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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (3 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (3 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (3 years ago)

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#1712 4 years ago

I looked at my Ecto Goggles. But there is a plastic right in front of the display - i think it is numbered 75 - that should be sufficient to hold those airballs or is not?

#1714 4 years ago

You can just add an extra layer to that with lexan? I thinks for looks a better solution.

5 months later
#2468 3 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

For the PCB LEDs, I'm going to try these colored filters. $3.17 shipped. link »

I just put some green transparant foil under that plastic. Looks great. Other option is to paint the bulb with some green glass paint.

1 week later
#2622 3 years ago
Quoted from Jackpin:

I recently bought a ghostbusters pro. I added mods and wanted to share some pictures.

I hope you are happy with it. For me this is way to much....sorry.

3 months later
#3386 3 years ago

Is that easy to install? Can't find anything on that?

1 week later
#3441 3 years ago

I must say, that is one of the best mods I have seen in years. This really ads something to your game not just leds. Love this......I think they have a winner!

#3444 3 years ago

Question. I am preparing for a playfield swap but when I turn on the machine the flippers do not work nor the plunger and some other coils. Coils like the locked balls do work. What am I missing?

#3471 3 years ago

As the part is 3D printed it should be easily adjusted. Maybe mezelmods could provide the part files so you could 3D print it yourself.

2 months later
#3933 3 years ago

Well that installation is incorrect. If correct it will bounce, at least with mine, very happy with this post on mine.

2 weeks later
#4023 3 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Contact your distributor to receive the updated slimer mechanism. It works in a different way with different parts.

Yes the first have an open circuit and register when contact is made. Later, enhanced, ones are closed and register the shot when the contact opens. Much easier to setup. I have the new one, no problems since.

2 months later
#4285 2 years ago

+ 1 for an LE

#4292 2 years ago
Quoted from jfre81:

I don't own a GB. I played on location for the first time last night. But was wanting to get some feedback from owners.
Never seen a silver ball fly so much on a single-level PF on such ordinary shots. Twice I sent a ball flying back the other way for a horrible airball drain. One time it went to the inlane and hopped over the separator from the outlane, drain. Then another one hit the left ramp post (I think, this happened fast) and flew over the wireform across the center PF, over the inlane and flipper and straight to the drain. At least this one let me shoot again. The flippers were strong, maybe too strong?
I also had the machine reboot while the ball was bouncing around in the jet bumpers, as if I had slamtilted. Now the table feels really light and wound up slide-saving a ball from the left outlane and got a tilt warning a few seconds earlier. Not sure if that had to do with something. I was just trying to nudge a bit when the legs moved with little resistance. But the table was stationary and the ball was in the jets when this happened. This was on a first ball so I lost my game and was actually starting to groove a little after some frustrating early drains.
I really want to like this thing. I can see how with some mods it can be a really good one. That right ramp looks really cool, is a fairly challenging shot, and my highlight of last night was hitting a perfect backhand through it. It also looks a lot better IRL than in pics. But overall my GB experience was underwhelming. At $1 a play I went through $7 in the space of 30 minutes. To be fair, it was my first live flip in at least a year, and I'm rusty. I lost a couple getting my bearings back, but after the first game maybe three or four balls were what I'd call my fault.

To be honest as an owner you have to do some adjustment but then it just plays great. I have airballs only in a few occasions. No hopping drains, no sdtm, only a lot of fun. I agree the linear code is somewhat frustrating but sometimes you have this great game. That is what you do it for. I do not think any operator will go to the level of adjustments a home owner would.

#4294 2 years ago

Most stdm happened direct from the top left exit of slimer target. It toke me a lot of leveling the machine to get it right. And a center post helps a lot

4 weeks later
#4533 2 years ago

the right one also starts scolari brothers

#4599 2 years ago

The JT signed playfields are a bit dubious now.....send them to premium owners...

#4609 2 years ago

Looks like that is already an altered Node Board.

1 week later
#4649 2 years ago

Hmm, GB Premium and Pro will run for some time. Even when they will stop most op the times they will announce it as they final run.
So there is no point on missing out. But when you look at the second hand market, these will pop up regular. With new titles coming out and most people with only limited room, these will pop up (I expect). And knowing Stern a vault edition or re-run after production has stopped is also likely.

I would not worry to much on missing out. Safe up some money en when a machine for the right price comes by, get it.

2 months later
#4784 2 years ago

Wow that are some freaking airballs. I have never seen that on my machine. Now I do not have the river of slime mod but the ball ending up never. From where are these airballs coming? Not from the standup targets?

3 months later
#5128 2 years ago

I even removed that completely....never had a ball up there. I removed all hooks and things from the playfield, don't like them. That ramp is real orange!

1 week later
#5164 2 years ago

First, disable the scolari brothers and see if the problem is solved.

3 months later
#5613 1 year ago

not misaligned, that one is in your face. I swapped it with a less brighter version.

#5616 1 year ago

When GB started you had a 3d printed part that ensured the wireform was not bend. Later that was solved by Stern. The 3d printed part will block also the red light. I do not know if these are still available.

#5623 1 year ago

yep that is the part.

#5630 1 year ago

3 years already...still waiting on the final code.....

2 months later
#5833 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I got to that mode for the first time last night and noticed the same.

Maybe it only lights when you complete the mode?

1 month later
#6004 1 year ago

Also adjust the sidelane wires, just hammer them up a bit form below the playfield, it will prevent lane hopping.

2 months later
#6300 1 year ago

What a drama.....

4 weeks later
#6417 1 year ago

Today 30 months of no code, yeah! Or will they suprise us in the Stern of the Union today?

#6424 1 year ago
Quoted from Arcade:

At least that is actual news.
Don’t think I could have taken another “remains on our schedule” post.

They will report this for coming 30 months

#6439 1 year ago

Come on Stern make Ghostbusters code Great!

2 weeks later
#6524 1 year ago

GB was my last new in box....I will not buy a Stern again untill code is finished. Just because I want them to take care. You can not deliver such an expensive machine without the proper code. They need to learn that. They fixed BM66 beacuse that was even more awfull, they fixed now GoT, I did not know if that had any issues. They will need to fix GB.

#6551 1 year ago

I do not know about random modes. Although I can not stand who brought the dog and we got one since I played those so many times, I think the linear approach follows the story the best. I would like to see when the mode times out or you do not make it, you have to start that damn slimmer again. There should be more ways to start a scene (next to skill shot) Also less scolari brothers, I see them way to much.

#6565 1 year ago

If GB is a keeper the stay puft is great. It is subtle but every time I see it, it just makes me smile...

#6577 1 year ago

Mine is not on a spring. Only the tiefighter is on a spring

#6628 1 year ago

The flipper switch when you hit the scolary brother ball.

#6635 1 year ago

Stern of the union tomorrow. Gb code update? Place your bets....

#6637 1 year ago

That's what my IJ says.....

#6647 1 year ago

GB code update...they got additional resources on it....additional resources.

Hope it is not the toilet lady.

3 weeks later
#6762 1 year ago

Each time I see a lot of posts I always think.....GB Code update......but no.....

#6835 1 year ago

Pro or Premium/LE. I have an LE and like it a lot. Premium is also ok, but I like the artwork on the LE better (especially the backglass), but that is just taste. On gameplay Pro in my opinion is a bit easier. Seems shots are just a bit easier. Wonder if that was just the pro I played vs my LE or every pro. Slimer is easier for sure as he does not wander over all the field and block your shots. Next to that I like the shaker, with multiball you are always in for something special. My LE needed a lot of finetuning before it played well but once setup, it is a great game with great features. Hope the code will bring some extra's.

2 weeks later
#7001 1 year ago

I am ready to believe the update is coming. Polished/cleaned my GB yesterday.....I am ready!

believ (resized).jpg
#7019 1 year ago

I will backup 1.13 just in case we need to go back. But very excited for the rest. 3 years off waiting made me a bit grumpy

#7063 1 year ago

Is the librarian insert now used? I could not figure that out. The sound on flipper change with Mass Hysteria is very needed. Also are you a god mode looks great, see if we can get there. I like the comment form Swinks, are you a god mini mode start at play would be great fun. Also you finaly see what nr of balls you have left. All together a very needed update.

#7100 1 year ago

Now I need to get a colorDMD, this is one expensive upgrade from Stern.

#7105 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Unlike some games that I think don't really make a big diff with color (looking at you tron) - this one is HUGE. So much better in color. Similar to JP DE - another title that really looks so much better.

Yes Tron is a bit blue, the lightcycle animations are great. Just once you go ColorDMD, you have to do them all. So I have GB, Baywatch and T2 left to do, I am saving up for that, or have to sell a kidney GB will be the first to go color.

#7160 1 year ago

Stop posting in this forum, each time I see a lot of activity I think new code is here. I can not control myself anymore

1 week later
#7365 1 year ago

Hmmm, my game reset after reaching WCWS. Just total dark and nothing then reset. Also the left ball post in the left orbit is not always going down completely, so the ball gets stuck there. After ball search it pops up and then levels with the playfield. Need to see if that is mechanical.

#7402 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

No one else that worked on the game has something personal on that level in the game.
I think the designer should have that personal touch stripped away considering what he did. I don't want to see a convicted felons cat in the game, he lost that privilege with the sick crime he committed.

I would say we also remove the flippergap, since that was his trademark! No one ever had such a personal flippergap in a game.

4 weeks later
#7618 1 year ago

I like that one, bought one myself to mod, but have an LE so there is no direct need. I like when there is not to much detail, since the rest in the machine is also a bit cartoony. I would not make it to realistic, it will just be out of place. With all mods is to look at the machine and see where things can blend in. The best mods are the ones that people think was done by the factory.

1 month later
#7800 11 months ago

Ok what am I doing wrong. Did the 1.17 code. Did the 4.2 color dmd
Some screens look strange with all colors. Some are not showing correct. Like the animations.

15770475900712798569963297225716 (resized).jpg
#7801 11 months ago

strange, spooked librarian and dom't cross the streams is in grey there must be something wrong with the file??

#7802 11 months ago

another issues I now had a few times. During SF multiball, the machine resets? COmplete blackout and reset. Running code 1.17. Anything wrong here?

#7806 11 months ago

I went back to the stern screen, with the red filter, and all is ok. So the code from stern is ok. And the cables look ok to. Only difference is the power. The colordmd LED one uses CN06 and teh Stern just the plug that is there. Could that make animations look noisy and interfere witht he colors on some screens?

#7807 11 months ago

Does any of you have code 1.16 for me to share,I would like to go back one version to see if SFMB is ok there. I have all kinds of versions from Delt31 and Mudflaps but would like to test with the original Stern code.

#7809 11 months ago

Running now 1.17 with normal screen. Will check again in the new year with the colordmd

2 weeks later
#7823 10 months ago

I always full plunge since I like to start the scene (skillshot) with the Who brought the dog shot. With full orbit it lands on the left flipper to make that shot.

1 week later
#7862 10 months ago

ok....that is......unussual

3 weeks later
#7906 9 months ago
Quoted from Phantasize:

The fix in his video is for targets that doesn't go down. My problem is the left target won't stay up. But i think i will play around with the spring and see if i can change anything.
Another question:
When i shoot the ball up the storage facility ramp, it's not always registered. I think there is only one switch on that ramp, right after the right turn. And if i test that switch in test mode, it's impossible for me to get the ball past the switch without it registering, no matter what i do (sliding it along both edges, center, "top" and bottom). The ball simply doesn't seem to be able to pass the switch without being registered. But in a game it happens! Very frustrating, as its quite an important shot.
Can it be a bad switch, and the speed alone that does it? Or what on earth could it be?

"When i shoot the ball up the storage facility ramp, it's not always registered". Check the switch at the top of the ramp. It is a known issue that that switch does not register shots always, as they came out of the box. Just bend the switch leaf until it work, be careful!

#7908 9 months ago

You can test the switch off course in the menu. See if it always registers. Mine had problems right from the factory.

1 week later
#7962 9 months ago

really like that metro mod but can you see the PKI lanes at the top?

#7978 9 months ago

"Ball guide rod 1/4" higher - hit with a hammer (behind each slingshot area - this prevents ball jumping in the drain areas)
return lane protector, I pefer these... but in "clear" email ULEK he is on Pinside."

That will not make the ball not jumping to the drain lane. You have to get under the playfield hammer the guide rod back a bit to get them higher. Otherwise the ball will hop in the outlane. These could also help -

#7981 9 months ago

the gasket is a nice solution, I just used tape around the display to ensure no light bleed. I use polarizing filters on all my machines so its black enough

2 months later
#8321 6 months ago

I see unavailable but you can make a reservation maybe it will come soon.

#8323 6 months ago

Pro is a great game. Nothing wrong with that Premium and LE are different, I think a bit harder but also so much fun. I like the magna slings, like during multiball how 2 or even three bals cling up to just roll around. I do think the moving slimer is nice. Ecto googles are just eye candy. I also like the subway ramp. Only thing about this machine I do not like is the scolari brothers and the ball hopping over the inlines, but there are solutions for that. For the rest great game, sounds, call outs are the best. It has a midnight madness mode, it has the scream feature, is flippers that switch, it has it all.

4 weeks later
#8381 5 months ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Just brought a pro in the house on a temporary trade for our Aerosmith pro. Already performed the 1.17 update and will be installing the Mudflaps update overnight so I can play it first thing.[quoted image]

No Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Guns 'n Roses, ACDC, Metallica pin in there? Also you got the order of pins incorrect, the holy trinity must be preserved....AFM,MM,MB.

1 month later
#8460 4 months ago

Those scolari brothers look cool, but is it just lit up or will it pulse when they are under the playfield, would be a cool effect that they are living under there waiting to pop up.

#8466 4 months ago

Agree, color is awesome on this title.

#8474 4 months ago

Look there is no right or wrong here, LCD or LED. I like the LED, black is black and colors are beautiful. I do not mind I do not have other modes. I like pixels, I like the look and feel. Also like the perfect fit of the LED versus the LCD. But again if you fancy all the modes, you can go with LCD.

1 week later
#8526 3 months ago

I watched the GB2 movie yesterday for a bit. Such great call outs in that movie. Is anybody adding movie lines to the code?

3 weeks later
#8582 3 months ago

Yes a video will do, is that for a Pro of Premium/LE?

4 weeks later
#8651 63 days ago

Flippers with ridges (these are just a bit bigger), such a better game. I even removed the middle post. This is so good now, love this game!

GB (resized).jpg
#8668 61 days ago

I do not normally mind a flippergap nor SDTM, I see enough of those on my CFTBL and BKSor. But on GB it just seems unfair. I do not know why but the game was frustrating. Now with new larger flipperbats this is all gone, shots are great, fast, and on the mark. I just love it like it is, yes I can change is back if I ever sell this machine, which will not be in the near future....Now please mod your machine all the way you like, and carry on flipping. I love to see pictures of unique things in here, get me inspired for my own machine.

#8689 58 days ago
Quoted from oradke:

For me, adding the carrots (purple adpins actually) dialed the game down from „frustrating“ to „very challenging“. Besides the drain, the carrots made the outer shots (sink holes and right ramp) actually manageable. I removed the center post mod and practice my aiming and nudging. This keeps the game challenging and interesting for a long time - and hopefully makes me a better player.[quoted image]

Same with me, removes the post and added $15 dollar carrot flippers. Made this game so much fun. Shots are fast and I can make all shots easily. I keep it as is, any future buyer of my game can put back the normal flippers if they want to. Not that my game is going anywhere soon, too much fun. Please do whatever you wnat to your game to dail it in, make it easier and just get the fun in. There is no right or wrong, no pure pinball religion. I am not a tournament player so will never have to compete on a GB in the wild.

Now pardon me, I have to catch some ghosts....

#8715 56 days ago

LED all the way here. Nice black levels, beautiful colors, best form factor, best brightness. I stayed close to the original on all my machines, I like the dots and their animations. But again you can't go wrong and each thier own.

#8727 51 days ago

you can use the 12v from the cabinet board on the left. Several vendors sell complete wiring kits for that.

#8735 51 days ago

That one is for the backbox, they also have one for the cabinet node board.

1 week later
#8761 44 days ago

It still is a great movie. Timeless

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