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GOT kicks ass!

By Pdxmonkey

4 years ago

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#2344 3 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

can some of you guys verify if your game keeps time and date.
everytime i want to play midnight madness nothing.
re-set the clock, 24 hours later it goes back to feb, 15, 2015, even after the update.

was trying to find the thread/post on this and can't. Give Stern a call. If memory serves me correctly it was a board issue for the person that had this happening to them.

#2350 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I also agree Lannister is quite weak, but every once in awhile I get to light the Lord of light or buy an EB with Lannister. But not often enough.

Anyone know if you can buy a LOL if you have the settings on one LOL per game and you've already used it?

#2359 3 years ago
Quoted from bhwolf:

For those who have replaced all the rubbers on Premium/LE, how long did it take? I might skip the top lanes, possible bumpers depending on how long it will take to disassemble. Looks like a bear to break some of that down. I don't want to set aside an hour and find myself there 6 hours later. Thanks!

Plan on about 4 to 6 hours depending on your skill. I could probably do it in 3 now since I've taken mine apart so many times.

Might as well work on the orbit while you are in there and knock out 2 birds with one stone (sorry PETA).

I also rerouted a lot of the wiring so that you don't see it but I think cap and I are the only ones anal enough to do that...

#2362 3 years ago
Quoted from bhwolf:

Yikes! 4 to 6... Glad I asked, definetly thought it would be quicker (I'm pretty slow when working on pins). Might need to do this in phases. Thanks!

If it helps. You can easily do 90% of the rubbers without having to remove the castle or the ramps. Those are the rubbers that effect game play the most and are also the ones that are visible. The other 10% are behind the throne and under the ramps by the pops.

If you don't want to tackle it all now I'd just do all the ones minus the pops area now and then do the rest when you are up for removing the ramps. Doing this should take around an hour if you being slow.

#2363 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nice! What route did you take to get it?

Had to have a 10X shot for one of the loops. Max value is 75M for the stark mode collection process. The amount you actually collect at that point is dependent on the amount of multipliers you have going on. Theoretically speaking, the max Stark value is $1.875B if you were to have 5X shot multipliers with 5X PF multipliers going on (total of 25X).

#2384 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

How are others ballreturn from the right orbit after plunge on the pro?
I have leveled my game with a leveling tool, and most of the time after plunging and the ball comes out of the pops down the right orbit, it hits the lower right sling shot. On other videos I have seen the ball is often avoiding the sling and landing on the right flipper making it easier to catch it.
is there a correct behaviour, or is it just totally different from game to game?

In most of the videos that you see a nice feed to the flipper you should also be seeing people hitting the side of the cab when the ball gets to the bottom of that right orbit ball guide. Faster shots (full loops) will generally make it to the flipper without much help but slow ones need a nice slap to get away from the sling.

#2406 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

You need 5v flashers not 13v flashers.

OK. I feel like an idiot. I bought some new flashers for my GOT and couldn't figure out what was wrong with them as they wouldn't work. I chunked them thinking they were DOA

#2411 3 years ago

Got my lightening flippers in and installed last night. I'm super happy with how it plays now. Not a huge difference but just enough to make the upper PF more challenging to where I'll actually have the ball go down the middle now. Before, I was 95% of the time only losing the ball through the upper lanes.

Not real sure about the black with orange on the lower flippers. Any thoughts? I don't like Titan or Superbands for my flippers so my colors are limited. I've got a set of red and yellow standard rubber as well but wasn't thrilled with those colors either.



#2412 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Does everyone have their game set to LOL once per game? Mine definitely only gives it once per game unless you buy one or get a Rando one in the pops. I cannot remember if that is default on 1.26 or I adjusted it to be that.

pretty sure default is once per game.

#2447 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Agreed, because unless you have a supreme garbage ball 1, it's going to be lit on ball 1 always.
Edit: Hey wait I got it...player lights LOL with Baratheon with action button once per game

Agreed, but I'd like it to be lit once per ball if the settings are once per game. That would really then let Baratheon compete with Martel for the best house power to use in a match play scenario.

Think about it:
- Greyjoy - Steals other house powers
- Martel - add a ball during a MB
- Baratheon - 2 extra LOL per game (once per ball) and user controled
- Tyrel - Multipliers

Going into a match play scenario, which are you choosing? Things start to get more interesting and you start to get variety. Keith always wanted there to be many different ways to succeed with them game and I think that may help out a lot. Right now, it feels like 90% of players take Martel in a non pump-n-dump qualifying situation.

Now what can Lanister get to make them worth while?

#2452 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I haven't played GOT in a pump and dump yet, but I think I would go Greyjoy. the fact that I am getting a sword right off the bat, and I just need to complete Martell to get that power, and my second sword (unlocking all multipliers), that's the recipe for the highest scores IMO.

Pump and dump that is the best strategy as you can keep going until you get a good game. But in match play or a situation of limited entries (like TPF was), nearly everyone went with Martel as having a good BW MB generally won your match. The extra shots needed to collect GJ shots adds a lot of risk of having a really low scoring game. This was also the case with nationals and the top A players. GOT can be a brutal game when set up to be hard and TPF and national I think was a great example of that. Still fair (don't miss your shot and you are fine) but if you missed a shot you were dead.

#2454 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Agree on all fronts. I think this game can really be set up super hard so I would love to play one in a comp set up that way to see how well I could fair.

You can do it to your game at home.

Super tight tilt - Can get away with one save (slap save) or very light nudging
Pitch - right around 7 degrees
Ball save - 3 seconds (TPF), Turned off (nationals)
Extra balls - Turned off
LOL - Once per game
Lanes - Wide open (TPF), Wide open with no rubbers (nationals)

Par for the Pingolf tournament in Vegas was 300 million if that helps you figure out how tough it was playing. At TPF and from what I saw watching the stream of nationals. It was all about a good BW MB. One strategy I'm kicking myself for not working through is wall MB. Pretty easy and safe to get to on the pro since it's loops shots. The Prem/LE it's much more risky due to the shot being the Dragon shot.

#2456 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nothing can match the competition atmosphere IMO. Plus I haven't beaten my game yet so I haven't made it super hard yet.
Is get to wall MB a good strat? I feel like that MB is very tough to score high on. My average Wall MB with no modes running is like under 50 million. Haha

Yes, for one purpose (to me at least), to have another MB to battle two houses in. My goal in a competitive situation is to get to Hand of the King as safely as possible. I like to stack in GreyJoy and Lanister with my BW MB (I play as Martel). At the end of even a decent BW MB those two houses are generally done. I then work on Wall MB. I make sure that I have another house ready before starting Wall. I like to fight Martel and Stark in wall since Wall MB is focused on ramps and loops. First round of wall is ramps so if I'm on target I will beat Stark in the first round of wall. Second round of wall is loops and that is where you beat Martel. If things went well you now have hand of the king lit.

#2463 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I'll always say that Tournament play the houses should be randomized and the same for both/all players.

Why? It takes all the strategy out of the game then. If a couple of items are tweaked to level set things just a tad this game will have a lot of player strategy involved that has to be adjusted based off player skill. Having things random and all the same actually seems boring to me.

For instance, why take the strategy out of the game on which houses you bring into the hand of the king?

Playing competitively is just as much of a mind game as it is a game of skill and doing this would take part of that mind game out of things so, I may be the only one, I really hope that is not done.

#2466 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

That's only one side of the coin. From the other side, you could see it as having to know all the strategies of the houses as more knowledge of the game, and having to react to another set of "barriers," which all tournament machines already do.

How are you reacting to barriers? There is nothing stopping you if you chose one house or the other. If the initial house selection is random so be it but you lose me 100% at anything past that being auto selected.

Quoted from TheLaw:

I actually don't really agree with this 2nd point. The abilities of the houses at present don't interact with each other in anyway, and you can both pick the same house.

That's completely wrong. Depending on what houses you complete prior to HOK most definitely changes how that mode is played. For instance, if you go into HOK with Stark you get 20 seconds of free play between rounds. Martel makes you complete each set of shots twice to get to the hurry up, GJ reduces the amount of sets from 7 to 4 (a little fuzzy if it's GJ or another house), etc. How can we say that their is not strategy here?

Quoted from TheLaw:

I'm familiar with competitive play.

That makes the both of us then. But I think we have very different ideas on what a tournament should do, which is fine since this world is big enough for differences in opinion here. I want to find the best player on a game while it sounds like you want to find the best player on a game for a set situation.

I'm of the opinion that people need to play to their strengths and by forcing people into choices takes away their ability to do so and hinders the integrity of the game. For instance, you wouldn't have a tournament to where people playing AC/DC couldn't use the same song nor would you want a tournament to force people to chose what CIU they wanted to play. That's fine for side tournaments (and we do stuff like that locally) but not for the main event.

#2537 3 years ago
Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

What happens when you bring five houses into HOTK instead of four when it comes to effects on gameplay? Previously, I thought it applied all five effects even though it only calls out four at the start because when I've done it Martell wasn't listed yet I still have had to shoot each shot twice. But after seeing the bug where Keith had the martell effect without having completed the martell mode, that may have been a similar bug. If all five houses do count, then the broadcasters are wrong about Keith playing the best configuration of HOTK - the best would be Stark, Lan, GJ, Tyrell AND Targ

Keith was playing as House Martell but if you re-watch the broadcast you will notice he never played that mode. In order to bring a house into HOTK, you must beat their mode (solid lit)

#2539 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I bet they did. Remember it would only happen if the 2 houses were completed on the same single shot.
This is funny because we've talked aboot this for weeks yet neither of us have tested it

I'm guessing it wouldn't require the single shot to complete both houses if you are in a MB. Sounds like something fun to try and test though.

#2549 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yeah someone post a pic of this ram...I wanna see how ugly it is

Not my game but here is a pic.


#2611 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I mean that when playing as greyjoy, conoleting the Martell mode is no harder than if you are playing as any other house. It needs to be harder IMO.

As for GJ in general. Would be cool to have a setting that you could set it to that if you fail to beat the house the first attempt you lose the ability to gain their power. You play them again to beat the house but no awards are granted.

#2614 3 years ago

I've got a new challenge for everyone. In the spirit of the Masters in golf, it's low score time....

Who can do worse in this situation.

Playing as GJ
- Had all houses beat but Targaryen.
- Got BM MB twice
- Got the Super stack of WHC and Wall MB
- Made it through the first round of HOTK

Final score - 1.2 billion. It's like I had to try to miss all the good points in the game to score that low but get that deep into things. Crazy fun game to force you to shoot correctly to score big. This game is so much more than just getting through the modes and this proves it. Heck I had 900 million the game before just on my BWMB.

#2622 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

I wonder if it is possible to make a mod that acts more like the dragon on the PREM/LE? With a smooth flapping motion, instead of the on/off motion of the pro-dragon. Or if this is something Stern could sell as a mod or something.

Anything is possible with time and money but I don't see it being a cheap mod.

You would need the Prem/LE mech or re-invent the wheel on how it works. With the pro it has a coil that moves the wings (why it is so jerky) on the prem/le it is a motor with a gear on it. The slower spinning motor is what gives it the smoother flapping.

Once you get the motor and gear part worked out you would need some way to run it. Seems like you could hook up some type of timed relay that would run the motor for a couple of seconds after the coil fired. I'm not an electrical person but my mind thinks of it like this:

- Coil attaches to a signal received section of a relay that would close the circuit.
- The closed circuit would active some sort of timed device
- the motor/gear would attach to the timed device that would send power to it for ____ seconds.

Now when the coil fires it gives constant power to the gear/motor for that time period thus giving you the smooth flapping. Doesn't seem worth the time/money but I'm sure there are a handful of people on this site that could make it work.

#2636 3 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

i just wanted to post my troubles with GOT resulting in adding the stern factory shaker motor from gameplay day one...
broken right flipper EOS
broken right flipper EOS switch actuator
re-seat connectors to coin door (tech switch button fails)
these were not a result of wear and tear, but a result from the shaker as i feel that the lack of having transformer weight in the new spike systems just makes these machine poor candidates for shaker motors. FYI

I don't follow. I get far less shake in my GOT than I do several of my other sterns.

A shaker motor isn't going to break your EOS. That's got to be a coincidence or damage occurred during the installation of the shaker (brushed against it when putting the shaker in). Are you running the Stern shaker or the cointaker one? I've heard the cointaker one is more powerfull but neither is going to break parts lose that weren't already going to break.

1 week later
#2681 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

These 2 posts nailed it but to add to that, which not many people mention in regards to pro vs prem, is that the games rules is built around multipliers and combo multipliers. I feel the pro compliments this rule set better cause it's faster, more intense, and has better return shots to setup the next multiplier cash in.

Agreed. If they can ever get the orbit issue fixed though that advantage to the pro will be gone. One thing I like about the premium/LE is the ability to add time to modes via the mini PF.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Plus, I find myself having to hit the dragon shot more on the pro than premium (satisfying risk/reward shot).

I'm actually 100% opposite of this. This would be true (to me) if you never went for wall MB. The pro and premium have the same shots to complete the modes while the pro adds the shot to the dragon of the mystery. The prem/le has the mystery on the right loop and the wall MB advance at the dragon. I find myself shooting the dragon more frequently on the prem/le as I'm always wanting to stack wall MB with a couple of modes or WHC.

For the prem/le - I found the mini PF boring until I put some lightening flippers up there. That added just enough challenge to make things more interesting but still allow me to progress if I'm shooting well.

To me GOT is a lot like MET when it comes to the pro vs prem/le discussion. Really can't go wrong with either one if you like the chose your own adventure type of games. I think people will argue till days end (like we do in the Met thread) about which is better. At the end of the day, you're going to have to get time on both to see which you prefer over the other as it's going to be personal preferences.

#2682 3 years ago

I'll add... Am I the only person that never watched the show until they played the pinball game and is now hooked on the show? Thank goodness for on demand. Been catching episodes here and there and I've decided I now need to start at the beginning to figure out what is going on.

#2688 3 years ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Do i have the same game?
It is pretty rare i can do this center ramp with left hand and the awkward shot impossible or on the fly like u said and with luck.
Does the upper right switch ( martell) work systematicaly on your game? On mine, it works at least 9 times out of 10. But it can happen according to the trajectory, the ball misses the switch.
On the 1.26, i don't like martell callout fight. What does it say?

Seems to be machine specific. The one in the tournament area of TPF, I couldn't complete the center ramp from the left flipper to save my life. Even clean shots seemed to stop halfway up. I also rarely could backhand the right ramp. The pro I play on location I can cleanly make center ramp shots from the left flipper without an issue. Still can't backhand the right ramp with much success. My LE at home I can backhand the right ramp with a clean shot and can make the center ramp with the left flipper without much of a problem.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

I don't want to get into a pro v prem debate. They're both great for different reasons. But, that's a great idea for lightning flippers on the upper pf!!

Did it for cosmetic reasons at first (hated how the flippers stuck out into the center drain) then grew to really like it from a game place perspective after a couple of games. I'd suggest every prem/LE owner to give it a try. Only $10 if you don't like it but if you find the mini PF kind of boring it's worth a shot.

#2689 3 years ago

Has anyone made any good instruction/pricing cards? Looking at those ugly yellow stern cards is getting old. Was going to try and make some but didn't want to re-invent the wheel.

#2700 3 years ago

Finally made it to Iron Throne last night. Gotta say it was a major let down. Mode design was OK but their were no callouts and practically no animations at all. Hopefully something more will be put in there in the next update as HOTK felt much more polished. Still love the game but would be lying if I didn't say I was disappointed in that mode.

Last night was another great example of having to maximize points in this game vs just getting through modes. My plan was to just get as far as I could so I finished all the modes as fast as possible without worrying about multipliers. I finished 2 BWMB's, WHC, Wall MB, HOTK and was one house away from beating Iron Throne. Total score was only 3.2 billion.

#2703 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

While I agree HOTK needs call outs and/or more sound progression queues. I thought the animations and maps of traveling through all the castles and areas was a cool effect.

Assuming you are talking Iron Throne (you wrote HOTK). Must have missed the maps. For sounds, all I heard was music. Got a lot more call outs and sound from reg modes and HOTK. Seems as though their should be some battle sounds and call outs in Iron Throne.

#2707 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Would be cool to have some sort of hidden 'The Hound' call out if you ever make a 500mil+ shot. Like 'Toasty' in mortal Kombat (obviously not Toasty, but you know what I mean), something that makes you go whoa! What just happened - another example; James Hetfield, "Jack F'n Pot" in Metallica.

Agreed. We need a call out about the chickens

"You keep shooting like that I'm going to have to eat every &*^% chicken in here."

I hear you about the little ones. My 6 year old love the game too. She still floats over to METLE though as she can't get enough of bashing on sparky. It's nice to see them get caught up in the games. Makes the $$$ we spend for these toys much easier to swallow. My 6 month old is starting to get curious. He loves to watch all the lights. I just hope one day either him or my daughter will get into it enough so that we can do some father son/daughter tournaments together. I see Colin a.k.a snailman and Robert (not sure if he is on pinside) with their kids and get kind of jealous (ssshhh don't tell them).

Also agreed on the LOL settings. I hope that gets an update to. Would love to see settings for once per ball or at least you get to use it once. I have my LOL on once per game and it seems I always light it right before a center drain.

#2715 3 years ago

New mod. Thanks to the comet matrix lights and two 3 led strip lights I now have GI on my mini PF at the flippers. Subtle but I like it.


#2717 3 years ago

Used a matrix bulb from comet. Bulb has a harness attached to it. I then used his 3 splicer harness. That socket drives those two lights and one under the apron.

#2747 3 years ago
Quoted from OilGuy:

85Vette. Cool lights, but where did you get the upper playfield metal diverted sticker? It is a no brainer add.

Capgunner from the orbit fix thread sells them. If memory serves me correctly they are 10 shipped.

#2750 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I haven't played this game for a couple months. Since making iron throne it has lost all its interest. Game is sold awaiting pick up. Getting to wizard mode on a game easily is a real bummer and those games don't last long.

Should have set it up harder to make it more challenging. I know that can easily be done on this game (look at TPF and national scores). So much more than the wizard mode on this game to. Stacking of modes and maxing scores is more fun to me to.

But if it just isn't hitting it for you then nothing can change that.

#2786 3 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

2 questions for the pros here:
1. Generally, I PASS on engaging battles until I have Blackwater Multiball ready. Is there any disadvantage to just engaging battles right away? Example: I can knock off Martell most easily - should I just take asap, or better to wait? I was thinking Lannister might also be a good one to attempt asap early as it does not seem to lose your progress if you fail to complete.
2. Is there any disadvantage to taking houses to battle one at a time, vs pairing them? Seems to make sense to pair houses with similar shots, essentially getting a 2-fer on some shots, correct?

Advantage - Gives you the ability to focus on just the single mode which can help you really maximize your scoring
Disadvantage - You can not progress towards lighting another house while in a mode. May not sound like a problem but if you aren't paying real close attention you could get into a situation to where you are starting BW MB and you don't have any (or just one) modes active to take into your MB.

It also depends on your house you are playing as. If I am playing as GJ I will always complete Martel before I start a MB. I also like to have Tryrel completed to. That one is tricky as it requires you to hit the lite lock shots. You have to stay away from the center ramp until the very end unless you want to bring in a MB into that mode.

If I am playing as any other house I like to get Lanister and GJ lit (generally the houses I bring into MB). I like to complete Stark before my first BWMB and by itself. Let's me focus just on the scoring of that mode and will give me another sword so that I can add another PF multiple in before I start BWMB.

This is the fun of the game though in finding what works best for you and your style of play. Gotta just play around with different things till you find what fits for you.

#2792 3 years ago

Speaking of HOTK. Don't bother trying to bring in Targaryen into HOTK. I figured with it's difficulty it would have been a super rewarding add on but it was only a small bump in points. Not even close to worth it IMHO. That seems like something that should be changed up a bit. I think it was just 15 million extra points. Because of how hard it is to complete that mode before HOTK it seems like it should be 150 million extra points or even extra ball saver time. Maybe something like:

- "15 seconds of ball save added at the start of each round". Now that would be something to make you want to bring it into HOTK. Having that with stark bonus shots would give you the chance to really blow it up. Hard to get to but would be well worth the risk if you accomplished the task.
- Or "minimum PF multiplier at ___" Blank is dependent on the number of tries it takes you to complete Targaryen. One ball/attempt it was 5x and that reduces by the number of balls/attempts it took you complete. For instance, it took you 3 tries to complete all three phases (a try means you drained or the mode times out) you would have 2X (5x to start minus 3 tries equaling 2x).

#2800 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Thats awesome.
How would one get a chrome lockdown bar with button to match?

If you have a drill press it should be easy enough to drill the holes for the button and emblem. May just be easier to take your lock-bar in to be smoothed and chromed though.

#2801 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

He's currently in Afghanistan serving our country and won't be back until 2017.

Not sure if he is still checking pinside but he may be willing to share his file. If he doesn't have access to it and he would allow I'd be more than happy to make a copy of it and share to the group. There's a couple of people on this site that will print things for fairly cheap too. I just would want his OK before doing so as that would be a pretty crappy thing to do to someone (take his art and share it to others for free).

1 week later
#2851 3 years ago

OK, blonde moment here I guess. Did anyone else know that you can adjust the bass and treble in the sound in the settings menu? Had no clue until just now after doing the update.

And the feature adjustment to enable your left orbit is #6, just so you don't have to search for it.

#2857 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I actually didn't until I ran into it last week by accident.
EDIT: It doesn't seem to make any diff'rence though...maybe more with headphones...or better speakers

Yeah, I think you are right. I disconnected my sub and didn't notice much of a change but it made a pretty big difference with the sub hooked up.

#2859 3 years ago
Quoted from BigBangBack:

so do we know yet if the most recent code release addresses the 3rd Targaryan dragon bug? Nothing worse than going the distance with Greyjoy only to be stuck facing a dragon that cant be killed

That was fixed with 1.26. I've beaten Targaryan several times as Greyjoy now so can confirm it's working. The text is misleading though as the first two rounds it tells you the number of shots but the third round it is telling you the number of hurry ups. I believe it's a total of 12 shots as GJ now but I could be off as I haven't counted in a while.

#2889 3 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

So how is everyone liking the 1.29 update? Worth doing?

There is a node board update which makes it worth it. Code wise. It's the same as 1.26 fir us mortals. Main changes are just fixing the Stark HOTK expliot.

#2918 3 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I just can't get into mirror blades. Every machine I've ever seen with them is a mess from lifting the playfield and screwing them up.....Just don't understand the desire to get them.

Not for everyone but I have them on my games for a lot of the same reasons that PoMC has stated. I also love the way it adds to the lighting.

As far as the scratching. A cheap vacuum plug does wonders there to prevent damage to the blades. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/rnb-47388?seid=srese1&gclid=CLfYk_2czcwCFZaEaQoddVcAaQ I'm constantly lifting and lowering my PF and since adding these things I'm scratch free.

#2932 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Imo, after playong and now owning a pro, i would never cover up the ramps with a castle mod. I love how the pro plays and that you can always see the ball and there feel the shots better. I think the prem is much more annoying to play, harder to find left/lock ramp since its just like shooting into nothing :p
Btw, does anyone know if the geometry and width of the left ramp entry is 100 % similar on pro and premium? For me the prem ramp seems much more difficult to get a clean shot to, whereas on the pro im much more consistent. But might be just eye hand coordination disturbed due to upper pf.

Same ramp. It's a mental thing, once you get past that you can repeat the ramp just as easily.

#2942 3 years ago

Had a crazy thing happen at league last night. Someone took a picture so I'll see if I can get it from him.

To make a short story longer I was on ball three and just finished getting my second tilt warning while finishing stark mode to get THOK ready. I get control and shoot the center ramp and start THOK. About 10 seconds into THOK I noticed I was only playing with 1 ball. I thought I must have drained out and had a really crappy THOK and kept playing for about 10 seconds. that is when I noticed I was still collecting jackpots. I quickly cradled up and started searching for a lost ball. To my amazement I had two balls stuck at the right loop. Apparently one ball was coming out of the pops when another was coming through the loop and they wedged each other together thus sticking the balls together. Knowing that you can't play a MB with a stuck ball I shot the left loop to unstick the balls. To everyone's amazement that caught another ball so I now had 3 balls stuck there.

I was already on 2 tilt warnings so I couldn't nudge them apart and we play on location so taking the glass off was going to be a problem. Turns out that after enough time the game will kick out another ball of which I shot the right loop this time which free them all up. Was pretty crazy.

Oh, and yeah. I sucked after that with the the mode and drained out immediately. I wound up with a BWMB, THOK and even got Wall MB. Total score was only 590 million. Talk about leaving points on the table

Thought you all would find this amusing. Hopefully I can get a copy of the picture as it was priceless.

#2947 3 years ago

Got a copy of the pic. This was before I got ball three stuck.


1 week later
#3029 3 years ago

pst... Forgot to take the condom off your sword

2 weeks later
#3197 3 years ago

I like it with the text.

2 months later
#3431 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Trent seems to think that even though testing those lock switches with my finger was fine, that maybe with the ball up there it is sitting just far enough past the switch that the switch is no longer registering, and the game doesn't know the ball is there. I am going to test this tonight and report back.

You're to tenure to be making rookie mistakes

Always test switches with the ball, not your finger. Your finger can push the switch down farther than the ball would so you will get false positives sometimes. Based off your video I'd be surprised if it wasn't a flaky switch there.

1 week later
#3557 3 years ago

I can't seem to find it. Anyone able to clarify the spinner rules? I finally started to pay attention to the spinner a couple days ago when I wound up at a point that I was getting 20 million a shot to the spinner. I thought it was the drops that increased it but it looks like it may coincide with the bonus X.

Also - Dwight, if you are still reading these. PLEASE fix the bug where LOL doesn't register when a tilt warning happens. That is so frustrating.

#3595 3 years ago

OK, it's going to take someone much smarter than me to figure out the spinner logic. Did some glass off testing and here are the results. Some unexpected findings:
- Ball 2 and Ball 3 started higher but didn't progress as fast
- Bonus X does play a factor starting at 11 and higher but not as much as I thought
- Spinner increases by drop hit, not just banks completed. I thought it was by bank.
- On ball one it takes 30 targets to hit 1 million points per spin (without any PF X's)
- Points start to really come in at 15 targets (5 banks)

***Second % change is for ball 2 starting point.

Untitled (resized).jpg

#3598 3 years ago
Quoted from raisindot:

Weirdest thing happened when playing on GOTPre last night. Started as Baratheon, got two balls locked, think I finished Baratheon (only house beaten) and was ready to start Wall MB. Then, suddenly, a three ball multiball starts all by itself--no "stop," no flashy lights, no call outs--just three balls start going. Then somehow I started Wall multiball and had six balls going--then locked ball 3 for BW. For the next ten minutes or so, with the long ball saves I used, I had at least between 3-6 balls in play at any one time. Ended up scoring 842 million on that one ball and of course only added 20 million more at game end.
My question is: What could have started that random first "unearned" multiball? (No, it wasn't Midnight Madness)I wonder whether there was a 3-pop-bumper combination that started one?

I guess it's possible their was a through issue. I've had it spit out 2 balls before but never up to 3. That is very odd behavior though as the only MB I'm aware of that you can stack is WHC and that can only be done if you start a hurry up, start the other MB and then get your last hurry up to start WHC before it times out.

#3605 3 years ago
Quoted from sulakd:

My GOT premium has a weird switch problem that started last night. Occurred during one game, not the next, then started again. Even pre-plunge, hitting the flippers was activating a switch, low value, I think like 20 points - the sound it was making kinda sounded like one of the gold switches being hit or something. I went into the menu, and the active switches are as follows:
2 x eos, 6 x trough, #16 power interlock, #45 10 points, #85 up left 10 points, #88 dragon home, #90 1 bank drop. I hit the flippers and shook the machine a little to see if any additional switches activated, but nope (except the two flipper switches, as they should). Can anyone confirm whether my list of active switches is as it should be?
Probably unrelated, but I'll throw it out there just in case . . . you know how when you push a flipper button halfway down, it activates the lower flipper, but not the upper flipper so you could cradle on lower while playing upper? One of mine is reversed so that a half press activates the upper flipper, not lower. Never noticed this before, so I can't confirm whether it has always done this. Just think it's weird, and since I'm having an issue with the flippers causing a switch hit, maybe related?

Neither switch 85 or 45 should be activated unless hit by a ball. 85 is the switch located where the sling shot like part of the mini PF is at. 45 is the score randomize switch at the lower right of the game (below the lock targets). Bend those switchs back a little bit to make it less sensitive and you should be fine.

#3626 3 years ago
Quoted from twisty4678:

Bro do you even pinball? Will be streaming my game of thrones pro this Thursday. Would love if some of you pros could tune in and critique my playing. I've only recently been able to get over a billion, although tonight I did it twice. I finally decided to lube the ram and it has really made a difference.

Couple of basic things can really improve someones score that's not focusing on them. These, to me, are the following. Of course theirs a lot of more complex ways to increase scoring but start with these:

- Focus on PF multipliers and keep with the flow. This game rewards those that can play with the flow. My scores started to sky rocket when I started to focus on PF X before I start a multiball and while in it (during ball save). Theirs a pretty big difference between nailing super jackpots at 1x or 4x and 5X. PF X can be really handy in modes too.

- Build your wildfire, especially when you have LOL lit as your wildfire increases your jackpot values. Added plus here is by building your wildfire you are also helping to build your PF X

- Shot multipliers. In modes you need to try and maximize them. Keep in mind you can multiple a shot up to 25X (5x shot and 5x PF). This is huge for modes like Stark, Martel and Baratheon.

2 weeks later
#3679 3 years ago


Pretty sure you did that by keeping your lane multipliers going (really helps with playing as Tyrell) and having some PF X's going on. For instance, if you have 3x PF going on and 4x lane multiplier, that 10 million point shot is now worth 120 million. Adds up real fast!

2 weeks later
#3740 3 years ago

They can fix all the problems with the mini playfield by just pausing shot and PF multipliers while you are up there. I enjoy the mini PF but for the same reason you mention I often let the ball drain out of it as the PF or shot X's are more important most of the time. I love how you can get credit for mode shots up there and the Castle MB though.

By pausing the timer on the mini PF it would add strategy of sending balls up their during MB's to in an effort to maximize your multiplier timers.

Another option would be to make the castle collect shot equivalent to a ram shot so you can progress playfield X up their too.

#3742 3 years ago

I didn't realize the castle collects were multiplied as part of the bonus X. That is pretty valuable in a long ball.

It would be fairly easy to pause the timers though. For each switch hit the timer is paused for 2 seconds. If you aren't hitting switches up their the timer keeps going but if you are hitting shots it's basically paused. Kind of like the pop bumper timer pause in most games.

In modes, I also will often go up their to get some extra time when a modes is getting close and I'm not ready to complete it. I think I'll focus more on getting castles though to exploit those points.

#3748 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Now I'm confused again haha. How was he getting 7.5 mil a shot from hitting the left orbit? I thought castles applied to end of ball bonus only? Do you mean he was hitting left orbit to feed the top lanes and up his bonus X?

Precisely. Shoot left orbit to feed the bumpers and build your bonus X. The 7.5mil a shot would just be from the value of the spinner (my assumption here). Sounds like he hadn't hit a lot of drops yet to only be getting that amount of value out of it.

Or it could be 7.5 mil a shot as well as he's increasing his bonus X with every 2 shots assuming they fall into the pops each time.

#3751 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Well considering the left orbit issues with the prem/LE I'd say it was feeding the pops each time.


Quoted from markp99:

Not sure what you're talking about, Chuck? Left orbit issues, not here.

Same here. Gave up on waiting on a fix from Stern (other than a code change to remove the loop) and just drilled my mounting bracket out a little as suggested. Nice and smooth shots from their on out.

#3753 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

This ^^^. Every left orbit was feeding the upper lanes, so every two shots was bonus X.
On a very long ball 1 (two blackwater MB's), he took my advice on not disregarding spinner shots. The spinner was not very dialed at all, yet he was getting between 13-18M per spinner shot (un-multiplied). Live catch. Repeat.

Dang it, you shared my super top secret strategy with him, now I wont be able to beat him if I ever have to play against him.

Because that is the reason he would beat me

#3759 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I need to find a premium that has a working left orbit and ram. Every one I've played has no left orbit and the ram is like hitting a brick wall. I would love to switch things up in the future to a premium but not till I can get time on a dialed in example. Having trouble finding one.

That makes a HUGE difference. Took me months to get mine dialed in to play as smooth as the pro. Ram is an issue on Pro and Prem/LE's but the left orbit was a huge miss by Stern. Getting it dialed in really is needed to maximize the fun of the game. Ball going into the pops all the time gets old.

I'd offer to let you play mine but that would be a bit of a drive.

If you know of a Prem/LE owner that is struggling with the orbit diverter tell them to bit the bullet and just drill out the mount a little bit. Doing so allows you to mount it further forward thus smoothing out the path. I tried nearly everything and finally did this and it solved my issues.

2 weeks later
#3805 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I must confess I haven't played any of my other games since getting my GB pro 2 months ago. Plus I'm still really liking GB as well... It is really weird to play so much GB and then play GoT where the flipper gap and angle are different. My shots are all 'off' on GoT now...

Same thing happens if you play a SPIKE based game for a while and the go to a SAM based game. The flipper "snap" or power is different so it will mess with your shots too.

#3815 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I know that Dwight wants to do more with it. That's all I got.

I sure hope so. Needs some bug clean up, especially with the LOL logic (gets misses in several circumstances) and Iron Throne is in desperate need of some call outs. Just music right right which kind of makes it a pretty boring wizard mode after you have done it a couple of times. Still a great game but needs some polish.

#3816 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

This the only game in the last 3 years with no super skill shot...major oversight for how good the code is.

Don't really think a super skill shot is worth it on this game unless it gives you something other than points. Short plunging and getting a couple controlled shots before the ball saver even starts is too valuable unless ball save is turned off.

But, I don't think several of the new Sterns have a super skill shot:
Ghostbuster - I'm not aware of one. Would be nice to know if their was one though
KISS - No super skill shot and the only "skill" shot is soft plunging to try and get a left orbit shot to count off the plunge
TWD - Does it have a super skill shot?

#3825 3 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

Has anyone noticed difference when it comes to WIC on pro vs premium? On my pro, I seem to be able to time it out, but on the premium on location, on the last tournament the castle black shot was lit with WIC, and since its a dangerous shot i cradled the ball. But I waited around a minute, and it just would not stop?
Also I feel that WIC is activated not only when hitting a shot 6 times, but sometimes more randomly when I shoot right orbit.

It's the same. WIC will stop counting down after a couple of seconds if a switch hasn't been hit. Hit another switch and it will start counting down again.

I haven't noticed anything random about WIC. maybe a bug on the game you played as it sounds like it wasn't working quite right if you were able to time out WIC. Could be a flakey switch in that orbit that is registering on it's own.

#3851 3 years ago

Would love to see his HOTK score. I'm betting he made it through several rounds of super jackpots in that game. Furthest I've made it is still just collecting the second super jackpot and that was a 4.something billion collect alone.

1 week later
#3878 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Sounds like pinballsidemirrors do not make gold blades anymore which is a bummer cause I was looking forward to getting them in my GOT PRO one day. Anyone know where else they might be available?


3 weeks later
#3892 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

We probably discussed this many times in this thread; but, is TYRELL the strongest house to play? Quickest, easiest route to HOTK with having Tyrell. Also, as i surpassed my GC last night as Tyrell - i noticed (and forgot about it) that Tyrell gets the inlane combo multiplier during Iron Throne. That is huge! I absolutely blew up Iron Throne last night.
I think Greyjoy gets the Tyrell inlane multiplier during Iron Throne. But i know Greyjoy doesnt get the Martell add a ball so maybe it doesnt get the Tyrell power too during Iron Throne?

If you are good with ball control during MB and are good with flowing shots then I would fully say Tyrell is the strongest house to play, if you aren't going with Greyjoy. If you struggle with control during MB then I would still go for Martell for the add a ball. I try to keep my add a ball for HOTK vs using it in Black water unless I don't feel HOTK will come on the same ball as my black water.

#3900 3 years ago

Speaking of stacks. I'm enjoying WHC with BW more than the WHC and Wall stack.

#3903 3 years ago

100% agreed. I only actively go for that stack now if I've already done my Greyjoy and Lannister modes. I generally don't do other double stacks unless I have Tyrell and Targaryen still to play. I've found stacking the other modes makes it harder, for me, to maximize them. This stack generally comes into play for me on the second round of BWMB which is perfect timing normally to finish it up and go into HOTK (I normally try to complete Tyrell after the first BWMB).

#3931 3 years ago

Center ramp and right ramp are going to be dependent on the game, not the version of the game.

Center ramp is identical for pro, prem and LE. If you can't shoot the ramp on the Prem/LE it's not because it is different. Just a mental block, and yes I get the mental block going a lot when I switch between versions.

Right ramp is steeper on the Prem/LE but is a longer shot on the Pro.

On my game I can shoot both ramps from either flipper pretty easily. I'm not going to get into the argument of what is the better game (pro vs Prem/LE) as that is going to be a personal decision just like the constant arguing in the MET threads on which is better there. Some like a more stripped down fast flowing game while other like a little more to things. I will say that with GOT, I'd just about be willing to bet most people don't fully understand the depth of strategy that the mini playfield brings into the game. I constantly hear that their isn't anything to do up there. That statement couldn't be more false. While their isn't a whole lot to do outside of modes while in a mode the mini PF can be quite helpful/lucrative.

I do really enjoy the pro but it does have one major flaw in it's coding which makes it much easier to play and score big on. If the feed from the right lane is friendly then back hand the left ramp all day long to get wall MB. It's almost as bad of an exploit as Hawkeye for Loki MB was on AV before the recent code changes.

1 week later
#4013 3 years ago

Learned something new last night about the mini PF. It will also increase the timer on your BWMB Super Jackpots. Each target gave me an extra 5 seconds. Pretty sure it will stop adding time after 3 (like modes) but I was surprised to see that occur. I just happened to have a ball cradled on the upper right flipper and missed my JP shot bad enough to make it to the mini PF. With both balls up their I shot a target and saw the animation on the DMD that it added 5 seconds. Hit another target and it did it again, then I lost both balls down to the lower PF.

#4032 3 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

What's the best method/fix to get the ram registering better on the pro?

+ what Chuck stated. It's also a good idea to take the ram out and make sure that none of the wheels are sticking. At that time you can also test/adjust the sensitivity of the switch itself if it's not as sensitive as you'd like.

#4049 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Doubt it. I've already logged at least 1,000 games on TWD on location so I know I love it. First goal is hoarde, then termanis, then siege, then LMS. Hopefully I can get them all!

I wish I could play a good working version of this game. One on location plays really bad. Seems like a game that has potential if I could ever figure out all the rules. TWD feels a lot like GOT to me in rules. not that the rules are similar but that the surface rules are easy to understand but the complexity of the rules takes some dedication to understand and learn.

#4089 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Ouch. Please tell me that's not HUO?

Probably is. For some reason GOT (and I think all SPIKE games) have an absurd amount of power in that kicker that feeds the ball to the shooter lane. You really need the protector on the wall and at least mylar to keep it from getting beat up. really wish Stern would make their coil strengths adjustable.

#4132 2 years ago

Tried it last night and I've got a new MB strategy. Apparently it takes 1420 gold to get that option which looked to be 3 sets outside of Lancaster. Super easy thing to get as well.

2 weeks later
#4151 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This is probably a dumb question but I'm gonna ask anyway. When playing house Baratheon and you hit one of the drop targets, are all three targets supposed to reset every time they are hit? This is the only mode that my machine does this in so I am assuming that it is suppose to be that way. I know you're supposed to hit so many yellow lit inserts and then you end the mode by hitting the drop targets right? Or......do you have to hit the drop targets after each time you make a shot when the yellow insert is lit? Anyway....my biggest question is are all the drop targets supposed to reset when hit while playing house Baratheon? I just wanna make sure my game is working correctly.
I would normally just ask Chuckwurt but he probably wouldn't appreciate a phone call at 4 am with me wanting an answer to such a silly question this time of the night.

Yes, it should do that.

How to play the mode:
- shoot spinner to build value.
- after a couple spinner shots the dragon shot will light
- either keep building the score (spinner) or shoot the dragon shot to qualify completion of the mode
- after hitting the dragon shot the drop will light
- shoot drops to collect value and finish mode

Since the drops complete the mode they will reset as you play to keep them available.

1 week later
#4172 2 years ago

Post 3595 on page 72. That's the challenge with these threads is content starts getting lost as it gets to big for people to go through them. Same thing happening on the Metallica thread.

Now that wall MB and WHC MB's scores aren't all that great unless you blow them up I now focus fully on drops during those, especially if in the same ball. This strategy can net you a ton of points on a good ball. It's kind of an all or nothing thing though.

1 week later
#4216 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Yes, Wall on a premium is quite a few Dragon shots. Also, if I understand it correctly, the reason I rarely see Targaryen on my premium is that no shots to the Dragon count as progress towards Targaryen until AFTER you hit enough to qualify Wall. I could be wrong on that but it sure seems that way.

That's not accurate. 3 shots to it while not in a mode or MB qualifies it. Do it all the time as I like to stack it with my MB now since there are some good points in that mode.

2 months later
#4457 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I'd like to see more scores from LE owners. I have a tough time putting up big scores on all the LE/PREMs I have played. It's definitely the harder version.

I'll see if I can get some time to try. My problem is I don't have enough time to get in that many games in a sitting and it could very likely take me a week to put that many games in.

You and I sound very similar and actually closely skilled. I play in 3 soccer leagues and have 2 kids (7 and 18 months). I just quit playing league though to add my 3rd soccer league. As much as I enjoy pinball it just wasn't as much fun not to mention the loss of the health benefits.

#4462 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I'd like to see more scores from LE owners. I have a tough time putting up big scores on all the LE/PREMs I have played. It's definitely the harder version.

Managed to get in a couple games last night before everyone went to bed. I'll update here once I get more played this weekend. Decent start so far.

Game setting - lanes are in the hard position, tilt will give you one good move, EB's are on and Mini PF have mini Flippers installed

Stark - 3,154,992,660
Baratheon - 1,322,014,225
Lannister - 2,466,332,590 - I screwed to pooch on this one. Missed a HOTK SJ of a little over 2B. Hit the ram but off to the side so it didn't register which the ball then went SDTM. Final ball drained with the last Dragon shot left to complete Targaryen and light Iron Throne. Yes, my BWMB sucked big time....

Rolling total so far = 6,943,339,475

#4465 2 years ago

Chuckwurt is correct. It shows while you are playing the set. If you are in Stark extra round it doesn't show while playing in that part though. It also shows when it actually starts to count down. I'm sure you are aware but just in case, it's effected by PF multipliers too. Mine was a little over 500 million with 4x going when I missed it.

#4469 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

eskaybee what's the ball save trick in WHC again? As long as balls are in the pops it pauses? What do you do to keep balls up there? Or is this only a thing if you're doing the super stack?

You just constantly let balls drain as they come to the flippers. You basically use one ball to shoot the PF while the rest constantly drain. I haven't tried this since installing the newest code and I don't recall it working on V1.29 on my LE as I could never get it to work on that version. Either I was doing something wrong, it doesn't work on the Prem/LE or it's something that happened in the newer code. I put 1.34 on my game last night before playing so I haven't tried it on the new code yet but to date the only times I've ever been able to get it to work was on a pro out on route.

#4477 2 years ago
Quoted from 85vett:

Managed to get in a couple games last night before everyone went to bed. I'll update here once I get more played this weekend. Decent start so far.
Game setting - lanes are in the hard position, tilt will give you one good move, EB's are on and Mini PF have mini Flippers installed
Stark - 3,154,992,660
Baratheon - 1,322,014,225
Lannister - 2,466,332,590 - I screwed to pooch on this one. Missed a HOTK SJ of a little over 2B. Hit the ram but off to the side so it didn't register which the ball then went SDTM. Final ball drained with the last Dragon shot left to complete Targaryen and light Iron Throne. Yes, my BWMB sucked big time....
Rolling total so far = 6,943,339,475

Got my last games in on Sunday night.
Greyjoy - 1,784,217,800
Tyrel - 582,784,190
Martel - 2,468,648,060

Total score - 11,778,989,525

So close to a couple blow up games but just chocked at the wrong moments. Not sure what happened with Tyrel but I didn't even make it to HOTK. I'll have to try this again next chance I can get enough time to hit all the games at once. Was a fun challenge. Showed I'm fairly consistent but also shows I'm consistently leaving a lot on the table.

#4480 2 years ago

Agreed, Congrats on the new addition.

Also, it is amazing on how cleaning a game can throw you off for a little bit. Just that added difference changes all your flipper angles. I think the hardest for me to overcome is a change in flipper rubber. That extra grip always has me shooting shots early.

3 weeks later
#4535 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

What would you do...
Ball 2, you just started iron throne (as greyjoy), your sitting on a 13 billion score, and your 1 week old starts crying and your wife asks to get her. What do you do, what do you do...?
Needless to say, I ended my game at 13 bil and didn't even get past round 1 of IT even after revisiting the game 2 hours later to play ball 3 lol

Just one more reason why I hate that the SPIKE system doesn't have a coin door ball saver. With my SAM games, when that happens, I just open the door. Take care of what needs to be taken care of and then come back to the game.

They didn't even add the interlock so it can't be added anymore. Wish they would add something in the code. Maybe make the tournament button area be useful. Allow someone to install the button and turn on a feature to where if you press it the game would cut the power to the coils until it's pressed again. Once the power to the coils is activated again (by pressing the button again) it feeds a ball back into the game. Sure you could exploit this but who cares. It then allows you the ability to test switches without coils firing (bumpers/slings for example) and gives the home player that "pause" feature back.

#4541 2 years ago

Yeah, Targaryean can be tough. For some reason I always struggle getting dialed in on the dragon shot. Some good points in the modes though so I do like to try and get through the first 2 rounds in single ball play and then tackle the 3rd round as part of a MB.

2 weeks later
#4594 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinbally_1968:

I am somehow stuck in my progress of the game. Seems that the 7 billion with IT is my limit. Darn! I cant get beyond that, trying 50 games or so and no result beyond. There is so much more I know.
What to do now?
(oh Eskabee, when you happen to be in Europe...)

Two big keys to the blow up score (3 if you include the WHC and WMB exploit).
- Maximize multipliers. With 7 Billion it sounds like you have that down but always try to go into a mode with at least 3x PF going.
- Blow up HOTK. If you don't get to the super jackpot big blow up games scores really aren't going to be there. This mode can easily be 2 billion plus if you get to the super jackpot.

Also, if you are going for score. You can do better when you don't stack modes. Stacking modes makes it easier to get to HOTK or IT but it makes it harder to truly squeeze out all the points you can from the mode. Let's take Martel for example. Easily the easiest mode in the game. I'm sure most people finish it with less than 100 million points by going orbit 3 times and then a ramp. Now take that same mode and start with PF x at 3+. Now go in the order:
- ramp
- orbit
- ramp
- orbit
- ramp
- orbit
- ramp

Doing this now increased your shot multiplier (should be at "I think" 4x with this pattern for the center ramp). Now if you have 3X PF going that center collect shot is now worth 12x. That sub 100 million point mode is now worth a couple hundred million.

Now do the same for Stark. Just center ramping it throughout is only going to net you 75 million. Rotate shots to get the shot multiplier up and the PF multiplier up and you can easily collect nearly a billion points at that same 12x total multiplier we used for Martel.

Hopefully this is a good example of how to squeeze points out. That is really what makes this game so great to me is that you have to really think about points or progress which changes how you play drastically.

#4596 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Exploit? It's intended. Unless you mean the bug to keep ball saver on in which I still don't know what triggers it. I thought I did but was wrong.

Speaking purely of the ball saver part. Getting that going you can kill the score pretty safely. Oddly enough I'm actually finding that I like the WHC MB with the BWMB the most. I never do good on the WHC and Wall stack for some reason.

Another trick, which is also intended but exploitable, is the spinner strategy. I like to go there if I get to HOTK and have already used my add a ball. I'll just build the spinner and keep nailing it until I lose the ball.

2 weeks later
#4626 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

The only time I have ever had this happen is when I take a tilt warning at the same time.

Same here. I think that may be part of the code though. Every time I take a tilt warning I don't get my LOL. I really hate that rule if it really is one.

1 month later
#4791 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

My strategy varies by how well I'm playing (or how well I think I'm going to play).
If I'm on my "A" game:
Start as Grey Joy. Light and defeat Martell. Light and defeat Tyrell. Start BW MB and bring Lannister into it (should be lit by this time). I typically save my Martel action button at this point (unless I know for sure I won't beat Lannister), MB usually completes Lannister. Make sure I don't multi-drain, and then go for HOTK. Saving the Martel action button allows for longer HOTK MB and bigger shot at much bigger points. I should probably bring Targaryen into HOTK instead, but that shot is so dang risky that I avoid it until after HOTK if possible, unless I just happen to have it dialed in. After that I grind out Targaryen coupled with lighting my MBs. It's important to get the easy dragons out of the way and bring the big boy in with a MB. Playing on an LE/Premium is especially helpful as the upper playfield really helps mode progression. Then you are onto the Iron Throne, and that, well, that is just plain good old fashioned super fun.
If I'm on my "B" game:
Start as Tyrell. Light but don't start Greyjoy (right orbit backhands are easy and low risk). Light Stark (backhanding that right ramp is so easy and such low risk) and bring Stark in with Tyrell. I focus on building Stark as much as possible and then cashing out with a little time left on Tyrell. Bang away at Tyrell and try to complete and get your locks ready for BW MB. I find it important to make sure you time out your mode before starting BW MB. At that point, I hit center ramp, bring in Grey Joy and Lannister into BW MB. The shots for BW MB line up so nicely with Grey Joy I beat the mode almost every time I play the MB. Plus, with the MB having balls flying around I typically light all my Lannister shots off of the risky stand ups and complete that mode as well. After that it's onto HOTK and basically my strategy above.
If I'm on my "C" game:
Start as Martell (if I'm playing shitty I like to be able to extend my MBs early and often) but I NEVER play Martel until after HOTK if I start as Martell. From here I follow the same strategy as "B." except it's a little more tricky/tedious because lighting Tyrell and not starting BW MB can be tough.
My grand champ score is right around 30 Billion the last time I looked going with these strategies (my top scores are all pretty well spread across those three houses). I find the most important thing is just to not blow the MBs. Focus on those and getting to the super jackpots and whatever you do, keep those shot multipliers and playfield multipliers running!
In any case, I hope that helps a few people that are stuck in the "there's only one house worth playing, and that's Martell" attitude. Branch out, figure out your play style and find the right house that builds on those strengths...
Last word of wisdom? is to practice, practice, practice the battering ram shot from a right flipper cradle. Once I gained confidence in that shot and the recovery my scores starting doubling.

I was going to offer up some advice that on your A game you beat Lannister before Martel and then bring in Martel with your MB but after seeing 30 billion I'm not giving you any tips....

I say Lannister before BWMB as if you can light mystery first and buy "Light Super Jackpot" and you start BWMB before collecting the super jackpot it will let you collect it an unlimited amount of time as long as you don't collect the 5 BWMB jackpots.

#4793 2 years ago
Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

Anybody? I thought this is where the pin studs hang!

I don't have a list and if their is an end I've never made it that far. I always leave Iron Throne after a ball drain.

#4816 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Does anyone ever try to complete Stark by hitting the right ramp only? Asking for a friend...

No real benefit to doing that or the center ramp only. Best thing is to alternate them or at least hit a loop between ramp shots so that you increase your shot multipliers.

But, it can be completed that way if you want a greater challenge.

3 weeks later
#4889 2 years ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

I think the "light super jackpot"-and-bringing-it-into-multiball-for-eternal-jackpot-during-mb is not that crisis...you first have to actually set it up, that is, earn enough cash, actually shooting for the dragon shot, be lucky to get it as a choice and then start multiball.

It's not even that hard.

1. Play as Lanister.
2. Collect 1320 or more cash (stupid easy playing as Lanister)
3. Collect mystery (pro is Dragon shot while prem/le is right orbit). Not that hard of a shot.
4. Buy super jackpot (playing as Lanister it is always there for first time with enough cash). No luck needed.
5. Start multiball

This isn't like the WHC with Wall stack exploit. This one csn be achieved very easily if tried for. Maybe it's just a reason to play as Lanister but I know it's not intentional.

#4892 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

In a way, that's hard...cause you have to willingly select Lannister


Or willing to play Lannister early on when playing as Grey Joy.

#4905 2 years ago

I agree.

I love the art package on my LE. The PF is nice looking and the cab art is awesome. I even like the translight as well even though I know one of the characters was only there for 1 season.

The coding is great and with the removal of some bugs and exploits it could be even better. The hate for this game is strong on pinside but it really is a fun and engaging pin.

Heck, what do I know. I own TF and AV because I like those games so I guess my credibility isn't great around here.

1 week later
#4929 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I feel the same way! Martel feels like a grind when playing. If you can get past the crutch of a multiball add a ball, you can blow up the game using other house powers. Tyrell still being my favorite

And the numbers seem to support that. I scrolled through the scores from the challenge that was done in this thread (1 game per house) and Martel wasn't dominating the houses which seems to show that the add a ball is very helpful but the use of other houses can be just as rewarding. I was surprised to see that Stark and Baratheon were showing to be very competitive in that challenge. The only house that seemed most had the lower scores with was Lannister but that was before the super jackpot trick wasn't as well known.

1 week later
#4983 2 years ago
Quoted from Shadrac:

Downvote if i express my opinion? Ok...

Wasn't mine but you do realize a down vote means "disagree", right?

You said two things in your opinion that someone could easily disagree with.

1 - Code is final. Stern says it's not in the works but some will disagree that it will never get a polish. Other games that stern has abandoned have been brought back for a final polish. I doubt it will happen but their is always hope.

2 - Can't be a great game without another code update. This is the part I think you will see the most disagreement with. I feel this is a great game as is. Has potential to be better but I don't put nearly the stock into callouts that most seem to do.

3 weeks later
#4990 2 years ago

If you have a set left I'd like some spinner decals. Already have the other one.

3 weeks later
#5075 2 years ago

Competition mode normally turns them off or makes them worth points instead.

1 week later
#5135 2 years ago
Quoted from jokerpoker:

Well I must be lucky as I’ve had no issues with the left loop. Flies around no problem. I did have a stiff battering ram but some lube sorted it when I fitted the battering ram mod. Lube the spinner and it’s a cracker. Only thing I can’t seem to do on a regular basis is hit up the top playfield from the left flipper. I can backhand 5he spinner no worries but can’t get the same happening with the right. I keep watching chuckwurt vids and he makes it look easy but mine just doesn’t quite get there. Might have to check flipper strength?

I can do it on mine but it has to be a good clean shot. Any rattle and it wont make it. It's super early on my game, as in, if I'm just a tad early it turns into a post pass.

#5139 2 years ago

Got this when I went to that link:

"Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.

In the meantime, take a look at these other videos instead."

You and I have the same understanding so it only being 70 million sounds way off.

#5141 2 years ago

That does look to be the case. That's a bummer as it takes away some of the bonus of maximizing your WIC hurry-ups.

1 month later
#5205 1 year ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

***Also can I get people to post pics of their playfield porduction number stickers. I’d really like to figure out how many were made of each run.

Unless GOT is unique in this aspect that wont tell you the number of produced units. People have tired many times in the past using those numbers and it hasn't panned out. If memory serves me correctly those are just the batch numbers for PF's being produced by any given vendor.

1 week later
#5219 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I really liked how at nationals they made everyone play on novice mode.

I'm normally in aggreance with you on things GOT related but in this case I'm polar opposite. I hated how they set it up.

If they wanted to force people to play as Stark that is fine but take it out of novice and make each player select it. Novice also completes Stark, lights Greyjoy and doesn't allow you to pass. This takes almost all the strategy and risk vs reward out of the game. You basically only had 1 house to choose to take with you into HOTK as well due to the settings since Lannister is going to collect by mode start shots and you can't pass. And that post they added to the right loop was just dumb. It converted a live catch (skill) ball into a let it bounce ball to get control.

IMHO - If they are concerned the game will play to long and they feel the need to basically nerf the whole game, just don't put it in the tournament.

The way that game was set up, someone playing Tyrell would have been much more successful than the usual Martel player.

1 month later
#5284 1 year ago
Quoted from Edenecho:

This is my experience on most premiums, also part of a reason why i prefer the pro. People keep saying the everything with the left ramp is similar as pro, but sure does not feel like it

It's the identical part number so the ramps are 100% identical. Due to build tolerance differences some aren't as smooth as others but that is in no way a pro vs Prem/LE difference. If you struggle to hit the center ramp on a prem/LE but can on a pro it's almost fully a physiological reason.

Not talking about how some games you can't hit the center ramp from the left flipper (that's the tolerances I spoke about) and is a different issue also not a pro or prem/LE specific challenge.

#5296 1 year ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Question for Pre/LE owners: can you make the right ramp from a cradle on the right flipper, or only on the fly? I think I need to tweak mine a little.

I can do it from a cradle but it takes a clean shot. It's a very tight window for the backhand to right ramp on the prem/le and the pro. I use only reg flipper rubber so that may also make it a tad harder. On games with superbands that shot is much easier.

I think the prem/LE is more forgiving on a miss with the backhand. The pro ramp is quite a bit longer so it seems to take a more precise shot to me. Could be physiological though as I believe the Prem/LE ramp is steeper while being shorter so it may equal out to needing the same amount of power.

#5305 1 year ago

With the Prem/LE it's just super steep and has a real sharp turn at the top.

1 week later
#5337 1 year ago
Quoted from Alamo_Pin:

I’m thinking about joining the LE/Prem club, but I wanted to ask those who have owned theirs for a year or more—does the game still kick ass?

I've had mine since about a month after the LE started shipping. I also own METLE, AC/DC Prem, TFLE, AV Pro, X-Men Pro and GOTLE is by far my favorite game and the one I play the most. If you can convince yourself to explore the game you will love it. If you are the type of person that selects _____ 99% of the time you press the start button I could see how it could get old.

2 months later
#5412 1 year ago

Maiden and GOT, I'm betting make for a good pair.

Both have some good rules and both have very different shot layouts and flow. Hope to add a Maiden at some point to my collection too.

#5435 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

So I was playing my Pro the other night - having a good game, then my left flipper went completely dead. I believe it was during Winter has Come multiball.
Left flipper was completely dead, my the right was just fine. The second multiball ended, my left flipper returned to normal and worked fine.
Is this supposed to happen by design? I would have to think it was tied to the mode since power was restored immediately after multiball.
EDIT - doing a little research, I see that is supposed to happen! Man, crazy that is the first time that happened to me after years of ownership!!! So much to still discover in this pin

chuckwurt beat me to it but I thought this was a perfect time for a Steve Ritchie saying. "Play Better "

is a cool rule and something I think Stern should use more.

1 month later
#5460 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I’m almost certain it’s the EOS switch. It’s not making good contact even though it appears to be.
Go into switch test and pop the hood. There should be two switches involved when you test it. Eos open and closed. If you’re not getting consistent registers that’s it.
Also test it with a DMM. Continuity at the eos switch will be flaky and you won’t get a consistent beep.

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that the EOS on SPIKE games doesn't effect coil strength or power. It's not like the older games where it gives more power until the EOS is closed. Stern flippers are pulsed.

Quoted from Tungs10:

Hi All! I've enjoyed playing my GOT Prem when I have time - finally broke a billion!
The following issues have been resolved: replaced LED in dragon and re-soldered crossed playing field light wiring. The rocket launcher throne corrected itself over time with the auto-correct.
I now have a different issue. My right flipper feels weak. At time it seems stronger but other times it barely makes the ramps. I've inspect the EOS and flipper contact points. I've been working with Stern and they have me attempting to look for shorts in the lower playing field GI's by detaching them from node 8. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of issue and have some other options? If anyone reading this has playing experience in SoCal (San Marcos) I'd love a second opinion to the machines behavior.
Thanks - jim

After playing a game is one flipper coil significantly hotter than the other?

#5462 1 year ago

Where does it get stuck at? Their is a screw that goes into the middle of that wire form about halfway down it. If that screw is not all the way down the ball can get caught on it.

If you are talking about the very bottom where it exits the wire form check the orientation of the exit with the inlane. It has a very small amount of adjustment. You want it in the center of the lane. If it slides to far to the right it could get caught on the sling plastic.

#5466 1 year ago
Quoted from Menator:

It gets caught at the very bottom of the wireframe, it takes a couple hard shakes to get it to drop through. I'd say it gets stuck 1 out of 4 times probably.

If you are talking about where I put the yellow arrow then it's most likely the alignment of the exit and the ball hanging on the plastic. If that's not it I would be stumped as their is nothing their to hold a ball unless your ramp is broken and a wire is sticking up where it shouldn't.

GOT (resized).jpg
1 month later
#5474 1 year ago
Quoted from CyberDRS:

Targaryen = none? (penalty shits for taking too long)

Targaryen deserves a yellow card for that type of penalty

1 month later
#5538 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

That's what I thought. Maybe it was Margarita Friday at the factory that day. Sucks because they drilled it wrong, now I will need to re-drill and align properly.

Pro tip - Use that black line as your guide when fixing it You may need to relocate that center brace as well. I don't believe it goes through the whole PF and is just a small screw.

Quoted from Spiderpin:

Is it an "LE" if so, ship it to chuckwurt so he can dial it in and do a tutorial. It's will be for the good of mankind.

I wish he was even remotely local as I would do that. Mine is sitting in climate control storage for the next 2 months until our house is finished. I'm really missing it

1 week later
#5548 1 year ago

Look at the elevator (what the ball is kicked up through). Some games had screws that were slightly to long and would contact the ball in there. I'm guessing that is likely your issue.

3 months later
#5647 11 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Counting down the days until April 14th...

Sweet. Didn't know the date. My new home and media room will be ready just 2 weeks prior. Can't wait to watch it in 7.1 surround and a 100 inch screen

#5649 11 months ago

Only if you bring your streaming rig and record some pinball tutorials or friendly competition before hand

It better be awesome as it's costing me more than a NIB Stern LE. First time I've really splurged like this on an entertainment setup. Before this it's been just sound bars and flatpanel TV's. My wife (and lets be honest, myself) wanted the home movie experience so that is what she is getting.

#5653 11 months ago

I really like my LE. I play a pro all the time in league events and while I still enjoy the game it just feels different to me. I like the subtle differences (like how wall is advanced and started) as well as the mystery shot. It makes wall more risky to start as you are shooting the dragon shot multiple times. I know the upper PF is a turn off for many but when I'm not wanting to advance anything up their I just don't flip and it's back at my left flipper almost as quick as the pro ramp (mine feeds straight to the upper left flipper and if I hold it up it goes into the rest of the ramp immediately). But being able to advance mode progress and get more time really is a nice touch.

Different strokes for different folks but I really do enjoy the added features. The lose of sight of the ball just adds to the fun for me as it keeps me more on my toes and punishes misses shots more.

#5661 10 months ago

Yeah, either a boost in value or have Stark help with achieving the super-jackpot. I.E. less shots needed or even a kill of the "freeze" of your flipper a set number of times by using the lock bar button. Couple more weeks and I'll finally be able to pull my game out of storage. It's like getting a new game all over again.

1 month later
#5729 9 months ago
Quoted from sprite:

I'm really struggling with the Targaryen/Castle Black shot on the premium. Any tricks to it other than practice? I seem to make every other shot in the game pretty easily. Is it just a super tight shot or could it perhaps be the way my machine is set up?

Just a super tight shot that requires a precision shot to make it all the way to the top where the opto and kicker are. Once you find it you are good to go but finding it can be tough.
Speaking of that shot. I can't seem to get mine to register consistently anymore nor kick the ball back out me when it does make the shot. I can hear the coil fire but it's like it's firing to soon or to late. Guessing it has something to do with it not registering all the time. Frustrating part is when I manually push a ball up there it works 100% of the time. Of a flipper it's down to 25% on a clean shot

3 weeks later
#5806 8 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Really want to get this game but reading some of the negative spike comments of node boards on other recent sterns is a little discouraging. I guess it can happen to any spike but has GoT had similar issues to the later releases?

No issues with mine. In fact I've had more board issues with my SAM than my Spike and those have been few and far between. In home use, I wouldn't sweat it to much.

#5816 8 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Ok I'm convinced Just need to see about dialing down the shaker...

Those aren't adjustable but you can reduce the amount of shake. Take the weights off and cut off about half an inch from the end of each of them. That will reduce the effectiveness of the shaker.

2 weeks later
#5824 7 months ago

You didn't figure it out so you should break that dime into 2 nickles and ship one to chuckwurt for doing your job

1 month later
#5943 6 months ago

Super excited to see this. Please tell me something was done with Iron Throne. That needed some call outs and fanfare for sure.

Making Castle worthwhile will be great as well as it had so much potential but was never part of any strategy due to it's value.

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