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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#5643 11 months ago

Picking up a huo GOT pro tonight.. Excited.
+ watching the serie for the first time (now at season 5 episode 3)... exciting times

#5654 10 months ago

Anyway to avoid this bug true settings? Except for the sword lock not to hold balls.

Staring stark mode and locking the 3rd ball to begin blackwater multiball.
Shooting the center ramp fast enough doesn't give the game time enough to clear the other balls. this way you build the stark mode value, but eventually the game will report a "coil malfunction on the sword release".
You then play the multiball on single ball and need to wait for a drain/ball search in orther for the other ball to be released. Afterwards the sword lock mech works correctly.

I really like the game and the shots. Already made a 600M shot by setting up multipliers correctly (and playing as tyrell).

I also changed my music and speech settings, on default it sounds really bad (sfx really prominent, speech and music far away).
I followed the settings provided by someone else and now it's pefrect.

Does anyone know what's the best setting to avoid the winter is coming/battle for the wall long ball save bug on the pro?

1 week later
#5692 10 months ago

My game came with the mezel mods battering ram but I would like to reinstall the factory one.

Anyone have this for sale?

Parts that I need are marked with a red circle.

batrampgotpro (resized).jpg
1 month later
#5723 9 months ago

I think I completed iron throne yesterday (worth 5B)! I completed all the houses during this mode.

In the phase after that I had always 3 blue shots lit, is this normal or this a phase that keeps on going? Or do you have to complete it as well?

#5727 9 months ago

I used Martell as house. It's the only house that makes it a little more achievable because of the add-a-balls in the multiballs.
Thought with tyrell scoring would have been a lot better

And yes 5B in the wizard mode alone, I think it was a 9B game in total. (3 balls, 2 extra's, outlanes wide open, a pro machine)

#5731 9 months ago
Quoted from sprite:

I'm really struggling with the Targaryen/Castle Black shot on the premium. Any tricks to it other than practice? I seem to make every other shot in the game pretty easily. Is it just a super tight shot or could it perhaps be the way my machine is set up?

I had the same.. I realized that a moving ball (from inlane feed, or controlled catch) would rarely result in a successful targaryen shot.
Once I started shooting the dragon shot with a completely stopped cradled ball, I had a significant higher success rate

#5732 8 months ago

Yesterday I made a single shot of 2.5B. It was the second super jackpot in hand of the king and I had 5x running (playing as greyjoy with martell and tyrell already completed)

#5769 8 months ago

Is there no seperate topic for this (Spoilers)?

2 months later
#5929 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Both fixed. Also before on the pro if you hit the dragon with mystery lit, you’d get credit for two hits to the dragon. That’s gone too.

I thought I was dreaming all the time, but this bug was indeed present

So so looking forward to this. Staying up late tonight for this (midnight overhere then)

#5987 6 months ago

Really great update and additions!

Will hotk (and path towards iron throne) not become too easy when being stark?
Starting a mode on ball 1, ball 2, and ball 3 already gives you 3 guaranteed house completions when using the direwolf.

Also a free spotted targaryen when being that hosue is 3 modes less towards iron throne

That in combination with house completions on the upper playfield: maybe too easy then?

It would maybe be good that competition play would randomize the house choice but all the same for all players.

#5993 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Is your goal to get to IT or grand champion the game?

Both at the same time

#6001 6 months ago

He also said some call outs would be added in the next week. But indeed only from what was present, no new material.

#6041 6 months ago

Just to be sure:

If I start as Lannister and I purchase the martell ability... It then changes my button ability for the rest of the ball or game (to add a ball)? Meaning I cannot buy any more multipliers anymore during gameplay with my gold?
Or can I buy multipliers with earned gold again on the same ball once I used my add-a ball in a multiball?

#6063 6 months ago

My play at home is also about the journey and not the points, that's why I think it's such a pity Targaryen gets an autospot and Iron throne is a lot easier to reach. Adding a dragon shot on the end of every mode is a great idea but would involve a lot more coding I think.
My idea was to make targaryan instead of a 3 level a 1 (longer) level mode where you have to defeat the dragon that went to the night king.
And direwolves would maybe better to take away one shot in a mode (except the last one to finish that mode) instead of completely finishing the mode at once.
People having their games set to 5 balls (or like it happens a lot on location here in Europe 5 balls + 1 or 2 extra's) means you can knockout 6 or 7 of the 9 modes with your direwolves!! So in my opinion, way overpowered...

For this reason I think I will play at random, cause I see myself picking targaryan or stark to reach Iron throne fast. (info, my game is set to 3 balls + 1 extra, outlanes wide)

If the base value of the jackpots in hand of the king and iron throne would be tied to the nr of shots made in modes then I could live with it too.
Does a defeated targaryen instead of a chosen targararyen gives you more benefit in HOTK?

I've been thinking about playing as Greyjoy as a strategy... the downside now is that you loose the martell ability for the rest of the game like it was in the old code when you had defeated that house (now untill you defeat another house) BUT you get this in return, correct me if i'm incorrect on how the logic works with greyjoy:

- you defeat for example stark on ball 1 and have a direwolf as action button (and increased winter is coming for the rest of the game)

- you start another mode like lannister and you defeat them with your direwolf --> so you immediately get a new action button award in the same ball?: buying multipliers (and of course earning more gold for rest of the game + already earned increased winter is coming)

- you go to baratheon and cash in big with your multipliers from lannister gold and beat them

- you now have a new action button for 3 sec lord of light from baratheon (+ increased gold + increased winter is coming + advance wall multiball faster)

- etc....

So if you defeated tyrell as greyjoy you better cash iron bank when you're about to defeat your next house?

Is this correct?

#6070 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Also stop picking Targaryen and stark if it makes the game too easy. Haha.

You can laugh about it but If I pick them or not, It takes away the magic of reaching IT, knowing there is a 'shortcut'.
5 ball location setup is not silly but reality...

1 week later
#6167 5 months ago

I am so happy with the targaryen settings and stark cap settings. I can now tune my game the way I want it to be (being not too easy on those 2 houses towards iron throne).

The blue genie made my wish come true

This and the lannister balancing makes the game perfect now!

Thank you Dwight!!!

2 weeks later
#6211 5 months ago


The 30M and 60M awards is reported to Dwight already, he confirmed that this is how the game works now. So don't know if you could qualify it as a bug.
I've set up my game to only 1 dragon defeated in targaryen, then you get 30M instead of 60M and you still have to defeat two dragons (lower values in the second dragon)

The auto start of a mode when shooting the center ramp is present in certain circumstances (and already reported to Dwight).
I think it is related to certain mode animations that are the last shot of a mode and it then doesn't pause the selection timer. The dflt 3 seconds passes by while the animation is running and the next mode is selected already. Probably pressing the flippers during this will extend the timer beause the game thinks you are choosing at that time.
For example: martell last shot on center ramp + a ball locked animation resulted in an auto select of my next mode (greyjoy)

Also (on pro) mode select start: house pairs don't show 'double' when playing as stark when you still have a direwolf left to use on that ball. They should be present twice so you can decide on which house you would use your direwolf.

#6214 5 months ago

I vote none too.. you already get the benefit of not having to defeat them.
Getting a score per default could be seen as a substitute for the points you cannot earn but I would not do this either.

I just think the game now is programmed that 'if setting = 2 dragons, then jump into program routine of defeating dragon 2 which maybe already had a default base value of 60M.

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