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Ghostbusters Premium - Share your info

By Air_Pinball

3 years ago

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Post #1272 Cliffs install instructions for GB Posted by Cliffy (3 years ago)

Post #1359 Photos of the Stern upgraded side rails installed Posted by SilverballNut (3 years ago)

Post #1739 details on the "mystery coils" located in the backbox Posted by chucksmith (2 years ago)

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#40 3 years ago

deposit sent for a premium on 3/23. Haven't heard anything other than what I've read here. Now that I have some free time (baseball and softball are over !!), I'm getting pretty stoked. Early August would be perfect.

2 months later
#403 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Wow in may? I can't believe how much time has gone by since it was introduced. I would have sworn it was announced in June but you're right

Yeah I just checked my date of deposit, March 23rd. I didn't realize it was that long ago either.

1 week later
#529 3 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

Is anyone else in full-on "look at my phone every sixty seconds, hoping for an update from my distributor" mode?
Me neither. I'm just asking... for a friend. Yeah.

Totally. We must have the same friend.

#557 3 years ago

Just got an e-mail from JJ. The eagle will be landing next week. My old ass hasn't been this excited about something in a long time.

#559 3 years ago
Quoted from jrockne:

Not going to risk the time it would take to get one, especially since it was so easy to make. But to those who don't have their games yet... Order one now, and put it on asap.

I have one sitting in my basement ready for the game. No reason to risk it.

#672 3 years ago

I'll be getting mine probably late this week. I will try to share any adjustments or issues as best I can.

#771 3 years ago

Got my premium today (delivery window was between 10-6. Of course it came at 7:30 grrr..). First impressions after about 15 games or so:

- Playfield is a 9-22-16. Everything looks perfect playfield/clearcoat (fingers crossed)
-Fit and finish is top notch on this machine other than a small scratch on the glass which was replaced with Invisiglass (looks incredible), so whatever
-Installed Art's airball plastic which works very well (nice work sir)
-In 15 games I had maybe 2 airballs that weren't bad at all.
-No balls jumping ball guides and very few (maybe one?)wtf drains
-Magna slings are so badass. At first I was underwelmed but soon realized they become more active the further along in the game and I was squeeling like a 6 year old when they really started messing with the ball
-Sound and lightshow are both superlative
-I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet, but hot damn is this game fun to play
-So many great shots, very satisfying
-A little too much pop action for my taste, but a minor beef

So in summary, this game is fantastic and after a lot of hand wringing about whether or not I should pull the trigger when I got the e-mail that it was in, I'm SO glad that I did. Off to play some more pinball, over and out.

Edit to add that Slimer needs a little adjusting as he's dragging his ass a bit.

#774 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

like the impressions and pics - we need more of this as I wait for the game!
As for invisiglass - where did you buy it? Looking for some for this game as I have it on my WOZ and it really is special.

The invisiglass was an old sheet from a different machine that I believe was bought from Jersey Jack a couple years ago. I will be taking many pics and adding them tomorrow.

#847 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

For the guys who got their game delivered did they just drop it off or was the timing scheduled by the trunk company? I thought the latter but was reading some guy came home and it was just there....

I was given an 8 hour window, but it was delivered an hour and a half late. I'm sure it varies between shipping companies, but mine required signatures.

#860 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

I remember during an interview with John he mentioned the ring on the top of the ramp, this was to center the ball to make it work all the time. I would check that part and make sure it's centered.
Just a guess.
Can someone please measure the height of their game? And how much adjustments you have on the rear legs.

Mine is a touch under 77" with the playfield set about 7 degrees

#861 3 years ago

A few more obsevations after 5 days of play on my premium.

-Playfield is looking fantastic, inserts are flawless
- I can count on one hand the airballs that were of the "whoa what happened there?" variety.
- This game is REALLY tough. Make your shots or it's game over.
- The left ramp into the subway is a really satisfying shot, especially when starting multiball
- Now that I'm getting the hang of the rules I really appreciate the layout.
- The "one more game" factor on this is off the charts
- I don't like red dots, why does Stern insist on red?
- I'm having a hell of a time putting up a decent score but rather than getting frustrated, I keep pressing the start button rather than the off button.

The honeymoon continues.

Edit to add that I installed a shaker motor on day three and what a great add. Not sure why shakers aren't standard on premiums

#867 3 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

Thanks. I'll make sure my brackets are at 78 then.
Is 7 degrees the agreed upon angle?

I actually think it's 6.5 in the manual but I'm too lazy to make the adjustment. Love the speed of the game at 7 though.

#897 3 years ago
Quoted from ercvacation:

I didn't like the game at first cause I thought it was too hard. I put the new code on and just kept playing. It all seemed to click today. 4 scores in the billions with a high of 2.5 billion. Things seem to be settling in. This game is freaking awesome! Man there are some weird/cool things that happen later in the game. This is a keeper!

I agree. Was getting frustrated with fast drains and short games but finally had an epic (for me) game over a billion and it was fNtastic. It's funny how you have games that are just drain, drain, drain on any missed shot but suddenly everything clicks and you're hitting your shots and the shots you do miss just drop to your flipper or gently down the inlane. God I love pinball.

1 week later
#1039 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

September 26th stamped on my playfield. 400+ plays, no ghosting anywhere, no cracked clear on either the shooter lane or drain.

Me too, only difference than when I unboxed it is the dimples. I'm hoping this was a good day.

3 weeks later
#1399 3 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Is it me or is bringing in the right outlane post much more involved in comparison to the left post? It looks like pieces are coming off just to get the clearance to remove the post or am I overthinking this?

No you're not. I did the left one in 30 seconds and then tried to tackle the right. After about 20 minutes I got frustrated and decided to re-assemble everything rather than force it and have some cracked plastics. If anyone has any pointers, I'd love to hear them.

2 weeks later
#1589 3 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Ok, I my be overlooking the obvious... Where do I decrease the power of the trough eject?

It's in the service menu but I believe only with 1.1 or 1.11 code installed.

1 week later
#1606 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

It seems like my right loop sucks. Tons of shots rattle out while shaking crap out of marshmallow man. Some shots hop into shooter lane and here is a rules question: I will get the "gozer" mode flashing on the right loop and make the shot several times and the mode won't start. Is that right??? Thought a flashing mode light meant it was ready to start on next shot. These shots are definitely reaching the rollover switch in back right corner. Anybody else seeing this? If I'm misunderstanding rules please let me know. Thank you!

Quoted from extraballingtmc:

Right loop sucks, rattles and doesn't flow smooth and doesn't register shot sometimes.

I can't comment on the switch issues or code glitches (I just had the same issue with Gozer mode 5 minutes ago) but wanted to add that I took about a half an hour the other day to totally level my machine and lower the slope to 6.3 from 6.7 and man what a difference. All shots are smooth as butter. Right ramp is a breeze and right loop screams down to my left flipper. I had a lot of rattling right loop shots and unnecessary Scolari brothers due to leveling issues.

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