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#Where's the code? Ghostbusters Code Wish List, CODE UPDATE RELEASED!

By PanzerFreak

1 year ago

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#442 7 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

Do you think they will make more Pros and LE models if a significant and well received update is released?

Maybe Pros and Premiums. Pretty sure the LE's were totally sold out. Not to say they wouldnt make a special release of a premium maybe that is a little different than the original... sorta like what they did with Batman 66 Catwoman edition. I think we would also have to assume they still have the license to even produce new machines....

1 week later
#502 7 months ago

Last GB update was Jan 2017. Batman 66 came out Dec 2016. so its close!

#504 7 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yes it is. Stern can now use it again lol.
[quoted image]

30th Month Anniversary of the Last GB code update!

1 week later
#521 6 months ago
Quoted from hesiro:

Next code update came when Stern relaunching Ghostbusters VE

Star Trek got a code update with its Vault release, so it's totally plausible!

2 weeks later
#575 6 months ago

You all need to sit tight and wait to watch the Dead Flip stream of GOT to get a sense of what kind of effort is potentially going into Ghostbusters. If the GOT update was just a few piddly fixes, I don’t think you’d be seeing Dead Flip make an event out of it.

Also, Dwight’s been working on Spike II games for a while, getting back to Spike I is probably a little different workflow he needs to get used to, let him resharpen the saw on GOT and then totally kick ass on the GB update I say.

Also, who’s to say GOT updates didn’t get done a long time ago and just got stalled during regression testing and fix phases to finally get it out the door now.

Rolling out code later in a products life is a little more sensitive, and requires a lot more testing. You obviously don’t want to rush the update and then discover some condition you missed in testing and suddenly the code is blowing node boards, or breaking scoring, etc.

Also on fattdirk’s point about an IP being hot....GB 3 is currently filming. There will be renewed interest in Ghostbusters for sure over the next year.

2 months later
#1120 3 months ago

Just played 4 or 5 games. I am technically working from home today, so I couldn't focus on the game that deeply, but I am really liking what I am seeing so far. Lots of nice little touches and changes to callouts, some new lighting effects, and I noticed even the backbox light flashing now during certain jackpots and other events. the Playfield multipliers are way easy to get going now, almost too easy, it seemed like I almost always had a multiplier going through most of my games, which would be a rare occurrence on the old code. Looking forward to doing a deep dive on this later tonight after work/dinner/gym so I can work up to We Are ready to believe you!

Did anyone have a chance to look through the game options to see if we can start the game at We Are Ready To Believe you? That would be an amazing stand alone game to play for dollars with your buddies.

#1124 3 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon77:

Sure can!
If set to GOD MODE, when you start a game you will start at the begining
of "We Are Ready To Believe You" wizard mode. You can add players or you
can plunge the ball. Plunging the ball will start the multiball.
- If you complete "We Are Ready To Believe You" you will start "ARE YOU A
GOD?". When "ARE YOU A GOD?" ends your game will end.
- If you do not complete "We Are Ready To Believe You" the game will end.
- Added a GOD MODE champion. If the game is set to NORMAL this will not be
seen in the attract mode.
- If GOD MODE is enabled you cannot MATCH, win a replay, or qualify for
other high scores champions.

Excellent! After seeing JimB's post about adjustment 65, I ran down to the game room and tried it. This is so awesome!

1 week later
#1403 3 months ago

I am also having this issue with 1.17 on my Pro. Used the same stick that I used for 1.16... start the process, there is no progress or anything and then just after 20 seconds or so of doing nothing it says it's done and to remove the stick and power cycle... just boots back up to version 1.16 again

Has anyone with a pro gotten this to work?

#1413 3 months ago

Mine won't do anything when I press +/-. When I hit Select it will make a 'thunk' sound and do nothing and then say it is complete and to remove USB and power cycle, exactly like in the video seenev posted a few posts above. So strange, never had problems like this and I've updated Spike games dozens and dozens of times with no issues like this in the past.

I'm going to try a different stick now and see what happens.

#1419 3 months ago
Quoted from Vpv1rgin:

ONE Simple question stern.... Can I see how many balls are locked on my pro ghostbusters now?

On the Storage facility plastic above right kickout/saucer, there are two lights. If red only is lit, its 1 ball locked. If Red and Green are lit, its 2 balls locked.

#1440 3 months ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Updating the code to 1.17 seems impossible. I used the USB-card that worked the last time for 1.16, but not now. There must be a bug in the installer.

Yup, very frustrating! I've tried a couple different keys, redownloaded the file a couple times, no luck, same result every time. Code update comes up when i boot with it, but I still cannot select any option with the +/-, i can hit the select/Enter button on the right hand of the controls, its makes a sound.... seems to do nothing for about 15 seconds, and then says its done and to remove USB and power cycle. Just gonna wait this one out a bit until everyone has been able to consistently get it installed.

1 week later
#1501 3 months ago

Finally got my 1.17 code installed. Found a 32GB stick, did a full format on it, dropped the spk file on it, still had problems a few times, to the point it wouldnt even detect I had a stick plugged into the machine when I booted it. This has been the most troublesome update I've ever dealt with, at one point I was just going to give it up and try to be happy living with 1.16 for eternity! I am now wondering if versions past 1.17 will give me the same hassle going forward.

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