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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

3 years ago

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Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (2 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (2 years ago)

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#1162 3 years ago

Those of you who just received "Pros" in the last week or so, can you say what the date is on your playfield, the date of manufacture on the back of the box and whether you have the new or old slimer mech? Also what version of code that was on it would be great too! Trying to see if its newer ones shipping than in Johns Arcade video:


1 week later
#1262 3 years ago

Been enjoying my GB pro for just under a week or so now. It's fantastic. No ghosting (knock on wood) and plays well. It is the new slimer mech, manufactured 7/7 with a playfield from 5/19. The reinforcements still has the spelling typo.

Overall all my fears (too hard, right ramp impossible, flipper gap) were just wrong. Super happy with the whole package. Music especially was a real surprise how awesome it is in the different modes. And of course it looks fantastic!

Had one glitch where I had to turn it off and on after everything went dark except the DMD but seems fine now. Will update if things change..

#1284 3 years ago

Been playing a bit more, and I adjusted my angle from ~6 degrees to around 6.5 or 6.6. I found at the "proper" angle (6.5) the game plays a lot tougher, but not really in a fun way, just a lot more center drains and more reminiscent of the videos of early play with a lot of frustration. Any downsides or reasons not to back off to a angle closer to 6 again? Will it causes any mechanical or technical issues (impacts too hard against something etc?)

Also I added a ball tot he captive ball to try to avoid the wire form from bending, are people still recommending that (apart from the mod you can buy in europe) - any concerns that could cause more issues than help?


#1288 3 years ago

Maybe I need to double check the angle.. I've been just using my phone with some app.

I didn't find it noticeably faster or slower just more center drains...

Thanks anyways

#1319 3 years ago

Hi guys, I've got the GB pro and I'm finding the left ramp diverter is not engaging. I can see during the test it doesn't quite pull the diverter enough to cause the metal to reach the magnet. Any ideas on how to fix this? Total rookie here so any help is appreciated.


#1322 3 years ago
Quoted from Junglist:

Hi guys, I've got the GB pro and I'm finding the left ramp diverter is not engaging. I can see during the test it doesn't quite pull the diverter enough to cause the metal to reach the magnet. Any ideas on how to fix this? Total rookie here so any help is appreciated.

Ok I was able to figure it out and for any other rookies like me with the same issue. I was able to turn the top of the screw that adjusts the flap without removing anything by just gripping the head of the screw with needle nose pliers and making a couple rotations. Hope this helps someone!


1 month later
#1568 3 years ago
Quoted from desertT1:

I think the Brothers should be worth a lot more than (is it a 3X) Super Jackpot. Make them a 10X Super and then things get interesting. I avoid them every time, but making them into a valuable risk/reward would be quite a twist. Or make it an option setting...

I think the bros. should become worth more if you drop one and it returns, and so on until you nail both. Also I'd like to see delay till the other comes back increased so you can be strategic if you do in fact want to play the risk/reward game of only taking out one at a time.

1 month later
#1834 3 years ago

Anyone know what this white box is? Appears to be a magnetic shield but seems unusual that it's just dangling there off the wires and not particularly shielding anything as far as I can tell? Is it secured to anything normally?

This is in the back box on node 0 I believe it's called. Thanks!

IMG_20161117_191942284 (resized).jpg

5 months later
#2861 2 years ago

I find getting multipliers are key to big scores, as well as going after ghosts. Ghosts unlock extra balls, SFMB, PKE, and MHMB - I actually find if I'm going for mode progression I often get less ghosts as I'm targeting ramps away from the light a ghost targets. This game definitely has an exponential scoring to it, but makes it exciting when it hits. Going deep in the modes aren't necessarily my best scoring games.

1 week later
#2993 2 years ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

Extra ball I believe has a chance to be lit any time you complete a scene

Actually I believe its anytime you complete 3 scenes.

1 month later
#3271 2 years ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

gonna go cry now. then put in another credit.

I hear ya, I'm coming up on a year and only got WARTBY once and I've not yet made it to Stay Puft, one shot away (always seems to be one shot away)... Good times though!

#3294 2 years ago

quick question on the gozer mode... After hitting the right ramp then gozer, all four white arrows light up but hitting them just builds the gozer award. During this time gozer is not lit, but I assume if i hit her that's all I need to beat the mode? I've always nailed the lit arrows but never quite manage the second gozer hit (but it's hard to tell) as she is not flashing like she was during the first half of the mode. Am I missing something?

BTW just had an epic 9.9 billion stacking SFMB, MHMB, Psychokenetic while in the Spook central mode... good times forgot to mention the 6X obviously - no high scores without that ever

1 week later
#3321 2 years ago

Are the pro's still spelling "Negative Reinforcment" wrong on the new releases?

#3326 2 years ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Nope, they corrected it. I have a May 2017 build Pro

It's not that insert, it's the one with the ghost count on it (40 I think)... Can you let me know

1 week later
#3367 2 years ago

So just about 1 year to the day, I finally made it to and beat stay puft! It was an epic ball one as I got through all three modes before SPuft.. a sfmb helped put gozer down.

What a rush, wish I was able to see what was happening on the DMD while I was juggling stay puft and mass hysteria...! Caught glimpses here and there..

One thing was after I beat we came we saw nothing was lit up (over 100 ghosts), I got 80+ mill on that so I assume that's a pass..

So wartby I have to beat all ladders? See you in a year I guess

1 week later
#3397 2 years ago

I have been playing my GB pro for a year. I still really enjpy it, but it is a tough game and can be frustrating. It's akin to the Dark Souls video games series, punishingly hard but oh-so satisfying when you do well.

I don't really have any of the issues a lot of people discuss (airballs, outlane rail jumps, SDTM drains etc). My only complaint is that it is somewhat linear and since it's hard unless you're willing to "play better" newbies tend to see the same stuff over and over. Also the strategy is all based on nailing the 6X multipliers which means a good game doesn't mean anything unless you've lit that up. Hoping a code update does come and shake things up a bit.

Overall the package is fantastic, it's gorgeous and sounds amazing. Plays hard which gives it longevity in a home environment.

3 weeks later
#3567 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

GB is probably not a game you want as your only game

What would you say are the top 5 complimentary pins? I really like my GB but would like to add something beside it to offset the brutal games. I was thinking met maybe. SW doesn't do much for me after trying it.

#3591 2 years ago

I played a bunch of SW pro and man I love my Ghostbusters!

1 month later
#3785 2 years ago

Ghostbusters for Stern Arcade is now out for Xbox one - https://www.facebook.com/sternpinball/posts/10155730574754244

I wonder if it includes "Are you a god" or any fixes... hopefully we see a code update if it does...

3 weeks later
#3901 2 years ago

Whats the verdict on adjusting the flipper angle (currently droopy) to be in line with the plastics? I know some people had tried it, did everyone go back to the factory angle (back to the droop) or did anyone like it that much that they kept it.

I'm also new to the mechanics, where's the screw to loosen them? I understand i need an allan key somewhere? Is it under the playfield?


#3939 2 years ago

I tried adjusting the flippers, just a tiny change. I don't know if it's the placebo effect but I find it makes it feel easier to control and I can make all the shots still (obv slightly different timing). So far so good though!

7 months later
#4844 1 year ago

Just reflashed the firmware back to stock (from the custom audio). Going to leave the timeout modes on and just let it be "easier" for a bit - got the sub hooked up and watched the wife put up a 780 mill score for her first game in a while. It's a great pin. Sound and lights and shots are so satisfying.

Enjoy GB fans!

3 weeks later
#4979 1 year ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Wife mentioned last night that she feels she'll never reach a multiball in GB. I'm feeling like I need to address it. Dunno.

I just picked up a LOTR and it is definitely more forgiving. I don't mind the challenge of GB but I think it won't get much love next to LOTR so I'm gonna give the family what they want and put some carrot flippers on it, i think it won't be a huge change but just enough to let it go get some love next to a more forgiving pin. Perhaps that is an idea instead of center post?

#5008 1 year ago

The ones that had major ghosting issues went downhill pretty quick and are pretty apparent. If it looks good now I'd say you're good to go. It was really a bunch of LE's that had major issues.

1 week later
#5061 1 year ago

Anyone have any guesses about the new code? Dates? Thoughts on whether its just gonna be a polish or if it's gonna change the game? Such a great pin would love to see the code get flushed out as it deserves!

2 weeks later
#5097 1 year ago

two ball slimer multiball!

2 weeks later
#5123 1 year ago

These work well for me - I went with the clear and they look pretty sharp https://modfatherpinball.com/products/ghostbusters-pinball-slimer-lane-guards

1 month later
#5224 1 year ago

Gotta say I was a little disappointed no new code showed up all summer....

5 months later
#5798 8 months ago

I'm confused, is it the common node 8 board that seems to fail the most? It can be replaced by 520-7017-72 according to that spreadsheet. This seems to be widely used so would likely be available for some time as so many machines use it? Is there a GB specific node board that could potentially be hard to get it if they stop producing them that would be good to have as spare?

Or is node8 both the most common failure point as well as most flexible? Not to be confused by Node 8a and 8b.

7 months later
#7250 52 days ago

I'm having an issue with the newton balls on the leftside often getting stuck or not making it past the gate. Anyone have any tips on adjusting that?

1 week later
#7388 42 days ago

I've also got a Scoleri brothers question. Although my behavior is a little different:

I'm finding that my left pop up will work but then after he is dropped, he continues to click as if he hasn't dropped or is trying to pop back up or something. In the game I've seen it result in it thinking he is still up and not counting them both as being down. In the test menu it's working 70% of the time but 30% of the time it doesn't pop up. If i just run the test it always eventually works, just not necessarily the first couple button presses.

Overall it's not an issue where it doesn't stay up or doesn't drop, it's actually that it doesn't pop up sometimes, and then continues to "click" while it's trying to sort itself out. I'm not sure what to adjust or what to look at it. The mechanism looks fine... any tips appreciated!

#7391 42 days ago
Quoted from Midway-Man:

Had a similar issue, but both drop targets were affected. A connector came lose at the nodeboard

I'll take a look, I did a quick test and I can tell now in the GB test that it's not detecting the opto switch as closed when the target drops. Hopefully just need to clean it or make sure it's connected properly.

#7392 42 days ago

Is it just me, or does the GB operation manual not contain any details on the drop targets assemblies? Does anyone know where I can get some details so I can troubleshoot the drop target?

#7435 40 days ago

I was just playing (still on 1.16) and I found the callouts and effects seem louder relative to the music. I did a quick search but didn't see many comments like that. Anyone else find the volume is not the same as before? Specifically the difference between music and effects?

#7472 38 days ago

Updated my code without issue.. Same USB stick I used last time. Of note, I think it's an old slow USB2 or even 1.0 stick.

Also fixed my opto issue not registering the Scoleri bros target being down with a blast of compressed air. Easy peasey.

2 weeks later
#7575 20 days ago

Is it safe to rollback to older code? Any issues?

#7577 20 days ago
Quoted from swinks:

I have v1.13 and v1.16 but not sure how to send a 1.2gb file that doesn't involve dropbox sign up.

Thanks i was able to pull 1.13 from my recycle bin

#7580 20 days ago
Quoted from desertT1:

Just curious, but why? I haven't gone to 1.17 yet (game is on route and I keep forgetting) but the move to 1.16 was amazing.

I had mistakenly grabbed the LE firmware when I went to 1.16 and wanted to roll back and then forward again to ensure all node boards were at the correct firmware/software for a Pro since there was no node board update done from 1.16 to 1.17. I didn't have any issues but wanted to make sure just in case. To finish the story, I did roll back to 1.13 which updated node boards to that revision, then successfully went to 1.17 Pro which again updated nodes boards successfully.

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