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Ghostbusters - Final code update wish list

By PanzerFreak

2 years ago

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#1 2 years ago

Stern recently posted in their "Stern of the Union" address that a final code update for Ghostbusters will be worked on once Star Wars is finished.

What would you like to see added / fixed in the game for the final update? We know Stern reads Pinside so this is our chance to voice our opinion.

Bugs in 1.13 can be found in the thread below.


Two items, well modes, that I would like to see added to the game are "Are you a God" as the games final wizard mode and a mode dedicated to Slimer, a Slimer multiball.

Are you a God as the games final wizard mode is a must. There's an entry for it the games menu already and it's one of the best scenes in the entire film. It would be a shame not to have it represented in the game.

A multiball for Slimer would be great to have in the game as well as Slimer is the main toy on both the pro and premium / LE. Perhaps a player has to find Slimer by hitting certain shots and then once X number are hit you bash him when he comes down. There could be multiple stages to this mode that get progressively harder.

*On the premium model it would be great to see Slimer move to a shot and then require a shot at the spot he's at before he moves again.

Some other items that I would like to see added are more callouts from both films. I also heard that one or both of the games two existing wizard modes are lacking content / rules?

What else would you like to see added, changed fixed?

2 weeks later
#32 1 year ago

I was just thinking that it would be cool to have some more elements from Ghostbusters 2 put into the game. It's a shame that Stern didn't create modes for the second film considering they could use assets from it. A mode ladder for each film (example: Aliens by Heighway) would have been cool to have in the game.

Sure, the second film isn't as great as the first but its part of the Ghostbusters universe and is still liked by a lot of fans. If Stern does have the rights to use Vigo lines then why not create an Ecto Goggles animation for him along with implementing a few callouts. Heck a mode for defeating Vigo would be pretty darn cool to have as well. Same goes for a Statue of Liberty mode!

#40 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

that means a quite complete rewrite of the code !!! i think you can forget it...
most of actual GB owners would be more than happy with just bugs correction and few things more (know & listed already from time)
and for myself, having sold mine, i must be crazy to still follow this thread ! does i'm missing it !? in a way, surelly

I know that's not realistic at this point, I meant it would have been nice from the start.

It would be cool just to have a Vigo animation added to the Ecto Goggles and some callouts from the character.

#56 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballflare:

I would really like some additional topper integration. I bought the topper and while I think it is awesome, I do think it is underutilized. I think it should be activated whenever you hit the spinner since that is the siren and ecto light anyway. Also the mode when you are driving ecto one to the hotel, it should run the entire time, not just at the beginning and when you make a shot. Absolutely love the game. It is a definite keeper for me.

Great suggestions. The Ghostbusters topper is pretty damn cool but its a shame its used so sparingly. The adjustments you suggested would be great to see in the game.

#58 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

It's going to need something more to get me to spend 500 bucks on a topper

I hear ya there, pricing on the thing is just nuts. For $500 there should have been two real rotating beacon lights on the thing as well as a functioning siren. Since Stern is charging $500 for the topper the least they can do is fully support it through code. Heck, make 3 adjustments for topper use (low, medium and high) that is based on how often its used.

1 month later
#64 1 year ago

Star Wars 1.0 code was released today so its very possible that code development for Ghostbusters final update has started or at least is going to start soon.

2 weeks later
#77 1 year ago
Quoted from enjoyvelvet:

I was hoping since Stern posted a pic of a GB pin next to a Christmas tree on their Instagram feed it meant a code update was imminent. Would of been an awesome Christmas gift! Hopefully soon

I think its going to be at least a few months for the update, hopefully a large one, to drop. Stern said once Star Wars is completed that they would start working on a final code update for Star Wars. Star Wars 1.0 was just released a couple weeks ago and Stern hinted that Star Wars was wrapping up in the last Stern of the Union address. We should know more come next Tuesday for January's Stern of the Union update.

1 year later
#89 8 months ago

I like the ideas that Dwight talked about in last weeks Head2Head pinball podcast interview. I just hope that an "Are You a God" wizard mode is added as it sounds like Dwight is on the fence about adding it. The mode is advertised on the instruction card (and has a menu adjustment), if it's not included that comes across as false advertising for owners who were expecting it to be there.

#113 8 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

I got the feeling from Dwight in his interview that he isn't really motivated to do much with GB, and frankly...he came off as a bit lazy sounding. I'm sure he will do what he is told, if he is told...but I didn't get the impression he sees many of the flaws that have been pointed out in this thread. Some of these super smart, technical/creative types have too much personal pride or arrogance to admit that their effort could use more than a minor tweak.

I hear ya there. About 8-10 months ago Keith Johnson said some similar things on the Head2Head pinball podcast in regards to the state of code for The Hobbit. Keith said he was happy with some things about the code but admitted that others were not. Did JJP just say "no the game is mostly complete". Hell no, they went through and addressed pretty much every code issue people had with the game and on top of that expanded / polished the game even further with several additional code updates.

Your move Stern.

3 months later
#145 5 months ago
Quoted from kklank:

Cmon Dwight. Get your act together and finish this code. This game could be a real gem.

Ghostbusters code needs to be passed off to other programmers at Stern at this point. The wait has been beyond ridiculous.

#148 5 months ago
Quoted from Willy39:

I would say as long as Dwight did good documentation of changes, adds, and deletes in the code, another programmer who knows the software should be able to pick up where he left off without much of a problem.

Yup. Stern has had other programmers help out a leads code multiple times in the past. Dwight seems like an awesome guy but I just don't hear or feel the passion from him when talking about Ghostbusters code.

The theme and the customers who spent thousands of dollars on the game deserve to have the code completed by someone passionate about the theme / game. I hope that's Dwight but if not let someone else work on it already as it's been 27+ months since the last update. Hearing Dwight recently say he's not sure whether or not an "Are you a God" is coming is the complete opposite of being passionate.

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