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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#5176 1 year ago

Gonna join this club pretty soon and I've got some questions for you guys:

Thinking about getting either the Stern pro art side decals or mirror blades but can't decide which I like more on this machine. From what I've seen both look pretty damn nice. What's your pick?

Does the Pro implement the shaker well and benefit from it? I've played other titles that did and others that did not, but not yet a GoT..

To make getting this baby up to my apartment easier I'll take out the playfield & glass (narrow stairway, every kg less helps). From the manual it looks like it's just two connectors towards the backbox (power and node bus) and 2 to the flipper buttons. Is that correct? It would seem more logical to me if the flipper buttons were connected to the cabinet node.. If they are in fact hooked up to the pf, can I disconnect them hassle-free?
Anything else to take care of?

#5181 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

GOT PRO spike is extremely light. You may be able to do the stair climb with the pf in. But taking out the glass is prob a good move too. Not sure who your help is and how bad the climb is but I imagine you’ll want to do it with the legs off too as long as you don’t feel like you’ll need a break to rest the pin down til you get inside.

It's only one story but we have a staircase with wound corners and a railing that the machine has to be lifted over. Legs off is certainly a must. I'll check with my helpers once I've fetched the machine. If the pf is indeed removed with only 2 or 3 plugs these 5 extra minutes are probably worth it.

Regarding extras I'll probably go for the shaker at least. ColorDMD looks absolutely awesome in the trailer vid, but is utterly overpriced imho (LED panels and their tiny Spartan6 board are well below 100€ in total) - dunno if/when that will come..

It's good to know that those of you who got art blades are happy with them too. I really like them on the pics I've seen but didn't know if the quality matches the price. Maybe my dealer has some on one of his machines to compare them.

2 weeks later
#5192 1 year ago

So I joined the club on wednesday. This is my first Stern game and contrary to the all-too-common Stern-bashing (at least in the 'big' German forum), I must say I am very pleased with the haptic and build quality so far. Playfield has a perfect mirror finish all over, so smooth that the little plastic spacers keep sliding to nirvana when layed loosely on there. No ghosting or raised inserts on mine. Cabinet is painted all the way to the bottom, decals sit well all around.
They obviously did not choose the cheapest way to do things, almost every screwed on piece uses a locknut, a toothed washer and a plain washer; plastics are screwed onto each other, not zip-tied. Knowing a bunch of WPC games inside-out, this is a definite step up in build quality, not down as I expected.

I noticed 2 serial stickers on the playfield. One says 35 of 80, the other hand-written 433.. Having seen pics from you showing a batch size of 1285 I wonder if mine was part of a re-run or a small second batch (maybe for spares).. The game was built early Jan 2016 (says 12th on the cab sticker, 13th on the SD card). Has there ever been reliable information on the production or batch numbers?

IMG_20180214_174016 (resized).jpg
IMG_20180214_173948 (resized).jpg

#5203 1 year ago

I've got nothing regarding the rules, but regarding the Spike system in general - don't know if it is capable of this though:
Provide a shaker strength setting, not just a setting how often it is supposed to go off.
The Subwoofer should only get to play the bass (and more volume by default), right now it seems to be getting the full spectrum. Best would probably be a software filter with a menu-adjustable cutoff frequency.

1 week later
#5216 1 year ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

If we were to see an update, what would it take to balance the houses a bit more?

Quoted from chuckwurt:

General rule for all houses. Their specific mode is worth more if you have chosen that house.

Coming back to rule changes for a possible update. After playing the game a lot more and digging through chuckwurt's awesome tutorials, I've especially come to like this idea.

That change and something of a mightier power for Lannister. Maybe better Lannister-exclusive mystery options, like advancing the different multiballs, "infiltrating" other houses gaining their power for the current ball, or something like that.

Another great thing would be to have House Targaryan be selectable. That would probably be like christmas for most of us ^^. An idea for their specialty would be higher jackpot values in Blackwater multiball, because dragons and ships you know

2 weeks later
#5237 1 year ago

Premium looks nicer but plays so much slower. The mini playfield and changed ramp take the insane adrenaline kick the pro offers out of the game imho.
For me the pro is a rapid beast that can reliably leave me shaking and all pumped up after a good game. The only other game that can get me to that point is Johnny Mnemonic. These two are by far the most intense pins on steroids I've ever come across

#5239 1 year ago

Actually I've played the 4 side by side before I decided to buy my GoT Pro. SW Prem/LE was okayish, the kicker and getaway ramp were pretty cool, but the gameplay didn't get me. Though I must say that I am not much of a Star Wars fan and find its music utterly annoying - might have contributed to that judgement. SW Pro felt like they had taken everything fun out of the Prem and built a pure cash-grab machine for operators . Not as bad as GOTG Pro but close..
But that was mid January, possibly on old code. Maybe I should visit the location again soon and give them another try if you say SW rocks after all! ^^

#5242 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Interesting. I would argue that the glove on JM slows the game down much more than the upper playfield on GoT.

Valid point.
Thinking about it, if you look closely the basic gameplay is rather similar. When no lock is lit the glove is bypassed except for mode starts (and nas cure). So it kinda works just like GoTs left ramp with the difference that starting a mode does not also lock a ball and locking lets you choose rewards, not modes. Mode unlocking is done by shooting the scoop once instead of 3 shots, but other than that big portions of the gameplay and flow don't differ too much. Both have ultra fast orbits that can be diverted into the pops, modes are long playfield shots, ramps are extremely fast, scoop/dragon can either give you a few secs of rest or fire back immediately, missing shots often leads to instant death, and in multiball all possible slow down are off for maximum mayhem ^^.
Of course GoT is much more refined, advanced and allows tons of strategy JM does not, but they have more in common than meets the eye

1 week later
#5252 1 year ago

I've had dragon center drains when my pin was set too steep (front legs fully in, back legs fully out). Now it's set so that the bubble barely touches the upper line on the gauge (front legs ~1,5cm in, back legs still out) and it plays fantastically!

3 months later
#5441 1 year ago
Quoted from Tungs10:

When you battle a dragon.... the feeling/vibration you get is as if he's breathing on you even before a ball is released. It's amazing

Agreed. At the current price the shaker is definitely worth it.
I recommend setting it to the lowest shaker use setting. It only affects the duration the motor is running when it's triggered (not the amount how often it is). And at least with the pinball life shaker lowest is just about a single turn / a single impulse to the cabinet, which imho feels much better then half a second of rattling - especially when the dragon is breathing

#5449 1 year ago

I can confirm Targaryan GI bug and the random sound spikes. Sometimes the whole game seems to start at a much lower/higher volume altogether (might be imagination).

Also when draining throug the outlanes with Lord of Light lit and ball save still going, it eats up the Lord of Light. Might be intentional, but imho this is rather harsh...

Let's keep out hopes up that with all the older games currently getting updates, Dwight will put some polish on GoT eventually

2 months later
#5504 1 year ago

The Pro / Prem debate on GoT comes down to personal taste. Pro is a rabid adrenaline-pumping beast for flow-junkies, Prem is slowed down somehow by the upper pf, more visually cluttered but offers an extra mode on the mini pf. And the Prem/LE have the much nicer cabinet artworks.

1 month later
#5571 1 year ago

I couldn't sleep last night, so instead I've dreamed up a teamplay mode for GoT. Maybe if you guys like it, then maybe someone can get a word out to Dwight and maybe he can consider putting something like it in if maybe he does get around revisiting the GoT code sometime. Lotsa maybes in there

So here's my concept:

At the beginning of the game like with advanced play you can hold the action button to switch to team play. In team play the number of players must be known from the start and each player must choose their house before the first player gets to play - no late entries are possible.

If some players choose the same house, they play as a team. Each player is a fighter for the house (with separate scores) but they advance through the modes together. To do this however they must join their forces before each mode, meaning that they have to hit their house shot once for each other player in their house before proceeding with the normal mode shots. So if 3 people play the Martell mode for Lannister, on a mode start you have to hit the lock ramp twice before you can start hitting the orbits. If you finish the mode, it is awarded to all players of the house. If you fail, progress is being saved for all players of the house on modes that do so (at least the initial house-gathering shots are saved in all modes). Lighting house modes is not shared.

If some players choose different houses they form other teams, competing against each other. The rules above remain in place (if they have a team mate), but house modes that have been finished by another team become a little harder (since they are allied with an enemy team already). To finish them the players first have to gather their forces if they have allies (as above) and then additionally to the normal mode shots, hit the house shot of the house that finished the specific mode before as often as there are players playing that house. So if one of our 3 Lannister players starts a mode that has been finished by a player who chose Baratheon, he has to shoot the lock ramp twice to gather his buddies and then inside the mode additionally hit the one set of drop targets to finish.

An exception to this rule is the fight against Targaryan: There is only one set of dragons to kill in the world. So if one team finishes the first dragon, another team would start with the second dragon right away. While you must still gather your team, no additional counter shots against the other houses are required. However if one team defeats the last dragon, no other team can finish that mode (and hence no other team can get to the iron throne, as soon as someone is allied with Targaryan). This makes it both easier and hell of a lot riskier if you don't finish what you started; pure politics

Hand of the king still triggers if the first team finished 4 houses. However if another team gets a 5th house before the current hand does, they can become HOTK and restart the mode. If then another team gets their 6th house, they again can take this post.

Winter has come also is a world-event. So if a player of one team starts, but doesn't finish it, that same shot to start WHC is lit for other teams too, until someone does finish/get the final jackpot.

Due to the extra shots required all mode timers should be slightly extended for each other player in the game.
The game would need a new set of high scores for team play. While scoring should be per player, there could be a team play champion for each house, where the team scores are summed. This would allow 3 character high scores only and just concatenate the players initials.

This game mode would require no new sounds or dots and I'd imagine it would not be too complex to implement. It would add some new risk-reward gameplay, but also allow bad players to select team up as a house with an easier shot (finally a use for Lannister!) and get to the iron throne together. And it'd make our beloved GoT truly unique

7 months later
#5842 6 months ago

Look what just came in:

Stern will be hosting a live stream event with Jack Danger and Dwight Sullivan to reveal an upcoming Game of Thrones code release! Live stream starts at 5pm CST on Monday, July 15th at - https://www.twitch.tv/deadflip

Didn't think it would really come, but if they make a stream about it, there might be some really big changes after all

#5990 6 months ago

Just watched the stream recording and I am quite impressed, great job Dwight! It's really awesome that after all this time Stern allows you to spend weeks on polishing and reworking a game 3 years out of production (not counting the few 100s they are making right now). Shows dedication to the products, probably no one would have thought of them a couple of years ago..

I like that we are getting the new system too, that should hopefully fix the very sporadic volume changes and light show fails
Got a few suggestion though, maybe Stern is reading in here or their testers could get this out to them:

Regarding the random house selection:
In the adjustments a setting for "Random (all players)" and "Random (per player)" would be awesome.
Also choosing random should at least have some benefit to it, maybe slightly higher base jackpot/mode values, a little bit more start gold, or a general +10% score.

Ideas regarding Skill shots on the Pro:
Maybe have an increased score for a hands-free skill shot lane hit. Maybe award something when the orbit switch is hit, but the ball does not enter the pops. Maybe have a super skill shot chosen by holding the left flipper button when plunging, that locks lane change till the next switch hit, opens the pop diverter and scores big time when you hit the lit lane.

Can't wait to put the update on my machine

#6105 6 months ago

Installed 1.36 yesterday, played a few games and I am really impressed. This gives the game so much more strategy, fun or playability for bad players, depending on your house choice! Love how a horrible player like me now might have a chance to finally get to IT with Stark or Targaryen. And the loads of new callouts are just fun. Awesome!

Still a few things I don't think are optimal yet:
What is that dire wolf sound? I can never make it out, it sounds almost like crackling and distortion. I'd find a short howling when he eats a mode much cooler
Also when using the dire wolf, do you still get the points from the mode you have earned so far? Or is it just the 5M the wolf awards? The game says 5M total on the screen, but at least some modes do award points right away if I'm not mistaken.
Some kind of benefit from choosing random would be nice. Maybe just a little higher scores, maybe start with Bonus x2, maybe a special Random end of ball bonus (fixed or a percentage of the ball score).
And I still think a super skill shot (like hitting the orbit switch, but not the pops on the Pro) would be nice

4 weeks later
#6197 5 months ago

Funny you say that just now, I started updating the ones I use yesterday. The originals are not my work (someone posted them in here), I just replaced the House sigils and text next to them (and fixed some typos long ago). For private use at you own discretion only.
Framed with cut marks for a 10x15cm / 4"x6" print.

GoT instruction cards 1 - 1.37 (resized).png
#6200 5 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Could that be enlarged and spread across two cards? One for the houses. One for the rules.
I dont need a price card at home, and I dont need one of the cards to be tha game logo.

No, not with the file I have (getting the text off right edge doesnt work well in my old PS version), that would have to be done by the original author of the card. But if that person wants my .psd file with the text and new sigils, I can upload it.. I must say I do like the expanded descriptions on skyking2301's cards

1 week later
#6224 4 months ago

Had the same issue with mine, just lower the angle a little. My bubble barely touches the upper line. Releases nicely and the game is still playing fast as hell.

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