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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

5 years ago

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#6407 6 months ago

Just joined the club with a nice solid Pro. I plan to add the topper and a colour dmd, any other mods a must have for GOT Pro?

#6410 6 months ago
Quoted from roar:

Shaker is great in this game. Just got the topper last week, it’s pretty awesome.

Is the topper on special anywhere? Seems to be $499 at all the regular spots

#6413 6 months ago

Has anyone been able to purchase the side rails for Stark for the stark side and Lannister for the Lannister’s side of the cabinet? If so then where? I’ve only seen options to get either both Stark or both Lannister

1 week later
#6428 6 months ago

Has anyone put a color dmd lcd into their GOT? How did the larger screen work with the metal speaker panel? I assume it doesn’t sit flush

#6430 6 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

That's what I made the DMD Stretch gasket for a few years ago. It's a neoprene blend that fills the gap and keeps light from leaking in from the backbox and also keeps dust out more readily. Look under "accessories" on the ColorDmD website - they sell them there. It's also in the pinmonk store on pinside here and also on pinmonk.com.
The original thread that covers the development process for it is here:
And Game of Thrones pretty much demands a colorDMD. The video clips come alive in color instead of orange blobs.

Thanks for the info. Hard to tell by the pics but how does it look front on seeing it’s not flush?
For those who have it, how is the hi-res mode seeing there are clips from the show there?

#6432 6 months ago

Great thanks! Would led or lcd be better in this title? Thoughts?

#6443 6 months ago
Quoted from EightBallTexas:

Joining this awesome club/thread as a soon to be LE owner. SO excited as my wife loved the show so much that she will freak out when she sees this little present .....she likes pinball but this is going to take it over the top. I hope I can get some playing time..HAHA. She will have the rules down and teach me what to do...going to be a fun ride .
In anticipation of it coming soon I am going on a MOD shopping spree . I have gone thru about 50 pages and seen some cool mods but I am sure I missed some from these amazing talented mod guys.
What you think of my list so far?
1) Color LCD DMD.
2) Topper from Stern..wifey knows all the families...be cool to see them all on the topper.
3) pinwoofer new bad ass super amp/kit system. Dude your new kit looks sick.
4) Mezelmods battering ram, plastic protectors and Pyramid for the dragon.
5) ulekstore always has some fun stuff....flames and flipper decals , just cant decide which ones for the flippers..one set for winter and one set for summer.
6) modfather pinball ...the walls are kick ass, ramp swords and flags, gear mods and one 3 eyed RAVEN. undecided on the GOT decals...
I know I am missing a few mod peeps who I have used on my other 3 pins but that will come to me one day.
Any advice on some items that were made in small batches that would be great to see , please post or message me.
Have an awesome weekend.. Party at my house one day, steaks and cognac on me. dallas_pin not for you. lol

The pyramid is only for the Pro and pretty sure same thing with ModFather’s walls, you won’t be able to fit them to an LE

#6483 6 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Ya, it's all about not validating the playfield.

Totally agree and I hate my stock plunger, only other I’ve seen is the dragon claw which doesn’t tickle my fancy. What other options do I have for a cool plunger?

#6484 6 months ago

Also, any way of modifying the Pro so that when you hit the dragon shot for mystery award the ball doesn’t trickle out and go sdtm?

#6505 6 months ago

Does anyone have a lead as to where I can get a replacement right ramp for the Pro? Mine is broken at the entrance

1 week later
#6523 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

I was wondering the same thing... when I sell GOT no way I get value for the Topper so I wouldn’t mind hanging on to it and displaying it.

I'll happily pay good money for a topper if anyone is moving one on

#6525 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

They are still available directly from Stern and other distributors in North America, not sure about inventory in Australia.
I was fortunate enough to grab mine from a pinsider for a good price, hopefully you can find someone here too... maybe a wanted ad would help.

Shipping from Stern is a killer, they want $100 as does Marco. So I’ll wait for one to pop up

1 week later
#6550 5 months ago

Does anyone have a lead on where to get the under ramps decals for a Pro?

3 weeks later
#6573 4 months ago

Anyone have a custom shooter rod available for sale?
I like the look of either of these

22E27A24-53D3-4FC3-BB21-10C2B2DA63B2 (resized).jpegC96BE85B-58EC-4DEE-93CA-DCC4AA787755 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#6608 4 months ago

With Targaryen I believe you can change the settings so it only spots you 1 or 2 dragons rather than the default 3 dragons upon choosing the house to play as. That would certainly change it from being “easy” to get to Iron Throne as was commented earlier. Has anyone tried that setting?

#6622 3 months ago

Does anyone have a set of Stark or Lannister side rails available? I’m after a set for under $200

#6624 3 months ago
Quoted from Celofane:

I bought mine on eBay for 215$ + 70$ customs fees + 65$ shipping cost for France
[quoted image]

Cost to Australia from dealers is about the same. I want a cheaper deal than that

#6626 3 months ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

The biggest bummer is they didn't make a mixed set. So if you have a pro and want the house symbols to match the art, you have to buy two sets. Looks great though...worth the effort. And the premium guys can buy your opposite sides.

I’d love to do that. Hence why I asked if anyone had both. I’d be happy to get 1 set to start

1 month later
#6725 80 days ago

I've just upgraded my Pro to an LE! Love the Pro but hoping I'll love the LE more. Question about the orbit issue. Is it when shooting from right to left or left to right? So through Martell shot or Greyjoy?

1 week later
#6757 69 days ago

I don’t want to buy an entire plastic set for 2 little plastics, by any chance can someone help me with the 2 circled ones? I don’t mind if they are used as long as they aren’t broken

3C12FC1F-2998-47FC-8A4C-467F80925E45 (resized).jpeg
#6804 63 days ago

My 2 upper playfield “slingshots” are so sensitive the noise goes off every time I hit the flippers. Even after I keep trying to increase the distance of the switch the rubber forces them closer. Are they even needed? Could I disconnect them as the noise when they are triggered is highly annoying

3 weeks later
#6836 38 days ago

Nearly every time I hit the left orbit shot (particularly backhand) the ball doesn’t go all the way to the pops and kinda sits on the edge of the gate. Is this related to the orbit issue always spoken about? I have an LE. I either end up tilting or if I’m lucky a ball search pops the ball loose. Anyone else have this issue, it’s really ruining gameplay for me

BA4E3800-01D8-478E-BD12-0B517754BDC5 (resized).jpeg
#6838 38 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That’s a controlled gate. Maybe it’s not working properly. Put the game in coil test and make sure it’s opening and closing properly like the right one does.
Probably just needs adjusted a bit.

It does mate and Martel mode shots from right to left work fine. I’m thinking removing the rubber from the top of the lane guide might help

#6840 38 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I back hand to the pops with slow rollers all the time and it never gets stuck. Yeah try a smaller rubber up there or take the one out and see what’s the deal. Seems the gate is working properly if you don’t notice anything messed up with the gates in other situations.
Aftermarket rubber or stock?

Titan rubbers. Gotta pull half the game apart to get to that 1 rubber lol. The joy!

#6842 38 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I never changed the top lane rubbers on my pro or my premium. Neither is fun!
I bet if you go back to stock or put a smaller rubber there, you’ll be in business.

It’s a 3/8 OD like the manual states. I’m not sure I want to pull all this apart when a right orbit shot passes through fine. The gate hangs up the ball coming from the left

#6844 35 days ago

Okay so I pulled off the rubber on the top side of the lane guide nearest the gate and still have the same problem. Someone else must be getting their ball stuck here.....

#6846 34 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Did you figure out how it’s getting stuck? Is it resting on the transition from the ball guide to the top lane guides? Is the gate pinching it?

Kinda mate. the gate is resting on top of the ball and if I give it a good nudge it'll fall into the pops. Problem is the good nudge sometimes turns into a tilt and I don't want to nudge each time. Plus, others playing my game have no clue about nudging. I'm thinking about changing the setting that disables the orbit to see if that changes things

#6848 30 days ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

GOT Callouts?
I'm just curious to know if the actors who play The Hound and Arya Stark, respectively, did the callouts for GOT pinball, or were they done by sound-alike voice actors? I mean, when I hear the game shout "Blackwater Multiball," I guess I can hear The Hound, although not exactly. Ditto: Arya announcing the Houses. I s'pose there's a bit of Tyrion in there, too, but aren't his clips lifted straight from the show? Pinball callouts in most cases are recorded for the pinball, as they feature things that are pinball-specific and aren't uttered under other circumstances. Did Stern truly bring those actors in to record? Why do I find that hard to imagine?

Pretty certain Mellisandre does the female callouts in the game, not Arya Stark

#6854 30 days ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

With all due respect, I have to disagree.
Voice actor for female callouts is not, to my ear, Missandei.

Not missandei, I guessed Mellisandre

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