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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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#4628 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

F'n Ya !

I disagree...I think you should give me the guys name who's asking that outrageous price so I can kick his ass!!

2 weeks later
#4671 1 year ago

This is probably a dumb question, but do new production runs have all of the service bulletin items installed at the factory?

2 weeks later
#4718 1 year ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

When I first picked up GB that gap was something fierce. Now I hardly notice it. GB definitely rewards carefully placed shots and absolutely punishes quick flipping and misjudgements. Control and patience is everything IMO.

I just had my best game this afternoon on my GB Prem, and this is exactly what I was thinking of the game. To put it simply, control rules....and don't miss!!

#4723 1 year ago

I've been getting the "Terror Dog Champion" on a regular basis. I've also been noticing that sometimes the "Terror Dog Champion" total is larger than my score for the game, but the game still has me put in my initials. It just had me put in my initials for "TDC" at 98M, but my score for the game was only 70M. Any idea how that works?

#4728 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

maybe you have an older version of code V1.13 is most current

It's on 1.13. I think pezpunk is right about it being a bug. I restarted the machine, and the Terror Dog Champion total stopped cycling up on bad games.

#4732 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

funny I haven't had this yet. I saw this on a sited pinball with 1.1 or something and hence why I asked. I wonder what triggers it? Maybe if you post a new TD highscore it then triggers until its switched off

It hasn't happened since, but then I've been stinking it up lately.

#4736 1 year ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

really want that update.... Love the game, but my #1 ask is that they include outlane saves in the new code. Make use of those red light inserts, and a game this hard really could use a little softening.
If they don't include outlane saves... I'm installing a center post. Into the playfield. I'm never selling this game. I love it. But if I have to suffer its brutal punishment forever, I may burn it to the ground one day. It will be a crime of passion.

I know exactly what you mean. This game has become an obsession. My games have become battles between me and the machine. Some of them have become quite long....the battles, not the games! I won't go the center post route, but I might try moving the outlanes. I feel like if I make the game easier, it's a concession that the game has won. I'm not quite there yet!

1 month later
#4763 1 year ago
Quoted from boomgopinball:

Stern keeps promising an update this summer.

Just put up my best score 7B last night. Got the "K" skill shot to light multipliers with Stay Puft running. Once that finished it went into WCWS...and blew up with 6 times playfield.

I'm sure competition players would never risk the 10% additional points, but in a home setting, why not go for it. And when your friends see that number they are really impressed. You don't have to tell them it was 1 great ball out of 100!!

If they improve the code this summer that would be fantastic. I don't even know what they could do to it. Make the modes in the ladders selectable/random? Add another multiball...River of Slime?

Has there been any indication at all of what could be coming?

#4765 1 year ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Nope but a final wizard mode would be nice.

Unfortunately, I don't think that would change the game for me!

2 weeks later
#4796 1 year ago
Quoted from RobF:

I might be losing my mind, but I don't think I see all the "Light ..." awards. For example, with the Tobin's awards if I get "Light Negative Reinforcement" nothing obvious happens. This is typically when I hit the flipper's buttons to skip the animation. Another example is with collecting 20 ghosts. The insert "Light Tobin's" lights up, but nothing happens with the left scoop. Is there something else you need to hit to activate these awards? I looked through the bug list for the latest code and didn't see anything listed. What am I missing?

I don't believe that those are active while a mode is running. If you get "light Tobins" while in a mode, it doesn't actually light. Complete the mode, or if it times out, then the "tobins" light will come on. The same applies for "negative reinforcement".

I can't say that I've seen that spelled out in the rules, but it is what occurs in the game.

#4798 1 year ago
Quoted from RobF:

Interesting. I know that doesn't apply to light EB, so at the very least it is inconsistent.

With no facts to back this up (not unheard of around here!) if it were intentional, I can somewhat see the logic. If a mode is running there are points to be had on the board. If no mode is running in GB, there is really nothing to shoot for score...captive balls to get to Multiball or "Ghost" to take the long way to get into a mode. At least "Tobins" or "NR" can give some kind of scoring opportunity outside of a mode. The fact that EB isn't deactivated during modes, makes me think it was intentional.

Or maybe I've way overthought this, and it's just a software glitch!!

#4804 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You just have to find a motivated seller.

...and get there before everyone else!

#4817 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Magna Slings rock Budman! I wouldn't want them on every pinball machine but they really fit the theme of GB and they are cool as hell. Its best if you reverse the sling rubbers though because it makes them much more active.

Exactly...the ball movement and sounds when the slings are activated are totally awesome. Keeps you on your toes, because you can't count on the ball doing what you think it should. Then again, they'll piss you off too! All part of the game...

#4829 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I picked up a gble in trade for my woz yesterday, nice game, plays well except for air balls. Tiny bit of ghosting on the Tobin insert, but rest looks perfect. My wife and I were playing it last night, very fun game. Any recommendations on where to get an air ball protector for the left side? Thx

I put the Modfather protectors on mine. I like the way they are cut better than the others. I also went with clear. I've seen pics of the colored ones that look cool, but I didn't want to change the original look of the machine. I'm not really into modding the machines. But this has to be done!

#4847 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I Need guidance- I read on pinside somewhere that on the left VUK people are putting a piece of something in there so the ball kicks out reliably to the right flipper.
So what material, where is it placed and can someone post a picture.
Thanks in advance!!

I've seen those posts too, but I don't think it's necessary. Just play with the kicker strength in the adjustments menu. At 18-20, I find it falls lamely to the flipper for an easy cradle. At about 40-45, it will shoot across to the opposite flipper for a dead bounce over. Sometimes it will bounce hard enough to get into the magna slings on my premium which is hairy. I just played with the settings to get the kickout that I wanted.

3 weeks later
#4985 1 year ago
Quoted from billrz:

Lottsa good sling action in this video!

Awesome game, but your slings seem to be a whole lot less sensitive than mine. Up until the 4:25 mark, I thought you had somehow disengaged the magna slings. At times you had the crazy movement that mine has, but it was rare compared to the action on my slings. I just about lost it at 15:13 when the ball went back and forth between the slings 6 times without a hint of the magnets moving the ball. This isn't a criticism at all. I just want to know how to get mine to act like that. I haven't "reversed" the slings as has been discussed. Have you?

2 weeks later
#5056 1 year ago
Quoted from Bertille:

but I'm very proud (I'm a beginner) ;+)

I really like this game, and it will make you a better player. The gap...the need for accuracy...the rules forcing you to plan your shots...all will lead to higher scores on this and other games.

1 month later
#5149 1 year ago

Had my best game on GB Prem this weekend. Finished both WBTD and WGO ladders as well as Spooked Librarian. Started Back Off Man and was thinking "this is it...I'm going to finish this!". Didn't happen. Drained before BOM finished.

Didn't even come close to my best score, as I didn't have that 6x ball (or two).

1 week later
#5180 1 year ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

magna slings adding more randomness to the mix.

The magna slings are definitely a great addition to this game, both for theme tie-in and really hooking non-pinheads with that "wow" factor. But be prepared to let loose a string of four letter words when your great game is ruined by them as well.

1 week later
#5202 1 year ago
Quoted from Bertille:

My new "little High Score" on my Ghostbusters Premium ;+)
[quoted image]

That's awesome. One thing I've learned about this game....6x playfield is the key to scores. You can get huge scores without progressing very far in the game if you can lock in 6x. As long as a scene is running or ready to start, I plunge for the "K".

1 week later
#5217 12 months ago
Quoted from focusmediagroup:

Hey everyone, I have had a GBLE for a while now and it doesn't play as perfect as I want it to. It is hard to understand exactly what needs to be done to tune it to perfection but I have played a sweet premium someone had tuned up very nicely and the experience was far more satisfying. I am wondering if anyone has had to do a lot of tuning on their premium/le machine and if so what was done? Any advice for making it shoot better would be great. I know this is really hard to answer since you tune that needs to be tuned but anything you have tried or adjusted etc that might help me get started may be really helpful!

There is no doubt that this game needs attention out of the box. But it isn't hard to do. My Prem plays really well, and I can often get deep into the game. I've been one mode away from WRTBY on several occasions. Even dialed in the game will still play hard, depending on how far you go with "tweaks". Below are the issues I had and how I corrected them, mechanically and thru software adjustments.

Airballs / Hopped In-lanes - added Modfather protectors to the left ramp and inlane/outlanes.

Switches not registering - My left ramp switch was very intermittent. I just bent the arm out to give it more travel as the ball passed.

Right ramp - Getting the ball around the right ramp was nearly impossible. I changed the hex nut to 1 5/8", and that helped. The real solution was WAX. After I waxed the playfield for the first time, the ball rocketed up that ramp. Finishing Spook and Gozer are now possible. It still has to be a clean shot, but there's no more half-way fallbacks. I'll always keep a good wax coat on this game. Of course, the trade-off is that the ball rockets around the playfield as well.

Kickouts - The left kickout would often drop right into the center drain, and the right kickout would go into the magna-slings and all hell would break loose (mine seem to be more sensitive than what I see in videos). I set both kickouts to low power (between 20 and 25 I think). Now the left KO drops to the left flipper and can be caught or bounce passed over to the right. The right KO shoots across to the left flipper and hops over cleanly to the right. I call this fair as the magna-slings introduce enough chaos into this game.

Other issues/complaints that are out there. Slimer not registering hits. On mine it takes a dead-in-the-face shot to register. I don't feel the need to change that. I see it as being part of this game...accuracy and timing are king. The Scoleri targets have also given people fits with airballs and not dropping, etc. Thankfully, I haven't had any of these problems. Some hate the wide flipper gap. There's a center post mod, but I don't think that is really necessary.

That hits the issues that I've read about or needed to adjust on my own game. Once you've got it how you like it, it might become your favorite game. It's definitely one of mine.

#5221 11 months ago

I've been trying to figure this out for awhile and can't get it. The rulesheet states that you increase the X multiplier on the Staypuft "choose and perish" shots by hitting the Gozer standup. I've only been able to get it to X2 on one of the shots. The others still showed X1. How does this work? How is a Gozer hit assigned to increase the bonus...which shot gets it? Can you increase the X to more than 2?

#5223 11 months ago
Quoted from billrz:

yes, hit gozer,each pop bumper changes the shot that gets multiplied ,and gozer multiplies it up to 6X ! its very difficult,but I go for it everytime,usually hitting a shot before the multipliers get to 6X starting staypuft. So much fun! 6X multipliers with 6X staypuft shot is my goal! 1.8b a shot if my math is correct!!

I always try to hit the Gozer shot once before activating StayPuft to get the 2X. If it takes six Gozer hits to get to 6X on the "choose and perish" shot...and the pop bumpers change the shot that it's increasing, I don't think difficult is the right word. Impossible might be better!! Sounds like I have a new goal for GB too.

1 week later
#5270 11 months ago

I just blew up my Ghostbusters Prem! I've been focusing on the Gozer standup when I get to StayPuft. Tonight it paid off. I put the ball in the pops four times before taking the "Choose and Perish" shot. It's risky as there's no telling where the ball will go coming out of that center exit. I had X1, X3, X3 and X6 (I don't know how it assigns the multipliers). I hit the right loop for the X6 and started at 300M per shot! I completed StayPuft and drained after bricking my first shot for WCWS.

On the next plunge, I hit the "K" for light multipliers, and went into WCWS with multipliers lit. That was another points free-for-all. I wrapped up the game with We Got One, and finished with 11 Billion!!

GB 11B (resized).jpg
#5278 11 months ago
Quoted from Zora:

These scores are crazy. Interesting that some comments state that they do not know how they got there. My high score is something in the 10B and the following is about 5B.
To be honest this shows that the scoring urgently needs some polish. The huge scores depend on the playfield multipliers to be available in the right moment. And thus you need luck to hit the K lane. It is not fun for me to have such a dependency of the scoring from the skill shoot in K.
I hope that the code update adjusts the scoring back to the basics: good shots/long play leads to high scoring.

I can't argue with you about huge points requiring getting multipliers at the right time. However, I don't think that the "k" shot and scoring code need to be adjusted (there are bigger priorities). I think it creates an interesting dynamic for the home game. Very high risk / very huge reward. I can't imagine that tournament players even mess with the multipliers in this game. It's too unreliable (either way you try), and they would be forfeiting a for sure 10% of their scores on each plunge by not taking an easy skill shot.

Being able to pull off one of these outrageous scores on demand would be unlikely. But they sure are fun when everything lines up and you get one!! Finishing the game is still my ultimate goal. Points are nice bragging rights, but I'm more impressed by someone who can complete a game. I've yet to do that on any of my games.

1 week later
#5284 11 months ago
Quoted from RobF:

I agree and hope they don't change this in the rules. I like the challenge of planning the mode completion shots. Makes sense to have it a game option to auto start the next mode.
*However* I absolutely think there is a problem when the last slimer hit is in the ecto goggles and collecting it forces the start of the next mode on the right ladder. This is random behavior and is extra frustrating when there is only one mode left in one of the other two sets.

Planning and accuracy are rewarded richly in this game. The fact that completing a mode and starting the next mode can occur on the same shot is a bonus for good shooting. It can also be a penalty, as vireland stated when the left ramp is the last shot for a right ladder mode. Even then, you aren't really in jail, as you have another mode started that can be very lucrative. I much prefer this to a single "mode start shot" that allows me to pick any mode I want, but forces me to go to one place every time.

You always have the option of not taking the final shot and going thru the "ghost standup" method of relighting the modes. You can then take the one you want. I can't say that I would advise that, but it's available. I think the coding of this game is done really well. It's very different from other mode based games. With planning and good shooting, you can be in a mini-wizard mode with just 10 shots. It's damn-near impossible, but it is possible!! I find that very creative.

I do agree with vireland that the bugs in the code need to be fixed. Hopefully we'll see an update that is worthy of this game's potential and really puts it over the top.

#5288 11 months ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

On a side note, one thing did go wrong. I made the left ramp shot after starting Spook Central, and We Got One started, so both modes ran concurrently. When that happens, it's hard to know where to shoot! This weird issue has been reported before in the issues thread.

Yeah, it's still got some bugs that need squashed. The pending update should take care of them.

Quoted from RobF:

I don't think you understand the scenario I mean.

Now I understand. I don't think that I've ever had that exact scenario play out on mine.

#5310 11 months ago
Quoted from flipper_fever76:

Brackets it is.......thanks for the input. Am I wrong to assume the 90% reduction in airbags curse the equivolent amount of outland jumps? Additionally, how do those brackets hold up over time?

I'm coming in late, but I put the Modfather clear plastic protectors on the ramp and the outlanes and they cut the airballs to zero. I don't even notice them. The colored ones would definitely draw your attention to them.

1 month later
#5501 9 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Hoping someone can help me out. I really want to fix my PKE/right ramp shot, and saw on a thread that you can remove the 2" hex spacer and replace with a 1 5/8" and it will stop rolling back out. I found the part at marco----> https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/254-5008-13 but man I hate to pay the shipping on 1 little item (The shipping is almost 4 times the cost of the part) Anyone by chance have this hex spacer I could buy from you?

I responded to you in the "So Ghostbusters" thread, so I won't repeat everything here. But paying for the post and shipping to make a $6000 game more enjoyable is worth it.

1 week later
#5561 9 months ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

I got a question for you better players: when you get to the point where your asked to choose the form of the destructor you get 3xs to chose from on the display,which one is the Marshmellowman??Thanks

You should have 4 "choices", being the four main shots. The inserts will be lit white for the active shots.

Quoted from hawkmoon:

The one I chose gave me the scolary bros.!

I'm not sure what's going on here, as all of the "choices" are the StayPuft Marshmallow Man. The X1, X2, etc are multipliers that you receive by hitting the lighted Gozer target in the back of the center shot (in the pops area). I'm not sure how the game distributes the multiplier. You have to get the ball settled for the screen to show you the X? / X? / X? / X? screen again. Each of the shots will have a X? multiplier assigned to it. No matter which one you shoot the "choice" is always the same. You must have grazed the captive ball to start Scolari Bros as you shot the right orbit or it awarded from the pops after making a shot. Either way, you should have also seen the "the choice is made..." graphic.

#5565 9 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

When the mode starts you have a choice on what shot you want multiplied during this mode. I believe that if you hit the Gozer target in the back before making one of the shots it increases the multiplier. So when the mode starts, shoot Gozer however many times until you are satisfied at what your want it at and then choose what shot you want that to lock in. For instance, you hit Gozer 3 times before it times out so now your multiplier is at X3. Then you shoot for the right orbit. This right orbit shot is worth 3X so that shot will be worth 150K per shot since that mode starts off with 50k per shot. The first round in the stay puft you can hit any shot 4 times before it goes into the second part which you have to hit particular shots. So what you want to try and do is hit the right orbit (if that is the shot you picked) 4 times at 3x making that first part of Stay Puft worth 600K. I will test it out with the glass off tonight to make sure I am correct on this.

I'm not sure that's correct. The initial "choose" screen shows X1 / X1 / X1 / X1 that correspond to the four lit shots. I don't believe that there is just a single multiplier that you apply to any one shot. As you hit the Gozer shot the screen changes. It can read X? / X? / X? / X? from X1 to X6 on each of the four slots. I believe whichever shot you use to start StayPuft, that X? multiplier applies. If that's not the case, why are there four X? slots on the "choose" screen that change individually?

#5567 9 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

For instance, you hit Gozer 3 times before it times out so now your multiplier is at X3. Then you shoot for the right orbit. This right orbit shot is worth 3X so that shot will be worth 150K per shot since that mode starts off with 50k per shot. The first round in the stay puft you can hit any shot 4 times before it goes into the second part which you have to hit particular shots. So what you want to try and do is hit the right orbit (if that is the shot you picked) 4 times at 3x making that first part of Stay Puft worth 600K.

I got to StayPuft tonight and put the ball into the Gozer shot / pops three times. It bounced around quite a bit. After the third shot into Gozer I caught the ball to see where things were. The choice multipliers were X2 / X4 / X1 / X2. I shot the left ramp, and it started SP at X4. I shot the right orbit and it was worth X4 (200M). All shots were X4 (200M). So it definitely looks like whichever shot you hit to "choose", that multiplier is applied to all shots.

Maybe this is a code version difference. I'm on 1.13.

#5575 9 months ago
Quoted from spidey:

The only remaining question is how does it determine which shot to increment the multiplier on with each Gozer hit. It's either random or changed by pop bumper hits.

I think it will take someone with a Stern connection to find out the answer to that. Glass off testing would take a lot of test runs to isolate if there is a pattern to how it hits the Gozer target and bumpers and assigns the multiplier. To get the mix of multipliers I've seen, it sure looks random.

1 month later
#5663 7 months ago
Quoted from callaway15:

Just ordered a NIB GB Premium. I think I'm going to get a mod I saw with the flipper airball plastic and overhanging center post (if you want it on there). Are there other mods that might be recommended? I did opt for a shaker, too.

There are lots of mods for this game. The only ones I think are "must haves" are for airballs and the right ramp (not that it's really a mod). Whether you get the package with the center post, the different stand up brackets, or just the basic protectors, it's up to you how you stop them. Shortening the screw at the right ramp will cut rejects drastically. It doesn't make the shot easier, but shots that do hit will make it all the way around that hairpin. I went with just a 1/8" reduction to 1 7/8". I still get some roll-back rejects (it's how I know it's time to clean and re-wax). At 1 3/4" there's fewer, and at 1 5/8" there shouldn't be any, but I didn't like the way the ball came around super fast.

Everything else I think is visual. Get whatever appeals to you. ColorDMD looks much better than the basic orange, but it's expensive.

1 week later
#5694 7 months ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I’d like to see Dwight code a mode selection when you hit the ladder shot.
Each shot (left ramp, right scoop, library) can trap the ball, so I’d recommend offering a choice on the DMD of what mode you want.
Yeah, it wouldn’t necessarily follow the movie, but it beats playing ‘Okay who brought the dog’ every time.

I get the thinking with wanting some randomization, but this would take more than just a selector. The way scoring is handled would have to be completely revamped. The lower level modes score about 20M when completed. Second level modes triple that. Top tier modes are MUCH larger. Being able to select any mode at any time would just mean you trade WBTD for StayPuft every time. We'd simply play the modes in reverse.

Hopefully, Dwight has more than just randomization up his sleeve. We'll have to wait and see.

2 months later
#5913 5 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Same here. I think the game is better without them 100%.

This always confuses me. The Scoleri Bros aren't nearly as annoying as the Trolls in MM...and they are a mystery "award"! It's the only game that I actively try to avoid the mystery award unless I'm also starting multiball. Scoleris are over in a blink.

#5941 5 months ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

Stern soon will be announcing a vault edition of a popular title.

I'm not sure GB falls into that category.

I know it sold well, but I think there are just as many haters, after the fact, as there are lovers.

#5952 4 months ago

Uuugggghhhh!!! For the second time I nearly finished this thing. All modes complete except StayPuft, and it was lit. Brought down slimer and chased him away to get the last mode ready and then drained. Didn't even get a single shot at starting it!! One of these days, I'll get it.

#5956 4 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think Stay Puft is one of the best modes in all of pinball!

I agree. It's a blast to play, and if you can bring playfield multipliers into it along with hitting the Gozer X a couple of times before starting it, the points can be crazy for a single mode.

Quoted from Psw757:

What does game progress to after stay puft?

Just like finishing any of the other ladders, WCWS mini-wizard mode will light at the left ramp. That's why I like trying to start with the Librarian ladder. It only takes two modes to get a mini-wizard. Then you can do it again by completing the WGO ladder with three modes. Putting off StayPuft isn't the best strategy for points, but I'm trying to complete the game. With 8 out of 9 modes completed, my score was less than 2B, because I hadn't activated any multipliers throughout the entire game.

1 week later
#6020 4 months ago
Quoted from HookedonPinonics:

Also, with 5x per stay puft shot, that is only on the shot you choose to make 5x so only one shot was going at that rate.

I don't believe that is true. I've seen the multiplier applied to all SP shots on my machine. I haven't checked with the glass off to be sure, but I think it's just an overall SP shot multiplier.

2 weeks later
#6045 4 months ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

I'd prefer it to hit in the center for a more consistent dead pass

It sounds like you're looking for control right out of the kick-out. So why not just have it drop to the flipper? If you want a consistent dead bounce kick-out, save the headache of searching for it and drop the power down to minimum.

Mine are set so the left one drops to the left flipper for a catch or a soft bounce to right flipper. Since the right kick-out has a short ball save, I have it kick-out so that if I hold the left flipper up, it hits the tip and goes to the right flipper. If it's smooth I catch it, if it isn't I let it drain. My opinion is that there is enough frustration built into this game (even setup nicely). If I can remove a little, that's OK.

#6049 4 months ago

I learned a valuable lesson tonight...or rather a no-value lesson. I started StayPuft and shot at the Gozer shot to up the multipliers. I wanted to get the left ramp or the right orbit to at least 3x or more, because they're the easiest to hit and set the multiplier. Took quite a few shots but finally got there. I trapped up, and the screen showed 4x/3x/1x/3x. Then StayPuft ended and WCWS lights started flashing while I still had the cradle. I didn't think the timer ran until you set the multiplier and started the mode....obviously not! It was the first time I've scored 0 points in StayPuft. What a waste!!

#6060 3 months ago
Quoted from Nihonmasa:

Finally joined the club with a Premium!
Quick question: where can i find something to prevent airballa from staying stuck on top of the library?
Have to tilt to get it out...

You don't really want to prevent airballs from getting stuck on the library...you want to prevent the airballs. There are several protectors or stand-up brackets out there. I use Modfather's protectors, but most work equally well. You can find a list of other adjustments you should make further back in the thread.

#6067 3 months ago
Quoted from UrethraFranklin:

So the game has been cleaned, all new titans, Craig from Fun cleaned up the inserts and everything. If all goes well I'll have her here tomorrow night.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I'm not big on mods, but I love that subway car over the left ramp run out!

1 week later
#6143 3 months ago

...damn. Just another 18 post tease in the GB thread. You'd think I would learn by now. If and when there is a GB update, Pinside will probably shut down from the number of posts!

#6144 3 months ago

After a little over a year, I finally finished GB. Started StayPuft on the first ball, but didn't finish it. Finished SP, WCWS, and Spooked Librarian on the extra ball. Finished Back Off, second WCWS and started We Got One on actual ball 2. The replay extra ball (at 1.5B) wasn't so good. Just finished WGO and started Slimed Me. On the actual ball 3, I finished the last two modes and went into We're Ready to Believe You. Honestly, that was kind of anti-climactic. I didn't play it super well, but not horribly. Total points for it was only 200M. At that point in the game, 200M is nothing. When the game finally ended, EB was lit again (don't know why) as well as the third lock for Storage Facility (would have been the third SFMB).

It was an incredible game, but the score wasn't outstanding...just over 4B. Didn't even get on the board. My #4 score is over 5B. Scoring on this game is all about timing the 6x playfield so you bring it into multiballs and StayPuft.

This game is super fun, even with the code as is.

#6169 3 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

From most videos,Pro looks to be the smoothest shooter,Premium has the best toys and magna slings. Tough decision!

I always say that this game has two personalities...one on location and one at home.

On location, I actually prefer to play the Pro. The right ramp on the premium can be nearly unmakeable on location if the setup and maintenance (cleaning/waxing) aren't kept up. I've never found the Pro right ramp all that hard to hit. The premium magna slings really piss me off if/when they screw me over on a game I dropped quarters into.

At home, Premium all the way. Set it up right and the premium version smokes the Pro. Keep it cleaned and waxed and the ball rockets up the right ramp. Sure the slings can do nasty things...just play another game (you've already paid for it!).

Both shoot equally well on the other shots...left orbit is tight but exactly the same on both. I find that the left ramp is easily backhandable on most Pros. My Prem can't do it at all. Flipper power and angle are stock out of the box. I just post pass and shoot it with the right flipper...second easiest shot in the game.

I just finished my Premium for the second time in two days, so I'd say it shoots pretty smooth!!

2 weeks later
#6230 88 days ago
Quoted from dnaman:

Hey all,
So still new to my LE and lovin' it. What is frustrating to me is seeing the ball come out of the pops, under the gate, bounce off of the RT orbit rail just enough that the ball come SDTM. WTF!?
I need to order a hanging center post plastic but what else should I be looking at to help?

A center post probably won't help that. Center posts only save a ball that is coming directly from the middle. If it's coming off the right rail at an angle that just misses the flipper, it will probably hit the side of the post and slide into the trough.

Leveling and pitch is a better fix.

2 months later
#6622 22 days ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

It's frustrating to have the ball go 1/2 way up the ramp then come back down on the premium. I removed the hex post entirely and the game play was much better but the ramp was a bit wobbly so I got a shorter post from Marco - it's been a while but I think it was about 3/4 inch or so.

I bought 1-7/8", 1-3/4", and 1-5/8" to see which one gave the best mix of made shots and roll backs. Let's face it, the shot should be hard but not impossible. The 1-3/4" made it on good shots and rolled back on iffy ones. That's what I stayed with. The shot is consistently makeable, but not a sure thing.

One thing that really helps is wax. I can always tell when it's time to clean. I get rollbacks when the shot looked good. A fresh coat of wax makes a big difference.

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