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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (3 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (3 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (3 years ago)

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#2041 3 years ago

Anyone use the browser to add the song on our own from second movie? If you did where did you put it?

#2053 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

That's next on my list. I want to replace the Ray Parker jr song that plays at Game Over to use On Our Own. The problem is, this clip isn't showing up in the Pinball Browser. I'm working with Olivier (the author of the Pinball Browser) to try and find it.

Do you have a list of what sound file plays where in the game? Some are in the code multiple times.

#2060 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

That's next on my list. I want to replace the Ray Parker jr song that plays at Game Over to use On Our Own. The problem is, this clip isn't showing up in the Pinball Browser. I'm working with Olivier (the author of the Pinball Browser) to try and find it.

Isn't the game over sound clip only like 30 seconds? I was thinking it would be a good multi ball song to replace one of the generic sound clips that is a longer duration.

1 week later
#2080 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

The PKE music. 24.5 seconds long.

How long is your higher and higher clip? Could on our own potentially be placed there?

3 months later
#3122 3 years ago

What ecto-1 one mod is the one that gets installed over the left ramp?

I've seen a couple setup like that.

#3125 3 years ago

Is this a mod that someone is selling? I thought I saw one lit up.

Also, if it's a die cast car, how is it installed?


4 months later
#3854 3 years ago

Anyone use the pinball browser to add/change callouts to include some from Murray, Ramis and Aykroyd?

#3856 3 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

The audio already includes these guys, right?

I thought it is like 90% Ernie Hudson, maybe I'm wrong.

1 month later
#4124 3 years ago

Finally joined the club Friday!

408CD557-BC88-4BF5-B4B4-FE77C4BBAEC6 (resized).jpeg

#4126 3 years ago

Anyone else get rid of the cat for a vigo image that can share it?

1 month later
#4267 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Has anyone updated the code with movie songs/music? I was messing with pinball browser tonight and it turned out awesome.
I added ‘On Our Own’ for the high score, ‘Magic’ for Containment Multiball, and the original songs for ‘Cleaning Up the Town’ and ‘Saving the Day.’

Can you make a video of how these interact with the game?

1 week later
#4344 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

That looks badass. I’d lean toward the Stern topper, but for the price, that one is awesome.

Don't forget to post video of music changes

#4350 2 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I played with some of the film score, but these songs fit the best. I only changed a few songs because I think Stern did a pretty good job.

Bobby Brown is on the initials screen.

What segment of the song did you use and how long is it?

#4356 2 years ago

How hard to convert this to work on the premium?

#4369 2 years ago

Question on the ideal left scoop setup.

I was consistently get Stdm drains so I adjusted underneath so it kicks out to right flipper.

Is it better to leave scoop as is and reduce power to it so it goes to left flipper?

#4377 2 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

I think if you can play with the power settings to get it to the right, that's the way to go. If that doesn't work and you're comfortable tinkering, bend the scoop a little.

I just loosened the three screws and turned it a fraction of an inch, didn’t need to bend anything. Then tightend screws back down.

Firing perfectly to the right flipper every time now!

#4378 2 years ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

Would you be more specific as to how you tweaked the librarian scoop?Thanks.

Loosen two screws directly behind scoop on top of playfield. Have to remove plastic with captive balls.

Then under playfield loosen single screw and washer. Turn scoop slightly to right and retighten.


2 weeks later
#4512 2 years ago
Quoted from cnuts13:

Anyone who changes the flippers for ghostbusters, or adjusts the angle, in my opinion is a bad player. Learn to nudge!!!! If that's not enough, add the center post.

I say leave the flippers as designed and add the center post if needed.

#4518 2 years ago

Center post just minimizes cheap center drains which this game has a ton of. Either way still not a easy game.

Changing flipper position changes geometry of every shot from the designed layout. Makes certain shots too easy such as the backhand to the steep left ramp. Adjusting flippers will also screw with you if you ever play the game out in the wild as well since you now only know the geometry of your machine.

Whatever makes everyone happy with their machine is really all that matters though!

3 months later
#4855 2 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

I Need guidance- I read on pinside somewhere that on the left VUK people are putting a piece of something in there so the ball kicks out reliably to the right flipper.
So what material, where is it placed and can someone post a picture.
Thanks in advance!!

I know several recommend adjusting power or using the foam but on mine I simply loosened the bolts holding the scoop in place underneath and turned the scoop ever so slightly and tightened it back up and it's been working fine ever since. Only need to turn it literally a mm or two.

#4877 2 years ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Reporting back - this worked.
With that said it was a pain to adjust the 2 screws from the top and the one from the bottom. Also, to get to the top 2 machine screws you have to pull the plastic off - big pain.
Now that it is done- no foam needed or power adjustment.
The real question is will it hold up over time. If not, foam will be next in line to try.

It is a pain to get to but I really think this is the correct method.
I did mine back in November and it hasn’t moved since.

#4878 2 years ago

I’m half tempted to get the topper, for those that have it are you enjoying it?

#4881 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I got one a few weeks ago. I'm still hoping (but doubting) the update will make more use of it. It does look good like it belongs on the game but mostly lights up in attract mode.

Does it light up every time you hit the loop and the ecto siren goes off?

2 months later
#5133 2 years ago

I installed the shapeways targets last week and still get some crazy fliers, maybe not as frequently but I think I’m putting the protected back on.

This is also with the coil strength dialed back.

#5136 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

The main problem we have with the machine once the shapeways brackets are installed is you get a wild ball sometimes that leaves the ramp and goes behind Gozer. But it doesn't happen enough to make me want to put an ugly protector back on. The revised brackets are enough.

Yep - the Gozer flier I’ve seen but the other day I had one rocket straight back at me hit the glass and landed behind the flippers.
Craziest airball I’ve seen on any machine ever!
I agree the protectors aren’t great looking but I can’t stand the fliers, bad for play and not good for the machine.

7 months later
#5860 1 year ago

Just started noticing two minor issues on my premium in a little over a year of having it.

On auto launch 50% of the time the ball is launching into my right loop airball protector and coming back down the lane under the ecto goggles rather than the top lanes.
Is there an adjustment that needs to be made?

Secondly, not sure if this is a bug that I just haven’t noticed before but maybe every couple games I’m getting a random free play msg on dmd during game play, msg stays on for a second or two and goes back to normal.

Anyone experience this?

#5872 1 year ago

Just installed my led color dmd, nice improvement on this one.

What have you all found to be the nest contrast and brightness setting?

#5883 1 year ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

I've been running contrast 5 and brightness 9 (with the Glare Eliminator) for my Stern games.

9 brightness? Holy crap!

Default is 5/5 and bumped it to 6/7 and it was so bright it was bright but created a little distortion or so it seemed.
Think I settled in on 6 contrast and either 5 or 4 for brightness, colors seemed better too.

#5890 1 year ago

Need some airball advice...

Have airball protector for left ramps, swapped out the targets for the upgraded from swinks and am still gettin some occasional crazy fliers.

Finally determined they are somehow coming off the cliffys that are installed on the scoleri targets. Ball hits them just the right way and actually flys up over the airball protector. Sometimes it still lands on ramp and other times bounces off and into the pops.

Anyone else experience this?

Trying to decide if I really need the cliffys on the scoleris and if Mylar would do the job instead.

#5896 1 year ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

I had that issue with mine and I adjusted the drop targets height to be between the play field and cliffy's. No more airballs.

So was it the cliffy or the target creating the airball?
My target is flush with pf but if I level with the cliffy it will stick up more.

#5901 1 year ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

It was the cliffy's creating the airballs when the target was flush with the playfield. Had to raise the target a little so it was a more gradual rise and not as big a bump.

Hmmm...I’ll have to look again very closely. It appears my target is flush with PF but obviously cliffy sits on PF sonthere is a lip there.
If I raise target to be flush with cliffy, won’t that just create a bigger lip to launch from?
I may just yank those cliffys and lay some mylar.

#5931 1 year ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

My contrast was too high and muddled everything up. Turned it down to 3 and it looks sharp. I’ll look into the glare eliminator, thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve been struggling to find the optimum setting as well. Running the stock 5/5 at the moment but certain images are a little dim and some like the storage facility multiball animation are slightly washed out.

TaylorVa what are you running that sharpened the image up a bit? What is your brightness as well?

#5932 1 year ago

Got my topper installed, I’m really digging it. Kind of finishes things off from a theming perspective.

I hope when and if they update the code they tie in the left ecto loop shot to the topper has me scratching my head why you hear the siren but no flashing lights.

#5934 1 year ago
Quoted from Spelunk71:

A certain TWIPy award winning podcaster just shared a rumor on the show that Stern soon will be announcing a vault edition of a popular title. He would not say what it is—just that it’s not Tron or LOTR. Could it be Ghostbusters? Might make sense to coincide a vault edition with a code update to inject new life into the game.
A vault could suggest a robust code update, but would kind of suck for existing owners if some of the design issues are corrected. Thoughts?

Didn’t they literally just stop making them in the last 6 months and discontinued all accessories?

#5938 1 year ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

It's be nice if there was a test pattern built into the ColorDMD.
I don't doubt that they very from panel to panel a bit. But, I noticed on my Monopoly it displays a coin slot and show a coin going into it or something. What I didn't notice at first is that on the coin return button it actually says FUN on it. If you have the Contrast too high you can't see the letters. Which, I think the default setting was too high. Same with LOTR you can't see the subtle shading on the font (and the "sparkling" appears less dramatic).
At any rate, try to find an animation or text with a range of brightness/intensities and adjust from there.

Maybe I always adjusted the contrast the wrong lowering contrast may increase definition of objects and text?

#5940 1 year ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

Yeah, that's how mine work anyway.

I’ll give it a try later...the animation that I see regularly that doesn’t look so great due to washout is the storage facility multiball. Just looks like a pinkish blurry blob. I think if I can get a crisper image I may be able to bump up the brightness to 6.

#5955 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think Stay Puft is one of the best modes in all of pinball!

Funny - I got to it last night for the first time as well, made 1 shot and

What does game progress to after stay puft? I think I may have only had we got one completed on left ramp.

2 months later
#6234 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Thinking about framing up Vigo in a doll house frame to add to the game. I know there are only one or two callouts from Ghostbusters II, plus the river of slime, but it still seems like something pretty iconic from the series that deserves a place in the game.
[quoted image]

Always thought it would be cool to replace that image of the cat in the ecto goggles with a Vigo image.

Anyone want to give this a try in pinball browser?

#6250 1 year ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Vigo printed and ready for installation.
[quoted image]

I like it!

Want to make a couple more to sell?

#6276 1 year ago

Someone said a while back that mid year was the rumored timeframe and we are there so maybe it will actually happen.

#6321 1 year ago
Quoted from ArcadiusMaximus:

Holy S*** THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I have been calling distributors left and right to find one over the last month (cue the White Snake). I think I just set a land speed record for placing an order online . Crossing fingers ( and streams) the order processes and ships.

Take it from me, don't think just buy or you'll find yourself searching through the Internets trying to track one down. You can sell the kidney have 2 of those.

I hope you called first.

I called them a few months ago when I saw it on their site and was politely told sold out and web not up to date.

Ended up scoring one from one of the stern dealers in Chicago.

3 months later
#6881 1 year ago

I’m hoping for more code for the topper, better use of the scoleris with more choreography, more actor dialogue implemented.

#6884 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Good ideas. Some more topper code would be awesome, it's an amazing topper but not used nearly enough. Just some extra effects added to it would be nice. When all the lights go crazy during the Storage Facility MB intro it would be cool if some lights on the topper triggered as well.

They should light every time you hit the loop and trigger the siren.

3 months later
#7759 11 months ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Okay ...
So who is trying to mod the Hallmark Ecto-1 Ornament to place in the game

Cmon I know i am not the only one whose thinking about doing something with it for the GB

Looks pretty good, already has the lights. Anyone figure out how to do this yet?

10 months later
#8790 39 days ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I have them and im not noticing much a difference. I can still see the balls plowing into my airball protector extremely often. Would love to be able to take that protector off.

I have the brackets too and didn’t make much difference.

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