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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#98 4 years ago

pro should be here first week of November. . I think the flow in the room will be strong next to DM and Drac.

#103 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

For Ghostbusters I'd actually love to just have colored dots from the factory. Or maybe double rez ones like MMR. With simple animations in color. I suspect if it does have an LCD we'll get movie clips, just saying I'd prefer not to

looking forward to getting 'slimed' on the display, that would be really cool.

3 weeks later
#348 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The right flipper started working again last night, then it died, and then it started working yet again.

my friend was having issues with a weak flipper on his new KISS pro. he thought it was the coil, turned out to the be EOS needed adjusting, here is his advice;

if its the board issue swap the connectors for the flippers and see if it does the game thing on the left that it did on the right
the board under the play field with the transistors on it. or look at the EOS, his was opening too early.

#358 4 years ago

GOT pro is officially 24 hours out, roads and weather permitting. This is my 3rd stern NIB, with Tron and Metallica being the other 2. I feel 'as giddy as a little schoolgirl' as I get to play it for 5 days until I put it out on location

#360 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Hoping to get mine Saturday

maybe they are 'brothers' from the Stern factory line? I will tell you my machines DOB if you tell me yours? HA. I can't wait to really dig into this game finally, as I've only played it maybe 15 times.

#369 4 years ago

t-minus 2 hours............tick, tick, tick....

#378 4 years ago

wow, just wow....--- this machine. did a few quick mods (plastic protectors and titan flipper and sling silicon rubber), and now I will go buy some beer for game #1. new balls, waxed, checked switches, running code 1.16? thought there was only 1.15 and 1.17? oh well.





#385 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Your quick mods are the same I plan to do. Enjoy!

thanks, enjoy yours this weekend. I LOVE THAT NEW GAME SMELL!

#397 4 years ago

cool, congratulations on your marriage picard...but nobody gives a shit in the " GOT " thread. brag on..

bitch out..

mic dropped.

#401 4 years ago

let us talk about 'tea' and 'crumpets' on the ''GOT" thread as well. I plan on baking a turkey at 325deg this thanksgiving for my family. I also plan on figuring out the problem on my 77 cadi as it is not throttling down after it warms up. Sometimes I have issues with ESRI software as it will not configure with 'Abby' software. I don't know, but I figure out the software glitches after the break.

DO YOU CARE? DOES ANYBODY CARE? please keep the thread relevant to the matter at fact...thank you

#403 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

Again. Wtf are you talking about.

cool, lets talk about 'our' wives on a pinball thread. how many kids do you have? how old are they? what is your profession? how much $ a yr do you make?

I/we don't give a shit, this thread 'was' about a pinball machine, that turned into you 'glorifying' your wife and you life and 'I really don't care'.

pinball? not really, I might as well go over to match.com to hear about relationships

#412 4 years ago

I love
thumbs down.

none of you live in WYO and understand the west

#417 4 years ago

I only have 'love' for pinball people....end of story

#422 4 years ago

what ever happened to the pinball community? who cares about other things.

#429 4 years ago

cool, once again...but maybe 'I beg my pard'..... GOT anyone? I had to adjust the battering ram..

#435 4 years ago
Quoted from Jean-Luc-Picard:

How that work out for you? What on earth could break on that already? Isn't it only a few hours old?

seriously, what is the problem? I love WPC machines, I love SAM and SPIKE machine softwares. I give up. but, I am having a ball playing these FUCKED UP MACHINES: metallica, got, twd, etc, etc. blah blah. who cares, I have fun, then I will die havin fun

#442 4 years ago
Quoted from Jodester:

Any issues with air balls off the right flipper? I turned the coil power as low as it would go and I still get the occasional air ball.

hello 'jodester', good to see somebody that will actually contribute to this forum. as of now, the only issues I am observing relates to...just the battering ram. I have made multiple adjustments to it as well as adding some white lithium grease to the battering ram as it is 'metal to plastic'. end of story, now it is more 'lubricated' and responsive

1 month later
#970 4 years ago

you can't go wrong with GOT. I may never sell mine, top 3 sterns of all time IMO

#975 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Let's revisit that statement in a few years.

the honey moon was over last month.

I guess I can support my thoughts with actual proof:

1. I love the pf layout, the dragon shot is tough, but feels great when you are hitting it.
2. you can backhand everything but 2 shots (the dragon with the left flipper and the right orbit with the right flipper)
3. the game music doesn't really get too annoying
4. the callouts are some of the best ever (from the series), and they had that woman come into the studio for specifics
5. the dots are great, and from the series.
6. love the new spike system (so far)
7. better sound than the SAM
8. lighter machine = easier to move, but also easier to nudge during gameplay
9 shaker motor is incorporated perfectly with software (you can 'feel' the dragon wings as they flap during Targaryan house)
10. I really enjoy the lights and flashers (as others dislike them)
11. the code is AWESOME, so many methods to choose (go for Targaryan house first? wait to stack houses? play houses individually?
12. I love the bonus and playfield multipliers
13. Blackwater super jackpots associated continue to build playfield multipliers.
14. Wall, Winter is coming, and Hand of the king MB modes are all great, unique and challenging in different ways (shots and combos)
15. Iron throne? had it lit, choked and failed....but I'm sure it is fun.

I feel like the code is completed at this point (pro)

cons? I don't play the video mode...that's really it.

1 week later
#1138 3 years ago

Got kicks ass. End of story

#1164 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Now if only the battering ram would register with any consistency, so we don't get screwed out of our HOTK Super Jackpots, frenzy modes (PFx, Blackwater SJP, etc)

I clean the battering ram track and apply white lithium grease inside and on the bottom of the tracks when it starts to fail/register hits. I've done this 3 or 4 times in 2 months I've owned it.

anyone else HATE the added crow sounds in the new code? holy hell, talk about annoying, and I can't get ride of them (tried to adjust game volume).

2 weeks later
#1507 3 years ago

on a side note with the sword ball locks. If you lock a ball and or start a house and an additional ball gets fed into gameplay while the machine is going through select a house or the ball lock displays you'll need to adjust your first ball lock switch rollover. not a big deal.

#1624 3 years ago

best part about this game, is when it all comes together..

have the 3rd dragon lit in house Targaryen and another house lit, start both houses with the center ramp...and start either HOTK MB or TW MB.

its party time.

also, I swear with the shaker motor, Richie should change the Super Jackpot callout to "Super Jackhammer"...because that is what it feels like banging out those supers.

#1627 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Did you mean BW MB? Didn't think you could bring any modes into HOTK?

I stand corrected sir.

#1629 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It's gonna take me forever to get to IT I think.

I had IT lit one time...and then proceeded to brick the 2 standup targets surrounding the center ramp trying to start the mode.


#1731 3 years ago

might as well order your backup flipper EOS switch actuators, and they aren't labeled in the GOT schematics online manual. i would expect them to last longer than 2 months. #515-7257-00 and #515-7257-01, according to chaz these are the correct replacements.

1 month later
#2279 3 years ago

i finally got to iron throne last night. the depth of that wizard mode is nuts, you start out with 2 balls, then need to complete each house (1 at a time) and you can add balls by hitting the battering ram. i think i closed out 4 houses, i was too pumped up to really know what was going on. i ended up with 4.2 bil total, and started with house baratheon. people will flip out when they finally get to experience this mode.

1 week later
#2375 3 years ago

the pro is curretnly ranked 84th or something like that? .

how is that possible, oh well i'll enjoy my 84th ranked machine until the cows come home.

#2377 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

And HS is ranked at #85...

yeup, one of my favorite upper right flipper machines!

#2390 3 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Out of the pops mine hits the sling also. Mine is dead level and at about 6.8 degrees. I have to give the game a pretty good shove to get the ball to catch on the right flipper.

try adjusting or pulling in your right orbit ball guide towards the middle of the pf. mine got pushed out a bit after maybe 3000 gameplays from rockin the outer right orbit shot, but i'd assume they could be not lined correctly out of the factory as well at times.

1 week later
#2633 3 years ago

i just wanted to post my troubles with GOT resulting in adding the stern factory shaker motor from gameplay day one...

broken right flipper EOS
broken right flipper EOS switch actuator
re-seat connectors to coin door (tech switch button fails)

these were not a result of wear and tear, but a result from the shaker as i feel that the lack of having transformer weight in the new spike systems just makes these machine poor candidates for shaker motors. FYI

#2635 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Show off. I need 15 EBs to get IT.

sorry, i deleted that as i was thinking out loud. gotta get ready for the showdown, all extra balls off and ball save times down

but seriously, reconsider putting shaker motors in your spike sterns. i love the effects, but the issues arising in 4 months (compared to my metallica with a shaker for 1.5 years) are just not worth it.

#2640 3 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

I don't follow. I get far less shake in my GOT than I do several of my other sterns.
A shaker motor isn't going to break your EOS. That's got to be a coincidence or damage occurred during the installation of the shaker (brushed against it when putting the shaker in). Are you running the Stern shaker or the cointaker one? I've heard the cointaker one is more powerfull but neither is going to break parts lose that weren't already going to break.

i had the stern factory shaker, and set to 'minimal' setting its entire time. i, and a friend of mine, both believe the lack of weight in the front of the cab in spike systems is resulting in effecting components more than it would in previous machines with transformers located to counter the shaker weight distribution in the front of the machine. i turned it off, we'll see if anything else fails within the next 3 months, i would doubt it. the component failures were not typical, they were breaks in the materials resulting from something other than wear and tear imo. i may just pull it out and sell it.

1 week later
#2770 3 years ago

i had a question and maybe i found another bug for GOT pro. i have turned off extra balls for completing 3 houses, as well as general extra ball in the technician settings. at times i still get an extra ball awarded from the random pop bumper award, any ideas on how to disable this?


1 month later
#3172 3 years ago

personally, i've determined that GOT pro is the best flowing modern game stern has made for both SAM and Spike systems. no vuks, just ramp and orbit madness, and combo sensations. the sword ball lock is one of my favorite locks currently. the 1 'bash toy' (battering ram) is not really even a bash toy i find, as the ball returns fairly consistantly off the shot. the depth of house strategy and selection is above and beyond any other coded machine imo. the way the houses have been incorporated into gameplay is brilliant. as i sometimes get bored with gameplay on machines, i find that got seems fresh each game as you can try numerous house combinations or house to begin with. want a real challenge and find the game 'too easy'? just select house greyjoy and try to defeat all 3 dragons from the get go, that in itself is a blast. throw all the MB modes into play and stacking? irone throne mode, is just amazing i find. people will complain about 'not enough callouts' or 'not enough movie clips' sure the pf is photoshopped, but you know what? it doesn't affect gameplay i find. cheque please.

i've been playing metallica along with got lately, and both games are in my stern top 5 probably, yet they really are night and day.

if you don't enjoy GOT, then i guess maybe you're an EM guy?

#3177 3 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Anything that puts you on the Throne

apparently my machine heard my praise of it, as i played 2 games last night and made it to the throne again for the 4th time i think . then she laughed at me as i couldn't close house 1 lannister and got only 75 mil in IT.

ramps and orbits for months.

1 week later
#3229 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

It's a good day to be repping House Stark!!

can you justify the 250$ price tag? i am considering these as my right flipper has ring dents in the cabinet, the same kid also chunked out a piece of the decal on an avengers, "oh that was me?".

1 week later
#3303 3 years ago

i haven't seen any of season 6 yet. i'm assuming the younger crippled stark kid begins to control the dragons with his mind powers and him and the mother of dragons either team up, or the starks rule the 5 kingdoms and the iron throne.

or they all team up against the White Walker king, and it becomes 'life vs death'. i wouldn't consider this a spoiler, as it is probably just my incorrect speculation.

1 month later
#3478 3 years ago

black wateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer multi ball friday!!!!!!

#3505 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Fuck ya bitches! Took all night and 5 beers, but finally nailed a 1.2 bil HOTK sjp hurry up with 5X going. Crazy thing was I drained on the first battering ram hit, then it displayed my HOTK score but managed to hit the ram again for hurry up and it gave it to me. What a rush! Lannister, I'm done with you C*ck suckers

damn man, i bet you were able to buy a new car with the coin earned in lannister during that game?

2 weeks later
#3646 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Call me old fashioned, but i hate super bands and titans on the flippers. In fact, ever since i changed factory flipper rubbers on FGY & XMEN (in the past) and noticed how it affected certain features (like the gambit shot in xmen), ive never been a fan of changing that stuff out.

100% on the money. i have super bands or titan on all my machines, i enjoy the color and durability. They do make shots more difficult to hit, it seems mostly any shots off the tip of the flipper bat (such as CIU and FUEL piston on MET, and the drops and standups on GOT). the only true benefit of these replacements is lastibility IMO

Quoted from Eskaybee:

I really hope Dwight doesnt abandon the code on this game

i actually don't see anything that needs to be addressed. some say callouts, additions to applying the action button during gameplay for Iron Throne bank etc, and other revisions. to me everything is well implemented and coded at this point. only problem i see now is somehow GOT is almost outside the top 100!

its friday, might as well go play some GOT at the barcade, as i had put it back out on location. having a metallica next to a GOT at home really doesn't make sense, i find the 2 games are super similar in shots and layout.

happy friday, time for some weekend fun!

#3652 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

EDIT: Oh, and Lannister could use a boost in the store. For instance, last night i was playing Greyjoy and on ball 2 or 3 i got to the store and was able to spend 5k on a Lord of Light!

agreed, lannister is the most negleted house due to its payout, or lack of.

#3654 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I always say that the average game needs a few hundred plays before you can accurately judge it, but GOT is so vast, I would say you need 1,000 plays before you can fully grasp it and make an informed judgment. Most people are turned off by the looks, simple layout, and hard to grasp rules they pass on it quickly.

agreed. i have only played the LE and the Premium maybe 10 times total, and i really don't understand the scoring and house rules when it comes to the upper pf. i've had the first run pro off the line, and i've spent enough time on it that i really don't play it as much as i used to. i guess i have yet to win the iron throne, so i still need some more time on it.

1 week later
#3665 3 years ago

i put some pinballife black lollipop side rails on my pro. great upgrade, i also put them on my metallica. i love the feel of them, and they look really nice as well.

3 weeks later
#3719 3 years ago

i'm still wondering why this is sterns biggest current 'sleeper' pin amongst players. ghostbuster and kiss have nothing on this furious, fast, and strategic machine imo. happy flippin' friday!

#3723 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

KISS and GB are pretty damn good games in their own right. Especially GB

i agree, they are fun, but i wouldn't put them in the same category that GOT is in, IMO. Got just has magical flow IMO

Quoted from Zampinator:

When GB was revealed it stole the spotlight from everything. It was a dream theme for many people, & it truly looks & sounds great!

i agree, Ghostbusters was one of my favorite movies of all time as a kid. If i can find and play one that doesn't have airballs every 3rd shot i'd really enjoy it. the artwork, music, and tight shots are really great. i've only played 2 pros and 1 premium, and for once i would say the premium/le is actually by far the better model.

is it happy hour yet?

4 months later
#4178 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Been awhile since I've put up a score like this

holy sheep shit batman!

#4189 2 years ago

anybody else want to see the dragon land in the arena in Color DMD? man, that would/will be gorgeous when they get it coded.

1 week later
#4263 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

Accidentally got Iron Throne again... got to be the easiest modern wizard mode to start

hahah, i wish i could just 'accidentally' start iron throne. seems to me i'm always left with the 2nd and 3rd dragons as i always select that house last. easier to start hand of the king that way. i've maybe gotten to iron throne 4 times.


2 months later
#4482 2 years ago

i find the biggest contributors towards gameplay changes concern the metal ball guides and needing readjustment. I was getting poor ball returns to slings or awkward flipper areas, so i have had to bend back 3 main ball guides:

1. the outer right orbit guide, at the bottem near the post/rubber
2. the left entrance to the center ramp, it actually broke and had to install a new ball guide, but i have also had to bend the replacement towards the center of the ramp/to the right.
3. the dragon left entrance ball guide, had to bend back towards the center ramp area.

this will help get those NIB ball returns back, if any of you have noticed any slight/big changes in gameplay.

#4484 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I do need to rebuild my right flipper. That was pretty surprising.

i've had flipper problems with mine. had to replace both flipper EOS switchs (broke in half), had to replace both EOS switch adjucators (broke in half), had to re solder both flipper coil wires back onto coil terminal (1 even had the entire solder tab break off the coil).

over time, the balls just kept banging the balls guides back. i noticed that the returns were making the gameplay super tough (lots of SDTM and sling returns, which required minor adjustments.

3 weeks later
#4528 2 years ago

Did stern change the artwork for the backboard on the pro's? It looks like Pinbally1968 has a pyramid in the back left? My pro just has images of the iron throne room and a window in the back if i recall....

#4531 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

There's only one stern translite for the Pro

thanks, i understand that Chuck. I'm referring to the backboard with the G.I. light string that is on the rear of the playfield.

#4536 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinbally_1968:

What a blast! But yes I still hope for one more good update especially to balance the awards for the houses and more functionality for the mini PF. (And the droptarget, its just a stand in my way without any reward)


GOT (resized).jpg

Gotbg (resized).jpg

so it seems they did change the artwork? or is it just me, strange.

#4538 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The one on the bottom is a prem or LE

lol, thanks, derp!

1 month later
#4674 2 years ago

anybody else having this guide fail for the center/left ramp on pro's? It's concerning...i've had 2 fail now, same spot. Stern doesn't stock these, and i don't think the post can be rewelded to itself. i know of one other person with the same fail.

edit, maybe you could rivot just the post back onto the guide?

guide (resized).jpg

#4676 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Oh boy haven't seen that one before. You could rivet it back on the guide if you can get another bolt like that.

yeah, i bet only stern could get me that exact post. i spoke with them over a month ago, so i guess they didn't want to make me another one. I wouldn't be surprised if more machines have this fail...and the owners/ops aren't aware of it, that guide takes a beating. GOT owners speak up! stern needs to make these replacements for us, how can they not stock these?

#4686 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Who did you talk to? Very surprised they don't have these in stock. Or at least the screw that you could rivet back to the guide?

initially chaz warranteed the replacement. he said they had to fabricate one for me under warranty, as they didn't have any in stock. this time around i assume i'd have to pay for another one, but they haven't gotten back to me.

1 week later
#4724 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I'll check. Trent seems to think it may be an EOS switch issue. Gonna check that too.

i'll bet that's it. my left flipper went weak, i thought i needed to adjust the EOS. the next day one of the blades snapped off of it, so i think it was intermittent contact even though it had the correct gaping.

you should just replace it, these stern factory EOS are junk, i replaced both originals on my GOT flippers.

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