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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#18 4 years ago

I am one of those who like the light effects. I would like to know if there are more people like me that like a good show or more people that would prefere less LED effects. My heavy modded AC/DC is a good example. It's a beast. The arrow flashs are so bright it can blind you. It's hard to play it. And I suck on it. But it's also a lot of fun. In summer I found an AC/DC in a pub in the wild and played it, it was a piece of cake to get the new number one hisghscore....it was easy to play it and the games were very long for me. But I still think the one I have at home is more fun, a lot more fun.
Without mods I still think Metallica LE/prem has the best light show that they ever put into a pinball game so far.

#107 4 years ago
Quoted from mof:

My wish is that designers would focus on great game physics, by maintaining good risk/reward on all shots to punish players based on missing shots, rather than using a gimmicks such as a flasher barrage to shorten ball times.

Again and again, we all have different tastes. A few hundred years ago when the people that went into a church to celebrate their faith in god had no TV, radio or cinemas and no pinball games^^. When they went into their churches they were overwhelmed by the show, the lightning that came in from the colorful windows, the exotic smells of the incense, the music of the gregorian chants. All this show was not substantial for the main thing, the religion. But the glory of it was a very special experience, something that could take them away from their real life. More and more people banned those thing, they didn't want all those distrections. They feared, that the show could became to important for the people. I am ok with all this, different tastes.......But sometimes I miss this kind of show. Now i have to go on rock concerts to get this ;P^^
For a few people playing pinball is all about the competition. To train in something and to get better and better, to master the machine. They hate every distraction from reaching their goal. For them a good lightshow is only needed when the machine has to celebrate when they done something good.
There are people that like concerts of musicians that only focus on the music in small concerts. Othere people want big stadium concerts with crazy light shows to experience something special.
I like excactly the same in my pinball games. For me the competition is only secondary. I start a game to have a few minutes fun and forget everything else. I want to get sucked into the gameplay and as important it is to make shots special for players, I want to get surprised by the whole show and the flow of the machine, when I speak of "FLOW", I don't think that a machine only has good flow when the ramps are coming right back for the next shot. The ruleset of a machine should also have good flow, it should mix grind, slow speed or fast speed gameplay with risk shots and hurry ups. And flashers and the lightshow should help do delivere to help mixing those things so playing it will not get boring.
The "crank it up modes" on metallica are awesome, everyone of them delivers a unique show that complements the unique gameplay.
If there are modes or moments in the gameplay when flashers are blinding me so the machine gives me a good fight, it only gives me more fun in playing it. If the gameplay has only those effects it can get boring.
What I saw in the streams from the GoT gameplay, I think I will realy like the Winter is Comming mode. The flashing lights put on a good show, are making this mode special and I think thats part of a good flowing gameplay.
But that is just me, if others think the light effects are blinding them, so they can't reach the next highscore....it's just not their cup of tea perhaps they should buy an other game. I want more of that in GoT!!!

2 weeks later
#254 4 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Only one true ramp on the le

2 "true" ramps < (1 "true" ramp + 1 ramp as fast as a "true" ramp + 1 mini playfield + 1 Multiball+twoway diverter with ball lock on a throne)

2 months later
#1295 4 years ago

I almost can't stop playing it when I start for just one quick game. Every game is different. I am still in the honeymoon, but I am already sure this game is a winner. For me top 5!

The only problem I have is, I don't know if the topper is worth the money. I have to sleep a night over it if I should buy one. And I haven't seen pictures from the skin blades installed so I can't decide if I should get a pair and what version will look best in the LE.
Does anybody have pictures from a GoT with Insideblades installed?

#1376 4 years ago

Valar Morghulis, Dracarys! The GoT Club!

1 week later
#1720 4 years ago

Yes GOT kicks ass! I still can't get enough of it. Great game.

There are so many small details that make it great. Have you listened to the last part of the Baratheon sound track? Awesome!!!
There are still a few small things they could do to make the game better with code updates. Why are there color changing LEDs in the bumper if they only use this effect in the attract mode? And there are many more effects unused so far. But for me it's a keeper, the gameplay stands solid and is great. And also there were bad reviews when it came out, the artwork of the LE cabinet is beautiful.
The only thing I don't like are many dots on the display. Metallica and TWD proved STERN can do better. The intro of the wall multiball is great but many other animations are missing the coolness of other games out there. There is so much action going on that I don't have the time to look up there. But I hope the over all choreography of the MB (As an example I think the Blackwater Multiball music isn't dramatic and loud enough) intros and the modes could be improved.

1 week later
#1928 4 years ago

Some of the mode music tracks are awesome. I like how they play almost the same loop over and over in the beginning and than in the end they are getting a cool variation that let you know the time is almost up.
The Baratheon Mode music is outstanding in the end it reminds me of cool western soundtracks!

But yes there are other tracks that are bit boring. And I think they can do better music in the multiballs.

#1985 4 years ago

I don't like the white flipper bats on the LE. But I am unsure what color would look the best there. Has anybody changed the stock ones?

#1994 4 years ago

In the first released rendered pictures from the LE was a roof behind the door at the battering ram. Now in the finished real version of the LE it looks very empty there. I hope we will see some mods soon to cover this area up.

2 weeks later
#2208 4 years ago

I added a few figures.









1 week later
#2346 4 years ago

Today I finished all three targaryen dragon modes (the music here is awesome) and I was only one more house away from iron throne. This game is a lot of fun to play and there are many ways to attack it. The code is very good. But I still think it's not complete. There should be more reason to play the miniplayfield.
And perhaps I didn't found a good tactic for it so far, but I think Lannisters are to weak as starting option.
And what I realy don't like are many of the animations on the dmd. Got is so a rich license. It should have was more and cooler animations to become a real classic. The Rescue mission for Myrcella Baratheon is a poor choice and I think the pirate/viking like greyjoys should also be better presented on the display.
So many things that make GoT what it is are missing. Red Wedding? Where are the Wolves? So many cool options for animations.......but all we often have is a pixel mess.

#2348 4 years ago

Yes you are right, there are cool animations. Tyrell, Martell modes. Winter has come and battle on the wall are good and many more. But the mode qualifying animations are the moments the player has the time to look up on the display and those animation choice is lame. Here I have seen way better animations from stern on other games. As a pinball player I love the rules and fun of the GoT layout. As a GoT fan I feel the theme is not represented the right way in some modes. Why is there only a victory animation when you complete a mode? If you can't finish the mode there should be a drastic loser animation. Oberyn Martell could get his head smashed. Arya could be blinded. For the Lannister mode they should use "The Bear and the Maiden Fair". (that is classic GoT) As a battle between Jaime Lannister and the bear and if you lose show an animation Jaimes hand got chopped off. For Greyjoy perhaps we will see a few good scences as Viking like pirates in the next season. The Tyrells won the tournament in the show cause they cheated it without honor and in the end the horse was brutally killed, that is GoT. In this game it is just a knight's tournament.
Without tits and gore as the GoT pinball game is now you have the classic black and white, good against evil theme and the game as it is now represents High Fantasy. When animations from the hobbit are meaner than the GoT ones there is something wrong. It's not the world I know from the books and the show. Sry, but I think Dwight and Ritchie didn't understood the source material very well, I can't believe the licence holder wanted GoT represented in this way.

2 weeks later
#2647 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I hate shakers. There...take that!


#2662 3 years ago

I just read after this year season of the show there only are two more seasons coming and both will have far less episodes. The costs of ths show are exploding. The budget of the upcoming season were around 100 millions. So perhaps if STERN could support this game with code updates for two more years. Perhaps the game code could cover some day the whole story of the show. I still think the best things are still waiting for us.

I would like tho have one more mode worked into the code for after you finished all three targaryan dragons. So that there could be a strategy that you focus on them before you go to hand of the king. Normaly I try to ignore them in the beginning of the game. And I think it would be fun to have one more way to attack this game. As I see it for now you start as a knight of one house and your goal is to conquer the others to become the hand of the king and later you can sit on the iron throne if you win over all houses and even the tagaryens. That is the normal progression in this game. But the dragons are the a-bombs of their time and it would be cool if you can sneak to a special mini wizard mode if you can defeat all three dragons in the beginning of the game.

#2675 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Yea I can backhand the right ramp without issues, sometimes on the fly. Center ramp from left flipper is no problem either.
Only awkward shot I get from time to time is back handing left orbit with left flipper. Sometimes it does a weird rattle and will brick and come back down. It didn't used to do this and Doesn't happen too often and I haven't dug in to see what the problem is; anyone else have this?

Yes, same for me.

8 months later
#4102 3 years ago

I agree, this game needs a bit of polish, voice calls and dots. It needs to be tied up more with the GoT theme. I hope STERN will give Dwight more time for it. The game deserves it.
The Shadow,Met, AC/DC, Hobbit and GoT are the games I own now. Everyone gives me something the others can't. With GoT I have so many ways to attack the game and most times the fight is very intense.

2 weeks later
#4152 3 years ago

So will there be more updates or has STERN/Dwight moved on and this game is abandoned like many before? There is so much potential here and I think it already is a great game, but with a bit of polish it could be like Met or TWD.

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