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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#354 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Glad to see people enjoying GOT.

You did say they will sell every got made

#395 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Oh, and the Video Mode... What the hell was that. Who actually liked the video mode?

Mabey your wife hated it because she doesn't want you buying one ? Mabey she wants all the money and the power

2 weeks later
#551 4 years ago

Received my pro a couple days ago game play is pretty aussom light show is pinball refinery crazy i likey had one problem with the sound cutting in and out i just reloaded code and seems to be all good anybody notice the extra ball call out sounds dead on adams family

#559 4 years ago

I think the lights is what makes got kick ass

2 weeks later
#744 4 years ago

Has anybody figerd out what time the secert multiball ball goes off ?

#746 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Midnight I believe. I think I saw someone mentioned what happens in another thread but I quickly put hen on ignore so I couldn't read their details of what happens during it. Haha

Haha thanks chuckwart

#767 4 years ago

Mirror blades and a extra red translucent apron i had hanging around


1 week later
#921 4 years ago

I think you guys should settle your differences in a quick got pin tournament

#923 4 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Is GOT LE worth buying?
I'm really thinking about, but am not over the edge yet.
The price is a little high.
Thx for any help spending or saving

Play it first then you be the judge

#932 4 years ago

Been playing the sht out of my pro it's definitely a keeper for me I even noticed im hearing the music call outs and the lights flashing in my head and im not even playing lol true story

#934 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Dude! I did the same thing the other day lol. Got done playing, went into the kitchen where my niece was watching a show on her phone, and I'm like 'oh cool you're watching game of thrones" and she's like what? I'm like "ya that music is game of thrones." She's like what music. Lol

lol i keep saying grey joy

#1013 4 years ago

Whos ordering the topper ? I knows its expensive but i bit the bullet and orderd

#1019 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's extremely cool...saw it at Chicago Expo in October...the dragon's animation is really well done.

Great to hear i can hear the wings flapping know

#1123 4 years ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

What size fans are these? The fan noise drives me nuts when not in play.

Are you playing the game with no sound ? I cant hear my fans at all with the volume at 45 with a polk sub

#1130 4 years ago

My next mod adding some black to his nose and blue or red to his eyes ?


1 week later
#1207 4 years ago

Couple pics of some mods I also took a kiss prem apron lighting mod from pinball refinery and tyed it in to the spinner flasher on my got pro looks super rad in game play






#1231 4 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I'm really hoping that somebody smarter than I will make a lighting kit that sync's up to the colour of the action button.
I want a mod that makes the exterior of the game glow the colour of the action button, something that can light up the leg protectors, the shooter rod housing, an under/behind cabinet led strip, speaker grills, ect. I play many 4 player games and it would be so cool to have the machine switch colours depending on who's playing.
I'm sure there must be a simple circuit to repeat the RGB signal going to the action button and amplify it, to control a handful of attachments. The device connections should be after the repeater/amp, so that people could use one power module to light the individual features that they'd like. Not everyone will want everything to glow, some might just want the shooter rod, others might want just the leg protectors.
There's some off the shelf products that might work, but I'm not an electrical engineer. I don't want to damage my game but I'm willing to try stuff out if anyone could point me in the right direction.

The new spike system runs different normaly you can hook up undercab lighting and speaker lighting rgb 12 volt to interact with game play know you have to find 5volt rgb wich i have i got real lucky and found some in china I will be hooking up soon

#1232 4 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

i already did some of those things and more to come.
the new system is completely different, connections, voltage... but with time and parts, nothing is impossible.

What things have you done ? Beatmaster

#1233 4 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

If your screws are protruding into lane, you will need four or five washers per screw so that it does not smack against screws and create additional left orbit issues. Two other members have also reported this issue, so it is not just my LE.
ยป YouTube video

Bro you kick ass all the le owners should be very gratefull for all your hard work and stern needs to hire you

#1255 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Is this an LE only problem? I just got the pro and my flippers are wicked strong. I'm using the latest code.

Yes le prem only

#1257 4 years ago

I happen to be playing at midnight the other night holy shit flippers went dead then all hell broke loose 6 ball multiball machine went crazy!!!!!!!! Make sure to set your clock enjoy my fellow goters

1 week later
#1529 4 years ago

3 eyed crow



#1536 4 years ago

Got my topper today one word comes to mind badass!!!!!


#1610 4 years ago

Just had a hell of a game


#1632 4 years ago

Its official we all have something in common were all addicted to got i had 4 multiballs in a row im still rushing this pin really does kick ass and the code is pretty dam good imo !! Am i the only one that's starting to hear we take what is ours haha

#1651 4 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

The best model is pro imo. Awesome flow and fast, the dream combo machine.
The LE breaks this flow, even without playing it it is obvious. What the LE gets more? Mode, multiball...?
I'm really surprise about the low ranking in the top100

Yes the pro ranking at 90 is a joke

#1698 4 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Ive played only a couple dozen games on the pro, in the showroom. I've played a couple hundred games on the premium at home.
IMHO the pro is easier for a couple reasons. The mini-Playfield blocks the view of some shots, you can loose track of the ball more easily, but it's easy to deal with that after a couple games. The mini-Playfield also adds a new element making the rules more complex, not harder, but more complex. The main difference to me is that the right orbit on the pro has changed, on the pre/LE it has became the mistery shot as well as an orbit shot. This changes the dynamics of the game quite a bit, making it more difficult and more fun.
Sure the pro is a great game, anyone with a pro should be proud of their game. I just think the added benefit of the pre/LE changes will make it last longer in a collection.

The pro le prem discussion has ran its course IMO lol take it with a grain of salt

#1715 4 years ago

Chuck wheres the translights at ? Good lord

#1732 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

might as well order your backup flipper EOS switch actuators, and they aren't labeled in the GOT schematics online manual. i would expect them to last longer than 2 months. #515-7257-00 and #515-7257-01, according to chaz these are the correct replacements.

Is this for all models?

#1733 4 years ago

image_(resized).jpeg yes i took the ball out of her ass

#1773 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I'm at around 250 plays and mine still looks like it did day one. I put clear Titan competition silicone everywhere before I played a game.

Id like to do the same to mine what kit did u buy ?

#1795 4 years ago
Quoted from Leachdude:

Looking to purchase a Pro soon. Anyone know of a distributor who has these in stock? I've heard March from a couple of them.

Pm sent

#1803 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Anyone know where I can get some Gold or chrome or maybe even a black chrome flipper bats?

http://littleshopofgames.com/product/chrome-flipper-bat/ http://littleshopofgames.com/product/gold-flipper-bat/

#1805 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Thanks! I might have to buy both and see how they look in the game. I am sure the set I don't use will look good in another game.

you cant go wrong with either if you get the side mirrors i have chrome it looks aussom

#1813 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I was thinking of gold side mirrors. Whoa baby. That might put this guy over the top! haha</blockquote call this guy eric pinblades best deal in town i can vouge for him 1-614-937-3228

#1834 4 years ago
Quoted from pninja005:

How does Got compare to LOTR?
I believe LOTR has one of the best theme integrations; building up for destroy the ring always make your heart beat faster.
Honestly I play it only a couple of times per year anymore; just know the pin inside/out though it will most probably never leave my collection.

The spike system is winning the race in my opinion just has more yank

#1843 4 years ago

Choose House: At the beginning of a game, you will be able to choose which one out of the six houses to fight for. NOTE: Targaryen can't be fought for, but it can be played.

After choosing a house, you acquire the house's power. These powers are:
- Stark: Winter is Coming hurry-up value starts (10M) higher.
- Baratheon: Get 2 advances towards Wall Multiball. Wall Multiball scoring is higher.
- Lannister: Yellow targets add 100% more gold than usual. Get 500 gold to start.
- Greyjoy: Gain the powers of other Houses for each House mode you complete. CAREFUL: Selecting house Greyjoy prevents you from stacking two modes at once, and adds shots to each mode!
- Tyrell: One return lane is always lit to increase the combo multiplier.
- Martell: During multiball, press the action button (once per ball) to obtain an add-a-ball. Note that this removes the normal "Multiplier Cash-In" functionality that the action button offers.

Skill Shot: Plunge into the lit lane to collect the skill shot award of (500k x Ball #) and 1 bonus X.

Bonus X: Complete the two top lanes to increase the bonus multiplier, and advance to the Wall Multiball.

Bumper awards: Shooting a ball into the pop bumpers allows several awards to be matched up on the display. These can be collected at any time. Some awards I've seen are:
- Increase Winter is Coming (spots a shot)
- Increase Bonus Multiplier (by 1/3x)
- More Time (10 seconds during a mode, or a portion of your Winter is Coming hurry-up)
- Big Points (1 million)
- Advance Wall (advances towards the multiball)
- Collect 5 Wildfire
- Collect 200 Gold
- Light Wildfire Mini-Mode
- Light Extra Ball (at the Dragon)
- Light Sword
- Collect Special
- Add-A-Ball (see below)

Mystery: Completing all of the gold standup targets lights the Mystery shot at the Dragon; shoot it to initiate the award select. You will be presented with three options: keep your gold, and two awards that cost gold. These awards are based on the amount of gold you have collected so far; spend it wisely. Some mystery awards include:
- Big Points (1M, multiplied by playfield/combo multipliers)
- Bigger Points (5M, multiplied by playfield/combo multipliers)
- Video Mode (1x, 2x, 3x scoring)
- Light House
- Increase Bonus Multipliers (by 1/3x)
- Light Lock
- Collect Wildfire
- Light Extra Ball
- Light 1x/2x/3x Super Jackpot
- Light Playfield Multiplier
- Collect Golden Hand (750k end-of-ball Bonus)
- Light Lord of Light (on Outlanes)
- Hold Bonus

Specials: 25 million
Extra Balls: 15 million

Winter is Coming: Once a house is lit, the shot you made to advance to it "ices over". Make 3 additional house advances (shooting a shot or completing a target bank) to start the mode. During the mode, the last "iced over" shot will flash and no other progress (other than locks and multiball starts) can be made. Shoot the flashing white shot to collect the hurry up value. Collect four hurry-up values to begin the Winter Has Come mini-wizard mode. Each of the seven shots can be collected (both target banks, both ramps, both loops, and the dragon).

Multipliers: There are two types of multipliers in the game: one for the overall playfield scoring and another for combos collected. Making shots allows the multipliers for other shots to increase up to 5x. Shooting the battering ram 5 times qualifies the playfield multiplier, and shooting it again begins a round where all playfield values are 2x for a minute and each battering ram shot increases the playfield multiplier by 1x, up to 5x. The higher the multipliers are, the less time you have to use them. These multipliers can be cashed in at any time during the ball by pressing the action button; despite taking away all multipliers, this also can award some decent points. The best way to handle cashing in is by pressing the action button as the ball drains.

Lord of Light targets: Completing the three drop targets to the left activate ball saves at the left + right outlanes. Not sure about awards after the ball saves but there apparently are more.

Wildfire: Shooting the battering ram allows you to collect Wildfire when lit by shooting it again and again. Wildfire increases your Blackwater Multiball jackpots, though it has a diminishing effect the more Wildfire you have. You can also collect Wildfire from a pop bumper award or by locking balls for Blackwater Multiball.

Swords: Completing any house mode (or a pop bumper award) lights the right ramp to collect a sword. These can be multiplied for huge points. They also allow you to advance your playfield multipliers higher -- initially, you can only go up to 2x, but each sword increases the cap by 1x up to 5x.

Blackwater Multiball: Shoot the two standup targets to the right to light lock at the left ramp. Lock 3 balls to begin the multiball. During multiball, complete the five major shots to collect Jackpots and light the Super Jackpot at the battering ram. The Super Jackpot is worth ((6 * SJP level * jackpot amount) + SJP BASE AMOUNT) * playfield multiplier. Even if you've collected a Super Jackpot already, you'll have a 20-second grace period when multiball ends to collect more Super Jackpots. When the Super Jackpot times out with the multiball still running, the Jackpots re-light and need to be collected twice, but the second shot and the Super Jackpot are worth double. Timing out subsequent Super Jackpots will add another shot required for completion at 1x higher multiplier, and make the Super worth 1x more. Locks for the first multiball only require one hit to any green target; further multiballs require both individual targets to be hit.

Wall Multiball: Completing the top lanes 6 times enables Wall Multiball. Shoot the dragon to begin the multiball. Once the 3-ball multiball begins, shoot 3 ramp shots to collect Jackpots and light the Super Jackpot on the Dragon. The Jackpots will then be lit on the loops. Shooting 3 loops lights the Dragon again for a Super Jackpot, and Jackpots return to the ramps. Baratheon's powerup increases the value of the Jackpot and Super Jackpot drastically, and is a viable house for high scores. Further Wall multiballs require 11 top lane completions.

Add-A-Ball: An Add-A-Ball is available for multiball modes other than the Iron Throne by competing a set of "Light/Lock" targets. This makes the next pop bumper award an Add-A-Ball. Note that if an award is locked in, that award will need to be collected before the Add-A-Ball.

House Modes: At the beginning of a game, the house you have selected will always be the first mode available. However, shooting other shots three times each during the game enough times enables other modes to be activated. The shots from left to right enable the modes in the same way I listed earlier. There is also a way to activate collaboration modes between houses, which activate the scoring features of both chosen houses at once for higher risk, but more points. The modes are activated by shooting the left ramp at any time when the mode start light is lit, and a player may strategically choose to pass and choose to battle no houses. Some modes are also timed. Failure to complete timed modes will force the player to restart the mode by shooting the left ramp. Progress through modes is saved only for certain houses. These modes are:

Stark: Loop the left or right ramp to advance the kill list and increase the payoff score, then shoot the left or right orbit to collect the payoff score and finish the mode. This mode is timed. Greyjoy players require both loops and ramps to be shot (for jackpot advances) as well before the mode will end.

Baratheon: You build the value of this mode and then collect by shooting the one of the three targets on the three bank on the left side of the play field. The mode starts with the left orbit shield flashing yellow. Hitting the spinner (from either orbit) lights the mystery shot yellow as well. You must hit at least the mystery shot in order to cash in on the value you've built, which you will know is qualified when the shield is flashing in front of the three bank. Greyjoy players must also hit the center ramp.

Lannister: Shoot gold targets to light two shots and increase shot value. Make five lit shots to end the mode. This mode is timed at 40 seconds. Greyjoy players must hit every shot once (for shot value increases) as well.

Greyjoy: All of the main shots are lit. Complete them to finish the mode. 12 second timer, with the timer refreshing on a completed shot. This house is already spotted for you if you select Greyjoy to begin with.

Tyrell: Lit shots alternate between ramps/dragon and lock targets. For the first cycle, the Dragon and the Ramps will be lit. Shooting a lit shot lights the lock target bank, and shooting the target bank lights the two ramps (no Dragon). After the second cycle, only the right ramp will be lit. Greyjoy players need to hit each ramp shot and the Dragon once (for mode scores) to complete.

Martell: Shoot the left or right orbit three times within 10 seconds (refreshing after the second orbit shot) for increasing mode hurry-up value, then shoot either ramp to finish off the mode and collect the hurry-up. Mode timer is 30 seconds, refreshing if under 10 seconds when a lit shot is made. Greyjoy players must shoot both ramps (for hurry-up advances) to complete the mode.

Targaryen: There are three dragon modes which increase in difficulty. There will be a set number of shots lit. Complete these, then shoot the dragon to complete the first wave. Repeat for waves 2 and 3. The mode will end after defeating each dragon, requiring you to shoot the mode start to begin battle with the next dragon. Defeat all three dragons to finish the mode.

Dragons 1 and 2 will light the ramps, loops, and then dragon for hurry-ups. Level 1 requires one of each ramp/loop to be shot to progress to the next shot, Level 2 requires both. Level 3 lights 3 shots for hurry-ups; collect all 3 to light the dragon. Complete this cycle 3 times to complete Targaryen. Greyjoy players have a hurry-up at the target banks before starting a Level.

Completing three House Modes lights Extra Ball. Completing four normal modes begins Hand of the King wizard mode. Completing all normal modes begins Iron Throne wizard mode.

Winter Has Come Mini Wizard Mode:

Completing four Winter Is Coming hurry-ups will immediately begin Winter Has Come. WHC is a four-ball multiball with two alternating phases:

Horde: A timer is activated, and all seven major shots are lit. Each shot made awards points and restarts the timer. If the timer runs out at any point, another shot will be added. The timer is not shown on the DMD; you must listen carefully for a clock ticking. Completing all seven lit shots begins Boss.
Boss: Three shots are lit as hurry-ups on their own timers. Once one shot is hit, a new shot will start timing out. If a shot times out, a flipper will become frozen and be temporarily deactivated for a couple of seconds, or until a specific shot is hit with the other flipper. If all three shots time out, you'll have to shoot a lit shot in a small period to get back to this mode; if that timer runs out, you'll have to face the Horde again. Collecting four shots during this mode awards the Winter is Coming Super Jackpot, which instantly rewards all the hurry-up values you collected from Winter is Coming again. This will also send you back to Horde, for shots at more Super Jackpots.
The values of the four WIC hurryups collected will influence the jackpot scoring in this mode, meaning Stark's can make this mode quite lucrative. Once WHC is complete, no more WIC hurryups can be collected until Iron Throne is completed; all shots corresponding to lit houses will no longer "ice-over".

Hand of the King Mini Wizard Mode:

Completing four houses will light HOTK.
The houses that you take into HOTK wizard mode can be important. Each house brings with it an attribute that will make it easier or more difficult to get through the mode. They are as follows:

Stark: Bonus round - 20 Seconds of free shooting after a completed set (lights up random shots for points; you may not want to go for these, it's a waste of time and it could end HOTK prematurely)
Baratheon: All 7 shots instead of 4 shots must be completed in order to finish a set.
Lannister: +125,000,000 added to hurry-up
Greyjoy: One less set needed to start super jackpot hurry up
Tyrell: +15,000,000 per super jackpot
Martell: All shots must be completed twice
Targaryen: +750,000 per shot award
HOTK is a mini wizard mode that is completed in "sets".

Each set starts with four shots to complete
The shots needed to complete the set are dictated by the houses you have carried into HOTK with you (more below).
The value collected from shots also adds to the Super Jackpot value
After completing the four shots that are lit, the super jackpot will be lit at the battering ram. The Super is determined through the best shots made in the set. Collecting the super will complete the set.
Completing 3 sets will start a hurry up at the battering ram. Once this is collected or times out, everything starts over.
You'll also notice that the inlanes will be flashing yellow. A ball that travels through the inlane will increase the combo value of each of the main shots by 1x. For instance, if your multipliers are [1x 2x 2x 2x 1x], after a lit inlane, they will be [2x 3x 3x 3x 2x]. This is available at all times, regardless if you have Tyrell's powerup or not. This can also temporarily increase the combo multiplier to 6x.

Iron Throne Wizard Mode:

Completing all of the house modes lights the mode start shot for IT wizard mode. Like HOTK, this multiball is is based on completing sets of shots.

All of the central house lights that normally signify mode completion turn off at the beginning of the mode.
The mode starts out as a 2-ball multiball.
All house shots are lit to start a siege on their castle and light a set of shots.
Each "set" consists of hitting all 7 house shots. Shots turn off as you complete them.
Once all 7 shots have been completed, the battering ram lights for a Super Jackpot + Add-A-Ball.
Collecting a super jackpot will light that house to signify completion.
Start a new set by shooting one of the remaining unlit house's shots.
Iron Throne DOES NOT END when you drain down to a single ball.
Iron Throne DOES NOT END when your ball ends; you pick up where you left off on the following ball!
Martell's Add-A-Ball can be used at ANY time, including in single-ball play!
After completing the last main castle, you will recieve one last added ball. You will then go through various other castles and cities and collect "victory lap" shots until you are down to one ball, at which point Iron Throne ends.
Casual mode settings

Players will not be able to choose a house at the start of the game. Players will start with House Stark.
STARK starts complete so they are one house closer to EXTRA BALL
GREYJOY starts lit.
No option to PASS on choose your battle
If only one house is lit the house will start without a prompt during CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE
Flashing effects will be set to the less intense setting.
Difficulty, HOME, and Directors Cut INSTALLS will change the setting.

Holding the ACTION button for 3 seconds before starting a game will
allow the game to start NOT in casual mode if desired.

#1871 4 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Would you mind if I copied these rules and changed them for the pre/LE game. I'd like to start a new thread with this post and include the upper Playfield and throne rules.
This game is so awesome we need a place dedicated to game play advice

No problem these are copy and pasted from another sight were all pinhead family as far as im concerned were team

#1878 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Has anyone thought of making a different translight for the pro other then this one? Don't get me wrong, this picture is awesome but doesn't really follow the rest of the playfield and cabinet art. I think a photoshopped one similar to the premium which has more white walkers and maybe a few dragons would look really cool. The sides of the cabinet already have the Starks and the Lannisters so put some wicked on the translight. If I had the skills I would have to make my own


Ebay has a few

#1881 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

Nice I haven't seen those before. I like the first one, but dont know if that would match the pro as much as the premium cabinet art.

Anything is better than the stock one

#1884 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Disagree. choices 2 and 3 of those eBay ones are absolutely dreadful.

So u dont like topless chicks ?

#1886 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I don't like topless chicks on a pinball translite that's for sure. Looks turrible.

I like topless chicks anywhere

#1888 4 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

I absolutely love topples chicks.... But not out in the open where anyone (friends, family, company) can see them. That's just tacky.

Is your name chuckwart? Just some freindly sarcasm lol

#1901 4 years ago

image_(resized).jpeg magnets

#1904 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Has anyone had their dragon kickback on the Pro poop the ball out the back? It was hilarious. I guess it opens up a bit right behind the pyramid and when the kickback engaged, the ball hopped over the ball guide and landed in the left orbit.

In dragon terms they call it a back fire lol but seriously poop out the back never had it happen i think your the first chuckwurt

#1964 4 years ago

I love green eggs and ham lol


1 week later
#2074 4 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

With Dwight doing Ghostbusters do you think he's gonna have time to finish GOT? He's got a lot on his plate right now and I hope he gives each their due diligence.

Hes kicking ass right know

#2106 4 years ago

Lets keep this thread on track got kicks ass and us gottters know it

#2119 4 years ago

Eating my lunch and whatu know black raven followed me


#2121 4 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Did it have 3 eyes?

Sure did

#2193 4 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I think another problem I have with this game is that's it's too easy to get to the wizard mode. Once I get to a wizard mode of a game, it usually sits there unplayed for months. There is a lot of strategy in GoT in picking your house. But that results in having a favorite house or two then it's just the same play steps after that.
I also get a decent amount of center ramp rejects off the left flipper. That definitely takes away from the fun. Maybe there's just something about my game in that regard though.

Looks like you need to sell your got asap your negatives are screaming sale sale sale should sell quickly

2 weeks later
#2410 4 years ago

Saw these new trans fs 25 $


1 week later
#2632 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

A mod that I would love to see is someway to link up speaker light kits and undercab lighting to the action button to change to your house color and just mimic the behavior of the action button. Also have flashing effect too during modes and Multiballs.
I know we've mentioned this multiple times, but I just want to keep throwing out there in case someone capable is willing to tackle it. Haha

I have some rolls of 5volt rgb that will do it

#2646 4 years ago

Shaker turns up the fun imo

1 week later
#2798 4 years ago

Came across this cl ad if anybody is looking for some chrome side armor

Game of Thrones Pinball Chrome Side Rails WOW ! $300
sfbay.craigslist.org link

2 months later
#3362 3 years ago

I havnt played my got for a while myself i played last night first game 2 billion got really does kick ass

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