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Ghostbusters Premium - Share your info

By Air_Pinball

3 years ago

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Post #1272 Cliffs install instructions for GB Posted by Cliffy (3 years ago)

Post #1359 Photos of the Stern upgraded side rails installed Posted by SilverballNut (3 years ago)

Post #1739 details on the "mystery coils" located in the backbox Posted by chucksmith (3 years ago)

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#18 3 years ago

I was told early August. I believe we will see them on the line at stern with fb posts this week..

#19 3 years ago

No gb premiums on the stern factory video on Friday / I'm wondering if early August is going to turn into mid August?

Any idea start to finish how long it takes for a game to go from parts to in-a-box and on a pallet at the new factory?

1 week later
#55 3 years ago

When we were staring at speculation threads in November / December '15, had someone told me it would be Fall '2016 before the premium of this title landed with customers, I would have bet you nearly anything that you were dead-wrong. In fact, I would have thought GB would have been 'old hat' by now and the mob staring unblinkingly waiting on the next title. Yet, here we are. GB Hype is still Hype, not all of the 500 LE's have been shipped, last factory tour showed Star Treks, Metallica, a few other titles but no GB Premium or 2nd Wave GB Pro.

It seems like 3 weeks from Line to Truck is a fair estimate.
Last estimate I've gotten is "August", which I've been conditioned at this point to think means August 31st, rather than August 1st. (Hopefully sooner!)

I hope Stern is able to get whatever the (supply? quality?) issues are worked out and get that big-ass factory humming, soon.
At least we have a few other games to keep us busy while we wait...

1 week later
#84 3 years ago

I have a premium on order. Nothing in my previous purchases with Stern leads me believe they won't make it right for those that have already shipped and fix it for those that haven't. Can't wait to get my game and Stern has my confidence on this one.

1 week later
#93 3 years ago

I'm hearing September now for my Premium.
Distributor was intentionally vague about when in September, So I penciled down Sept 32nd at 24:05:00.

#109 3 years ago

Someone on this thread says their premium shipped..

Thread in context:

Specific to this user:

Hopefully he gets his pin and all is well. Fingers crossed!

#123 3 years ago

I saw the term Schrödinger's Playfield coined on another thread which I thought was pretty clever concerning someone's LE in a box.


I think we will see a Facebook video of Premiums on the line, this week.

On those posts, people will comment, "great are the playfields fixed?" and they will either delete those comments, ignore them altogether or post something like: stay tuned... contact your distributor for more information...

and the circle of life continues.

In other news, GB Premium / LE playfield protectors showed up for sale online last week at some of the usual spots for early-release playfield protectors.

PS, I'm not suggesting that a playfield protector will prevent the reported issues, just letting you know if anyone wants one

Looking forward to playing our Premium in September, fingers crossed that it all works out ..

2 weeks later
#172 3 years ago

GB Premiums on the line, live feed on Stern's FB page.

#183 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Someone else posted on Stern's facebook regarding this - at about a minute in there's a guy that just smacks away on the top side of the playfield with a mallet driving the lane guides in. On the second smack it looks like the mallet may have slipped off onto the playfield as well. Is this how they are typically assembled??? Now I know why there is so much variability between games on those that have balls that fly over the inlanes and those that do not...

Yeah, a lot of room for variance in hand made (and hand-whacked) goods, especially in something complicated as a pinball machine. Honestly, it feels like a small miracle we don't encounter more trouble than we do with quality, breakages and variances from game to game.


I'm surprised they even still do these videos and post them and as often as they do. I mean, I'm glad they do but I can see where the responses can go pretty negative pretty quickly as people see how the sausage is made. One of our local guys thought the factory was in Mexico and now it has turned my post on our local fb group into a Made in the USA discussion, instead of an awesome pin discussion.

I'm feeling like the playfield issues will be exercised out in this premium run. But.. that's just my optimism acting up again.

#201 3 years ago

.. I was told 30 days from today for my GB Premium.

4 weeks later
#561 3 years ago
Quoted from Arcade:

Mine just arrived an hour ago!!!
Can't unbox and play until 9:30 CST though
This will be our live stream game on our Twitch channel this Sunday night at 9:00
It is http://www.twitch.tv/thepinballmafia
Tune in and check it out.
I will post unboxing photos here later tonight.


#698 3 years ago

Nice JJ. Can't wait man!

#758 3 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Still waiting on my Premium. Anyone else kind of feel after reading these threads for so long it's as if you've actually owned the machine for months?

Yeah, I think back to last October reading the speculation thread as leaks started to trickle in. No way did I think, then that I'd be sitting here the following October and still not have this pin in the lineup.

#871 3 years ago
Quoted from ryerson82:

I've been following this thread and the other GB threads on Pinside and I'm happy to say my premium FINALLY arrives today. Big shout out to JJ at Gameexchange for being killer to deal with as always. I'll post some pics when I get it unboxed. I'll also be putting a video up on YouTube in the next week or so.

I second the JJ nod, I've been having a great experience with him so far on a GB Premium order.

2 weeks later
#1045 3 years ago

72685365 (resized).jpg

Forget Carpathian kitten loss. Carpathian pinball loss stings more..

When I saw this, this morning the first thing that popped into my head was a Sarah Mclachlan ASCPA-esque commercial, "For only pennies a day, you can make a difference in a ghosted playfield's life..."

The shipping delays and quality concerns have been a real drag. I hope they get the quality and momentum squared away soon and hit the ground running next year.

Seems like my Premium is a maybe for next week. Will not arrive in time for our halloween shindig on Saturday but I'll just be happy to finally store this pile of mods, toys, etc in a pinball machine instead of on the blank floorspace the size of a pinball machine.

#1070 3 years ago
Quoted from Cdonnerusmc:

I used the new 0.5mm full playfield protector from Germany. I had it on free play at an expo last weekend where many other owners of Ghostbusters said the same thing "there is little to no difference in play". Again it's all a matter of opinion, for me it makes sense to put on a playfield protector for around $100 Bucks or so and protect my 9k pinball machine.

I've got one of these anxiously waiting to install it. How bad was the install of the pf protector?

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