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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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#1527 3 years ago

WOOT! just got my Ghostbusters PRO delivered yesterday!

just to chime in on the tally of defects and imperfections people have been reporting:

My playfield has no insert issues at all. The Slimer registers his hits just fine right out of the box. All the other switches, lights etc work as intended. In short, the game was in perfect working order.

I will say that the Airballs are a major problem. Those two ramp targets might as well be launch pads. I'm ordering that guard imediately!

Highscore my first day was 290 million. looking forward to some of the higher modes once I get more practice in.

Oh, one question. When I launch the ball the diverter on the ramp above the shooter lane 'shifts' a bit. Like its being slightly activated, then it relaxes once the ball passes it. Is this normal behavior anyone else has noticed?

#1537 3 years ago

I Bought the inlane/outlane acrylic covers for my machine. The left one works fine, but the right one keeps the Ramp post (the one that holds the end of the ramp to the slingshot) from tightening down. The added thickness of the acrylic means I would either need to install a longer screw, or remove the black spacers from the stack of acrylics?

Anyone else having this problem? how are you dealing with it?

1 week later
#1563 3 years ago

I'm at over 2 weeks owning a GB pro, and on location at my studio lobby (we are a video game company) me and a few other employees have racked up 800+ games. Here's my thoughts:

It's challenging. I love the design of the game. It is pretty easy to teach newbies the rules (I'm always amazed how many people didn't know pinball had rules...) and its really difficult to master those shots. Currently no one has completed a 'tower' of story modes. I have read that you get the "we came, we saw, we kicked its..." multiball mode once you complete all story modes in a stack, but no one has yet managed to complete " back off man...", "The Ballroom", or "Gozer".

Its a calculated, punishing game. Which has made multiplayer a lot of fun. Its pretty difficult to trap the ball reliably. and there are not a lot of super safe shots. so even if you are being calculated and hitting high scores, a single slip up WILL end your ball. resulting in short games all around, with very wide ranges of scores at the end. Mostly people who are just flailing at the ball end up with low scores, and people who know what they are doing have high scores. despite the game times being pretty much the same.

While being challenging is great, the table also comes with some really wicked unpredictability. during the first 100-200 credits, the surface tension on the playfield did really weird things to the balls motion. The ball would bounce off a slingshot at full speed, come to a dead stop in the center of the playfield, then fall and drain. That weird surface tension seems to be wearing off, but odd spins and sudden changes in direction still happen from time to time. I've been thinking of cleaning the field and seeing if I cant buff it all to normality.

The most common way to drain balls is the outlanes. Audits showed something like 80% of drains are the outlanes. I put a clear acrylic mod over the left outlane rails, but the right guard rail is still getting jumped from time to time, ruining good games. I had to take the right side protector off because the screw that holds the end of the ramp was not long enough to accommodate the acrylic guard. I'll probably resort to taking the original artwork acrylic off in favor of the mod. which is a shame to sacrifice art for function.

Airballs are a major problem. I have ordered a mod but it has not arrived yet. I have had a LOT of great games ruined by the ball flying up and bouncing all over the place. I am really anxious to see if my games improve significantly once I don't have airballs anymore...

I also find the nearly vertical slingshots tend to slowly 'juggle' the ball upward, and after 10 or so back and forth, they almost always fire it directly into an outlane. I've taken to nudging hard whenever they start passing back and forth to break the momentum. seems to work for the most part.

The flipper gap does not bother me. Its there, and I notice it. But besides the RARE 'Straight down' from the bumpers area, I pretty much never find myself cursing the gap.

The Scoleri Bros are awesome. I fucking hate them, they ruin everything, but when I beat them and get that super Jackpot... thats a good pinball moment.

The left kicker started kicking right into the drain at some point. I lowered the power so now it just drops into the left flipper. I actually prefer it.

The right mini ramp is extremely difficult, but I forgive it because its a relatively safe shot.

The left captive ball is not very difficult to hit, but its extremely dangerous to do, and you are required to do it a lot if you want a high score. I'm really struggling with that shot at the moment. but it seems 50/50 as to whether it bounces right off into an outlane after. I tend to get my best captive ball hits by accident from the slingshots.

I think that the 'Bonus Points / HELD / Multipliers' are ruining the competitive play of the game. we are averaging 40-100 mill regularly, with the occasional 400+MILL game where we didn't even understand where those points came from. They always involve a multiball but in general the games were not very well played it was just a ton of multipliers and HELD rewards. My last game today I was pissed as my last ball drained thinking I had just played a mediocre game only to look up and see 500 Million on the scoreboard. I had like a x15 multiplier somehow...

In general I love the game. But it might be a little too punishing, and random. I want my wizard modes to be hard to get to. really hard. but I have been playing the hell out of this thing and I have not even gotten close to halfway there yet. And all my best scores were by accident. Its weird. Not getting rid of it anytime soon. and when I do, it will only be to buy a Premium for my home. Its a great game, but may not settle in my top 5 long term.

4 months later
#2008 2 years ago

Hey random question... I'm going to install a green light mod in the Library scoop. I took a reading with my multi meter for the general Illumination lights under the Library (so I can link up to them in parallel) and my meter is reading 10V? I thought most GI lights ran on 6.5V?

Think my meter is off? Am I testing the wrong way? or are there 10V GI lights in the new machines and I just didn't know? I'm a little hesitant to hook up my super bright green if its just gonna get immediately fried...


#2011 2 years ago

Well, I went ahead and Hooked it up anyway. Voltage meter reads 10V and the LED says its a 6.5V bulb... but seems to be working fine so far. I guess worst case scenario it burns out fast and I need to buy another with a resistor.

Green (resized).jpg

#2014 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Every bulb in spike games are 6v even flashers. Should be good.

well now I gotta figure out why my meter reads 10V. :-/

#2017 2 years ago
Quoted from Ramjet:

I think a random scene instead of WBTD would be a welcome change!

WBTD is the best way to get the modes started while avoiding slimmer, and saving the High points scenes for playfield multiplier opportunity.

my strategy is that WBTD is a perfect opener to the game. It's (arguably) the easiest skill shot for a start scene, and its not worth many points. and you get to avoid slimer. The fact its not worth many points is important because of your options on how to finish WBTD:

1: I always try to complete WBTD in this order: Main ramp, then right orbit, then left orbit. This leaves you open to choose your next scene, rather than auto-starting We Got One or Spook Central. At this point, I try to hit the Library, or start We Got One if i have to. I try to avoid starting Spook Central. Once my first Ball drains, on my second Ball (or third, however long it takes) I try to hit the "K" skillshot, to light Multipliers. Once both multipliers are lit, THEN I try my best to start Spook central. When it starts, dont skip the cinematic, dead flip and trap the ball, and hit the main ramp your first try for 15Mil x 6 jackpots for the mode. If you can pull this off, its huge points.

2: if I loose the ball during WBTD, I try to hit the "K" skillshot. If I'm successful, I try to immediately start Spook Central for the above reasons.

I would be sad If Big points opportunities like Spook Central or Spooked Librarian started randomly without my chance to light multipliers first.

For a while i was trying to hit Library and Back Off Man first to light WCWS mode as fast as possible, (hopefully with multipliers) but I found those modes are actually quite punishing if you are not on your game. and honestly I'm not the most reliable shooter.

1 month later
#2397 2 years ago

Yes, the gap is too big, yes the Outlanes are too hungry.

That said, the machine has made me a MUCH better player over the past 6 months. I've probably put 2,000+ credits on my machine personally since September. I played it 'stock' out of the box until the last software update when I moved the out lane pegs in to their closest position. In previous versions of the software, the scores were a lot more wild and luck dependent. As they have tightened and balanced the rules, it was becoming more about making progress on the ladders and less about multipliers and massive random jackpots.

now that the outlanes are on 'easy' the game is a lot of fun (if not a bit brutal). I have still never gotten to "were ready to believe you". I still cannot beat the Marshmallow man. But I try every day. and I am becoming a much better player because of the challenge. This is a game where if you make a single mistake, its likely you are going to loose your ball. Whether its hitting the X2 X3 targets while trying to go up the ramp, or clipping the stacked books captive ball, once that ball is flung off in a random direction not in-line with one of the lanes, there's a pretty good chance its headed for an outlane, or down the drain at a weird angle. The scolleri brothers perfectly illustrate this, as I loose my ball 90% of the time before collecting the jackpot for sinking them. Once that ball moves in a random direction, you're toast.

This game is all about ball control, and accuracy. Its a great teacher.

1 week later
#2563 2 years ago

just replaced the 3 red LEDs on the back of the playfield with purple, and the stacked books red captive ball light with green. Game looks so much better. more 'night time-y'. Pics don't do it justice. Try it out.

gbP (resized).jpg

#2608 2 years ago

I own a Pro, and finally got to play a Premium in person. I noticed on the premium that the short ramp on the right had a narrower (1/8th"?) blue rubber. the pro looks like its about twice as thick. Has anyone ever installed the premium rubber on the pro to make the short ramp entrance a little wider and easier to hit?

also I have noticed that when i start 'storage facility multiball' if my first immediate shot is the left orbit, it does not register. It will register later, once all the multiballs are in play, but there seems to be a timer running that delays that shot. haven't noticed it on others yet. small thing but kind of annoying.

1 month later
#2974 2 years ago

knockerlover - You might have already done this, but I recommend moving the outlane pins to the tightest setting too. I also set my 'extra ball' to unlimited. Has only made a difference in 1 or 2 games, but the game is so hard its worth getting any little benefit you can!

#2990 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

When do you get extra balls, specifically?

you light extra ball at (15?) ghosts captured. Extra ball I believe has a chance to be lit any time you complete a scene. (theres a setting in the menu that says default is 25% but that may be refering to something else)

Light extra ball is common in Tobin Spirit guide rewards, though by default, if you have already collected (3?) extra balls those tobin pages will not come up anymore, unless unlimited extra ball is turned on.

You can also set 'Special' reward to be an extra ball as well.

#2992 2 years ago

Not sure whos selling the mods but I see adds for em on the forum frequently.
You trying to make it more fun for young kids? I'd deffinitely lower the angle, so the ball moves a lot slower. And maybe try setting the extra ball % to a much higher number than 25%. Maybe even 100%. So if they beat a scene, they light extra ball every time. If they are older kids, or adults that just dont play much, your mods will probably do the trick. Let em be challenged and get better.

I wish STERN had a 'time trial' mode where you just get unlimited balls for 5 minutes. ZEN pinball does this, and you can also set the game to remove a % of points if you loose a ball. This sets a fantastic handicap for players of different skill levels. New players try to get as high a score as they can and don't get frustrated by failure, and skilled players try not to loose any balls because their penalty is to loose a large % of their score if they do. IMHO this is the future innovation that should be made in pinball. not LED screens and virtual reality.

*EDIT: oh, also you could try setting ball count to 5. longer games in general even before all the extra ball shananigans

#2995 2 years ago

does anyone know what the 25% extra ball chance is then in the settings menu? I just played around with it. I turned it up to 50% (highest it will go) but didnt notice anything different in the 2 games I played.

1 week later
#3063 2 years ago

I'd prefer the Mass Hystaria was more like the 'Lost in the zone' from TZ. Big multiball with unlimited add-a-balls that is timed, then drains all balls when timer is up.

Reasons why:
- The flipped buttons thing is super annoying, and (in my opinion) not fun.
- The captive ball 'reversal' makes the above point x2 annoying.
- To allow the player to turn off the flipped buttons in the menu will result in MASSIVE scores for people shooting for 100 ghosts, and no one will leave the feature on, just like no one chooses cards in video mode.

#3095 2 years ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

quick question, bought a GB premium 3 weeks ago or so.
the ghost brother pop up targets,
lets say they pop up, then you drain before hitting either one. the right one goes down, but the left "tony", stays up on the next ball until you hit him down. Nothing happens when you hit him, as far as ghost collection. I'm assuming this isn't supposed to happen.
also how the hell are you supposed to hit the right ramp. The ball always goes most of the way up and around, but very rarely all the way. I know when you pop the ball slightly on the right flipper to get it to move over a bit, it gives you a chance to backhand it. That seems to work better, but that method seems near impossible as well.

your small 'reset' solenoid on the pop up target is not firing. Theres a big one that pushes the target up onto the playfield, then a small sideways one that taps the target back down when needed. I dont have a lot of experience troubleshooting the issue but thats where you need to start looking.

#3096 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I just noticed the GB pro on route has all the high scores reset but the grand champion.

High scores (except GC) get reset after an amount of time. Mine just reset as well

1 week later
#3184 2 years ago

Doodled some ghostbusters flipper toppers. Not sure if I'll ever get around to sculpting or casting them, but thought this thread might dig em'

IMG_5567 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#3269 2 years ago

"Back off man" was my last scene to complete, one shot left.... bricked it and it rebounded directly down the left outlane at a million miles an hour.... Ive still never hit "were ready to believe you" mode... 10 months of this game and its still so damn addictive.

gonna go cry now. then put in another credit.

#3272 2 years ago
Quoted from Junglist:

I hear ya, I'm coming up on a year and only got WARTBY once and I've not yet made it to Stay Puft, one shot away (always seems to be one shot away)... Good times though!

I wonder if once i finally hit all the scenes if I'll want to sell it. It's beautiful. A great theme. Its SO hard it has made me a better player. But damn is it frustrating.

#3290 2 years ago

FINALLY BEAT THE GAME! got to 'we are ready to believe you' for the first time this morning. Been playing this game 2-10 times every day for 10 months. Its frustrating as hell but its made me a MUCH better pinball player. Final score was 3.7B which is funny because that's not even the GC score. my last game was a bit of a speed run through the modes.

As happy and relieved as I am to finally conquer this beast, I gotta say, what a dissapointing wizard mode. I dont know what I was expecting, but a copy/paste of 'we came we saw' multiball was not it. Storage Facility Multiball has more anticipation and celebration to it. Really surprised they just threw in vanilla at the end of that ride.

19149009_10155163851829504_7368945990716144474_n (resized).jpg

#3309 2 years ago

Congrats! change out those red LED's in the back for purple! all the cool kids are doing it!

#3311 2 years ago
Quoted from freddy:


the cabinet will be a bit dimmer if you remove the white lights though. But yea that would work.

#3315 2 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

my pro came NIB with red and blue

Really!? weird. Mine came with white and red.

#3328 2 years ago

I just went through the whole photo gallery for this thread and I am amazed no one has tried replacing all rubbers with the clear green rings from super-bands.


I'm contemplating giving it a try, but there's a voice in the back of my head saying that the game is just going to become less bouncy and I'm going to put the old rubbers back on. It would Look amazing though....

1 week later
#3369 2 years ago
Quoted from Junglist:

So just about 1 year to the day, I finally made it to and beat stay puft! It was an epic ball one as I got through all three modes before SPuft.. a sfmb helped put gozer down.
What a rush, wish I was able to see what was happening on the DMD while I was juggling stay puft and mass hysteria...! Caught glimpses here and there..
One thing was after I beat we came we saw nothing was lit up (over 100 ghosts), I got 80+ mill on that so I assume that's a pass..
So wartby I have to beat all ladders? See you in a year I guess

Take your time beating all the ladders, I found 'We are ready to believe you' to be quite a let down in the current code. as far as I can tell its just a copy/paste of 'we came we saw'. There should be one more code update.... someday.... that I hope includes a Wizard mode that actually rewards the epic accomplishment.

also would be nice in the next code if they used the 2 outlane lights for ball saves. I don't think anyone would complain.

#3372 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

That's a great idea! It would make for a nice random award from the pop bumpers.

could be a random from the pops,
Random from Tobins spirit guide,
Could be awarded for lighting all 3 PKE targets below the library,
Could be awarded as part of the 'gear' or 'river of slime'. Maybe at least 3 loops or ramps before cashing in gets you the save.
Could be a number of spinner scores, or number of ghosts caught....

lots of options. Right now its really weird to have the lights there, and turning on randomly for apparently no reason.

4 weeks later
#3569 2 years ago
Quoted from Junglist:

What would you say are the top 5 complimentary pins? I really like my GB but would like to add something beside it to offset the brutal games. I was thinking met maybe. SW doesn't do much for me after trying it.

something that has notoriously long plays. Like Twilight Zone.

I have a Williams Space station next to mine. However, even though Ghostbusters is Brutal, people go to it 95% of the time over the 'old' pin....

...kids these days...

gb (resized).jpg

1 month later
#3753 2 years ago

I have a pro model. The metal protector on the library scoop is no longer completely flush with the playfield. its causing the ball to almost always tip just a little to the right whenever coming out of the left orbit, heading for a center drain.

Any advice on how to make that piece flush again? or do i just need to replace it? I think I have over 7K credits on this thing now... this is the first real 'problem' I've had with it.

#3757 2 years ago

Ordered from Cliffy. Thanks. sounds like his are probably more durable than the stock protector.

Noticed something in my last game. Had my 3rd lock lit during 'He slimed me'. Hit slimer on my way up the ramp to lock my 3rd ball. Completing the mode and starting multiball. However, 'The Ballroom' Did not start during multiball. After multiball was over, all modes were just flashing waiting for me to start one.

That normal behavior or should the ballroom have auto-started with the same shot as the multiball?

1 week later
#3802 2 years ago

In the short term I believe you can choose to make the 'Ghost' Target register hits instead of slimer. Its in the menu options

But yea, that slimer can be a pain in the butt to align properly.

3 weeks later
#3967 2 years ago
Quoted from dluth:

After playing another game on location tonight and finding another machine that spits the ball SDTM from the left scoop I've pretty much had it with this game in terms of playing it on location. It's extremely common and you can't rely on lazy operators to dial it in properly. Has there been any talk of adding a timed ball saver to this scoop as there is on the right?
Funnily enough I never lose a ball from the right saucer even though that's the one with the ball save.

agreed. the game seriously needs a save timer from the left scoop. Hope that its in the next software update.

#3981 2 years ago

Here's a problem... how the hell do I remove (or just slightly raise) this metal rail, guide, thing. I'm trying to replace my scoop rim protector, but this piece is basically flush with the playfield.

I got the old one out by bending it. Because it was already bent. Which is why I'm replacing it.

Doesn't seem to be held in by screws... just spikes that go down into the playfield?

IMG_6547 (resized).JPG

IMG_6548 (resized).JPG

#3994 2 years ago

Fun thing I learned replacing the Library scoop protector, you can widen and narrow the entrance to spinner lane (left orbit). The screw that holds down the metal rail with the blue bumper on it is held by an adjustable brace. Mine was set as narrow as it would go by factory settings, and I have always found that shot pretty hard. Just widened it up and its a much more reasonable shot now. Going to see if I can do the same with the right short ramp tonight.

#3997 2 years ago

everyone asking for non-linear ladders, You get that that would seriously destroy any chance this game has of being balanced in multiplayer right? If it's an option to turn on and off sure. Make anything and everything an option and play however you want. But if it's a default setting, and One player randomly gets 'staypuft' started, then 'Librarian' and the second player randomly gets 'Gozer', then 'Who brought the dog' That second player is at a massive disadvantage in both points and difficulty level.

If you HAVE to change the way modes work... Rather than 'random' I'd prefer changing the way modes begin to the Librarian scoop. (hey, there's a use for the librarian light insert) When it's lit, scoop the ball to start a mode. While the ball is in the scoop, you can select which mission you want to go to. That way you don't have to get 'bored' with the bottom tier missions, and everyone has a fair shot at selecting their own path of progression and strategy.

#3999 2 years ago

Yea that makes it Balanced, but I still don't like the idea of adding more randomness to this game. It's already unpredictable enough.

#4019 1 year ago
Quoted from Zora:

And how do you adjust it, from below the playfield?

You have to remove the Library plastic that covers the captive balls. Then you will see a flat head screw that is holding down the metal lane guide. (left side of the spinner lane). If you loosen it, you can adjust the lane left and right about 1/4", then tighten it back down when it's where you want it. I don't believe you need to deal with the underside of the playfield at all.

as a side note, someone tell STERN to stop using flat head screws on things. all of mine were over torqued and a pain in the ass to loosen. I have half a mind to replace them all with phillips heads next time I shop the machine.

#4020 1 year ago

So two days ago I finished putting the playfield back together from replacing all the rubbers. When I did Slimer was no longer registering when hit from the front, only the back.

I have twice taken the mechanism apart, and followed the manuals diagram to put it back, and seems that the black plastic ‘spacer’ with the half bowl shape is always pushing the cable too far forward making it impossible for the cable to reach the contact plate.

As the circuit board, contact plate, and spacer are all aligned by the same screw hole, it’s impossible to move it back further....

What the hell? What am I missing here?

3FE886DE-61CB-4715-9151-7D1810494201 (resized).jpeg

#4022 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Contact your distributor to receive the updated slimer mechanism. It works in a different way with different parts.

(grumble) That's frustrating. Alright I'll see what I can dig up. thanks.

1 week later
#4068 1 year ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

The ball gets stuck many times at the top where switch is. I'll try to adjust that.

which captive balls? the library or the book stacking?

Library: there is no purpose to that gate at the top of the curve. I removed mine because it was getting it stuck there a few times. just take it off.

Book Stacking: Make sure everything is put back in the 'right order' on the front most right post of that assembly. Theres 3-4 layers of 'stuff' that is held down by that front right side screw. They need to be layered in proper order or the 'roof' of the captive ball area will be too low, and the ball will get stuck, or never reach the target. I can send a pic of mine if this is your problem.

2 months later
#4360 1 year ago

So, my Library scoop metal protector that came from the factory got bent out of shape after a few thousand credits, causing the ball to bump SDTM when coming out of the orbit. I bought a brand new Cliffy replacement and it's already also gotten bent out of shape. I don't see a ton of people complaining about this part on the forum, so I'm going to assume there's something off about my machine. Perhaps my playfield has a slight warp there or something, I don't know.

Rather than drop another chunk of change on replacing the piece again, I'm considering just removing the protector.... I figure worse case scenario, in a few years I might start to see some chipping or wear on the rim and if its a problem I can just cover it back up again with a protector. But maybe I can keep applying a clear protective coat to the most abused areas of the scoop? The storage facility saucer has no metal protector and it's holding up fine.

Any advice on what kind of clear protective coat I can brush onto heavy traffic areas?

4 weeks later
#4618 1 year ago

so the last time I shopped my GB pro I tried to adjust my slimer mech because it was not registering hits well. When re-assembled, the problem just got worse, and I found out that the 'old' style slimer mechs are faulty and have been replaced on the line with a new model.

Unfortunately I was already a year over my warranty and so my only option was to buy a NEW slimer mech, quoted at $250....

So I thought I might as well try to fix it myself on the cheap before dropping that much cash. The problem, is that the 2 plastic pieces that hold the 'ball' above slimer did not allow the cable to swing enough to touch the rims of the circuit board. so I removed the two plastic pieces, and cut my own replacement spacers, using the top plastic layer as a template. I scanned the top protective plastic piece, and drew the same shape, with a wider negative space inside to allow the cable to swing around more inside. Then I cut x3 (1/8") spacer shapes with my laser cutter and put the thing all back together. Now slimers cable hangs right where it should, and is free to move when hit.

for anyone with an old slimer who does not want to drop $250 on a new one, this is a viable option. His plastic ball is now hanging down, I could cut it off at this point but It doesn't really bother me.

Glad he's back in action, the game is a lot harder when he's disabled.

27658035_10155791020719504_493022092198119794_n (resized).jpg

slimer mech (resized).jpg

#4630 1 year ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Now that is sweet, you could sell that. I'd buy one. How much?

$5 + Shipping? It's a pretty simple job. I could do it in wood, black acrylic, or green acrylic.

I'll print at cut one in each material so you can see what they look like if you are interested.

#4652 1 year ago
Quoted from brandonx76:

Hey you lucky GB pinside owners...I am considering picking up a Ghostbusters Premium,

Have you spent much time playing BOTH the premium and the Pro tables? If you can find a way to play each in someone's home collection, I'd recommend you do. Everyone I've ever met who owns a Pro does not like how the premium plays. For me, the game is hard enough with a wide flipper gap and big outlanes, that adding magna-sling randomness pushes the 'luck factor' too high. Others complain the main ramp is harder to hit on premium, etc...

Also this is a terrible game to play 'on location'. Operators almost always have the outlanes set as large as they can go, and the scoop kickers are almost always shooting straight down the middle because they don't adjust them.

Its a great pin, but I'd caution against it being the only pin in your house. It can be pretty brutal.

#4654 1 year ago

Stayed up till 3:00 Am adjusting and laser cutting my acrylic air ball protector with green insert logo. Totally worth it. Really highlights the spinner lane.

And before anyone asks, no, I can’t sell these. It has the logo on it. :-p

8DC9E1FC-958F-4DFE-A63B-66EB9D47FE9C (resized).jpeg

6609B7A2-E49B-4C21-B216-F4A6CAED7053 (resized).jpeg

D1DE932D-8A7F-4A70-A12E-E595BD9E5F1A (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#4685 1 year ago
Quoted from pezpunk:

i own a Pro.
i can hit the right bucket very reliably - on mine, it's just beyond the tip of the flipper from a cradle or roll.
As for the right ramp ... i've owned this game for more than a year, and i STILL haven't found that damn right ramp. I can get it like once a game. As a result, most of my games end on Gozer mode.

Same. Nowadays I just spam the main ramp and collect 'gear award' while gozer times out.

2 weeks later
#4734 1 year ago

really want that update.... Love the game, but my #1 ask is that they include outlane saves in the new code. Make use of those red light inserts, and a game this hard really could use a little softening.

If they don't include outlane saves... I'm installing a center post. Into the playfield. I'm never selling this game. I love it. But if I have to suffer its brutal punishment forever, I may burn it to the ground one day. It will be a crime of passion.

3 weeks later
#4753 1 year ago
Quoted from Oshara:

Does anyone have suggestions to get
the ball to feed cleanly to the left flipper after a plunge? Ours used to roll smoothly off the metal rail setting up a clean shot to the right loop or easy catch, but lately it comes down closer to the center of the loop feeding almost to the tip of the left flipper.
Can’t seem to figure out what’s causing this.
Thanks in advance!

That metal rail on the left orbit can be adjusted. In this image, right where the red and orange wires end. That screw can be loosened and you can adjust the angle of the rail. mine was pushed way to the right by factory default.

That might be your problem.

GB rail (resized).jpg

1 week later
#4760 1 year ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

I'm thinking of selling my Ghostbusters Pro. HUO. With airball saver. No other mods.
What's a good starting price?

4K-4.5K? I'd check the marketplace for history of sales.

also might want to hold off on the sale until after the final code comes out (rumors say this summer) . A: you may find you enjoy the game more and get some more play out of it. B: you may find other people enjoy the game more, and it may get a boost in demand.

2 months later
#5042 1 year ago

My machine was ordered Sept 2016, it's got over 9,000 plays. Holding up like a a champ.

1 month later
#5129 1 year ago
Quoted from Frax:

Thanks for the feedback. If it's an issue at the location I play regularly that just got their GB, I'll see if I can get the keys from them to turn down the flipper power. They won't let me mess with the mechanical stuff, but I can suggest it to their tech if the flipper thing doesn't work.

I love my GB pro at home, but It's a game I would never play on location. There's a LOT of tweeking you need to do to this machine for it to be playable and fun. you need a bunch of airball protectors. Shorter springs on scoleri bros, Outlanes need to be narrowed, the library kicker needs to be adjusted once in a while to not shoot right down the middle. I found I needed to adjust my spinner lane opening, because it came from the factory very narrow. Also remove the gate in the library captive ball area....

any time I play this game on location it has been a terrible experience. you need to just buy one and make the required adjustments. ;-P

#5140 1 year ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

Remove the gate in the library captive ball area? Doesn’t that result in a lot of bounce backs? I simply bent mine a little.

I've never had a ball bounce back. I'm not even sure how that could happen? but I was getting balls stuck by the gate a lot.

#5150 1 year ago
Quoted from ctozzi:

Got the coin door back, waiting on the trim and legs. I took off the black t molding from the back of the back box to add white as well.
[quoted image]

That coin door looks hot. Minor detail, I think I'd prefer the coin return flaps stayed black. but lookin good anyway.

1 week later
#5174 1 year ago

I'm in the 'pro' camp. The game is hard enough without slimer moving around, and magna slings adding more randomness to the mix. The Premium is Beautiful though, and the magna-slings are COOL. but I feel the Pro plays better.

play em both, buy what you love.

#5178 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

GB Pro definitely does not play better. I've done both, and the Pro is a lesser experience than the Prem/LE.

I think 'experience' is the key word there. What are you looking for in the experience? personally I find the premium's features to introduce less control of the ball, so, is a lesser experience in that way.

I also think the premium LOOKS far better than the pro, and the Magna Slings are a pitch-perfect tie in for theme. So for a visual/thematic experience, the premium is better.

That said, if new code allows outlane saves, I'll have to re-play them both again to see how I feel about them. Outlane saves are desperately needed on this game.

#5181 1 year ago
Quoted from desertT1:

What if you could get a virtual kickback, but instead of always being on the left side, it alternated every 5 seconds left, right, left right. With a small overlapping grace period. Imagine if you had a ball going out the left side, but it's blinking on the right. You could try to keep the ball alive just long enough for it to change over and you'd get it back.
I'd say a virtual ball save for both outlanes, but that's just a little too "helpful".

I think there's a lot of cool ways you could 'earn' saves.

- Random pops reward
- Tobins spirit guide reward
- add-on reward to 'esp ability' progress (gives a reason to choose it)
- #of ghosts reward level
- Hitting the 3rd trigger going up the short ramp
- high number of spinner hits before stopping.
- etc...

even if it seems like outlane saves would be too helpful, in general GB games are very short for non pinheads, and you could always turn outlane saves off four tournament play.

#5193 1 year ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

Regarding outlane saves and ways to earn saves, I'd like to see it done something like this. First, you must make certain shots to light the red inserts in the outlanes. Let's call those inserts "proton packs". Then, if you're not in multi ball and you drain via an outlane where the proton pack is enabled, a ball is autolaunched and a timed mode starts. In this special mode, you have a few seconds to make tough shots to save your ball, otherwise the flippers go dead and the ball drains. In this mode, the theme, dots, and sound would depict Ghostbusters trying to catch a ghost using their proton packs. It could be the most fun mode in the entire game (like Toto in WOZ). Just a simple matter of writing the code

I think that sounds fantastic for pinheads, but confusing and frustrating for noobs. My williams Space station has the 'bonus ball' that allows you up to 45 seconds unlimited play after the game. Most people either walk away from the machine unaware it even exists, or if they do play the bonus ball they are like:

"What? is this my ball? I thought the game was over. Oh, an extra ball? not really? whats that timer for? oh I drained. wait. the ball is back. is this your ball? no, its mine? What? what is happening? why did the flippers die? what? this is stupid." then they desperately reach for the flipper buttons when the locked balls are released for the next game. Pinball is confusing enough for noobs.

But if they did implement your idea I think going into 'slimer' mode and have to hit him, then the main ramp/containment facility would be a good thematic 'save' shot to make. You'd probably have to do something special with the lighting too to reduce confusion. and play "he slimed me" if you fail to make the shots as the ball drains.

3 weeks later
#5247 1 year ago

REALLY weird occurance on my ghostbusters yesterday...

Pro model. Me and a friend were playing a 2 player game. she was player 1, I was player 2. we both did terribly. She got like 15 million I got like 25 million.

After the game ends, screen says 'Player 1 enter initials'. I think "huh, weird. maybe the scores reset and you got terror dog champion or something."

After initials are entered, game says she was the Terror dog champion, with a 125 Million Jackpot. THEN it shows our final scores again, and it shows both of our scores being: P1 52,000,000 P2 55,000,000

WTF..... game gave champion for a huge jackpot that didnt happen, and also didnt show up in the final score? also it changed our scores to what seem like random numbers? anyone else had anything like this happen? I've been keeping an eye on it ever sense but its been scoring fine since then as far as I can tell.....

...my machine haunted?

2 weeks later
#5304 1 year ago

Finally got around to cutting a new airball protector (the old one was too close to slimmer and was chewing up his butt) I went the extra mile on the logo this time and used 3 different acrylics. They fit together very tight and I applied some adhesive to the gaps on the back. We’ll see it it holds up in gameplay!

63EC04E4-4282-412D-8288-4FD9E8A8A6B9 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#5326 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Did you take a pic of that on the game?

sure did:

unnamed (resized).jpg
#5339 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Im picking up a GB pro tomorrow. The guy says the slimer cable is broke. Where can i get a replacement and how much does it cost?

I'd investigate what 'broken' actually means. the metal cable broke? that seems unlikely. is the wire harness cut? you could probably fix that... It's possible the mech is just not registering properly, because its not a well designed feature. Slimer can be a little tricky to get working correctly. Its also pretty pricy to replace.

1 month later
#5596 10 months ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Has anyone ever ordered the Ghost Guard Kit from Marco? Worth the purchase?

I have one and I love it. this game needed a center post out of the box.

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