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GI light issue for Centaur

By jsib

6 days ago

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#1 6 days ago

I have an issue with the GI lights after a few minutes of play the lights go out. once you lose your ball the lights come back on for the next ball and again work for a few minutes. The weird thing is I am missing the 555 bulb for the flasher board under the playfield. If I put a bulb in the socket the lights don't come on at all. I replaced the chip on the board a while back but no change. The game came from overseas and the electric was converted. Not sure if that has anything to do with this. Anybody have any ideas?

#2 5 days ago

I was having issues with my GI lights along the Queen's chamber, turned out all I had to do was reflow the solder joints on the connectors of the aux board, located on the door of the backbox.

Regardless, check that board for cracked solder joints on the connectors.

#3 4 days ago

are you sure you mean GI lights (general illumination) ?

the #555 bulb is for the solenoid expander board relay.

maybe check the GI flasher board under the playfield, dry solder joints/connectors?
located under the playfield, about in the middle, a 6 way connector with 4 wires/pins attached, under the ORBS targets

#4 4 days ago

Thanks Billc479 for the reply, I don't remember seeing a board on the back box door. I'll check it out and get back.

#5 4 days ago

Thanks Rikoshay for your reply, I'm pretty sure about the GI board. I know I have an expander board as well but I'm going to check to be sure. I'm far from an expert at this so anything is possible.

#6 3 days ago

So I did see the aux board on the back of the door. It looked good but I reflowed the header pins anyway but no change. I also confirmed the aux flasher board under the playfield is the one with the 555 bulb socket next to it right in front of the orbs targets. the solenoid expander board is further toward the back. The GI lights don't go out completely, just dimly flicker. also the roll overs lights on the playfield flicker dimly. The queens chamber lights flicker but stay bright. Any other thoughts?

#7 3 days ago

are you using all incandescent bulbs or LED's, or possibly a mixture?

did you check the flasher board headers for dry joints?

the bulb for the flasher board under the playfield is driven by a transistor on the lamp driver board.

the bulb for the solenoid expander board is driven by a transistor on the solenoid expander board.

the SCR on lamp driver for the lamp flasher needs the #555 bulb in the circuit for the voltage drop needed to operate.

so in lamp test do you see the #555 bulb flash?

whilst probably not related, in solenoid test do you see the #555 bulb flash in solenoid test?

I suggest putting the #555 bulb in for the flasher board and working out where else the problem is?

just a thought but sounds like a dry solder joint/or more causing the intermittent oddities.

#8 3 days ago

Thanks again Rikoshay, I put all new incandescent bulbs in through out the game. the header pins on the flasher board look good. The 1st time I put a bulb in the empty socket the lights went out and stopped working until I replaced the chip in the center of the flasher board and then I was back to where I am now. I wonder if the transistor that drives the bulb is shorted. I will check that next chance I get.

#9 3 days ago

The SCR Q14 on your lamp driver board J1 pin 18 is responsible for driving the GI Flasher.

The MOC 3011 you changed on the GI flasher board needs the nearby #555 bulb as a voltage drop for it to work.

I suggest checking Q14 is working and looking for any dry solder joints on the rear of the headers on the lamp driver board, particularly J1 pin 18.

If the above fails then the triac mounted on the panel in the base of the cabinet may have failed.

#10 1 day ago

Hey Rikoshay it worked! The Q14 SCR was tested to be shorted. After I replaced it the lights didn't work when I started a game so I installed the 555 bulb in the empty socket for the flasher board and bingo it works great. Thanks so much for helping out, You totally steered me in the right direction. I've owned the game for a few years now and this is the 1st time they've work correctly.

#11 1 day ago

Great news!

Well done

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