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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (1 year ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (1 year ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (1 year ago)

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#2370 2 years ago
Quoted from wisemanbba:

Thanks for the insight, I appreciate it. I own a WOZ, and the kids absolutely love it. I want to add a 2nd game but want to make sure it's on the easier for the kids, if possible. GB has a great theme for the family, just concerned it won't get played due to difficulty. If that can be mitigated, it's likely the right one for our house.

GB is a very hard game. there's not much you can do to mitigate it. there will be a lot of games where a kid doesn't even get a mode started.

#2376 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Yeah, there's no reason to pick ESP Ability at this time. Maybe if they put an extra ball or some other award at certain guess levels (bonus multiplier at 3 correct, extra ball at 5, light playfield multipliers at 7, etc.).

well, if you've captured tons of ghosts, wouldn't ESP eventually surpass CTS? but i agree, Cross the Streams is virtually always the better choice. also, it might be the only game where going for the video mode on all three skill shots (and doing literally nothing else) nets you a fairly competitive score, haha. i mean, 150 million will win most rounds at the league i play in!

the real problem is that the scoring with the modes is so non-linear. you pretty much have to progress to at least step 3 of one of the ladders before you outscore someone who just goes for video mode on every plunge. 60 million is just too big a chunk of change in this game. beating Cross the Streams should be worth ~35 million and a random award, to put it more in line with the first or second stage of the ladders.

#2387 2 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

WOZ and GB Is a good combo. They'll love it.

indeed, indeed. just need a Black Hole and a STTNG and it'd be the perfect collection IMO ...

#2395 2 years ago

your game, you can do what you want with it. i'm not criticizing, i swear. me, i like the challenge. i feel like i'm learning more about ball control than i ever have.

#2414 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Noob putting an order in from pinball life.
I have no pinball parts. Help me put a list together of things I should have on hand for my GB and pinball in general, e.g., extra lights, springs, cleaning products, etc.

The lights now are LED and rarely fail. Not much point stocking up on those. If one does fail, it's easy enough to order a replacement after the fact - it's not like the game will be out of commission.

You will want new pinballs, though. the ones Stern ships with the game are not very good.

You also definitely need several good soft micofiber cloths, a light cleaner such as Novus 1, and a pure canuba non-cleaner wax -- I recommend P21S. You can get it off Amazon. You will want to do light cleaning and wax every few months depending on usage. The wax helps reduce playfield wear and makes the game play nice and fast. Very important!

Also a good set of tools, including a soldering iron.

You shouldnt need a bunch of spare parts on hand right off the bat. The number of things that could potentially fail in a pinball machine are too varied -- you can't really anticipate which part you will need (if you only have one game). Instead of buying parts that may not or may not fail, invest in Cliffy protectors or other mods.

A year or two from now, you may want new rubbers, but no need to worry about that now.

#2416 2 years ago

two more essential tools for the noob:

cotton swabs of assorted sizes. put a little water or windex on the end, and these things are awesome for cleaning hard to reach places.

swabeez (resized).jpg
get them here:
amazon.com link »

also, a telescoping magnet tool. this one is good, because the magnet is nice and small; good for getting down into a pinball machine.
telescoping magnet tool (resized).jpg
amazon.com link »

#2427 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Is this the wax on amazon? P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

that's the stuff!

1 month later
#3053 2 years ago

finally got Slimer, the Scoleri Brothers, and the right orbit switch adjusted to my liking, and i had a monster game last night!

i managed to get to Stay Puft mode, with 6x Playfield, and i started Storage Facility Multiball right when it started. i then made 22 loopin supers in a row during multiball / 6x playfield / Stay Puft. ended up with about 4.5 billion. (my previous best was about 1.5 billion)

unfortunately, i wasn't able to hit any of the Stay Puft mode multipliers before choosing the form of the destructor, otherwise i could have had an even higher score.

when i finished that ball, i took a bow and basked in the applause of the imaginary crowd in my basement, haha.

#3054 2 years ago
Quoted from AtTheArcade:

I do the same after hearing others mention it here on Pinside. It sounds crazy, but it works. The only problem is crossing your hands when the mode starts and uncrossing when it ends. But I think I could play an entire game of reversed flippers by just crossing my hands. The mind is an interesting thing!

i was skeptical when i first heard of that trick but after trying it, it's just by far the best way to approach that mode. the mode still needs more obvious indicators of when the flippers are switching, though.

#3057 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Awesome game. That's the a good stack.
What are the multipliers? You can increase the 1x 1x 1x 1x?

yeah, you can increase them by hitting various switches before hitting a ramp or orbit.

i'm like two months behind on this thread. sorry for the multi-posts!

Quoted from clue2025:

Ok. I have a question for owners/operators:
I played in C Division this past weekend at PAPA and played Ghost Busters. I hit the hurry-up shot for 101 million points. I put my name in and everything. However, the game only scored me 30 million. The guy after me did the same thing: Hit a 110 million hurry-up, put his name in. Only had 80 million points.
Is there a way in the system to shut off the hurry-up score? Like make it so the shot doesn't count at all? I was already playing bad but that really blew my vibe for the rest of the weekend.

this is old, but i didn't see anyone answer it, and since the bug is still present in the current code, i thought i'd respond:

the good news is your game score was correct -- there's a bug that causes the game to get confused about the value of the Terror Dog Hurry Up, but only in regards to the Terror Dog high score list. you didn't actually hit a 100 million point shot. somewhere under the covers, the Hurry Up value keeps accumulating every time its collected, even though it gives you the correct value in-game. after a certain point, every player that manages to hit any terror dog shot will be prompted to enter their initials at the end, and given credit for some outrageous terror dog value that they didn't actually earn. rebooting the game resets the hurry up for real.

the bug is still there on the latest code, but only shows up if the game is played a whole bunch of times in succession, and doesn't affect anything except the terror dog champion screen.

Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Does anyone think that the video modes are severely unbalanced compared to the rest of the starting modes? When you can get 60 million off a video mode and only 20 million off something like Who Brought the Dog, it just doesn't seem right. You can easily rack up 120 - 180 million just playing video modes off the skill shot, whereas you need to finish 5 or 6 regular modes to accomplish the same thing.
Unless there is something I'm missing?

yeah, the video modes are definitely overpowered at least until you get very good at the game. interesting note: the playfield multipliers DO apply to the video mode, so if you can get 6x going and then hit Cross the Streams, it can be worth over 350 million! in competition, if you're up against people who don't really know the game super well, simply going for video modes on all three skill shots will probably win you a pretty high percentage of matches.

against players who really know the game, you have to hit the playfield multipliers on the skill shot.

what's even weirder about this game is how crucial the skillshot is. i'm not sure there's another pin in the world where making your skillshot is so important. if you're trying to start a mode and you miss, then you have to make at least 3 risky shots (ghost target, slimer, slimer) plus the mode start shot in order to catch up. and the 2x/3x multipliers skillshot is even more impactful - it can rocket your game into the stratosphere if made at the right time.

Quoted from Rob_G:

DCTS video mode made ESP video mode irrelevant because DCTS is guaranteed points where ESP is not. ESP takes too many guesses to become valuable and you are most likely going to fail before you get above 60 million. I would have preferred DCTS starts from the left scoop as a random award perhaps because it does not fit in (IMHO) with the right scoop ESP.

not true -- ESP gives you an automatic correct guess for every ten ghosts you've collected. so in the latter stages of long games, ESP passes up DCTS in points.

#3102 2 years ago

has anyone swapped out the rubbers on this game yet? i changed out the black ones for a combination of translucent white and translucent green ones. it looks great.

one problem, though -- there is one large rubber ring to the left of the pops that i could not for the life of me figure out how to get off of there. i disassembled just about everything. i took off the ramps. i removed the Gozer plastic. i even removed the four screws underneath the playfield holding the Slimer arm in place, but that didn't help. it seems like i need to remove the slimer arm completely, but i can't figure out a way to do that. am i missing something obvious?

(GB Pro by the way)

#3105 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinnutz:

I replaced all my rubbers also with the clear translucent ones. It was a while ago. You have to remove Slimer to replace that rubber. If I recall correctly you have to remove the 'c' clips on the pivot point of Slimer so that you can take him off. Be careful of the little spacers on the pivot pin. They fell off and I had some trouble figuring out how they went on reassembly. Take some good pictures

ugh, that's what i was afraid of. i didn't want to totally disassemble that arm as well as removing it. bleah.

#3113 2 years ago

the speed of this game is really wonderful. i can't stop playing it. it did require a lot of tweaking on my part to get it right, but now that it's dialed in, it is a speed demon and a brutal monster, but it is absolutely both fair and fun. those STDM drains people complain about CAN be mitigated if you know when to nudge.

4 months later
#4008 1 year ago
Quoted from thall17:

Anyone have any ideas on what the new code will address? Different video modes? Wizzard mode?

my wishlist would be:

- allow features like video mode and tobins to function while a mode is running. (why don't they? were some of these modes originally going to be multiball modes?)
- rebalance video mode so that it isn't the best option for tournament games against average players. maybe make it worth 20 million times the number of modes you've completed, or make it 35 million and a random award instead of the full 60 million right from the first plunge. in my experience, 75% of players do not score over 100 million in the whole game. that means two video mode skill shots and literally nothing else wins most matches. it's dumb and not fun after a while.
- make "We Came We Saw" worth a lot more points. it's barely worth playing.
- implement the damn "are you a god" mode listed on the card.
- make the librarian insert and the red flashers in the outlanes actually do something.
- give a NOTICEABLE warning when flippers are about to swap during Mass Hysteria. A distinctive audio clip should play a second or two before the swap. it's frustrating to lose a ball because the flippers swapped with no warning. losing a ball because of swapped flippers should feel like a player error, not a random annoying punishment.
- make stay puft mode worth slightly fewer points. maybe 40 million base per shot instead of 50. it dwarfs every other primary mode by a mile. PKE frenzy can get up there too, but you can get to PKE from any ladder. Stay Puft is so lucrative that it doesn't make sense to go for the other two ladders, and it kinda makes all the other modes you play before and after it irrelevant.

#4010 1 year ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

Anyone think something like this could work? It wouldn't be as easy as Viking IMO, but it might give the player a chance to make a save. My GB plays absolutely brutal as is. A one way gate (My picture is the wire only )that still allowed the ball to roll smoothly down the inlanes. Maybe a large, more squishy rubber on the outlane post. Mine has the green ball hop plastics that would cover the top of the gate and the wire rail.
If this has been mention in the past please disregard too. Haven't kept up with this whole thread.

haha. i'm not gonna be the first to try that mod, but i'll be the second if it works!

#4012 1 year ago
Quoted from miga:

Sorry guys but another question.
When I colected 20 Ghosts Tobins Spirit Guide should be lit right away no?
It doesn't for me.
It "seems" that, at least so far, it does for player two. ??
Is this a bug or do you need to hit a shot to actually activate it?
Wouldn't seem right though as player two seems to get it right away.
I thinks it reacts the same with negative reinforcement.

it doesn't light if you have a mode running. once the mode expires, tobins will light up. same thing with the video mode. neither will actually light if a mode is running.

1 week later
#4064 1 year ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

How can I make Newton balls more sensitive? Maybe go with lighter balls? Are the dayglo balls better?

Play better.

3 months later
#4622 1 year ago
Quoted from Prefect:

Is $3950 a decent price for a pro?

Phenomenal price even if routed IMO.

#4643 1 year ago
Quoted from gweempose:

There is a piece of mylar right before the turn back there that is often the cause of this. If your game still has the mylar, I would suggest removing it.

Had that exact problem and removing the Mylar fixed it for me. It was easy to remove, pulled right up after I worked a corner with my fingernail.

#4657 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Has anyone played around with the multitude of difficulty settings on the machine? I noticed while tooling around in the settings that there were a lot of different options "easy, normal, hard, tournament, home, etc." and I was curious what sort of effect these choices would have? I'm assuming they apply a ruleset to the game that overrides many of the factory defaults. Some of the late modes (like Gozer that someone just mentioned) seem nearly impossible to complete with the number of shots they require. Also I decided to finally grab a center post for this....anytime people come over they love the theme and go straight for it but they also have extremely short games due to the difficulty (just about everyone that plays at my place are casual players). I'm also curious to see how it changes the game play for me as well....I've only reached 6 or 7 modes cleared a few times in my entire time owning the machine.

Gozer mode only requires 6 shots total:

phase 1 - right ramp (difficult)
phase 2 - gozer target (easy)
phase 3 - left loop, left ramp, and right loop in any order (easy)
phase 4 - gozer target again (easy)

Honestly, it's simply that right ramp at the beginning that ends up being the blocker for most players. All the other shots are easy. The other thing making that mode extra hard is all the things that light up because they build the cash-in value, but don't actually advance the mode. It's super unclear which is which to people that don't know the mode really well. Someone can hit like a dozen lit shots and wonder why the heck they haven't finished the mode yet.

2 weeks later
#4680 1 year ago
Quoted from miga:

Not sure if this has been mentioned before even though I read the whole thread.
But when I got a mode running and I got the last shot on the left ramp which then would start He Slimed me plus Storage Facility Multiball is ready too, it should start MB plus the mode right?
It starts the call iut for the mode but then only starts MB without the actual mide running.
Bug or ment to be?

it's a bug. it should start both at once, but doesn't.

#4682 1 year ago

i own a Pro.

i can hit the right bucket very reliably - on mine, it's just beyond the tip of the flipper from a cradle or roll.

As for the right ramp ... i've owned this game for more than a year, and i STILL haven't found that damn right ramp. I can get it like once a game. As a result, most of my games end on Gozer mode.

#4690 1 year ago

the Pro has a different problem that is just as annoying. the ramp is of course hard as hell to hit, but if you DO hit it dead on at speed, the ball will often jump over two of the sensors and only hit the third, and as a result register as a LEFT ramp hit instead of a RIGHT ramp hit. Super frustrating!

1 week later
#4699 1 year ago

I had something of a revalation today.

This game always mildly bummed me out because it looks and sounds so amazing, but is an absolutely terrible game for introducing people to pinball. When non-pinball people came over, I always had to steer them away from it, because they just had no chance of getting anywhere on it. Even very good players find it super frustrating, and in competition simply resort to exploiting the video mode to death.

I love a good challenge, but GB drains are out of control and make the game significantly less fun. This extreme difficulty also works very much against the linear ruleset. If the game were easier, it wouldn't be so bad that you have to start on the same 1 or 2 modes every time, because you would eventually play lots of others too.

So anyway. Today I put on some new flipper bats from Marco that are 1/8" longer, and also set the angle on them to eliminate the factory droop, just to see what it was like with a "normal" flipper gap and "normal" flipper bat angle.

image1 (3) (resized).jpeg

And man, it is like night and day! It is actually FUN!

- You can save about 20% more STDM shots, putting it on par with most other games.
- The longer bats combined with less droop makes cradles a lot easier.
- No more kickouts STDM.
- Scoleri Brothers are no longer an automatic death sentence.
- Left ramp is slightly easier to backhand.
- the altered flipper angles make it so you CANNOT auto-plunge or manual plunge the orbit to go into the Video Mode without flipping anymore. This is a VERY GOOD thing in my opinion. If people are going to exploit video mode, they should at least have to make the shot themselves.

the difference in bat length is really pretty small -- it's about equal to the thickness of the flipper rubber. There are still plenty of center drains. But it results in enough saves that the whole game feels more satisfying.

That's my opinion, anyway.

here is a link to flippers I bought: http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/20-9592-7 (they also have them in white and yellow)

#4701 1 year ago

5 unfair balls probably wouldn't be that much more fun than 3!

#4724 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

I've been getting the "Terror Dog Champion" on a regular basis. I've also been noticing that sometimes the "Terror Dog Champion" total is larger than my score for the game, but the game still has me put in my initials. It just had me put in my initials for "TDC" at 98M, but my score for the game was only 70M. Any idea how that works?

it's a bug. the Terror Dog Champion counter is bugged, and keeps building up until you power cycle the game.

#4727 1 year ago
Quoted from abagwell:

Pro owner here....whatever do you mean....Gozer mode ends when you shoot the left ramp 13 times in a row and the timer runs out....right?

haha. no, gozer mode NEVER ends because i hit the left ramp 12 times in a row, and drain with 1 second left, thus restarting the timer. or it goes into the pops, and i inevitably get the Add Time "reward".

#4739 1 year ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Hi all - can’t make it thru 95 pages of gb to see if this was previously posted but I’ve got to ask a question —
My brother has a gb pro and little time to work on it (and I haven’t been able to get over there to look at it more thoroughly). Last time I was there we played a few games and then the left flipper seemed to be intermittent or laggy a couple times and then went to just being really weak.
I took the plunger out of the coil and noticed it was magnetized (is that normal) to coil dust. Slight rubbing on sleeve but nothing major. I suggested filing the plunger end but I don’t think that’s the real issue.
Anyone else experienced this and have a thought? I noticed in the menu that there’s flipper power values (slightly different between left and right) but no way to adjust them that I could see???

there as a software bug a few revisions back that caused weak flippers. maybe make sure he's on 1.13 code.

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