting the warp, I recommend trying a few different rubbers on the flipper - preferably a stock black. And secondly, adjust your right flipper switch for more action as you really need a good solid shot to make the warp.

#1875 4 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Not sure if other pics of the premium pinblades have been posted so here are mine (not installed yet, just held with clamps for now).


Nice, I like it! I have those same clamps. Is it easy to peel the backing and apply the decal using the clamps?

#1889 4 years ago

Top less or not, that translite just does not look good. The first one, however, looks pretty awesome. I'd probably get it too if I didn't already get Scott's (which trumps them all). But I'll use the $90 on mirror blades or blade art rather than a 2nd alt translite.

#1905 4 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

All of my playing of GoT recently has had a side affect when playing other games.
Was out last night playing some pins, and whatever I played as the ball was draining, I slapped the lockdown bar to try and cash in my gold before I drained.
Looks kind of silly when most games don't have a button there...or gold to cash in.

Hah! I do that on my STLE now all the time! Then I curse when it unlocks a vengeance mode as I'm draining so I don't get to select a mission at the start of the next ball

#1909 4 years ago

One things for sure. The iron bank action button needs an overhaul! I still love KME's suggestion the best; give each house its own power via the button like Martel has.

#1911 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The other day I cashed out IB with a 5x playfield multiplier going and I still only got about 2 million points. I don't think I have ever got above 4 million for it.

It is good practice to use it if you have 5x going and the timer for 5x is about to expire as there's no way to refresh the pf multiplier once its reached 5x. By doing this, highest ive seen is 80 mil. And its usually in multiball when i see the high value.

#1920 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Anybody have any pictures of the pro with the plastic protectors that Pinball Life or Mezel sells? I like the green fluorescent protectors on MET and was thinking about getting some for my GOT. The pictures shown on PL's website are zoomed to close to the protectors and want to see a further shit to see how it enhances the lower playfield like MET. Thanks.

I'm interested too. Thanks

#1930 4 years ago

Nothing beats the Targaryan sound track

#1948 4 years ago

So yea, just had a stark bonus round in HOTK where shots were scoring 1 billion! I looked up and noticed a 1.3 bil shot, nearly shit myself then drained all my balls. Have no idea how I pulled it off. I was playing as stark, so don't know if stark gets additional bonus scoring in HOTK, but one things for sure - I nailed the 4 HOTK shots and ram in less than 5 secs so perhaps the quicker you get those shots out, the higher your bonus round shots? Who knows, but what a rush! After HOTK I was at 10 bil. Finished the game with 11 bil lol.

#1970 4 years ago

Not sure what happened or what I did. All I know is I was in the stark bonus round and was nailing shots left and right, glanced up to see where I was at on my shots and saw a 1.3 bil shot.

The question remains, does jamming out the first 4 shots + ram with speed increase the values of the stark bonus round? I hammered out those 5 shots in a matter of seconds. That's the only thing I could think of.

All I know is I was around 4 or 5 bil going into the mode and 9-10 bil coming out and I didn't even get out of the first bonus round.

I'm pretty sure I was playing as stark. Not sure if house stark gets a bonus in HOTK scoring.

I'll try to glass off reproduce it later this week.

1 week later
#2049 4 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Can anyone confirm whether the wizard mode is finished or not?
here is how I ended up tonight:
I advanced to Iron Throne once again, very similar to the first time I had. Ball one, with an extra ball. I was blasting away, and making good progress, complete a house and it would add a ball. Keeping in mind, not the end of the mode/world if you get back to one ball play. I drained, and ended up on ball 2 and the mode remained, of course. Further into this mode, it adds the drop targets and lock targets as shots you must make. I got pretty far, it was hard to tell, and I just had a couple random blue shots and white mixed in, all the house lights were lit and flashing, (as you complete a house during IT, it flashes the houses rapidly) and I drained one of the two balls. It then ended the mode, I was surprised. Now hand of the king remained solid lit, but iron throne was not lit. All the houses were unlit too. I'm thinking that it's not finished or, it demands you make the last shots on 2 balls? I doubt this is the case though

*Spoiler Alert*

Way it works, as I understand it, is all house shots (including Baratheon drops and Tyrell stand ups) are lit. Whichever house shot you make represents the castles/map areas and you must make all shots once. Then the ram will be lit which adds a ball to the multiball the lights the remaining houses that haven't been completed. You can drain down to 1 ball and continue to play the mode; this continues until you complete all the houses. If that happens, you then begin a victory lap multiball in which 3 shots light for victory laps. At this time, if you drain to 1 ball the mode is over and you start the game over.

#2061 4 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Hmm strange, in relation to my former post on last page: i played more today and it happened again twice: in the middle of the game, playing a mode or outside a mode while the ball is bouncing around, suddenly the game says ball locked, and the mode select screen comes up. then the locked ball which was lying in the lock before the "ball locked" callout came is dropped into play, thus two balls are on the playfield. I let one drain and i can just continue as normal.
Any experienced exactly this, that the game thinks i have shot up the left ramp when i have not? Switch issue or maybe a software bug?

Sounds like the opto switch at the top of the ramp. Try Reseating the connectors under the pf on the opto board.

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Damn this game Just keeps getting more and more intense. I decided to play a random house (look away and just keep cycling houses then push fire). Ended up picking greyjoy. After getting to HOTK on ball 3, I decided to pass on all modes and go for WHC which I did using my extra ball. I then proceeded to defeat the boss twice, the second time with 5x pf for a total WHC value of 3.6B! Oh, and then right after ending WHC, with 5x still lit, I got a 625mil mystery award that cost like 5 or 6k gold, never seen that before! I barely completed 5 houses and got a 9.6B score - pretty intense game. But that's not entirely why I came here to post, hopefully Dwight is reading cause here's some future code wish list items based on this game:

1. A way to randomize which house you play at game start
2. HS table for BW mb, BFW mb, HOTK mb, and WHC mb
3. Sound effects or call out when you're one or two shots away from defeating the WHC boss and another for defeating the boss.
4. And 4, we gotta get a power item for each house like Martell (but maybe only allow greyjoy to steal passive powers, not the action button active powers).

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Quoted from Edenecho:

Thanks for the tip, will check ☺ on another note;
Is there any option for softlock? Could not find it.
And, is there a simple adjustment to wipe current scores and reset to factory?

I think you can erase HS and GC in the resets menu.

Some sterns have a virtual lock enable/disable, not sure if I've seen it in GOT adjustments yet.

I talked to Dwight not too long ago about the ball lock and release bug. He's aware of it but hasn't found the root cause yet as it seems to happen sporadically. Hopefully he finds it. I seem to notice the most when I choose pass for now then double flip to cancel and get a ball quickly back in play.

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With Dwight doing Ghostbusters do you think he's gonna have time to finish GOT? He's got a lot on his plate right now and I hope he gives each their due diligence.

This is a concern I have too, but I'm pretty confident Dwight can go back and forth on two games. While one code gets released and/or beta tested he can work on the other. I'm actually excited to hopefully see regular updates coming from both games by one programmer.

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Has anyone upgrade GoT's speakers to Flipper Fidelity? I notice they have a couple options for Spike:
8": http://flipperfidelity.com/sound/stern-speaker-systems/stern-spike-complete-replacement-speaker-system.html
10": http://flipperfidelity.com/sound/stern-speaker-systems/stern-spike-complete-replacement-speaker-system-454.html
Any carpentry needed to accommodate the the big 10" in GoT's cabinet?
Any need for anti-rattle tape with either of these?
Note: I already have an external sub attached via the headphone jack. I'm happy enough with the bass response; midtones and high range sounds are very harsh/muddy to my ears. I am hoping to improve sound quality over all.

I've been thinking about this. I have an external sub too but nothing more. I dont think the FF sub is needed with an external sub. I've just been contemplating doing the back box speakers only which should give a good sound coupled with the external sub.

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hi guys I just got my nib GOT and it says that right away you can pick which house you want to fight for but I can't find a way to pick one ....is that because the code is not complete ?

Yea what lucky dog said. Takeoff casual mode in the feature adjustments

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thanks guys ....here are a few mods I made for my GOT.....


Awesome! How do you mount them to the plastics?

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make sure powers off when you do it. But if that doesnt fix it, contact your distributor. Stern will send out a replacement and will require you to return the bad one back to them.

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Quoted from markmon:

So I've own this game a for 5 months or so but it got boring pretty fast. I think I am just going to sell it and move on. I wonder if the premium / LE would provide more to do.

Until code is addressed, im gonna say no. I found the premium not as fun and exciting as the pro. So i dont think upgrading is going to satisfy your needs. Some games just arent meant for everyone. If you sell it, just move on.

That said, i know Dwight has some cool plans for the game. But, with him coding GB & GOT at the same time, it'll be interesting how he balances his attention. GB looks like another great game out of the box, so maybe while production goes in place to get those games out to the masses, he can get back to focusing on GOT? All speculation of course.

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Possible to elaborate on this? Has he said something about plans for the got?

I'd rather not get too specific as nothing is set in stone and my quick e-conversation with him was brief so i dont know all the details or how much he'll address. But i suspect we'll get better WHC multiball choreography and sound effects. And hopefully better balancing between the houses. As of now, i think the majority of the consensus is that Lannister & Stark are the weakest houses to play. For example; if i play Tyrell - the inlane multiplier can give me a close to or even higher WIC values than Stark.

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What is everyone's best WIC hurry up collect so far? Just got a 176 million one last night. That was pretty badass.

Nice! I got a 300M+ once, about shit myself. Think it was 5x pf with Tyrell (or greyjoy using Tyrell inlane).

Is the winter HS table reflective of your highest WIC hurry up? Or is it a stack of all WIC hurry ups?

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