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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (3 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (3 years ago)

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#5886 1 year ago

I don't know if any of you all would care for these. I made this one just for fun, but at least in the spirit of slime for GB.

I didn't add a markup to any of these, I can't promise the solid green version will match the other greens on the machine. It's a generic green I can't change that.

If you order the clear resin just mix clear green paint into clear yellow until you get slime green. I normally use Tamiya from hobby stores.

goo1 (resized).jpg53700348_346812939269255_881357787701968896_n (resized).jpg55462306_460770304468834_6993445344851787776_n (resized).jpg55680188_443193569755582_7729392058355417088_n (resized).jpg
#5889 1 year ago
Quoted from Arcade:

I was just thinking those look delicious

LOL do I need to put a choking hazard sticker on these? I am designing a second one that doesn't look cakish.

2 weeks later
#6015 1 year ago

I'm working on deal and hopefully if it works out I'll have a GB premium. It needs to be shopped but hopefully it's a set deal. I've played GB several times and love it other than how the ball drains by default (it seems). But playing a game and owning a game are two different worlds to me. The first thing I want to do is put the carrot flippers on it, air ball protector. What other stuff are essential before starting some games?

#6017 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I don't think carrot flippers are necessary. The lane protectors that keep the ball from jumping over into the out lane are a bit more of a necessity.

Do you have a link to the protectors? I have a cart saved on pinball life, do they have them there? Or Marcos?

2 weeks later
#6034 1 year ago

Well folks I traded for GB premium. It was routed and was ROUGH with 20,000 plays on it. But Craig Hassell shopped it for me, cleaned it, put on all the Titan rubbers I ordered and I will hopefully have it Sunday. I bought the Carrot flippers and a few mods so we'll see how much I love owning it. And I bought all the protectors and such.

IMG_8895 (resized).jpg
#6040 1 year ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

I hope this is an in-process pic cause you’re missing some parts, lol.

All the parts are there it's just apart for cleaning. The cleaning pics are gross.

Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

Congrats! Curious to know if that Premium had any ghosting and after 20,000 plays did it get worse or is everything fine? My premium had ghosting on the inserts and so Stern replaced my playfield. Yet again, this playfield is now ghosting.... Right now I am over it and don't care to go thru the whole process again but if you have one that had issues and everything is good after 20,000 plays, I will feel better about it.

Craig said there aren't any problems other than damage near the kickout hole and shooter lane. Not much to complain about other than standard dimpling.

Normally I wouldn't have been able to afford one of these and if I had $6500 I would have rather had a fun car or something. If it turns out I don't like this one too much I knew I could possibly trade for ACDC, but I am hoping I love this game.

I have played it several times, but I never liked the gap near the flippers.

#6066 1 year ago

So the game has been cleaned, all new titans, Craig from Fun cleaned up the inserts and everything. If all goes well I'll have her here tomorrow night.

58749292_369284233796135_6566435208042643456_n (resized).jpg58895139_284145719194998_1227782269180051456_n (resized).jpg59301346_2174042956240119_3289116466724470784_n (resized).jpg
#6068 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

I'm not big on mods, but I love that subway car over the left ramp run out!

I think it should have been there to begin with. I wonder how you could paint one cartoony to match.

#6076 1 year ago
Quoted from seenev:

Is there any way to even out the playfield dimpling? I'm guessing it doesn't look so bad from the player's pov but still...

It does look pretty rough. Although I hope it doesn't cause a problem but I think Ghostbusters is the most common one that has dimpling. This game has a LOT of plays, way more than days I've been alive at 38.

But normally I wouldn't have been able to afford this game, it's WAAAAAAAAAY out of my price range. One friend said I should be ashamed for what I got this for. But hopefully I enjoy it. I've always enjoyed it on location but have never been able to play it in a domestic setting.

#6078 1 year ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Dimpling just means don’t be afraid to play it more!

It's only a year or so old, albeit routed, but its still better than "players condition" although nowhere near HUO and most HUO still have the dimpling.

#6083 1 year ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Pretty much all games have dimples, hell mine is a HUO under a year old and it's covered with em. Screw it. Press the start button and add a few more!

I am pretty certain the only way to get rid of the problem is to cake the whole playfield in clear coat, then sand that down flat and polish. Probably something NOBODY has done with their playfield.

And I plan on playing the hell out of it.

#6085 1 year ago

So got a few games in and it's HARD! The dimpling is there, it was a routed game but from the players angle you don't really see it too bad. Unfortunately for my Guardians not too many toys were made that match what's inside. Either Disney Infinity cartoony or expensive polystone statues.

Fortunately for Ghostbusters, they've been making toys and collectibles for so long especially the Mattel line. So I thought the librarian would look good by the Library. We did a mini tournament and Craig destroyed us all.

59163276_431352220961296_5531056779254824960_n (resized).jpg59267311_436526457130483_3578881997331759104_n (resized).jpg59422196_622931288183073_376802733623083008_n (resized).jpg
#6087 1 year ago
Quoted from seenev:

I bought that same librarian toy to put there. I just haven't gotten around to installing it yet.

I haven't played it since I put it in, I'm hoping it doesn't get in the way of Slimer.

#6123 1 year ago

I'm still new to this game, but why have there not been any updates for it? I know someone involved was busted for kiddie stuff, which I guess put somewhat of a stigma on this game, please don't be mad that I don't know the full story.

But I also haven't run into the bugs people are talking about.

1 month later
#6399 1 year ago

Working on a custom topper. What do y'all think?

64702604_2500423823335468_1259490148710612992_n (resized).jpg64771881_2500413506669833_4158318320157720576_o (resized).jpg65274085_2500423806668803_1118789193347104768_n (resized).jpg
#6403 1 year ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Wow, what is it made of?

The ghost is 3d printed. I printed him pretty big, it's about 11" wide. The no sign is lasered pieces of wood I glued together.

Quoted from vireland:

Does it light up?

It will, I'm gonna cut the letters out of acrylic then light that up. I am having a guy 3d print a 15" tall proton pack, we'll see how that goes though.

#6406 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

It's a beauty!
I've just stumbled on that 3D file online, it's fantastic and will use it for sure (in a small way). Where are you 3D printing these and how cost effective is it to do so at that size?

It's not bad, my friend printed it for me, and I just paypaled him $60 for the time to print it. It probably cost $10 to print but on a larger print you have to babysit it. I laser cut 4x .25" wood and clamped them together, the wood sheet was $8? at Home Depot. So all in all It cost about $75 to print. So not bad. The main cost was just to have my friend monitor the print, which is just a pain.

I am selling my Guardians of the Galaxy so I can get the same printer, it prints ABS and has a print field of 9"x9"x20" so I can print big. After that I'm gonna have some fun.

I normally hate filament printers because people never clean them up, never sand or paint them properly. This printer is such high resolution printer for ABS that all you need to do is use filler primer.

Lasering the no sign took about 5 minutes as opposed to having it 3d printer and probably taking 24 hours because its so big.

#6408 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

What is the printer model number?


I have seen a LOT of printers out there. PLA printers can range from $200-$1200 or more, but the results are usually the same. The resolution on these printers is AMAZING and it's ABS so it's a little stronger.

The basic one is 9x9x9 which is big enough for most people. My friend and I are gonna print full suits and other crazy stuff so we're getting the 9x9x20.

Here is one of my designs we're gonna go full size on, I'm making a female Rocketeer type of character.

37148430_2040541885990333_6547402786319892480_o (resized).jpg39186489_2040541875990334_3324698625799356416_o (resized).jpg39227306_2040541765990345_7026897470730797056_o (resized).jpg39293404_2040541842657004_1609378431118606336_o (resized).jpg38708081_2028134770564378_5791366852915494912_o (resized).jpg38709923_2028134800564375_4372329578375413760_o (resized).jpg38788484_2028134820564373_8594396663588585472_o (resized).jpg39169731_2038531932857995_5366733890310373376_o (resized).jpg39177597_2038531946191327_4527101546680287232_o (resized).jpg
#6415 1 year ago
Quoted from Lonzo:

If you want a great printer for a reasonable cost then a CR10S is a great option. I have an original CR10 and it has been a great printer. I still haven't felt the need to spend the money for a higher end printer.

My only problem with most standard printers is cleanup is such pain in the ass. Plus sanding that stuff makes it stink SOOO bad. Just find a printer that leaves as clean of an edge or rounded areas as possible.

And I'm sorry if this conversation is going off the rails but until people get the code they want I figure there can be a little filler. Once (or if) the code drops these will get drowned out pretty quick anyway.

1 week later
#6458 1 year ago
Quoted from freddy:

Hers a few mods I added.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Dude is that a pro? That looks AMAZING! Where did you get the tmolding?

#6459 1 year ago

Had some bad paint reactions so had to sand this down and do several touchups. Bleh, it's not a customers though it's mine, I can deal with imperfections.

My friend said he'd print a few more of these, what would these be worth to people if we did a run of 3-5. Unpainted kit or finished. I'm adding several things to this

66284323_2525206467523870_8002665837964034048_o (resized).jpg
3 weeks later
#6569 1 year ago

Hey folks I designed these to go over the flasher domes because nobody really makes anything to go on top of them. I made one that was supposed to be blood, goo, whatever, and a couple of people said it looked like cake, so I redesigned it to look like dripping blood, goo, slime. I ordered it in green and pink so for GB either would look cool. I'll post pictures when I get it and once I know it fits I'll post a link to the shapeways page.

Any more critique is appreciated. Once again these are resin printed, and are about $15 (which is a GREAT price vs other sites PLA printed mods)

710x528_28425625_15317770_1564527223 (resized).jpg710x528_28425626_15317770_1564527219 (resized).jpg710x528_28425629_15317770_1564527222 (resized).jpg
#6619 1 year ago

Someone asked me to make some slime for the top of slimer's assembly. I just had the latest file crash but this was just an initial design. Even after I design it I have to print it first before I list it.

Anyway what do you think of the first draft?

slime1 (resized).jpgslime2 (resized).jpg
#6631 1 year ago

Just finished the prototype for Slimers bash assembly. If this fits I'll post the shapeways link soon.

IMG_20190804_152154847 (resized).jpgIMG_20190804_152201549 (resized).jpgIMG_20190804_152207608 (resized).jpgIMG_20190804_152146220 (resized).jpgIMG_20190804_152141059 (resized).jpgIMG_20190804_152133935 (resized).jpg
#6633 1 year ago

It fits except the front screwhole. And I can't tell which way it should go so I think I just need to make them wider for whatever tolerances you guys have. Also since it's on the bottom and you won't see it I don't see an issue taking a drill bit to it until it fits. My fix should take care of it though.

My suggestion is to order the green, then airbrush slime green for the highlights then hit it with some gloss clear. We'll see how it turns out.

67622460_472440419982292_1319731720781561856_n (resized).jpg67647696_2628069023893338_7402522678940139520_n (resized).jpg67686702_663902674126003_8500424308160462848_n (1) (resized).jpg67686702_663902674126003_8500424308160462848_n (resized).jpg67768748_2317481491654014_3336154068081967104_n (resized).jpg67821968_462606601200145_8281980428944932864_n (resized).jpg68372452_865419220507024_2282006924268404736_n (resized).jpg68531479_1383549088463337_6034511870734368768_n (resized).jpg
#6667 1 year ago

I'll have all the prototypes by Saturday but I redesigned the slimer slime assembly, so you'll have 2 options. I also tapered the flasher dome covers so they fit perfectly snug.

If you don't mind spending the extra money you can order all of these in clear and paint them with Tamiya clear in order to get a translucent look. Once I know they fit perfectly I'll post the links.

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpg3 (resized).jpg710x528_28484188_15344461_1564973713 (resized).jpg710x528_28484191_15344461_1564973701 (resized).jpg710x528_28484194_15344461_1564973689 (resized).jpg710x528_28523454_15361097_1565229227 (resized).jpg
#6695 1 year ago

Here is the green and pink slime flasher cover. This is the non tapered design. Just apply with double sided tape.

67655951_2401279303490715_1667084344692310016_n (resized).jpg67735728_1340588589424320_9142174473238085632_n (resized).jpg67753128_500905950668566_4070346858675830784_n (resized).jpg67775070_503472217111841_7594431666085429248_n (resized).jpg67906125_405810226948932_1199524962080129024_n (resized).jpg
#6703 1 year ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Are they too tall or did you not want them to be flush with the top of the flasher dome? Or maybe cover the top with slime and light up from the inside when the flasher goes off even...

The tapered one should fit perfectly snug. those should be in today or monday.

Quoted from freddy:

they would look good if translucent green or pink. just my 2 cents.

You can order these as clear, then paint them with Tamiya clear. It looks pretty good.

#6704 1 year ago

Ok folks, the slimer bash assembly came in green and the new holes fit like a charm. It just pops on, you can use double sided tape if you wish. I did a V2 where the drips don't go down as far, and might do a 3rd. But anyway order this in green or pink, whichever you want.

67764345_493323084776696_2496947312761241600_n (resized).jpg67776844_2474466115908709_2733381517194559488_n (resized).jpg67785765_220557642181090_4976435484679995392_n (resized).jpg67793102_928987117447032_1429752393309880320_n (resized).jpg67871115_2114693822158376_2089706730026958848_n (resized).jpg68360822_431834370876240_680988698531069952_n (resized).jpg68697912_716705598773104_4185599424140935168_n (resized).jpg
#6705 1 year ago

Here is the link for V1.

You can spend more money and order this in clear, I would order the smoothest it's not perfectly clear, you can paint over this with Tamiya clear paints, just mix a good slime green.

Or order it in pink or green.

#6706 1 year ago

Here is the tapered flasher dome covers. I think these came out great and there is still a little clearance on the top. I will design a different one for the ghost trap one.

These are cheap. I am putting ZERO markup on these. They are printed in resin which is much stronger than most pinball mods. I make ZERO money from this.

67697816_2364288957171413_4937338118211633152_n (resized).jpg67738424_571631006921218_7467873707315167232_n (resized).jpg67755179_512797486204088_9110689828927700992_n (1) (resized).jpg67755179_512797486204088_9110689828927700992_n (resized).jpg67942587_892955034432257_8397604951462772736_n (resized).jpg68334674_1172135742972504_107662039698112512_n (resized).jpg68481352_652995345187470_1385058336562479104_n (resized).jpg68554859_2179226062204796_3822761377248837632_n (resized).jpg68661078_2171231719835341_5055202517713944576_n (1) (resized).jpg68661078_2171231719835341_5055202517713944576_n (resized).jpg
#6712 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Any idea how this green matches the color of the slime modes from Back Ally Creations. Considering an order, but I wouldn't want it to clash.

I'm not sure, I took those pictures with the flash on but you can see it's a brighter green than the slimer itself. It's not slime green but it doesn't clash in the machine.

Even though I'm fairly up on technology I have a crappy Samsung Go Phone, I find it appalling to spend more than $200 on a phone for some reason so these aren't good pictures.

I am planning on adding slime green highlights and coating it in clear to give it more of a shine. Keep in mind you can order this in white, primer it and then color match with paints as well. I would suggest clear coating it to make it slime shiny.

2 weeks later
#6756 1 year ago
Quoted from Jimmyapple:

I sent a fully populated LE for swap. They were great and was to me in less than a week.

They still have playfields to send out? Is dimpling the only issue?

#6838 1 year ago

So my flasher dome cover didn't work on the storage facility and I followed the suggestion of just slime on top of it which will also fit nicely on the other flasher domes. The flasher dome on the storage facility is just not as tall as the others since it's sunk into the casing a bit. Anyway I have to have one printed first to make sure it fits then I'll post the link. It will be available in pink, green, etc.

1 (resized).jpg2 (resized).jpgnoname (resized).pngnoname2 (resized).png
#6864 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I just have to say, ive never heard so much complaining about flipper gaps in all my life lol. Am I the only one who is fine with how they are stock??
I just cant really understand the obsession of changing these as it appears the gap would be the same regardless of flipper placement.

I was afraid of the game before I owned it because of all the complaints about the gap, the game I got had to be shopped and re-rubbered so I just had the carrot flippers installed and have been enjoying it. I'm not the most skilled player but I just found the best way to score high in this game is just to keep the ball going as long as possible, actually trying to make certain shots becomes my second priority.

1 week later
#6993 1 year ago

I cannot wait for the code to come out. Not for the excitement of getting it, but so I don't have to hear about it again. It's like my friends that are insufferable Tool fans, they've been posting "New Tool album in the works" articles since the last album came out.

Quoted from bicyclenut:

For me, I love the game as it is. But I'm excited that GB is getting a code update, however big or small. I think I let Pinside opinions get to me too much, and I feel I need to defend the game (maybe because I own one). I see all the hate for this game and the complaining about flipper gap, air balls, ghosting, splitting cabinets, topper etc.. However I also respect everyones opinions and we are entitled to have one. To me it seems that when this game came out there was a lot of love for it. I feel like since John Trudeau got into his trouble, Ghostbusters became the escape goat for all of our discussed feeling and hateful feelings of what he did. So with all the issues of the game, it makes it that much easier to hate on the game. There will always be something wrong with EVERY pinball machine that comes out. Someone, somewhere, is not going to like something about any game out there. Some just more than others. Im the last person to try and tell someone they are wrong in their opinions of what they dislike about the game. Like it or hate it, buy it or sell it, it's up to you to make those decisions. It's your money.
I've owned a pro and now have a LE. I will admit that I get a little bummed out with the big airballs, the flipper gap is challenging, but there are more things I like about the game than don't like. Is it the best game ever? Maybe not, but it's pretty fun and looks great. That's just my opinion. Cant wait to see all the comments about the new code. Or maybe I should just not worry so much about what everyone else thinks.

Yeah it's not that I don't care what he did, I care. But it seems rash to get rid of your machine to show genuine disgust in what the man did. GOTG seemed like it was the last machine where Stern actually care about fickle players like me that want toys and ramps. GB is VERY busy but I really enjoy it.

#7069 1 year ago

Where do we get the update? It's not on Stern's site? I watch the twitch but only got to glance at it while I was working on stuff.

1 week later
#7353 1 year ago

Hey folks I noticed the flasher dome on the ghost trap is shorter than my other one so I designed 3 to go on top. This one is the Smoothest Fine Plastic in clear, it can also be ordered in green, pink or any color you want. I have the other 2 styles arriving tomorrow but for now this one fits.

I'll post the link as soon as all are available.

710x528_29064626_15602211_1569034627 (resized).jpg71179927_548254532386802_743080933355159552_n (resized).jpg71321186_391024161593346_3683509569620803584_n (resized).jpg71494069_927091020998914_6038277221318131712_n (resized).jpg71825006_2475013472780285_7594868056237539328_n (resized).jpg
#7355 1 year ago

Ok folks, here is the first link for the slime cover for the trap facility. It fits perfectly and comes in all sorts of colors including the basic pink and green. This green pretty much matches the Slimer bash. I wish it could come in lime green but they don't offer that option.

This is shown in clear "Smoothest Fine Detail" which can be painted with Tamiya clear lime green and the light will still shine through.

71245871_548254622386793_7456512238916993024_n (resized).jpg71494069_927091020998914_6038277221318131712_n (resized).jpgf33a416f6ffb6663b77a2af6bfe88da145a19f28 (resized).jpg
#7369 1 year ago

So I got these others in, had to make a couple of adjustments but I'll have the links posted soon. What do you all think?

71060311_390811511838172_7304125042613288960_n (resized).jpg71490995_389699718363255_6740846884971085824_n (resized).jpg71554574_2595164524046285_2509947388492251136_n (resized).jpg71645453_797872830629252_8810836171761385472_n (resized).jpg71694399_546923882724813_555394032205824000_n (resized).jpg71703543_429847624612731_1598033214876680192_n (resized).jpg72083911_545897699513410_7653919866532921344_n (resized).jpg72085945_3189409211070093_4942629981776773120_n (resized).jpg72489980_675184919557319_857630794925998080_n (resized).jpg
#7371 1 year ago

Ok folks here are the links, I finally got everything set up. If you order 1 of each of the 3 the total will be $42, but all 3 as a set will cost you $35. If you order individually you can mix and match the colors, but order all 3 you can only order them in one color.

As all things in a pinball machine if these are hit by an airball they can break, but so do all things that can be hit with an airball. These are solid resin, not PLA printed with a honeycomb structure that can crumble. These are just as solid as something that is a cast production piece. There are fine details on these and can snap if squeezed too hard or handled irresponsibly. But once installed they should be just as permanent as any other addition to your machine.

These were modeled by me and have a lot of detail for such a small piece. Just be gentle while installing. You can secure these with double sided tape, rubber cement, I would NOT suggest super glue as these might need to be removed later for moving, cleaning, or general service. They stay on just fine and should not come off unless you are a Tilt junkie and turn the whole machine 60-90 degrees.

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

The Set of 3

Tapered Dome Cover

Slimer Bash Assembly

710x528_29064626_15602211_1569034627 (resized).jpg710x528_29188956_15602217_1570067239 (resized).jpg710x528_29188878_15602229_1570066733 (resized).jpg710x528_29189108_15602000_1570066852 (resized).jpg710x528_28484191_15344461_1564973701 (resized).jpg710x528_28483964_15344345_1564971732 (resized).jpg
#7373 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Can you make this for the slimer mech?

I already did

67810903_2585493358161847_4970819153515511808_n (resized).jpg67818399_2585493288161854_3944410630781403136_n (resized).jpg68271313_2585493441495172_903000312590106624_o (resized).jpg68653550_2585493314828518_9108786441156034560_n (resized).jpg68735987_2585493368161846_5184880203289067520_n (resized).jpg710x528_28483964_15344345_1564971732 (resized).jpg
#7375 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

OK....$30 though shipped. Damn. I'll think about it.

I've seen lesser starting at $40 before shipping. That's why I wanted to offer higher quality for the price.

#7379 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

really? Where?

Here are just some from others. I like this company BTW, and each new mod they get looks better and better, but the resin ones are still higher quality. The slimer bash assembly is only $25 and has way more material in it than these.

The flasher domes are $13-$15 and have more detail and are much higher quality. And the second picture is the only other bash assembly slime you can get, which probably costs more than mine.

Dome Prices (resized).jpg09da34959a40b729de48fe157fa346aa (resized).jpg
#7380 1 year ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

C'mon ... the man takes his time to make a quality mod at a reasonable price considering all that is involved... then you ask him to point you to where you can find a lesser quality one for cheaper? ... support your fellow GB owner.

ahem, he's asking where he gets lesser quality for more money

#7384 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

That pic on the bottom i
- whose slime is that?

I want to say it WAS from Mezel but they don't offer it anymore. And I know mezel doesn't make all of them they seem to be a broker of sorts for some more independent people. I've ordered some stuff from them and I've had to wait for someone else to make it. So it might have been offered by someone else then sold through mezel but who knows why not anymore. I am really no threat to most of these mod joints as I really don't want to start an LLC or official website, these are just ones I made for myself and am offering to others.

If you have a custom request by all means let me know and I'll try to help out.

Quoted from swinks:

I am shapeways biased as well so I say congrats on the designs urethrafranklin , and it takes some skill to design in a sculptural way.
What a lot of people don’t realise is these shapeways parts are solid nylon so are very durable and won’t warp with heat (from lighting or sunlight) or degrade. Some other products and their creators do a awesome job with their creative designs but some of their mods are made by home printers with some being hollow printed, some are brittle, some show largish print lines.
Also most of the charge is shapeways manufacturing and profit charge rate with the creator earning a small commission.

Yeah I have my MFA in 3d Modeling and Animation so I just like challenges and I did this over the course of a few months when I've had down time. I actually used the sculpting tool on most of this after I had the basic blocking done.

I would make these cheaper if I could, I put around small markup on each one, not enough to bat an eye at, but if I sold enough I'd have enough store credit to order prototypes to test out instead of constantly being out of pocket. I can by all mean mark these up a lot but I figured the cheaper they were compared to whats out there the smaller commissions add up more than large commissions through fewer sales.

The Slimer bash assembly was actually a request Jenni asked for as the other one shown wasn't available anymore. I was also hoping someone would want to order a couple of the flasher covers in red for a Dracula or Tales from the Crypt, if someone has those in their collection I will buy them at cost for you as long as you're willing to pay the shipping and possible rush fees.

#7428 1 year ago
Quoted from Lonzo:

I really like all the mods you are making. Have you thought about designing the slime without all the round “balls” all over? Just a thought. I think it would match my slime on the speaker panel and coin door.
Looking forward to what you come up with next.

How is this?

1 (resized).png2 (resized).png3 (resized).png
#7457 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

These look better to me. I like the idea of accenting the top and a bit of the side of this mech but it doesn't need to be completely covered. I think that it would be too distracting from Slimer.

I'm going to accent this one, I just did it plain because a few people asked. It's just my opinion you don't notice the square top as much if there are bubbles.

#7499 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

thanks for sharing supersquid
the idea is that you keep a set of posts installed and within just a couple of minutes you can easily swap out the bats - 2 7/8" (like lighting), 3" (regular) or 3 1/8" (like carrots)
for example the kids want the bigger bats for the day and at the end of the day when you mates come over you can swap to 3" or in a comp you reduced it to 2 7/8" to really make the game harder it is a matter of undoing one screw and swap the bat in a minute with no need to lift up the playfield.
yes they are not the cheapest as the metal post cost from shapeways is not cheap. I could do it cheaper here but then freight comes into play.
A few people contacted me to see if I can remove the screw on top so currently tweaking the design so it is in the front and back and covered by the rubber for that clean traditional look but still change in 1-2 minutes. I also changed the design so there is no need to tap any threads.
Alternatively I would be ok with someone making the posts and then buying the bats at shapeways.
[quoted image]

I like this.

#7507 1 year ago

Someone asked for the slime for the spotlights, and I caught a glimpse of the standard spotlight slime mod at Cidercade. I just did a more detailed sculpt. Here is a picture of the other new slimer bash assembly with bubbles.

The new bash assembly will be here tomorrow or thurs so I will post them for sale when I see they fit properly.

Anyway the spotlight prototypes are ordered and I'll post the link for those once I know they fit. Some people said they don't like the bubbles so I did one with and without. You can choose now

710x528_29267126_15702769_1570683537 (resized).jpg710x528_29308725_15723322_1571103682 (resized).jpg710x528_29308800_15723368_1571104279 (resized).jpg710x528_29308803_15723368_1571104285 (resized).jpg
#7509 1 year ago
Quoted from freddy:

pinside did away with product advertisement or am I in the wrong thread? Thought this was the ghost buster club thread .

I'm in the Ghostbusters club. I don't own my own mod business and don't want to. These are mods I did for myself and decided to share them with others. I can only make mods for games I own which hasn't been many. I'm merely posting progress of mods I'm making for myself, and if people want they can order them for their game. I'm merely a hobbyist posting progress. Until last month I didn't even put a markup on these, but I put a $1-$2 on these so I can build a little store credit with shapeways so I can keep ordering prototypes without spending money out of pocket. I'm not someone trying to take advantage of the community, the money doesn't go to me. The mods I designed are more detailed, better quality, and quite frankly more fun.

I have every right to look at the mods available and think that they aren't worth the price or quality, in fact people are out there paying $30+ on mods that are $3 in material and someone usually didn't spend too much time designing them. There are plenty that are quite impressive. But the ones I am designing are meant to replace sub par designs and materials that some people are proud of.

Sometimes people pm me and ask "hey can you make this? or that?" I do 3d modeling for a living, and sometimes it's fun practice for me. A lot of people have been supportive and encouraging, but I've gotten a lot of people complaining due to simple loyalty to other mod companies...fine. But if I'm just offering better mods at better prices I don't understand how it's a problem.

#7518 1 year ago

Hey folks. Been busy over here but I kept having people ask if I can make a slimer bash assembly that resembles the slimer speaker mod. So here this is, one with bubbles and one without.
This is the 3d prototype, this was airbrushed so it's not the same green that comes from shapeways. I'll have pictures of the spotlight slime this week. And since my camera phone is crap I gave a set of these to Chaz to review and take pictures so hopefully that will help.

With bubbles

Without bubbles

73072184_1399920710165801_4683349940057931776_n (resized).jpg74322100_2323868101073985_114778547104514048_n (resized).jpg74384227_999785170354062_5011782936677056512_n (resized).jpg
#7527 1 year ago
Quoted from dnaman:

UrethraFranklin, you really do some great 3D modeling.
The slimer much topper just seems too much for me. Like it highlights a huge block over his head. I personally like that the arm/mech is black and less noticeable.
Regardless, there are some who will love it so keep on creating!

Thanks man. I don't need mods on every game, for every part. But I think Ghostbusters is the most tastefully cluttered game out there. It's also just one of my favorite themes anyway. I love my Party Zone but it's a somewhat generic subject matter...partying. My Guardians has a few mods but I really enjoy adding to the GB playfield. I just wanted to make something that looks like it should have come from the factory. I still enjoy this game.

#7541 1 year ago

Spotlight Slime came out great. I had to beef up the design a bit and update the model but what do you think?

with bubbles

sans bubbles

72926616_1153292284868457_738520700289024000_n (resized).jpg73021280_403245073684398_2098768964992630784_n (resized).jpg73029779_1028482937543997_4524375183045165056_n (resized).jpg73094355_777120329378161_3509338007134011392_n (resized).jpg73319161_1346641948847406_8095715612942139392_n (resized).jpg73319487_565597490873500_8696297953846886400_n (resized).jpg73413168_406931986664401_2533249737851666432_n (resized).jpg74222783_574732609938235_3442319126993829888_n (resized).jpg74271811_3463433713668587_8954931255095328768_n (resized).jpg74368170_725106511306221_5666095717886722048_n (resized).jpg
1 week later
#7602 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

here is the first revision of the Containment Mod for the "Pro" only as it currently only has the flat plastic.
- everything fits well though will change the way the stock light boards fasten in a little.
- hides the spot light post nicely
- everything will be purchasable from shapeways and just requires a simply assembly and uses the existing light boards from the perspex panel.
- it has a light in the open door section that still needs to be connected using a star post light board from comet (already installed and can't be seen) which will hopefully light when the Storage Facility insert lights up to show you to shoot there.
- the only thing I have to experiment with is painting or using a marker to add shadow lines etc - what you see is straight from Shapeways and is nice and clean and red.
The door is open, though would people prefer the door closed.
I will try a camera tomorrow as the phone doesn't take the best photos, just loses detail, sorry
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

That looks awesome. My only suggestion is to make the slot big enough for the Mattel ghosttrap. One that is easily acquired on ebay. The one that came with the 12" figures would be neat in there.

#7616 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

I am thinking it needs some details

Sent you a pm about decals. Also you could easily dry brush some silver over the edges to give it a weathered look.

I don't think it'd hurt anything to put those covers over the lights. I would either put rivets in the model or the decals. I really love that design.

8dc9eae3a878992ab925168c7dc8f8b3 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#7690 1 year ago
Quoted from Oshara:

We no longer got one. It was our first pin and just sold it to a great guy. I know he’ll take care of it.
Enjoy the game everyone. Never will understand the hate. What a great game!

Once again I love the GB property and before I played one I sort of believed the hype about it being a bad game, then people unloaded them after the controversy, and finally I played one and I couldn't believe how much I loved it. It has the perfect amount of items on the playfield relative to the property, I love the colors, theme, and the new code is a blast.

#7695 1 year ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Which airball protector is everyone using? I would think that there should be enough play time on all the different versions now that one has risen to the top as the design of choice.

I bought these and love them.

And I bought these to close the gaps near the flippers.

5 months later
#8249 7 months ago

I sold my GB about a month before the COVID thing happened. I miss it like crazy but now I'm glad I did it. I haven't advertised my mods in a while but for some reason I sold more in the last 2 months than I sold in a year. Did someone make a video with them I didn't see?

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