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Ghostbusters Club - We Got One!!!

By 30FathomDave

4 years ago

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Post #4105 Link to replacement auto plunge spring that improves launch for some. Posted by Spelunk71 (3 years ago)

Post #4120 Shorter Hex Spacer to make left short easier. Posted by Blakester (3 years ago)

Post #4129 Custom target brackets that help eliminate airballs. Posted by swinks (3 years ago)

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#2210 3 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I thought the music and speech intonation going into the negative made it louder. I would try putting them back to 0 and see if its better, then go into the positive numbers

That's correct. Negative increases the volume. Positive decreases it (attenuating).
I do agree though, this game seems extra loud to me also.

1 week later
#2310 3 years ago
Quoted from bent98:

I am still waiting on mine GB premium. I ordered it back in November. I keep hearing its coming soon but every week I ask, its delayed again. Now the latest is end of March. Anyone else hearing this?

That's ridiculous.
JJ can get you one A LOT faster.

1 week later
#2410 3 years ago
Quoted from Vino:

Thinking of lighting speakers and going with ghost acrylic. Anyone do this one? Please post pic and where you ordered?

I have them in this video. I'm very happy with them.

Bought them from here


#2470 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You are tapping into the power for your aux board in the wrong spot. You want to use the ticket header connection, which is located at the top left of the board. You will need a SPIKE 12v power adapter like this one ...
The shaker port should be used strictly for the shaker. You don't want to connect anything else to it.

You beat me to it!

Also, be sure you connect to the top left ticket header CN11 which is 12v. The ticket header next to it is CN2. CN2 is "ticket low" which is 5v only.


#2486 3 years ago

My post was in reference to (and agreeing with) gweempose's post. A 12v spike power adapter needs to be connected to the 12v ticket header and not the shaker header. Only a shaker should be connected to the shaker header. It isn't constant power.

Paul, I hope you're able to get your cab up and running asap. That sucks!


#2507 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

So I've been trying to figure out why my right orbit and ball plunge is not smooth. Upon closer inspection I noticed the metal flap is sticking out under the orbit wall.
Is that how everyone's pin is? Doesn't seem right.

That's how mine is. I don't believe the ball makes contact with it though.
Bending up the corner of the bracket on the metal gate seems to help quite a bit up there. I think the ball is lofting from the playfield both when plunged hard and when shot into the right orbit from a strong left flipper shot. The ball was striking that gate frame consistently on my machine. Poor design IMO.


#2509 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I assume you took it off and bent it? What did you use to bend it?

Actually removing it is a huge pain in the ass. I couldn't figure out an easy way to get it out without removing multiple things including the metal rail that borders the orbit. So instead I removed stay puft and was able to very carefully bend the corner of the gate frame with a pair of pliers while it was in place.


#2515 3 years ago

I just beat my highest score by a landslide.


I had 6x playfield multipliers with a pretty long mass hysteria multi-ball.
3 ball game
All defaults

I'm super stoked!


20170324_155252 (resized).jpg

#2530 3 years ago
Quoted from PinScott:

I just performed the same fix with great effect. To remove the stop, I lifted the playfield and carefully removed the backboard. Removing the stop was easy after this. Using pliers, I bent the edge upward and also used a hobby file to remove the edge burrs.
Ball stops during auto plunge are all but eliminated. Thanks for the great idea!

I'm glad this worked for you. It has definitely helped with my machine. I didn't think about removing the backboard.
I can't take credit for this though. It wasn't my idea. Another pinside member posted this fix a while back. I don't remember who it was.


#2531 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Very nice. Feels good doesn't it? I had the 6x with 3 stacks when I got my high score last week. Haven't come close since.
I haven't figured out what the sound is yet for reversing the flippers.

Thank you.

I can hear the sound that is made when the flippers are switched. Maybe it's because I like to play with the volume pretty high (usually 10).


#2532 3 years ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

nice of course
but ALL DEFAULTS is not good if you're a good player already
its too easy with the mode (timer) being completed even if you just keep the ball on a flipper and wait for the timer to reach 0... this have to be change for sure

I never said I was a good player. I just had one really good game. In my opinion I don't think this game is too easy either. I get SO MANY center drains it's crazy. One of the reasons I am loving this game so much is because it's difficult though.


#2533 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

My pro playfield is dated Nov 2016. The issue seems to be getting worse unless I am just more aware of it now. Happens maybe 2 out of 5 shots. Sometimes it gets through the first gate but not the second gate and sometimes it shots back the lane. The plunge isn't always clean either. Very frustrating.
I really need someone to play while I film.
Btw, has anyone seen the extra ball message at 49 ghosts instead of 50? I've seen that the last 2 nights.

These are my opinions.

The ball not making it through the first gate is because it's hitting the corner of the frame as I described earlier. Before I bent the corner this happened A LOT on my machine.

I believe the second issue you're describing may be due to the ball floating over the rollover switch in the orbit without actually activating it. I think the electric gate may only open after the rollover switch is activated. This may explain why some plunges and orbit shots go around above the lanes, and some hit the closed gate and go into the lanes.
My other theory is that the electric gate randomly opens with some plunges/orbit shots. I asked Chas at Stern about this and he didn't know.


#2539 3 years ago
Quoted from freddy:

look at the play field lights. when 100 is lit mass hysteria hits. "switch those hands". you get number of ghost caught pops up on display leading up to it.

It doesn't stay reversed. If you listen for the sound during the multiball you will know when it switches back and forth


#2546 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

You beat me to it. Those red inserts would be the best way by far to indicate the normal and reversed flippers.

Excellent idea!
Gamecode 1.14???

#2597 3 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

These are my opinions.
I believe the second issue you're describing may be due to the ball floating over the rollover switch in the orbit without actually activating it. I think the electric gate may only open after the rollover switch is activated. This may explain why some plunges and orbit shots go around above the lanes, and some hit the closed gate and go into the lanes.
My other theory is that the electric gate randomly opens with some plunges/orbit shots. I asked Chas at Stern about this and he didn't know.

I was wrong. After further investigation I can see that the electric gate opens after a plunge BEFORE the ball reaches the rollover switch in the orbit. The variance must be with coding then. However, I can't tell when the gate opens (or doesn't?) in a hard orbit shot from the flipper. Is it supposed to open every time for the orbit shot? Is it supposed to open when the ball rolls over the switch?

#2601 3 years ago
Quoted from chucksmith:

Based on my slow motion filming, the gate opens when the switch following the ecto-goggles just hits.
(pros its right there after the shooter lane exit) -
The ball rolls over the wire pressing the switch, hopefully right away before the ball completely presses the wire actuator down.
Does it do it every single time? Depends on code and where you are in the game, and which direction the ball is flowing.
* If you do a manual full plunge , the gate should open every time.
* If you do a left flip up to the right-to-left orbit and it goes through and lands on the left flipper, It should repeat again and again.
* Auto Plunge (ball save) I don't think this will ever let the ball past the gate. The ball should be blocked and fall to the pops.

Thanks for the info Chuck.

I'm very frustrated with the right orbit counter-clockwise shot from the left flipper. MANY times this shot doesn't register during a mode. I'm assuming it's the rollover switch above the ecto goggles that isn't being pressed. I think these shots should count during the mode even if they crash into the closed electric gate. The opto under the goggles should count IMO. I think I'm gonna try a plastic "roof" as others have done above the switch by stay puft.

On soapbox..
I'm just plain irritated that there are so many required "fixes" for this brand new game to play correctly.
Bending the gate frame above stay puft
Airball deflector!
Anti-outlane jumping plastics
Scoleri spring adjustments**
And now a plastic orbit "roof" above the switch too?

WTF? Didn't Stern techs actually play these machines??
Off soapbox..

**Scoleri springs! Others stated that stretching or expanding the springs did the trick. This was the exact opposite on my game. I needed a much stiffer spring on mine. Now they drop nicely


#2602 3 years ago

Yesterday right in the middle of a 2 player game my machine did a complete shutdown and restart. This is the first time I've seen this. Anyone else have this happen? If it's already mentioned somewhere I haven't seen it.

#2611 3 years ago

Wow. Unfortunately tonight I saw my GB Prem shutdown and restart in the middle of a game again. This is the second time now that this has happened (and the 2nd day in a row). This is not good.
Tonight this happened when the ball was stuck, sitting balanced above the right slingshot. The machine started looking for the missing ball. A small nudge caused the "hey watch it" tilt warning audio and then the dmd went black. Then the whole machine restarted. I don't see any errors or tech alerts in the menu.
I'm gonna have to call Stern tomorrow about this.

Have any of you seen this?


#2614 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Reseat your connections under the playfield.....should fix that.

Thanks. I will try that

#2615 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

Possibly an overly sensitive slam-tilt switch?

Thanks. No. It's not tilting. It's shutting down. Black dmd, then the words "restarting"

#2662 3 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Reseat your connections under the playfield.....should fix that.

Quoted from chuckcasey:

This did happen to me right after I adjusted the flippers. Turned out that I had knocked up molex connector off of the NODE near the left flipper solenoid. The game kinda of played for a sec and then rebooted. Thought my life was over but found the molex had fallen off. No more old days when you pulled connectors to troubleshoot. Pulling one now puts the SPIKE system in a tail spin.

Thanks for the responses guys.
I snugged up every connector I could find in the whole machine. I didn't find any that appeared very loose. I DO think this may have fixed the problem. I played many games yesterday and didn't have a restart. So far, so good.
I also decreased the shaker intensity to minimal.


#2752 3 years ago
Quoted from TRAMD:

My game currently has 1335 plays and it had at least 1000 of those before I turned off the Scoleri Brothers. I've played it enough to have a 1.9 billion point game. Breaking them in wasn't doing the trick. I think I'll try stretching out the stock springs but as I've thought about it more, I think I prefer the game without them.

For my machine stretching the springs out didn't fix the problem. "Stretching the springs" to me means making them have less tension. I recommend attaching the stock springs so that they have more tension. I hope this makes sense. Attach the springs so that less coils are being used.
Now my scoleri targets drop perfectly with any shot.

#2802 3 years ago

Ok, so I feel like a cheater...
I now have moved the outlane posts from the center holes to the bottom holes. I needed to try something to help me to have more fun playing this pin. It's turned into a real love/hate relationship! No other pin has ever made me this angry. I frequently want to punch the glass! Yet I want to keep playing it. It's addicting!
The center drains are BRUTAL, the outlane drains are almost as bad, the scoleri brothers are pure evil, and the magna-slings are possesed. Anyone out there on the fence about buying this pin should get some blood pressure meds ready cause you're going to need them!

Oh and by the way, the right post wasn't difficult to move. You just need to remove the nuts and the screws holding down the Rick Moranis plastic. And then you can just rotate that plastic and get to the post.


20170411_105218 (resized).jpg

#2805 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

That is good intel.


I forgot to mention that I also removed the metal track from the right ramp. That allowed me to lift the plastic above the hex post for easy rotation.

2 weeks later
#2870 3 years ago

For me it was really easy to install the art blades with the playfield tilted up by taping it in place with blue painters tape. I then removed half of the backing and stuck it in place. Then I removed the other half of the backing. It worked perfectly.
Didn't remove the playfield and didn't use any liquids.

#2950 3 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

The most important fixes in terms of making the game play correctly would be adding the airball deflector, changing out the hex post for the right ramp, and removing the mylar from the right orbit.

I agree with you about the airball deflector and removing the mylar. Required!

Respectfully, IMO the right ramp is just fine with the standard hex post. I think it's supposed to be a tougher shot but it is still very make-able. I can make it pretty consistently.

Bending up the corner of the mech gate frame above stay puft may be a necessity. Strange how some games have the gate problem and others don't.


#2989 3 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

This is the first pin where my 4 year old scoots a chair over, turns it on and plays all by herself. Don't care what the haters think, we love it.

Agree with you buddy. At times I hate it and I'm frustrated, but then I have a good game and I'm stoked. I keep pressing that start button over and over!


1 week later
#3065 3 years ago

Hi guys. Google is not helping me here. Neither is the search option on pinside.

Does anybody know what the specific differences are when you install the director's cut from the installs menu?

And no, it's not in the service manual either.


#3076 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

I asked before if it's possible to reset high score #4 and the answer was no.
Is it possible to reset all high scores? I have friends coming over and I think it would be more fun for them if the scores were reset.
Also, tonight on my last game something got out of whack because my right ramp was scoring as if it was the left ramp, e.g., it started we got one and scored a super jackpot with call out. (on the pro).

Quoted from sgorsuch:

I cruised through the menus and could not find an option to clear HSTD. i wanted to do the same thing as far as lowering the score to default. I could do it on every game except GB.
I am curious to see this answered also.

Here you go..
Utilities/Resets/Reset Grand Champion and Reset High Scores


#3085 3 years ago

I just played my absolute best game ever!
GB is a frustrating pin with tons of center drains. I have A LOT of bad games, but when I have a good game it's a total BLAST!

I had Mass Hysteria twice, stay puft, we came we saw.., and a 6x multiplier.

Standard 3 ball game
Factory Defaults, except special = extra ball
Outlane Posts in the bottom holes
7 degree slope

I'm stoked!



#3089 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Ok...That's the highest I've ever seen. Holy sht nice job! Blows aways my 12b. (I don't feel so bad resetting it now)
I bet you had some big time end of ball bonuses too!
You are unstoppable!

Thank you guys

#3100 3 years ago

You beat me to it!


#3101 3 years ago
Quoted from sgorsuch:

Awesome- thank you very much

You're welcome

#3114 3 years ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

gonna try reinstalling the game code. Then if that doesn't work, I just got a tip to try to swap the node boards # 8 and # 9 to see if the fixes the scoleri brother issue. it would make me feel better knowing someone else had this issue, sadly it sounds like I'm the only one.
guess we'll see.

I haven't heard of your issue before.
Here's a guess..
I suppose it's possible that you could have one or more rj45 (node ethernet) connectors that aren't seated correctly.
When my GB was brand new the whole game would black out and then restart like a pc restarting. Others here on pinside advised me to check the rj45 connectors. I went through the whole machine disconnecting and then re-connecting these rj45s firmly. Ever since I haven't had a single resetting issue.
Like I said, just a guess.
Good luck.

2 weeks later
#3215 3 years ago
Quoted from stlmo:

What are the main differences between pro, premium, and le?

I agree with Who-dey, the subway and Magna slings make it worth the cost.

Rotating Slimer (5 target positions vs 1)
Molded 3D Library vs 2d flat
Molded 3D Storage containment vs 2d flat
Under playfield hardware rails (so much nicer)

Here's the matrix

Get the premium or you'll be looking to upgrade later IMO


1 month later
#3508 3 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

This has probably been asked to death but a quick google search showed old results -- for those of you that have played both -- how do you feel about GB vs TWD (Pro versions) after the code updates and general gameplay? I'm considering attempting to trade my TWD for a GB because I'm a GB fanatic, but I want to make sure I'm making the right call. I don't have a place to play on location, sadly, so Pinside is my main information area.

I have both in the Premium versions. I plan on keeping them both. However, if I HAD to get rid of one it would be the GB. TWD is just a better game. You can just enjoy it right out of the box without changing anything. GB requires tweaks and mods immediately. Mine STILL isn't perfect. About 10% of the auto-plunges still make the ball hit stay puft and then bounce around for example. Airballs are CRAZY and require a mod to stop them. Also, the more I play GB, the more I dislike the flippers. There's definitely something different with the FEEL. I haven't tried adjusting the switches yet but they just feel clunky compared to TWD (and others). Trying to do a post pass is a real pain in the ass for example. A brand spanking new pin should NOT have as many problems as GB does.
I know you asked about the pros. GB pro is missing some of the vital components that the Premium has. These extra features are important. The evil magna slings, subway ramp/lock, and horizontally moving slimer for example.
You may regret trading out your TWD for the GB. Especially if you're going GB Pro. You should play one first.
Just my opinions...

#3535 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I have thought about turning them off also. I think the game would be better off without them, especially since they never drop when you hit the damn things. I know I can cut some off of the spring to help the issue but I just haven't done it yet. I wish they would have never been put into the game though truthfully.

You don't need to cut the spring. You can just "shorten" it by reattaching it effectively reducing the usable length by about 1/4. This fixed the problem for me 100%. Those little bastards drop every time!

#3553 3 years ago

Art's protector works on my premium too

#3577 3 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

thnx goes out to imagamejunky for helping me install my art blades. For those that do this, do yourself a favor and just take out the PF, it was ridiculously easy.

You're welcome bud. Glad to help.

If anyone is interested, the key is using blue painters tape to hold it in place, then peel half of the backing off, and apply half the sticker at a time. Easy and precise. AND No need to spray any liquids!


#3595 3 years ago
Quoted from TheWombat2430:

?...Did anybody else ever have the game reboot during Mass Hysteria though? That was just strange!

Go through your whole machine. Make sure ALL of the rj45 ethernet connectors are seated firmly in their sockets.

1 month later
#3805 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

My library scoop welds broke, anyone have any recommendations?

Yes. Call Stern. That is not acceptable. They should do the right thing here..

#3806 3 years ago

"IF I revisit Ghostbusters..." Really Dwight?
The game isn't finished. How can you consider it complete without the final wizard mode?

1 week later
#3855 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone use the pinball browser to add/change callouts to include some from Murray, Ramis and Aykroyd?

The audio already includes these guys, right?

2 weeks later
#3980 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This is the photo that golfing dad took, but this is how they should be once you reverse them.

I finally did this "mod" today and HOLY MOLY what a difference! I wish I would've done this on day one. It should be like this from the factory. This one little change absolutely makes the magna slings way more active. A must do on any premium/LE imo.

3 months later
#4444 2 years ago

I added a new subwoofer (Klipsch Sub-12-HGB) to my GB Prem today. What a difference! It sounds great! I should have added one when I first bought the pin. If you’ve debated on adding a sub, I highly recommend it.
And if you’re looking for a deal you can get this one for a pretty reasonable price from Fry’s this week. With their weekly emailed promo code it’s $100 off of retail. ($200 vs $300).


#4446 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

For the guys who adjusted their flippers up (to be in line with the inlanes) what have you done to your right ramp b/c that shot is now really hard on mine (and it's already been updated with the hex that makes it easier). Did you buy a shorter hex to reduce the height?

I've never adjusted/changed the right ramp on mine. I've always considered it a harder shot than the left ramp, but it's definitely a do-able shot. I'm able to shoot it fairly consistently. Honestly I've never understood why so many people felt the need to lower the ramp.
I also raised up my flippers a little to remove the "droop". I had to re-learn the shot geometry of the game but I'm used to it now. I like it better for many shots including backhanding the left ramp from the left flipper.
Just my $.02

#4453 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Did you hook it up using the Pinnovators connector?

No. No need IMO. I ran 14 gauge speaker wire from the cabinet woofer wires directly to the high level inputs on the new sub. These are the 2 yellow wires in the black wire loom in the back left corner of the cabinet. Sounds fantastic. This is exactly the same way that I have a sub connected on my Walking Dead as well.
I was debating on running headphone jack to RCA on the GB but then I wouldn't have volume control from the coin door buttons.

#4456 2 years ago

Can of worms.... OPENED

Premium. For sure

#4477 2 years ago
Quoted from Methos:

I got 20 or so games on a Premium on route close to me. If it wasn't for those slings, I would pick up the Prem in a heartbeat. I love the ramp and how it goes under and back up to the PF! What a great shot.
But the slings have no power to them and when the magnets go wonky, it is more distracting than anything. Do you get used to them?

My slings have plenty of power. They will move the ball in a circle and then throw it up the playfield quickly. And reversing the rubbers makes them much more aggressive.

#4499 2 years ago

I just added a klipsch sub-12 on mine. Sounds amazing. Other than a sub, I don't think you need to change anything else with the speaker system IMO

#4500 2 years ago
Quoted from billrz:

Speaker light kit ordered, thank you, My scoleri brothers are acting up now,outta nowhere, during gameplay,usually not till 2nd ball,they start activating,not popping up,but clicking and moving slightly and collecting a ghost sometimes, mostly before I plunge, I lose my ballsave and can hear them clicking...anybody else experience this.? its the premium,pretty frustrating,they work fine otherwise

Im surprised they work sometimes. It's a long shot but, Check the black plastic pieces on the scoleris. The little lip that catches and holds them up will break off and then they won't stay up. Mine broke within the first month or so. Stern sent me replacements

#4529 2 years ago
Quoted from gweempose:

I have to know, does anyone ever purposely go for the captive balls? Seriously, unless I'm just messing around, I almost never do. With the way the rules are right now, I just don't see any reason to attempt the shot. It's very risky, and there are way safer ways to earn big points. Is there some strategy I'm missing, or am I correct in thinking that the captive balls are pretty much just a sucker shot?

If I don't have playfield multipliers lit from the skill shot then I will try for it on the captive balls sometimes. All of my highest high scores were earned with 2,3, or 6x multipliers going.

#4554 2 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

I leave mine connected.

Same here

#4578 2 years ago

Hey guys. For those of you with premiums do you have John Trudeau's signature in gold ink on the Playfield? Mine does. I saw on the game matrix from Stern that this was supposed to only be included on the LE's. I'm wondering if Stern changed this from when they printed that matrix or if my playfield was supposed to be in an Le. Just curious.

#4580 2 years ago

Wow. That's cool. I never even gave it a second thought before. Just assumed it was normally there on the Premiums

#4585 2 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Lucky guy ... what's the playfield date stamp ?
That's not supposed to be there On a premium but has been reported in the past once or twice I believe.

I feel lucky!

20180127_175741 (resized).jpg

20180127_175704 (resized).jpg

20180127_175801 (resized).jpg

20180127_175357 (resized).jpg

#4606 2 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Is this the sub you guys are talking about? link »
What happens if I have AS and GB hooked up to it and both are being played at the same time?
What else do I need to hook this stuff up? Just speaker wire? Anyone have a picture of their hookups or diagram? Thanks.

I recommend going bigger. Just my $.02

1 week later
#4642 2 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

never seen the marshmallow man change colour.

Quoted from Zzap:

The feature matrix says it’s all 3 models (pro/premium/le). I’m curious if it’s not yet programmed, or if there’s even an RGB light there?

There's definitely an RGB LED in Marshmallow Man. You can see all 3 colors in test mode. However, I can't recall noticing if he changes colors during gameplay with the current code.

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