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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#9 4 years ago

100% agree with Fattrain. I was one of the lucky ones to play both the pro and the LE. I really liked the pro and was wondering if the flow would be off with the upper playfield. It wasn't. You can see in the video how quick the ball can go up the right ramp and exit the lower playfield back to the left flipper.

I did not think the lighting was overly blinding.

The code is great so far. No big holes, modes have clear shots to hit and have personality to them (moreso than say ST or TF). Scoring needs some balancing.

Overall, I was very impressed by BOTH the pro and the LE.

2 months later
#1087 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Here is where I get confused. Is there a limit to the combo multipliers? I thought I read that 5x combo multipliers is it, and 5x playfield is it, for a maximum multiplied shot of 25x. Could totally be wrong. These are the mysteries I plan to unfold when I get it home, haha.

Based on my understanding, chuckwurt is right. 5X for shot multipliers. 5x for PF multipliers. Total max is 25x. Hence for you EKB, you likely had 4x PF with 5x dragon shot for 20x total. The multipliers on the DMD for each shot will show combined totals (PF x shot).

1 week later
#1148 4 years ago
Quoted from frg:

After playing some games "on the fly" I was a bit dissapointed, but reading the rulesheet (http://tiltforums.com/t/game-of-thrones-pinball-rulesheet/936) and playing a bit more controlled, helped a lot to then finally enjoy this game.
LEDs are greatly integrated, giving sometimes a hard time to find the shots
Here we go with a first video... in terms of points a bit dissapointing, but still there is something to see. I didn't focus much on playing the mini playfield for progression to castle multiball... maybe next time.
» YouTube video

Thanks for making this awesome video! Nice to see the different modes.

#1195 4 years ago
Quoted from AaronJames:

» YouTube video
V1.21 Iron Throne (Played as Stark house).
-don't watch if you don't wanna know what happens in this mode.

Holy shit!

#1265 3 years ago

LE/PREMIUM V1.22 - January 26, 2016
- Added ORBITS test to DIAGNOSTICS menu.
Allows testing of left and right orbit action outside
of gameplay.

- Fixed an issue introduced in v1.20 in which the flipper power
would be turned off for 1 second under certain conditions.
- Fixed an issue in which the code on the topper node board was
not getting updated under certain conditions.
- Added topper effects.

- Upper flipper - decreased flip power, increased hold power.

#1393 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Well, it is time for me to set this bad boy up and get to playing!!!

I think those bad boys are set up perfectly already.

#1569 3 years ago

Not sure if this has been talked about in this thread yet, but here is my understanding of the "Castle" upper playfield (i.e. LE and Premium only) rules.

Castle Multiball - hit each of the lit targets (they are lit white). When you hit one, it extinguishes. After you hit all three targets, the middle lane shots (i.e. the two shots between the targets) light. Hit that and you get one progress towards castle multiball. Do that 4 times and you will get CMB.

Collecting Castles - when (and only when) you are in a house mode (e.g. Martel), the upper playfield targets will be lit in the color of that house's mode (e.g. orange for Martel). If you hit all of the lit targets, then the "Castle" insert on the upper playfield will light. Hit that shot (i.e. the far left mini loop on the upper playfield) to collect that house's castle (and I think 15 million points). Not sure what happens if you collect multiple or all of the castles.

#1594 3 years ago

Posted this in another thread, but thought I'd note it here too. There was a minor code update (1.23) released today for GOT (all models).

#1602 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I'll pass on it, and send it over to the Kiss guys, brighten their day a bit

Or even worse, the poor WWE owners on pinside. All 45 of them (22 LEs, 23 pro owners). Thanks Waison.

1 week later
#1874 3 years ago

Not sure if other pics of the premium pinblades have been posted so here are mine (not installed yet, just held with clamps for now).






#1876 3 years ago

Its easiest to do with one other person. The clamps help but a second pair of eyes and hands are best.

#1880 3 years ago

Pics with alternate banners - Stark on castle and Lannister on post.




1 month later
#2575 3 years ago

Completely agree with chuckwurt. I like it but want to see it lit up!

1 week later
#2729 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

As stark even!
All factory. 3 tilt warnings.
EDIT: ...and never mind that it was my 20th straight game of the night til I could finally pull this off.

Seriously. I hate you. Stay the hell away from my games and their GCs.

I can fairly routinely get a bill. Really good game is 2ish. GC Is high 2s. And I have even made it to Iron Throne once! But I can't get into the mega score territory. Likely because I suck.

#2761 3 years ago
Quoted from sk8ball:

Just leave your game powered on so the HotK values never reset

So THAT'S what SKB does. Cheater.

3 weeks later
#3010 3 years ago

Can you detail some of the quotes from the show that are in there but not in the latest code. I'm very interested in this as this is the biggest gripe for me. Great callouts from the show would really help immerse you in the game.

1 month later
#3348 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Also, think about it. If a good, stark house loaded, base value for a WIC is around 13-14 million, even if you cash it in for 25x, that's still only around 350 million, and SKB has a champion score of over 500 million.

SKB cheats. It is known.

1 month later
#3426 3 years ago

Similar thing happened to me. It was a flakey switch (the bottom one on the lock closest to the player). Although the switch tests ok in the menu, it basically isnt sensing that the ball is being held. Try adjusting that switch or even better, replacing it. Hope that works for you.

#3465 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Okay my switch closest to the white plastic thingy is definitely messed. I've been fooling with it for a while and it needs to be activated ABSOLUTELY perfectly in order to register. When I thought I had it adjusted correctly, I olayed a couple games and now when there's a ball up there it will register multiple times if I throw another ball up there or if the game shakes enough.
Guess I'll try a new switch and see if that fixes it.

That's exactly what was happening with mine. I (actually purpledrilmonkey) replaced the switch and that fixed the issues. Hope it works for you too.

#3489 3 years ago

Here's mine.


#3492 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That score is sick. Cannot break 1.5 billion. Game just feels different as Lannister.

Thanks! Everything seemed to click that game. Made shots as needed. Actually made it to IT for only the second time. I rarely play that well.

2 months later
#3778 3 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

Feels good to have finally cracked the eleven-digit barrier.

1 month later
#3927 3 years ago

I can backhand the right ramp from the right flipper on my premium no problem. Its a go to easy shot for me. Like backhanding the left orbit from the left flipper. Center (left) ramp is easy from the right flipper and fairly doable from the left. A bit tricky at times but not overly risky.

Still love the game. Its my favourite in my collection and has been for over a year. And while I do appreciate the pro, I think the premium is awesome. I actually really like the upper playfield and the added rules with collecting the castles and advancing modes up there.

2 weeks later
#4026 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I really wish there were some sound queues in WHC. Sometimes the only time I know I got the super jackpot is if I can catch my final WHC score. Over a billion - I think I probably got it but don't know. Under a billion, I think I probably didn't get it but still don't know. Grrrrr, that and no big dramatic HOTK super hurry up jackpot really is the biggest thing this pin is missing. Sorry to rant, but c'mon Dwight, a year to add a few key sound queues for the biggest jackpot shots in any pinball? Let's get some GOT code! /rantover

Can I upvote this 100 times? Please Dwight, please add some callouts and sound cues! This game is so close to being epic.

#4035 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Why is Lyman the only one at Stern that does follow-up/finishing/polish code?

I know Dwight cares, and I do really believe that he will get around to another GOT update, hopefully in the near future. But for some of the other programmers who work at Stern, I seriously wonder what they do for 8ish hours a day.

And why not take some pride in your work? Basic example - Xmen code is good. It took forever to get where it is now. And it suffered greatly for a long while. But it currently has a few bugs (one significant if you are good enough to finish both DR and DP). How f*cking hard would it be to fix these bugs? What would it take? MAYBE a day? Why not just fix it? How can you not care enough to be bothered to spend the few hours to make it right? I just cannot understand that.

#4037 3 years ago
Quoted from Sethman:

How hard could it be to tie in some additional sound cues / callouts?
1st shot to each house has a respective callout (similar to how Martell is done)
We're not talking about custom recordings. Using existing material to make it play uniform across the board on all those initial shots.
HoTK and IT as well.
Come on.....

Completely agree.

Same for Battle for the Wall Multiball. Some great callouts in that mode would really enhance things. There is a great sound fx cue when you get the SJP of the scythe coming down. That's very well done, but the rest of the mode needs voice callouts.

A SJP sound cue (along the same lines as the scythe one) for WHC multiball is also very needed.

#4040 3 years ago

I was getting intermittant functioning on the battering ram. Only some hits from one flipper would register. I finally got around to lubing up the ram tonight...


It works like a hot damn now! Every shot from each flipper now registers! Its like a brand new game.

So thats how you guys were getting the epic scores. I rarely could get the PF multipliers above 3x even with collecting swords. My best was a paultry 4 billion before, even with getting to Iron Throne. Can't wait to play more and see how the scoring improves.

If anyone is having issues with the ram, lube that baby up!

1 week later
#4095 3 years ago

I don't have a GB, but reading the read me file for the latest code update (1.13), gives me more hope that we will get another GOT update. The type of update that GB got is exactly what is needed for GOT - add a bunch of callouts and sound fx to certain modes, tweak some rules and scoring a bit (i.e. maybe a boost to better items you can buy to make Lannister more viable), add a few more uses to the action button and that would be a great polish to a superb game.

#4097 3 years ago

Another bit of polish that would be nice would be some slightly better dots for HOTK. The dots on Iron Throne are awesome, but the basic text approach for the intro of HOTK (where it describes what rules you are bringing into HOTK) seems really basic and out of place. Say the same things, but write it in a much more appealing way with cooler dots.

#4106 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Is it possible to start some kind of crowd funding for Dwight to finish this on his spare time? Kinda what Bowen is doing now... I'll put a dub on it!
Dwight if you're reading this, have your people call my people!

I'd be in for this.

1 month later
#4190 2 years ago

I need more callouts!

cowbell (resized).jpg

#4197 2 years ago

So Dwight, I know you read these threads but are busy coding an upcoming epic game, which I know will be fantastic. But I will seriously pay you $$$ if you can squeeze a tidy little GOT update in for us hard core lovers of the game. Nothing groundbreaking. Just a bunch of callouts / sound fx, maybe some tweaks, and add a few extra uses for the action button for a couple of the underpowered houses.

I'll bring the money to Expo, or I can pay for the deep dish next year.


1 week later
#4270 2 years ago

I own a premium and I've been to Iron Throne twice. The upper play field definitely helps because if you collect the Targaryen castle, upper PF shots progress you in the Targaryen 3 (Drogon) battle. Not for the first two dragon battles though. Only the last one.

#4271 2 years ago

And for reference purposes, I'm an average player at best.

I'd say that SKB would make me his bitch, but SKB cheats. It is known.

#4273 2 years ago

Keep your high scoring taint off my machines!

3 weeks later
#4306 2 years ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

Ah, gotcha, thought I was missing out on something. That is quite the challenge to complete Targaryan early.

I've done it a couple times but I can't seem to get the super stack. I always seem to eff it up.

1 month later
#4389 2 years ago

Nothing like making it to Iron Throne on the first game and then shitting the bed for the next 5 games. I guess thats why I love this game!

Stark: 3,738,517,700
Baratheon: 642,016,210
Lannister: 140,084,910
Greyjoy: 876,901,760
Tyrell: 167,424,210
Martell: 222,796,700

Total: 5,787,741,490

1 week later
#4442 2 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Shouldn't there be one contest for Pro owners and one contest for Premium/LE owners?

I think there should be one contest for SKB and one for the rest of us.

SKB cheats. It is known.

#4449 2 years ago

That's never happened on my premium.

3 months later
#4759 2 years ago

Nice! You had that dragon shot dialed in.

1 month later
#4828 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Same with the battering ram. It's disabled by default
The ram can be finicky and not register correctly. Chuck has instructions in this thread to get it registering consistently. Follow them and get it registering well and the game is much better.

Lubing my ram is one of the best things I've ever done. It just feels so much better.

Did that come out right? Yes. Yes it did.

1 week later
#4856 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I dont care how anyone wants to sugar coat it; plain and simple, GOT not getting a final update sucks! No ifs, ands, buts about it. Yea, Dwight had family emergencies that initially pulled him off from completing GOT, I get that and respect family + health issues. But, when he returns to work and his employer doesnt let him finish where he left off and instead throws 2 more games on his plate (GB + SW), that in lies the problem.
Dwight has a whole slew of problems, polish, balance, bugs, etc... to address with GOT and he knows this.
The upper playfield rules and integration suck. Lack of balance with certain houses suck. having a call out for some houses and blank 'empty space' for others suck. The amount of bugs the game has SUCK. The games isnt complete. We know this, Dwight knows this. Sterns code support for non-lyman released games has been shit. Always has, always will. Even Lyman got reamed in the ass when developing TWD code and was yanked from it from his employer. And From what i understand, he eventually just locked himself in his basement and didnt go into the stern factory for months so that he could finish TWD. And in turn, the game is now epic because of it. Probably sold a few hundred more titles or more cause of it.
Stern is the problem here, not the programmers. And with that, im looking elsewhere for my next title(s). Screw SW, Screw AS, Screw GoTG...Until Stern gets their head out of there arrogant 'operator's market' ass, I'm eyeing JJP for my next title or a proven classic remake (AFMr, ACDC, etc...). Dialed in is 10X the game SW, GOT, any stern for that matter in both build quality and code quality. Sad but true. /rant over.

(walks backwards slowly out of room)

1 month later
#4981 2 years ago

I would not abandon hope of a final code update with more callouts.

2 months later
#5151 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Alright folks. Doing a temporary trade of my GOT with a buddy for a MET. I’ll be MIA for a while. Keep kicking ass!!!


1 year later
#6009 6 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I vote Dwight to sit on the Iron Throne and chuckwurt (Eric) to be Hand of the King

Can I be someone?

#6017 6 months ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

You would make a great Tormund!

I'm not much of a fighter. I think I am more like Samwell Tarly.

#6019 6 months ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

Any beta testers out there with a ColorDMD for GoT? Really wondering if there are significant changes to the assets that will require a major redo of the colorization
ColorDMD did such an amazing job on this title I can't imagine going back to monochrome.....

I am a beta tester and I have a color dmd in my GOT premium. The vast majority of the screens are already colorized. Like 95%. The other 5% are all text screens (e.g. Dire Wolf button, choosing Targaryan, random select, buying the multipliers with Lannister). When these screens are shown, they are not in color but they simply display in one color (yellow).

Knowing Randy (who is a great guy!) and his colorizers, I would not expect this to take them long. I believe epthegeek did GOT, and he does an amazing job.

#6023 6 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If you can watch tonight and help us with questions that would be awesome!

I will try to tune in! (PinsideApollyon)

#6025 6 months ago
Quoted from nerbflong:

Epthegeek is awesome and deserving of credit for coloring so many many games, however GoT is not one he did. I did
The changes are in the works. Need final code to finish
And as others have stated, any unrecognized frame will just show up in the default color. No reason not to upload the new code and enjoy it once it drops.

Sorry bud. My mistake. Awesome work by you!

#6079 6 months ago

The rules for the Targaryen mode are also a bit different with respect to the other houses on the upper playfield.

If you are playing any other house, if you hit all three targets on the upper playfield, and then the left corner shot, you end the mode you are in.

If you are playing Targaryen, if you do this for Targ 1, you end Targ 1. If you then start Targ 2 and go to the upper playfield, you only get points for hitting the upper targets. Doesn't help for completion. If you are in Targ 3 (Drogon), you also don't get to complete the mode like you would for Targ 1 (three targets and then the left corner), BUT the targets on the upper playfield DO count as made shots and damage Drogon. I like this set up.

What I have not checked is, if you don't get the Targaryen Castle on Targ 1 or 2, but then you do it on Targ 3. Not sure if that ends the mode or not. If it does, it is also cool in that you can basically save up that power for Targ 3.

#6089 6 months ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Playing as Stark, I used Direwolf to complete Targ and it gave me 10mil. Anyone else?[quoted image]

I think this is based on the playfield multipliers that are running. Both upper and lower. They are multiplicative for the upper playfield (i.e. if you have 3X on the lower and 3X on the upper, you have 9X for shots on the upper playfield (with 3X for shots on the lower)). So the upper can be worth a lot more.

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