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Ghostbusters code/bugs/ideas...

By RipleYYY

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

until i missed it, still no topic for the Ghostbusters, his code, the bug(s), the idea(s) to let STERN know...

ok, as i get my pin few houres ago, already noticed this :

was on ball 3 (last ball)
at the end of the ball, bonus held, than i get the bonus 1X time, than game (thinking it was last ball) gave me directly the same bonus for the 2nd time... but in fact 1 EB was still to play after that, and i also get the bonus held for that EB

edit : happend again...

(code 1.04 pro version)

#2 3 years ago

(code 1.04 pro version)
in attract mode, when lights are all fully fading on/off, the upper yellow of the 3 bank targets on the left is always ON

Added over 4 years ago: edit

now get 2 of these lamps always ON...
dont know how spike is scripted (light sequencer !? variable not reseted !? ... !?)

well, not a great prob in fact

#4 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I would like to see:
The code is really solid though. I hope these comments don't take away from how good of a job Dwight did on getting solid release code out the door. The game feels very complete as it sits.

of course ! the aim is just to help Dwight to know (not to complain)...
we, all the players, are a fantastic reserve of beta-testers
than, as the title says, this topic ONLY for bug report & new ideas

btw, to make things easier, may be we all should add in our remarks what code we are talking about (lets admit it will always be the last) and for what version of the game

#10 3 years ago

about mass hysteria MB and the flipper inversions, question :

we've got it 5 times here
on 3 times flippers remain inversed during all the multiball, but on 2 times flippers gone inverted, than back in logical order for X seconds, than inverted again until the end of the MB... is this normal !?

#21 3 years ago

tanx for the reply about flipper inversion...
my personal taste would be to not have continous changes during that MB, as flipper inversion is nice, and should stay as it until the end of the MB (why not a option in the set-up to let people choice as they want ?)

also got auto-launch ball for player 2...

also got switches not working well on ramp (hardware prob)

1 week later
#29 3 years ago

let's continue on 1.04 than

a small thing (not a bug) : when a mode is running, and collecting an arrow shot, the P-K-E letters are blinking for a short time...
sometimes its a prob when going thrue the left or right lane to the P-K-E upper lanes as you dont know which letter is ON or OFF

#34 3 years ago

now available for the PRO, and for those who doubt about the fact that they're reading this post, now you have your answer

#35 3 years ago

ok, next one (already in the 1.04) :

when making left ramp to build big score on the "gear value build", and finally missing the shot on the 3 targets, the jackpot (lets call it as it) remain/restart at the same amount of points when going back to the ramp, instead of being reseted on the minimum lower level
btw, when losing the ball, same thing at next ball, no reset of that jackpot...

now with 1.05, exactly same thing with the right lane and the right scoop for the "slime river"

but may be Dwight wanted that feature as it !?

#36 3 years ago

did someone understand the actual utility of the 2 red lights in the outlanes ? is this was initialy there for the "stream toy" just near them ?
for now, seems its just blinking/lightning in some cases, just as lightshow and nothing more


than IF these didnt serve, here's an idea :

using the 2 in-inlanes (right & left) to get a ball saver in 1 outlane (this saver changing side with slingshots and/or bumpers), and of course the static red light showing on which side is the ball saver

difficulty for enabling the ball saver (on a same ball) can be evolutive, first time you'll need in-inlanes 1left+1right, than 2left+2right and so on...

#38 3 years ago

my son just build the super jackpot at 59M, he DIDNT get it at all, and at the end of the game he had to enter his initials as super jackpot champion...

#39 3 years ago

another small bug (still from my son, he's not only good at playing ! lol), confirmed few minutes ago by myself :

the "100 mass hysteria mutliball" insert did not serve while in game !
as when you're at 99 ghosts and get the next 1 to 100, all the bonus-inserts from "20" to "80" will turn OFF, and the "100" didnt turn ON...

#42 3 years ago

something "similar" while ball jumping off the subway scoop (was to get the lock 2), i re-shoot the ramp while lock was still available, and than collect the 2 last lock sequences following in just 1 pass !? it happend 1 time, and to be honest didnt really know what was wrong, all is going too fast... may be its only just then animation sequences being late

#43 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

another small bug (still from my son, he's not only good at playing ! lol), confirmed few minutes ago by myself :
the "100 mass hysteria mutliball" insert did not serve while in game !
as when you're at 99 ghosts and get the next 1 to 100, all the bonus-inserts from "20" to "80" will turn OFF, and the "100" didnt turn ON...

well, suppose this will be corrected by something like this :

"if ghost-variable = 100 then insert 100 is ON" to than have all inserts ON, and of course variable not reseted now
"if ghost-variable = 120 then ghost variable=20" to have all inserts OFF except the 20 which will be ON, and than loop is complete

in this case, a small idea (for those not always watching the DMD while playing, or for less good players dont catching the ball & checking the infos) to prevent player the next ghost-step is coming :

when 1 shot remaining to the next level, the insert could be blinking before becoming ON, as :

19 ghosts (and also 119) : insert 20 blinking
39 ghosts : insert 40 blinking
99 ghosts : insert 100 blinking

#45 3 years ago

yep, why not, surelly some others way of doing this can be found...

#46 3 years ago

bug : starting SPOOK CENTRAL, not getting the initial ramp, until i get it while the timer was ending/just ended, and software give me the full complete mode for that single shoot

#47 3 years ago

Dwight, please please please (JB version lol)

i really like the reverse flippers with MASS HYSTERIA MB
but still reversing while in the mode (ghost captive ball) is frustrating just because its (quite) impossible to follow the gameplay and that means lots of "stupid" drains...

can you put this feature as an option in the menu :


1. yes, while going ON & OFF during the MB (factory setting)
2. yes, stay reverse for all the MB
3. no

as it, evbd should be happy
tanx in advance

#49 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I think mass hysteria mb is great the way it is. I purposely hit the captive ball as soon as possible to revert the flippers and then aim away from it. Lots less drains that way than if the flippers remain reversed.

Also I don't see a bug on the 100 insert. It seems to be working as intended. Once you have 100 ghosts then the inserts reset and mass hysteria starts. Perhaps if there's an adjustment to start mass hysteria at say 120 ghosts it would be more useful.

case 1 : that's why would be nice if we can choose how we want it to me, impossible to follow whats happening with the capture ball...
of course, if Dwight want to keep it as it, may be another small suggestion than : a short & unique sound/sample, played in priority, to tell us we just hit the captive ball

case 2 : not a bug, but for now the 100 insert will never lights ON (while counting ghosts), a bit stupid as all is there & ready to have it lightning !?

#50 3 years ago

bug (my son again) : when collecting PKE on the right ramp, it gives 1 jackpot with the (1 of the) 3 switches above the city, than ball is falling back and it gives another jackpot (little higher as it just growes) with the single switch behind the storage facility

1 week later
#51 3 years ago

question :

about the TS Guide and the mystery award, 1st was thinking it gives you 1 (and only 1) of all the listed awards, by quickly choosing & than simply pressing the 2 flippers buttons, or just waiting for the last of that list if you wanna that one...

but in fact seems that ALL the listed awards are given, is this working as it was intended to, or its a bug !?

#54 3 years ago
Quoted from markmon:

I think you should probably assume all the behaviors you see are as intended and not bugs then learn how to play the game using that as the rule set rather than expecting the rule set to be something it's not. I also don't think the ramp issue you reported on last post was a bug. There's a lot of interesting stuff in the code for the three ramp switches.

ok about the 2 issues, and yes, dont know what they had in mind
and you're right with these right ramp 3 switches

almost its noticed here, than...

#55 3 years ago

question : again, dont know if its a bug or coded as it :

yesterday, while going for the WCWS, i didnt shot the ramp when ready, and decide to go before for left captive ball, as wanted the PF multiplier to maximize the mini wizard mode

the left captive ball was ready (lights on) with : LIGHT SJ, LIGHT PF M (and i think also ADD A B)
i shoot it, lights inserts than goes blinking, but while i keep shooting this (for almost 2 or 3 complete "round"), nothing happend on the game and nothing changes on these inserts...


is this because WCWS was ready to start on the left ramp, and 1st award of the captive shoud have been the super jackpot, on that same ramp ?

#57 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

is this because WCWS was ready to start on the left ramp, and 1st award of the captive shoud have been the super jackpot, on that same ramp ?

about that, its not the clue as it works few minutes ago (only get LIGHT SJ ready), enable it, and than collect it while getting ramp for the WCWS... need more investigation to understand (my son is saying that the prob is sometimes due to switche(s) default in the captive zone !?)

#58 3 years ago

bug ?

when playing the left ladder, and getting the last shot of BACK OFF MAN (than in the left scoop), the left ramp become active and waiting a shot for the WCWS 2 balls MB... lets admit thats how its suppose to work


3 or 4 times already, i've noticed when putting ball in the scoop, game directly add a ball (why ???), as WCWS is NOT started... and if i get the ramp, WCWS will start, with another ball logically added in the game

than why ???
not sure, but may be this could be linked to the fact that i got the "add a ball" feature ready (and missed) in that left scoop in the previous MB i got in the game ?

#59 3 years ago

question :

when left lader (scoop) is already finished, and while the 2 others are active and waiting for a shot to star a mode, if you get that left lader, of course logicaly none of the mode will begin, but than the 2 others laders waiting modes will shut off, and than you have to redo again GHOST and SLIMER to relight them...

not sure, but may be this is happening when the tobbin's guide is active

1 week later
#60 3 years ago

suggestion :

in the LIBRARIAN mode, i like the idea of the spinner left lane going "red" for a short time, to make the super jackpot growing
because it makes you to quick think of what you wanna do/aim

than, why only in that single mode ? this would be fine on more/every modes (when not using that shot to complete the mode of course)

3 weeks later
#61 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

question :
when left lader (scoop) is already finished, and while the 2 others are active and waiting for a shot to star a mode, if you get that left lader, of course logicaly none of the mode will begin, but than the 2 others laders waiting modes will shut off, and than you have to redo again GHOST and SLIMER to relight them...
not sure, but may be this is happening when the tobbin's guide is active

not only the tobin's guide, also happend if extra ball is ready and you collect it... ready to start mode will shut off on the 2 others ladders

1 week later
#63 3 years ago

(report copy/paste from french forum)

j'ai le LE il y a quelques truc à changé, en premier quand le flip est allumé et que l'on n'y joue pas un certain temps et que l'on veux refaire une partie après, l'écran avec les hologrames ne fonctionne plus ( pour qu'ils refonctionne je doit éteindre et ré allumé le flip ) , les batteurs pourrais perdre une peut de puissance entre 10 et 15 % , les deux inserts rouge dans les outlanes je ne sais pas à quoi ils servent, quand ils sont allumé on pourrait recevoir une extra ball

1 week later
#70 3 years ago
Quoted from JDD:

I noticed this issue several times.
- raise playfield to support position.
- inspect the bottom of the playfield
- lower playfield to standard position.
* note all 3 balls in captive ball feature are held up by the post
- start a new game
> ball #1 is popped into plunger lane for player
> captive ball post drops, all 3 balls roll back to starting position and they trigger the switches when rolling down.
And the shaker motor does a moderate shake
These switch hits are considered playfield validation (hope I'm using that term correctly)
and the ball in the plunger lane is auto launched.
The player does not get a chance to pick his favorite skill shot.
Player presses start button, the game immediately shakes and ball #1 is auto launched through the orbit and down to the left flipper.
Wow - what happened?

yep, happend here too, suppose we all do get this

about the balls in the left captive lane, sometimes seems switches (or code) are losing their minds, as you did shoot all 3 balls, and nothing happend except releasing them, shooting these 3 again, and so on...

#74 3 years ago


the more you do the EB that way, the harder it became...
same as most of the last pins, as for example STAR TREK and the warp ramp...

#76 3 years ago

WCWS we came we saw, the "mini" wizard mode when compleeting 1 of the 3 ladders

1st time is/seems 2 balls MB
2nd time is/seems 3 balls MB
3rd time means you have completed all 3 ladders, than its the big wizard mode WE'RE READY TO BELIEVE YOU, which is not still in the actual code

#80 3 years ago

as said above...
but i may be wrong between ARE YOU A GOD & WE'RE READY TO BELIEVE YOU

Erno R. the german wizard, talked about that few ago, not sure if it was here or on FM forum...
but i know he's a member here, than if you read me Erno, give us some more details

#89 3 years ago
Quoted from JDD:

True, however I have found this behavior
- fail to finish a mode who brought the dog WBTD
- get the start mode option lit again for all 3 ladders (via slimmer)
- try to start WBTD and it won't start.
- forced to start a mode in a different ladder.
bug or feature??

did you just go thrue the right lane, and than falling in the PKE... ? this didnt restart the mode
or thrue the right lane AND the complete loop to the opto on the left lane ? this restart the mode

#91 3 years ago

for what i know of the game, yep you should have a prob, mode has to start with the full loop
btw dont think its a bug linked to software, until some others expose same case, as here my son & i we never seen that prob

may be a switch not registering when a too fast ball ?

#97 3 years ago

+1... was thinking that yesterday and you wrote it ! lol

even if you can build/collect big points with the left orbit, much easier than the right orbit noticed above

#103 3 years ago

nice touch, and yes may be its going that way
will be more focused on it from now on

#109 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Probably a bug: Shooting the left ramp (for example) as the last shot of a scene automatically starts the next scene on that ladder.

well, i see more this as something wanted by Dwight
to makes you to play more tactical and yes, shooting the mode to have the last shoot being in 1 of the 3 ladders and than have the next mode directly begin...

#125 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I'm pretty sure this was mentioned: The Mass Hysteria insert doesn't work. You hit 100 ghosts and it doesn't light up. The other inserts turn off as well.

it was, page 1

#127 3 years ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

...as its completely random and not skill based at all its just annoying...

well, of course you're right, but lets admit its just to match the humor of the movie, as this scene is nice for sure
and than, to avoid people skiping it, may be its a good idea to leave the points factor always to "double or nothing", as after 64M its adding 25M on each turns

(this not for tournament setting of course)

#160 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

...I think the # of balls in WCWS is based on the # of modes in the ladder...

since, and as said i've checked it, seems this is correct, than 2, 3 or 4 balls MB depending which ladder you've completed

#166 3 years ago

about the "book stacking" 4 mini modes, i only realize today that i've never seen the LIBRARIAN (the round insert of course) !?

i've just spend more than few games to aim only for that right captive ball, and than only get the 3 others mini modes : the brothers, the terror dog & gozer


#173 3 years ago

right ramp OR stand up target (and finally its a pity, as only the target should give it, even if its really hard to get)

SL : think its when you're shooting right ramp & collect almost 3 switches on it (and than yes, lets admit its another bug)

#180 3 years ago

not a prob for me, even if yes, of course this add some difficulties, suppose Dwight want it as it

than, better to remove this, is having an option in the set-up with our personal choice

#188 3 years ago

come on Dwight

we have already more than enough here to makes the code a big step forward
tanx in advance for all GB lovers

#201 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

... I hit the edge of the right target and the ball ricocheted into the left target for a quick 1 - 2 target completion...

already get something similar, but was not a direct "wanted" hit (lets be honest lol) : get a shoot & rebound on the left, ball goes to cross the PF, hiting left, than right target !

#222 3 years ago

about switches, should be "materials" probs
this often happend on my 1st GB (with GHOST target), and now on my 2nd GB its registering every time...

1 week later
#242 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Bug: Spook Central timer starts at 15 seconds if you fail to hit the left ramp. 15 seconds is nowhere near enough time to save the 4 ghostbusters and you will need to restart the mission again.

Wrong !
The hurry up ramp shoot is there for extra points and some animations only

If you missed it in the 15 sec, the 4 shoots are available just after

3 weeks later
#294 3 years ago

OK, its quite good already, but its far from being complete & bug free...

#295 3 years ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Feature Requests:
Add a setting to dim and/or turn off the backbox light when you start a game to eliminate glare from standard glass.

its already in there
until you mean to have it OFF while playing, and ON while in attract mode, thats another story

1 week later
#314 3 years ago

dont know about flashers, i have to be more attentive

yep about upper lanes, already said

weak or not, hard to say, depends a lot on this game
see, i read some still didnt see the marshmallow, and (again) i've just reached it at ball 1... but only completed at ball 3

#318 3 years ago

well, 1.10 is now available, and i'm happy & updating of course
but for what i read in the txt file, compare to all "probs" that have been noticed here, suddenly, i'm feeling disapointed... :/

btw, as i didnt see the final "wizard mode" but just a small tweak to continue playing in case you'll reach it ("When you complete all nine modes the modes will all unlight now so you can play them all again"), i still believe more update(s) will come later

#319 3 years ago

ok lets start 1.10 report :

they changed inserts color in some mode, the BALLROOM says shoot for purple, and they're blue

#320 3 years ago

in the new "way playing mode" (TIME OUT MODE), when at last mode of the ladder, just control and wait for the timer to reach 0
ok, it will stop after 3 sec of switch inactivity, than hit an easy shot (or a colored shoot ? need to test more), control again, and you're ok for 3 sec more... easy way to go to the mini wizard mode with quite no risk

no need to say that i DONT like this
tanx i have choice to not play as it

#321 3 years ago

for the programmers who will understand, still a "pile" (what next process to do after) prob as :

light the TERROR DOG
quickly hit it & get the points+animation
and than after that, get the animation of the terror dog being available...

#328 3 years ago

lots of nice ideas in this topic... but they ever cant correct the old & some very simple bugs (as the 100 ghosts insert never being lit in game), than better for us to stop thinking
seems i'm losing faith on GB (and KISS, and GOT, and WWE, and ST, and... )

#337 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

My thoughts on the current code in point form:
- Have the new video mode award from tobin randomly. Keep ESP hole as ESP only as the insert indicates.
- More purpose for the ghost target, especially during a scene where it doesn't really do anything.
- Slightly better scoring opportunity for the first level scenes
- Bonus in ESP video mode to award features like increasing spinner value, jackpot value etc at certain levels
- Extra ball animation is shortened during multiball
- A 'find slimer' mode or 2 ball multiball where all inserts go green and you need to find where he is for a bonus score.
- A rare 'collect bonus' award from tobin.
- Add a librarian hurry up...

nice recall, but just dont forget lots of others things, all is above in this topic

#338 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

My tour was with Dwight,
I asked him about pinside, and GB bugs, code
110% he reads posts, hears the issues, and intends to do all he can.
It's only time, as to when.
What a great person.....and what I can share is keep sharing new ideas and any issues...he appreciates it!

well than, again Dwight, i will be more than happy to be a beta tester for you
my son and i, we are quite usual with programing & software (even hardware but not needed here), we have a logical spirit, and last but not least we are "quite good" pinballs players... for sure we can help, at no cost !

dont hesitate to PM me here on pinside

#353 3 years ago

was thinking of this tonight (...) :

- librarian still not programed : may be i could understand its hard to go for another mini-mode in the left scoop, as there's already lots of things there, as not only it must be harder to code (lots of "if...than"), but for sure we could get a very long "stop & go" in that saucer if all is lit : mode+eb+tobin+librarian

- as reported by some, the 2 videos mode in the right scoop are a bit strange, as ESP is on the insert (not "dont cross the streams"), and only ESP shoul be there

idea :

as the "dont cross the streams" is another fun/nice video mode (must keep it), this could be used with the librarian insert : "dont cross the streams at the librarian"

and to avoid a possible long "stop & start" as said above, this could be only available at start of the game, ball 1, and as a skillshot at left scoop, in replacement of getting the start scene (or tobin's sometimes !? not sure now with new mode working)

of course, to make people wanna aim for it, may be it should gave more points...

#356 3 years ago


than here're 2 possibilities above, the one from Taylor cool too (in fact better than mine, but than we'll still get the damned librarian insert for nothing)

about the MB at left ladder, no, its simply the WCWS MB

#361 3 years ago

yes about MB on ladders : 2 on left, than 3 central, and 4 on the right

but again, dont forget another already bug i've noticed (in the last code) : if you have lighted & missed a "add-a-ball" from the STORAGE FACILITY MB, you will get 1 ball more in WCWS :/

#362 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I thought about setting mode timeout completion to no, but maybe leaving the mode continue on for next ball

it is

#364 3 years ago

about the P K E skillshot, and what have been said, here's another cool suggestion, as not evbd is aiming for upper lanes (even if in some cases it could be more than a good idea) :

make it simple, rewards are all about + X multiplier, 1 3 or 5

pke (resized).JPG

#370 3 years ago

OK about PKE skillshot, lets admit the "prob" is actually the SJ being too low...

now, my idea still can work, as alternatively on each ball, the PKE could give (as said above) :

+3X / +1X / +5X

and next ball we will have the PF multipliers available :

X3 lit / X2 lit / X3+X2 lit

and so on... it could be very nice from a tactic point of view, depending on how the game is going

#371 3 years ago

just get another "new" bug (for me)

completed all the scenes at central ladder, than the light didnt worked as usual (arrow lighting) to invite me to shoot the ramp, all was blinking at the same time

i shoot the ramp, ball finish in the right scoop, sound sample said "we came we saw... "

than a small break as software was lost !? than a second time the sound sample WCWS, and only after the MB began

#372 3 years ago

the more i'm playing the more i'm noticing NEW bugs/probs since last update
i'm tired to post here and feeling nothing is really moving
this is just BS, time has come to really think saying goodbye to my GB
what a mess

#374 3 years ago

yeah may be...
but too late for me, my pin is already available on the usual west europe sites i'm member


#380 3 years ago

are you trying to convince yourself !?

#386 3 years ago

Rob : was just for fun of course

Embryon/Phbooms : i have missed something
i was thinking ARE YOU A GOD was the same as WE ARE READY TO BELIEVE YOU (which i have reached with the new code & his "facilities")...

my fault on that !
if no final wizard mode done, also means that a future code has to come

my "hope level" is not more at 0... (as my pin still home, got more than few proposals, but for now only 3 i'm/was interested in)

1 week later
#395 3 years ago

- gear award & river of slime "hurry up" didnt reset to initial small points when you've missed the collect shoot (this is very important from a "player" point of view)
- when in multiball, and collecting EB on the left scoop, the EB lightshow must be set to OFF, as we just cant see anything for a too much long time ! the STROBE mb on AFM is just a joke compare to the GB (lol but not lol)
- Tobin mystery award (i'm still asking myself how Dwight wanted this to work) : i dont understand why you collect all the awards listed on the screen, seems logical that you can only choose 1 (by flipping the 2 flippers, or the last one by doing nothing) !!!???
- the "librarian" mini mode...
- flippers in MASS HYSTERIA MB, while having the 3 choices in the set-up
*no flipper inversion
*full time flipper inversion
*on & off inversion (factory setting)

1 month later
#419 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I have only completed 2 ladders, but not 3. I wish there was more to even the WCWS multiball other than just shooting shots for points.

WARTBY : yes its a bit different, as you have to makes shoots including to lock 2 balls in scoops

AYAG : still ???

#422 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I wonder if in a tournament a good player might be able to trap a ball on the left flipper and just keep raping the left ramp with the right flipper? Start WCWS on the easiest ladder which is the left scoop. Each consecutive shot increases the value of the points awarded and I don't know where it stops. It sounds cheesy as heck to play that way.
While WCWS is very basic, it's still complete in a sense (same as SFMB). Will it ever be more than it is? I have no idea... There's quite a few things in the game I wish were expanded upon and given more rules.

already tried that more than few times, it never last long...
but do i'm a quite good player enough !? seems not lol

but of course you're right, the WCWS need some (minor) adjustements, for example after X shots in a same lane, that lane became OFF, and when all lanes are made that way, it goes all ON again

#428 2 years ago

already reported and explained why (to my own experience) :

than again, this seems to happend when you have missed an "add-a-ball" activated in a precedent multiball...

4 months later
#431 2 years ago


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