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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (3 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (3 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (3 years ago)

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#5333 2 years ago

Joining the club in a couple weeks. Pro on the way. Already ordered glow in the dark titan rubbers, airball protector, and a bunch of other stuff to put on when it arrives. Will post pics after set up. Can't wait

1 month later
#5528 2 years ago

Got my Cliffy protectors in and installed them. Got crazy air balls off the left Scoleri target after installing them. Adjusted the target height to be almost even with the Cliffy protector. When you look at it from the front, it sticks up just a little from the play field. No more air balls into the left ramp and into space. Also turned the coil power down to soft. Just thought I would share in case anybody else had these issues.

#5551 2 years ago

Yes, there is supposed to be 2 gate diverters on the top right. One from the pops into the right orbit, and one to guide it from the right orbit to the right flipper so it doesn't go down the middle.

#5566 2 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

It's been quite a while since I adjusted mine, but I put a few notes on top of the manual diagram on page 48:
[quoted image]

I did this to mine and now it registers every hit. Way nicer.

3 weeks later
#5645 1 year ago

That does look better.

2 weeks later
#5668 1 year ago

So, after being inspired by vireland great products for IMDN and Metallica, thought I would order up some gels from Amazon and give it a try on Ghostbusters since there is nothing out there. I color coded the "Ghosts Caught" light tree in the middle. Due to the insert being frosted, the colors are not as vibrant as the picture shows, but still better than the white I think. The PKE is yellow, picture just doesn't show it very well. Chose a light purple for Mass Hysteria since there is no real color to go with it, and it looked good. Was thinking of trying the mode inserts, but my brain just couldn't figure out what colors to use. Go with a certain color scale per mode tree? I'll have to have another Stout and figure it out

Colored Ghosts Caught-Portrait (resized).jpg
#5670 1 year ago

Yeah, the transition is what I was thinking for the mode trees. Wanted to color match the middle tree to what it went for. Like I said, the colors are more muted due to the inserts being frosted, so it doesn't quite jump out like the pictures show. Was worried at first, but like it as I know what is qualified easily by the color.

#5673 1 year ago

I cut a piece of pteg that I had 2"x 11 1/2", marked where the inserts were and cut them out, hot glued the gels on, and screwed it with the LED board screws. I also used a couple nylon washers I had to keep the LED board off the insert. Wasn't the prettiest bracket since I don't have a 3d printer, but it worked. Kinda hard to take a picture unless I take the LED board off.

#5675 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

All you really need to do is put the gel in between the bulb and insert. Same effect with much less work.

Yeah, I know. Didn't want to duct tape them on and have a chance of them coming loose. Cleaner this way, and if I want to take it off, I just unscrew it.

#5678 1 year ago

I got mine from Titan. Got their glow in the dark ones. Looks awesome on gb

1 month later
#5831 1 year ago

I have mine turned off unless I have people over, then I turn it back on. Funny as all get out when the machine dies, they look like "What happened", then it screams at them and scares the crap out of them. I'm sick that way.

2 weeks later
#5893 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Need some airball advice...
Have airball protector for left ramps, swapped out the targets for the upgraded from swinks and am still gettin some occasional crazy fliers.
Finally determined they are somehow coming off the cliffys that are installed on the scoleri targets. Ball hits them just the right way and actually flys up over the airball protector. Sometimes it still lands on ramp and other times bounces off and into the pops.
Anyone else experience this?
Trying to decide if I really need the cliffys on the scoleris and if Mylar would do the job instead.

I had that issue with mine and I adjusted the drop targets height to be between the play field and cliffy's. No more airballs.

#5900 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

So was it the cliffy or the target creating the airball?
My target is flush with pf but if I level with the cliffy it will stick up more.

It was the cliffy's creating the airballs when the target was flush with the playfield. Had to raise the target a little so it was a more gradual rise and not as big a bump.

#5903 1 year ago

I raised my target to not be flush with either the playfield or the cliffy. I made the target be in between the 2.

1 week later
#5961 1 year ago

Congratulations. I love playing GB. It will definitely make you a better player.

#5963 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Some people like pro models better than premiums, or maybe they got the pro because they couldn't afford the premium. There is nothing wrong with pro models. I have a mixture of pros and premiums both and im happy with my pro's and dont regret buying them one bit. Theres no shame in having a Stern pro what so ever.

I would have to agree with this. I played both the pro and premium of GB and got the pro because I liked the way it played better.

2 months later
#6255 1 year ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Curious what you put on the posts in these 2 pics. First pic rubber very loose. The second pic the metal pointy post def need a smaller rubber ring[quoted image][quoted image]

They should be 7/16" OD(Stern #545-5348-17). Are you trying to put on 7/16" ID? That Would make it to big and loose.

1 week later
#6360 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

You two guys own Pros. I first thought Premium because of the cool extras but it doesn’t seem to be the shooter that the Pro looks like. I have only played a dozen games on the Premium. Why do you like the Pro?

I got a pro because after playing both, I just thought it shot smoother and faster. After getting it, I don't have the problems to deal with like Slimer getting caught in the cityscape over the pops and ball getting stuck in the subway. I know you can fix them, but for me, I just didn't think those with the ecto goggles justified the extra expense. Just my opinion and what I like. Everyone is different.

3 weeks later
#6438 1 year ago

They'll announce it as the next vault edition same time code drops

2 months later
#7201 1 year ago

Just updated and played a few games with the new code. Plays like a completely different game. It is actually easier, got a little over 6 billion, but I like it. The insert colors are different when you play modes, which I think look great, and there are a lot of different call outs now. Good job Dwight and team. Well done.

#7258 1 year ago

One thing I did notice on my pro is that when I get to SP mode, he actually lights up now where I don't remember seeing him lit up before. I knew there was a light under there, but it never seemed to work until this new code. That alone makes this code awesome

2 weeks later
#7493 1 year ago

I went with the Swinks ones from Shapeways. They were a little expensive, but worth it to me as I like the looks of them.

Ghostbusters Flippers (resized).jpg
#7495 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Not for me as I dont have issues with the gap, but these look great

You don't have to get longer ones if you don't like them. He has them in standard and lightning sizes as well if you really want a challenge.

1 month later
#7666 1 year ago

Had friends and family over last night and played some pinball. This is the only time I have the scare feature on It was great. Game shuts off, they looked like they broke something, then you hear that scream throughout the house. The looks on their faces are priceless Time to turn it off again.

1 week later
#7702 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Woohooo, just ordered my Laseriffic Topper for 20% off Black Friday deal.. Excited.

How did you get the discount? I checked on getting one and it still shows full price

#7708 1 year ago
Quoted from Luckdragon100:

Hi, I'm trying to assemble the Pinball Life Center Post, but having problems putting the screw in the rubber drain post.
Attached is a picture of the farthest I can get this screw in, but not far enough for it to be tight with the plastic.
Am I doing something wrong here? Been tearing my fingers up trying to get it in even this far.
Thanks for any help you can give! G[quoted image]

Looks like you should be able to get a deep wall socket on the plastic post to hold it in place.

#7718 12 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Sorry, just saw this. I think it was discounted from the start. Were you able to get it?

I was able to get it from laseriffic at the discount price.

1 week later
#7746 11 months ago

I like the glow the dark rubbers from Titan. Matches great with the game.

1 month later
#7856 10 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

Going to put Titans on my Pro and wondering what color scheme some of you have chosen?

I did Titan glow in the dark. Color fits the theme perfect.

#7858 10 months ago

I used standard flipper size and changed all the rubbers out. Kind of a pain to take the ramp off to get to everything, but worth it in my opinion.

#7866 10 months ago
Quoted from gk_usa:

Can you share pics? I like glow maybe for flippers. But everywhere seems like a lot. Clear could be nice in some key areas.

IMG_0318 (resized).jpgIMG_0319 (resized).jpgIMG_0321 (resized).jpgIMG_0322 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#7970 9 months ago

Posted this in the Ghostbusters issues thread about a year ago. Hope it helps

Had my machine now for about 3 weeks. The Slimer mech would only count shots that were straight on for the most part and that wasn't bad. Last night for some reason, it wasn't even registering those. It had to be the perfect shot. I took off the top cover plate on Slimer, loosened the 2 nuts under it, moved the black block to the middle of the ovaled out holes, tightened the nuts to hold it in place, and installed the cover back on. It loosened up Slimer and now it registers pretty much any hit on Slimer. Thought I would share in case anybody else has this problem. Mine was a NIB purchase, so it has the updated Slimer mech on it.

2 weeks later
#8118 8 months ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

If your twinky is pink then you need to change the rgb/brg setting. Make sure you save it.

Quoted from finnflash:

I'm sure there's a joke somewhere in that statement.

Hopefully he hears "Now that's a big twinkie"

1 month later
#8195 7 months ago
Quoted from per3per3:

Has anyone installed the custom audio from either delts or mudflaps? I have a premium and curious to hear people's thoughts? What are the differences?

I have a pro and use the one from mudflaps. I like it as it has music from the movies for the modes. Can't remember all the changes, but their threads on it will give you all the details. I wouldn't go back to stock now.

1 week later
#8223 7 months ago
Quoted from Jakers:

I’ve noticed multiple times on my game that when add a ball or extra ball is lit, I hit the left scoop to collect but it just ejects the ball without giving me the add a ball or extra ball. Has anyone else experienced this? I only see one switch in there so I know it’s sensing the ball since it ejects it.

You still need to adjust the switch. It's not pressing down on it enough so it doesn't register correctly. Bend the leaf up a little and you should be good.

#8234 7 months ago
Quoted from SpinnerAddict:

I have mudflaps sound mod code in my machine for the last couple months. I noticed my right ramp diverter wasnt working to put the ball in the storage facility. I thought i had a switch issue. I put the stern code back on and the diverter works fine. Anyone else have this issue? BTW its on a Pro

That's weird. I've had the same code in my pro ever since it came out with the new code and have never had a problem.

#8277 7 months ago

I AM A GOD!!!!! I have gotten to this mode a few times, but today I finally made all the shots and got to the 60 second or so unlimited multiball. Ended up getting 3.6 Billion on this. Didn't get close to my high score, but was nice to finally make all the shots needed.l

#8283 7 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Very interesting. I dont think I even ever set my clock. Ive never heard the hourly chime that people mention here.
For that Midnight Madness mode, do you have to do anything to play it? Or just have the game on at midnight?

Just have the game on and be playing at midnight. Or do what I did and set the clock ahead so it comes on sooner when you're up if you're like me and will never make it to midnight.

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