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Ghostbusters (Pro) or Metallica (Pro)

By Jonjon74

7 years ago

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“Ghostbusters (Pro) or Metallica (Pro)”

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#1 7 years ago

Folks that have played both, what's your thoughts?

#3 7 years ago

MET now Ghostbusters next year when the code is close to complete and any small production kinks are worked out. If you're looking for NIB who knows how much longer Stern will be making MET. Can't go wrong with either though! GB does look really fun. Man, really tough choice... maybe flip a coin.

#4 7 years ago

MET although I'm a huge fan of the new GB. MET, much to my chagrin when it came out, has become one of the greatest player machines ever made. The rules are so deep and the shots are just hard enough. Add the fact that they will probably stop producing them very soon and it all points to MET for me. However if you are a casual fun player and just want a machine friends can walk up to and play GB might fit that bill. I've only played it once and it was on preproduction code at TPF. (I have it on order and can't wait to get it) who knows what the code will be like on it but on the surface it could fill the later reason I gave you better.

#5 7 years ago

Ive played both and own a GB. The MET owner traded it for a Ripley's. I liked the MET but didn't grab me and say must own. The code on GB is pretty good right now. If your really into either theme id pick the theme that stands out to you the most.

#6 7 years ago

If I never played either (and I have a Metallica PRO) I'd go with GB. Gorilla is right: it is a tough choice. I have a deposit on a GB Premium but more and more thinking about backing out until it's been around for several months and the kinks are worked out.

My favorite though, is my The Walking Dead Pro. I just think it's a really good game and continue to play the hell out of it, though it definitely is not for everyone and it has a love/hate relationship on pinside.

#7 7 years ago

I own a Metallica. Have no played Gb. I am not even a huge fan of their music,but Metallica is an awesome pin. It's really fun and make sure you turn the volume up when playing .

#8 7 years ago

Feel same as most comments. Tough call. I almost pulled trigger on a MET pro earlier this year. Not a big fan of music but liking gameplay more and more as I play it. There are a lot of rules but I like how easy it is to pick up on the basics. GB does have that new game high. I only played a few games but really enjoyed it. Looks awesome, interesting layout, fun theme, great toys, and code pretty decent. Downside is that some of the shots are extremely tight and overall a rough game. Need to play it more to get a better feel for modes. Being on the tough side isn't all bad but could get frustrating. If you have the budget and room, get MET now and GB next year. MET will be out of production soon and GB will no doubt be for sale a long while. You also get the benefit of the kinks getting worked out and better code at purchase. If you can only get one, I say GB.

#9 7 years ago

GB all the way. Premium on order. All around a much better balance and user experience. IMO

#10 7 years ago

Can't go wrong either way, mets proven itself to be a great game, an GB without a shadow of a doubt will be one of sterns best to date.

#11 7 years ago

The question becomes would you rather listen to the Ghostbusters theme or Metallica during game play. I prefer Metallica for sure. I played GB in Allentown and it was good but not great (my opinion) sort of busy and seemed a little on the goofy side to me. That said, I own a Metallica pro and it is the bees knees.

#12 7 years ago

i voted GB just to try to even out the poll.

#13 7 years ago

MET as an overall better playing, more fair layout. If you want weird angled flippers, tight shots and cheap drains, then get a GB. I still think GB is a good game, but it's also got a bit of goofiness in the design which MET doesn't have.


#14 7 years ago

Metallica is a proven top game. GB is in the middle of launch hype.

GB needs to prove itself. A year or two from now you will still be able to pick up a NIB GB or you can buy a used one and save a little cash.

Seems like an easy call to me.

#15 7 years ago

I have MET and GB on order. Played GB in Allentown and was surprised by how much I like it. As everyone has said, you can't go wrong with either. You may want to lean towards GB if you entertain a lot and have a lot of non pinball players that come over. I think the non pinball player would gravitate towards GB.

#16 7 years ago

I think GB is too new to say "you can't go wrong."
MET is a fantastic game...I hate their music, and it was still a great game.

#17 7 years ago

I just played a lot of GB at the YEGpin show up in Edmonton (and Metallica Pro too) both in the tournament and at a vendor booth and I have to say I really got to like GB. They are both fast tough playing games. Anyone that thinks GB is going to be newbie friendly game might be disappointed, but I guess with a long enough ball save it might be okay?

So for me it might be a tossup, but I like the recommendation that Met Pro is a proven quantity and may not be in production for much longer. GB looks to be a success and will likely still be available next year, again when the code is more complete and the verdict is in.

So that swayed my decision and I'm in the market for a Met Pro myself now!

#18 7 years ago

What a tough choice.
Both are awesome games.
If you have room for two pins grab the Metallica now while you still can.
They will be making Ghostbusters for years now and Metallica is about done.
However if you just want to own one pin and Ghostbusters is a dream theme you will not be disappointed either.
I have owned a lot of pins and both of these are in my top four that are keepers for sure.

#19 7 years ago

If you were buying today, Metallica. If you're placing your order once the code is done for GB, I couldn't say. Metallica is a freakin' awesome machine. Ghostbusters is a lot of fun, but it does need some work to be as good.

#20 7 years ago
Quoted from vcloverjr:

GB all the way. Premium on order. All around a much better balance and user experience. IMO

Please explain what "user experience" means, and expound on how GB has better "balance."

#21 7 years ago

GB is very new, code not yet complete. Play both substantially then decide.

#22 7 years ago

I havent played GB pro yet, but i have been considering a MET PRO....at least until i played it this one last time on location this past weekend:
The location game played wonderful and was setup beautiful with TONS of mods. (NYNY in vegas). I had an absolute BLAST on it; made it 2 CIU modes, FWTBT mb, seek & destroy, & even got Blackened going. But why do i no longer want one after this experience you ask? Despite how fun it is and how much i love the theme & call outs, I personally would grow tired of the rulesheet just as i did when i owned the premium. The rulesheet just doesnt do it for me in a small collection - perfect for playing here and there.

Bottom line; i'd pick GB pro for a small collection where there's faster ball times and perhaps more diversity (rules pending), and go MET PRO for a larger collection where you can let it sit unplayed for a month then revisit it and enjoy it just like it was new again every so often.

#23 7 years ago

I've owned Met Pro for over a year and enjoy it just as much as I did in the first week of ownership. I have maybe 6 games in on GB. Enjoy it greatly and it certainly has potential. Will be purchasing a GB Pro in the future.

Met is a proven winner. GB certainly could be. I'm of the opinion that one really doesn't know full bore what a pin is all about until a month or so of home use play.

#24 7 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Please explain what "user experience" means, and expound on how GB has better "balance."

I've played all the newest Sterns, and this one ( other than AC/DC ) blows the rest away:

Art (Cabinet / PF), "Yeti, should I say more"
DMD Animation,
Music scores,
Original/Custom call outs and sound effects,
Layout / Flow,
Playfield additions - "City over pop bumpers, Library, Ghost holding tank, StayPuff, Octo Glasses, Slimer, Popups, etc."
Magna Slings "First for a sling replacement"
User Experience - " It's GhostBusters, and a lot of different age groups were playing it. Instant hit with my family...

This game is already on it's way to being a favorite and most likely a Top 10.

#25 7 years ago

MET is a sure thing. Game has everything going on. GB just came out.....code could be one day but not in the same league for a while and.......... if it gets there.

#26 7 years ago

coin flip. Both will have similar resale value. So whichever one you want first.

#27 7 years ago

I was just in this dilemma and have played Met Pro a lot and really enjoy the game .know it could be the last run i went with Met

#28 7 years ago

I own a Metallica Pro and wouldn't give it up for a GB. The rules on Metallica are excellent, the whole family loves it and they're not even into the band. I wouldn't pass on Met, especially since they will probably stop producing them soon. It's also one of those where you can get away with just owning the pro and not feel like you're being cheated. I do plan on getting ghostbusters later when the code is more finalized and some of the kinks have been worked out. Right now though, I feel like Met blows away GB with its ruleset and I'm not even sure GB will be up to Mets level once it's finalized. Still seems like a fun game though...

#29 7 years ago

Met pro is one the best sterns ever . Gb cld be awesome but wil take time so get met for now

#30 7 years ago

MET, but I am a giant fan of GB and will own a pro at some point in the future.

MET has one of the best rulessets in pinball, period. Even if you hate the music/theme, you have to admire the game design.

The feature stacking in the game is insane and can lead to monster games. Very intense with a few good players. One good multiball with stacked modes carrying in can turn a game around in a hurry and is always a close game.

Working through CIUs is fun, the dots are amazing (esp with a colorDMD).

GB pro is great but needs a while for the code to come together to make it compete. MET is done and done and plays beautifully. Get one now, trade for a GB in the future possibly. Always demand for a MET, even if there are a lot of them out there

#31 7 years ago

GB isnt going anywhere for quite some time.....plus, sounds like it has a few minor issues to work out. I would hands down get Met now....pick up a GB once funds are reloaded. Plus, I would think Met is towards the end of its run.

#32 7 years ago

MET all the way.

#33 7 years ago

Right now it's met.... waaaay too early to say gb is better. A year from now? Maybe?

#34 7 years ago

I plan to add both but got caught up in the hype first as I love gb as a theme. MET is an amazing table and just all around good pinball.

I think in the long run both will be great but only proof at this time is behind MET.

#35 7 years ago

there are plenty of MET's out there. There will be plenty of GB's out there. What's the rush? Longer they are out, the cheaper they usually get, especially when the next big thing is revealed, the deals fly. Wait it out. Play both a lot. wait for the right deal that's close by then pull the trigger.

#36 7 years ago

I dnt care for metalica but do like met pinball ..it's a great game I would buy one jus dnt care for the theme that's why I dnt have one but will play one we never I get a chance, for me it's G.B and havnt played it yet..waiting on a G.B premiumn...met is proven the better machine as of today... I'm hoping G.B will be as good or better just by the looks of it I'm sure it will be close...both are keepers...flip a coin

1 week later
#37 7 years ago

Got to play a GB in location many times. Gameplay was brutal even with a loose tilt, especially for my kids. Getting anything over 50m was an achievement. Advancing the modes or even getting to MB was near impossible. Slimer didn't respond to hits, ball never went up right ramp, and of course the drains were fierce. Got to a point where it got old and rather play something else. I guess the game was not setup well but it does raise concerns. Thinking of changing my answer to MET as far as the game to get. Maybe GB prem will be better but seems like a really good idea to wait before buying GB. Maybe it will turn into a great game but not so sure right now.

#38 7 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Thinking of changing my answer to MET as far as the game to get. Maybe GB prem will be better but seems like a really good idea to wait before buying GB. Maybe it will turn into a great game but not so sure right now.

So your opinion changed on what to buy after you actually played GB?

Interesting concept, that actually playing a game might influence your opinion on this.

#39 7 years ago

Pro versions side by side at PAGG and both fun but at this point still all in w/MET for the money hands down.

#40 7 years ago

I have owned MET & GB; my vote is for MET

#41 7 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

So your opinion changed on what to buy after you actually played GB?
Interesting concept, that actually playing a game might influence your opinion on this.

Nope. Played a few games at TPF and really liked it. I was truly impressed. It looked good and was fun to play. The games there seemed to work better so not sure why the one I last played is so different. Felt like a whole different game. Thought maybe it's just because I suck but nobody else could do any better. Maybe it is just that one machine that needs tweaking. I'm still interested in getting a premium but no way I am buying one without first playing. I just hope the premium plays much better and a little more forgiving.

#42 7 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

MET now Ghostbusters next year when the code is close to complete and any small production kinks are worked out. If you're looking for NIB who knows how much longer Stern will be making MET. Can't go wrong with either though! GB does look really fun. Man, really tough choice... maybe flip a coin.

I don't see any evidence that the ghost busters code isn't complete as it stands today. Code is solid. Not even a large list of bugs. Just because stern took a year for most games doesn't mean it's always that way.

#43 7 years ago

Yeah agreed on the code issue. GOT was pretty complete as well out of the gate. Thanks Dwight

#44 7 years ago

I own a Metallica i love it. I must say i do like the new gb but i think for me i will get it down the road. I say get the pinball machines you really want. This is just a fun and addicting hobby. You can learn so much information about fixing things and how things work. I have been into this hobby for 3 year now i started very young and I'm gonna keep going.

#45 7 years ago

You can't go wrong. Both are a lot of fun. And resale value is good on both so there is little downside.
Gb is fast and really hard. I would like one at home to figure it out more.

#46 7 years ago

This is a personal call!! I've played MET,don't care for it! Yes i played it for hours,boring! So,you Met fans stay with it!! Let the GBs go to them that wants one! The play on GB is much more than you think!Weird flipper angles?? Tough shots? Yeah,bring it on,you Met fans just stay with that! Hit the snake mouth,be happy!!

#47 7 years ago

Can't go wrong with either one....both are terrific games.

#48 7 years ago

Metallica Pro was my first NIB. Heck, it was my first machine! I love it. I have a GB Pro on order after playing it at TPF and MGC and can't wait to get it.

In some ways GB is the antithesis of MET. You gotta work pretty hard to get modes up and running on MET. MET also relies on heavily on multiballs. GB currently is short on multiball (which is fine with me) and encourages you to fire up modes to get scoring rolling.

They both have a heavy emphasize on "collecting" to progress the game. Whether it's snakes or ghosts, it's all good!

#49 7 years ago

While I am okay with Metallica's music, my wife is not a fan. Therefore I changed the tunes that soft-rock the house! Meat Loaf? Check! Cake? Check! "Fool in the Rain"? Check!

I also switched out some of the callouts with clips from the original Star Wars movies. When Sparky gets fried, Han says "I thought they smelled bad on the outside". It works on so many levels!

#50 7 years ago

Metallica all the way, I own a Metallica and have played alot of games on the GB , 30 or more , and right now Metallica is better game. It's well rounded and fun and just kicks ass.
GB is a tough game, pisses you off kind of tough.like IM. I have one on order but i am concerned that my family wI'll play it a couple times and then walk away because of the short ball times and not being able to advance deeper into the game, for the casual player. Hopefully these concerns can be limited by how it is setup.

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