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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (1 year ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (1 year ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (1 year ago)

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#1095 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBellMan:

Ok folks,
Now that you have all seen the Hot Pink GB, it's now up for grabs! Stock machine with Hot Pink trim/armor installed. Slimer mech fix in place and works perfectly. Has about 50 games on it and plays perfect! Selling because I can't handle the really bright proprietary color changing LEDs that Stern has installed. My eyes simply can't handle it which is too bad because we really like this game...
Anyways, looking for a nice Addams Family first, but would consider other WPC titles. I'm not looking to sell at this time or trade for any other newer Stern titles (Spike system games). PM me with any other questions. Located in Concord/Bay Area. Thx!
Rob Bell

At PAGG, some people were talking about cutting up plastic milk jugs to make diffusers for overly-bright LEDs in Spike games.

5 months later
#1966 2 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Putting some time in last night and have to say those mag slings doing their voodoo and magnetizing 3 balls together and releasing during multiball is just plain awesome.
Never gets old, and has to be one of the best gimmicks in pinball.

Totally agree. For me, with some fine-tuning, my magna-slings went from "interesting" to "awesome". Specifically, here's what I did: 1) Changed to translucent rubber rings from Pinball Life, then, on the slings, moved the large ring lower, and the small rings higher, 2) Adjusted the gap on the leaf switches (to be a just a tad more sensitive), and 3) Using a reliable level, set the playfield pitch to 6.5 degrees (interestingly, according to my Craftsman level, the pitch was only 5.9 degrees when the game's bubble was centered). With this setup, I really appreciate what the designers created. It's as if the magna-slings become "possessed by ghosts", doing more crazy stuff as the game progresses, with corresponding sound effects. And yeah, once in a while you even see two or three balls cluster together in front of a sling, doing some sort of slow dance. Well done.

#1968 2 years ago
Quoted from enjoyvelvet:

For a Pro the slings just use a standard 2 1/2 rubber right? Is there an additional smaller rubber on the slings?? I think I'm gonna get some of the translucent ones too for mine. I hate the standard black rubber.

Pro has the 2" sling rubber. Premium has a 3/16" ring on each sling post in addition to the 2" rubber.

4 months later
#3261 2 years ago

Six months in and still loving my Premium. What are the chances we'll see a Proton Stream add-on kit released along with a corresponding code update? I keep thinking the L-brackets are there for a reason...

1 week later
#3314 2 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I used to think that. Those are actually to prevent ball sticks. Now the holes in the lower left and right of the playfield are definitely for the protons. Or used to be. Seems the proton add on turned out to be too costly for stern to launch. It would have been too expensive. Jody mentioned that on one of the Facebook tours and also Trudeau mentioned it in an interview.

I hear what you're saying but I haven't lost hope. I recall Trudeau saying the Proton Stream thing didn't make it into the product release, but I also heard him say (was it podcast or a video) that the toy could still become a reality. Hmm. Jody said they would consider it if there was a lot of demand (kind of what you would expect the marketing guy to say). And regarding the L-Brackets, they sure don't look to me like they're in a position to prevent stuck balls. I removed the L-Brackets from my game hundreds of plays ago... but I saved them, just in case

4 weeks later
#3433 2 years ago

Was just looking through my audits. What is "POPS-LIGHT LIGHT ALL A BALL"?

2 months later
#3996 2 years ago

I’m fine with the linear ladders in GB. It makes some modes like Stay Puft harder to get to, so it is kinda neat (satisfying) when you manage to start them. However, I’d welcome a new option under feature adjustments called “Linear Ladders (Yes/No)”. Thus, if you prefer non-linear ladder(s), you would have that choice.

7 months later
#4994 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

In contemplating a GB purchase I am considering carrots and maybe a center post if needed.... is that overdoing it a bit??

For home use, I like to make small, incremental changes until the game feels right. I ended up with ribbed flippers (slight reduction in SDTM drains) and a DIY outlane mod pictured below (slight reduction in outlane drains). I'm not a fan of center posts (I think it's a personal preference, but I found the center post to be mostly an annoyance in T2 and WOZ).

#4995 1 year ago

Any speculation on what the unused outlane inserts were intended for and how they'll tie into gameplay in the future? ? They are round, red inserts in my game, with no writing or graphic on them. I have a theory that they were intended to be part of the so-called "proton stream" feature that never made it into the game. I'm hoping a the long-awaited code update does something with them.

#4998 1 year ago

Here's a thought. They could add a proton stream feature that doesn't require any new hardware. Just some code and a couple of new DMD animations. It would work like this: If you drain down the outlane (when the outlane insert is lit), a ball is autolaunched and a timer starts. Now you are in "proton stream mode". You must make certain shots (with a final shot to the saucer) before the timer runs out. If you're successful, there's a visual/audio treat (you caught a ghost with your proton stream). Then the ball is released from the saucer and off you go... you saved your ball!

1 week later
#5063 1 year ago
Quoted from Junglist:

Anyone have any guesses about the new code? Dates? Thoughts on whether its just gonna be a polish or if it's gonna change the game? Such a great pin would love to see the code get flushed out as it deserves!

The latest Stern of the Union address says this: "With the added resources to our software department, we continue to address updates, enhancements, and bug fixes while adding various polish to our catalog of previous titles including Ghostbusters..."

"Continue to address" makes me think of this classic scene...

1 week later
#5078 1 year ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Pls ! Pls ! Dwight! Finish the darn code. It’s good now but when I think of where sw is holy cow! ! It’s got so much going on. If gb was like that. It would be one of the best sterns!

Amen brother! Hey Stern, Star Wars, Guardians, BM66, Aerosmith... they're lookin' good. Please, it's time to give GB some love!

3 weeks later
#5117 1 year ago
Quoted from Scott8806:

I have the protectors on mine but somewhere on here I read people are doing things to keep the ball from just rolling over and draining someone mentioned putting 1/8 inch of tape

I removed the wireforms and reinstalled them with fat spacers (as shown in this post: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/ghostbusters-club-we-got-one/page/100#post-4441830). In this game, making the outlane entrance just wide enough for a ball to pass through without interference (and no wider) makes it feel normal to me (you still get outlane drains, but not ridiculous).

#5130 1 year ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

...Also remove the gate in the library captive ball area....;P

Remove the gate in the library captive ball area? Doesn’t that result in a lot of bounce backs? I simply bent mine a little.

#5148 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Has anyone tried to tone down the blinding effect you get when achieving extra ball or super jackpots. The crazy light show makes it near impossible to keep the ball in play if all the lights in the room are off.
I've started putting Gels in place to try improving things. I put a green gel on the captive balls clear light hood. And purple on the back ghost trap plastic where there are two clear hoods. It has settled down the effect slightly.

Some people use green electrical tape.

#5165 1 year ago
Quoted from nitrojcrawf:

I had something weird happen today. My son and I were playing a 2 player game when he had a ball roll not through the subway. game went into ball search and eventually the ball kicked out. The game played for another 45 seconds when the display said game restarting. Game cycled through a reboot. Never has done this. Anyone else?

I had something similar. Ball got stuck in a weird place and went into a ball search. I slid the glass down to put the ball back in play. Before I could get the ball cradled, the game restarted.

#5186 1 year ago

Regarding outlane saves and ways to earn saves, I'd like to see it done something like this. First, you must make certain shots to light the red inserts in the outlanes. Let's call those inserts "proton packs". Then, if you're not in multi ball and you drain via an outlane where the proton pack is enabled, a ball is autolaunched and a timed mode starts. In this special mode, you have a few seconds to make tough shots to save your ball, otherwise the flippers go dead and the ball drains. In this mode, the theme, dots, and sound would depict Ghostbusters trying to catch a ghost using their proton packs. It could be the most fun mode in the entire game (like Toto in WOZ). Just a simple matter of writing the code

#5194 1 year ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

I think that sounds fantastic for pinheads, but confusing and frustrating for noobs. My williams Space station has the 'bonus ball' that allows you up to 45 seconds unlimited play after the game. Most people either walk away from the machine unaware it even exists, or if they do play the bonus ball they are like:
"What? is this my ball? I thought the game was over. Oh, an extra ball? not really? whats that timer for? oh I drained. wait. the ball is back. is this your ball? no, its mine? What? what is happening? why did the flippers die? what? this is stupid." then they desperately reach for the flipper buttons when the locked balls are released for the next game. Pinball is confusing enough for noobs.
But if they did implement your idea I think going into 'slimer' mode and have to hit him, then the main ramp/containment facility would be a good thematic 'save' shot to make. You'd probably have to do something special with the lighting too to reduce confusion. and play "he slimed me" if you fail to make the shots as the ball drains.

Valid point. Could be incredibly fun, but like anything else it needs to be well-designed, with clear contextual cues, otherwise it could certainly confuse noobs.

1 week later
#5207 1 year ago
Quoted from thall17:

Would a new color DMD (I know the game is not colored yet) help with reading the Tobin's spirit guide? The red on red is impossible to read IMO.

I'd say yes, it helps. I have a ColorDMD in Ghostbusters set to solid magenta, tile mode. I replaced the stock display shield with a clear one from Pinbits. Tobin's Spirit Guide is quite readable. I experimented with other colors, including the obvious choice, green. I also tried dynamic color changing via ColorDMD's external interface. I kept coming back to solid magenta. It's vivid and bright, and looks great in this game.

1 week later
#5220 1 year ago
Quoted from treborlicec:

I'm ready for a code update. Just got to We are ready to believe you the other night. Seems very similar to We came we saw.

Sixteen BM66 updates since the last GB update. Is the guy who has the final say on code update priority also the BM66 designer?

2 weeks later
#5287 1 year ago
Quoted from sethi_i:

Planning and accuracy are rewarded richly in this game. The fact that completing a mode and starting the next mode can occur on the same shot is a bonus for good shooting. It can also be a penalty, as vireland stated when the left ramp is the last shot for a right ladder mode. Even then, you aren't really in jail, as you have another mode started that can be very lucrative. I much prefer this to a single "mode start shot" that allows me to pick any mode I want, but forces me to go to one place every time.
You always have the option of not taking the final shot and going thru the "ghost standup" method of relighting the modes. You can then take the one you want. I can't say that I would advise that, but it's available. I think the coding of this game is done really well. It's very different from other mode based games. With planning and good shooting, you can be in a mini-wizard mode with just 10 shots. It's damn-near impossible, but it is possible!! I find that very creative.
I do agree with vireland that the bugs in the code need to be fixed. Hopefully we'll see an update that is worthy of this game's potential and really puts it over the top.

Good discussion. I always thought that "auto starting" the next mode felt "unexpected" as opposed to "intuitive", and made this brutal game seem a little more brutal. However, I decided to keep an open mind and play a couple games trying to use auto mode start to my advantage. Sure enough, if you concentrate on making sure your mode-ending shot goes to the ladder you want to advance, it's noticeably easier to complete ladders. So, I guess it's "OK", but I'm still not crazy about that aspect of the design.

On a side note, one thing did go wrong. I made the left ramp shot after starting Spook Central, and We Got One started, so both modes ran concurrently. When that happens, it's hard to know where to shoot! This weird issue has been reported before in the issues thread.

1 month later
#5445 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The stacked book captive ball turns it off for a brief time.
And yes, I hate it, too. The red lights on the outlanes should blink longer and increasingly rapidly before the reverse kicks (back) in to give you better warning.

Great idea about using the red lights as an additional cue when the flippers are reversing/unreversing. In TSPP I crossed my arms when the flippers reversed. In this game, I don’t do that... I use both flipper buttons simultaneously, like a noob, whenever Mass Confusion is running.

2 months later
#5688 9 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Below are some notes I took regarding Ghostbusters code from the new Head2Head Pinball podcast interview with Dwight. Good stuff.
1. Highest item on Dwight's list for Ghostbusters is to do something about the game being too messy, said too many things stack. Would like to see Loopin Supers played on it's own and not stacked with other modes, should be a moment type mode to get to
2. Library insert - was never intended to be a feature or mode (used as indicator to shoot for in Librian mode) but will now get it's own little rule
3. Are you a God? - First off Dwight said yes he is (good answer lol), never meant to be part of 1.0, putting Are You a God on instruction card was a mistake, doesn't know if it will happen...
4. We Came We Saw - could be more polished, should be worth more and be more interesting
Dwight also went into how he will have more time after Munsters to work on other stuff. He said that it took Stern a long time to get to where they are at today. Mentioned how working on Spike revisions impacted code updates and how George Gomez has worked on hiring more programmers. According to Dwight Stern now has 9 in house programmers and 3 external. Programming staff used to be spread too thin but now is better. Finally he mentioned that programmers now get time after a release to work on other stuff and that he will get that time after Munsters.

Thanks for the summary! I like his thinking on modes like Loopin Supers. That mode is a real treat (the tune, the pressure, the satisfaction as you make the shots). It's under-appreciated, I think, because, quite often, it is running concurrently with multiball or something else. Regarding Are You a God, I was playing around with Pinball Browser a while back and noticed a lot of stuff in the firmware that I've never seen in the game (animations and callouts, including Are You a God callouts). That doesn't necessarily mean Are you a God will make it into the game, but there certainly is potential for neat stuff in future software updates.

#5704 9 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

I call bullshit of that comment with the mode being a mistake and it should not of been on the card. If it made it on to the games rule card, went through numerous art checks etc then it should be part of the game or it should of been taken off very early days
What he really needs to do is use the red outlane inserts to stay lit when in the flippers swap and turn off when it goes back to regular, man I drain so often as hard to determine when you are in that mode or not. The wizard modes need to be a little more exciting as well - maybe he can check out the GB rules suggestion thread or it be sent to him.

Having a visual cue (the red inserts) indicating flipper reversal status would be a godsend. Maybe something like this...

Off = Normal Flippers
Rapid flashing = Get ready, flippers are changing
On = Reversed Flippers

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