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#1 2 years ago

Well the fun was taken out of this thread due to people who wanted to share their creative sides with mods and creative additions for Ghostbusters have been sent warnings to cease selling. So effectively if one of your ideas is a design that you want to sell and it includes a copyright / IP protected feature - like use of Ecto 1 license plate, Ecto 1 car, ghostbusters logo, firestation, actual library and probably some other gear - proceed with caution and advisable not to list here.
Original post tweaked to state this idea is not for sale anymore.
this is such a cool game which is so full with toys but can imagine there will still be some cool mods for this game. So thought a thread which acts like a GB mod index just for this game might be cool.

So any one making any mods or have mod ideas, if you want to add them into this thread linking back to your own thread / sale post would be cool. (Technically should be removed but was part of the original thread)

So the first post did capture a cool cheap and affordable mod for sale but forced to be removed from sale was a cool art magnet for the coin door showing the Ecto 1 license plate - no longer available or for sale which was made by beatmaster


#2 2 years ago

another was a cool idea (not mine was Pinsider - squizz) for the Premium for LE treatment with white trim or might even be cool with glow in the dark luminous white trim


#4 2 years ago

a cool shooter made by Brock from Pinball Customs



#5 2 years ago
Quoted from Darth_Chris:

Good idea, 1 core thread might help every one get in touch with all possible mods for that awesome game.

That was my thought then easier to find something especially if a major interest

#7 2 years ago

I made a topper base that hides Comet Pinball Matrix led strip leds in a recess to light up a cool 7" slimer statue which is a real nicely painted resin statue which is on a spring above the ghost trap - giving you the bobble effect. The base can be fastened down and then simply remove slimer before dropping the backbox. It has a rear exit point for wires so the look is clean and I will hook up the purple to GI and green to a slimer / ghost feature.

- The Slimer is a Ikon Brand 7" at about $60 Aus Dollars + postage

- The base is available at Shapeways for under $60 USD - sorry about the price as very large diameter and shapeways charges for space in a printer.

- The led strips and double adaptor and extension leads for $10-$15 from Comet

So a cool topper for under $150.


#9 2 years ago
Quoted from Darth_Chris:

I'm thinking that glow in the dark trim myself but prefer this one with the coin door and head trim in white


That looks good but reckon the coin door needs a ghostbusters logo and some red pinstripping.

#11 2 years ago

my other one still in testing are PKE custom flipper posts and bats with possible lighting, currently testing for bat failure - 200 games and going well.



#13 2 years ago

what would be cool is a ghost trap topper that opens up in ghost catching mode and a image is projected out on to a surface or even better a hologram - that would be sweet.

#22 2 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I have a couple ideas I would like to see. I like the Slimer swinks, I would like to see if it is possible to make it appear to float and move on top of the topper. I had an idea for a motorized unit hanging from the ceiling like a tie rack circular motor with Slimer attached to a string that could go back and forth. Or a motor could be placed on top of the topper instead of the ceiling and a clear rod could connect Slimer to the motor and it could go back and forth appearing to float. I was even thinking of trying to have it rigged to start and stop in sync with Slimer toy bash mode. I like the lightbar idea but I am not sure I would like the rotating flashers or if they would get annoying. Another cool topper that is cheap is the burnt Stay Puff piggy bank. It would look cool with some orange flickering LED's below to resemble fire. Also would like to see a LED mod for legs and shooter like Mustang Paul's that is green and works with the Spike System. I found some cheap LED's backlights for flat screen TV's on Amazon and I think they will work well for on top of the topper or even as under cabinet illumination. I want GB to light up like a Christmas tree. Green under-cabinet lighting, Green leg and shooter LED's, Green Led's illuminating upwards at ceiling from on top of topper, Green DMD, Green Led speaker lights, it will pop.
amazon.com link »
amazon.com link »

on the slimer topper that added a light base to, a acrylic round bar exits the ghost trap already and then a spring attaches to that (which is hidden within slimer) so he does seem to levitate already and bobbles around if you were to nudge the game.

as for the Stay Puft the burnt one or the happy one (11" tall piggy bank) I bought the happy one for a pinsider - still need to confirm if wants it - they are both the vinyl plastic and pretty sure they will glow when lit from with inside as when you remove the head and look through the side you can see the daylight through it. For this get one of Stern's rgb light boards and patch in the rgb board to the existing one in the games stay puft so when he gets angry the different colours are represented on the topper version.

#23 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I saw that video, last I checked he hasn't released the 3d files for it (there are similar trap designs on thingaverse).
I started modeling a mini-trap when the leak first came out, but I'm not sure where it would fit nicely in such a packed playfield, or how it would even get actuated during the game?
I suppose you could replace the existing flat trap in the back of the machine, but it couldn't stick out too far (or have the doors flip open too much). You could tie it into the flashers, but not sure what you can do with a pulsing voltage?

all that guys designs are here if anyone wants to make the big version as a topper ??? maybe tilted at a angle to get the effect if you automated the lid and had light and smoke effects.

#24 2 years ago

as for trim I think the classic look of brushed stainless would be nice for rails and lockdown and instead of standard rails or lollipop rails design a set to follow the middle of the flow of the ghost stream for the Pro


#26 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Thanks for starting the thread swinks. My "LED Leg Light-Ups" (look for my topic) would look great on GB. My green Light-Ups would look fantastic, along with beatmasters Shooter Housing Light Up. So check out my topic and see pictures of them in action on some games.

cool please post a link here - thats the idea for everyone to at least post a link here back to another thread.

#30 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

No one has showed me how to do that.

head to your thread and in the google or which ever search bar there will be an address (http://pinside/forum/topic...............), right click on your mouse and select copy then head back to this thread and right click on the mouse again and select paste and the link will be posted / displayed.

#35 2 years ago

awesome, too easy

#92 2 years ago

I woke up this morning with a couple of messages to modify my first post (done) as they got notices from Stern.

I went through this on the Kiss game doing Kiss Shooters and at the time was a little naive of me to do so, so I stopped.

I can understand making something with a ghostbusters logo, ecto 1 license plate, ecto 1 car and even looked up and the firestation and proper library from the movie is protected as is slimer and marshmellow man.

Can Stern please post a copy of what would be a infringement on their license / agreement so us creative people can have some fun. In the end we don't make alot out of it and more for the fun and gives us some hobby money towards buying another pinball (Stern) so you are slightly affecting your own sales.

As for making stuff for a Ghostbusters pinball as I see it as long as it isn't a item that is a infringement of the above I think we can still design and make stuff for the game as long as it isn't containing and creating a item protected by an IP. I also don't see a issue with getting a after market ecto 1 and adding lights as you are then paying for the cost of the publically available car and then paying for the lights and labour to install. Maybe I am wrong - please correct me if I am but to say you are not allowed to make anything for the ghostbusters pinball is crap. This is then a monolopy for Stern and then sorry to say Mezelmods.

For me I am going to make my version of a covered pole and top for the slimer, pke flippers, a base for the publically available slimer for a topper and a few other things.

#94 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

it has nothing to do with mezelmods, stern wants to be part of the market, this is an opportunity for them to make money.
look at what they are selling now, sideblades (or whatever you wanna call it) someone came up with the idea long before they did, same for toppers, shooter rods, side rails, powder coat, copying everybody else's ideas, why? because they can.
and at twice the price.
they say they want to work with modders, i don't see anybody else (i could be wrong) i know a lot of modders tried, no results, they never get back to them.
will it stop me? no fu*king way.

I have been told by Mezelmods in the past that Stern asked them directly to copy one of my designs - which I think is wrong of Stern and though I don't agree with Mezelmods following through and copying someone else's design (copyright to a degree) with their version but do understand and respect the relationship they must maintain with Stern.

I have reached out to Stern in the past as have a few other modders with zero response so I think they want to control the market and earn even more money from their own products. As for their products the prices are probably accurate to what their costs are for small runs therefore for us modders our prices are pretty good as I know for myself my prices are set at cost plus 25-35% for my cut and taxes, as for my development - that is a loss and purely for the fun of it as I don't build that into the product as it would make the mod over priced.

#97 2 years ago
Quoted from rlslick:

Swinks, you are correct. Stern cannot hold anyone accountable nor block anyone from making or selling anything that is copywritten by Sony. Stern can block you if you decide to replicate their pinball machine, parts, etc...but if you choose to chance getting away with building a prop and selling it for $'s whether making a profit or not that Sony owns the rights to, (a characters name, scenes, figures etc.,) Sony's legal would find and serve you a S&D letter... Which could either could be a warning or a collection of fines depending on what sony's legal has decided is worthy in pursuit of collecting.
It's a chance you take building mods that infringe on Sony's copyright.
Stern is protecting itself and I'm sure it's more work for them to prove a prop/mod was not made or sold by them if Sony see's it on a game. Certainly the scare tactic is enough to be sure they cash out on props for the game before anyone else.
Positive note, Stern is at least looking out for people's best interest to warn prop makers, (but if it takes away $'s from Sterns pocket) they will share with Sony who is individually infringing on their IP. Pretty easy for them to do since there is this one thread titled GB Mods.

I totally agree with you and I am and not telling others to chance a IP protected part but to say no one can't make anything for a Ghostbusters pinball is crap. What legal line am I crossing if I want to design a cover for the ugly bolts on top of the slimer mount, or a generic library for the pro or like tilt graphics generic building setting with slime as these items are not IP protected.

In the end stern are only affecting their own sales again with the modders as doubt many modders that are not connected with Stern are making a full time living from mods and they use the money made to buy the next machine to add to their collection to mod.

I will have to change the name of the thread now lol

#109 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

We go through this exact same thing every time a new licensed game comes out.
If you don't get permission to use a licensed theme, you are going to get a C&D.
This is not news, and you can't act surprised.

I am not surprised and like before stated very similar to the point you are pushing but what has been told to me they also said not to make anything for the GB pinball - eg like an alternative cover for the cable wrap on the slimer post, my point is how is this a infringement on copyright?

#114 2 years ago

I know and understand you all but that was my only argument, I totally get that we are not allowed to do something with a licence plate, or the ghost busters logo but apparently what was said is not allowed to make "anything" for a GB pinball which is my argument - that this part was crap

done n dusted, solved, confirmed what I thought and agree with all........

#136 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Well there's always beatmasters and my light ups. Swinks topper is way cool but is that copyright infringement also? Swinks what say you? With the way Stern is I wouldn't even consider buying their topper or any other mod from them no matter how cool it is. They'll get my money for the pin and that's it. They may have their reasons for doing what their doing but that doesn't mean I have to go along or like it.

For me and that topper I don't think it crosses the line, as people buy their own figure and I just make available a generic round base that adds a hidden lighting effect as well as retains the statue from falling.

#137 2 years ago

as for other products like Laseriffic's plastic protectors, very cool but on principal if I can't get them from you Laseriffic I refuse to get them from Stern as then they are just getting greedy and on the way to cutting many of the creative modders out of the industry with the goal to control the growing industry.

Worst case I will trace the plastics and get my own made instead of paying for over priced Stern ones just on principal.

#144 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

with that said, i will never, ever buy a mod from stern. an idea from someone else and they will use it to make a bigger profit.

and I bet a larger profit than what the modder makes for his design time and manufacturing effort

#152 2 years ago

50% of ebay's stuff is licensed products from 1/64th hotwheels cars etc - so in Lermonds case who took a publicly available car (paid the price for a licensed product) and added some leds I don't see an issue as the new buyer is paying for the licensed product, led parts and labour to install. It would be different if he made the car without permission but not the case as he bought a licensed product & modified it and wants to sell it to those that can't add lights. Just like if 50 people all bought the car and sent it to Lermonds and he added leds and each customer paid him for parts and labour.

Maybe the future is designing something and getting one of those cheap copyright registrations so Stern or other modders can't copy & sell stuff.... lol

#154 2 years ago

exactly, what happens when people buy a new pinball (licensed Stern and ghostbusters, game of thrones, kiss products as a example) add mods and on sell - given the theory Stern could stop us selling our games but that isn't happening - what is the difference to a toy for inside the pinball

if anything Sony should go after the people that sell 100 of the copy unlicensed ecto-1 cars on ebay not the modder trying to get excited about selling a few mods to put raised funds to another NIB one day.

#157 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

for years they didn't do a damn thing about it. now they see the opportunity with mods and they want it.
it's a business they will do everything they can to get it, even copying ideas from modders done long before they did, sideblades, head on shooter rod, toppers... should they send a check to the first person who had the idea?

yes for the cheque to people

so if Stern sells you a pinball which is a licensed product during the period and you the customer does mods to it and then you sell for a profit it isn't a problem - why because they want to sell you another game. Nothing different to Joe Blow modding a licensed product (lets say a Ecto 1 car) from the shop or ebay and on selling it for a game as a mod with a increased price to cover leds, labout and for some guys some tax money - same principal really.

#159 2 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

if i have an idea and i want to add lights to a licensed product and i want to get paid for my time and the lights, i will.

totally agree

#182 2 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

I agree....it a real sucky move. What a shame. Modding has been a part of the pinball community for a long time. They are ruining a nice aspect of pin ownership due to greed.

Totally agree and it is ruining the creativity and freedom as no one is getting rich from mods.

I did see & predict this coming over a year ago and maybe what we "other" modders need to do is join forces and create a mod central website and help each other.

Also modders need to be aware that jumping in with the likes of certain pinball makers may well be very limiting and controlling - ask yourself is it really worth it? What about the companies that supported you during your start up?

Do we want the modding community to fall apart or grow stronger?

#198 2 years ago

these clear machined polycarbonate engraved drop targets are the bees knees of lit transparent drop targets and far superior to any 3d printed ones, as for the etched designs being allowed or not - they can go for an artie interpretation and not conflict with a bloody license, this is getting ridiculous, how about you start a thread on licensed mods only


#204 2 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I was thinking something simple...maybe just the circle w/ the bar through it. If I use a 1/16th ball nose end mill to machine the engraving, it will really stand out.

That would work well and not breaching IP

#210 2 years ago

I designed a mod a while back and not sure if it can still be used but has a cool led to light up the GB sign on both sides - the target is there just for size perspective. It could possibly be on the side of the firestation and over hang the lhs ramp and have got a cool little mount concept sketched up for easy placement, - no bolts, tape, glue but relocate in seconds

depending how it comes out I might sell the kit less the GB logo but can help people create this easily as the sign panels are acrylic.


#213 2 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Could the black casing be made white swinks? Lighting up the sign would be sweet, if you can make the case white sign me up man!

case comes in white and then I paint it and at the moment the front and back is clear acrylic

2 weeks later
#264 2 years ago

someone needs to rip the images from the ecto goggle mod and use on the pro version using this screen



1 week later
#267 2 years ago

some mods for those interested with the attached image representing the Ecto 1 vehicle on the plunger / shooter, and some other mods on the link as well.


1 month later
#344 2 years ago

not very original, come on stern leave it to the creative people

#346 2 years ago
Quoted from sirlonzelot:

You have to add the topper plate from swinks

nice work with adding the mouth lighting

#347 2 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

Great looking topper.
Did you buy it this way, or did you have to add the lighting?

slimer is this one, which has a bobble feature

base from here

then just 1 x 20 and 1 x 10 led strip in the hidden recess of the base

see post 7 in this thread

#350 2 years ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Can somebody out there come up with some cool looking burning decals to add to Stay Puff Marshmallow man...make him look crispy in some spots????

just take himout of the game and hit him with a blow torch with a light toasting

1 week later
#357 2 years ago

well you can get a Stern licensed shooter rod

definitely not going to call Stern for a shooter rod - that is terrible and at $90 USD

leave the mods to the creative people not a $2 sticker on a $5 ball

5 months later
#464 2 years ago

finally ordered a GB today and have a few mod ideas.

any one swap out the slingshot post with star posts? does it affect play or the slings much.

#467 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I wonder if you'd need bigger rubbers then. I changed mine to florescent green originals.

can you post a pic please

I was wondering if it moved the rubber a little more away from the sling switches, just curious

got a few mods in mind especially a different take on the outlane ball hopping solution not using perspex panels

2 weeks later
#492 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Just got this today, looks great and has to be the easiest mod I've ever put on a game, took a whole 2 seconds cuz it's the magnet version. It doesn't light up under uv so I'm wondering what it will look like with lime green uv spray paint then some clear to make it look wet. Not my picture cuz my camera is to crappy but you get the idea.

cool, I like the idea of magnet, can you post a link please

#501 2 years ago

working on a custom shooter rod knob to capture the Hook & Ladder No:8 Firestation logo with a slight twist as the fine detail in polished brass or silver is a little challenging.

below is a artistic view, thoughts,

I will try and get it finished by tomorrow as Shapeways has a 25% sale for the next 2 days.

edit - think I will flip the hook to face the opposite direction for starters

GB knob (resized).png

#503 2 years ago
Quoted from PeterG:

Just bought your CFTBL Ramp Flap - drive inn speaker and the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Shooter Guide. With 25% off!
Can't wait!

Thanks for the support ...

#506 2 years ago

finished the Fire Station Shooter Rod Knob design in polished brass


GB shooter (resized).png
625x465_16660684_9744134_1480124257 (resized).png

4 weeks later
#529 2 years ago

splashed out and just got my custom polished solid brass shooter knob with my interpretation of the hook and ladder logo on it, really happy with the finish and quality

IMG_0643 (resized).JPG

#531 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

That would look great on a Fire, too!

great idea

3 weeks later
#538 2 years ago

that colour looks awesome

#541 2 years ago

here is my latest


and when the game arrives I have some planned mechanical upgrades to design in.

6 months later
#549 1 year ago

got a few affordable mods available - limited run


P1150863 (resized).JPG
P1150862 (resized).JPG
P1150864 (resized).JPG
P1150865 (resized).JPG
P1150872 (resized).JPG
P1150216 (resized).JPG

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