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#225 2 years ago

I'm getting a Power Putt / Golden Tee in next week. I decided to use this TV:


$219.99 shipped for a 50" 1080p set was the right price, and it has good reviews, I'll post back after I get it setup.

#226 2 years ago

Quick question. If you have a Golden Tee Live 2016 offline, has never and will never connect to the internet, is there any way to do player tracking? Can I install the keypad or card reader and have it save people, golfer, stats etc? I thought the answer was yes, but IT is saying no.


#230 2 years ago

Thanks guys.

Quoted from Gexchange:

not that Im Aware of.
all of the trackings is done on there severs.. eg needs to be online

Quoted from nascarrey:

Nope. Must be connected to the internet to update stats, etc.
Online yearly fee $100
Key pad $100
Then you will be able to track your stats and play online.......

3 months later
#368 1 year ago

I'm pretty sure JJ at Game Exchange is a lot cheaper. Lots of people here (including myself) have used him and I'm pretty sure he's the cheapest authorized seller. Great service as well.

(303) 288-6500

Also, he's in this thread, Gexchange

Quoted from Minneapolispin:

Can someone recommend a good Golden Tee seller? I’d like to get this one pictured. I just started looking at these on eBay and I’m wondering if the $4000-5000 price is the norm, or is that just overinflated like the pinball prices there? I have no idea what these realistically sell for.
Thanks in advance for the help. I can’t wait to get a Golden Tee.

3 months later
#417 1 year ago

I’d like a nicer chop top, but I did a pretty good job so not worth anywhere close to $500 for me.

Quoted from nascarrey:

IDK about everyone else, but most of us have ped's already.......

4 months later
#614 1 year ago

If you need to replace your trackball, it should be cheaper than $100. You used to be able to get them all day long for $40, but a quick search shows that it's closer to $75 now. Either way, $75 should be your hardest hit there.

5 months later
#790 9 months ago

I've had a 2016 offline machine for a couple years now. Booted up a couple weeks ago, invalid security chip. Swapped I/O board, same. Put in PowerPutt to test everything else, works fine. I got lucky and found what I thought was a great deal on a 2019 security chip and drive on Ebay and bought that.

2019 is so good. So many things to love over 2016. Real time rivals first and foremost, I play GT with friends but also by myself. It's nice to have a CPU player in the mix. Skins play is back, we like skins because it's most of the golf experience but a faster pace for when we are in the mood for that.

So many new outfits, they are awesome. How Vladimir Putin and Ronald Reagan ended up in the game, I have no idea but I love it. Also, many new courses including some night courses. I don't think 2016 had any.

I love that you can use the real time rivals to teach you the shortcuts, and I love the little feedback window that shows you how you shot to help improve your game. (or steal a strategy from someone you are playing with.)

There are other great thing about 2019, but if you have 2016 or older, I highly recommend the upgrade, especially if you find a deal on it.

#793 9 months ago

When I have people over, we don't usually do real time rivals. The downside of real time rivals, as of now, there are only 6 or 7 courses that support it. I try and not play those courses with others so they don't get old for me.

My game is offline, I'll probably buy an updated drive in 3 or 4 months, maybe more courses will be supported. Constant updates sounds like a good idea unless you have an offline game, then it's a PITA.

Quoted from imagamejunky:

I agree with everything you said. And you don’t have to play solo in rivals mode. 1-3 players can play against the rival. Super fun.

#797 9 months ago

You can use any of the normal cloning tools to backup / clone the drive. Whenever I get a new version I use dd to back it up to an image. The only real way to verify that works is if you dump it twice and use MD5 and see if they match. Probably overkill for this, most any cloning tool will work.

I restored my image back to a platter, but an SSD will work. I restored my PowerPutt to an SSD without an issue.

Quoted from Orbian:

Anyone tried cloning their hard drive to a new solid state drive? Can you provide information on what ss drive you used and what program you used to clone it?

I've got 2018 running on a 2008 Western Digital drive. It makes me a bit nervous waiting for it give up the ghost.


1 month later
#810 8 months ago

You might have to upgrade your computer, ram and or video card.

Quoted from johnrezz:

According to IT you can upgrade to 2019 home edition......

#818 8 months ago

An arcade 1up golden tee chop top might be the most trashy thing ever.

Quoted from dsmoke1986:

Yup, either that or just break the Arcade1up in two.

1 week later
#834 7 months ago

JJ at GameExchange. Excellent prices, excellent service.


Also, he's active on Pinside, give him a call.

Quoted from lostlumberjacks:

Where is the best place to get one of these new. Or, Looking for a updated version in nice shape if someone has one for sale. Want the pedestal style only. I've moved way to many of those huge gt style cabinets. Thanks Todd

1 week later
#839 7 months ago


I prefer the zt-70605-10m. When they pop up on Ebay (besides the ones that sit there forever) they are usually about $70. It will do GT in 1080 and support Power Putt (live) in 720p if you go that route as well.

From IT, video card compatibility as of 1/2019


Quoted from cincyITguy:

Did the CPU/video cards get upgraded in later computers? Thanks!

1 month later
#874 6 months ago

For us offline home edition folks, can we switch out hard drives for updated ones? They seem to be releasing courses and features as the year goes on.

3 weeks later
#925 5 months ago

It won’t be. I’m about 2.5 feet from a 50” (my mount pulls away from the wall) and I could go bigger.

The bigger the better.

Quoted from J-drum11:

I guess I should start mounting the new 55” tv.its probably going to be too big.

2 months later
#964 83 days ago

Grand Teton looks okay, but the other two and overall kinda meh.

4 weeks later
#984 55 days ago

For the absolute best price, facebook is probably the cheapest. I'd buy from JJ though. Since he's local, he could really help with warranty issues if you were to have them. His price is probably about the same.

4 weeks later
#1004 27 days ago

Can you get out of the deal? That’s way too much for that cab.

Quoted from PokerJake:

Great, just double checking. Just bought this guy for $2,600. Upgrading from my Fore Cmplete.

#1016 27 days ago

For most people, the pedestal is the way to go. One problem with buying a 2019 upright for $2,500 is that a new unit is $1,200 more. For the $1,200 you are getting 2020 which is $400 I believe. You are getting a new style pedestal which is much easier to lug and much nicer to have. Also, on a new unit, you are getting a warranty, which for IT stuff can come in handy for sure. You have to buy a TV, but they are dirt cheap and the monitor in that upright is garbage. My GT runs on a 50" TV I bought new for $219 at target. 1/2 that on craigslist. Swapping and dealing with an arcade monitor and trying to hack in an LCD is a pain in the ass at best.

But really, the main problem with spending $2,500 on an upright is that it can be had fairly easily for $500-$1,000 less. No doubt people here have sold uprights for $2,500, but that doesn't mean you can buy one for $1,500 relatively easily.

Quoted from Slips:

What’s a fair price? I’m looking for a golden tee but not sure what model to get.

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