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Ghostbusters code/bugs/ideas...

By RipleYYY

3 years ago

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#104 3 years ago

Bug or just a misunderstanding of the mode? Play Spook Central and the DMD states collect the purple shots to save the ghostbusters. The starting lit shots are all white and making one appears to save a ghostbuster. This in turn lights the right saucer/scoop purple, for something else?

I wish there was a subtle fanfare effect (or callout) for making 3 switch hits on the pro when shooting the right ramp.

Some effects needs to stand out more I think. Like when you loop a captive ball on the left side, the sound effect is not very distinguishable. So if you aren't paying attention you might now know if you made it or not.

Would like to see a setting to disable lighting the trap (lock) after collecting so many ghosts. Default can be as it is now, but I want to be able to qualify the locks the way it was before from the captive balls. Maybe that's too hard, but I'd like to be able to choose the lock difficulty nevertheless.

Add special combo rewards for making the left ramp after hitting slimer or even more rare, the left ramp from the captive ball (I've done it!). Ok the second one is a real stretch, but the first is doable.

More of a question. Why the heck am I sometimes getting a triple super jackpot? Sure it's more points, but why is it tripled? I don't think I've ever had a double? Does that exist?


#108 3 years ago

Probably a bug: Shooting the left ramp (for example) as the last shot of a scene automatically starts the next scene on that ladder.


#113 3 years ago

Dwight, I hope you still read the forum threads for our feedback! Keep up the great work!


2 ball, bash slimer multiball.

Can slimer (pro model) rise up and back down the odd time to make him a bit more elusive to hit? Or is that too kludgy?

Edit - Gozer increases terror dog hurry up. So I guess it does something when not lit.

Quicker intro into the video mode. There's a bug(?) where sometimes the video mode exits instantly with no callout or video, I assume I lost?

Variation on some scene start callouts if possible?


#116 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

"Purple" is a bug on Spook Central, right scoop is only thing that lights purple.
Also, on Tobin, there a couple of selections that despite what it says it will start the Scoleri brothers instead.

It's either white or a lighter shade of purple.. It should be changed to avoid confusion with river of slime maybe?


#117 3 years ago

Mass Hysteria needs to start from a (right) scoop shot I think. Just having it instantly start with flippers reversed is downright annoying. At this point the player can be instructed what is going on.... Ghosts cannot be collected again until MH is over.


#118 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure this was mentioned: The Mass Hysteria insert doesn't work. You hit 100 ghosts and it doesn't light up. The other inserts turn off as well.


#120 3 years ago
Quoted from imharrow:

I think you have a switch that is accidentally triggering. I have seen this on a routed GB, but I am 90% sure it thinks a ball is in play and stops video mode. That machine also sometimes autolaunches the ball.

That's entirely possible. I did have to adjust one of the sling switches because it was causing random sling kicks. Maybe that was the culprit.

Oh, I got 89 million tonight on the video mode


#122 3 years ago

He Slimed Me - There appears to be no visible timer on this mission and it does not end if you don't make any shots right away. I didn't make the left ramp for about 30 seconds and when I did, the cleaner crosses the halway and the scene just ends. I played it again and there's no timer. Tested with the glass off, sure seems like some kind of bug.


#124 3 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

You hit slimer to end the he slimed me mode. You timed out probably when you hit the left ramp.

No, that's not it. I've tested with the glass off and just rolling the ball through the left ramp. The scene fails on a left ramp shot and you have to play it again. Let the scene run for 30 seconds and it's still going. Then shoot the left ramp and it fails.


#133 3 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

It's lit when all the slime is cleared, regardless of whether that takes just one shot, or many more. They don't specifically increase the SJ value, so points wise, you're better off cleaning it then collecting the SJ.
As far as stacking SJs, some things award a "triple super" (e.g. Scoleri Bros.). I believe you can have up to a "sextuple super" on the stack at once, but you can only collect up to a triple off the stack per single shot. And if that is the case, I'd hate to think there's the possibility of wasting a SJ.

It seems odd to have super jackpots with no regular jackpots in the game.


#134 3 years ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

I know it will never happen but I wish they would replace the video mode with something else altogether, it has to be in the running for the worst video mode ever, as its completely random and not skill based at all its just annoying. I skip it every time now.

I don't mind it and if you are lucky it can be lucrative. I got 89 million from it last night. Plus if a playfield multiplier is running that could be even more (I hope!).

It's way better than the GoT video mode...


#136 3 years ago

We need a negative reinforcement highest score champion as well.... The game could then taunt you what the current champion is before you start. Scoring over 100 million gives you an extra ball as well (optional auto setting perhaps that starts at 100 mil).


#138 3 years ago

Minor bug: If you shoot the left scoop with a scene start and tobin's lit, the game starts to play the scene music and then abruply cuts off to the tobin's music.


#144 3 years ago
Quoted from xyntec:

One more thing...is the tobin guide mystery visible to anyone in the display?? I just hear some sound effect like it's running through the different awards and the display blinks a bit, but I don't see what is actually highlighted, not that it matters because as far as I know I only got the super jackpot lit every time?

That's not normal. Maybe you need a new SD card from Stern?


#145 3 years ago
Quoted from xyntec:

oh and I also got the skillshot awarded a couple of times already when the ball just made it over the orbit rollover switch and then back again, is that supposed to be?

This happens on my game too. I'm at work now, but the weird thing with the skill shot is that it starts the mode at the right orbit even if the ball doesn't make it all the way around. If you are trying to start the scene normally, you need to make the complete shot around to the left side - I think. It's a bit inconsistent that way....


#154 3 years ago
Quoted from xyntec:

Actually, I have just looked again at the deadflip streaming (» YouTube video) and at 8:51 minutes I see the same thing, you see 4 awards, and it makes the sound of running through the awards, but the display just flickers a bit, (at 45:22 minutes the same, and probably a few times more) so I guess this is normal...

It shows all the awards then lists them off individually. After 2 in the video, the player cancels the rest of the display by pressing the flipper buttons.


#157 3 years ago

I like how Tobin's awards multiple rewards.


#163 3 years ago

Does anyone think storage facility multiball should score a bit higher on this game? Or maybe I'm just missing some strategy on it...


#165 3 years ago

There's certainly some interesting scoring nuances in the game. For example, Spooked Librarian lights the spinner insert red for ramping up the super jackpot scores (100,000 per rotation I think). So you could start the mode and maybe ignore the blue shots, concentrating on the spinner to increase super jackpot scoring. I really need to pay attention more and see if the values carry over from ball to ball or not.

Previously I was thinking Mass Hysteria should start from a scoop shot, but now that I think about it, it's fine the way it is. All of the ghost ladder awards trigger/light as soon as you reach that plateau so why should MH be any different..

I haven't played the game much this week as I've been working hard and been tired too. I hope to get some quality ghost busting time in this weekend! I really need a shaker for this game.....


#169 3 years ago

I watched the Stern 'making of ghostbusters' video again and noticed JT said the green light on the ghost trap was going to mean it is empty. The way the code is now, the green light indicates ball 2 is locked. I thought it was kind of strange that the ball 1 and 2 lock lights were different colors. Maybe green can still indicate empty, solid red is 1 lock and a blinking red is 2 locks?


#171 3 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

I think the mode should be kinda like the roulette on Who Dunnit where you have to wager money every time you take a chance and guess, you can stop and take what points you have earned or try again and if you guess wrong, lose everything? Ay least its worth your time playing.

But then it's not true to the movie because there was no money involved.

Maybe the value needs to start higher, like at 1 million...


#172 3 years ago

Getting some quality GB time in late tonight!

I didn't install the tilt bob and I don't think I'm going to. GB needs a bit more nudging/sliding to save from the center drains.

Anyhow, I have a couple of questions:

- Terror Dog Hurry Up. I used to think it was the stand up target that scored the hurry up, but it's actually the right ramp?
- Spooked Librarian. Sometimes this ends after just 1 shot. Is that normal, like 1 of them is an 'end shot' and the others are not?


#175 3 years ago

There is definitely a bug with the ESP video mode. I think if you flip the flippers to abort the intro it also makes the mode instantly exit without any notice after a wrong(?) choice.


#177 3 years ago
Quoted from KingNine:

I don't know if it is just a bug on ours our not but sometimes the slimer toy comes down for no reason and is not lit up. No amount of bashing him makes him move. You have to start GHOST to make the game realize the state he is in and then it fixes itself.

I have not seen this on my pro. Perhaps one of the mechanism position switches has a problem?


#178 3 years ago

Storage facility multiball and Scoleri brothers just don't mix well. The game is hard enough as it is and these targets become a real PITA during multiball because one of them is always up. The object is to collect all the ghosts so why do I need to keep shooting these again and again?

I've come close to getting all the ghosts, but it's tough keeping the balls in play. Has anyone managed to capture all the ghosts? Maybe that's where real the points are in this multiball? I hit the other flashing stuff and maybe end up with 25 million if I'm lucky.


#186 3 years ago

Bill Murrays (random?) callout 'don't turn it off!' during SF Multiball needs to be louder or the game needs to be quieter (lower or cut the music) because it's very hard to hear this one. Or can we get a bit more audio from the movie scene put in there before multiball starts?

SF Multiball scoring is terrible. The jackpot you get for capturing all the ghosts is peanuts at about 5 million. Scoleri targets and slimer contribute nothing to the multiball itself. I feel it's such an underwhelming multiball the way it is now. Why not have something like the gear increase the scoring? If you collect all the gear (5 items?) before going into the multiball, you get maximum scoring potential - because you are best prepared to recapture the ghosts. 5 gear = 5 times scoring? 2 gear = 2x scoring? I don't want to change it into GoT, but the scoring does need to improve.

Lighting add a ball from the captive balls is very difficult to do. It could be easier or have a setting to be easier.

Super jackpots and other significant scores could show the multiplied values. Or the DMD could also show that playfield multipliers are active and affecting score.

Change the blinking of the scenes when they are ready to a faded blink... I think that would look better than the current strobing flash.

Alternate RGB inserts from green to white during extra ball animation. Green for slimer, white for car. Then a mix when they crash.

Explain some of the scene scoring better. Spooked Librarian tells us blue shots do something, but then they change to cyan and what does that mean? I've had spooked librarian end after only 1 shot - that can't be right??

I've never seen the librarian insert light up during the game. What is this for?

From Tobin's awards, when I got "Biggest Points" today it did not show what the actual points value is.

Hey, don't get me wrong as I think GB is fantastic and if the code didn't change I'd be ok with that. But at the same time I think some things do need tweaking. I set my SF Mutliball timer to 40 seconds as 15 is just too low when the balls hang up in the pop bumpers a lot. Some scene timers might need a tweak too.


#187 3 years ago

There is a scoring bug with the Terror Dog hurry up scoring. I just played a game, shot the Terror Dog hurry up (right ramp) and the points it gave me: 00

I had scoleri going, started terror dog hurry up which timed out, started it again on same ball, shot it right away and that's when it gave me 00 points.


#196 3 years ago
Quoted from MeNaCeFiRe:

Is 1.05 the latest code for the pro? I cannot find anything newer on Sterns website

1.05 is the latest, which isn't even posted on the website any more for the pro.


#199 3 years ago

It wasn't there yesterday.... Maybe someone from Stern read my post and fixed their website.


#200 3 years ago

Bug: Multiple Scoleri Brother callouts when the mode activates.

I did a scoleri combo today which was kind of cool. I hit the edge of the right target and the ball ricocheted into the left target for a quick 1 - 2 target completion. I think the Scoleri Brothers should sometimes hide (target down) on you which would make the mode more fun.


#203 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

A code update couldn't come sooner.

I'm hoping a code update comes soon too.


#216 3 years ago

Other than the MET code update a few months ago, it's been a VERY dry year for code updates.


#218 3 years ago

I'm wondering what the significance of the super jackpot score value showing on the bottom of the scenes is? In 'He Slimed Me' for example, would it not be better to show what the orbit value is instead of what the super jackpot is?


#219 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Loopin Supers-
Needs to take precedent over everything. It totally sucks ass when you start loopin supers, hit a loop, and the ball diverts over to the kickout hole instead of back to the right flipper. You also shouldn't be able to start loopers during multiball.

Maybe collecting ghosts should stop during SFMB? That would stop the starting of modes during the multiball, since all ghost ladder features trigger/light automatically. It would make getting through the ghost ladder a bit more of a challenge.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

neg reinforcement - it's lame get rid of it or radically change it

I think it's fine, other than it could maybe start at 1 million.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Storage MB - how about cleaning this mess of a multiball up a little bit? Do something about the scoleri targets always being up. Make add-a-ball a little easier to get. Give us a CLEAR POINT instead of the "everything is lit" approach.

The objective is to capture all the ghosts by clearing all the ghost inserts around the playfield. At that point you collect a jackpot for doing so and it repeats. Scoleri's do nothing except increase your ghost ladder count and Slimer lights inserts green to be cleaned for eventual super jackpot lighting. Considering it's the primary multiball, it's not a very good one at the moment. I have never scored well when playing it. I played it with the glass off and it still didn't score well. I hope it gets tweaked some.


#220 3 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

You hit slimer to end the he slimed me mode. You timed out probably when you hit the left ramp.

Actually you are right, sorry about that. For some reason it seemed before like mine was ending after the orbit shot, but it appears I was mistaken.


#221 3 years ago

I don't know if anyone else has seen this happen on their game, but on rare occasions the switches don't register hits. I've had it happen most commonly on the GHOST target, sometimes the right orbit and tonight the 3 target bank. I think I've seen one person report something similar reported on GoT though I don't think I ever had that happen on my own GoT Pro. Perhaps it's a SPIKE thing with polling for switch hits?

I noticed any points score you get from Tobin's doesn't show you what the points are. Big points and even +10% of your score. It would be nice to know I think...


#225 3 years ago
Quoted from embryon:

I think this could be a bug. I was awarded 1.2bil on Gozer Hurry up and I am sure my game score was way lower than this. Anyone get close to such a highscore Gozer Champion?

There's definitely something screwy with the hurry up scoring. I've been on the opposite side with getting 00 points for the terror dog hurry up.


#232 3 years ago

Not a bug, but kind of an annoyance. The left captive ball awards some important features like ball locks and lighting the playfield multipliers. When the captive ball inserts are lit sold, you need one more shot to make them start blinking. Usually the shot after they are blinking grants the award. However some items like the playfield multipliers require looping all the captive balls. So it's a bit misleading when it's blinking and you think hitting it will give the award, but you get nothing instead. I have not watched the DMD or checked instanf ingo to see if it says how many hits left to award whatever.

Perhaps the awards should not blink until they are ready to award on the next shot? It's just a thought...


#238 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

I hate how the captive ball thing works, including needing to hit them for an add a ball.
There is no clear indication on how to get awards with them either, come to think of it- I've never lit the multipliers a single time using the captive balls after a few hundred games. Definitely needs some changes there IMO.

Maybe you need to try some different strategies then. Try shooting proton pack and the captive balls some more.


#239 3 years ago
Quoted from rooky79:

I swear I read somewhere that Dwight said 1.05 was going to be the last of the code updates?

Someone reported that Dwight said at one of the summer pinball shows that GB was pretty much done. But he's also seen in the making of GB video that he wants to put in an "Are you a god?" mode. I think there will be some bug fixes, but the code is pretty good where it's at now. It could be worse, like KISS for example.... There's a few minor bugs to be fixed and maybe some tweaks to how things work. SFMB may need tweaking to score more and removing the annoying scoleri targets during multiball would be nice.


#240 3 years ago

Bug: Spook Central timer starts at 15 seconds if you fail to hit the left ramp. 15 seconds is nowhere near enough time to save the 4 ghostbusters and you will need to restart the mission again.


#243 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

Wrong !
The hurry up ramp shoot is there for extra points and some animations only
If you missed it in the 15 sec, the 4 shoots are available just after

You misunderstand what I wrote. The left ramp is a hurryup which sets the value for the 4 rescue shots. If you don't make the left ramp at all, it eventually times out and then you have the 4 rescue shots with minimal value. The timer then shows 15 seconds and that's just not enough time to complete the mode. Even making the left ramp shot, I got 25 seconds and that's still not very much time considering how tough the right ramp shot can be. I think the mission timer should always start at a certain time value regardless if you make the left ramp shot or the hurry up times out.


#245 3 years ago

I think all multiballs should start with add-a-ball lit at the scoop and of course it can be re-qualified with the captive balls. I don't know how many hits are needed, but I hope it's only 1. Perhaps a setting for add-a-ball difficulty if one doesn't already exist? I have not looked yet.

SFMB is much more enjoyable with a longer ball save. I set mine to 30 (or 40?) seconds and while it doesn't make it easier, it certainly feels less frustrating. I even set the start of ball save time to about 20 seconds. Unfortunately the right scoop/saucer kills the ball saver so don't hit it.

Why is Tobin's disabled during the scenes? I think it should still be enabled.

Loopin Supers... These score what the current super jackpot value is so this is something that has potential for mega scores. Maybe these should score fixed jackpots instead, like 5 million per shot?

Two terror dog hurry ups in a row from the right captive ball? How about a Librarian hurry up to use the scoop insert? I realize there are 2 terror dogs in the movie so maybe that is the reason for the 2 dog hurry ups? There could be an added bonus for getting both at the same time perhaps?

We got one! Do the shots always need to be the same? Why can't the first set of shots sometimes start on the right instead of the left? It would give the mode a little bit of variety.

Hope to see some new code soon!


#247 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

I think that would be too easy, and also likely result in many AAB's happening too **early** (when you still have ball save going, and another ball really doesn't help). It's better to get your AAB after initial ball save has expired, and when you don't still have 3-4 balls in play.

I honestly don't know how many times I've got the add-a-ball. I don't think it's been very much. Although sometimes I've had extra balls come into play during SFMB - could it be a mystery award from the pop bumpers? I've never seen it as I'm too busy watching the playfield.

Quoted from Snailman:

I agree. But it does force you into some interesting shot sequence choices by having it the way it is. Maybe it's disabled due to the basket of awards not always being applicable to mid-mode game state?

There's usually a good reason why some features are disabled at certain times. It's not a big deal either way.

Quoted from Snailman:

Strongly disagree. This is one the best strategic scoring aspects of the game: how to increase your SJP value, and then setting yourself up to cash it in on Loopin Supers, and not too early on a rogue one-off single SJP.

It's a good strategy, but still can provide unbalanced scoring potential. On the opposite side of the scale, SFMB does not seem to score very well. I guess we will hopefully see how scoring and rules get balanced when the code gets updated. Maybe I just suck at SFMB...

Does anyone know how the teal shots differ from the blue shots in (I think) "spooked librarian"?


#248 3 years ago


Terror Dog scoring went goofy again tonight. It started with a value in the millions and within a second suddenly changed to 400,000 points where it stayed. I hit the Terror Dog and was awarded 1.1 million points. Later in the game I started Terror Dog again and the value started at only 545,000 points. I don't think it's supposed to start that low?

On some scenes, the right ramp on the pro can count as 2 shots to complete the scene. The first award is given from the upper switches and then the second award is given from the lowest ramp switch. This occurs I think if the right ramp is lit again for the second shot after making the first.

The second time you start scoleri, I think it sometimes plays the introduction twice.


#250 3 years ago

It's 3 ball stacks just to light add-a-ball. No wonder I never light the damn thing. How about add-a-ball lights after 1 ball stack and subsequent ball stacks adds to the number of balls added when collected? Or at least a setting to change the difficulty of the ball stack rules.


#255 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

I can't say for sure, but I believe I've added a ball to a total of 5. Does anyone know about 5th and 6th ball coming into play?

Maybe it's from the pop bumper random awards?


#256 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

I'm assuming by "stacks" you mean that you had to shoot the left captive ball 9 times!?! (3 stacks of 3 shots each?)

Sorry, no I mean just stacking 3 balls once, which is tough enough sometimes... Although for lighting 2x and 3x you do need to hit the captive ball 6 times (2 stacks of 3). I've never done it.

Quoted from Snailman:

I recall times where I've only had to hit the left captive ball a couple times, and AAB was then lit at the scoop. And then there are other times where I've completed a "stack" of the three captive balls, and it's done nothing!

I was testing for this very behavior last night because I think I've seen the same thing happen. I think what may happen is that if you have some (1?) balls stacked already before starting SFMB, they don't count towards lighting the add-a-ball. So you complete the ball stack and it does not light. I was playing last night, completed a ball stack and add-a-ball did not light.


#258 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Does ANYBODY ever do better than 20-30 million on a storage facility multiball? Unless I have a playfield X lit, that's what I get every time. Almost always 25 million actually.

That's about the average score I get. It's not a very good (or fun) multiball because there's not much value in it. In contrast, you can get WAY more points from PKE frenzy. If you stack PKE with SFMB then it can be not too bad. I got a 129 million PKE jackpot. Too bad there is no champion score for that.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

The multiball needs a ton of work. It sucks. Literally EVERYTHING on the playfield is lit, the scoleri bros are up, slimer is waving around. Come on, please, give us some actual goals besides "hit everything and drain."

If you collect all the ghosts you can get a jackpot, but that's hard to do and the points are not much. I don't think anyone likes the scoleri targets in this multiball and they add little except catching extra ghosts for the ghost ladder.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

And for the love of God, freeze modes and Super loopers while it's going

Freeze in what way? The timers or the modes are disabled during MB? I don't think it's a good idea to disable them during SFMB and it certainly would be a bad idea to stop the timers.

Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It's like it was constructed by three drunks in separate rooms who weren't allowed to communicate with each other, and then all three parts were put together by an intern.

No, it's basically release code that needs some bugs fixed, scoring balances and mode/scene tweaking. Very little has changed from when the game was first released 4 months ago. It's still light years better than some other initial releases like KISS for example where 18 months later main features in that game still don't even work.

I think people are starting to get disappointed there has been no new code for the GB yet. Dwight, if you need a beta tester I would like to help out if I can.


#261 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

And as stated, throw loopin supers into the mix and it's more of a shitshow. As software currently is, stacking anything over anything is a BAD thing - mode, multiball, or loopin supers - ALL of these things you'll score more points if you are just going after them on their own.

PKE Frenzy stacks well with multiball.


#266 3 years ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

137 is my best SFMB, don't know how, or why? usually its 25-35 like most..

Maybe you had PKE Frenzy stacked with it or multipliers going? I think the best I have done is between 40-50 million.


#267 3 years ago

As much as I like that quote, it almost plays a bit too much on outlane drains. There must be other quotes which can be used too?


#268 3 years ago

Does 'We Got One' always score exactly 21 million points? I'm not against the earlier scenes being easier, but there's really nothing challenging especially when this scene scores the same every time.


#272 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

It's been months since any code update.. for a game as big as Ghostbusters, it really feels a bit abandoned already, with all the hype surrounded Batman '66 which hasnt even been shown in pictures yet. Pretty disappointing.

I think abandoned is a bad word to use because I'm sure Dwight would not do that by choice. We don't know if he's working on GB, GoT or the next game - that decision is up to his employer. At least GB code is in a much better state than some other recent releases, take KISS for example.

I'm sure there's a rush to get B66 ready for expo. But that's Lyman's game....

Yeah, I'm a little disappointed there's been no code update for months. It doesn't stop me from enjoying the game though.


#282 3 years ago

I had an interesting bug(?) show up on Tobin's the other day. During the book flipping animation I flipped both the flippers and was shown a group of awards, but those were not the awards I was given. The book flip animation showed briefly again and then showed a second set of different awards and gave me those ones.


#284 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Thats normal.
The animation teases you with possible awards, when you hit the flippers,
you end the animation.
It just happened during the tease animation you froze on and ended.

Hmm, interesting. I usually don't abort it so I never noticed it before.


#287 3 years ago


I played a game, got bonus hold and drained the ball. The bonus held as it should. During the next ball I got bonus hold again, but I did not get the bonus held when that ball drained. I lost huge points because of that.


#289 3 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I wonder what caused it? I've had bonus hold on back to back balls too and it's always held both times. Pretty much been the only times that I've gotten high scores.

The second bonus hold was from Tobin. I don't know if that makes any difference or not. Since I only had this happen once maybe it was a fluke or maybe I was mistaken. I'm 90% sure I didn't get the second bonus hold because it would have been at least another 1/2 billion points. My final score was just shy of a billion. 1st bonus 300 million, hold -> second bonus 500 million hold(not!)-> maybe 10 million.

Have you noticed issues with the terror dog hurry up scoring?


#296 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

You can't really call a game abandoned when the code was released complete.

I would say it's mostly feature complete with the exception of not having 'Are You A God' programmed in yet. Feature complete and code 'complete' isn't the same thing though. I think whoever said the game was already abandoned is just jumping to conclusions as I'm sure there will be a few updates to fix bugs and tweak some things which need it. I would really like to see something done with SFMB to make it more lucrative and fun. It's a rather disappointing multiball as it stands right now - unless you stack it with something like PKE Frenzy for example.


#297 3 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Feature Requests:
Add a setting to dim and/or turn off the backbox light when you start a game to eliminate glare from standard glass.

You can start by turning the backbox brightness down in the settings to about 75 which will match the brightness of the old fluorescent lighting of older games.


#312 3 years ago


I don't think it's a scene feature, but there's a few times where the flashers have stuck 'on' in my game. It happened tonight when I had SFMB stacked with loopin supers. Basically all the clear flashers in the top of the playfield were on solid. They went off when loopin supers timed out. Maybe it's because I qualified PKE Frenzy while loopin supers was still going? I don't think the two modes run together, but it's hard to tell. It's happened at least 3 or 4 times on my game and I think each time I had SFMB and loopin supers going.


#313 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I don't think it's a scene feature, but there's a few times where the flashers have stuck 'on' in my game. It happened tonight when I had SFMB stacked with loopin supers. Basically all the clear flashers in the top of the playfield were on solid. They went off when loopin supers timed out. Maybe it's because I qualified PKE Frenzy while loopin supers was still going? I don't think the two modes run together, but it's hard to tell. It's happened at least 3 or 4 times on my game and I think each time I had SFMB and loopin supers going.

I had the stuck flashers happen again just now during PKE frenzy and the Ballroom scene was running. I don't know if it's a bug or a part of the lighting effects? Or is there a loss of priority for the lighting so the flashers don't turn off as quickly as they should? The flashers stayed on solid for about 5 seconds. SFMB was not running at the time. Or maybe it's just my game?

I'm going to say again, the first scenes are too weak. It's shoot 3 shots and score exactly 21 million points. No challenge at all... I realize they are easy for less experienced players, but better players will find them uninteresting.


#316 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

yep about upper lanes, already said

Ok, I see it seems to be part of the PKE frenzy rules.


#317 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

weak or not, hard to say, depends a lot on this game

Right now I feel like I'm just blowing through the first scenes because they are 'in the way'.

I wish there was a way to increase the starting value of the super jackpots. Maybe a random award that permanently increases the base level and a rule in the game to do that as well?


#335 3 years ago

My thoughts on the current code in point form:

- Have the new video mode award from tobin randomly. Keep ESP hole as ESP only as the insert indicates.
- More purpose for the ghost target, especially during a scene where it doesn't really do anything.
- Slightly better scoring opportunity for the first level scenes
- Bonus in ESP video mode to award features like increasing spinner value, jackpot value etc at certain levels
- Extra ball animation is shortened during multiball
- A 'find slimer' mode or 2 ball multiball where all inserts go green and you need to find where he is for a bonus score.
- A rare 'collect bonus' award from tobin.
- Add a librarian hurry up...

#336 3 years ago


#340 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

nice recall, but just dont forget lots of others things, all is above in this topic

Well I just hope there's a bug fix version out soon. And please reduce the flipper power!


#341 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

My tour was with Dwight,
I asked him about pinside, and GB bugs, code
110% he reads posts, hears the issues, and intends to do all he can.
It's only time, as to when.
What a great person.....and what I can share is keep sharing new ideas and any issues...he appreciates it!

So aside from bugs, how do you like the new code? Do you like the changes to make the game easier or do you think some things are too easy now? I know software is never going to make that right ramp an easier shot.


#345 3 years ago

Well it's either a lighting effect or a bug, but I'm thinking bug. I've narrowed it down to PKE frenzy sometimes leaving the upper playfield white flashers on solid while the mode is going. Isn't this going to possibly damage something?


#346 3 years ago
Quoted from Wakky:

Has anyone had their game lock up on Esp mode? Mine just freezes and you cant select anything?

Well known bug.

I'm surprised no one has had other glitches show up from the ESP shot. The first time I shot the saucer, mine said "Score: 67" (or maybe Points :67), it ejected the ball right away while the flippers were still dead.


#349 3 years ago

Another thought is that there's very little audio feedback from making the left captive ball shots. Sometimes I have to second glance if I made it because the audio cues are fairly subdued. Plus to be honest, if the insert is blinking it I think it should award on the next shot, not 2 or 3 shots later. That's very confusing!

On the topic of sound, SFMB does not seem to do a very good job of telling you audibly or visually that you're catching ghosts. I just keep shooting the balls, not knowing if I'm doing good or bad (usually bad).

Is there a way to build up the super jackpot outside of scenes (and skill shot)? I don't think there seems to be.

Oh, and the ghost target relights the ghosts around the playfield... I said earlier I thought it had no other purpose, but it does.

I tried to recreate the flashers getting stuck on and grab a video of it happening, but wasn't successful yet.


#355 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

as reported by some, the 2 videos mode in the right scoop are a bit strange, as ESP is on the insert (not "dont cross the streams"), and only ESP shoul be there

I completely agree and said it earlier myself. DCTS should be awarded elsewhere because it just doesn't fit in with the ESP insert.


#357 3 years ago

Is the first WCWS only supposed to be 2 balls? I'm getting more than that on my game...

I played a game before work this morning and finished spooked librarian in only 2 shots? That doesn't seem quite right..

I think the easier rules are going to be ok for some people, but not everyone will like the defaults. I thought about setting mode timeout completion to no, but maybe leaving the mode continue on for next ball. It seems like a good compromise.


#360 3 years ago

He Slimed Me.... The orbit shots when lit should not be blue since they are different function than the left ramp.


#366 3 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Not sure if it is related, but occasionally I shut off the game when there are a ball or two captured at the library shot. Turning the machine on doesn't release them, but starting a new game releases them and then the first ball autolaunches. This is on 1.05 code. Maybe something similar happening here?
I can' remember for sure, but I think there is also a flipper launch setting in adjustments, maybe yours is turned on?

This is a known bug and I don't know if it was fixed in 1.10 (probably not).


#367 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

about the P K E skillshot, and what have been said, here's another cool suggestion, as not evbd is aiming for upper lanes (even if in some cases it could be more than a good idea) :
make it simple, rewards are all about + X multiplier, 1 3 or 5

The top lane rollover skillshot is about the only way most people will ever light the playfield multipliers other than a random award. I wouldn't take that away. The E skillshot boosting the SJ by a measly 3 million points is something I never, ever go for. Now if it was a boost SJ value by 50% or doubling it (or a random type boost, lower SJ value = higher boost chance), then it might be more interesting. SJ values starting at only 1 million kind of sucks because outside of scenes I'm not sure how it increases. Maybe set the P skill shot to a random 2,3, 4 or 5 (10 rare) bonus x increase?


#373 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

the more i'm playing the more i'm noticing NEW bugs/probs since last update
i'm tired to post here and feeling nothing is really moving
this is just BS, time has come to really think saying goodbye to my GB
what a mess
» YouTube video

You just never know with Stern. If the programmers are not given time to work on the code then we see these kinds of results. I really wish another video mode was not added because it's absolutely not what the game needs. And the way it was added was rather unimaginative I think.


#375 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

the more i'm playing the more i'm noticing NEW bugs/probs since last update
i'm tired to post here and feeling nothing is really moving
this is just BS, time has come to really think saying goodbye to my GB
what a mess
» YouTube video

It's been a terrible year for code updates with very little released.


#377 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Plus, the design is just not that fun. It should be. But it's not.

I've never played a game where a ramp shot was as difficult as the right ramp on GB. But, the code doesn't rely heavily on the ramp and PKE frenzy makes good use of the ramp difficulty for the PKE jackpots. So that works ok I think.


#378 3 years ago

If you take the glass off your game, test out the terror dog hurry up scoring because it's totally broken... I would hit the target when there was 5.3 million on the counter and the game would then award me over 11.3 million. More than 2x what it should be... Unless the score is says it is giving you is wrong. Only one was running when I tried this and playfield multipliers were not running either. I tried it again, same results.


#379 3 years ago

I had great game on my GB pro and got 2.6 billion GC. Some thoughts from my game:

- Super Jackpot champion is broken. I had a few super jackpots over 100 million, yet the SJ champion on my game is still 15 million.
- Lighting effects during PKE frenzy are broken. The flashlamps were staying lit solid on my game (again) for extended periods of time.
- As others have said, WCWS can probably be abused at the left ramp. It's still A LOT more fun than SFMB
- He Slimed Me should award points (does it?) on the first shots in addition to building the final shot score. Otherwise if it times out, you don't really score any points in this mode.
- The Ballroom is super, super, super fun! But not easy to complete in the time given.
- SFMB in theory is ok, but something is missing from it.
- MHMB. I double flip when the flippers are reversed and I actually don't mind the rules for this. Hit the captive ball to un-reverse flippers and then plan your shots. It really adds an element of strategy to the mode. I'd leave it as is.
- Nobody is ever going to play ESP again because of the much easier points in DCTS. Even if you fail DCTS you still get points.
- Scoleris tripling the SJ is a great strategy!
- Spinner levels need more fleshing out. Or how about a hold spinner level random award? Change the spinner sound as the level increases like in GoT which is a cool effect!
- How are Terror Dog and Gozer hurry up champions supposed to be beat when they are 75 million?
- PKE frenzy is fun! But the top rollover lanes act weird during this mode. That doesn't make sense plus it ruins your multiplier advances.
- The ball kickout power setting works great! I recommend the lowest value of 176. Now we need the same setting for the auto launch.
- Many of the movie voice callouts are still hard to hear and understand in the game. They need a lot more volume.

In spite of the bugs, it's still a very fun game and the pro is pretty good value in view of price increases everywhere..


#383 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

are you trying to convince yourself !?

I'm not pleased with the code situation of course, but it will get sorted out eventually. No, I'm not a patient person either, but it is what it is. I knew that going in as an early adopter. Any Stern game is NEVER done 6 months after release. KISS (which I bought and sold) was a travesty of code neglect from Stern. It doesn't get much worse than that game.....


#388 3 years ago


I continued stay puft on the last ball and shot the right orbit. I think it may have been the last shot, but there was no points total or mentioned that I had completed it. The skill shot was also lit for that shot. WCWS lit right away.


#390 3 years ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

This happened to me again today! the first time was on the old code, but now its happened again on the new code. Am I the only one this has happened to? can anyone see how this could happen legitimately?

I believe I have seen some modes end after only 1 shot, but that's rare and I think it was spooked librarian that did it on my game.

I have no idea why no bugs were fixed in 1.10 and more introduced. People say Dwight reads the threads so what's the deal? I know this thread is unofficial, but it's still the best resource for Stern to see what players think and what bugs are found. How can a game go so long with so many bugs not fixed? Stern continues to pull the same shit game after game. I'm not blaming the programmers, I blame the management that understaffs and doesn't give the programmers time for post release updates.


#391 3 years ago

The high score bug seems related to the game only giving you one high score at a time. For example if you get a points high score and a super jackpot high score, when you enter your name it only counts for the first item.

I just played a crappy game and got the super jackpot champion of 18 million. I had much larger ones in previous games, but it never counted for a high score.

edit: I just had a game of 1 billion and got high score #4 and mass hysteria champion. So some high scores do appear to award together. Shrugs, it's hit or miss I guess. The flashlamps got stuck on again during PKE frenzy. Although they do still turn off/on for effects so it's almost definitely a programming bug. Luckily nothing has burned out yet!


#393 3 years ago

He slimed me is kind of a disappointing scene. There's so many great quotes and action in that scene and it's just not translated well to the dots or callouts on the game. A static (boring) hallway with a cleaner that crosses the hallway, I think it's one of my least favorite scenes in the game. Now if they had included slimer pigging out on food, that would have been cool!


#394 3 years ago

Bugs summary off the top of my head, please feel free to add:

- 100 ghosts insert does not light during MHMB
- Captive balls don't release on game power up
- Eject kickout plays 2 different sounds at times, kickout thus delayed
- Scoleri brothers callout and animation can repeat itself on additional scoleri encounters
- Ball room incorrectly references shooting pink shots
- Extra ball on # of ghosts setting doesn't award extra ball if set differently (according to some)
- Video mode lockup if flippers are pressed before choice is presented
- He slimed me doesn't show the timer during hallway scene.
- Some 2 part scenes don't leave enough time to complete if the first part times out and then goes to the second part
- Terror Dog hurry up scoring routinely awards wrong values, countdown values can instantly glitch to low values (400,000).
- Flash lamps sometimes get left on during PKE frenzy, working off-on off-on. Corrects itself when mode is done.
- Tobin's and ESP skill shots don't award according to some.
- PKE appear lanes malfunction during PKE frenzy. No bonus X can be earned?
- Some users report E flickering since latest code
- During multiple high scores, some achievements don't get entered
- Rare occurrence of scenes completing early, I'm sure I've seen this happen on my game several times.
- Right ramp on pro can award as 2 shots for specific scenes.
- Back off man, the animations and calllouts can get out of sequence. I think I've seen this several times, thought I would mention it


#401 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yup. Thats been my fear with Stern releasing more "complete" coded games at launch. While every insert does something in Ghostbusters the game still feels shallow at times. The game could use more callouts from both films, more rules for the Slimer mech (Slimer multiball!) and premium features should have more code written for them then what is currently there.

What does the librarian insert do? Is it part of Ready To Believe You?


#402 3 years ago

Idea: During the scenes when the timer is just about to run out, making a successful shot will add a few seconds back to the timer. The time added can be adjustable in the settings from 0-5 seconds. There can even be a threshold where if the timer is greater than 5 seconds (adjustable) where no time is added.


2 weeks later
#406 3 years ago

I wish there were more rules for the spinner. It's a fun shot to make, but I feel like I'm ALWAYS stuck on level 1. In contrast, I love the spinner on GoT.


#413 3 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I saw a bug today. No idea if this has been reported before.
I shot the ball into the video Mode scoop. Started the original video mode, but the ball shook loose of the scoop. Game didn't know what to do, it did one ball save then drained. Flippers were dead.

Yeah, that one is known too I think. It's the same as getting a tilt warning when the video mode starts. It ejects the ball, but the video mode continues.


#414 3 years ago
Quoted from pmppk:

The ball save timer for the subway eject will override & replace the standard ball save timer. For example, let's say that the game's main ball save timer is set to 30 seconds, and the subway eject's is set to 2 seconds. Shoot the subway immediately on launching the ball as your skillshot. When it ejects, you'll now only have a 2 second ball save, losing whatever time was remaining on the 30 second ball save.

This happens in the older versions too. I set my subway ball save timer to 5 seconds.. Those extra 2 seconds have saved my bacon plenty of times!


2 weeks later
#418 3 years ago
Quoted from cornycrunch:

Completing all the ladders is supposed to be WRTBY (which from the one video I've seen of it looks really incomplete; dunno if it's more complete in the current code). AYAG therefore is probably some superset of unknown requirements.

I have only completed 2 ladders, but not 3. I wish there was more to even the WCWS multiball other than just shooting shots for points.


#421 3 years ago
Quoted from kpg:

GB is definitely fun, but you have to admit, WCWS is one of the worst wizard modes in history. It's literally a multiball with no objectives, strategy, unique dots, anything.

I wonder if in a tournament a good player might be able to trap a ball on the left flipper and just keep raping the left ramp with the right flipper? Start WCWS on the easiest ladder which is the left scoop. Each consecutive shot increases the value of the points awarded and I don't know where it stops. It sounds cheesy as heck to play that way.

While WCWS is very basic, it's still complete in a sense (same as SFMB). Will it ever be more than it is? I have no idea... There's quite a few things in the game I wish were expanded upon and given more rules.


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